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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 27, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner Friday september 27, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont a lot of weight to toss around editorials a loss for democracy the seizure of the dominican Republic government by a group of right Wing military officers is a blow to the United states and the cause of constitutional democracy in latin America. The toppled government of president Juan d. Bosch was the first legally elected regime the country had enjoyed in 33 years. It was viewed by the . State department and by moderates throughout latin America As a workable alternative to the kind of dictatorship practice by the late Generalissimo Trujillo and the left Wing totalitarianism holding Sway in Cuba. That the Bosch regime was having its troubles coping with the stubborn problems inherited from the Trujillo dictatorship was admitted even by its supporters. Administration was said to be inexperienced and inefficient reforms were pushed More rapidly than the populace could accept. But the governments Aims were High and the United states was backing it heavily with economic Aid in the Hope it would join puerto Why blast Kennedy on civil rights it is indeed ironic that president Kennedy should come in for so much censure during the recent rallies and services held throughout the country to Mark the deaths of the six negro children in Birmingham Alabama. From the tone of the speeches one would have thought the president had instigated the bombings or had at least frowned on the civil rights movement. He was denounced from Rostrum and pulpit As though he were chiefly responsible for the tragedy. Thus a militant Integrationist named James Farmer National director of the Congress of racial organizations declared in new York to roaring applause a that the bombings would not have occurred if it had not been for the a a inactivity of president Kennedy and the Justice department. Calling for use of Federal troops in Birmingham or. Farmer said a if the administration will not be moved the present administration will be one can sympathize with the anger and indignation behind such an outburst with Lom men i Robert Frost s letters to i Jouis i Titer in Eyer Harre Montpelier times a rugs College students ought to take to heart a Wistful fact from the sept. La Issue of the saturday evening Post a revelation by Robert Frost in an article containing letters from Frost to Louis Untermeyer. A you know a Frost said a in All the years i taught at Amherst i never said a poem to my a Why not a he was asked. A because they never had the students asked they would have received in full measure. In one letter to l.u., Frost wrote a always give a fellow another Chance w Hen he behaves Bally and still another Chance after that. Never draw a line beyond which you wont allow a Friend or anyone else to go. It is the Mark of a Small mind to draw the line anywhere a Rico As another a showcase of democracy in the Caribbean. Almost certainly it will not become that under the general who took Over wednesday. They represent reactionary elements deeply unhappy Over the social and agrarian reforms instituted by president Bosch and worried about what they considered a Drift toward socialism. The president s insistence on tolerating All shades of political opinion in the democratic state was anathema to this authoritarian Bunch. With their establishment of military Rule and suppression of civil liberties the dominican Republic probably will revert to its former status As another Little latin american dictatorship resentful of Reform hostile to the United states and Ripe for a Castro like revolution. The rightists in Santo Domingo Are proclaiming that a new Day has dawned for their country. But it is plainly anything but that. They have turned the clocks Back. Out approving its logic. It strikes us that or. Farmer and the other militant demonstrators Are expending their ammunition on the wrong target. For the truth is that the administration is firmly behind the civil rights drive a More so than the country As a whole. The administration s civil rights program with All its weaknesses still goes farther than the mass of voters seem willing to follow at this time. If we can Trust the Public opinion polls in this matter most White americans believe that the civil rights drive is moving too swiftly and that the president is asking too much in the negroes behalf. Not Only in the South but in the far West Middle West and parts of the Northeast the voters Are More a a gradualist in civil rights than or. Kennedy himself. And in Congress tentative attempts to strengthen the administrations civil rights package draw Little support. In time we believe the populace As a whole will come to accept the presidents civil rights proposals and even be willing to go beyond them. Right now however the administration is at least a step ahead of the general Public and it seems foolish to upbraid or. Kennedy for a backwardness that shows itself More blatantly almost everywhere else. Yet the letters cited mostly reveal the torments Frost underwent a a sister goes insane. A son commits suicide. A daughter Dies of complications in childbirth. Mrs. Frost Dies before their 50th anniversary a these Are facts not All the Public knew. They May understand Frost better by Reading these letters. The letters reveal trials common to Many people but not usually so Many for one single person. It is fortunate for such a soul As frosts that he had friends like Untermeyer on whom to lean. To make religious exercises really popular All that a necessary is to have them forbidden by somebody. Boston Globe. The ultimate National Holiday is the one to be celebrated for having survived All the others. Wall Street journal. Today anti Preponderate scientific opinion was what made test ban treaty a reality by Walter Lippmann Washington. So that we shall not expect too much or value too Little the partial test ban treaty we must i believe ask Why this agreement which has been suggested so often before became at last feasible. What has been the primary reason not the pollution of the air by fallout. The danger of that has been known for years. Not the soviet quarrel with red China. For while that could conceivably explain Why Moscow became willing to agree with us it does not explain Why Washington became willing to agree with Moscow. Not a sudden realization after the confrontation on Cuba that War must be avoided though it is True that the remembrance of what it was like to stand on the Brink has not been forgotten in Moscow and in Washington. These and Many other reasons have no doubt played a contributing part in the decision on both sides to sign the partial test ban treaty. But the primary reason has been i submit that a preponderant scientific opinion which has developed on both sides that continued testing in the atmosphere could almost certainly not produce a decisive breakthrough in the nuclear race. There is a dissenting minority led by or. Teller in this country and reflected in the negative votes in the Senate which continues to believe that a breakthrough can be made of enough atmospheric tests Are conducted. And there is reason to believe that in the soviet military establishment there Are russian counterparts to or. Teller. But the two governments having heard the Teller Case argued by scientists have rejected it and that is the decisive reason Why they negotiated this treaty. To be sure our responsible officials have been careful not to go on record publicly that a breakthrough to an antimissile missile is virtually impossible. But they could not have supported the test ban had they not become convinced by the Large majority of american experts and disinterested scientists that the absolute weapon cannot be produced by continued testing in the atmosphere. No doubt or. Teller is a formidable Man to overrule. He would not have been overruled if the weight of opinion opposed to it were not overwhelmingly formidable. For if there were any real Chance of achieving the absolute weapon the risks of not testing would be absolutely enormous. The government would not have taken such risks. What is More we must not forget that or. Khrushchev would not have taken such risks. What has actually happened is that both governments have renounced what they have come to believe is an unproductive method of reaching what is very probably an unattainable goal. They have not renounced the cold War. They have not made peace. But they have cleared the physical and moral atmosphere without sacrificing any vital interest. We should it seems to me think of the treaty As one in a series which began with the treaty to renounce the militarization of the Antarctic continent and is so the president now proposes to go on to a number of cooperative enterprises of which the most spectacular is the exploration of the Moon. The whole series leaves aside the vital issues of the cold War and proceeds to Deal with issues that while not vital Are unnecessarily competitive and irritating. A settlement of the cold War which extends to All the continents is not in sight. The cold War will smoulder on for generations. But what has happened in very recent times is that the vital issues Between the soviet Union and the Atlantic Community a which arise chiefly from the partition of Europe the partition of Germany and the partition of berlins Are being defused. That is to say neither Side is expecting to Settle the issues by nuclear weapons. That is a great Deal better than of they expected these issues to be such that they could be solved Only by nuclear weapons. By dealing with the peripheral issues a Antarctica Atmos letter to the editor Stratton Chesil it to the editor of the Benner recently the Banner made a. Report on the Stratton Mountain Access Road built by the state Only two years ago at a Cost of $300,000 and now a washboard filled with potholes. Since then other papers have argued that because the Stratton Mountain ski and real estate development is making Money it does no to matter whether there have been deals and devastation in connection with it. In considering the Stratton Road it is Well to remember that ski business is not manufacturing. Granted All the great Good in payroll and profit coming from Stratton Mountain the skiing there is derived from a Stratton Mountain. The developers exploited this great Vermont natural resource joined with the great natural Law of Gravity to produce skiing. Whoever a a owns it Stratton Mountain is a Vermont resource in the same Way that Lake Champlain is regardless of who owns the Shoreline. And those who have poured their sweat into the Stratton development and those who have made their land and dwellings available need Bow to no one. On the contrary we have had reason to expect that in return for the privilege of exploiting this great Vermont resource the Stratton corp. Management would show Public responsibility including respect for the mountains wealth in water and Scenic Beauty. Instead streams have been polluted and exhausted valleys scarred by gravel pits and summer silences shattered by gravel crushers. As for the part played by Edward g. Janeway Windham county senator and Stratton corp. Stockholder and member of the Board of directors a majority of that Board gave Janeway full credit at the time for passage of the Stratton Access Road Bill in Montpelier. It was Janeway too who engaged an Auto dealer then chairman of the Legislatures ways and Means committee to do the initial Clearing Job which delayed construction into cold weather Janeway also is known to have offered a Stratton corp. Contract to at least one other legislator while the Stratton Access Bill was being considered. In regard to the Impact of the ski area on the towns while grand lists May have risen in Winhall and Stratton neither town can afford to pay for maintenance and or reconstruction of the Stratton Access Road. This May be because town listers have hesitated to assess these properties at their full fair Market value. It should also be noted that in the Case of the Stratton Access it is the Only ski Road built by the state dead ending into private lands and slicing through and opening up for Sale lands belonging almost entirely to one corporation. The state Highway department used the route selected by the corporations own Survey and Engineer. Having received a 41/2mr� driveway As a gift from ver Mont perhaps the Stratton corp. Itself could be asked to maintain it. Just How much natural exploitation and Public assistance is due a private Enterprise rather than excuse the Stratton Access experience it might be More practical to learn a lesson for the future and adopt a state policy which would 1. For private recreation developments limit state Ald for Access roads to a part of the Highway Cost or a percentage of the projects private capitalization. 2. Before state Aid is granted require submission of plans and approval of the developments use of surrounding resources natural and Public. 3. In cases of commercial property receiving state Aid consideration also could be Given to having the state participate in assessing property taxes As Well As in collecting them. The Stratton Access Road was built by an inexperienced Corner cutting out of state contractor. Where the state is paying for a Road with Vermont taxpayers Money it would further seem proper to limit the bidding to Vermont contractors. Had a Vermont contractor done the Stratton Access Job we could Call him on the carpet now but chances Are his Road would have held up. Mrs Malvine Cole. Stratton. Sparks from the forge recommended with reservation Pherice tests going to the Moon a it will not become harder and it May become easier to Deal with the vital Central issues. Just this week the Secretary general of the Gaulish party in France told the Council of Europe meeting in Strasbourg that a Europe must be careful not to become the victim of this closeness Between the United states and the soviet Union. Monsieur Baumel need not worry too much about that closeness. He is having a Nightmare induced by Reading too much european history and too Little american history when he imagines Khrushchev and Kennedy sitting Down to impose a settlement on Europe. Even if we wanted to make a Deal behind the backs of our German and French allies we could not make one. We have Many faults heaven Only knows but How to play Machiavelli or or Richelieu is not in the american educational curriculum. By Samuel r. Ogden Landgrove. There exists a great work on american democracy written by a Frenchman the Book a democracy in America a the author Alexis de Tocqueville. This Book should form a part of the intellectual baggage of every thinking american and if you Are not familiar with it you should go out and get a copy at the first Opportunity. But let me warn you do not get the Galaxy edition published by the Oxford University press and edited by Henry Steele comma Ger. Neither cover nor title Page give a hint that this Book has been doctored but such is in fact the Case. This will soon be discovered by one familiar with the edition edited by Phillips Bradley and published in 1945 by Knopf. Both books Are based on the Henry Reeve translation but the commager Job is characterized by the omission from the text of those parts which were politically distasteful to him. I would do Well no doubt to avoid Imbro Ligos with such Learned savants As is prof. Commager but i find what he has done in this Case to be unforgivable. It is True that there is an a explanatory note which attempts to justify the abridgement an abridgement of which the Reader is not warned either on cover or title Page thus unless by Chance he stumbled upon the inconspicuous and Brief note which precedes the introduction the unsuspecting Reader would be misled into believing that this was All of a democracy in american that there was. And this is what puts my fur up. Prof. Commager says in explanation a for students will not read or will read with the greatest reluctance the whole of a democracy in America a and so he throws out roughly one third of the text assert rating that what remains a is More More palatable to whom Why i suppose to those who believe that self deceit and the distortion of facts and texts Are a legitimate and necessary part of the egalitarian doctrine. Those who believe along with Walt Whitman a in the idea of totality of the All perfect All successful final certainties of each individual Man As Well As of the world he prof. . Sorokin has said of these people a a they profess a firm belief in the possibility of limitless Progress based on Many a ability to control his own destiny to eradicate All social and cultural evils and to create even a better and finer world free from War and bloody strife from crime poverty insanity stupidity and in his Book a the crisis of our age a or. Sorokin goes on to say a unfortunately this dazzling facade is not the Only aspect of our cultural and social edifice. Like the mythical double faced Janus it has another a and More sinister a face the face of a great degradation and dehumanization of Man of debasement distortion and the desecration of All social and cultural values. If the dazzling facade glorifies Man As the divine hero the second face strips him of everything divine and heroic. If one face of our culture shows it As a creative flame of human Genius rising higher and higher to the eternal world of absolute values its second face sneers at such self delusion and drags it Down to the level of a Mere reflex olo tical ant Hill to the Mere a adjustment mechanism of human ants and a Good bit of the text that prof. Commager discarded was contained in the final chapter chapter 28 in part i entitled a the present and probable future condition of the three races that inhabit the territory of the United to omit these too pages was an act of Gratis thous censorship. It can not be excused on the basis of Lack of interest for in fact this chapter is the most fascinating and the most depressing one in the whole work. Perhaps de Tocque Ville is woefully mistaken in these judgments set Down herein such terrifying clarity but what is hoped to be gained by censorship Are the facts something which we should be afraid to face and should we be sheltered from them it is this Type of Pussy footing that gives me a pain and again i must come around to Jacques Maritain a aphorism concerning those who think they have a tender heart but merely have a soft head. Not too Many year go Paul Kammerer in the preface to his Book a the inheritance of acquired characteristics a wrote a but with the inheritance of acquired characteristics the proud edifice of humanity a Progress stands and Falls a when it turned out that the experiments upon which he based his Book had been falsified by his students he committed suicide. Visiting editor Conant hurls fresh Spear into blackboard Jungle by Ralph Mcgill Atlanta a. Or. James b. Conant is a quiet Man of considerable Resolution who for some years now has been contesting with dragons in the blackboard Jungles. He has not killed them but he has inflicted serious perhaps fatal wounds on some and irritated them All. His study of the american High school initiated reforms which continue. His latest Spear was Flung at the dragon of teacher education. It has produced Bellows pains and rage but there is plenty of life left and there Are those who Are saying or. Conant did not put enough muscle in his throw. A of that american education is in the midst of a crisis is undisputed. The problem is so Complex that not All its elements Are known. Indeed there Are Days when at least a portion of the educational roof seems to have fallen in. The classrooms Are too crowded. But paradoxically too Many Are quitting them in the form of the City streets Are used to thousands of Young men and women who Are not merely unemployed but unemployable because of too Little education and Inadequacy of skills. Nor is this by any Means All. The education of the american negro is revealed by the opening of jobs and the Lack of enough trained personnel to fill them to have been a and to be a a scandal. But at the same time it also is made Clear that there Are thousands of White youngsters who largely because of a segregated system that was supposed to a a protect them have had a Thirl or fourth rate education. At least a third of our population regardless of color is now getting poor Quality instruction. Meanwhile the pressure on the prestige colleges is at a near intolerable level. A of for some time there have been rumblings about the qual Williams College faculty Gour Ity or Lack of it in teacher Mats have come up with a new training. Standards vary to the dish called a Christine Keeler a Point of chaos. The acquisition of or Chicken Cacciatore masters degrees is in some Williams alumni review. Institutions ridiculously easy and to be candid dishonest in substance and meaning. There Are now about 1,000 institutions where teachers Are prepared. They Are both private and Public and they May be teachers colleges universities or Liberal arts colleges. They graduate about 150,000 teachers each year. This is roughly a third of the graduating students in the nation. Yet so great is the total of teacher dropouts for marriage and better jobs because of boredom or other reasons and so accelerated is the birthrate that the shortage of teachers annually becomes More critical. In a shocking number of Rural counties More especially in the South there Are teachers who have not graduated from High school. Nor is this All the problem. There Are elected boards of education in All school districts townships and cities. A horrifying number of Board members Are themselves lacking in More than a High school education and have not the slightest notion about curriculum standards or what goes on in the educational world. The writer knows one Rural school Board where the level of formal education of the Board is fifth Grade a of or. Conant makes the dragon snort flame when he proposes to wipe out All of the Many and chaotic state requirements for certification. He would make eligible any Holder of a baccalaureate degree from a legitimate col lege who has participated in an approved practice teaching program and who holds a teaching certificate from a College or University certifying to his preparation. Or. Conant has not satisfied those who believe greater Reform must be in the education of the american teacher. But he has made a Start. Humor a la carte i if be can mute wheat purchases earn the aum states in our highly successful farm program we a manage to scrape through the winter4

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