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Boston Post Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 2

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Boston Post (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Bines the wizard the Bostons efforts to Bat his curves were futile Only three hits to their credit Nichols a work would have won most games National Kaouk standing. Fee of lbs. Chi Ltd of. New York. Fitt Borg. Boston. Cleveland., Phat Brooklyn. Cinc Juau. A la eel won. Lost cent. 82 21 a .656 82 17 15 .631 it i 1� 15 .516 s3 it 16 it 15 85 18 17 .614 34 17 it ,5<m> 33 13 20 .394 54 15 �?~21 ,332 clubs Boston. Baltimore. St i of is. Eithle is. Cincinnati. Columbas. Lou a a Ilie. Washington. Association Sta m in o. On. Per Pic a i. W on. Lost tent. .41 27 14 .65�. Six a 1 a .041. 45 27 14 .0-4�. 4 1 20 is .4s8 45 .1 1 4 .40 it 43 10 2 1 ,44 i. 4 1� -�?~7 .413 .33 11 117 .231# a Little Over a year ago Young or. Bines the Matcher for the Cincinnati league nine made his debut in Boston and so baffled Frank Selee s men that the local press gloried his work with most extravagant praises. Well if such commendation hit tie Nail on the Beau a year ago. It certainly is apropos of yesterday s work. Last year it was four scattered hits for the Home team Aud yesterday it was even worse three hits All made in the seventh inning and two of them scratch hits is Ichols. As it Theiu at the time of re mesh a memorable first appearance pitched wit aug Ball but the absolutely futile efforts of the Boston batsmen to gauge rib Uesu a delivery precluded any Chance of Victory. It was decidedly a pitchers Battle and shines had the Long end. Rhiness delivery is truly marvellous. His command of the Hall in spite of the fact that he has wonderful Speed and is continually varying his style is of the very highest order. First he will drive the Ball across the plate at a terrific Pace and Theu he will make the Ball Boemi ugly about to come just where the batsman wishes it when All of a sudden it will whisk about his neck or his Knees in the nost inexplicable manner. A Hether tie pitches underhand or overhand Stow or fast toe is enigmatic Al to the same degree lie began yesterday s game by striking out both Brodie and Lowe on eight balls pitched. The game while devoid of any excitement was not without worthy features aside from the work of the pitchers. For the Home team Long and Quinn some Good work. Quot lefty Marrs s three chances at right were All difficult and when he caught Nash s Fly on the foul Hue after a Long run from almost right Centre he was Given a merited ovation. Slattery not play on account of sore hands and Reilly went to Centre. Keenan taking Quot Long John so place at first. Keenan played the bag As though it was a second nature to him. Let the balls come High or Low it made no difference to him. Smiths manner of covering Short w Ould vital Herman Long a work on one of his Best Days. Ellie Beard will not de missed with this Man in his place. Neither Side made any runs until the fourth inning when they both scored one run each. For Boston lows started off in this inning of fanning the air. Herman Long was the next Man and he could not get a Ball such As he liked so he took Nisba a. He not Dally Long with Keenan but was off for second on the first Chance. He had plenty of Steaki on Aud when Harrington threw wide of second in his Endeavor to catch him Herman scratched gravel Bard Aud before the bail Eolia be lidded in was on third. Nash Theu made a apparently Safe hit to right which it Larr a Fier d in in the most Brilliant Way. Marr robbed Quot Captain Billy of a Good base hit. Nash a Effort was very useful Liow Ever As a sacrifice bit to bring Long across the place. Quinn died easily at first. Tie Cincinnati Tatien too their turn and Holliday made a Ruu very probable by driving the Ball to let t Lor three bases and the Way he glided around the bases was worthy of a noted sprinter. Quot bugs took a Short rest at thud Aud then when alter Reilly had gone out Keenan hit to Long and that player threw wild to the Nate be tallied in safety. In the fifth Boston had a Chance hut could not utilize it. Two bases on bails and an error by Mcbee had filled the buses when two men were out. Bobby Lowe was at the Bat and his in tenuous were the very Best but Latham had his Lutle Gay and landed a Clear Laid drive in perfect a Hiou and forced Birdie out at second. 1 lie visitors clinched matters in the sixth and scored three runs on an error by Tucker of a Larry shot Gro inter a double by Keily Anu singles by Keenan Surah and . Boston coed Fier second Ruu in tie seventh inning. Storey led off by striking out then Tucker hit to hard u shines that he could not handle the Hall 111 tune to get his Man. Bennett followed a Fth another scratch hit and Broadie with a clean one of which Tucker scored. Nichols hied out to Keenan and Marr closed the inning with another Fine catch. 1 he visitors scored their last run in the eighth of Keenan s triple to left followed by a wild pitch. Lite score it Siasa n. To a to s. Lyn. 3 to Ltd Burg 4. Batteries Hemming Ami Nailer Straiten and Fields. A met run a Brooklyn. I a Dlly Burg 2. Two base tuts Ort fun Browning. base lilt Miller. Stolon base Collin hamming fiercer. First base on Ball a off Hemming 1 off Sirat ton 2. First base on errors it Rook in 3 la Teaburg. I. Mruck out Bee ley Fields Keily <81, passed balls Fields Empire Lucli. Time t 44. Washington a a14 Louisville 5. Louig Vnuk Juno la the Washington made hits when hits were needed and the Louisville made errors when they were costly. The game was slow and uninteresting and Iho attendance Small. Attendance 400. Score innings. 1 # 8 4 it a t $ a it 2 it 0 o 0 6�?14 Loutfi Lillie ,.0 o 2 0 0 8 0 0 0�? 6 base hits a Washington 17 Louisville is. Errors Washington 4 Louia tue 6. Bit theries Foreman and Mounlee Horan and Cabell. Earu a run washing ton 4 Louisville 3. Two base bit a Weaver. Horan Murphy Hatfield. Stolen based a Murphy. First Baso of Hall a Donovan Cook m. Murphy Foreman. Me outre. Hues struck out Jennings. Doran nerdier. Foreman. Double play a Sorn Sitck Aud Cahill Shin Nick. Heard Aud Cabell Alvord. Smith and us query. Passed balls a Cahill. Hit by pitched balls Foreman. I i pit a Jones. Time�?2 00. Athletic St. Louis 8. St. Louis. June 1, Home team bunched their errors Aud the victors Ali or hits in tie first inning and the latter scored five runs settling the game in their favor. Callihan s Superb pitching was magnificently supported. The work of Corkhill. Hallman and Mcgeathy were the worthy features. Attendance 2000. Score innings. 12 3450780 athletics. It 0 o 0 o o 0 1 x 0 St. Lout. O 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 2�?2 base hits athletics. 10 St. . 9. , 0 St. Louts. 6. Batteries Cathan and Stivetts. Griffith and Boyle. Earned runs a thirties. I St. Foul 2. Home runs Corcoran. I it bag a on Ball a off Len Fobb. I off Calll Hau 2. Struck out by Griffith. 3. Double plays Corcoran Hallman and Lai Kin Corcoran and Larkin Tuller Kagan and Comuskey. Hit by pitched Ball Hoy Orlf Alt. Umpire Ferguson. Time 1 45. Michigan 4 Harvard it. The University of Michigan de sealed Harvard Vesterdal afternoon in a close game liar Vard was outplayed at every Point. Captain Deans men could not Bat safely they hit the Ball hard enough at times but always within East reach of a fielder. Then too the Fielding of Harvard was enough to defeat any nine Bates and Cook were Hie chief offender. Codd the Michigan Pitcher had no remarkable curves but considerable Speed and succeeded in keeping Down the bus. Bates of the other hand was not so effective As he has been recently especially in the last innings. He was away off in his throwing to bases one of his wild throws was responsible one of the visitors runs. A base on balls to Dean a steal a error and a sacrifice gave Harvard a run in the first inning. In the ninth. Deans three Bagger mulled try and two sacrifices gave Harvard two More runs. Michigan not begin to score until the third inning. Then Spitzer reached first on look s Tumble went around to third on Bates a wild throw to tra Tord Aud scored of Bates s Fumble of Walsh a grounder. In the next inning Pearson hit safely Wilkinson got m a scratch hit Between Cook and Bates which the latter threw wildly to tra Tord and Pearson got around to third. A moment later Fie scored on Kelly s sacrifice. In the seventh Michigan secured two More runs on two hits a Nice and two errors by Trafford Aud i a ton. The feature of the game was a tremendous line drive by Frothingham. Which would have been a Home run to a it ill if it had not hit the Willows in left Field Aud bounded Back the score Mick an uak Al it. R a a to a a. It us to a k Walsh a. 1 o 3 i o Dean 2b. 2 t 1 2 0 Oda p. 0 o i 7 0 half Eli of. I 0 2 5 a abbot., i. O 0 i 0 0 hover. A. C 0 3 4 0 Pearson 3b i 2 1 1 it i Ralfo dub. I 0 10 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 Fioz am of. 1 a a i 1 Rich la u 1 18 0 0 Alward if. 0 u o u 0 Kelly. 2t. A 0 it 8 1ook 3t>. N u i n Booth of. 0 0 3 1 0 Upton a. 0 0 7 i i Spitzer a a. 2 1 0 6 0 Bate a. 0 a a 1 it 3 u a his a a k he re a thee. 2b. 0 i 1 i 1 Brodie of. 0 1 0 o la haiii.3b. 0 0 1 a a 0 Lowe if., u 0 1 0 t Marr if. I it it 3 a o in gang is.1 1� it 1 Llo ii u11. 1 2 o a a u Nash 3b. 0 i y Kelly of. I i 0 0 0 Kiulin 2b., o 0 1 Kechi a. La. M 2 11 0 0 Lovey of. O 0 i a a 0 in Ltd is. 0 1 1 6 i Ucker la. I 1 to q 1 Harringt ii a 0 0 8 0 1 Bennett a. 0 i 3 0 i Niue a. O 1 1 it 0 Nic Ilyia a. 0 0 1 it 0 tola.1,. 6 8 27 18 2 total 2 3 �?~2 4 15 3 innings. 1 2 3 4 it g 7 8 a Cincin r Tati. 0 0 o 1 t 3 o 1 a a 5 Boston. 0 0 0 1 o 0 1 0 of 2 earned runs c Cincinnati 1 Boston. L. J to bae hits Reilly. Three bae Tuu hol Finay Keenan. Sacrifice bit a Latham 2i, Marr. China. Sanii Bate on Halls by i Hooee 4 by my boil 3. Base on error a Cincinnati 2 notion 1. Wild pitches Quot idol. Struck out Harrington Rhine 3brodie 2gnu. No a Iov a go. Stolen Baies we. Lime�?300, Umpire Mcquade. Attendance �?1721. New York n. I3 i a land 2, new York june 1.�?by winning today a game the giants took a big jump from fifth to become place in the league race. The game was the third of the Pic sent a eries lie tween new York Aud Cleveland and the giants won after a spiked contest Rusie pitched a remarkable game and Young wan not far behind. I lie feb Ding work was unusually Bril Lieut. Attendance 1702. Score i mines. L 25 4 Felt a 7 8 9 new York.0 0 t l Ioooo-3 Cleveland. 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0�? base bit a new York Ccleveland. 4. Error a new York i let Eland. 2. Batteries kure and Buck Loy it Jung a Ini Zimmer. Famed runs new York., l Sto j Fileti Lleras a Connor. Davis Young. First a on of by a off Titusie. 2, off you ult 2. I it base 01, York 1 Cleveland l. Struck our re Koste 7 Fly Young. 2, i a#., tall a of Tuiner. I Jil a Power. ,���?1 45, / Chicago n. L.1, a Philadelphia 3. / Philadelphia june 1.�?Chicago lumped All its Hium in the first four innings aed the Phillies made All their errors at the same time. That explains the Victory and defeat after the fourth inning Soer pitched Good bal the Phillies made but three hits off Stem no to the eighth. J be Fielding of a a Cago was Superb. Attendance 3741. Score innings. 1 2 3 4 it c 7 a a cd Lago 2 12 1 0 0 0 o o 6 .0 0 1 1 0 o o 0 1 ban by Ian Chicago it i Iladel Fyda 7. Cefai Civ 2 i . 3. It tits Rlee Phi and lured in Kurer and Brown. Earned runs it Lilc a 2, Blud Clpola i. 1 to Tia hits ton Kli tref. Toten i ass fief for emt on Ball of Hjeln it exp a 2. Strnak out. Swan paper 7. Wild pit he a hts in 2, Asper 1. I Lull re Liu St. Time�?1 40, Brooklyn s. A6 Pittsburg 3 new yet re. Dune 1.�?about a fit people we toot to Listern Park Brooklyn today to a linens the third game of Lii pre it int series a a a tween the Brooklyn and Pittsburg teams Pittsburgh errors were costly and the in do grooms won after an interesting Battle. Score. Sineln fac i 2 3 4 it c 7 8 9 r Rok Lyno 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 o i i Sbory. I o o 0 2 0 0 0 0 3 Bass bit a fir Daaiya 8 i Lua Turg t. Errors a drunk total. 4 7 27 22 2 total. I Niue 1 2 3 4 5 michigan0 o i 1 0 Harvard. 1 0 0 0 0 earned Mno Michigan Harvard. Froth Gham. Three he hit Dean. 6 3 2 27 18 7 8 a o 2 0 0�? 0 0 0 2 two Bas a a hit stolen a Quot a Kelly Dean lloy by. Bases on Ball a loud Rich Booth. Dean. Errors Mich Dan 4 Harvard. Uck oath Walsh Abbott Wilkinson Rich. Booth hallowed. Traff Orrt Futon Bates. Double Plavsa Jook unassisted. Time of same�?1 1ft. Lamp tres it a of and Seymour of my Clingan. Olfier games. At new Haven new Haven. 5 Syracuse 1 at Lynn Manchester Lynn. 2. At Salem Lowell to Salem 5. At Lebanon . A Rochester. 2. At Troy Troy. 4 Buffalo 8. The seals Boot and shop. Makers. Opening of the third annual convention of the International Union. The Boot and shoe makers International Union of America began it third annual convention yesterday morning in Blatchford Hall. There were sixty delegates present from various parts of the country. President Irish called the convention to order and opened the proceedings with a few remarks of the business that had called them together Frank k. Foster then made an eloquent address of Welcome to the delegates lie followed by George e. Mcneill and the american federation or labor. When the last speaker closed. President Irish announced the following committee on Rede Otias a. P. Buckley. Chicago Mary a. Nason Haverhill Harry Gotimer Portland me. Richard Core Orau Detroit r d. Andrews Rochester n. The Couve Tiou adjourned till it of clock tins morning that its committee might have time to report. Continued from first Page. The president desired that the modes i Vendi should contain a reservation of the right to kill a certain number of Seal for the support of the natives of the Pribilof i islands. At first he save. Quot this reservation caused me some disappointment it certainly appeared to to open to exception As detracting from the principle of Equality which was a feature of the original proposal. But i was More concerned at your staling that it never was the intention of the president or of yourself that the modes Vivaldi should be put Force until the terms _ of arbitration had been settled. This i feared would prevent the timely application of the modes i vend Ami i so informed lord bans Bury by Telegram on the same Day. I notice i u satisfaction that no such condition is affixed to your present proposal although the reservation As to the killing of a limited number of seals on the islands is maintained. I am glad to think that there is yet time to carry out for this fishery season any arrangement which May promptly he agreed to. The in Reid edit wan anxious. During the inter Rii Between the above and the next note Secretary Blaine fell ill in new York and the correspondence was taken up in behalf of this government by acting Secretary Adee. 1 he Revenue cutters were waiting for sailing orders and or. Adee on May 20 wrote sir Julian a note marked a personal a saying that the president was Desir on to learn the reply of her majesty a government to the proposition submitted in the departments note of May 4. As the above note failed to secure an Uff Ciai and formal reply or. Adee renewed his inquiry in a note dated May 2g. In which he Saiu Quot in several interviews Wilh Yon since the 20th inst. The desire of the president for an Early response to the note of the 4th of May has been reaffirmed. The situation evidently Calls for prompt action. Each Day s Delav increases the existing difference in tie a Bilitz of the respective governments to make a he proposed limitation of Seal taking effective. It is reported that a Large Licet of Canadian sealers has been for some weeks or months on the seas. They Are daily going further out of reach the Revenue cruisers have awaited definite orders. Their presence is urgently needed in the Behring sea and further delay tends to defeat the very purpose for which the agreement is sought it is guile incompatible with fairness Aud Justice to our citizens that this should be permitted to continue. Ample Opportunity has been afforded to her majesty a government to bring this condition to a close by a effective agreements but the result is still Uncertain and to All appearances Remote. The president would be Giraci to know what is near at hand and certain but Pecan no longer hold Hack in furtherance of a vague Hope to the detriment of the legitimate interests of the government and citizens of the United i am therefore directed by the president to inform you that orders have been Given to the Revenue Steamer Kush to proceed to the sealing Island. Another Revenue Steamer the Corwin is at Sau Francisco nearly ready to sail Aud will very shortly put to sea. Should an agreement to readied before her departure appropriate orders May still be sent by her to the islands. 1 mention tins order that you May comprehend How fully this government desires to effect a arrangement for tins season and that Yon May realize How each Day s delay lessens the ability of her majesty a government to effectively cooperate with regard to British subjects and tends to destroy the practical Utility of a agreement to limit the Seal Ilow the Case Nta Iula now sir Juliaus answer to this is dated May 27 he says he has telegraphed the substance of the note to lord Salisbury and feds assured the latter will regret any in convenience caused to this government by the impracticability of returning an immediate reply to or. Blaines note of May 4, lord a Salisbury to declares is using the utmost expedition but the lateness of the proposal and the conditions attached to it have Given Riso to grave difficulties As to which his lordship has necessarily been in communication with the Canadian government. His reply however May arrive at any moment. The Bill in the commons. A hard for this country a says or. Smith a the second heading. Books received. Uni Raul of Maurice de Jan. Edited by g. S. I rebut Ien. With a biographical and literary Memoir by Sainte reuse. Translated from the French by Jessie p. From lung Hui. New York Dodd Mead amp co. The urea. By the Rev. Henry a Lingg . I manuals of Faith and duty no. 8. Baotou Uve realist publishing House. The new Era in Russia. By colonel Charles a. De around. New York j. S. Guvie. A flying trip around the world. By Elizabeth Bisland new York Harper amp Bros. Poems m word Rorth. Chosen and edited by Matthew Arnold new York Harper amp Bros. What to Roth How to serve it. By Cristina Terhune Herrick. New York Harper amp Bros. A woman s thoughts about women. By miss Mulock. Philadelphia t. B. Peterson amp Bros. Latin prose composition. For College ass. By Walter Miller. Part ii. Boston Liach. Shewell amp Sanborn. J inter it Lial Aud integral calculus. By George a. Osborne. Boston Leach Shewell amp Sanborn. Historic towns. Boston. By Henry Cabot Lodge. New York Longmans Green amp co. Life and letters of Robert Browning. In two volumes. By mrs. Sutherland Orr. Boston Houghton Mifflin amp co. Novels and talks. The maid of Honor. By the Jlon. Zawis Wingfield. New Yolk d. Appleton of Cou Felicia. A novel. By Fanny Murre. Boston Houghton Mifflin it amp co. Rule s open jute. By Susan Teackle Moore. Boston Houghton. Mifflin amp co there and Back. By George Macdonald. Boston d. In Throp a co. Russian of lovers and the Cross a novel. By Emma Howard Wight. Baltimore. My Calendar company. Healed. I talc of Arabia. By f. Marion Crawford. New York Macmillan co. Late cheese sales. Ute a n. Y., june , 4900 boxes at 8-70 1815 at 8%c 2230 at 8%c 290at 9c 900 on commission. There wore 03 packages of Creamery butter Sola at j7vaii 20c, bulk sold at 18v�c. Let Ali Falls n. Y., june 1.--sales of cheese 220 boxes at a Bio 1046 at a Vic 2060 at 8% a 1500 at to Coo on commission of Toto Dairy at a pts iliac. Butter�?60 packages Creamery at 171/# ?418 20 Dairy at 17&Quot.18. A steamship ashore. Que Iii june i. steamship Evaline bound to Montreal is reported ashore at White Island a Railroad Purchase. Inni an a Poling ind., Juneen it is announced Here that the Mac key Syndicate has purchased the Mobile so Ohio Railroad for f3.b00.000. London. June 1. first lord of the Treasury or. William Henry Smith in the House of commons today moved that the Behring sea Bill he read a second time. Great Britain he said had endeavoured to arrive at a Friendly conclusion with a Kindred Power and had. Practically Sucre eds a in so doing. If they were not Able to obtain assurances that the conditions for arbitration were satisfactory and also that Seal fishing was to be prevented except to the extent of the7500 seals necessary for the maintenance of the natives the government would not Issue an order in Council prohibiting Seal catching for a period upon the part of British sealers. The position. Or. Smith added was Quot hard for this country a but the arrangement appeared to he the Best that could he obtained. Sir James Fergusson. Political Secretary of the foreign office said that no kind of agreement had been arrived at in regard to the matters which h were to be referred to arbitration but the two governments interested had steadily approached Points of agreement and he believed that a reply which was about to be addressed to the United states government would bring them so closely together that a harmonious reference would soon be obtained. The Behring sea Bill was then read for the second t line. France great Britain Anil Newfoundland. In regard to Newfoundland matters. Sir James Fergus son Sale that Cable message iad been received from Tho governor of Newfoundland. Who reported that a French officer had warned the inhabitants living near St. Pierre Bay Newfoundland not to sell bait to United states fishermen under the penalty of the seizure of their be u and boats. This a Aid sir James Fergusson does not appear to be a specific infraction of the treat of 1818 with Iho i United states which on secures United states citizens the right to Tish on certain parts of the coast hut lie constitutes interference with the rights of British subjects and is an Assumption of jurisdiction inconsistent with the Sovereign rights of the British Crown therefore the government had brought the matter to the attention of the French government foolish Yale students. They Pepper circus horses and elephant with torpedoes a panic ensues. New Haven. Conn., june 1.�?while Barnum so Bailey a circus was passing Yale College today the students opened with a fusillade of torpedoes. Several of Tho six Livorse teams became almost unmanageable and Tho performers dismounted from Tho chariots in haste. The horses Ridden by the jockeys also began to rear and plunge. When the elephants came along they too were peppered with the missiles. The keepers had their hands full and one of the largest elephants becoming enraged made a dash fora group of the Yale men. The sidewalk was crowded with spectators who stampeded in great fright several women and children getting badly jammed. The elephants were finally quieted before any damage was done. The Hahnemann society b. U. The annual graduating bouquet and exer codes of the Hahnemann society of the Boston University school of medi Olne was held last night at Youngs hotel some thirty three members being present. President f. E. A1 lard sat at the head of the table with Here tary w. O. Jiman on his right on the left sat or. U. E May who made the Presetta Tion of diplomas. During Lite banquet the following toasts wore offered a a Hahn Nanu by t. W. Greene �?T91 Quot i he 8. O. Filling.�?T�1 a class of�?T02. By a. 1�. Hines. �?T02 Quot a Wail from the third Story a 11 a Weaver. 98. Or. In a Hoyt of �?~91 acted As toastmaster. After the ban Qutul president p. K. A Laid delivered an address and in closing his remarks introduced or. F. K. Richardson of �?T91, who delivered the class oration which closed the enjoyable evening. The record of fires. A 9l>troui blow to Iju Bon of. burned in Mai Billle Fott. Luon n. 11., june .1.�?fire broke out in the Parker so Young manufacturing company a saw Mill about 2 of clock this afternoon. In thirty minutes the whole establishment machinery Box Stiop piano sounding Board and chair Stock Mills the immense lumber Yard with millions of manufactured lumber situated directly North of the Mills together with the company a office Blacksmith shop barn and outbuildings were one mass of flames. Dwelling houses adjacent soon followed and the whole Village seemed doomed. Assistance by special trams from Woodsville and Littleton reached the scene about fifty minutes after the first alarm and to their prompt response to the summons the citizens Are indebted for the salvation of the greater part of the Village. By their Aid the fire was under control about 6 of clock. A conservative estimate places the loss at $100,000, As follows Tho Parker a amp Young manufacturing company $75,000 insured $35,000. F. E. Thorpe double tenement Houke and barn $5000 insured for $1600 in new Hampshire of Manchester. $000 in the capital of Concord n. Hajj and Mary Denning dwelling and barn $5500 insured for $3000 m the Granite state of Portsmouth. A. 11. Bowen dwelling and barn $3500 insured for $2000 m the Granite slate. P. Simonos dwelling $2000 insured for s1400 in the Zetna of Hartford. D. C. Moulton dwelling and barn $2000 insured in the Granite state Ini $i2oo. Darius George dwelling and barn $2000 insured for $13c0. Parker amp Young company Large double tenement and one dwelling House insured for $1600 and stood respectively in the Granite state. William Foster furniture $600 insured for $300 in the Peoples of Concord. F. E. Buck furniture $500 no insurance. Mrs. A. Cd Moulton furniture $500 no insurance. E. Snow furniture $500 to insurance. Joseph Bond dwelling 82000 insurance $1000, in the London and Laii Cheshire. Dell it it. Andrews furniture. $1000 insured for $500 in the fire underwriters of Concord. The Concord it it Montreal Railroad lost four cars. The tire destroys the leading Industry of the town giving employment to Lou men Aud the loss is a severe blow to the town. Gardinik me. June 3.�?fire last night at Farmingdale destroyed the Knickerbocker icehouse with 15,000 tons of ice and Nar tally destroyed a dwelling House owned by we w. Bradstreet of tins City. Loss on icehouse. Machinery and ice $35,000 to $-10.� too. Insurance on buildings $9600, in Bui Levy Agency ice insurance unknown. It on dwelling House $1000, covered by insurance in Neal a Agency. Ltd Anse incendiary. Nashville tone june 1.�? i he Buckingham theatre which has been occupied As a Saloon and variety theatre for some tune was burned last night at 2 15 of clock this morning the North Wall fell burying three firemen j All of whom Are thought to he fatally injured the attaches of the theatre lust All Thoy possessed. I Here seems to be Little doubt that the fire uras the work of an incendiary. Loss on building $20,000 insurance $14,000. Log Angl is Cah june l a one of the most destructive fires m tie history of los Angeles occurred yesterday. Norton Block Gnu the Corner of seventh and Hill streets was entirely destroyed. A Small Frame cottage Back of the Norton Block was also destroyed and an adjacent House in Hill Street. A two Story dwelling was partially burned the flames then swept East of seventh Street totally destroying a two Story Frame dwelling and the Church of the Trinity a handsome edifice. The total loss is about , on which there is comparatively Little insurance. Montreal. June 1.�?burnett�?Ts clothing establishment was burned last night. The loss on the building is Between $30.000 Aud $40,-000. The Stock which was valued at $30 u0, is a total loss. R. E. Boyd amp Large Brush works Adjni ing burnetts premises suffered considerably from smoke Aud water l he Scribner publishing company Sesia Lisa ment also was damaged. Barrk. Vii june 1.�?this morning fire was discovered in the basement of Tho furniture store of Warner f. Colby so co. And the music store of Walter m. Emerson. The building was saved but the goods were very badly damaged. Colby is insured for $8500, Emerson for $3100. New York june 2.�?at 12 30 this morning fire broke out in the tour Story building of the Brooklyn cooperage company in Williamsburg. The building was bounded by North fifth and sixth streets and Kent and Winfie to venues. The tire extended to the bagging factory bounded by North sixth and seventh streets and White and Kent avenues. It also extended to the tenements in the rear of the bagging factory. There was a Large amount of machinery m Tho bagging factory which was destroyed by the fire and water. The loss will amount to about one million dollars. Another failure. Assignment of the Woollen House of Talbot Wila Irth amp co. Messes Talbot Wilmart woollens no. 87 Franklin Street have assigned. James e. Leach 40 w Ater St Reet is one of the assignees and it is understood that the other Assignee the name of whom it was impossible to ascertain last evening is one of the principal creditors. The firm is composed of w. 11 Talbot if. 1. Wilmarth c. Vav. Wilkins Aud g. B. W Heaton. Or. Leach the Assignee went to new York yesterday on business connected with the failure and will return today. A member of the firm was Scon Las evening but lie refused to make any statement a Fiat Over concerning the assignment. It is said that poor collections led to tie assignment and it is also intimated that not even the members of the firm know exactly How the firm stands. An inventory of the firms property has already been begun and in the course of a Lew Days a full statement of assets and liabilities will he Given the Public. The nun has always enjoyed a High standing my its members Are very much distressed at the failure. Friends of the film expect that Dollar Lor Dollar w ill he paid. A i a 1st� report. There was a report of the Street yesterday afternoon that Francis f. Emery Boot and shoe dealer at 100 Pearl Street had assigned Send stories of the failure were published in the afternoon papers. The liabilities were estimated at $300.000. But As soon As or. Emery was interviewed he emphatically denied the report. Lie said Quot the report no doubt arises from the fact that at tie Eliot National Bank which holds my paper one of my notes went to protest. It was simply an oversight and not at All relative to my financial condition. The note came due a a urday last which was a Holiday and it was of course simply a Rustako that my note went to protest. Quot another matter which leads to t hese rumours. 1 suppose is that last week 1 changed Over my business to a corporation. 1 Fiat corporation is in the Best standing and Lias a Good capital of $300,000. I do not know what people Wili drive me to with these re Morse perhaps assignment but the present rumours Are entirely without state of colonial parishes 300 years ago in one of which Francis Ling Ginsu was so eminent a figure. The writer has reprinted Hig Gine so new England a Plantation from the third edition i630j, and he Al to gives in portions or wholly other Little known colonial writings. A Warwick the Kingmaker in the series called Quot English men of action is a capital Little Book for or. Oman has known How to unite sound scholarship with readable writing. His reputation has we believe been founded chiefly noon acquirement in the history of the Middle Ages but the foundation for a interesting life of Warwick is very slight and or. Oman a achievement therefore is better than any Mere display of knowledge. The Point on which lie insists Mot strenuously and Tho Point at which the Book has most Novelty is that Warwick might with far More propriety to called the first of the statesmen than Quot the last of the Barons Las Biwer dubbed inn in a famous novel. Not that or. Oman denies him military prowess but lie is distinctly of the opinion that the modern was blended with Tho mediaeval in the Kingmaker and that Only the exigencies of the last four years of his life forced him out of the methods of comparative peace into the methods of downright War. Or. Oman does not however neglect the military Side of Warwick a life and his descriptions of the most famous Battles of that great career Are very Well done indeed. Or j. R. Thursfield has brought excellent gifts of a different order from those of or. Oman to the consideration of an englishman whose life is unconnected save by evolution with t lie Middle Ages and his biography of sir Robert Peel in the a twelve English statesmen is the Best of the recent volumes about Peel. Or. Parker a collection of letters and do agents is proving valuable of course but is till undigested and or. Justin Mccarthy a biography is rather for those who would he entertained than for those who would know. Or. Thursfield is less entertaining but his custom As Leader writer for the times newspaper stands him in Good Stead and his Hook is fluent and readable besides being Well arranged. He does not make the mistake of explaining away peels inconsistency As no inconsistency at All Bat justifies ins course with Good arguments. This is or Thursfield Quot a summing up of one important period in in eels career Tho foregoing Piesci ution of peels conduct and motives during the crisis of 1845, though necessarily Brief and tier before so Lar Imper feet has been Given As Lar As possible in the statesman s own words. Many questions Are suggested by it and much controversy has Arisen inn the Paramount question of ail that namely which concerns tie extent to which a statesman May sacrifice party Confidence and personal consistency to the de Mauds of Public duty As Fie conceives Aud understands them is one to which to student of constitutional history m this country will give a answer unfavourable to Peel without grave hesitation Aud i giving. It belongs Tomb casuistry of politics and like or Fier questions of casuistry it must Fie decided not by Afi Stract principle but by a patient Chis passionate and discriminating examination of All the circumstances of the Ca get. Party is a great instrument of government and Confidence is the Cement of party personal consistency is a great endowment in a states Man. But party is Only a great ius tru intent if it is subordinate to patriotism and a Lack of statesmanlike foresight cannot Fie redeemed by obstinate per is ency in acknowledged error. Perhaps the example of statesmen who have shown at the Cost of much temporary obloquy. That party Confidence and personal consistency must on occasion be sacrificed to the Paramount it munds of Public duty May be recognized by the constitutional historian As one of the re deeming features of that system of party gov eminent which is practically so Cony Euleut and theoretically so Absum. The chief if not the Only Novelty in or. Thursie id a volume is his contribution to our knowledge of Peel As a boy ail very Young Man and this contribution is full of interest lie does not quote the anecdote of Wellington shaving said that be and Peel were unfit for their positions As ministers to a Youn Queen because he had a in Small talk and Peel had no manners a but this anecdote represents in briefest space the general impression made upon those who knew Peel in later life and it is therefore curious to read Here that he was popular with his schoolmates Aud that he seemed to lord Liverpool Frank and open hearted. All this tends to support or. I liars Fields theory that the manner of the la eel of history was a mask deliberately assumed. The Bulky historic Book is a useful addition to or. Brew Eros former aids to readers. It is not without faults and a consistent i eat As for example in referring to a the Light of asian As an authority for buddhism and in making no reference to a a Woodstock in the note on the fifth monarchy men. And or. Brewer occasionally leaves his Reader in the lurch just where informal Ion is most needed but the lug Book As a w Hole is an excellent popular work of reference. on saudi r h e manual reprints with Cpl notes and introduction s the following documents illustrative of american i Dory first Virginia barter 1606 second Virginia Charier 1600 third Virginia charter 1612 Mayflower com Patci. 1620 ordinance for Virginia 1621 Massachusetts charter 1629 Maryland Charier 1632 fundamental orders of Connecticut 1639 now England confederation. 1643 Connecticut charter. 1662 Rhode Island charter 1663 Pennsylvania charter 1681 Penn s plan of Union 1697 Georgia charter 1732 Franklin a plan of Union 1764 1 incl Araion of rights 1765 declaration of rights 1774 non Lupoi Taniou agreement 1774 Virginia Bill of rights 1 776 declaration of Independence 1776 articles of con federation 1777 treaty of peace 1783 Northwest ordinance 178. Constitution 1787 alien Aud sedition Laws 1798 Virginia resolutions 1798 Kentucky resolutions 1798 Kentucky Resolution a 1799 nullification ordinance 1832 ordinance of secession i860 South Carolina declaration of Independence i860 emancipation proclamation 1863. The new edition apparently contains no changes from the first edition. Life of Francis i Gimson. First minister m the Massachusetts Bay Colony and author of Quot new England a Plantation. By Thomas Wentworth Ling Ginsu. New York Dodd Mead amp co. Boston received from Estes Lauriat. Price 75 cents r Warwick. The Kingmaker. By Charles w. Oman. New York Macmillan a co English men of action Boston received from Little. Brown amp co. Price 60 cents the historic note books with an appendix of Battles. By t lie Rev. A Cobi Iam Brewer . Philadelphia a. A Lippincott company. Boston received from Vav. B. Clarke so co. Price $3 60. J documents illustrative of american history j606�?1863. With introduction and refer uces. By Howard w. Preston. New York g. P. Putnam a sons. Boston received from w. If. Clarke so co. Price $1 50. Reel. By j. R. Thursfield. New York Mac Midian amp co. Boston received from Little Brown so co. Twelve English states men Price 60 cents the prize babies. Happy Ileal Liv a a a a a children from ult 1�?~nru of to i a Quot a a Early in Tho summer of 1890, the proprietors of lactate food off ered a a cries of ten prizes amounting to $100, to be awarded to the prettiest babies who had used this food. From the time of the announcement t his Competition excited a great Deal of interest and scores of pictures w Ere entered. The Post takes pleasure in publishing the portrait of the first prize Winner together with some interesting extracts Frem the parents letter that will be of value to every Mother. Georgienna Simpkins age 2 years. Winner of first prize. The first prize was awarded to Georgienna Inkins Fairi Iury. Nebraska. Her father. E. L. Simpkins writes a a Vohen about a week old it was found necessary to provide our baby with food othe than nature intended. Lactate food was recommended. We tried it and have used nothing else. Her health has been remarkable since the Day of her birth once Only has she even had Colic i Cun hardly say too much for lactate food. The remarkable service it for our Little daughter has established its real merits with us beyond a doubt. Its use Wili certainly save the lives of Many babies and develop them into Hale and Hearty nearly All druggists sell lactate food or it will be mailed on receipt of Price 25 cts., 50 ets., $1.00by the manufacturers. Wells Richardson a co., Burlington \ t. I hey in Vite mothers to write them for copy of a prize this Book gives pictures of All the prize winners and will be mailed free to any address. I 10.41 104 Vav 17a i. Rel or g 8 e it 8.�? Mil us l�.8 e a a. Railroad. Boston amp Maine City ticket office 214 and 1 we a Way ton str sri Cor Orr sly in a tree. Time tables a hawing or the sgt train a i a a cat fee not none d at a y ticket Shire of the l of paid or will be a rat to say a Dur a on receipt of i a Tal e�r4, m \ ssh ii in i k not to i. A loll persons in reites in us a a state of t Dom tul. Laic of Cambridge m said county deceased Ltd Reet inv whereas. William i Putnam. The administrator of the to Stu fact deceased. Lets pre suited allowance the Lii u and final a Couin of ius admin Strai on upon the slue of said deceased you Are hereby cited to Appeal at a probate Quot Curt to be Liol Deu at Cambridge i a said county of Middlesex on the court i tuesday of Rune of clock in the Forenoon to show cause if any you have Why the same should not be allowed. Aud said Austn Istratov is ordered to serve this citation by publishing the same once a week in the Boston Tost a newspaper printed at lius Toqe three last publication to be two Davs at least before stud Cottri. W fitness a Kocyk m. Hook it Esquire judge of said court tins Mil of june in the year of our lord one thousand eight Hundred and ninety one. J. Al. 1y Lek. Regi ter. Fun Titi Walt Lafof Mash a i j setts in in so notice sue Eolk is Kustov May 29. 1891, notice to hereby Given that a warrant in insolvency has tins Day issues Trout the court of insolvency Tor said county of the estate of ult list Ian Kaiu of i Oston in said county of Suffolk Painter insolvent debtor. That the payment of and debts and the delivery of any prop erty belonging to said insolvent debtor to him or for it it use and the Transfer of any property by Lam Are forbidden by Law. That a meeting of the creditors of a Aid insolvent debtor to prove their debts and choose one or More assignees of ins estate will be held at a court of insolvency to be Holden at the court room in the probate building court Square. Hoston. In it Aid county of Suffolk on the Twenty fourth Day of july a. D. 1891. At two of clock in the afternoon. Liked 11. Seavey Deputy sheriff. Messenger. It my in sea into. New Southern train service Aid we Hon attn it push Lahav to Boston Southern in to. Station Calm a was Stie to. At 6.46 p w Dally via the tour la keeps a Bridge route for a oui a tee in a la i Hiis a Lelia it la end arriving at Philadelphia $.04 a a Baltimore 10.36 a in Wash Ingbre 11 20 . Pullman Vest build Buffet beep lib cars. _ through train service Western and Eastern divisions. Augi Iila Haymarket so. Station. 8.30 to a causeway St. It ust Iob it a a 12 30. 7 p no Kai Ign Llavina Ket so. Station. 8.30 . Causeway St. Station it a in 7 p in daily. Concord a a. If., a a no Tail ooh on i ppr Kori Ltd play Marcet so station 720 a re 12.30, 3.00. It. 0 . _ , Hay Market so. Station 8.30 a re us p in. Causeway , 12.30. 7.00pm. Mabr Tieder a. Ii., 1 la Mark t so. Station 1m 12.30, 3.00. 5.00, 0.00 p in. »1, Julin it. A and Lew Halifax end in a i a a Vii acc Ila Market it a. Station 840 a in. Causeway St. Station 9.00 7.00 . North a a a a ii xxv. Causeway 86 station 7.30 a re 12.30 pm. _ station on Maine Central and dish trunk it. 1c. Haymarket so. Station. 8.30 . I amp use Way s6 station 9.00 . Vlf a a i Ksn nil wad Kirkland. Rape Market so. Station 8.30 a in. 1.00 pm. Causeway St. Station 9 am 12.30 p re. Bua Days �.00 . Rail a v. Ii lives. Eai tort f Plait St. John no a steam a from Portland mondays and thursday has Ket a a station 1.00 p in causeway a station 12.30 p in. Southern division. I Tatami a a a causeway Street font to Fork land Street a Anclien ter and can card m. 11-, 7.20, 8-3<m 9.00 a a 12 in 1.00,3.00, . 6.30,7.18, 7.30 . Frankyn a Ebann and White River Jas Tion h.30. 8.<>0 a in 1.00, 3.00, 7.16 p re. I Cristol Isert my a 8.30 am 1.00 pm. Ciurciu Mil a Iii Ivy 9.00 a in Loo p in. A Ohilia hairy Kett Purt a Herbrook ii ebb a ft.00 a in 1.00, 7.15 . Norwich Hanover to Bullord Brad Ford had a a new Bury 9.00 am 1.00,7.1$ p in. Montpelier l a sex .�wpct., a a and 9l<�nlreal via while hirer Junco 9.00 a re 1.00, 7.15 p a. Mondi id via Montreal a Hoston air line 9.00 a in 7.30 p to. Point on v. Pfc .11. R. K-.8.30, 9.00am 7.9� Jas to Quot dec it her 1. J. Flanders cent a manager Oaas a a aah a agent a 1 g setts in insolvency a aies Sengheu s a Totice is hereby Given that the has i been duly appointed administer matrix it the estate of Ellen k. Hk1gden, late 01 Boston in Theca my of Suffolk deceased Ami Lias taken upon herself that Trust by giving Bond us tie Law directs. All person. Having demands against the estate of said deceased Are required o exhibit the same and All persons indebted to said estate Are called upon to make payment to Anna e. Shown administer matrix. Boston May 11. 1891. Volte i it hereby Given that the subscriber has in been july appointed executor of the will Thomas it in Knoll a. Late of i Oston m tie county of Suffolk deceased Aud has taken upon him sell that Trust to Gay giving Bonds As the Law Macc a. I persons having demands against the estate of said deceased Are required to exhibit tie same and All persons indebted to said estate Are called upon to make pay if Lyons executor. Boston May 23, 1891. Assaulted with a knife. Patrolmen fell Aud Humsey of division 4 arrested Frank a Clayton a Well known snort about 3 of clock yesterday afternoon changed Wii i assault with a knife upon Leander 0. Davis. The assault occurred at 40 Kneeland Street tie former Headquarters of i lie Ajax club tim quarrel was in regard to $20. Which Davis claims is duo him from Clayton. Davis was at our time in the employ of Clayton us janitor of the build Init where the trouble occurred the building at that Tinao being leaned by Clayton. Davis demanded this Money and words Are alleged to have been followed by blows. During the rum pay Clayton in alleged to have drawn a pocket knife and a tabbed him in theme. Davis was taken to the it it y Hospital but i is wound is not considered dangerous Clayton was released of bail. Book notes. Is hereby Given that the a in Scriber has is been duly appointed administrator of tie est aft i Abic e. 1.yyiok, late of Boston in the Unity of Suffolk Decca cd ins taken upon it melt dial Trust by giving Bonds As the my tints. All persons having demands against die estate of s Ibl deceased Are required to exhibit the same and All persons indebted to said estate Are called upon to make payment to men icy m. Taylot administrator. Boston May 18. 1891. -\fotic12 to hereby Given that the subscriber los �1 been duly appointed executor of the will of to late of Boston m there unto of Suffolk deceased and has taken upon himself that Trust by giving Bonds As die Taw direct. All persons having demands against the estate of said deceased be required to exhibit die same and Alt persons indebted to said estate Are called upon to make payment to Sumner Albee executor Boston May 11. 1391. Volt Lee i Here if Given that the subscriber Lias la a been duly appointed administrator of die of the Inte hos1 nil Kiin 01. \ by of Boston in die county of Suffolk deceased and has taken upon Buselt that Trust by giving Bonds As die Law directs a persons having demands against the estate of said deceased Are retired to exhibit the s it me and All i sons indebted to stud estate ate called upon to m int payment to in a Iii ick ii. Bokios Adutsi Central Aie Revere Boston May 17. 1.391. City of Boston. City Hall May 29. 1891 Tho committee on electric wires will give a Public hearing in die aldermen a room City Hall on toes Day Jane 2, at 3 o clock p. M., to All persons inter a sted in the subject of the removal of the poles o die new England Telephone and Telegraph company from the North Side of a ii Ulrop Street and from Crawford Street Between Elm Hill Avenue Ami hum Boldt Avenue. Benjamin f. Stacy chairman of committee. . Morris amp go. 64 Sudbury St. History and biography. Colonel i off Insoft has Nide a Lively and charming Limo graph of i in first american uncork or Tho Rev. Francis Ling Ginsu first minister in the Massuch sefts a Jay Colony. There was so Little material to draw upon for Tho minister a life before he left England and his connection with the Colony was so Brief and also so Little documented that the Book is in Good part a Couvil Ucma Pic Tuie of Tho cd parts Enship . Notice. The partnership Niety subsisting Between the undersigned. Carrying on business a architects at 70 i Tbs Street Boston was dissolved Mav 21. 1891, by Mutual Eon seut Aud either of the partners will Sigu in liquidation. Arthur Little Herbert Vav. C. Browne. A also the novel named Arthur Little and Herbert . Browne entered into partnership the 1st of june t89t, with Ltd Georoe a. Moore to carry on bustnes a it architects at the Dunove mentioned Plaa Uit Dei the firm name of Little Ltd Moore Arthur Little. Ltd Riser a. A. He ovine Jeo tue a. Moke. Pms co partnership heretofore existing Between 1 Sanborn Fifield r. Richardson it Amuel w. Loti it. A Trie i Avis and Stephen it. Johnson under the name of a it Tiiu do Richardson company doing by in Hoston is this Day dissolved by Mutual consent messes Vitteli Elchard on. Holt and Wilt continue business Utmer Hie same name and they alone axe author led to Settle she affair of the late Alrui. Sanborn Ifield Samuel w. 110lt, a. C. I i la a Edson 11. Figlilo d \ vis. Stephen ii. Johnson. Boston june 1, 1891. Water bugs Rosolie Clear them ou6 Monty refund if our fax Terminato will Noi dolt. No dirt. No trouble to us a. Price. 60e by Mats too. Barnard a co. Us to 7 l Ampit Bice. Tako a Lov a tur. A Teglar proof Han k Raffs in n ii 6 via Itta Iii to a a no it work of nil k nit. We have one of the a Argest and be to equipped factories a it the world. Specifications and estimates Given at Short net let. E. C. Morris amp co. Storage. Purse tire Garry it a a Elf. A to mgt from la a �10.00 per i out. No 1vo Marthai Upton a. Tale Poss no. 780 my a my a a her. I 11 f Kai Priori allow i a Tor old machine taken in part payment for latest Light running new Home sewing machine. 160 Lre Vii a treck old Colony. Train service from Boston special notice passenger holding tickets via this Road the fall River line. Shore Lin and Stontz Qiu on line May have baggage cheeked from hotel it it a residence in Boston to destination. Order to Call for baggage May be left a no. 3 old state Home. Time showing local and through train sir it Vloe Between All stations May be obtained at no. Old state House Aud All cuke offices of this company. Central division. Leave Kneeland Street station for Huck ton ft.45, 8.16, 9 10.05 . 12 re. 2.is, 3.30, 5.15. 0.07. 8.15,11.10 a re. Snada its 4.30, 9 . 5.45 . A fall River. 5.45. 8.15. 8.30. 11.40 . 12 of 2.15, 3 40. 4.35 . Sundays 4.30 . 5.45 . A new Bedford 5 46,8,30,11.40 . 2.15, 4a8 . Sundays. 4.30 . Al Newport. 5.4ft. 8.3 a. 11.40 . 8.40. Asp n. Sundays. 4.30 . M Mouth via Abiri ton5.45. 8.30 . S so 3.40,5.30 . Via 7.35, 11.20 8.60 . Sundays 9.15 . Via Duxbury. A Taunton Central suwon5.46. 8.30. 11.4� . 2.15, 4.35 .Dean st3.40 . Hub Days 4.30 a. A additional trains. See prov. Div. Gape Coo division. Frown Etow n and principal stations below Buzzards Hay. It . 4.15 pan. H Yann is week day9 . 3.30, 4.15 . Fa1rhaven Branch >tatlo�3, . 4 15 . Woods Hull Braach stations week days9 4.15 . Chatham Branch it areas Witek Days. It au�., 4.15 . Northern division. Leave bios Init a Albany station Kuee land is reel for 31 my Bobo 7 of. 10.55 ., 5 25. <5 20, 11 pan sundays g . I i ii Buki. And Leominster 7.00 10.65 a no 2.20. 4 30. 5.25. 11 . Sundays. G p. Co. I. Connor Ceu. Tass a. A jew j. R. Ken Haku kudu. Manager. Providence division. Leave Park Square station for is a a Shore line in r a Day kxti1lss. I u he Hii i Buffet drawing room Cara. I afternoon express. I Buriet drawing Koom i cars. Lihi Tud express oa1i.y. Drawing Koom car. Dining car. Mil my it express daily. Last train of the Day. Compartment sleeping cars open for occupation i at 9.15 p. Through tickets drawing room car scats and sleeping car berth May be obtained at no. 3 old slate House 207 w Ashington Street and at station. M a a Fulik in p. In. Week Days. Fall Kulver line 7 1�. I. Sunday a. La a evidence line 4l.fi i week Day a. line 7,31� ., week Days. F High tacit train a Eek Day live trains Day. The Tiern Kigiu teen train Ivecek Days and six train j sunday 7, a 8.30. 9.15, to. 1 1 1� no. 1, �,5 4. 4.1.7. .7. , , a .4�, 1�, sunday 4.1-7. A . 4,5. 14 . 1� via West a oxbury7.05. , 9.05. , 10 40. 11,30.uni. 12.80.,3,15,3.45, 4.30,,5.55, ft.15 7.02, 8.02. 9.15. 10.30, 11.15 . Sundays. 10.80a.m. 12.30. 2.45, 5.33, 7.45,1 1 . I Vianka advice. G.4ft, 7.30. 0.35 a. 12.10., 6.0ft. 6.20, 5.5ft. 6.35, 7.8o. 9. 10.15. 11.30 pan. Sundays 8.30 . 12.45,0.10 . A fall River 8,9.30 . 2.30t 5.10, 6, 1l05� . Sundaes. 4.15 a . Hui e i Ark g.30, ft.45. 7.3�, 8. S.s�. 9.35. 10.3 1.11.35 . 12.05, 12.10, 1.2>. 2.10, 2.40, 8.30, 4. 4.02. 4.15, 4.4\ 5.05, 5.20, 5.30, 6.45. 6.5�. 6,05 0.20,6.35. 7. 7.35.9. 10. 10.1ft. 11.05. 11.30 . Sundays 4.15, 8.30, 9 . 12.45, 4, 6.10, 8.15 . A it Kyd i out via 1 All river8,9.30 . Ft.10, i Gikiu. Sundays,4.15 .,. Vao . Newport in to m to Kiung Junction. 7. 10a.m. 3 . Fry i Bedford 8. 9.30 . 12 m. 2,30, 5.10, 6.30, ll.05ep.iu. Sundays 4.16 . 7 . Con ii. A i m. It v it k 1 a l.00 111. A wicket. 7. S. 8 30, 9.15, 11.00 . 13 m. I 2, 3. 4. 4.15, 6.30, 6.30, r.o>10, 12 . Sundays 4.15. It . 4, 12 . It i \1 y Ille. 6.30. 6.45. 7.30. 8. 8.30, 9.35, 10.30, ll.3fts.ni. 12.05. 12.10, 120.2.10. 4.02, 4.45. Fi.1 5. 5.20. 5.45. 5.5�. 6.06. 6.20, 6.35, Il.30p.ui� sundays 8.30, it 12.45, 6.10, 8.15 . 61 i v ton. 8, , to . 12 m. 1. 2.30, 6.10, 5.30, ft.30. 11,0ft . A Uit Day 4.15 . 7 . Of Bentham. 8.00a. My 4.15 . A for and itt Lonal trains see Central div. O boat from fall Iver. 5 . 12 n it. Of Host Protu it at >�0\ o Kaltz a i >1 v4�acill. Jpn v5 setts. Suffolk. the court. To the heirs at Law. Next of tin. And All other Persona Zitte tested in the estate it i e. R. Whitney. Late of i in Inion Alameda county California deceased leaving estate in said comity of Suffolk a reeling whereas a certain instr Mont purporting to be Chr last wid a us to stain evil of said deceased bos been Ore aaied to court for probate by Emily s. Whit Nev. Of Boston. Vislid Emty of Suffolk a to Pray Liat letter f staunt try May tie issued to her the sex font Rex a herein named without giving a surety or sureties it a her pitl Lal Bend Yon a re hereby cited to appear at a 1�?Trobste ourt to he Hoh Tett at Boston lug Aid county of Suffolk of ouday the eighth Ray of june. A. 1�. 181 1, at ten of clock in the Teie Neou to Snow cause if Auy you have a Gui gift the same. And said Petitioner is hereby directed to give Public notice to Creon by up la sting tins citation ome a week for three Ocee Lve week. In the new spanner called the i Oston in Ost. Printed d mid Boston the last to he two Davs. At Leasi before a Aid court. Witness Jons Vav. Mckim Esquire judge of said court this eighteenth Day of May. In the year one thousand eight Hundred an t a i net v one. Luau be ores Register

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