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Boston Post Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 3

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Boston Post (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Boston Post tuesday morning june 2, 1891 North Atlantic in june weat Lier to be generally fair with occasional gales review of the month of May to icebergs reported South of the forty second parallel the past future of the weather conditions of the Orth Atlantic As presented each Mouth by the Hydrograph to Oitice. Haa come of be regarded As of great value by Aeu fans people Tiroui Shont the Marturie world. In ins review of May the Ilyon it a Rapatt says a the month Baa been a remarkably quiet one in the Aorta Atlantic As cum Parea wit i any month since last cd sober. L to severe storms have occurred. They on urinated. Both of them duri Iii april continued Kurinij Only a few Days of May. Of these the Tarsi moved aloud a track about k. By a. Across the Lulf of St Lwrence newfound on april 24, 2.� and thence across the .4t-Laulic to Scotland Scandinavia on May i end 2. Nenorts from various vessels that the barometric pre sure at the storm leu tre was Alec a to or quite is Low 2u.00 inches it was accompanied by very Stroud w est Erly gales High seas squalls of Enow Hail. A a the second severe storm passed close to her Muda of april 28, along a a at. increasing in severity it moved Louvara the fraud Bauks. In Aruil a. W Hen it was Central near Sable Island a reliable barometric Reading is Low is 28.74 was observed a a wind Force As High ivs 11. Beaufort scale. Us May 1 2 it moved slowly . With a lightly decreasing intensity on the 3d 4ib Disapio it eared to the northward eastward. A Al it a play 7 a storm of const Depablo Energy was Central Alx it it Tho Eastern Evige of tie Tirane Banks with wind Force As High As . This was the result apparently of the Union of a depression that uus Ved Down theiault of St. Aud another that moved up from out Bermuda but no barometer readings below 2>.7o Are reported Ana the storm soon disappeared to the northeastward beyond the Region of observe it n. A the Depre Siou that moved Southeast Wardly a ver the brith Isles on the Sih was of Only feeble Energy this was tie storm of the a month 80 far As India ate by a a received up to Date of publication with the exception of the depression that originated ill tie Gulf of Mexico of the 27ih moved ask d to the Lulf Region on the 2pili, Wuh apparently increasing Energy. Quot a of has been reported in largely increasing Quantity during the Mouin. And it will probably coup use to increase dung the coming Mouth. Quot fewer icebergs have been reported thus far than were reported up to Date of pubic cation last month. It will be seen that the position of the ice is almost entirely North of the 42d parallel Between the Meritai is of 45 3u 60 0 y w. Late Repon a in Dicaire that there Are Are a few bergs Olf St looms ape Kace. Some Field ice was reported Early la the month in Strait South of the Magdalen islands. On May 7 three Smail due Lesof ice were reported m . 4 j 03 a., Oug 38 4kiy in predictions for tune. For the month of june the Hydro Ranger predicts generally fair weather with Occa Binal gales along the trans allanic route off the Atlantic coast of Tho United slates. 5vesl Indian hurricanes that occur As Early As june originate generally speaking in lower latitudes than later in the reason recurring before they leave the tropics that is. They Are most liable to recurve in the Belt from Lati tude 20�?Tto 23�?T�?T North. Considerable fog will be encountered off the grand Banks the coast to the As far South Flat Teras arid also in Tho Vicinity of the Brush Les. Field ice May be encountered Between Liew Fondland the 45th Meridian a North of latitude 47 Sif Aud in the Strait of 2>eile Isle Gulf of St. Lawrence Cabot Strait becoming much lighter he the Midio of the month. A few icel ergs May to get in Conte Edas far South a the 42d parallel. Important to t captains. Graphic valuable reports of waterspouts have been received at Many of the Branch hydrographic Ollices recently the bust wond again urge the attention of captains to the importance of sketches however rough May often contain very valuable information an attempt san uld always be made to illustrate the various stages in the formation disappearance of a waterspout with a statement regarding Tho time of each sketch the bearing distance of the spout. Oil of troubled taters. Recent reports Hare been received regarding the use of Oil in calming a heavy broken sea All of which speak so strongly in its favor that it would seem to he a in dispel Bable article among the stores. The report of Captain Frost of the Aew Vork ship by. David 13 Here Given. 1 Hoves Iel w As bound irom Philadelphia t Shiogo Quot we were in 42 07 a. Long 42.07 by. Running under to sails . Blowing heavy with squalls a ireme Duus Bea took three bags put about i 2 Gallons Lish Oil in each Hung one at each Catli Nadaud one Over the starboard Quarter. I he very marked effect of the Oil was it Een almost immediately where before using u 1 was apprehensive of Sciug Dij Opad by heavy be is. None broke near us we shipped Verv Lintio water in the Waist tie main deck was full of water most of the time before Tho Oil was . Let dec. 23. Lat 4�j go 8 lung 47 12 11 Gale still blowing sea very Leavy broken continued the use of the Tish ii. The Cathead bag,3 prevented seas from breaking of Board together with the Quarter hag no hotbed the Wake. The bags were Hung so As just to Ltd Clear the water we were Abe to make a fair Days run without Dai Mige irom by heavy seas though the vessel was loaded deep. I consider the of Oil a Good precaution Suall heavy seas shall a vans provide that Quantity of Lish Oil a Rich i consider the Best a a scheme to Ulf . Fostoff Lcy inspectors i Uzziel Over a Little item circular Adolph Lehman waa before United states commissioner Lla Lett yesterday of a cd Large of using the in of a scheme to de fraud was held in la Ozofor further examination. scheme if it is proved to he his was a Peculiar one intended to deceive the German people of the country. The object around which centres the Wrath of the Postol fice inspectors is a Little red Cir Cular printed in the Lerman language which rtate.4 in sul stance that about hour years ago i 1ti4u did Leavis i iiv6 acres of the locality of which just is not plated for the purpose of founding a site for a Hosoi tid Home for women that since Theu efforts Havo been made to raise Money s701 34 collected that sgotto m. Re h wanted too Iain this a is to he held 10 Spring tied. The Home of Lehman on june 7, which 18 of sunday. 1 he circular As an inducement to buy a ticket to the fair at #1 each the scheme of a prize drawing. Verv ticket is to draw a prize the to he drawn vary from �?�400 Down a it bit Hill . A St Buciu Obs vicious person should i que while Lijo Lair 11 held on .8un�jay, u that it on sunday that mrs made her will. As the amount Fol a drawn in a prizes is veer tired to it a t40o0 there Are it 40oi> tlckeu8oldat8leach.it was a puzzler for the Inge cars Waltere the fair was to make its Money to i Tiiman was arrested at Horam in Spring yield pro ugly to to explain matters. He m a , Man in Liat City says that Fie Din not Hisle it Cire Lars which Are signed "1> to say that a Man calling himself Liy that name hired desk room in unan s Ohice issued the circulars on his own . J. Tanenhaus. Since the arro Tot Laumin. nut been seen. Lehman is also Anesie on a charge of i oiling a Inbuncy order Lor 18, payable to d. Maneahau.-,. Tie says that it was endorsed to him. Jammed by a car. While at work in the University building on Devonshire Street yesterday after ii it min a rust i. Matthews whose Home 1� at 5 place East Boet ii. Wiki jammed in a a Cir used Lor carting paper was Hadly injured was a a a Ajse the Gistjr to spill Atlantic Mutual Marine ins. Co. Of n. Y. On Termina Teti Kuk la l l9<k 40 per cent. Taco. Win Tirkot Corrin. Seat. .41. K. I Clauc no. 129 exy Leet the Atlantic works to to 76 Border at., Fiat Hoston. Mass. A 8dii.dbr8 of stf.ams111pa. Rowboats Amo steam Lac its. Pc pairing of every Boston Post 2 cents a copy a a a yeah weekly $1. Vessels in port corrected to monday. June 1. This list will be published tuesday fridays. Vessels up Are not i Chuio 1. In each paragraph the name of the Vassal is first Given next that of the next the tonnage the Cousin Guevor agent the destination the wharf in pork St . Be. Alpha by Nickerson 212. J g Hall a be co Lewis Berks Bead. T76. Reading Kab Hamlin a t Eph Atonia by it. Sec Onibe 341 0, Alex Martin. Liverpool. Cunard City of Macon. Lewis. 1447. K amp Barnard. i Hai Hain. March. Ll�09. A m Ira Liam. coh Mihaiu by. In Arry 3313. Thayer Lincoln. Live Riikol. Hot Sao Gallina Abr. Olsen. 1210. C c i Atterson. y in be n i georgian by. I rant. 3033. To layer amp Lincoln. Liverpool hoc Sac Kong Frode fora Jerulle. 603. Boston fruit co. Burnhams. B b h b ii Mork Berry 1780. H m Whitney. Aew a Adario a Span. Goicochea. 2.515, c b Urness. Londo Hoosac Ulutu Iii by. Maddox. 3051. Warren a co. Liverpool. Go Junction spartan Crowell. 1104. By b Samison state of Indiana by. Moodie. 1612, Harrison Louig Atlas stores Worces a . 706. Harrison loring., stores Yarmouth by. Stai Wood. 746. J g Hall amp co. A a Armoush . Lewis . 3. Annie m Simili Howes. 1010, mward Catharine it a or Svaigsen 1310. Gill amp Loplz. Fisk Saebo by Chivers 1383, Geo w Juu Clio barks. 16. Aurora swed. Nordeih. 368. Gill a Lotz Mystic \ Uba Brj. Mckenzie. 870. J g Vilall 5c co a bark Tia is. 4. Constance by. Hammond. 2.34. Charles Hunt amp con y amp a e Flash Light , 576. C Hunt amp con y a a e Hattie a big pigs Barnard 542. B if a Nineveh Lun Kings 470, John f Brooks. Afric Battery whigs. 6. J a Horsey by. Big shard. 182. James Stevenson Green a. E b i Rcv Snow b Oldham. 200, b c Biilna Mary t kimb.1l. Baidy. 453. J sunnery a Kapil Ito Dubault 325, iia Theav a co. Boston sugar Kef a. I b Rix Tkv Ulen. Biorklund 370. J s Huery a stores Tuti Uia big. Mcrae. 240. Hatheway a , e b sch Runells. 166. Acadian by Doucette. 77s j Golding Krimer Delene by. Brown. 19 it Hatheway amp i r k pier Alii a b Crosby. Stull 1064, Doane a nine t Bailey. Parris 426. Is Zimery a Coc a Banks. E b a Borer. 4 Lark 54. Adah by. Mcteer 121, i g Hail a co. South Bay a Rizova Abr Doucette 85. Delong a Seaman South Bay w Fisk. Kelly. 305. J ii Conant a co Richardson scam Una b Kranz. , 682. Iwo Oil a Rich Iii Iio by. By contain. 86. .1 7 Hall a co. Not docked a Durieux by Duffy. 09. J 4 Hall a co. South Bay nine g by. Aliett. 116. Bay Alena Covert. Charlton. 17 6, j g Hall a Allie Lalu. Betts 18. Ellswort Battery a Arcola. Lewis. 92. Woolwich it. Me a. Cambra Leport a Gibson Tir. Stevens. 07, r Sylane a co a a Eudon s Annie b Ivin Iball. Kimball 38. Belle. Smidili. 51. Bay Cyrus Hall. Bombs. 384. J h Cou aut a co Green a e b Coquelle. Wheeler. 55. Junction. Pier Carrie to Crosby. Hall. 55. Bav Caressa .mar.shall, 61. docked c b Kennard. B Reeman 76. Briot. , by b Centurion. . 113, bang Orbuck a Helsea cupola by. Gain i. Lui Barclay Clements a co commercial Charlie a Sproul. . 64. Bay Daniel in Ierson Hart. 252, Thomasion not docked Drill d. Hutch rings. 95, . Chelsea d p strut. 78. . S b Dakotah Kandall 57. Machias. Battery 1 Gifford. Kenneally 240 Glen Doug a e b Light. Wallace. 71. Milbridge Sargent a Everett Blaton. 135. L Elong a Seaman Unroe amp Murches. B2 b by Queen Potter. 57. Stream b Dii ii .5liintyre. Mcleod. 152. Grand b Mia b Ngel. 1 App. ,8lo. B Itz Bros electric l co. Congers St Emily. .m<.on, 77, Bay Iii e Potter Brile Cain 147, Delong a Seaman South 15av Emma c by Oliver. I 3, j g Hall a docked Ethel b by. Croscup. 97. Delong a Seaman nut docked Llla May of. Steers. I 8. R spine a coat p Newcomb. Allen. 103. Deer . Rox Elizabeth Sinclair. 53. a elevator e n Loris or nth Uny. 95. L Oifong a Seaman Continental b Mma f Lasa Hirch. 62. Bay Edward l Warron. Colson. 124. St Banda k Smalley Cole. 185, Machia Battery Eliza s in outer Heidi. 2l Gillespie a pierces. Cambridge e k a lesser. Kelly. 59. Milbridge Sargent a by Annie Hodgkins. Dinton 8.3. Biscas Setin forester Patten. 52. Stream b rank p Iid. I Fullerton. 124. J g Hall a co Wellington a. Cam b Hish a in. Cameron 97. Stetson Cutler a co., Stream Fannie b Hall . 89. Orland. St Flora Rogers. Lonison. 357. Brunswick. A. , by b ban cont. A Merom. 216. A a a a Burnham e b Yteo i Ames .mar.n.ih, 421, j 1 a Jilcott a s get Gie 1. Dick amp on. Harding. 653. H Mayo a Geo m Warner by. Warner. 04. J o Hall a Coe or pier Genius or. B Arnsworth 106. Hatli Way a Bay a to p Trigg. Archibald 117, Gazelle by. Warner 121, j a Hall a. Co Mystic Gold Hunter by. Harding 96. Delong a , by b Gen Scott. Rich. 62. Calais. South Bay Hume Pierce. 61. Kuklan Mystic Helen a Barnes. Hiskell. 57, Stream Hattie s Collins b Isher. 116. Rickerts Cambridge Harry l whim. Rich 457, Atwood a Rich a y a n e Helen h Benedict Brockett. 7.32. J w Luin Ellaba or Heather hell by. By Arris 99. Hatheway a cobra of Levator Herbert a Higgins. 372. A h . Cam Hannah Grant Kelley. 67. Ida Hudson Rich Wardson 72. Ilia by. Hande Specker. 112, Hatheway amp docked a. A Charlestown neck. Lockwood a Charlestown South Bay South Bay ism Ibardo a. Cam Grant a . E b Baa i Levator Union Sands a Cambridgeport ler Sargent so a South Bay a South Bay at Hing Hain Idaho. Rich 81, Trein ont me. I w Hine Johnson 126. Deer Isle. Julia Kingsbury 101. Bath. J Warren. Sargent 72, Deer Isle. John Girard. Kubins 51. Deer Isle. A John Johnson Smith 298. John c Gregory Andre Assoni. 360. James Holmes. Ryan. 126. Belfast. Jurietta Johnson. 82. Machias.v/�.u�,Viko, Julia a Decker Spear 91, Rockland Gove a e b j Kennedy Zipps 9.3. Josephine by. Baker 117, Delong a Seaman not docked j e Dubignon. Turner. 5o0, Brunswick a Mystic j s Lamprey. Harding. 290, Walter b Riend a , e b John c Sweeney Bee 377. B Itz Bros a Junction j s Glover. Maxwell 53. k r James Warren. Falkin Tiani. 117. Machias. Bav Kocurko Moorhead. .353. I g Hall a y a n b Katie Hall Stinson. 70. Deer a Cambridge Price by. Copp 121. K spine a co South Bav l d Kemick. Blondie. 61, Lills Wortham Cambridge Leona. . 96, Rockport Wales a Lucy Wentworth. Kelly 72. Machias Lias works commercial St Laura b or. Bunnell 90. Barclay Clement commercial m Warren. Sawyer. 84. Deer . I Cam Minetta. Crockett 62, Bav , Outten. 216munroo a Marc lib a. I b Marv Baker . 102. .1 s Emory a Coe or pier Mariel. Anderson 80. Porti >.iul. Mabel by. Copy. 80, h spine a co. Matilda Sylvester. 67. Rockport. Myra b by. Olmstead 91, k spine a to. Marcia , Steele. 69. Addison. docked Mary by byward. 102. Delong a Fitchburg tilt Mentora Smili. 75. a m b Budridge. 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Ked jacket. . 110, Koc Elaml. Rodney to Arker. Higgins 418. J w Lamiell. . Smith. .395 Pearl by. Cameron. 75. J g Hall a co. Seraphic in ill. Chute 121. Hamilton a close. Samuel c Hurt Kelley. �?~245, Doane a co. Sadie a Kimball. Burns. 49, Billiot. Me. Sheep Cott. Sears. 111. Disc to. Bucko a. Chelsea not docked Robbins. E b fraud Junction Winslow a Scully a. E Cain -4t Brigi Iton. -. K Street. S b morsels i b Union Carleton a by b nays Bill a a -. At Soi Servillo Soutsi Bay. In Stream the Star by. Johnson. 112, Delong amp Seaman. Titmouse Iordan 67. Orland. Me. Urbain b by. I a Blanc. 98.g Hull a co. Yesta by. Eavans. 66, Beaman Bros. Virginia. Bickford 52, Sullivan. Me. Warwick new. Tillotson 7.50. B Itz Bros. We by Green a son. Harter 497, Brunswick. A. Like pier. Pipers Scully s. By Cam a a com Merciai Battery. Frames by b a a a Winslow Morse Mcdonough 105, William martin86.green�?Ts. E b barges 22. Alice m Minot Morse a co. Wellington a b oderal Street Bessie commercial wharf Tow boat co Coal King. By Luckenbach. Charnette Leo m Winslow. Willida. Boston l of boat co. Governor. I . Hornet. Jodi Neicia Whf Tow boat co. Hopatcong. Del a a Ckik Wauna Rii. Jizzie Moses. Morse amp co. Moonbeam. By b Townsend. Nay aug Del a Lackas Vauna or. Nereus. N a w no 1. Norfolk a Western or. Oakland Boston Tow clout to. Une Onla. Del a Hudson canal co. Phat Cong Del a la it a Iwanna or. Rondout. By Luckenbach. Scotia. Morse a co. 201, new Bedford towage co. J Tunkhannock. Dei a or. A Union Ioir Vercial we tar Tow co. Yonkers by Luckenbach. Not docked Mystic South b Orry slip. By b South Bay in Stream Jordan so Ambridge Ira rid Junction not docked not ducked in Stream ill Stream in Stream not ducked Cou sins a Brookline in Stream Mystic a y a n i Stream Wellington Sli Cam a Mystic. To. ,. A a a not docked marked South Bay Are located at wharves above tha 011-Gress Street Bridga a irked Quot nut docked Are recant arrivals bound in. Those marked Quot in Are authored in the Harbor bound out. Shipping news. almanac tuesday june 2. I Ipoh water a a n la Sutiri or nor 7i5p.m. 1 k410 s715 i u l3ll 16h 06m port of Buston. Moniz a. June 1. Arrived. Steamer columbian or. In Arry Liverpool May 23, with i to i a . Ulii. Gnu Auer Alphil it a. Mckesson Yarmouth is with ind tit i Vilall a a it i. It nun or City of Usoon Lewie Savannah May 28, Widi Ilia. Ami to Iii Han so i a Harvard. Moat a rho , l Hii us Olphia. St Iii a , Simith Provincetown. Sell jul Jill ail of Wall Oliero men Lavry Locke port 8oh Obi in mint or. Inz. A Leme Nieport . Soh Iru Jaii or l Pettib in Evetie is , Wey Luot or Warner i Orr Hilbert . 8cha hauled i Ierio ii Ilari Ellza .8 Potier Allen Bijou Olteia hell John Johnson. Hint i ii Hoy hell t a Stuart Jimimia k Smaley Cole. South nil of. Heb my Antor. I Crry Julia. King Bury hath me. Sell hut if i Leric ii. He h Metropolis Inith final Haven. Ich re a. a Machia a. Suhi j Warren a a g it i Vav Hine Johnson Deer in a. Sell Quot a a Kimball Hirris. Allot me. Sch Jil Aho Kieh native american so Prague Calais. Sch Montezuma. Jott. Hanger. Sell Luu Owic Hill Curt. Kocky Orl mass. Cleared fok1.1�os�?-steamers Miber nun or Wallace la it a Gow m Allan Acou iia Ormul Hill Little Lay. H. Stratton. Little be co will Tain or. 00k, it hartal town. I i. Hiil Heway a co or ton or Forbes. Van Outh. -s.s. J i Linail a co hark s it . I la in Haiti lil Nhail Cotton Yllalee sch Liel ii tit or Melancon Belleveau coven if i Hill it 0. Ceo m a Valuer or. Wan Oit Hilmi. , i a lame smilth�11 or Lawry like port , har Clay Lein Clits a a Amai la or Newell Harley. Umi a quo by Sime Adelene or. Crown Halifax Syi Tiey. I h. La Alleway a co. w Isk steamers ii a Whitney Lullette new York. Ii a Whitney slate of Maine Colby in Orleanu k v Wali Roii Fremont Laty. Ilo c f William . Lii Gratian , Calvin Austin Kennet Cut Iii tin. Tih. or ire Hill a a is Marla d teen Kennebec Wash Riblon Fth s u t Row Ell a Wal Waitl Liee Ltd Doane a co a. Stale Haker. Koek Poa mass an Ltd new Vork j w Iii Kiel of a Ticie Ioos new Coleman do �11-Adelnhta. Try same. Saili i Steamer , for Hainan a Ito Toni for Vermont i a. Ouija. Little Ila Hay ch-wlui., Charlo town. If i ii m Whitney new York sch Eorge h w Alcott in sell lame 11 to Oil i uhf who h a Alied saturday Aneli Oreil remain Clifred in the Hom wind bound a chs Henry Lin Piu v Ito a. Lidmila i a in no it wind a Only. Very it of Elvation three Miles passed out 3 30 pm a learner the Wold. Passed Pori at 7 pin a tei Irmiss Catter Kead 11�. It. La wind la Obier Patlon Dye Miles , i a Cable to the i Ost. Anji it i a a cd prior i Iii Isen Jainle Sewell of How us Whewell new York for Shanahan hark Cash Iraa or new. I o Igia do for Iii in Komg a hips Ellecia of . Mei. Option to for he Anitha Milster of Marine or do for it to bark Minnie i a Lutri Yuri Iilah do Tor Hong Kong a hip Naup actus hrs Lovett do for Shon Hal Santa Clara a Fuller do for Yoko Haiina sem Tor or Mckenzie in i Ladelpha for Tiogo. May 80. Steamer Amsterdam dutch for new York. May 30, ship Karoo or Munro Rio Janeiro. Falmo til a May 31. Hark kale Crosby , from Leith for Miramichi. Thrall May Sis Tea cur Hes Sarraua or. Palermo for new York. May 20, bark Jennie Ilar Kness amazes Biry new York. june 1, bark Kines county nor. I ache for Quebec. N May 30, Steamer Alesia for. New York. Pad inc Saiid May 29, bark Thorbecke 111 dutch. Boater new York. I. May 31, steamers or Zorila or from Liverpool new York the utter at l . Rio Kaneii pjs a May 30, curler or. Mhli. From this Arlo. Hulled 30ih, steamers Alenio Tor Pernambuco new York All Lanca for St Thomas do. St ask a May 31, Steamer Flop Eton by from in Hollad Eldhu. Shi Elds sailed May 30, Steamer Crystal or for new York. Stettin May 28, bark Godeffroy Ger Joercks new York. Bek Munda a May 20. Steamer Trayni Riith Cavalle West indies Suveil 27tli fort John no sailed 23d. Brut t m jul Cooper Hoston 2ctu, sch Stanley Vlack of Hara new Vak. La port away 28, Steamer Halliii Islarea from London arrived 2hth, disc ban Annle Seymour Johnson from Harhalos Etc arrived 25ili, do. a May 22, Bra Herbert Tuller Nath Phylia Dittli Ilia. Sailed my 24, Charles k Schull. Rogers and North of have Row 26hi. George w feign a Iii Ore Shaw. Delaware breakwater Job iras w Hyde Sherai do. It Olony a May 28. A Trainer Colon from new York. C1enfukg08�?ar May 21, a Trainer , Matanzas. Hulled a just bark St Lucie ers Klinc Delaware break Waier. . Nhar May 26. Bris m c he weft from Rockland me proceeded to hear River n8. To Mill. Ivy Shoro is Salii a my 27, ech Karl be Harry. From Hoston for fort , cd. Hill Shuko. Nut at Way 28. A eds Frank a Cole furl am 2uih, Swallow Lush Birdson. Hoston. Hav a May 23, a Lap Royal George from Luau Lollos 24th, in Manlan fax it boy de Arnera a Rah. Steamers Cli Idad Bolivar new work a tiled 2ulh for Veia can. June 1, at 6 am a Teamer City of Alexandria new York. Sailed 24th, Brig Harry Sudah Hutchinson Delaware Hank water sch Mary h judge. Morrus Ritthi a Elohla 26th. Sell Cactus Wiley Mobile Karl Ridic Colby. breakwater Henry Souther Hup per do Suth Steamer Hur Aloga leg Hutu new Vork. Halifax. Nso a May 30. Sly Amer Claytor from Harrow. Low in dint pay d May 29 bark Mae Cann Klin both North Snyder for o Xebec. M . A May 22 Sta Izier , Jaivid son Hagiya Brig Charles in Urvey. Hunu Dostou sch Kate a Hihumi Johnson Norfolk. Sailed 23d. A Chi Helen l Marlin Fountain Deia were hrs Ftp water Mattie m i Kucil t Ollins a Patch Icola 27th. A or Harry h la itch for North of Lia Terua 29tti, bark sent Awizus thl Ladelphia. Maracaibo hailed about May 10, sch Lon Athau Sawyer. Reni Iolus Hoston. Mos 1 real a May 20�?hteamer it f Matthews Mccough Mazzella cleared �?~29ih, steamers l, Maee for Jive Pool Ste Linhoft Newcastle Ilai Burg. No Vitah a May 14-.sch Walter l i Lummer flu Funer it in Lorre Mart. Hailed 19th. Brig Energy in Urdy sew York. Cleared itch Brig we Suway we a Laway. New York. North Sydnet cd by used May 27. Ship Esther Roy from Samara us for Montreal in Tow. I Arris pm i it. -ar my 27, sch Warrior Kitchen new York. Tor t Spain trin Hlady do port May 14. Bark Tullid Dictson. For Hampton Rolls. To sail in two a lavs. lnportalay29, bark Kelvin , for i Lulad Lolila. Sagl a a May 2 1, sch Mabel Hooper i Hildeb . S t John. No cleared May 30. Scha Jennie , Ila riling. La Palmas m a Nutter Mitchell of ens town. Nell for Horion. Sec Kville. Nhy cleared May 20. Sch Eureka Fos. New Lork. Vak Moi Tell Nso a May 26, sch Marv Alice Fos ler Boston a cleared 27iii to return. Z.\z. Car May 18. Bark Ruth from Barbados to Loami for Delaware breakwater bailed 18lh, sch Hattie Dunn. Poland. New York. Marine no Tbs. Steamer City of Macon at Hoston from Savati Riih Leports May 30. Lat 39.17, Ion 73.17 Schooner Kate Foster of before Quot Rev dior Titi waterlogged abandoned with All spars Tiloi inside. Pin Iai , june 1-Steamerarroyo before re ported i ground on Tho bar. Jettisoned part of her Deek Load alter which she floated Wii i the a Siacunco of tugs. She proceeded 31st for dest Natton. B men. Go Orestek sri Cial to the Post car june i. Sell Porter s Roberts Hanks 3u, 00 lbs code Ash 16,000 its halibut Henry Sianii Biry George 18 us a lbs cult Isle 600 itis Sunshine cod Lish d of lbs e p Hoy Tuii. Grand Hank 18.o x Liali Bui Emerald .mar.uhon, starry hag Hector. Heriha m Miller. Storm King Flash Carrie f Shoie ils Linig lib trips irom 10,000 to 40,000 la s mixed fish. C.vnsi�, n 8_ar May 29, sch Huntress Vanilla from Magillen islands. Sai Leil 2iih. 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Aged 2 j years while eni Leavor ing to Clear the Chain of the with a pole Tell Overbo aril was Browneil every Effort was to save Hin without Success. Tin cd Keiit was seen from the Lingl ship her boat was immediately Low Ere a but could not recover the body. Sch Tascano or ,,Hillsboro,n new York with cargo of piling. W u run into yesterday Alvernoon about 3 30 o Eloi a. About half a mile wow of Jollock Ulp Ligeti Slun during a Light wind foggy weather by Steamer h e Iii Rock from new York of Lor Lead Ana All Liea it gear Cut Alcor figure head can led a was. She was Tow ii Here hits by steam tug w i Laiu l Slater Lor repairs. Her Bull is tight. The Diirck proceeded apparently uninjured. A steam tug storm King. It Mith Philadel Lihi for Boston with barges Monarch Chheu Audrah be ecu Wood m Low. Mails close at Boston. For Jamaica Gre town also site Bialiy addressed for Belize Guatemala tin Xiluo puerto Cortez per Steamer Hondo. June 2, 8 n m. F or great Britain Ireland also French. 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For London Eti Glaura also belgian nether hands aids Arlun norwegian closed Iua is via South Jaiup ton mails for Germany direct also danish swedish no Weglau russian closed Uia Ili via Bremen Aiso a be anally addressed correspondence for other european countries per Steamer Ems. June 6-3 p us specially addressed Torresi a Deuce for Europe per Steamer Wisconsin Juno 5�?8 . For Grenada Trinidad Tobago per steamship Froin new York Dune 6�?8 p la. For Bahia Rio Janeiro Santos also for the la Plata countries via Rio a teams Ftp Hailey from new York Juns 6�?3 it m. For Brazil the la Plata countries via Brazil. St Thomas 8t Croix via St Thomas Mani Kijuc guide Louis via Martinique Barbadoes Anil de Guarara via Barbadoes also a Peckally addressed for other Windward i slams Para Mara Liam. Ner steamship Fli Lauoe from Newport news. A. June 5�? 2 15 p 111. For Blueml Elerts Gre town. Per steamship w g Hewes from new oils aids june �--8 p in. For Costa Rica via port Lii Uon per steamship he spa la from sew Orleans june 6-8 . For Truxillo. I it or steamship i Roi Morse from new Orleans Juno 6�?8 i m. For Nova Scotia naw found Miquelon per Steamer Halifax. June 6�?11 a m. For great Britain Ireland other european a out Rlee per Steamer co Phalonia. June 6�?630 a m. Than8 Pacific mails. Forja Tuin. Shanghai la orig Koug dependent chinese Porta Lor the East la Tucei British indies8lratt.� Settle intent. Siam the dutch East indies per steams lil of Caius from Francisco Luivie 13. Mails flu close at Tho Boston office june.6�? 6 p in. For the hawaiian islands in or Steamer Australia from san Francisco Lune 16 malls will close at the Boston office june 10�?5 . For Australia new zealand jul Samoa a Wallan islands per stealing help Mariposa from Han fraud do june 25. Maiu win close at Tho Boston of foe Lune 20 6 pm. For 8ocl� to islands per Shin Tropic Bird from san june 30 Naiu flu Coloso at tha Boston of fico Lune 24 a 5 p la. Lamb Kucil american use. The new twin so a Rew a Ainer a of a St Blu Zarck a a a Quot Aud every thursday from new York to Southampton . This line holds the record for Hie a Aat St Eva to Hougham Stoiu for rates plans Eio to Jobu i Arley a a Ous ., 72 state by. Bhfpir8ro. For Porti it. A a. A a Styir steamers leave Ludia wharf bos to Daub it 7 a to Days a a a ski Ltd a a a opted. C. F. , agent. Iii Piau. Savannah fast freight passenger line a via Lvi a rear acky via Ninati a to a test ill dare cat amp lung from Lewis wharf Boston at 3 p. La. . Fat City the Silav. May 28th 8s. City of june 4ih 5.8. Gate Luh h.s-. City of , june 18hi 8.8. Gate . June 25th connecting with Central railway of Georgia Sannu amp a t Irlda amp railway for All Points in Georgia Alabama Houtby Carolina Alabama Lei uts Ana Texas Florida Uba. Musur Pasma accous our nations. Insurance i-6 per cent. O. J. Pea k80n. To. Dew. Sampron n. K. N. K at. 8. F. A w. Ry., at. Savannah fast Freig to 211 St. 1 line. 806 8t. a Barnard agents s. A a Havannah 88. Co., no. Side Lewis wharf 20 a Antto Avenue. A or via 3stew by the new York a new England k. Us a Motro Poulan 88. Co. And 8ound lines Coane etrog with Ueall cd Lympany. A. Daw. Sampson. N. E. Agent 806 . Clyde steamship co. Great so therb freight Pas Seeger lire via Charleston. Direct route to All Points in South vat Olina the South Tirek to ii Kab Weic the Fleet comprises the following elegant Steamer be of which is appointed to sail from pier 29, eat River Mew York every , Wedis Esdar mid or Idun it s it Algon ruin new pkg Quoin. Cherokee Seminole Yemassee. Del Warll direct Coane totos from Bretou All easts pol ills. Low rates Bill of lading All infer Matlon can a obtained at office of the line Street to stud. J. A Flanders East Era Agua Tileo. O. Eger traffic manager s Itow Linic tire a Evv Xor Ltd a a White Stab Eixe. Edited state Koyal mail steamers to a and Liverpool every . The steamers of tins line Are among the staunchest afloat Are collectively the fastest tweet crossing tha Atlantic. Kei it Stab . Bulted state belgian mail steamers to a from Antwerp. Sailing every . Tills line is composed of Lewand first class steamers of from 4000 to 7000 ton Burthen offers on Asual advantages to passengers bound for the cont mini for passage apply to e. A. A in a is co. Amen its. J state St., a a or. Road St., Illston Send for i he a a a is Ltd a Codex. Over 6000 sentences for Telegraph lag in cipher. Price by mail 27 cents. Amp m. T. Boston Baltimore Norfolk Washington steamship line. Bailius try a us a to to a a every wednesday Mati Irav at 52 of a Ionek p. Receive Frei Glit for All Points on v a., Tuii. A go. If line Atlantic coast Seaboard Var line Kanawha despatch c. A 0. Ali Ohio or it los class passenger accommodate Iowa. Batsto bal Tiu More. Loti a in 8 22. 10 nor Folk �11 round trin �19 including meals stateroom berth of second class to Bamimore. Glo. To Norfolk. §9,00. Tickets to All Points South West. A. No or Ariail. Agte a Central wharf. Ull Oby lines foe Galveston. A san Marcos. Jum 3ic0.vi.vl.june 10 conch Lune 6 13 for bran Scicli Fernandina. 5 an Antonio. June 12 Seth Sprague agent. 306 Walii Ngou St., Boston Hansa Johnston line to Lulaj Inird intended Knill Ngy. A a a vim Wall a about june 17th.�?okkiip.wiedek�?� about july 3d. about july 17th. For rates of freight apply to y4m. Froila Sitoa do co., eltd., a a Ieuter Street. For new York the Moro Polinn line of 8t�amers sail for new York dirs sit Evart Mon Day �4 Batch m. Tram Lala wharf. in 1v.1k, it m by North Hist to Reban Diug of goods by this Tate. Connections Mads with transports on Tusset All Ponta so a West it too rates so to swoop Bills of i Adan Fitso. For further aim nears apply a a b. Ami they Agiu. Iu4ba Woad the Clipper bark Sarah capt l. R. Haie. Will sail for Tho trip to the azores return on or about Lune to. The azores Are noted for their must Liml delicious climate Tho trip is highly recon Melmed to founts others seeking Bealli or pleasure. An exit Erien ced Phi Simian will a Toni pan the Vossel. For of eight passage or circulars of the trip apply to or address 1 a. Adams a co. Agents 115 state Street Boston. Cunard line Lios Fon to Liyo Moffly evil re saturday Catalonia. May line a a i Lune la Icv 27 131 4 Cabin in Massage �60, �80 8106, second Cabin. 835. Steerage a snags at Low rata office 9� stale Street Boston. Al Exanvil it be Matt uni Acen. Leyland line Boston Liverpool. Unless prevented by unforeseen Georgia tune 31 Virgin i an june 17 c0lu.mb1an Juno Olivene 24 for freight apply to the a y be a be eliy001,91 aleuts 114 Silulu Kruml. Canada Atlantic steam slip go. For . Lew steel steamship ,�?� built for this it route will leave North wide wharf every a it Uday at noon. Connections at Halifax by Raff water to All Points in Nova Scotia Tince Edw arils Island new Fonn Ila Iid. A. Dew. 8a.mp-son, 306 Vas Bugton Street l. Ii. Palmer. Old Suie House. Kici Ladson a Barnard agent 20 Atlantic Avenue. A nip Piru. Warren line Fob storm shop Are Lumn ded to sail trom Boston As follows june a Lumi 1� u prepaid tickets at Low rates. Wallker amp �,0 Asci its 125 Mitiu streets for Kennebec River. Of Sjo a a a on after april f a2 ik5l Poi Quot Quot kit Neh Kcf a i5 Lea m Barf Buitta every met 3 trips per week. Hill Steamer leave Lluc Lii g in ,1 a ii monday wednesday f Rilday evening at 6 of cloak for Bath ulchin Ovid. Gardiner Hallowell Augusta. Helu Rii ing will leave landings on a cruel it dec nver 011 Lues it Lav thursday saturday. Freight taken at Low rates i it Ruihui it he fur Warde. To its Desuno Aulii. Tickets Stap rooms can he secured or b. H. Palmer no. 3 old stale House at the wharf. Telephone no. 2886, Uez a. C. Hills general agent. Allan line intended sailing no stole to c41,. Illberg Ilii june 11 june 22 item old Steerage Glasgow to Boston 819. B. 4c a. Alfi a a Tebu m4�4� sir a Boston amp Philadelphia steamship line. . From b a Tuu Wedum Oduy Foa Torday. From a Lii Ltd Del Hia tuesday Friday. A fluid Auer always us the Wierth ready to receive freight. Steamer Indian from Philadelphia for Bosto n j tuesday june 2, at 3 . Fie Ainer Hon Rena from i Ong wharf. Boston for rail lady Dij ii i on wednesday Juir 3. At 3 . I might for Charleston. Savannah Wuolo Sitoa per s e liner West per rail forwarded free of Xiuru Nils Loni. In Sarante effected at offem. I Massage. 8 a. Round Trio tickets 418. Meal rooms Luc Ludo. For freight or passage apply to of p. A 1n<�?z agt., 70 Long wharf Boston. E. H. . Treasurer Gen. Mgr., 89 a a Tate Street Fuke bldg., Mostofa it no wharf Sok. Ii sport amp Calais me., St. Jorn n. 1. Laily service a an wet found try us waiter a june 5� do. Intern a Itono Al 8s. Seanro ers leave Cor Mereial wharf. Boston at 8 30 a. M., Day a one Day Rilay for Andt. John. La ave Pori lamp at 5 . Soon Day fridays Only. The won Day trip is to be made direct to Eastport not cabling at Portland returning leave St. John at 7.25 a Cru Eastport 12.30 p. Iii., Tor Boston mondays wednesdays Frt Tavs. And for Portland l mond ivs Friday Only the wednesday trip is to be made direct vie Iween East. Port Boston not calling at Portland noon trams of a amp mrk. Connect at Portland. Tickets state room can secured at 207 Washington Street. E. A. Waldron Gen. Agu Anchor line steamers leave new York every saturday for Glasgow via Londonderry Rivies for Saloon passage by s. S. Eity of of. Set to upwards according to accommodation Loca if n of Roo a other steamers of the line and upwards. Second Cable Lii ii. Steerage s 4� passengers booked at through rates to or from any City in great Britain or on the continent. Drafts on a a a id at lowest rate. Book of Lugo Matlou Tours sailing. Lists furn bed on Apdal Callon to agents Henderson by get hers 7 Bowling Green n. A c. Y. D.asey7 Broad St Boston. Southern Pacific company Morgan line Sunset route. From new York. For 9icw or Leavih. Wedges buy Viiu Luray. Through and freight rates Buu of lading Given to bluer Points a Texas a seaports i Ailrad stations Points in Arizona 9ie�v old Mexico Colorado California. E. A. Cebu web. 9t. E. Agent. 1us5 a a Hina Tob St., Beaton. A. , asset Segien. Traffic Diana scr 34s Broadway 9few Tork. Boston fruit steamers to Jamaica weekly. Persons wishing to Avail themselves of the fac Tuum offered by this company of making this delightful trin to the Tropic i at a moderate License Wui a Fuxa nihed with full la formation by applying to a. W. Preston. Manager. Eoas wharf. Boston Halifax amp p. E. L steamship line for Llali fax. Fort Hawkesbury pm Stoa c i Arlo a the town Niu Kiu connection to All Points in the afr time province. Steamers As follows summer Carroll for All Porta saturday May 3uth saturday june 13ib. Steamer state of Indiana. Saturday june 20th, after a which Date there will be regular weekly service for the . For i eight passage a general information apply 10 r. B. , manager. South Side ii wish wharf Boston. L. U. Palmer agent old state Hoose Boston. Furness line Boston London. The steamers of this Hoe Are Taum ded to sail a boat a a follows Ivan i pro. Tune 6 a get it Chulai 13 Liritis i ftuuirc.june2i i Ishuin City. June 30 c. Of knt eth. Pc Ltd a ter Street. For Gloucester. Steamers leave North Side cent Al , daily exempt . At 2 p. Leave Ulo Romier daily except mondays its a. In. E. 8. Mek Cilanto a Friol a Cuc y so it.s.-8uff�olk, 6s.-. A i re me judicial court. Suffolk Cordate c lip any % s. National Cordage coup any Otto ii a Iyoob ii to insurance company. Miu owners Mutual fire insurance company fall liver manuf a tuners a Mutual in Sennico cuu Pauy Piru Iouin Cordage company trustees id is an action of contract to recover two bundred thousand Dollar alleged to be due to the old Kiili from the defend iut on the Wei it Tust Day of March a. 1. 1891, As set Forth in the plantiff s writ of that Date. Ind it appearing to Hie court by the suggestion of the plaintiff on inspection of the officer s return on uie plaintiff s writ that the defendant was not a in habitat it of this nor a resident therein at the time of the service of writ that it has no last usual place of Ai it ode tenant agent or attorney in lids known 10 the phun Tiff or to officer Ilia no personal service of Saj Ervrit has been made upon the defendant. It is ordered by the court Here that the plaintiff give notice to the defendant of the Pendency of this Ai Tiomi to it ear bet re court to held at Boston Wii Liin for county of Suffolk of the frs monday of Tull next to answer 10 the same by causing an attested copy of tins order to be published in the Boston lost a newspaper printed in Boston once a week Eluee weeks successively the last nub cation to be at fourteen is bet a to lir to monday of july Turat Hus a Dou be continued to the next silting of ibis court. t. The a tuesday of fit be Nierer next so from sit Trig to it Ting until notice a bail be Given to the defendant a Candy to lids order. John Noble clerk Mav 2.8. 1891. A True copy. At test c. H. Cooper asst. Clerk m4�kt�acjf.e�?Tw . . Maki v b. 81 Suchant. And All others interested in the estate described below notice is hereby Given the it by virtue of pursuant to a Power of Sale in a certain mortgage deed Gien by Adam Soulag to Granville s. Cavern dated be i Timber 1. .a.d. 1887, and recorded Willi Suffolk deeds Libro i7i�8. Lolio 56, Tor breach of a Wadi thou of mortgage Deid a l for the purpose of foreclosing Tho same will be Soll at Public auction an the Pieu discs Herel uniter described. 011 8aturday. June 13, a. D. 1891. At Lour of clock in the Azicri Iorii. singular the Penns in mortgage deed do Scriba As Fallows certain parcel of Lami Siena till m that part of Boston which was Fon Erly m est Kox Loury is now called Roslindale being 1, of a plan by i. Edwin Kilies. Surveyor dated october 24, 1885, Aud with Suffolk deeds Libro 1743, Follo 41, of the Southw Sterlov Side of Beerli Street Bou Deil As follows Viz on Beech Street at tie Nort Lierly Corner of and at now or Lale of one Reagan hence running southeasterly of Beech Street forty seven 47 feet More or less to 2 on Sahl i Lan to Cuca running southwesterly 011 2 of plan one Liu died Twenty three Llo 123.1 feel Nofo or less to 4 of plan thence running northwesterly on 4 of s in l plan Foi to glue 49-100 49.40 Leet. More or . To vivid now or late of Reagan thence Iii inn Worthe test cry on now or late 01 Oue Hundred Twenty on 6-10 1215 invt More or less to Street the Point of but Ginnene containing according to plan. 5894 Square Leet of . A Loo Down at the time of the Sivc. Giver Peruis conditions mule known at the Taue of the Sale. Grenville s. Seaverns mortgagee. Boston. April 28, 1891. J. E. A Van. Jr., 30 i Ouirt St., attorney. C04im��.\we.\i.til of seits. In involve Ngy. A messengers n o r 1g e.-8 e f Folk a. Boston May in of . Notice 13 Micro by Given to lust a warrant it a. Insolvency Iuis this Day issued from the court of insolvency Tor a county of Suffolk against Tho Joir separate estate of Slign 1ia i in is ski both of Boston la county co partners doing business us ler tie Ilam name of i Luisiii Nier chants. Insolvent debtor. That the Navmeet of debts the delivery of any Woi erty Pirelo aging to insolvent Rhein or for their tha Tranate of any by , Are forbid Deliby Law i lust a meeting of creditors of debtors ult Jirovec then of its awl Cloose one or More assignees Oft Iveli estate will to held at a court of insolvency to it be Lipold cd. T the court room. In the probate building court �4uart�?~, boat of in county of Suffolk of the to Eliis. Day of june. . 1891, Al two of clock m Tho All Cru Roii. Fred 11. by Deputy sheriff messenger.  \tot�4�?Tf, is hereby Given that Tho a us Cilber has in been a by an fluted administrator of the estate of l my a h. E. Al tip a. Lata of Boston in the county of Suffolk deceived Iuis taken upon himself that Trust by it Viii Boi. G at Tho Law . it rsoa8 having demands Maln t tie Estinto of a decease d Ara required to exhibit Hie a tue. And All persons indebted to estate Are exiled to make pay Ieni to na8 8. Arnold adar. Boston Maitti 2ud, 1891�

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