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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 25, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner wednesday september 25, 1963 the Bennington Banner Fischetti published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the uncivil rights claim the notion that a Man has the right to do As he pleases with his private property has a Strong Appeal for americans. In any Public controversy Over local zoning Over regulation of real estate sales Over desegregation of Public accommodations there is always a body of people who argue that the government is going too far. Agreeing perhaps that residential communities should be preserved from commercialization that jews should be welcomed into country clubs that negroes should be served in All restaurants they balk at Laws directed to these ends. They feel that private ownership is a right that should not be circumscribed. The government that limits a Many a Freedom to dispose of his private property As he sees fit they say is on the Road to serfdom. This for example is the View of the president of the National association of real estate boards who last week denounced the no discrimination clauses being written into state housing Laws. Criticizing regulations in Massachusetts Connecticut new York and half a dozen other states requiring property owners to rent or sell to anyone who has enough Money to buy Daniel f. Sheehan called it an a a odious movement that destroys one Freedom in the Guise of establishing another. It is his conviction that the equal rights victim that prevails in the Public realm cannot be carried Over into the realm of private property. This is the same thesis that senator Barry Coldwater and Southern Segre a Doin Battle with de spoilers one of the results of president Kennedy a current transcontinental tour of conservation projects and Scenic wonders will be renewed pressure on Congress to enact the so called wilderness Bill. The president is expected to whip up Public interest during his tour for the Bill to establish a National wilderness preservation system under which land not yet developed will be kept in its natural state. The measure has twice passed the Senate but has been stalemated in the House where the Interior committee refuses to report it out. The committees main objection sofar has been that the legislation is too far reaching. Under the Bill As passed by the Senate last april 8.2 million acres of National Forest already classified As wilderness would be placed permanently in the wilderness system. Another 57.2 million acres would be placed in the system on a 10-year trial basis. On recommendation of the president to Congress any part of the latter acreage could be placed in the permanent system unless the move were vetoed by either the House or the Senate. It is on this latter feature of the Bill that the opponents Are concentrating their fire. They argue that the Power to add land to the system should reside not in the president but Congress. They Are trying to Amend the measure to require of comment making Cha Agen in the schools Martin Mayer writing in the saturday evening Post making changes in the schools is uncomfortable like making changes in your House. To say that some schools teach mathematics in a form recognizable to mathematicians sounds Fine what it Means is that these schools teach math in a form not recognizable to administrators or parents or to the teacher unless she has had some special preparation first. Most americans in and out of education Pride themselves on their a common sense a but common sense in the modern world is often another name for ignorance. Where common sense sees a Magnet Only As a piece of Iron that picks up Needles the physicist sees an invisible arrangement of ferrite particles where common sense sees a primitive society Only As a howling Bunch of half naked Savages the anthropologist discovers the intricate social order by which these people arrange their lives. The reality with which our children must Deal is the arrangement of particles the alien culture. And we can to teach them about it ourselves they have to learn it in school. Zionists have been using in their fight against the Public accommodations Section of the administrations civil rights Bill. Because lunch counters and motels Are private property they argue neither the Federal nor state government should have the Power to determine who May patronize them. They say this Power rightfully belongs to the counter owner and Motel owner alone. It is an appealing argument in our society which likes to hark Back to Frontier Days when a Man was a Law unto himself and his log Cabin was his Castle. But a moments reflection discloses its falsity today. The person who owns a House in Bennington or a restaurant in Birmingham Alabama must observe the Law of the land. His ownership of property is subject to a vast array of limitations ranging from local zoning to that most absolute regulation of All eminent Domain. Whether he rents the property Sells it wills it or leaves it in Trust his actions Are limited by Law. He cannot do As he likes much As he might prefer to. Hence it is absurd for people to go on proclaiming this highly limited a a rights As a pretext for defacing a neighbourhood with signs or refusing to sell their House to a a a foreigners or shooing a coloured family from a lunch counter. The right of a . Citizen to equal Opportunity As set out in the Constitution plainly is the governing concept. Only within the framework of Federal state and local Law does a Man have the right to do As he likes with his own property. Formative action by Congress before the wilderness system can be expanded. Behind the attack on this one feature of the Bill however lies a powerful array of lumbering mining and utilities interests which make no secret of their distaste for Federal conservation legislation. They maintain that Washington has no right to a clock up the country a natural resources for the Sake of the comparative few who make pack trips into the Road less wilderness areas. They characterize the wilderness Bill As a Subtle bit of a class yet in truth that is just what it is not. The wilderness Bill in its present form is a Means of preserving for the Public land that otherwise would be taken Over by private interests. It benefits no special class but every american who likes unspoiled nature. The More than two million people who visit our present wilderness areas annually belong in that category. As the population grows moreover the need for unspoiled wilderness will grow. It is estimated that the demand for recreational space will have tripled by 1970, when the country s population will be nearly double what it is today. Yet land that is Cut Over and mined can never be restored to its natural state for wilderness is not a renewable resource. In this sense the current wilderness Bill is not a Whit too far reaching. It is a modest attempt to save for the Many millions of americans yet to come a chunk of the unspoiled nature that we have so Long taken for granted. Most of what is written about our schools is about teachers salaries or juvenile disorder or dances or football games or Driver training or religion a but what counts most is the intellectual equipment our children take with them from their years in the classroom. Today by the standards of what they Are going to need More than 95 per cent of our kids Are emerging from school pretty badly equipped. Everybody says that we live in a changing world but lots of people in schools and in Homes refuse to take the obvious next step and admit that today a children tire going to have to know a lot More than their parents Ever knew. Most parents unthinkingly want their children to lie just like them Only a happier a and More successful financially most schools fire perfectly willing to give the Public what it wants. Add a Pinch of Economy and flavor liberally with politicking and you have a recipe for disaster. The husband knows the honeymoon is Over when his wife complains about the noise he makes fixing his own breakfast. A Danville a commercial Appeal. The idealist credits sound sleep to a Good conscience the realist lays it to a Good mattress. Monroeville Ala journal. Syrup Salt amp vinegar Elizabeth t a Tor for president warm mete is Hope is life today and tomorrow president asks that Moon exploration become scientific feat not a stunt by Walter Lippmann Washington. The president has made his suggestion of collaboration in going to the Moon at a time when there is some improvement in .s.r.-.a. Relations. It happens also to be a time when there is a growing doubt among american scientists and among the people generally about the commitment to put an american Man on the Moon by the year 1970. The presidents proposal at the . Is it seems to me excellent even if the joint Effort proves to be technically and politically impracticable. It is excellent because it May offer an honorable Way to Correct the mistakes of our original commitments about going to the Moon. There were two big mistakes. One was the commitment to put a Man a living person rather than instruments on the Moon. The other mistake was to set a deadline a 1970 a when the Man was to land on the Moon. These two mistakes have transformed what is an immensely fascinating scientific Experiment into a morbid and vulgar stunt. The use of living men rather than instruments has Given a gruesome color to the whole Enterprise which is Akin to that of the circus performer who shoots a Flower out of his daughters Mouth. For this is showmanship and not science and it contaminates the whole affair. We shall be Back in the realm of honest science when we proclaim As our objective the Landing and orbiting of instruments which can Send Back exact data. Visiting editor death of Illie Heston recalls Early football wars the setting of 1970 As a target Date turned the Enterprise into a race in which the objective is. Not to explore the heavens but to be one up on the russians. By fixing a Date by making it a race we Are not Only prostituting the nature of the scientific Effort but Are distorting it. We have multiplied the Cost Many times and what is even More damaging to our society we Are straining beyond the proper limits our relatively Small Supply of scientists and technicians. Not since the pharaohs built the pyramids has a society devoted such Gigantic sums to a purpose which has almost nothing to do with its Security or its welfare. And yet the exploration of space will bring a new understanding of the universe and of life and this is a Noble end for which to work. But All this will be done Best a All this it Mav be can be done Only a of the impulses of the project Are purified if they Are cleansed of showmanship chauvinism and morbid commercialism. Opening up the heavens is too big an Enterprise to be mixed with concern about which nation gets the first headlines and the biggest ones. By Ralph Mcgill Atlanta a. On this Day i am talking about there was a lot of news in the paper about the thus and Ngos and not much of it was comprehensible. But on the obituary Page there was a Story about Willie Heston dying at the age of 85. As a halfback he had scored 93 touchdowns for Fielding hurry up Yost and Michigan in the seasons of 1901-4. One could understand All about Willie Heston. He belonged Back to the Days when the nation was feeling its Oats As a world Power. Spain had been Defeated. The . Navy had done a big Job. Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders had Ridden up san Juan Hill and chased the spaniards out of their trenches. Teddy in fact was to ride right on into the White House itself even though Mark Hanna the Republican Boss did no to like him and called him a a damned football was simpler then too. Fielding Yost who was a quiet rugged Square Cut Man used to take an oath that Willie Heston could run full Speed at a Brick Wall and just before crashing into it Pivot and proceed alongside it with no diminishing of acceleration. Yost whose practice Field Bellow of a hurry up hurry up a gave him his nickname was a firm believer in Speed and in getting up after a play and lining up before the opposition could set its defences. His Michigan teams scored an average of better than a Point a minute for four straight seasons. Yost used to get a faraway look in his eyes and an affectionate Quality in his voice when he talked about those teams and More especially about Willie Heston. Fielding Yost and one of his All time All Michigan guards Dan Mcgugin married Tennessee Sisters. Yost and his wife spent a great Many Winters in Nashville where Mcgugin revolutionized Southern football at Vanderbilt. Football was Yostos great passion but he had a Hobby that took up much of the of season time. He visited every Battlefield where american troops had fought. This included the Indian wars. It was this study and his concept of Battle tactics that caused him to be very critical of Trench warfare in. The first world War. The Slaughter of it appalled him because it consisted As he saw it of i Alining line plays All the time Apalit a defense that had machine guns. There was no Forward passing and very few end runs. One Winter Day in Nashville a Young reporter who had been one of Mcgugins substitute guards saw Yost emerging from a grocery store with a Large sack of assorted purchases. He was headed for the parked automobile where mrs. Yost waited. The Young reporter asked about a Michigan play that had won the Minnesota game in the recently concluded season. Yost always obliging began to talk of the play. Then not trusting words he sat the sack of potatoes on the sidewalk. He took from it enough potatoes and onions to establish a sidewalk defensive setup and an offensive team. He then took the potato quarterback in one hand and an offensive end onion in the other. He illustrated showing How the onion had gone Down and out and the potato quarterback after a fake had faded Back. He then put them Down and took up two More potatoes to illustrate the blocking. By the time he had finished a crowd of maybe 150 persons on one of Nashville a downtown streets was engrossed in the Man who was illustrating a football play with groceries. Both Mcgugin and Yost fixed to Tell about what has been called the first Rose bowl game. It Wasny to that but it was played in Pasadena As a postseason game and it did in time Lead to the Rose bowl. Michigan practice before the game because of heavy snows at Ann Arbor. They took 17 men along including the manager and Trainer. They beat Stanford 49 to 0. What the record books done to reveal is that the second half was Cut Short. Stanford ran out of substitutes. In a huddle there was a discussion about letting a couple of the Michigan squad play with Stanford but this was vetoed. Michigan was unsfored on that season and one of the players on loan might have been exuberant enough to score. Willie Heston lived a Long useful life. After he reached 75 he quit running a half mile every Day. When he got to be 80, he stopped going to dances. He never smoked cigarettes but did manage six or seven cigars a Day until death came for him. He was a lot better Reading than the thus and Ngos. As i see it the Best Way to purify the Moon project is to do what the president has suggested to work out with the soviet Union at least a common program with growing Exchange of scientific data and increasing consultation. It does not matter much whether the first trip to the Moon is made by an american astronaut and a solve Antronette. What does matter is that we should agree to treat our separate efforts As a scientific and not As a cold War operation. By Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. Recently a group of pollsters who work for George Gallup a american Institute of Public opinion which Means that they get paid for being Nosey undertook to determine How Well known throughout the nation Are some of the men prominently mentioned As contenders for the Republican nomination for president next summer. They found out that gov. Rockefeller is presently better known from coast to coast than sen. Coldwater. 84 per cent of the pollsters victims associated Rockefeller with something besides Money while Only 58 per cent had heard of the boy from the Golden West political figures aside 89 per cent could identify John Glenn but whose name do you think led All the rest out of the group tested a composite Cross Section of american men and women 91 per cent without a moments hesitation knew who and what Elizabeth Taylor was i the poll results did not spell out what they thought she was but the account i read was in what is known As a family newspaper considered suitable for perusal by innocent children a of in a not surprised that 89 people out of too could identify astronaut Glenn since his exploits in space were probably the most talked about and the most exciting adventure since Lindbergh. What bothers me is where on Earth the 9 people out of too who never heard of Elizabeth Taylor have been hiding All this time. An interesting sidelight of this identification of la Belle Taylor can be found Ina breakdown of the figures in connection with the amount of education of those polled. They showed that although Well Over 90 per cent of the men whose education stopped after High school were aware of miss Taylor a charms almost Looper cent of those who finished College knew All about her. A Pessimist might conclude that a great Many american parents who sacrificed to Send their boys to College might better have saved their Money and invested in a few shares of a of Why is it that saints live out their lives in quiet obscurity and sinners rate the headlines and the admiration Why do we ignore the millions who live by the rules and choose to make idols of those whose Only Standard is that of grabbing whatever and whoever appears desirable at the moment regardless of who gets Hurt in the process Albert Schweitzer is a great and Good Man but How Many of the people who could list in chronological order the husbands and whatever of Elizabeth Taylor Ever heard of him except perhaps vaguely a a let a see did no the go to Africa or somewhere a far be it from me to dictate the private moral code or the private life of film stars but could they perhaps keep said lives a Little More private a sordid Story is no less sordid when its characters happen to be decked out in cloth of Gold and As Little of that As they can get by the censors. I still think there Are a lot More decent characters in the world than there Are Elizabeth Taylors. It May be True that her Al Autong of All honest values has made her a a household word in every Corner of the Globe a but its still a word generally frowned on in most households. And its use in Many households might result in its users getting their Little Mouths washed out with soap. A of As for a Cleopatra a the spectacular film to which miss Taylor contributed her charms and then some the Public is flocking to see it in every City where an exhibitor has had the $100,000 guarantee required for booking the Siren of the Nile. Since flocking thereto requires the expenditure of several dollars per sheep it looks As though miss Taylor a extracurricular activities while making the movie were not undertaken in vain. And done to try to Tell me that most of those who go to see a a Cleopatra do so because they Are students of shakespearean drama. I came across a gentleman recently who much against his will a or so he claims a was persuaded to see the film this summer. He is by no Means a dedicated moviegoer and he mentioned that this was the first time he had seen Elizabeth Taylor since she appeared Many years and Many scandals ago in a charming movie called a National those old enough to remember that one will recall that the co Star was a horse and our heroine was a Beautiful Little Tomboy. When i inquired of a a Cleopatra so viewer what he thought of miss Taylor in this slightly different role he hemmed and hawed a bit but finally allowed that a i guess you a have to say she a changed a and that might possibly go Down As the understatement of the Century. A of anyhow the moral of this whole Story which seems to have wandered a bit from its beginning is that since John Glenn is rumoured to be flirting with the democrats the really smart thing for republicans to do is nominate Elizabeth Taylor for president. Letters to the editor quotes i think that both of our political parties must meet the fright paddlers head on especially at the Community level. Further i think every reasonable self respecting american has a duty to speak out vigorously in his Church in his club in his veterans organization in the ptas against those who seek to sow hate and fear among our people and against our institutions. A . Sen. Thomas. Hue he i. Inc Alif. The prohibition of strikes by school teachers is unfair unjust and totalitarian. We shall be setting a Good example for our students. Civic courage and idealism should be Practised by those who teach it. A Charles Cogen president United federation of teachers of new York City. Land of nevermore to the editor of the Banner some of the recent letters to the Banner viewed against the background of current affairs make this Reader feel that he is living on the Edge of nevermore. It has been too years since emancipation was proclaimed in America and negro people still do not have their constitutional rights of Equality of treatment. The Pace of integration can hardly be called a a a crash program. This is a time when the people of backward lands Are beginning to catch up a if indeed there a much to catch up to except material wealth. In so doing they Are exposing to the world the record of their former plight a record of domination and exploitation by the nations of Western Europe and by the United states. Furthermore these Are angry people rightfully so and distrustful of the West. Merely dismissing Castro Nkrumah and others As communists simply Clouds issues and permits us to avoid our responsibilities. Our Choice is Clear. Either we seek to understand the colonial liberation movement a and with this understanding support it a or we stick by the status quo and sink with it. These then Are the issues. Consider some of the recent letters written about them. Or. Lawrence Harrington has contented himself heretofore by composing fictional treatments on current affairs and by indulging in puerile name calling. His latest letter sept. 13however was a most shocking reflection of the sickness in our land. His statement about negroes existing in their ghettos in a a Drunken stupor brought on by that opium of socialism called welfare is a libel which must not stand unanswered. To be sure there is drunkenness in All classes and races there is Chisling of welfare and other Public funds. But this goes on in Washington or in any state capital As Well As in Harlem in Many executive suites As in Many slum saloons. So when or. Harrington singles out negroes As a Drunken Chi Selers a he tells the Reader something about himself. He makes one wonder had or by Chance been born in the South would he limit himself there merely to vitriolic letters one wishes there could be a confrontation Between or. Harrington and the parents of the children killed in Birmingham. One wishes or. Harrington had gone to Washington to stand with 150,000 negroes and to learn something of the dignity of these cheated people and of the nobility of their leaders. In contrast or. Rex Sheldon provided a bit of unintentional humor in his letter of sept. 18. He seems More disturbed by beards and straggly hair than by issues. One wonders what he would have thought about that bearded beatnik or. Lincoln who started it All had he been Lincoln a contemporary. The last letters which demand comment Are or. Warfield a. His Are the most deplorable because in a veiled manner he says exactly the same things or. Harrington does. While or. Harrington gives labels to people he does not agree with or. Warfield attempts sept. 17 to discredit them More subtly. To the one a person working for peace is a a Pink a to the other he is a a a pacifist making a a doubtful persons who try to preserve the real freedoms of this country for us All by refusing to cooperate with the Witch Hunt so disturb or. Harrington that he can not even get the Basic facts straight. But or. Warfield in two sentences charges this selfless act into a refusal on the part of such persons to help the police solve a crime. Pretty Good or. Harrington heaps abuse on the Vermont delegation to the March on Washington or at least on some of its members. Or. Warfield passes off their action As unnecessary and says that they had an attitude of no accusation could be More ridiculous. In the presence of the negro people in Washington one could Only feel humility and shame. At Home Here in Vermont one can not feel a holier than thou when one knows he is As deeply implicated in the sin of silence As Are his neighbors. John w. Schomaker. Shaftsbury. Rho mat hatters to the editor of the Banner recently in a new York newspaper there appeared an article entitled a style Happy hatters a describing the efforts of the hat corporation of new York to put a hat on All men. The quotation of one of the late partners a if you done to make hats that will bother the people the people will never bother about in a sure this is a misquote for they sure have bothered the people with these miserable 1-Inch and i12-Inch brims they Are now putting on hats and thereby have lost about 65 per cent of their Trade. In fact a Large store in Greenwich conn., told me that they have lost just the above percentage of their hat business. I believe no less than a 21 i it Inch brim was put on hats to keep the Sun rain and Snow out of ones eyes and off of glasses. Who Are those so called stylists who decreed the narrow brim is it no wonder the sales of these miserable zoot hats have fallen off one has to Only gaze at oneself in the Mirror in a narrow brim and behold the reflection of a King size Chimp. To Complete the picture a hurdy gurdy and a tin cup is required. Men As a whole Are not style conscious and resent Freak innovations in such As zoot hats and i might add Peg leg trousers. The Bird that decreed these two monstrosities should be Hung split and quartered. Most men would not Wear either to a Snake race. The hat manufacturers Overlook the fact that men Are versatile and yet done to like extreme fashions. They Are Notzon Oterson beatniks. Also it would be Well for hatters to Wake up and satisfy the men who Wear hats and the Many that done to because of the foregoing. . Boswell. East Dorset it. Humor Hon appetite letter from a teen Ager or boarding school a Send food packages All they serve Here is breakfast lunch and a Wall Street journal. $

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