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Boston Post Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 5

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Boston Post (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts A Chance for Reform Boston Post tuesday morning 2, 1891 useless customs districts ought to be abolished that How Toile Sam loses Money an instance where it $1750 to collect $1 costs Farmers opposed to Sherman possibility of a political shaking up in Ohio condition of the Treasury an increase of $622,915 in the Public debt during May w june 1.�? so Ciai. To the Post a one of the reforms to which the fifty second t Ogrese May Well apply itself is the abolition and Cousy did action of useless customs districts. The internal Reemie districts were reduced in number some four years ago under the economical Manati Emeunot i it Ecret Art Fairchild. A or. Hair child wished also to consolidate Many of the Small customs districts and save the salaries paid to the collectors but he was never Able to secure the consent of conf Fross. He had a Jill introduced in the forty ninth Congress prepared with care by or. Tingle now the supervising special agent of the Treasury department. The merits of the Bill were fully explained to the committee of m and Means but the committee never found time to act upon it. The last two congresses were in the same position. The state of Maine contains a Good Many useless offices but it could hardly be expected that they would be legislated out of existence by a Congress Over which speaker need ruled even though it w As recommended by a be publican Secretary of the Treasury. Secretary hair child was not discouraged by his failure with the Busy forty ninth Congress and return died to the subject in his annual reports to Congress Tor 1887 aug 1888. He said in the latter year i renew the recommendation made last year and repeatedly made by Iny predecessors for the Consol Caiiou of customs Nisi acts Kaiui tie Abolino of useless establish ii Isis. It seems to have been the policy of t for years past to create new ports and not to discontinue those which live Long Suice ceased to have and org Trade or other business of consequence acid Are still maintained at Large expense. If this policy is to continue and appropriations Are not to be made annually according to is in rates sub Mii a. Required by the Tifuh Section of the a i a opera Lively Neces in Hist annual report that the permanent appropriation Lor the expense of Coile it Ting the revenues from customs shall he increased. In Many of the Casas of these useless ports the expense is confined very nearly to the salary of the collector but there Are others where the Sal Anes of other officials have been Fixell by Law prot Siou of an appropriation Bill. Its 18 no Rabiy the Case it i Ortland. Me where a half dozen officials Are paid High salaries of a doing very Little. I he following list of a few Small ports with the amount collected the expenses and the of collecting 51 is of interest As showing the prevailing abuses Morrow he would Issue a circular announcing that the Treasury of 8ept. 1 would be ready to redeem All the 4 % per cent hoi ids falling due on Date no unit of 550, x 0,ti00, principal and interest. Hether the Honou Needem. Would be no Uii equivocal offer to redeem them nil or to extend some of them at a lower rate of interest had not been Doci led this at a Rimoon probably will not by in Al tomorrow morning. Meet Loti of men chairman Warnor issues the following notice a meeting of the National executive �?~�1 ver Coni Milico will be held at the rooms i the comic Ottee 1202 Avenue . . June 18. 1891. 1 he action of the recent Congress at Lenver on the Silver question will add to the importance of thit uie eting. Lowest lid from lath. Rids were Oigt ened at the Navy department to it Lay for building no. 13. There were but three bids received. Tamn it sons Bill 52, <4>,000 the i upon Iron works off Francisco and the Iron works of rath., 8�?~j, ,0 h. The appropriation made by Congress for this vessel was . Butlers sensation he again agitates the United states District court in the Case of mrs. Johnson new i l Llic Lut Dino 81 in. The 8c rotary of the Treasury to Tia selected the property at the Comer of Lui ii and Mato streets owned by Williaim and Elizabeth Wilson valued at 82."�.000, As a site of the now Public building at new Lon Loti. Conn. For dea�?T111 for hl8 Deb i a Tcheng Al Tong 1� his Hoad mis doing in la Uris and . Makisi. June 1.�?.\df ices received Here from peking slate that to client i Tong who was acting first Secretary of the chinese in Loudon and in thus City Lias been condemned to Eleaih. It 18 Lieh eved Liere that this sentence is the outcome of the Uilk Miatt a action while in i is country. Icheng i Tovig 8ad for Vears acted As Secretary of legation Here in London and ins life in this City whom lie spent Ilie greater portion of ins tune was marked Puli Many forms of extravagance. Dunn the Early part of this year the a despatch coming Osten Silv from i Hung Chang. Uniec prune , Aii Uio Rizig Icheng i Riig of negotiate lot love Rimini a loan of c7,000.0u0. J Cheng i Long opened negotiations Wita two Banks 111 Loudon and a Bankpans to furnish the loan. While the negotiations were in Progress Icheng Kil Ong was suddenly recalled and he afterwards sailed from Lor up Iii to the great sorrow if a Large Iii Minier of creditors whom he owed it unease of Money in fact it was general la believed Ihui tie chinese Diplomat had taken Adan Tiffi Cial position to swindle right and left. 8oiue of his dupes would pious blvd have had him arrested if Sun h a course Hail Ceu possible Luu. As he did the of l Inna he was rec to pursue swindling schemes with no fear of the French Law Belore Hun his Nosi Uon exempting him from process of Law. But chinese Law is far to acting where the subjects of the Kuiper or Are conceded. And when i Chelig i l Ong was recalled owing Iio doubt to reports of Liis conduct Here reaching the Chiese . There Van no Coure open to him but to obey the Einis. Rory a Iii i Daie. Had he no done so to airily it in Iii would have been Bela Tua a tact Arcoui Itayim by Tor the deeds of their Kui Minui. than to Brog a upon ins relatives 1 cite Iii i Luaiki Vrbeti it Fil ins Sovart Coin maim Turt Oiin o ius eau pc coir Jorv. Tiu i 1 i Anvil inter he was placed unde rare tsp i u 1 shortly followed and death is Hoo i eur airy to his Troug doing. He attacks previous procedure and or. Allen replies a witness slow to testify c it bloc Cost collect ii. It is. Expenses 19 ,�8.54 31 u a .584 62 79 2i 4 6� 6,2<i5 17 38 a. 3. /1> l.t.%0 k i 1� 616 12. .5.8 t 4 1 a it. Y"7 619 7.5 a 8 re f 1492 6 �7 4 2 u 1 0 1 7 8,558 i 61 58 25 41 7 64 3 07 353 76 port. dec St Harbor in a ennui Ink. Me. ,.mi, a Laie iia. La. 1.� c t i be. Vvhs. ,. Pete Sauk. A. S4c0. Me. Salem . W Waldoboro. Iac.i��e�, ale. Yaryura Ore. These Are but a few of the worst cases. 1 Here Are Many others where the Cost of collection runs from 2<> cents to More than fio cents. Well As Many not quoted where it Nins up to . The eos to of eol Lettingat Rostovi is 3 cents 4 Mills w \ Ork 1 cent and 8 Mills which pres a fair idea of the expense Busine a is proportioned to the Neiuber of officials employed. Ilar Ford oun., is a fair Type of a Well managed port of the size. The collections there fur 523.5.844 97, the smaller 1890 were expenses were and fhe Cost of collecting 51 was 4 cen Traud o Miili. 0�, the movement 8iiek.man. A special despatch from Columbus printed in tonight a 8tar, says whatever May be the result of the third Applex to the candidates for state offices there no doubt Tuiai the Farmers will enter actively Aud is a b. By into be legislative Campaign. This will to the Case Particularlyquot Southern i it Luo very re a a few Senati rial will Placeif it rim Iarion Tanner a tickets. Indeed Loiue c unties have already done sex candidates for the legislature 7m Farmers tickets will he require i to be in sympathy with the in Maiv w. T it be solid with the agricultural Inie est son the a senatorial question Cena k. A Sena , t fire Toliu with the great Nataas of t he Alliance Iii Hiu so far senatorial question moans unalterable Ops Ossion to Tho of a a Ben Sor ret Iha sections of the it Tato members of ii Mira Cewill so a a snort no Man for Membershipthe who will not have previously Jedi led himself a ote against a Herm a a 4hj heal Lei so Ftfe to Tho Neau 01 the Merman opposition a Well As third party movement in Ohio is Lenl Irig 111 their Nur Lut of the Veteran confident too that however their fight against Lek Inley �1,0 Tariff no try May result. will surely gain balance of Power in the Ohio Legi nature this the a l . The in Eastry department monthly debt issued today shows an increase in the Public debt during May amounting to $822,91 o. 1 he bonded of the Hove raiment today exclusive of Bonds to the Pacific railroads amounts to .$<110,-f�29,120, a decrease during the month of about one Quarter of a million. 1 he Soplu in the 1 it Jay a Nounon to 7�?~>1 320, i eluding 82.3 20.3,727 in National Bank .s20,. 79,1 20 Silver 38 4-17&Quot"�?o a a be in Easery of �10, govern Zient receipts from All sources during the Sci Olih of May aggregated 827.417 42/1 against 835.443,5,51 ii a year ago be past month were fire a f 817,048,403 in May. 3 830. A falling off of about five millions. Internal Revenue receipts were $12 232 704 a decrease of full four millions a compared with receipts 111 away 1890. A receipts from �?�11 source Dunn the eleven months of a he current Hyscal year aggregate $3t>9 808 m17 against 83/14,537, during the my eleven i pontus of the preceding fiscal Jear. This Points to a Revenue Lor the entire fiscal year of $397,000,000. during the past eleven Mouths aggie rated $832,000,000, and for Tho Lineal year will probably aggregate $377,000,000. By cry tary Foster said this afle Roou Tiitu it cup 1 Milosl h c i 3 i s German y. No Kei Luction in the Forn duties the beet ii Lusty. Behli. Tune 1.�?in the Ixia or House of the prussian whet today \ on Caprivi stated that the Viiu siry halt a decided any reduction being made in the Corn duties As a general state of did not the crop drop ebbs he said were better thai they were a fortnight ago. It was not out acted that the Reduci Inu which had been proposed would to of general advantage. >.>i, june 1.�?aiivices received Liere from the sugar beet growing districts of tier Many. Austria. France and Helgi Iun show that the Plau ung of the eels was Toluao weeks by the general prevalence of ratios. During May the weather was More to the growing crop. in Ier Muny. Where a a a jibs area promising condition. About .12i,obo of hectares have been planted to a sugar beets tie Many shows an in her acreage of 5 per cent Austria from a to la percent and Belgium and France each from 10 to to per cent. favo Rabie weather reports were received today and As a prices declined. Some a Sti mates crop place the yield at 3.7.50 000 , while others place it at Over 4, o00 . Agures. However Are without practical value. the next crts will not be Safe for two months yet. It improbable that i Rop increase in Tho fighting the worlds fair. Tabor to do All they can to injury the a Enterprise. It Virago june 1.�?organizeil labor failing to obtain any satisfaction from to lib worlds fair people regarding the Roio mum wage question has begun a attack upon the Euter prise and will Endeavor to induce Tho cd ill Council to hold Back the 95,,000 recently voted by the City for e, a meeting was Hehl yesterday by representatives of the live Central labor unions and a fighting , Laid out. 1 Heso unions propose to do to. Mything in their Power to Hurt the fair unless Liev get some sort of Satis faction Anil the to get get that of strikes Iii re ult As soon As work is begun upon the fair buildings which will be in a few . 1 he War will be bitterly waged and strikes will not Only be. For Tiu a among Hie men employe.1 in pc work of Sci Siru Cioti upon the grounds. La it those who work 111 the Mills and foundries that Are to furnish materials for the building a. Work Ingi Wieri in All departments of labor and in All Grados will be called upon to withhold heir patronage. Lynn�?T,8 famgu.8 in Oelz. Fish Len wedding of or. And mrs. Loe i w. It yet he by ated by i heir i Riendy. . A Juno 1 78fkfu, to Trio Post a today is the if Iichi of Tho marriage of or. And mrs. w. Nyo a a a a there was a Large g withering of friends at their residence no. Ilo Lewis Street .s evening to Jointhecel egnation of the Golden anniversary. Or. Nois known Asl Ynne a famous pret and he has contributed Many poems to enrich the Lvii i. Lio Corno to Hio City Futy cig Tii years ago having Boon born on Tho Oanh Hof the morn mar. His tit a work was Given Ito county Wiig. And e Hien be Lias contributed Many nieces on various occasions of nolo among his most note pub Jice pre ,son Ilio Celebration of the Zool Anni Versai y of the incur Tiki at Ion of the 1 Ity. And a to Osier on the great lire of nov 2d i Hhd a. At the Golden wedding evening a poem from his pen was read and Aii Liber from j Warren new Aii. Aly a Well known Lynn ult it pm. Or. Taipi mrs. Nye received several Rich gifts .m friends. A pleasing was go Van. In fhl8cu in Junco Jun 8uit. Affidavit of Toek Huleis la Lim nce Deal Urahn could Tuii. By. In Ipoh Julio a after the arguments of Theroun i in the Frisco injunction suit affix Daviu of Butoi Kli olders and Olio Are in favor of Hie Coin oxidation of Hie Atchison and Frisco Road wore read. The first was that of vice president Reinhart of the Atchison who made an examination ii last fall of Trio Frisco a or re to Bart a affidavit went to show that the i Risco h finances were ill a Dep Loiotile coi Odilion. Anu that the income of the com Nan had nut lieu Sulci Lieut to pay operating sex Penis. Finneral Butler appeared in the United states District court yesterday morning to a How judge Nelson Why mrs. Chi Rietta Johnson should be released from the woman a prison at Sherborn upon a writ of Hareas Corpus. In opening the general said "1 find Huiai some one has found it necessary in a matter of this kind to bring before the court a writ of certiorari As Auvil Lary to tie writ of Hareas Corpus in order that Uio record in Hie Case May come up before the court. 1 Waul the record in this to to before the court la judge new Ion said he did not think it necessary to have tins additional writ bled but if wis lieu to live it he would allow one Aud heu Cril Butler expressed Bis desire to have it. General Butler then went on to attack the Jurist Ilion of the court and the under a Liili mrs. Johnson bad been arraigned. Quot in the warrant a a said he Quot it is stated that client is convicted of perjury in a pension claim but Section 474t does not provide for the Chimo of perjury. Now Section 6392 provides that a convict of person shall be punished by a Tine and by at Bard labor and shall be incapable of giving testimony in any court in Tho lulled states. If this is perjury the party must be sentenced to Liard labor and that made a part of the sen Letice. In is As fatal to the sentence if it imposes in than Hio Law permits As if it imposes Mure. 1 done to deny that a person can Cou Imit Perjuryconnection with a pension , but a false oath in a Penston claim is not perjury la a tie usion . U is not the false swearing for i Ali no Misiou is made in Hie statute under which client is prosecuted As that provides a penalty for the procuring of a Faise claim. Quot by Tho statute Tudor which they bring the , no Case can do made out which can make mrs. Jonson culpable. Tipiere is no crime i Iowa to Ilio Law As perjury which Cau he brought under this la site Kaig of Hie it ii Gih of the sentence . General Lutler remarked Quot a missa Chu seits Law says a no sentence shall be for the to Maui a prison at by reborn for less Thiau one a the Lilease and Ite . General Butler then reviewed Hie Story of Tho of mrs. To Luison from prison and her subsequent . He said Quot not wanting her to remain in Jaii i Bethought myself of the Kings writ which our Broi Iglitz Over. Having had occasion to use this writ of personal Replevin in Oldon i took it up As an old Friend. Tie Slier Iff took it and did his Dull faking a Bond of is 000 to let Lier go Home. 1 he next move Iii order of tie judge to tie martial to deliver tier to Hie keeper of the woman s prison. 1 he United a Tats Marsial who had nothing to do Woli her. Swore out a writ of information. And is the tune i Ever heard 01 a Marciial swearing out Atiyat Liivik except possibly. Swearing the door. Quot the Loverni deut did not Tell the truth. After her ,�?T a a Hie information had it. She brought before Hie court Asau escaped . And. A shout univ bearing returned to prison. Our old. Sti Rdv Ial hers alien they Brou Glit Liis old King s jaw Over did not Ropasa to have heir Liberty at the Beck of an ill Peiu Perez. Ignorant judge if Sulci happened to be of the Bench a in urn Iii and shaking Liis clench red Liand very near a he head of list not attorney Allen general Butler it barged the govern meet s counsel with concealing from judge Nelson when he was asked to return her to a Sou. Hie real facts in Hie Case. District attorney Allen in beginning uis reply said that the statement of general Lukiier a most extraordinary account of the happenings in the . "1 assume a a said or. Alien Quot that Hie inquiry Wlinich your Honor will consider out of the Niass of Romance and by the other Side will let a whet Lior tie court below bad Sacii hurts diction to preclude further a inquiry into Hus or. Allen Hien read from the acts of 1887, Ali Iii gave authority to United Stales court to Send us prisoners to Sherborn. then read from a decision which judge Nelson interrupted Wiki a statement that the cite had been overruled. Judge Nelsons a sentence without hard labor is invalid unless it one year and in volume 135 of Llie United states supreme Gourd reports it is de it idea Hiat a convict sent to a Petite biliary for less than on year must be disc barged. At this Point the judge said he would take a recess a Neil 1 30. Or. Allen Row Umed by commenting on numerous Asili crities no the question of reformatories and prisons. 1 lie report of the prison t will indicate that Hie principles at Concord Are Hie same at i Harli Orne. The reformatory features were to ii thoame. While the a it Rio ii itself is under Hie one lieu. Their Are two distil chive earn Don. Llinat feature of it leads to suggest with More Force than i left Hus Monning that tie lie borne Kiefor Malory May not Only be Hiat hut a prison. 1 he institution is understood to be a reformed institution Wiki a woman at the head. It is not with Iii tie Deti ution of a 11 your Honor so found it to to the court would have Power to sentence Hie according to Law if she has not been so sentenced. In ii court Are Liere any printed regulations or. Allens i informed let a miss Lee. F he there is one but it is being revised Aud is not in print. Wan Hie 1 ii in Airi be tibial lutier�?1 want to Tho District attorney in he denies tiie fact that the line Lias been raid. Or. Allen�?1 do say Liat it has not been paid to Tho Maii Ihal and liens Here to testify Liat it Lias not Licen paid. 1 informed that it has ii of. He is Here to testify that it. Has not. General Lutler it will Only he a to if he says so. Lee superintendent of the prison t of tie witness stand. A or Allen inner pop de an objection to her Testu irony a lie living said that she did not know Trio Hie prison. General Liu Tuii to Wittic ssh do you know lie tier the Tine was paid i know that Trio line paid. Pay or. Allens did you give Auy receipt for it did not it la Tio gave it to you . Webster. Q a was a Pap of passed out for you to to Llie co Iii i obliged to answer til is Quch lion ? in ii court Gay Ling an affirmative intimation Tho witness answered. Done to Rem Winbor that Tipiere was. Or. A Lien where is Tho $10 now can 11 Ell. Q. A was mrs. Ohnson there when you received it have no counsel and i done to want to answer. 1 tie court again said that he thought it a proper a Lue lion for her to answer. W line a a she was not in presence when this Money Naid. Further unimportant questions were propounded to the witness Aud answered. Lawyer Llali mall hug. A or. Allen and general Butler were both around the stand during the examination of the witness and or. Allen having concluded his examination remarked a have done tissue writs of personal Replevin Down Here a and walked to ids seat. Leneral Butler tartly replied. Quot you done to know How a and resumed his position in front of hit counsel Laido. The court you have offered no Evl Donco that there was a personal Replevin. General Butler the writ returnable today and i sent to the clerk or a copy of the at a a a returned to the office. 1 will have it Here in the morning. Under your Honor a question i propose Toad dress myself to the question and the Only of Estious. Whether this is a Penitentiary 1 free to say that when i first examined it 1 thought that 11 was the same As that at con Cord. I examined it and found that i had a wrong idea of a Penitentiary. I done to lipid it 111 the i Miks. 1 Here is no regal Detiani Tiomi in tins ,8taie. It was in the United tales Bia tute and i found 11 Limo. I then referred to that most excellent authority websters dictionary or. Allen interrupted Hie general that the bpm in which he was about to examine and not websters and Hie general laughingly replied that his was not Hie proper Case for the shadows of Webster to reflect on. But this was As Good and better because Hus came from Harvard. Or Weli Ster. Hie general a associate alien took Hie huge look from the extended hand of the Genera land read from its pages tie Given being that a Penitentiary is a w Liere prisoners Are placed for reformation. All reformatories Are penitentiaries and All ought to be reformatories. I can Tlell you what experience a member of Slih executive Council i never reached that High body but i presided Over it once. We first the state at Charlestown for class , then one for i Hose sentenced for a period less than three . Judge Nelson at j5 took the papers and probably will give a decision today. Marriages. Tii aah Era Oil so at Emmanuel Cli urch. June 1, by Hie her. Roland c. Smili As sister by the Kev. Leighton Parks tie Rev. William Greenough Thayer to miss Violet Deatris. A i Amer . Pigeon Cove House. of Cape Ann. No Ittu choke. Opens june i 7, 1891. Twenty Tuth season a a proprietor. A. A Lieen in Cove miss a. Western Tdillon Telegraph in House. �17mmrr . Cascade House a. %v0 >i�ht0�,k n. Ii. 11 a cen err. De Ustler fill dries Roo Iii i Inge und Nevis ant a Iod Bani Mims reason Pablo. Correspondence sol loped. _. A. Ill .s8kl�z Bethlehem House , a u. P Mauston. Proprietor. Pleasant airy rooms delicious Taro unit water Ann la it Talde , Home Eom lorts and Connie oils Rattei Idun. His Cial Rales Dir Iii teachers inst Tuie. A slim Kush a. W. Lla Rhim. My. De sort Dalai ii. .11�. Lists House 18 being out in Glrst class order and will open for company june 15. Reri is Mcm Lerario. Bema Tor circular. 11.11. Clark proprietor. Illde Riis a a or no i loll no. Nhe Purl Llull. C be or the most Charini Nii Ond til lie we de Nio fintain re Ron overlooking Asquini . S located near St. L eters in the mount Kiu Scopal t h Rich special rate for Liine Send for 11. <1ulp a proprietor. Cular. . Kra i k. Charlestown. May 31. Mary a., widow of Andrew furbish aged c9 years. A . 11 Davs. Herb Eye at Leigh lairds. May 31 George e. Mersey jr., aged 3d years at Jamaica i Lam Abble Barnes Leverett of Keene n. I. Aged 82 Vears. 2 Luo lbs 22 Days. Cli Elsea Juno 1.virs. Catherine we Tarr aged 84 , d . Brooks at Roxbury. May 30, John Brooks Ngeu 7g years. 2monitis. Colet at Spitnale May 0. Miss Mabel Cole. Daughter of Thomas o. Cole aged 26 years. Johnson�?.41 Medford. June 1. Mrs. Caroline Rolinson aged 82 years West Roxbury May 30. Geo Are h penal aged 31 , Streeter at Roxbury. May 30, or. Joseph h. Stie Oier a Ltd a 71. Chicago May 31, Diana Frenchi widow of Hie late Haruni Merrill of , aged 77 years 8 months. Lowers an sons 61 i Reinout St. For Tkv kor of Fanoun. Wellesley. Seven Nii Nules a walk from depot two Story House 10 room Deru 4i/2 acres land Good Uei Kididi Hook. I re e ��600. A end Lor a for sgt 8 new England Keal Nal a giving of Hin drevits of estates Eon so sting of Friy Properio residences Lanns in the new King Laid a utes for Sale and Exchange a end stamp for Posu Ige to ja.up.8 ,, Lei Moerton Square. To let but. Vernon St. Overlooking the t Minori. A few Choice a coins a Lien tire grates Good and drainage suitable for pro Fessit Ivial men braines. Men or a Clelois. Juulie Ai Bouse. City Otic a. City of . Proposals for $1,200,000 City of Boston Loans. For .too. 4t�?~ubllc Lurk i oui a one ill to Yua for 8uy<mi,�00 4 / Nind air Bull House due april i. by , office of this Corv Lukasi Akk. L Cir Hall Soston. Mass. May i.7, 1801. In pursuance of Ibe authority Given by orders of the fity Council of Aimi Iau. May 16 and May 20. 1801, the undersigned will receive proposals until 12 .m., Mon Aav Ruzie s. 1801, Lor the whole or and part of the follow Iii Loans \1/. The a a i a bloc l Ark loan of �700,000. Tins loan i 1 he issued in Ite Gisterek or Dulca of Jhoil 0 e cd or any Muu Lide thereof and will be pal 1 in 30 years from the Dale of a Aid , with interest at the rate of 4 in or cent per Aurum Layalde sepia annually at the Ortice of the it Ity 1 Raa surer. Soston. Liu Eickst 10 Coli Niece on the Date of is be of the for the Aine. And at the they Are ii Nule payable. The Sci tool i roust s and school House sues loan of �5 a it 00. I hts loan Wilt ire Ssu d i r Perl stored Certich ales of a Jolo East h. Or and multiple thereof and win lie paid april i Lull with interest at uie of 4 per event in or annul parable so in on the Glrst Days of april Ana i it sober at the Willce of the it ii 1 treasurer. . Interest to Commerce on the Dale of Issue of the it Ertith ale for the same and at the Date they Are Naile it Yarle. April 1. Iii. Ijiro a thes it will to get Sec Irma by sirt King funds Lor the Lati sent of the same at Nat Unity. Sopos a must tre sealed and addressed to Alf Al h t. N , Ity rim Suir Losion mass., endorsed a i Ropos yes for to ail proposal will he opened b. The unders Ignea. In the presence of the mayor .�lo.iday, june 8, 18qi, at 12 of clock a. The right is reserved to detect any or All proposals. Alful t. , i try treasurer. City of Boston. Board of Somy. Notice. Notice is hereby Given that the Board of Survey Vril give a Public hearing at it of lace 304 Exchange building. .53 a tale Street of i his bad a a june 4.1801,at ten o clock in the forego ii. Respecting the location idles and grades for the la the to Antory bounded by the Charles Gate West the Boston Albany bal Road. Tho Brookline Branch of the same Saint Street. Commonwealth Avenue Essex Street Aud the Eskiver As said Board of Survey intends to Tiave made under it do legion a Jinn of said Torii tory As provided by Sec Hun ,5 of chapter 323 of the Acta of the of 1891. of Bukin. Hah bks Morton Board of a Urvey i lol l. Brady handsome dark steel Roan Coli .lilt�l0rsk he is seven years old. 16 hands High weight 120� lbs. Has very i a Eton makes an at Iii Cllvin appear Iii c in harness ind has All the Deal rattle it dual ties for Tanily use. sound and kind. He is a of great courage nil i Elul Pirame and fearless of a leu ii or electric cars. for the most timid Perron to ride be Lilii. Reily for immediate sen ice. A. W. Adj Vas 78, 80 and 82 Nur Haiti ton St. Refrigerators a Lilit Ware room of oooo 8 Iii e feet centrally located in u new Iii Diirr Roii Tuini in All modern Ini prove ii cents suitable for any kind of wholesale Trade or for Ollices for a la rare corporation. Will be leased at a led did rare Iii if taken before june 15th. Also Small anti Large of Iees Aud rooms of any size from 100 to 20,000 feet for i a it manii with steam heat and Power passe Narer and Frei rat elevators. Apply to proprietor Dana , 190 Sirini incr St. Extension. For Sale. C3p col Esli Del the famous Sheridan drive. This land a ten acre Luck with 1746 feet of frontage. 6.s2 feet of Hudi Are on the Sheri Taii drive i situated live Mil. S Norih of in court House. On the i i a of a Loans ii icr., with Rolines of Street cars renewing it. A Ofnear the Lake. Adjoining on tie Nurith is i Mita in Ark. One of the is sub Devi in . Baa thou i is led alive Ibe Lake. And the Street i on the drive hive i made Iii Ludi in Emir Hinig Ihung , water Imus Eageat. Sale Wales Lar e Elm tries Etc. A Hermaan drive lots Are 190 feet deep and the others 14c> Leland Ici feet land in Worth ,612,000 per acre and within three ve. will be Worth �15.000 per acre but i need East in Niv Busu ices. And will sell if taken at once Lor �d10 1 00, ie� be so. And Biance in one. Two and three ye., with 5 per cent interest. Address 111 1�. A. . Owner 1.38 i Wenty in Iii �1., Chicago Illinois c. Lehr. 114 Dearborn Street. To let with ele Paior and Power if wanted one half of the Urdock building on Avenue 175x115 ft., 40,000 it. Of floor. Also 35 Oliver Street and fronting on Franklin Street two Chambers 8000 it. Of floor with elevator. A. L. Murdock Puntin ton Aye Nae. Dorchester. For Sale a a Gea Tiejian s resident comprising Large House of 15 Large High studded rooms Verv in Iii in i a feel Oiler location unsurpassed 011 Gigli land overlooking the Harbo 20,<i Al Leec of land. This is be plainly the Lii Iest location in the i Dorchester District. J. 1, Bowman. 258 Street. A Citable building Mfink and Devonshire streets of juices to rent. Electric tight it steam heat it and Jaii Tor service incl tided ill the rental. Etili elevator service. J. H. Kazarroom 65, flu Tiarle a finding. Mountain View hotel cilia non. N. H. This famous family resort on the new Hampshire Jfe giving Bills abounding in natural Charm Beau Ful drives and exp Lslie scenery of Lune i. Lohn 1. It Oddur the Well known lecturer Enys a a for Complete rest and Ronder fury pure air i know of no place in this country which 1 deem its equal. from Switzerland the Tyrol or the in Yre neet i have hasten Ned with Delight to pass a few weeks on the Bills of spec Iii Kates for june. For Board and circulars apply up to june 1 to Al tank a offanal Ber hotel Bartholdi. N. Y. City. Isles Lff Shoa a Appledore House. b in. Steamer Mccanl it makes three trim daily from in org Nouth it. He a Eoline etting Mph All trains on conc it re Hill i. Div. B. A a. . A lose connections with 9.30 a. I. Arid .3.16 . Trains from Boston. Ira Gage checked through both was and Dell Ere i free. Ibe magnificent set going Steamer Jodi Brooks leaves a now Arch wharf. Atlantie Avenue Boston Dally Tor tar i . Isle of Shoals at 9.p am., return. Inc at 2.66 p a. Passengers for Appledore House by this Hue take steam ferry at Star Lola id. Baggage checked free. Black Rock House Jervis Alesii Road Kii tasket .fla.ss. Ill of 13 to 0�,t. 1. The situation of this Well known hotel with the Howe Annex is the grandest and Moat Beautiful of and on the South a Hore. Apply As above or at hotel Bellevue 17 Beacon Street Boston. S. K. 8.m1tm, manager. Jackson n. H. The Iron Mountain House will open june i. Special inducements to Early visitors exceptionally Fine table and service the Best open tires bathrooms liver Telephone june and july Are the Best Iii Ohms Lor fishing Best City Lefere ices. For terms and diagram of House address w. A. Mk8krvk. Manager. Ocea Thouse in Colt mud a. Fhe Bead Iii Icca Ort 2v�ur Lionton. A pen Dune in. w. Castek proprietor a the Ridge a Village Aioli Tii . X. M. Finest located summer Hoil in the White Mountain re Gifu. rooms with Large closets. Electric Bells. 200 feet of Broad Piazza. Telephone connections. Terms As Low As and family hotel Send for circulars. Dow Hill. Hotel Al Racca Yoke Lia Tibok Maine. New House. will open june 17. W. L. Bakko prop. Verite for Cit Cirilar. Ellis House it out a 01 a Duckson in. Ii. Open june 20. Three Miles from Hen station on b. A i. And Maine entrap r its. I anti a Ruei Trout Stearns one of the most magnificent scenes in the White Mountain Range in full View All the Points of interest accessible from Here. Horses and it marriages provided. So. Thom on prop. neck muss. The Boylston the dearborn111 open May 30. Two of the tic St houses on the North a bore. Perfect drainage. Pure water. Table unsurpassed. Noponen for for the sum Nier. Mrs. Jolln Dun lop. Proprietor. Rine Clift hotel i Burren Al to us. In. Ii. Opens june 1st. Every room his a Beau Ifni View of the Lake. Nice Grove. House and furnishings nearly new. Bani 87 10 810 per week. Ilk. Stations Keene. N. H. Or fall it. Go. E. Newman. Gen manager. Has Mai jux Ulas Loutit Oregon House Hull open for the season. Special terms for d Une a �1 lie tember per Manet unit transient Tiesis _ z. To Ila . Prop. A the Clarendon , n. U. Open Lor the first 4eu�on duly i. New Aud modern hotel. Fine location. Pleasant rooms. Good livery in connection with the House. Free Carriage to Ana from depot. Weeks a a kure props. North Conway House a Ortii , in. If. This Well known popular hotel hang been remodel led refurnished and enlarged is now ready for the Sui niner sea on. Fine grounds attached. Unequalled cuisine Lherius reasonable. Hand for circular. L. J. Kicker manager it. Livermore House Ana Youage will Ozien june 20. Just enlarged by the a Dilion of 20 rooms. De gait new dining room Ca Dii Eity 1 0. Biourd piazzas. Situated on Wasquam Lake. Splendid Beach finest View of the Lake. Running water to cottage l or terms. , b. F. Jewell holderne.�8, n. U. To let. Ii finest satires in the Titi. Not one of them known As in. The Market. A. I. 1 it and i it i St. D r v i a pics a a Kkt has been awarded Ibe lil Gbo a it pre Iii Nin Over All Obeis. Tor e ii Miry ill p c. A no c uni hat Nufc Nietin a Lilii no other have a Rimiko Shiv coi pair lation. 1/ 1 Lai oilers so a real a Uez for . Hotel or Lucile to order. A end for fatal stun w\-s4iwli Oil aka i Lias Einert s Quot in y Market i o too. J ill if <1 Ita a a a Vaitku by a West Newton. To Foo i tie frat a or Ilie Lull Uii it Ruc Lluc Iii Tfirn of i Velve Roobina lieu till ully ii Iiri a Iii plemely i a Iii ill Pei Lei i a a . Tutei Grid open mrs a Zeleph Osif. Vernii its Fum exit ii Ivi i we. Ample Ai Lima to Iii Lii Llis lieu Vilii a i ii he. Reed ii jul flt were. Tkv Ner Yoi is Iii Rourl. Will lease till of Toh let Samuel Barnard 178 Devonshire Street. Baldwin Cheney. To let. Roesl Rable of flees near Postol hcs Squar. Apply to mass. Real estate co no we a la gtd a mtr a a factory to let. T Large building four floors Ana basement covering lot of land of Koont �600 Square feet near the Boston Oslo Allce ept scially for printing or Light or Leavy bus less elevator steam heat and Power rent Low. Hok \ e 8. . 210 Washington Street Corner state St. Farm Loans. A Al Aelein ler Centa turn Farns mortal a a a principal and to nth re St payable tour Orick. A Tong exp thence assure us that to lib a a Lavah Imbus a re among Tbs Best that can be Ned. Joun a hour to Deyoun Sbare 8tr��t to let at ba.s8 Rock c Tutti sue. ii. . At the by a a Liob a our of Guiou Claier time blyisr3vea.lnr. Formerly the Crescent Beach House .11 a44 a., will open for the season of 91, june 15. For particulars 1v.1kkkm f. Klow detox prop Amandas. Purkins manager. West chop Vla Kirali. The delightful inn known As a the Cedars will Tjien june 1. Special rut s for Best rooms during june Aud september. Apply at no. 16 St. James a Boston. . Hollis the Akk. b. Klc proprietor and manager Jane let for Liiva Yff a a a week. Augustin Dalys company even a. A Ink a Gaiyok Gok la us Flani the a Uvea a a4 y 4�u 1.114 i. H. Irk Lvey a and sat. Matinee and even a a a it a evenings at 7.45. Mall news wed. And Sal ai2 Ivusic Hall. I tonight s to 11. A the Lyile . Promenade concerts Jorund of chef a a of to. Conductors or. T. Of Tamowski. Or. E. Orig enters. 8 a to 11 pod car program tie operatic and dance.sle-Abie soils tsp Fine Floral Duplay Light Reirer menu la the attract Ivy features 01 past seasons. I Oigt ular Friery. Tick end 26e. Reserved seats on the floor or Balcony 60c Tlle Mont Heatlie. Abbey a Suho Effeil proprietor i an 1 manager. week of the regular Ile Sou. First appearances Here of amiss 5iary law3ian, supported by an i excellent company under the Mao Azeai Sutof or. Frank l. Goodwin in a a Sci t t o a i .a., a adapted from the French by miss Awn Ian. Rec cued by a one act comedy a during the balls Yahk to Leatte. A even Tail Aud i. week of Helen Barry a nights frolic souvenir Nigist evenings at 8 of clock. Matinee a a urday at 2. Globe theatre is wet k of the Heason. The laughable comedy in hiree acts called a the hornets nest. The people to it Are players selected for their Indis a o.n/s�?o a r a a a a a Ltd a wednesday and saturday Friday Jane a the Benefit of Jas. A. Blake. Boston museum. Slif Woad like Al Al Kellar. It a a mysteries with the famous . 1 resell Ted by mrs. Kellar. I Fop Lur Friery a rest reserved seats. 7.�r. A a a and i be. Children half Price. Wednes Ilay and Satun Lav matinee at 2. Tajc Juno 15th-.\ Iofik a laughter grand opera House. Proctor Mansfield. Props and manager. Alexander s Alvini in the pikes motto. Even sat 7.45. Mats. Times. And sat. Only at 2. Next week or. Sol Vinyl. In repertoire. Jelaa.wti3or,3sxe is rent East a Loucel tar. Mass. New hous opens first season May 20. F Inest to Eavion of Cape Ann. Near the water. Fine l Athing. Boating ten iils Etc. Special rules for Luke and september. G. Odiorne Acy proprietor. Hotel Sanborn i la k 11 i k n. Ii. Delightfully located about 300 feet from Lake win Iii Sankee and come lauds a i w of Lake and Iii him talk Sinnery of unexcelled Magu licence modern conveniences reasonable rates. C. E. Sleeper manager. House s�l�este11 Browh Saum. F Ash dinners arties invited. 1 specially served at shortest notice be i wilful Ocean View. Terms Liberal Biol. 11 is. Ii. On Concord and Moat real k. K. Tale grand and Post Olaco near House. All mob in . House heated he steam. Hates �0 to �14 to or week. Teams from hotel to mount Muo Szlauko Dally. Address g. H. L. Head. Warren n. Ii. The Cliff Swampscott mass., is now open. Special rate for May and june. Boating mild flt bling a Titan easy a Cess. Terms Liberal. Apply to f. Lton swamps Cou mass. Fair View House no. Woodstock m. H. \ Lievin Ellul Sumner resort a Moisig the Franconia i on Talna. 8ttnate<l within an afternoon s rate from Tho flume everything first clans. Table unsure imaged. Good livery Hinneck de. Addres a a. W. Sawyer. No would Hock n. U. My a Karski Iii ask. Ill Levalea May a. situated High and beat Fhy. Flo drives Trees Etc. Near hut Orte Concord and winding Shaw a hone Rivers. Winning and Shawah Lutock Putzu five mutes to Post office Railroad Etc. Boston. One week Only commencing monday june 8 Pompeii grounds Huntington av., above West Chester Park. Barnum Bailey a Grei Tesi show on Ebith circus hippodrome museum menagerie Nero or the destruction of Rome. 1,200 performers. 400 horses. 33 Char Oij monster stage 4.s0 feet Long. Most magnificent entertainment of All time. Romao Fage auts. Ancient Tableaux. He wonderful . 600 actors. 2 herds of elephants. 800 dancer. P. T. Barn and j. A. Bailey equal owners capital , daily expenses $3,500,000, s7,30b. Endorsed by the of he ale England a Royal family and nobility triple in 3 rings. Hlls pod Kome with dashing race. Double menagerie of wild . Illusion. Mu8eus. Horse fair Etc the grandest. Historical dramatic spectacle even produced in the history of the world. Nero or the destruction of Rome Imus Kika Lity director and producer. Presented with a wealth of costumes. Scenery pageant. Tableaux. Dancers Ctorn .\erob.its. Gladiators soldiers. Atleata .1cac., upon the largest stage and in the biggest Teutu Ever Uia be. Besides elevated stage . To used Iii dual actors. Hosts of the funniest Clown. Thrill Iii races. Desperate join bats. Akki Jii. Stats. 100 sensational and novel display. Real in Rabuli horses and roman Warrior features. Door 1.000 new foreign two performances every Day at and 8 p. M. Open a hour earlier. 50c. It a admission to a children under 9 years tremendous new Street Parade at 9 of clock of Mon i v y. June 8, route of follows Blunt Angton a. To Boylston St. To Charles St. To Ara Bridge s a a 10 Bowdoin sq., to court us to Hanover St., to wabbit Igioia si., to 1 Devonshire St. To Sun Iier Lin Coin St., to Beach Harrison a. To Imper St. To Washington St., to Roxbury Pynchon St. To i re Moni St., to West Chester Park to Lluu Lugton av., to show grounds. To Ziccon Iodate the Public Ivy served null tiered a will to sold at the Gular Price Aud Adial is Lou tickets at the Uku in slight Adan Civ at the new England 1 Iago co.s store 16 v Tremont Hilow excursion rates on All railroads. My interest and re Ponsi Billiy of or. Edward p wet Nev in oui Hoston new York and Calcutt Flynn Voltl Ceet you the 30th Liisu Boston a Una 1.1301. Whitney Brogue Al a co

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