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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Sunny and warm sunny and warm today High to to 75. Partly Cloudy and not so Cool tonight. Friday mostly Cloudy. Yesterdays High Tilow 33. Today at t ., 35. Sunset 6 44 . Sunrise tomorrow 6 44 The planet Jupiter is at Perihelion the Point in its orbit nearest the Earth. Bennington 17 to a n n e in Bennington Vermont thursday september 26, 1963 established 1841. 60th year no. 19,293 Price 7 cents off outlines results of talks with Fairbanks Morse official Sam dominican Republic coup investigates i i Montpelier apr gov. Phillip h. Hoff meets today to Swap information with Union officials representing workers at the Fairbanks Morse and company Plant in St. Johnsbury. Hoff is expected to outline the discussion he had in new York tuesday with top officials of Fairbanks Morse. The firm which manufactures weighing Scales is considering closing Down its St. Johnsbury operation which employs some 550 persons one sixth of the area work Force. The Union officials probably will report to the governor on the status of contract negotiations with the company. The present contract Between management and local 234, United electrical radio and machine workers of America expires november i. Hoff said yesterday five conclusions were reached in his talks with the Fairbanks Morse officials i. The present St. Johnsbury Plant is a antiquated and no longer serves the purposes of the company. 2. Consolidation of weighing operations is under consideration and must be seen As Likely in the near future. 3. Locations and consolidations Are being studied by the firm with a decision expected a in the very near 4. No decision has been made As to the location of a new Plant at St. Johnsbury a has not been ruled out As a 5. The a ultimate decision will be made solely on the basis of what from a business viewpoint is the Best interest of the the governor said Fairbanks Morse agreed to furnish the state the information necessary to determine the firms minimum and maximum needs a so an adequate presentation could be made by St. Johnsbury and the state of Albert a Cree chairman of the Central Vermont Public service corp., who accompanied Hoff to new York remained there to get this information the governor said. Hoff said he is convinced the company a original statement that it was considering closing Down the St. Johnsbury Plant a was made in an Effort not to mislead the Union As to the company a future there had been speculation the first announcement had been made in View of the work contract negotiations which Are about to get underway in an attempt to curb Union demands. The Union and management did not reach agreement yesterday on an Extension of the current contract. The Union proposed that a contract Extension be based on a company guarantee that a new Plant would be built in St. Johnsbury. Both sides agreed to begin new contract negotiations oct. 4. A if the company will agree to Start construction on a fixed Date the Union will immediately Call members together to vote on substantial modifications of contract proposals already submitted a said Hugh j. Harley regional representative for the Union and John Johnson president of local 234. Bombing Senate crime probe will hear mobster talk All about it Washington apr mobster Joseph Valachi go came to the Capitol today to testify in a sen ate crime probe and put the Finger on underworld big shots. The convicted dope peddle and murderer was hustled into a heavily guarded hearing room in the old Senate office building where the Senate investigations subcommittee was to hear in private what he Learned about a nationwide crime Syndicate As one of its members. A Public hearing is to be held f riday. A squat Brown haired Man in a Gray suit the grim faced Valachi was smuggled into the office building by a guard of six . Marshals and quickly taken Down a Long corridor to the hearing room. The marshals held him by each but in the room of newsmen photographers and spectators it was impossible to determine if he was handcuffed. This is the first time in about a year the mobster murderer had been brought out of hiding by the Law. Officers believe the underworld has posted a $100,000 Reward for anyone who can silence him. Valachi Hopes ids testimony will help to topple the leaders of his old crime society known to its members As la Cosa Nostra. Birmingham Ala. Apr police pushed investigation into the City a latest bombing apparently a treacherous Decoy Type bombing while a two Man presidential team scheduled another round of meetings today with White and negro a in t s. The latest bombing occurred Early wednesday hours after the arrival of former army Secretary Kenneth c. Royall and former army football coach Earl Blaik. Royall and Blaik were sent by president Kennedy to promote racial Harmony in this tense City. They described themselves As a Friendly investigators of the bombing said a minor explosion set off in a clump of Bushes and honeysuckle vines was apparently designed to lure people and police onto the Street. Then they would have been caught in the full Force of a second blast from a shrapnel bomb which exploded 14 minutes later and hurled nails and pieces of Metal through windows and into Walls of houses investigators said. Residents of the Southside Birmingham Section failed to Rush out after the initial blast however and there were no injuries when the shrapnel bomb went off. Royal and Blaik met with White and negro leaders wednesday and indicated they had scheduled another round of meetings today and in following Days. Details were not released. Military controls Power Juan d. Bosch Hurricane my it ii puerto Rico threat Miami Fla. Apr Hurricane Edith threatened puerto Rico the dominican Republic and Haiti with dangerously High tides today and stuck to a West Northwest course that raised the possibility of a direct blow at Jamaica. Macmillan will Battle Over Profumo report London apr prime minister Macmillan dug in today for an All out Battle with the lao or party opposition and Critie party Oer lord Dennings report on the Profumo scandal. In his 55,000-word document Denning Britain a second highest Jurist held that Macmillan and his ministers failed in their responsibility by not discovering and dealing with the Romance Between former War minister John Profumo and prostitute Christine Keeler. The prime minister plainly intended to fight Back. He sched cd rime probe attorney general Robert Kennedy testified before the Senate investigations subcommittee in Washington As the opening witness in an in estimation designed to Bare the Workings of a National crime Syndicate. The subcommittee is exploring the affairs of a secret criminal society known As Cosa Nosta. A Coldwater wont appear at University of . Tax Bill now Iii prospects seem Senate. Dubious Washington apr the House has passed president Kea Nedys $11-billion tax Cut Bill by a 271-155 Vole. Handing him on o the biggest legis Lul a victories of his administration. Toe Battleground immediately shifts to the Senate where administration forces already have launched an All out drive for passage this year. The prospects Are highly dubious. Of the Senate should approve the Bill in its present form ultimate reductions would Range Between $100 and $200 a year for most taxpaying families More in the upper brackets. The Bill won the votes of 223 democrats and 48 republicans in the House Roll Call late wednesday which capped two Days of debate. Opposing passage were 12g republicans and 29 democrats. Just before passage the democrats turned Back 22g-199, a Republican backed move to cancel the tax Cut unless the president Cut Back spending below the present rate. The outcome was a special Triumph for rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., chairman of the ways and Means committee who led tin fight to prevent defections by Southern democrats on the showdown votes. The $11-billion reduction largest in history would be shared by practically All . Taxpayers. Both individuals and corporations would Benefit. Kennedy has called the measure the Keystone of his economic program. He has made it Clear the administration has placed its Hopes on solv ing the gnawing unemployment problem through increased spending resulting from the tax Cut. Senate democratic leaders voiced Strong Confidence they have the votes to pass the Bill eventually. It will remain alive in 19g4 if it fails to get through this year. But the administration is pushing hard for 19g3 passage so that the new reduced withholding can take effect Jan. I. As the House passed the measure two thirds of the benefits for individuals would be effective at the time. The drive Tor fast Senate action puts the spotlight squarely on sen. Harry f. Byrd d-va., finance committee chairman whoop pos is any tax Cut without offsetting spending reductions. Byrd announced that his committee would begin closed door briefings on the Bill with congressional staff experts a week from today and that they will continue at least a week. This probably Means that Secretary of the Treasury in Vuglas Dillon will not get a Chance to Lead off the Public hearings until oct. 14 or 15. Senate democratic leaders did not at once take Issue with Byrd publicly but privately expressed deep disappointment at this decision. on the inside Winhall Drivers petition for Access Road repairs a Page 7. Democratic caucuses held in area towns a Page 8. Beni boosters elect officers plan another Post game get together for saturday a Page to. Durham . Apr sen. Barry Coldwater r-ariz., has turned Down an invitation to visit the University of new Hampshire declaring that a my plans at present Are to run for re election to the . in a letter received yesterday by Sharon t. Powers president of the University Republican club the senator said a i have promised my Campaign manager i will make no commitments for next year until we have had a Chance to sit Down together and map our he added that his schedule for this year a has been completely filled for some sen. Norris Cotton r-., tuesday announced he would run in the states March to primary As a Delegate to the Republican National convention pledged to support Coldwater for the presidential nomination. Miss Powers said she invited Coldwater to visit the University Republican club after Republican gov. Nelson Rockefeller of new York accepted an invitation to speak at the school oct. 18. Neither Coldwater nor Rockefeller has announced if he will enter the states first in the nation primary though both now have received pledges of support. Last week former Republican gov. Hugh Gregg was named coordinator of Rockefeller for president activities in the state. Used a radio address to the nation tonight. Harold Wilson the labor party Leader was expected to renew his demand for a special session of parliament now in recess a to discuss the report. Macmillan has turned this request Down once. Denning emphasized he had found no breach of National Security nor any truth in widely circulated rumours that members of the Cabinet indulged in wild sex lives. But he said Profumo a conduct a his admission that he had d ated the 19-year-old Call girl and had addressed her As a a Darling in a letter was enough to create a a reasonable belief that he had committed adultery with such a a it was the responsibility of the prime minister and his colleagues and of them Only Todeal with this situation a said the report a and they did not succeed in doing the question of a betrayal of state secrets arose because of miss Keeler a Friendship with a russian naval attache while she was having the affair with Profumo. Profumo husband of actress Valerie Hobson at first denied to parliament there was any impropriety in his relationship with miss Keeler. In june in a statement resigning from the government and parliament he admitted he had lied. Subsequent revelations at the vice trial of miss Keeler a sponsor the late or. Stephen Ward further Shook the country. . Archives theft new York a the National archives in which the original manuscripts of the declaration of Independence and the Bill of rights Are kept was robbed of at least three 19th-Century letters More than a year ago it became known Here wednesday according to the new York times. The letters Are in the custody of Charles Hamilton an autograph dealer at 25 East 53rd Street who called in the Federal Bureau of investigation soon after a woman had sold him the letters. They will be returned soon to the archives in Washington. The letters which May depart of a considerably larger haul had been left with or. Hamilton while the Fri ascertained that they were from the archives. Or. Robert Bah Mer assistant archivist when asked about the theft said a we feel that we exercise a High degree of surveillance and one of the stolen letters dated nov. 17, 1864, gives information about Confederate army dispositions. It is believed to be part of a group of documents on civil War espionage that was stolen from the archives. Such a collection was discovered in the hands of a washing ton dealer and is now Back in the government s Possession. A second letter of the three Here written in 186g by Gen. Ulysses s. Grant is a two Page request to president Andrew Johnson asking for the Pardon of a Confederate Soldier. The third letter written in 1821 by Gen. Andrew Jackson complains bitterly and at length to John c. Calhoun Secretary of War about failure to receive his pay. Jackson wrote that he had been forced to i Burrow and demanded to know Why his pay had been withheld. Or. Hamilton bought the pieces from a woman who is believed to have rifled the archives a woman who is said to use nine aliases. She had written or. Hamilton from a midwestern City asking a intelligent questions about the Purchase of historical material. Eventually or. Hamilton sent her $500 Worth of Lette s by Andrew Jackson and others. He waited six months for payment and when none came asked the Post office to investigate. The Post office told or. Hamilton that it had been investigating the woman and her husband in nine cities and sent him handwriting specimens and also a picture of the woman. On sept. 27, 1962, while or. Hamilton was out of his shop a woman offered to sell the three stolen documents. Or. Hamiltons Secretary said there was something a nagging by familiar about the woman s wart studded face a and later recalled the picture supplied by the Post office. The woman and her husband came Back later but meanwhile or. Hamilton had told the Fri of ills Secretary s suspicions. An agent was on the premises when a Deal was made. Or. Hamilton paid $325 for the three items a a they re Worth about $1,000 retail a he said a and the agent followed the couple outside. The Sellers joined by three or four children were affably stopped by the agent posing As someone who knew them slightly and As one interested in autograph collecting. Arrangements were made for a meeting that evening but the couple slipped away when the agent made a Telephone Call. Payments on or. Hamiltons Check was stopped. The couple see archives continued on Page 14 Santo Domingo apr rightist anti co in Muni St military chiefs held Power in the dominican Republic today after deposing president Juan Bosch and accusing him of leading his country toward communism economic ruin and War with neighbouring Haiti. Bosch 54,a Liberal intellectual was expected to be sent into exile in puerto Rico. But he apparently still was a prisoner. Puerto rican gov. Luis Munoz Marin a close Friend had expected Bosch in san Juan wednesday night. An aide to the governor said he had Learned Bosch had been taken to san Ysidro air base 9 Miles from Santo Domingo. Bosch a wife and Young son and daughter already were in san Juan visiting Munoz Marin s family. The dominican military command said Bosch was a surrounded by All kinds of guarantees and big noise no buyer Iii wheat Deal Washington apr in All the Hub bub Over a possible Sale of . Wheat to the soviet Union at least one element is officially lacking the big buyer. Czechoslovakia a member of the soviet bloc has approached the United states on the Chance of a wheat Deal. But agriculture and state department officials insist that the soviet Union itself has made no move either directly or indirectly. However action of president Kennedy in requesting two House committees to discuss the matter with two Cabinet members today was open to the interpretation that the government had knowledge that an offer was on the Way. Two farm minded senators Hubert h. Humphrey d-minn., and George t. Aiken a it. A told newsmen they had heard from commercial and private Trade sources that the communists want Toby As much As 200 million bushels of wheat. The United states suspended diplomatic relations with Santo Domingo and a $50-million Aid program. The state department said a any overthrow of a democratically elected government is a loss to the policies of the countries of this hemisphere including our the dominican ambassador to Washington Enriquillo Del Rosario in Washington Enriquillo Del Rosario cabled the Junta a i will not serve an illegal unconstitutional he told a news conference a some of the newly Rich businessmen who were Happy at making a profit under the Trujillo dictatorship have been fighting the democratic government from the the leaders of the bloodless coup summoned Bosch a political opponents to pick a a respectable Many to Lead the nation of 3 million out of what they said was a chaotic state a brought about by administrative Bosch was seized in his Palace before Dawn wednesday. The bloodless coup ended his seven month Rule As the dominican republics first freely elected president in More than 30 years. Even Bosch a friends some of whom called him a dreamer had wondered whether the poet novelist had the practical ability after years in exile to Lead a nation released from dictatorship by the May 30, 1961, assassination of Rafael Trujillo. The military leaders headed by armed forces minister Elby Vinas roman said they ousted Bosch primarily because he coddled communists. He had rejected a military demand in july that he crack Down on leftists. There also was widespread dissatisfaction with a recent Law confiscating properties of All dominicans who prospered under the 31-year Trujillo dictatorship. The Law affected practically every Domican who had Money in a Bank Kennedy stirring up support in Rockies great Falls Mont. Apr president Kennedy fighting hard for voter enthusiasm in the Rocky Mountain Region argued today that his administration has gone All out for water resource projects. Swinging into the third Day of his 10,000-mile Western speaking tour Kennedy plugged for his water projects after making an emotional foreign policy address late wednesday at Billings Mont., before spending the night in grand Teton National Park in neighbouring Wyoming. Kennedy flies to great Falls from grand Teton today before winging into Washington and Utah. But even before he left grand Teton the travelling White House made Public the prepared text of his great Falls talk. In an obvious bid to whip up support in the water conscious West which voting returns indicate has become increasingly conservative Kennedy recalled that in the 1960 presidential Campaign he pledge a a reversal of the policy of a none a Kennedy said that by mid-1964 a we expect to have approved new construction starts on a total of 211 water resource projects and 182 watershed projects costing about $4 billion. This was a direct assault on the Eisenhower administration which for budgetary reasons at one Point proclaimed a policy of a no new starts on costly multipurpose water projects involving Power reclamation recreation and flood control. Kennedy also noted that in a great Falls speech three years ago he promised a we would devote the benefits of Public resources to the Public Good that we would not permit them to be developed for the sole Benefit of special Kennedy started out with a Stout defense of the Senate ratified partial nuclear test ban treaty a not because we Are going to be easier in our lives but because we have a Chance to avoid being democrats re elected re elected to Bennington town democratic committee positions at wednesday nights party caucus were from left mrs. Armet a. Babcock Secretary Lawrence e. Powers chairman and mrs. Ruby m. Vansantvoord. Treasurer. Missing from the picture is Michael j. Hogan or. Who was re elected vice chairman. Powers is re elected democratic chairman the Bennington county courthouse was filled to capacity wednesday night As More than too Bennington democrats turned out to re elect Lawrence f. Powers of North Bennington chairman of the town democratic committee Over challenger Raymond p. Petit of 118 Imperial ave. The decision came on a ballot vote with Powers receiving 60 votes to Betito a 41. It will be Powers second term. In opening action the Assembly voted to place All those attending the caucus on the town committee. While 101 voters took part in the election of officers Only 95 in fact signed their named to the town committee roster which was passed around during the balance of the meeting. Other town committee officers were also re elected. They Are vice chairman Michael j. Hogan or. Of 236 Grandview St., Secretary mrs. Carmel a. Babcock of 219 Union St., and treasurer mrs. Ruby m. Vansantvoord of Shadow Rook Road. Named As the committees 15 delegates to the Bennington county democratic committee were Sanford Buxbaum of North Bennington Robert e. Cummings or. Of 232 Grandview St., Richard a. Corcoran of North Bennington mrs. Gloria go of 122 Mccall St., mrs. Marion Cummings of 304 Washington ave., Earl j. Harris of North Bennington Robert Keough of North Bennington Stephen l. Vince of North Bennington Alfred t. Latour of school St., Joseph e. Joseph of North Bennington mrs. Nesbith Fienberg of Convent Avenue Donald Kearns of 961 Gage St., mrs. Babcock Powers and Betit. Also nominated but later withdrawing to reduce the number of nominations to exactly in to avoid a complicated and lengthy ballot see democrats continued on Page 14 Hep. Stafford Voles tax Cut. Vows Economy Washington apr rep. Robert t. Stafford r vt., voted yesterday in favor of president Kennedy a proposal for an $11 by i Ion tax Cut. But he promised afterwards to vote a against every possible new and unnecessary expenditure on the part of the Federal Stafford was one of Only 48 republicans to support the Bill. Voting against it were 126 cop congressmen. Stafford expressed regret at the defeat of a Republican motion to put a limit on the spending which the president could recommend to the Congress. He called present tax rates a regressive confiscatory and stage rating on the private sector of our Economy. By voting to reduce taxes we have chosen the Road of budding up our private Economy instead of trying to cure out economic ills by government

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