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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 27, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Chance of rain partly Cloudy and warm today. His in Low 70s. Occasional rain developing and cooler tonight Low in mid 40s. Saturday Cloudy with possible rain and cooler. Sunrise 6 45 a.m., Sunset g 42. Bennington u in Bennington Vermont Friday september 27, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,294 Price 7 cents Valachi talks about youth Finger Man to packed hearing room Washington apr turncoat gangster Joseph Valachi testified today that Vito Genovese his former Boss in a new York crime Syndicate commands an underworld of 400to500 Quot soldiers sworn to a life of lawlessness. Valachi a convicted murderer and narcotics racketeer was before the Senate investigations thou a i Ilion school subcommittee As a Star witness in its massive new probe of organized crime. A heavy guard of plainclothes . Marshals was in the room to make sure nothing happens to Valachi. The underworld reportedly has marked him for death As a Stool Pigeon and put a $100,000 Price on his head. Genovese is under prison sen Community school Survey asks what citizens think message \ a telstar a Pope Paul a on the occasion is shown at Vatican City during speech transmitted i to Georgetown University at the Start of its 175th anniversary year. Cardinal Cicognani Vatican Secretary of state. Of his go the birthday yesterday telstar communications satellite to a left is a in in to a photo gov. Hoff to seek consultants to help keep Fairbanks Morse Montpelier apr gov. Hoff said today he will ask the emergency Board monday for up to $10,000 to pay for the hiring of consultants who will help the state in its fight to keep Fairbanks Morse amp co. Operating in the St. Johnsbury area. The firm says its present Plant is outmoded and that a move out of Vermont is being considered. A i want this state to be Able to have a first class presentation a Hoff said. He added the presentation to Fairbanks Morse will be made sometime next week either in new York or St. Johnsbury. Hoff said he intends to attend the presentation a if it will help at the consultants would be hired by the development department to come up with information the company has requested on the labor Pool and in general a what they need regarding a new Plant equipment transportation and other factors a Hoff said. A we have to prove tothe that they can do As Well in Vermont As anywhere else a Hoff said. A and let me Tell you we Are in Competition with other states in this Hoff said he could not name the other states trying to lure Fairbanks Morse away. The governor said the presentation would be made in an attempt to show Fairbanks Morse it would be to their Benefit to consolidate their entire weighing scale division in St. Johnsbury housed in a new Plant to Cost $5 million or More. With consolidation employment would jump from 550 to some 700 or 800, he said. The new workers could be trained by the state s employment Security department Hoff said. Financing at Start would be wholly by the Federal government with the state sharing half the Cost later. Other ways the state could help would be through the Industrial building authority and Industrial Loans administered by the development department. The governor also said St. Johnsbury Airport would have to be improved to accommodate a larger Fairbanks Morse operation. He flew Over the area yesterday to review its runway facilities and said today the runway would have to be expanded to take care of do 3 sized planes. Noting St. Johnsbury turned Down a Bond Issue last january to finance its share of a Federal state local improvement project Hoff said he has asked aeronautics commissioner Edward f. Knapp to review sources of Federal Aid. Hoff said that if necessary he would propose that the state make a a substantial contributions in the efforts to keep the fir in in Vermont. He would not estimate what a substantial contribution would amount to. Hoff also would not Rule out the possibility of a Bond Issue to finance the states Effort. Meanwhile local business and residents in St. Johnsbury have reached the $250,000 goal they set in securing pledges toward financing of the new Plant. And a new goal of $500,000 was set for local Macmillan weighs Colure will lunch with Iii i an failed to of London. He invited gov Feller of new y him there. Rockefeller european tour. In Hist Levisi the Nis Cial Vest n a. Rock Lurich with on a London apr prime minis causation that mat Ter Macmillan retired to his meet his res Poi country Home today to Ponder Profumo affair t the biggest question of British Ter left for Chest politics will he seek another country resides term his decision he told the nation in an emotional television interview thursday night will take no account of the Profumo scandal. A i shall have Only one thing in in his television interview Mac mind a he said a what is Best for Millan said he had tailed to act the country and the conservative promptly against former War minister John Profumo because with argument still raging Over he had been deceived by prof lord Dennings report and its a mods lies. Hajj jumps Coll of it Lford Park has t b Montpelier a property for a proposed new state Park in Woodford has not in fact been acquired Perry h. Merrill commissioner of the state forests and Parks department reported thursday. Merrill a statement contradicted an announcement Ziade earlier this week by gov. Philip h. Hoff. Hoff said he had approved a proposal for a immediate development of the Park and reported that a 240-acre tract with a 25-acre Lake had been purchased As the site for construction of camping and other facilities. Merrill declined to specify the property under consideration or who owns it because of the effect the disclosure might have on Purchase negotiations. But it is believed that the body of water involved is an artificial Pond known As Adams Reservoir formed by the construction of the so called Burlington dam. The Pond is about a half mile South of Vermont 9 a Little More than a mile West of the Searsburg town line. Merrill could not give further details on the proposed development until the property has been surveyed More completely and that is not expected until after a we have the deed in our capital investment. At a noon meeting yesterday it was decided that $250,000 would not meet the needs for financing a consolidated company operation in the area. Directors of it. Anthony Union school District today mailed about 3,000 questionnaires to residents of the Union District in an Effort to determine voters feelings about a proposed new Union High school. Questions on the form Range from those dealing with the Basic Union District concept to those dealing with specific matters of site and costs of a new school. Results of the a Community school Survey a As directors Are calling it will have a direct bearing in their preparation of a new building proposal. The proposal developed by last years Union Board was twice rejected by voters. Recipients of the mailed questionnaire were determined on a random basis by taking every third name on each of six member districts checklists which together total some 9,000 voters. The system was used in order to get the opinion forms to a Large representative Sample of residents of the Union District. This Means that the questionnaire is reaching those strongly in favor of the previous proposal those strongly opposed to it and those somewhere in Between. Directors Are equally interested in All shadings of opinion. Directors have made return of the questionnaire a simple matter. Respondents after completing it need Only to refold it As it arrived in the envelope addressed to them attach the sticker provided and place it in the mail. The return address is already printed on the form no stamp or envelope is necessary. Those not receiving the questionnaire in the Sample mailing Are also invited to answer it. Copies May be obtained at the office of supt. Allan j. Heath 225 school St., or persons May use the facsimile form which will be printed in saturday s Banner. The questionnaire need not be signed unless the respondent wants to. Returns from the formal Sample will be tabulated separately from those received from other sources. But All opinions presented will be taken into consideration. Quiet past t. One i order Kennedy attacks far right sees isolation As Retreat Salt Lake City apr president Kennedy has taken Sharp Issue with some of the foreign policy ideas advanced by sen. Barry Coldwater. Kennedy said these and other proposals backed by some conservatives would Lead the nation into a a dangerous world of Retreat a not of Kennedy did not mention by name the Arizona Republican who May be his gop opponent in the 1964 presidential Campaign. But he included some Goldwater policies in a catalogue of what he termed unacceptable proposals advanced by ultraconservative. In a major address thursday night before a full House of 8,000 at the historic mormon Tabernacle Kennedy argued that these policies would be a fatal to our National Security and a invite a communist without question Kennedy in this speech went farther than Ever before toward challenging Goldwater. But he went beyond that and took Issue with the whole political Force often labelled a the Radical he did so in a state where conservative sentiment always Strong has seemed on the Rise. The president contended that under the policies of his administration a the communist offensive has been thwarted and turned Back in recent he insisted the gains could be lost by a return to conservative attitudes which he likened to those of the Mckinley Era. In particular the president criticized proposals to break off diplomatic relations a with All states whose principles we dislike a to withhold Aid from countries a whose governments Are run differently from our own and to resume atmospheric nuclear testing. Kennedy summed up his re mini in on the inside Why Putnam memorial Hospital rejected Federal Grants Page 3. The dominican Republic coup is a loss for democracy says an editorial Page 4. Three persons injured in triple car crash in Manchester Page 5. A Winnie the Pooh opens at Dorset playhouse Page 5. Area Scholastic football teams Active at Home and away saturday Page 6. Spouse to those who would abandon the United nations end foreign Aid resume atmospheric nuclear tests and Cut diplomatic ties with the soviet Union by saying a in world affairs As in All other aspects of life the Days of the quiet past Are gone and with the help of present policies he contended a the communist offensive has been thwarted and turned Back in recent this was the most important speech Kennedy has made during his 10,000-mile Western tour. And he delivered it in a state and in a Rocky Mountain Region a where conservative sentiment has seemed on the Rise. The president s schedule today was another heavy one starting with a Salt Lake City Airport talk dedicating the $66 million flaming Gorge dam Miles away near the Wyoming Border. Kennedy in remarks prepared for the ceremony said this project on the Colorado River a stands in the finest traditions of Federal state cooperation and Public private he noted that Federal Public and private Power so big deals seen from talks with Grimy United nations . Apr foreign ministers of the United states Britain and West Germany met today to review cold War issues in Advance of a meeting of the ministers of the three big nuclear Powers saturday. There was a growing feeling among Western diplomats that no wide agreement will ensue from the forthcoming encounter with soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko. In Advance of his meeting with Secretary of state Dean Rusk and lord Home of Britain Gerhard Schroeder of West Germany was reported agreeable to saturdays Rusk Home exploration with Gromyko provided prospects for German reunification Are not Hurt. Rusk and Home met thursday and were said to believe that while some secondary accords May be possible soon S.C. As a step up in .-soviet communications and Trade a movement will be slow on political issues. It was stated that both the communists and the West have problems of their own which hinder their flexibility on East West issues. The soviets Are in a feud with the red chinese. The Western allies have trouble agreeing on More than a Standfast policy on Berlin. Systems would share the fruits. At the mormon Tabernacle the enthusiastic audience twice applauded Kennedy a defense of the nuclear test ban treaty As a one Chance to end the radiation and the possibilities of the president said the treaty a is important As a first step perhaps to be disappointed perhaps to find ourselves ultimately set backs a but a step nevertheless toward avoidance of nuclear disaster. Kennedy said the nation has experienced a real wrench in turning from isolationism to internationalism since 1941. A i see it in the letters that come to my desk every Day a he said declaring that involvement abroad represents a Strain evident a fall Over the summarizing what he termed current confusions Kennedy said a we find ourselves entangled with apparently unanswerable problems in unpronounceable places. We discover that our enemy in one decade is our ally in the next. We find ourselves committed to governments whose actions we cannot often approve assisting societies with principles very different from our in this situation he said it is Little wonder that a we look Back to the Good old Days with nostalgia and lament the fact that a your policy seems to have lost the Black and White clarity of simpler times when we remembered the Maine and went to Hoosick Falls woman injured in crash Here mrs. Margo m. Hall 24, of Hoosick Falls ., suffered a compound fracture of the jaw and severe cuts of the face Early this morning when the 1963 car she was driving went off South Stream Road and crashed into an embankment state police said this morning. The Accident occurred according to police As the vehicle was travelling South around a left curve just South of the Beech Street school. Mrs. Hall was taken to Putnam memorial Hospital by the Bennington Rescue squad and was later transferred to the Albany medical Center. The car was considered a total wreck. After the Accident mrs. Hall who was alone made her Way to the Home of mrs. Ernest Carpenter of South Stream Road and called for help. Mrs. Carpenter was awakened and summons Potence now As a narcotics racketeer but nevertheless reportedly still runs the mob. Valachi described Genovese As not Only the head of his family in the Cosa Nostra but As the a Boss of Bosses under the table a the head Man of the families in new York except for the Brooklyn group. A this was the Man i had the greatest respect for the whole 30 years a Valachi said. A i even stuttered when i spoke to him sometimes that show much respect i had for him. He stood up for me at my but after a 1960 narcotics conviction when both were in Atlanta Federal prison Genovese a walked up to me and gave me a kiss a Valachi related. He said it was the kiss of death and that he kissed Genovese Back to show a i was smart. I was losing respect for him at this soon afterwards Valachi killed another inmate of the prison and told officials he killed him because he feared Genovese had sent the Man to kill him. Valachi a neat figure in a dark Gray suit appeared to be tense As he started his testimony. But the tension seemed to Drain away As the 60-year-old hoodlum launched into his Story under questioning by sen. John l. Mcclellan d-ark., then by sen. Karl e. Mundt . He said he was a member of the syndicates ruling Power the secret criminal society known to its members As la Cosa Nostra and specifically a member of a unit of the Syndicate in new York City headed by Genovese. He said each unit is ruled by a Boss unde Boss and lieutenant with the rank and file members known As soldiers. Asked about the size of Genovese s underworld of soldiers Valachi replied a Vito Genovese has 450 a in and around that. It could be 500.�?� a a that a the family i belonged to a Valachi added. He said la Cosa Nostra used to be run by a a Boss of All Bosses a but has a a a commission at its head now that sits As a sort of Kangaroo court to adjust differences inside the mob. Police estimated 300 spectators were crammed into the room. In the corridor outside were about 150 More hoping to get in later. Sen. John l. Mcclellan,d-ark., chairman of the Senate investigations subcommittee began the questioning by asking the Gangland informant about his youth. Valachi said he was born in new York City sept. 22,1903,and that his parents came from Naples Italy. In response to questions from sen. Karl Mundt r-s.c., Valachi said he had attended Public school but reached Only the 7th Grade. A i got my working papers at 15,�?� Valachi said. A my first Job was on a a How Long did you work legitimately before you turned to crime a Mundt asked. A a in a say about a year All told a Valachi replied. Under questioning from Mcclellan Valachi said he now is serving three sentences in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta two of 15 and 20 years each for narcotics conspiracy and one a life sentence for a murder committed while in prison. Valachi was asked whether he was a member of any secret criminal organization. A yes lamp or i was a he said adding that he had joined the group in 1930. See Valachi continued on Page to after testifying a cigarette a mobster Joseph Valachi pauses to Light a cigarette after testifying yesterday behind closed doors on his experiences As a member of a nation wide crime Syndicate. Salahi 60-year-old convicted dope peddle and murderer was brought from the District of Columbia jail to testify before the Senate investigations subcommittee. He is scheduled to testify at a Public hearing today. A photo Prouty a vulnerable in �?T64, Hoff predicts Montpelier apr gov. Philip h. Hoff said today he thinks sen. Winston l. Prouty r-vt., will be a a a vulnerable target when he comes up for reelection next year. Democrat Hoff said Prouty a voting record is a conservative to the Hoff did not detail his complaints about Prouty a voting record but he said a let me give you an example. Whenever we in this office need help in Washington we go to George Aiken who has been absolutely but the governor said he has not been refused cooperation Prouty. Hoff said he thought state sen. Frederick j. Fayette of South Burlington could whip Prouty at third Quint fakes Bot i in All is Well Aberdeen . Apr a third Fischer quintuple went exclusively to bottle feeding thursday after she pulled her feeding tube off her face. All five quilts were reported a acting like Normal Mary Margaret the last born was the latest of the premature babies to end feeding through plastic tubes attached to the Quint so noses. James Andrew and Mary Magdalene placed exclusively on bottle feeding thursday got another increase in feedings today. Or. James Berbos who delivered the babies to mrs. Andrew Fischer 30, sept. 14, said the switch to la it titles indicates the quilts Are growing Strong enough to handle the tiring sucking chore. A spokesman for St. Luke a Hospital said the babies continued to be Active raising their feet and turning in their isolette. The polls. Prouty Defeated Fayette in 1956, winning his first Senate term. The governor said there were other candidates within the democratic party who could Knock off Prouty including Bernard j. Led by the Burlington lawyer who nearly Defeated Robert t. Stafford for the governorship in 1958. As for a question on whether he thought former gov. F. Ray Keyser or. Would seek the gop gubernatorial nomination in a Battle against it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote Hoff replied with a smile a i think it is a Good thing that As Many people As possible be Active in John m. Spencer democratic state chairman also on hand for the news conference said two Good prospects for his party a congressional candidacy would be state rep. Richard h. Schmidt of Burlington and judge Thomas Salmon of the Bellows Falls municipal court. A and there Are others a Spencer said. Spencer expressed doubt that Harold Raynolds of Pomfret would try for major office next year. Raynolds was Defeated by Stafford in the congressional race last year. Ii ii i i i Iii it we ii Kinrd but still i Iii Quot rooms san Juan . Apr erratic Hurricane Edith weakened somewhat Early today As it roared up Between the Western end of puerto Rico and the neighbouring dominican Republic. It still packed a dangerous punch of winds rain and Stormy seas. Winds of too Miles an hour at the hurricanes Core slackened to 75 Miles while storm tides As High As eight feet above Normal dropped to four to six feet above Normal. Hoosick Falls woman in Jln red mrs. Margo m. Hall of Hoosick Falls . Suffered a compound fracture of the jaw and severe facial cuts after the car she was driving went off South Stream Road Early this morning and crashed into an embankment. The car above is considered a total loss. Staff photo Buckler

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