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Boston Post Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 4

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Boston Post (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Boston Post tuesday morning june 2, 1891 Post Boston Post pub Saed daily. Publishing co., publishers no. 25� Washington Street. rates. Daily . Six months. Three Moilis. Month. A a a a weekly issued fridays Tyr. $ sch scribers wishing tie anti was tin if i it apr Ehan Gini Stickl give uie present us Welt As the Julurs ii mrry in Tarrh As second class matter. A it Iron a sent at the senders it. All Cheeky drafts and Money order should be made payable to the rest do by Jumja to comr a p. Wun Psiol Omen Corcoran building fluent a Street. A i tubes you jul the editor wid not undertake to it return rejected manuscripts. No attention will to it i Aid to Anonymous communications. 1 he Ful 1 name address the writer must accompany each out Muni cation not for Yuba cauda but As a guaranty Good Faith. Any person who cannot buy the Post at news stands in Boston and neighbouring cities Street cars and Railroad trains in other customary peaces will oblige us by if porting the fact at this Cefi let. Amusements Tod a 1�?�. To Bukont thai kk., Tremont Street. At s miss Mary Lawman in Vitoria a a during the St raft i Kathe Hollis Street. At 7 45�? Augustia Daly a company in a Railroad gloss Thea try Washington Street. At 7 45�?johu Stetson Scotney. Us Pauy in a a 1 he Hornet s nest Bostok a Trust a Tremont Street near Scolny Square. At 8�?kerar. Fare to Katar Ashington Street at so Helen Barry in a a a nights grand Orera Hoiss Washington near Dover Street. At 7 45�?alexander Calvinl in a the Dukes in sic Hall. At 8�?promenade concert by an orchestra fifty. Cause for regret if any will be slight in connection with this Concession to Tho educational wants people whose Only Leisure Day is sunday that the actual Benefit will he great. A a More orderly crowd a the reports state a never entered the building. Act ibo close the Day the most strenuous a opponent the sunday opening move a Ament could not find a word fault to a say. Nothing had been injured. Objects a Art had not been handled any More a than Tho regular Days when those a who choose May visit the institution a without Money Price. Even those a officials who naturally from private a reasons did not care to be burdened a with the extra a sunday work handling a big crowd visitors and bad conjured up All manner fears that the a museum property would be injured and a that disorder would prevail freely add omitted that Tho visitors had behaved a themselves in a thoroughly exemplary there were 11, xxx visitors and the great Liberal Experiment new York seems to have been a Success. Tee Oatmeal Trust. lost tuesday morning june 2, 1891. Immigration. Arrivals immigrants at the Atlantic ports during the current year Are Given in the table below. The total immigration during this period would be increased from these figures by the number arrivals at new Orleans and san Francisco and the uncounted thousands coming in by Way the British North american provinces and Mexico. Salmi Grants arrived Jan. 1 to May 31, 1801. 22.94922,940 .201.43412.313 221 Baltimore. Boston. New York. Philadelphia. A Portland. Total. A 209.857 arrivals Durino week tend and May 23. Baltimore. ?"i-0 Boston. E768 new York. Olt i Philadelphia. G81 total for week. 18.466 to Boycott the worlds fair. The action the Central labor unions Chicago a sunday As reported by Telegraph looking to a series Boycotts and strikes for the purpose embarrassing the work upon Tho worlds fair buildings is As foolish As it is unpatriotic. It is possible that the magnitude the movement is exaggerated in the reports which have been received and that the a fighting programme a whose details Are Given in this connection is nothing More than an expression what a few discontented men would do if they had the Power. It is known however that difficulty Las been expected in connection with the question wages and that threats strikes and other annoyances have been made to take place in Case the demands the unions were not granted. If this feeling is As prevalent As reported among the labor organizations Chicago it will be advantageous to have the conflict precipitated at this time when the Battle May be fought out and the cause embarrassment removed before it endangers the Success the Enterprise. The spectacle citizens this Republic engaged in an organized attempt to a do everything in their Power to Hurt the fair a an occasion when the reputation the country rests upon its Success is not one to be tolerated by Public opinion. A new Southern the gentlemen who sat Down to Lucli yesterday at the Tremont House and when comfortably fed marked out a scheme for the capture South Carolina by the Republican party undoubtedly place too great Confidence in the capacity the South for sustaining and developing the creation a new Metropolis the establishment a a manufacturing Centre a the building a trunk line Railroad is a Bagatelle in comparison with the Enterprise in which they have embarked. It is not forgotten that . L. Edwin Dudley examined the ground last year and reported in favor the investment Boston capital in the employment agents to undertake Tho conversion the South to republicanism but capital was cautious and profitable returns seemed very doubtful. T he doubt has grown with the passage time. With one sentiment stoutly proclaimed at this conference a a Boomers there will be substantial agreement namely that South Carolina offers As favourable a Field for the propagation Republican ideas As Massachusetts and is As Likely to be gained and held by that party. But it is significant distrust that the Wiser politicians those with harder Heads like sex governor Long and . Wolcott after asking the enthusiasts to sit Down and talk it Over with them went off and lunched elsewhere and avoided associating themselves with this new Liberal Progress in new York. The opening the metropolitan museum Art in new York sunday last marked a step Forward in the direction liberality upon which that City deserves and will receive the congratulations communities which Are further advanced. There is Little doubt that despatches from Akron o., announce the completion the Oatmeal Trust whose formation was indicated some time ago. Incorporation papers were filed at Columbus yesterday and the combination comes into existence with the name the consolidated Oatmeal company and a capital Stock $8,500,� 000. All the Oatmeal Mills in the country it is stated Are thus brought under one management with Headquarters at Akron. Reference has been made in these columns to this combination As a typical product the Republican Tariff scheme. The duty Oatmeal indeed has no purpose other than the fostering this Trust by the exaction tribute from the people. For the increased duty Oatmeal it was raised from Oue half cent per Pound to one cent is not even a a a protective duty. No Protection was needed for a product we hich we exported 25,- xxx xxx pounds against 2,000,000 pounds imported. It was needed for nothing unless to establish a monopoly and permit such monopoly to raise the Price to Consumers without danger interference. The Trust has been formed and it now remains to be seen How merciful it will be with the Public which the Law has Given into its hands. The tide immigration. The figures which we Are Able to give today the arrivals immigrants at the Atlantic ports the United state during the five months ending May �51 Are perhaps sufficiently suggestive As they stand. They represent a migration from Europe to this country which ii continued at the usual rate in the months to follow will reuder this Yeai exceptional in the record. But their significance gains Force by comparison. By reference to Tho reports the Bureau statistics at Washington it is seen that the immigration during these five months is 51 it xxx greater than that the corresponding months 1890. Taking the ten months the Lineal year thus far passed the increase in the number arrivals is seen to be about l Xhu. The greater part this increase moreover has taken place under the operation a Law supposed to be More stringent in its requirements and in some measure discouraging indiscriminate immigration. It is also a notable fact that in this great mass immigrants there has been a distinct increase in the arrivals from those countries which Send us the least desirable material for citizens and not Only an absolute increase but by comparison with the immigration from other countries a greater relative in crease. That is to say to judge by the general character the different nationalities the average Quality immigration has deteriorated. Great Britain and Ireland together still hold their place at the head the list but those countries the same blood and furnishing us people who readily assimilate with our own Send a less number than last year. On the other hand Austria Hungary largely increases its quota 1890 Roland sends four times As Many As last year Italy nearly doubles her contribution Russia sends us almost 50 per cent More. This preponderance the undesirable nationalities is off it in some measure by a decided increase in the arrivals from Ger Many which equal those from great Britain and a considerable increase from Sweden Norway and Denmark. The bulk the increase however and in almost every Case the relative in crease is from those countries whose people Are less congenial and less readily absorbed in our social systems. And this fact it must be conceded gives the greater Force to the suggestion that among the conditions to to established for the restriction immigration should be the requirement a knowledge the English language. Supreme court Massachusetts found for the bankrupts As against the Assignee holding that they were entitled to the award. See 140 mass. R. 545. But this decision has been reversed by the United states supreme court. The supreme court in their opinion begin by noticing the fact that War premiums were excluded from consideration by the Geneva tribunal but they go to say that the supreme court have decided already Sec. 127 it. S. 51 that the award was made to the United states As a nation to be disposed distributed As Congress saw tit. Their next position is that decisions by the court commissioners arc properly reviewable the function the court being to decide the Merit the claims presented to it and not upon their ultimate ownership. The ground being thus cleared the supreme court construe the United states revised statutes relating to bankruptcy and conclude that the property the bankrupt in the broadest and most general sense was meant to pass to his Assignee. Hence the right to this particular award passed to the Assignee for although there was no Legal there was a moral obligation the part the government to pay it. The Money appropriated by Congress for the purpose was not a gratuity. Such in Brief is the. Decision. The Case is important because Many outlier suits must depend upon its decision. The conclusion reached is certainly equitable and according to common sense. We Are never less Freo than when we try to act it Lias hemmed us round with the riot sol the Hunter and written upon the Wall the prophecy our doom. To May not Waich it for it is within us. We Mav not so it save in a Mirror that mirrors the Sou. It is emails without her mask. It is the last the rates and the most terrible. It is the Only one us tiie gods whose real name we know. And yet. While in the sphere practical awl external life it has robbed Energy a us Freedom and activity its Choice in Tho subjective Sph Cro. Where the soul is at work it comes to us this torn Hie Shadow with Many gifts in its hands sifts strange Tern elements Ana Subtle susceptibilities gifts wild Ardour and chill moods inuit Serenco Complex multiform if is thoughts mature at variance with each other and passions that War against themselves. And to it is not our own life that we live but Tho lives the the Sou that dwells within us is no single Idi Tual entity making us personal Ami individual created for our service and entering into us for our Joy. It is something that has dwelt in fearful places and in ancient sepulchres has made its abode. It is sick with Many maladies and has memories curious sins. It is Wise than we Are. And its Wisdom is bitter. It fills us with impossible desires and makes us follow what we know to cannot gain. The trouble with . Wild is that he vibrates Between taking himself too seriously and not taking himself seriously enough. When after making an elaborate argument to a the truth masks for costume and scenery galore the writer says a not that i agree with everything that i have said in this essays Ami a there is much with which 1 entirely disagree Quot the Reader May in forgiven for feeling that he has been imposed upon. And when . Wilde explains that a the essay simply represents an artistic standpoint and in aesthetic criticism attitude is everything a the uncharitable will whisper that with this essayist nothing but attitude is anything and that the poseur in knee breeches has become a poseur in print. Oscar Wilde a intentions. An important decision. An opinion has just been tiled by the supremo court Tho United Stales in a important Case that arose in Massachusetts. It was a suit brought by bankrupts against their Assignee to recover the amount an award made by the court commissioners Alabama claims. The bankrupts wore merchants during the War and the firm which they comp feed paid certain War Premium for the insurance their vessels and cargo. The firm dissolved in 1865, being solvent. The bankrupts became such individually in 1875� and received their discharge in bankruptcy in 1877. The do vision the tribunal arbitration at Geneva was made in 1872 and the acts Congress providing for the disposition the Money awarded at Geneva were passed in 1874 and in 1882. The award in quotation was made by the court claims in 1880. Such being the facts the Case the the appear use a volume criticism a chiefly in the form dialogue under the title a a intentions and Over the name Oscar Wilde recalls the time rather More than ten years ago when the writer then a very Young Man came to us from Gevond seas. That queer Little Renaissance the aesthetic movement so soon to receive its death blow from a patience a the a Don Quixote comic opera was lieu in full current in London Aud . Wild came bringing the weird gospel to the new world in his mediaeval hand. His a a intentions at that time were clearer if not More ambitious than those the diverting Book just issued by messes. Dodd. Mead amp co. Which bears so Humble a title. One intention was to make the acquaintance a Well known professor at Cambridge for . Wilde was a Well connected a Strete Aud brought letters to people but this intention was not realised As the gentleman thought it prudent to leave t am Ridge just before . Wilde a coming. And other persons to whom he had brought letters who had no other responsibility than that giving dinners to and for How inconvenient is the Lack the Dative Case in English the piquant stranger were amused to think that the Well known professor was not willing to stand godfather to the new gospel. Another intention . Wilde s was to make a pot Money by giving lectures As other evangelists in Art had made Money by singing and acting and what not but this resulted Only in a limited number addresses at one which Many undergraduates the University appeared wearing unlimited sunflowers in their buttonholes to poke Good matured fun at the lecturer. Still another intention towards the new and crude world was to present a statue Apollo to Harvard University and one Venus was it Minerva to some girls College. But the statues never got beyond the Point being modelled in clays the refined Clay the person . Wild himself who West Tram one institution to another clothed in Green Small clothes a pretty coat and a Odd hat talking the statues he meant to bestow and illustrating the Laws Beauty meanwhile in his own elaborate poses. Finally after More Diane a a at one which a lock the beneficiary s Long hair strayed into the soul in a a moist unpleasant fashion and a sums tie Scandale for Quot Charmides and Ottier poems the stranger went Back to his Island and came to these shores no More. 8inee . W Ilder a return to Long Laud by the Way his intentions must have been asked communicated in the True British sense the word As lady wild now Lias a daughter in Law but these trivial and personal considerations must no longer keep us from the Book in hand. It should at once to frankly owned that nothing so Clever As a a intentions was to he expected from the Oscar Wilde former Days. The several Long papers that make up this handsome volume two Hundred and fifty pages show a wide if somewhat discursive Reading the style is uni least readable when it is Moat extravagant and however capricious May be the authors opinions his neat gift expressing them mounts sometimes almost to epigram. The note struck is a very different one from that to which . Wilde a Early years were tuned. Venus is still in the background to he sure but she has Given up the foreground to momus and lie Middle distance to the god Paradox if such a deity exists. Or. Wilde continues to be devoted to the Beautiful in Art but evidently his chief wish is to express this Devotion in a sprightly manner. Thus in the Aloigue called a the decay in which the favorite speaker makes a whimsical protest against realism every sort occurs the following indictment the novelists the horses . William Blacks Phaeton do not soar toward the Sun. They merely frighten the sky at evening into violent Bro Molit biographic effects. On seeing them approach the peasants Lake Refuge in dialect. Mrs. Old Hant rattles pleasantly about curates Lawn Tennis parties domesticity Ami other wearisome things. Or. Maquon Crawford has immolated himself upon the altar local color. He is like the lady in the French comedy who keeps talking about Quot be Beau Ciel besides to has fallen into a bad habit uttering moral platitudes. He is always telling is that to be Good is to be Good and that to be bad is to be wicked. Ai times he is almost edifying. A Robert Kos Mere is course a masterpiece masterpiece the a Genie Emily eur a the one form literature that the English people seem to thoroughly enjoy. A thoughtful Young Friend ours Hebe in Boston. A Friend mine who has been a Reading up theosophy is convinced Bat in a former state existence he figured a a Butcher. A once told us that it reminded him the sort conversation that goes Ai a meat Tea in the Bouse a serious nonconformist family and we can quite believe it. Indeed it is Only in Lin Glaud that such a Book could be produced. England is the Home lost ideas. Art dues not imitate life says . Wilde but life imitates Art and he gives As examples the generation Young men who formed themselves Balzac and a Man known to but not to us who was wonderfully like colonel Newcome and died with a had Suroz his lips soon after the death the colonel. A More impressive tone is however within . Wilde a Range and in a some remarks upon the importance doing nothing a subdivision a the critic As artist the doctrine heredity is urged As warrant for a life non act Ion by revealing to us the absolute mechanism .�11 action and so fleeing us from the Soli imposed and Tram Melling Burden moral responsibility the scientific principle heredity has become As it were the warrant Lor the contemplative life. B has shown us that this impression lie derived chiefly from recent visit to Quincy Market where he says the sight beef and Mutton Aud the White rocked attendants affected him with a strange longing Aud stirred his mind with vague memories. Especially seeing a whole pig Hung up at full was seized by an impulse to convert him into sausages forthwith. A Jam a he adds a renowned among my friends for skill in carving i am thought also to have a excellent taste in poultry and altogether the conviction that i used to follow that line business is the practical conclusion lie thinks is that he ought now to follow some Spiritualized calling if any such can be found As far removed irom Gross and material objects As is possible. With this View he intends 1 believe to give a course lectures poetry at some a summer school a a and Oil the last occasion my meeting Lam to was positively congratulating himself an attack dyspepsia which he hoped would reduce his Llesi and Tiiu his blood. 1 bad an Odd experience the other Day. About dusk i knocked at the door a studio where lives a artist whom i know Well. Get thug no response i entered Auu was surprised to see a Young woman slender figure hatted and gloved silting there in a pensive attitude with head averted. A aha. Sly dog. This fellow a 1 said to myself a be never told me anything about this charming Young not forgetting my manners i doffed my hat and said Good evening. But there was to response and fearing that even my respectful salutation was thought presumptuous. 1 observed in my Patria Chical Grau fatherly tone a i beg your Pardon but with your permission i w ill sit Clown and wait for my Friend bugler to come there was still no response and i took a chair in some dudgeon. However the Back her Bead appeared so poetic and attractive that my vexation soon melted away the silence ceased to be oppressive it even became eloquent mysterious thrills feeling seemed to pass Between me and my mysterious neighbor when sudden in that noisy Chap bugler threw open Tho door Aud inquired in his vulgar Way if i find his rum and cigars. 1 put up my hand with a warning gesture but bugler to my horror moved Forward and absolutely knocked off the Bonnet the Beautiful one with a yell Delight. Nor was he made the unknown Maiden proved to be a Lay figure. 4 i 1 have a Friend who rambles in this City Day and night searching material fora realistic novel. Lie claims that in these Days the plot is nothing the treatment is everything. His subject for example is hackneyed it is the Conquest Boston by a ambitious country lad. But in the Story Fie proposes to make most careful studies mercantile life cheap boarding Bouses scenes in Franklin Park and at Revere Beach lie proposes to write at length each round Tho ladder climbed by the hero until in the final chapter he is seen addressing a unitarian convention Aud listened to with respectful attention. For some time my Friend has been in doubt As to the nature the Hus guess in which his hero should engage. It in should introduce him As a reporter. Or a dry goods clerk an elevator boy. He would Only follow in the footsteps More distinguished novelists masters the realistic school and might to accused justly Lack originality. A one Day. It was about a fortnight ago he tells me when he was poking his Way in the streets singular names near India wharf he saw upon a Dingy building a sign that told the passer by that Gambler and Wutoh could he obtained within and a placard in a window demanded Asho thought Alizarin assistants l he strangeness the names fired his fancy lie saw his hero under the brutal authority an Alizarin new for surely an Alizarin must be a rough unfeeling Many busied in the manufacture Gambler Aud. Alter a reasonable length Timo Yuteh. In a year two the lad would be promoted he would become an Alizarin and it would not be Long before he would be known in commercial circles As the greatest manufacturer Gambier in the United states. Here surely was a subject that had escaped both foreign and Domestic students every Day life. With what flemish detail would he paint the portrait the Alizarin Thomas Hardy a Reddle Man would shrink to a faint sketch beside it. He would make Tho very name familiar in t he Mouths men. Joyous and impatient the novelist hurried Home to cull his smoothest paper and clutch his favorite pen. The new dictionary with its alluring pages was upon his writing desk. In an evil moment he turned to the three words that burned his brain. That Day he worked i to More. Tavern . The theatres. Debut miss Mary Lawman. Miss Mary Lawman who has played in support mine. Janauschek and . Baud Maun made her first Independent appearance Here at the Tremont theatre last evening before a Large and Well disposed company spectators. As Tho play chosen for the occasion is new in English that must have a word before miss Lawman a performance can be intelligently considered. A Vittoria a Winch Lias been adapted from the French Mario Chard by the actress herself is announced 0& the Bill the play is the a first presentation in this Ceu utry her adaptation and although memories a la Fiamma a . W. W. Clapps version the same drama May haunt the recollection very Ltd play goers a a Vittorian is virtually new Here in any form it is an old fashioned piece considerable Power in a sentimental Way which the motive person is Vittoria a Prim a Donna who having abandoned her artist husband and infant child is years afterwards stirred to the Depths her heart by meeting her son. Then grown to be a Man and finding not Only that she has forfeited her place in his life but also that she is a bar to his happiness Aud advancement in every Way. Mine. Janauschek is understood to have been pleased with miss Lawman a acting and it is easy to believe that work so careful Aud so intelligent As hers May have been most grateful in a supporting player. But it Quot Vittorian is to be accented As the trial and it is Tho Gage that the Young actress throws Down miss 1 a win an has neither Tho Talent nor the temperament for emotional characters a she Lias a very attractive gift in a voice unusual Quality that is soft flexible and sympathetic w without being weak and her intelligence is constantly shown in the Conception the part but miss Lawman s dramatic method is painfully slow and Laboured and she is not equal ave for moments a to a part which demands a perfect technique As Well As a great Talent. She would do herself More Justice in a less ambitious character. Or. Frazer Coulter. Or. Al a. Weaver and . Henry Weaver . Are among the most competent members the company. The evening began with a vague com Dietta dramatized from in unknown source by miss Alexandrina Ramsay. This bras performed by miss Kamsay and miss bom i Ace. All hort8. Salvini in a the Dukes motto a . Alexander Saivii opened the third week his engagement at the grand opera House last evening As Henri de Lagardere in Quot the Dukes . Salvini seems to be particularly suited to the romantic school acting both As regards physique and dramatic ability avoiding the too frequent tendency to overdo the stronger scenes but giving them added Force by judicious self restraint. While the time honoured play is familiar to All theatre goers. It was Given fresh interest in the Young actors hands who displayed audit Onul evidence his skill and versatility. 1 tie company supporting . Saivii is an excellent one and presented the play with Cor amendable smoothness 1 he cast included min Belle Archer As Blanche miss Augusta do Forrest As Duchess he Nevern miss Maud Dixon As Zulah. Or. Lucius Henderson As the lit gent . Edwin to Leas the Prince and . John Lane . George Johnson. Or. Carl Ahrendt . Ben Johnson. Miss Minnie Sherman miss Kate Florence Aud others in the minor roles. _ Quot the Dukes motto will be presented at Over performance Tho week Aud for the fourth week the engagement Quot a child Naples. I he i hikes motto a a Don Caesar i get Bazany Ami a the three guardsmen Are announced. Quot a night off by Dalys company. The third and closing week . Dalys company at the Hollis Street theatre began last evening with the familiar comedy a a night frequently As this piece has been Given in Boston it is still a drawing attraction but its Merit lies chiefly if not solely in the admirable manner with which it is a presented by the company. So Long have the members been together that every inflection the voice every expression the features is anticipated and the Plav runs along with a smoothness that at limes comes dangerously near being mechanical. Detailed comment Tho Niece is unnecessary Lewis. Mrs. Gilbert miss Kean mrs Drew. Miss Irving. Miss Crane and the others in the cast repeated their Borrner successes which Haye so Many times pleased Boston theatre notes. John Bowman and a Obi Llvy Green the hard working advertisers the Howard at Bunseum. Benefit this evening at that theatre. The programme is an unusually Strong one. As Over fifty volunteers will appear for the beneficiaries. 1 he list is too Long to name in detail but those attending the performance May rest assured that it will he fully up to the High Standard set by these gentlemen in the past. John it. Stevens ticket agent and Daniel Sutton and Thomas Galley the advertising staff the Hollis Street theatre Are to Benefit by a grand sacred concert at that place amusement next sunday evening. \ very Strong programme will be announced h add by the new York concert company who make their first appearance in this City at that time. Other volunteers will be announced later. The Sale seats is now in Progress at the Box office Tho theatre and the popularity the beneficiaries should bring them a Laige Aud enthusiastic audience. Augustin Dalys company will play Railroad love tonight at the Hollis Street theatre repeating it at Tho matinee tomorrow. Wednesday evening the first and Only performance Quot love s labour lost will take place. Thursday is set aside for the Only proud Triou Quot As you like it a and the remainder the week will he devoted to "7-20-8.�?� sheep raising is the increase in califor a hut for Soring lambs Wall Street yet leads. A poor Smithers. In a afraid he a done for a a no Hope at All for him a Quot not a Glimmer. Why Man alive he has four crowded Quot my dear miss Grace you Are always in my miss Grace a goodness that is worse than living in a there Are a number political Graves entitled to decoration but the occupants cannot be made to understand that they Are dead. A Washington Post a a gentleman who for various reasons declines to allow the use his arid Quot a Well known and thoroughly posted Public official Are shining Marks for the political inter viewers in these times peace. Mrs. Fenn looking no from her paper Quot How strange there is a Farmer in Pennsylvania who is laughing himself to . Fenn Quot lie has probably heard the Good tilings coming under a Alliance a nineteenth Ward housewife whose Bell had been rung by a Sand peddle said to him in a tone simulated Aston Osbment Sand Why course not. There was a Strawberry Man just hero a moment ago. How much Sand do you think a Small family wants Philadelphia record. The Rev. Or. Pitblado to methodist Church in Ansonia has succeeded in getting a clock for his Church and in a very novel was. A week ago last sunday be preached a very Long Sermon Ami at its close apologized for the time consumed explaining that where he was before stationed he had a clock to look at occasionally. The hint was taken and now a clock adorns the front the gallery. Newspaper traditions in new York contain Many quaint instances the Art boiling Down copy says the new York times. It is a common saying that a newspaper receives twice As much matter As it prints. A Large sacrifice to the Blue Pencil rejected copy spindle is inevitable. The Champion boiler news in the new York offices in the Days that veterans in the business Styli remember was . Wood who exercised his Art in the Sun office for Many Vears and the most artistic feat condensation remembered him is Worth recording. One night a half column poem was turned Over to him to edit. Copy was copy to his practical Eye and he set out to get at the meat the verses and state to in the fewest possible words. This was the re Suita a do you love uie no. Lieu i go. A vocalist some new York renown was to sing at a concert in a Western City not Long ago. One the Best the metropolitan string qua tettes had a number two the programme also. A week before the concert the Singer wrote to one the Quartetti begging that it would play a accompaniment to his songs. Incidentally he asked Quot a hat instruments Are included in your string Quartetti a tins was the answer Quot dear sir our string Quartetti consists trombone. French Horn accordion and cymbals. It will be impossible for us to accompany you As you request As the instruments Are scarcely fitted for that Niue cheating at cards continued from first Page upon the occasions referred to and that general Williams was the Croppi his the plaintiffs attention was not called the first night a sept. 8, to the complaint made against him. On the following evening tie a Aid when dressing for dinner lord Coventry and general Williams came to him in his bedroom at Tabby Croft and the former said a scamming a something very disagrees i to has occurred. Some people staying Here have objected to your manner playing a Carat. To this sir William Gordon cd musing tee tidied that he replied a my god what do Yon mean Quot lord Coventry Tho plaintiff said then repeated his former remark adding that people said that he 8ir William Gordon camping had while playing Baccarat Tho previous evening resorted to foul play. The plaintiff said he then replied that this was a four charge and a deliberate falsehood adding addressing lord Coventry and general Williams what am i to do Yon two Are my old friends. For goodness Sake say what is to be done a. The plaintiff then remarked that lie added to this request that he placed the whole mat ter entirely in their hands and that after dinner at the suggestion lord Coventry and general Williams he the plaintiff had an interview with the in Rince a is to whom he repudiated the charge brought against him and said Quot your Royal highness will see what a terrible thing this is for me. I who have been attempting for Twenty years to Lead the life an officer and a t to this Accord my to the plaintiff the i once Wales replied a what can you do there Are five sir William said that lie answered a my first impulse is to publicly insult my accusers upon the race course tomorrow. To this the Prince replied a what is the use that music. The promenade concerts. The ii St the promenade concerts was Given last evening Aud music Ila i was crowded. The orchestra mad up symphony men. Was led by . Timothy Adamowski and the programme was As follows March a Queen Sheba a Gounod overture Weber Waltz. Doc Trieu a Strauss overture. Quot orpheus a Offenbach Largo Handel Allegro and intermezzo from it has no significance the i allure the Kentucky democratic convention to endorse Cleveland Washington june 1.�? special to the Post sex governor Mccreary Kentucky who returned to Ashington today says there is no significance m the failure Tho recent state convention to endorse ex-1 resident Cleveland. Speaking with a reporter this evening he said Quot the Cleveland Resolution episode happened at the end the convention. All the regular work had then Boen done and but Lew delegates were present. 1 was absent As Many others w Ere and i understood that l Here were not fifty men in the Hall when the Resolution was offered and withdrawn. I talked around among the members the convention and i know 1 am Correct when i Sav that there was a Strong Ami prevailing Cleveland sentiment among the delegates to the convention. Our people regard . Cleveland As a natural Leader and a statesman. And they Hope that things will so shape themselves Asti make him Tho nominee the next democratic National convention. They understand As he does that he must carry now 4 Ork. And they believe that he is patriotic enough not to seek the nomination if the situation in that state is such As to Lead him to believe that lie cannot car it. Think i sum up the prevailing sentiment in Kentucky when i say that there is no disposition to Force . Cleveland s nomination but that they Hope that the political Stua Tion will be such As to make him the party nominee. Whenever his Amo was mentioned in the convention it was greeted with loud Tariff to be the Issue. Governor Mccreary thinks that the Tariff and not Silver will be the Paramount Issue in �?T92. He said Quot i think the Silver question May be taken out politics before that time. M Hen the next Congress meets the House will pass a free coinage Bill probably before Christmas. The Senate will pass it and to will go to the Whitehouse. Or. Harrison will veto it. The House will pass it Over his veto. Put the Ben ate will probably not do so. Then there will have to to some sort a Coin Promise for t he present Law is about As bad As it can be. And it must be replaced with something Eise 1 think a measure similar to and enlarging the Bland Allison Biu. Comp Ealing the Purchase three four million dollars Worth Silver each month and its coinage into Silver dollars will be adopted. This would increase the volume Silver forty fifty millions a year. It would be the next Best thing to free coinage Aud would dispose the present Law. Which is not the Bond problem. No conclusion yet reached by the president and Secretary Foster. Washington june Post a the weight est 1.�? special to Tho problem now before _ u in Lei mud f lit in i u08t.j�?oi to we ii Tuiran suite Moszkowski Lou us bal Guiliet Polo a a president and Secretary Foster is As to the a Al a ague. Metra a a a hat aim in made t Tennis at Williamstown. Willi am a town june 1.�? in the Tennis tournament today Anderson �?T93, beat con ant �?T93,6�?1� 6�?1? Anderson beat Bushee �?T92, 6�?3, 6�?1 Avery �?T92, beat Mather 94. Six love. 6�?4 Avery �?T92, beat Bafford �?T92, 6�?3, 7�?g. Avery and Anderson will represent the College in doubles with Amherst Aud Dartmouth. Pierson is to play in singles Only. Fined for employing children. Fall . Juno 1,�? the Union Mill corporation was fined in the District court this morning two cases violation Tho Law regulating the employment minors in workshops. Tho trial took plat e Friday and it was shown that Ade urd kill cards aged 9, and Adolphus Derocho. Agod 13. Had been working in the full the fines were 925 Aud costs in each Casu Naise Liszt Waltz a a Graceful dance bul Van polka Mazurka. Quot woman a Strauss March. A Uhoch hapsburg a Krai. 1 his programme included Many popular selections and in fact ail the numbers were loudly applauded. The a Largo a Tho Quot loin do bal a the Strauss Waltz and the Offenbach overture met with special favor. There was merriment there was clinking glasses there was much smoke tobacco. The people were enjoying themselves and the music heightened Tho enjoyment. The whole the first Balcony where smoking is not allowed and a More than generous proportion the Lionor were reserved and every seat was taken. The aisles were so crowded that prime Nading was impossible. The great numb r present Aud the interest shown indicate that the season will he most successful. Our summer amusements Aro few and far Between Ana such concerts As these Are demanded by Many wlm for sundry reasons Aro debarred irom hearing music during the Winter. Or. A Kuiowski was warmly received when he came upon the stage this colleague . E. Gruenberg will direct this evening and the programme selected for his Host appearance in Boston a a conductor will include Aube is Quot Lesi Oque overture i Ossim s Quot William Tell overture the final to act 1 Quot Lohengrin the bacchanal from i Hile Mon and Laucis a ballot music from Buck s Oorpheus.�?� Ami. Among other numbers a Waltz by Johann Strauss ail a Waltz by . Gruenberg. Tho concerts begin at 8 and last until about 11 p. In. _ Moonlight murderers. Dublin Jun 1.a despatch from later Kenny mity Donegal says that a Farmer named Crawley recently hired a farm front which the former tenant had been evicted for non payment rent. This action upon the part Rawley caused great dissatisfaction among tiie upholders the plan Campaign. Threats wore made against him but lie paid no attention to them. Last night a number masked a Moon lighter a Lay i wait for him and at an opportune moment they bred upon i Lum Moil All j wounding him. Disposition that shall he made the 4 2 per cent Bonds which mature three months hence. Bot i gentlemen discussed the matter at considerable length today but 110 conc Lusion was reached and it will come up again at tomorrows Cabinet meeting. President Harrison is strongly opposed to any Extension the Bonds. It is Manifest that the president s fear 111 this respect is based More upon political than sound business Legal considerations. He believes that an Extension the Bonds will furnish the Granger element with another weapon attack against the administration. In other w ords Tho Farmers Alliance will claim that Secretary Foster is acting mainly in to a interest Ito National Banks who Aro the principal holders the Bonds Aud who Are anxious to retain them at even so Low a rate As 2 per cent per annul. This suggestion �11�?ov Secretary Foster any alarm. I he Sec tary is a business Man and lie Ippun cites 1tm tact that the banners Alliance will kick at the administration no matter what censer Attivo course it Mav pursue and that me better politics As Well As to better plan generally is to re Luud the Bonds. The circular to Iho Bonds ors was prepared two weeks ago. And a Luce that t to has been lying upon the Secretary s desk awaiting the final decision i Rison it is similar in constr u to 0,1 circular issued by Secretary off Dom ten years ago. When the 5 per cent coup off were called and it prov Les that in Caso any Holder the 4 Vas shall ru0_fhjr� ids Bonds continued at the 01 government at 2 per cent por annul such request will be granted. Notwithstanding the v rate interest at 2 per cent Secretary Foster believes that the a per la ing the Bonds can be a Tel 1 Plis Hud at 1 percent Dot do tins be hunks would demonstrate both soundness the country a credit and the adroit Flanoi eng the administration. Some th1s pnnc.1p.il subordinates however differ from inn m this aim insist that to reduce the Rale to 1 per a int would lie taking an advantage the most ties the Banks which would be Wavue amp by 1 unfair. There Are five people against continuing 8ir William said mat halt an hour after his interview with the Prince w ales he was summoned to another room where he found lord Coventry and general Williams who told him that the Only Way to avoid a horrible scandal was to sign the document which had already been produced and read in court by sir Edward Clarke the plaintiff added "1 said a Why this is tantamount to an admission but i was eventually a a shaded to sign the document believing that i could Trust my Honor to a ueral w Illiams and lord Coventry whom i t regarded As being True and intimate sir William further testified that the second night the Baccarat games at Tran by Croft sept. 9, 1890the Prince Wales was banker and that . Arthur Stanley Winslow Wor five groups running which sir William thought was very Good a for a a at the end the game a the plaintiff continued a the Prince Wales laughingly said a Cumming How came you to win so much a re i erring to the tact that i had won �225 in two nights play. To this i replied a Well sir i could not help winning with such showing the Prince a card which i had kept marked under the headings a banker and Puyer a the exact number limes which the banker player won during the evenings play.�?�. The baronet concluded his testimony with a denial that he Ever cheated at cards at Tranby Croft anywhere else. The Cross examination the plaintiff was then begun by sir Charles Russell. The plaintiff said he had no a Eason to suspect malice upon the part any tha defendants. Sir Charles then glanced at a paper and continued a and does this express our opinion Reading the worst it is that i feel that they Are acting perfectly conscientiously 111 the matter and they believed hat they did see me resort to foul play. A Pardon me a cried sir William a Are you Reading from any letter mine a Bir c liar Les Russell replied a Les. Does it express your a yes a replied the plaintiff sharply. Then sir William under Cross examination explained at length several Points in regard to Baccarat playing. He also said that he had nothing before him 011 the table while playing Baccarat the evenings sept. 8 and 9 at Tranby Croft except a Small piece paper and a Pencil Aud possibly a Tumbler. The stakes he said w Ere placed a few inches in front it. In reply to further questions put by sir Charles Russell the plaintiff said that he did not recollect general w Lllian is saying that the Duke Cambridge would not he so lenient is they a i been. He the plaintiff had never ceased to regret that he had signed the document agreeing never to Plav cards again. Bir Charles then asked the plaintiff a number questions bearing upon various Points in the Case and sought to obtain an admission that the baronet increased his stakes when he won and from the question put it was evident that the plaintiff would be accused so doing after seeing the cards his neighbors. Replying to questions 8ir w Illiam said that lord Edward Somerset and mrs. Coventry increased their stakes and that they also kept counters in their hands As Well As the table. The plaintiff admitted that the second might the Baccarat games at Granby a it ii 1 a a a Croft the l Rince aies said. I wish that people would put their stakes where they could be seen but plaintiff added that he did not think that this remark applied to him More than to anyone else. The baronet also admitted that he kept a number counters in his pocket. He did no task to be confronted with Lus accusers it was Folly his part he admitted but he did Many foolish things that evening. By Beu a Man was in his position he added lie was not responsible for his actions. A Lien he had a pistol presented at him in the form this most horrible charge he lost his head. Bir w Wiliiam answered questions m a Clear and Well pitched voice which could be heard Alt Over the courtroom and kept his Back turned towards the Prince Wales a fact which was considerably commented upon unfavourably by the audience. The court adjourned after hearing further testimony for the plaintiff. The Prince Wales remained throughout the entire session. Harvard Mott Haven team. J s. Cook 9�?~l elected Captain for next year uis record. The Harvard Mott Haven team has elected j 8. Cook 92. Captain for next year. Cook is okie Harvard a besi men in the sprints and if he continues to improve will carry the Crimson to the front next year m one the other the dashes. In his freshman year he strained his Kudo and was unable to run. Last year he was obliged to run in the same trial heat with Sherrill Aud Cary and ills year he was again unlucky getting into the same heat with Lee and Cary. Lie is undoubtedly a Good Man. And will make an excellent Captain next Vear. He is Verylh College and with the members the team lie is a quiet Man. Aud a tile lie is Well enough known has never been a prominent society Man. Lie was a member the eighth ten to the infant me 1770 in his Sophomore Vear but Bejou tins has to society connections. Playing the tracks. A Little Waltham girl instantly killed by a electric car Waltham. June la special to the Post a Beatrice Trie 3-year-old daughter John a liar lev. Living Orange Street was struck and Lusla utly killed by an electric car this afternoon. It see uis that the Little one together with others was crossing and repressing the tracks in front each car As it passed. The motor men stopped the cars but Lually just As one the cars started the Little Gul Fitu in flout it wifi Trio Itzov Romu

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