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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 25, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Ii Oral Lim Erst troll rms eat less bread russians told Moscow apr soviet citizens who doubtless eat More bread than any other single food Are being told at private meetings and in the press to ease an acute shortage by getting along with less. Local leaders Are being warned that bread must be saved and that prices May be raised. Despite these warnings there appears no great probability that any soviet citizen will go seriously Short of bread. Emergency wheat purchases abroad running about 7 million tons will offset crop losses during tilt past year due to drought and persistent mismanagement of planting and harvesting. The loss apparently is about to per cent of the crop which last year was 65 million tons. The shortage and the bad har vesting have sent Premier Khrushchev now in his 70th year storming about the country denouncing careless farming methods. Again one of his pet projects the Virgin lands in Siberia and Southwest Asia has let him Down As it did in other recent years. Harvesting in the Kazakhstan Virgin land area is so far behind schedule that it seems inevitable much Grain will rot in the Fields and some will be buried under the Snow. While Ivan and Natasha May not go Short of bread the shortage of wheat and Corn seems certain to make them Short of meat again this year. This correspondent has just returned from a tour of Kuban the soviet unions Best farm area. A bumper crop of wheat was har Hawley company furniture manufacturers e. Arlington Vermont 5 pc Maple Dinette sets 9950 36 x 48 x 60 Oval table w 4 Junior mate chairs 3pc colonial sofa bed sets13995 sofa it bed Side chair platform Rocker a w store hours 8 00 . To 5 00 . Mon. Thru Fri. 2 00 . To 5 00 . Sat. And Sun. Atkins has your a vote aft vested there before the drought set in during july and August. The drought Hurt the Corn badly As Well As vegetables and fruit. Villages and towns in the area Are Short of vegetables. This is reflected also in Moscow and other cities. In the capital queues form every time a shop displays any fresh vegetables. Grain was lost in the Virgin lands last year because thousands of combines and tractors Lay Idle in the Fields for Lack of spare parts. As Early As aug. 28, the paper farm life reported that some farms had not finished the repair of harvesting machines and combines before the beginning of this years Harvest. In some areas Only 20 percent of the machinery was used. In the Irkutsk area of Eastern Siberia the paper said a peas started to fall out of the pods while Drivers were still testing their a half billion dollars is to be paid to Canada in the next 18 months for delivery of 5.3 million tons of wheat and 500,000 tons of flour. Another 1.5 million tons of wheat has been ordered from Australia with a like amount on option. Much of this will be shipped immediately to the soviet unions foreign customers to protect her position As a supplier. Flour cannot be bought at Many stores apparently because it can be hoarded while bread cannot. Many Farmers buy bread to feed to cows and pigs they Are allowed to raise privately for Market. One couple was pilloried in the press sunday for having bought nearly half a ton of flour bread Rice and Macaroni. Neice of Princess i race is foil my Des Moines Iowa apr Mary Lee Davis 15-year-old Niece of Princess Grace of Monaco and a youth with whom she had eloped from Philadelphia four weeks ago were found Here tuesday night. Miss Davis daughter of wealthy parents had been working As a waitress in a hotel Coffee shop and the youth she intended to marry John Paul Jones jr., 20, had been Selling encyclopedias. Police said they had been in Des Moines about three weeks staying in an apartment which a detective described As Small but tastefully furnished and Well decorated. Mary Lee said they were not yet married but were in love. Acting on a tip from the boys employer who had seen Mary Leeds picture in the Des Moines Tribune officers took the Young couple to the police station for questioning. They were not held. Mary Lee is the daughter of George l. Davis or. And mrs. Eugene c. Ionian. Dry so ales lady with Thi just found a Brave new Breed. Orlone knits Lampl orlon acrylic knits with an in iou adaptability and a far and wide social Range. Make this discovery yourself just to show up in one of these easy to Wear. Easy to pack easy to Wash suits that has the luxurious look and feel you want. Of course you have Lam plus Assurance of excellent fit workmanship and styling. Two piece orlon double knit with suede trim jacket and Matching skirt. Brightest ideas in fashion come from Airlift May foreshadow troop withdraw by Fred s. Hoffman a military affairs writer Washington apr the dramatic Airlift of a full armoured division to Germany next month May foreshadow eventual withdrawal of sizable . Combat forces from Europe and perhaps the far East. There Are no plans for any immediate retrenchment but Pentagon strategists Are tending in that direction in their thinking some years ahead. Among other things any such pullback would ease the balance of payments problem by reducing . Spending overseas. The Aims of the 18,000-Man army air Force exercise called a big lift a the most ambitious Long Range air movement of fighting men in history area mixture of the military and the political. From the military standpoint big lift is designed to test out the capability of this country a rapidly growing military air transport Fleet to Rush Large numbers of troops to overseas trouble spots and get them into action within a few Days. The demonstration of this capability also would yield important political dividends in showing Allied nations that the unite states need not keep Large ground fighting formations stationed in Europe to carry out the . Commitment to defend the North Atlantic treaty organization area. Further it is Felt the spectacle of 15,000 soldiers being flown across the Atlantic in hundreds of transports in Only three Days a and their readiness for Battle soon afterwards will provide a telling lesson for the russians and red chinese. For All these reasons . Authorities believe big lift is Worth the $20 million it is expected to Cost. The United states now is gradually scaling Down a 40,000-Man buildup of chiefly rear area support troops sent overseas to round out the . 7th army during the Berlin crisis two years ago. More than 22,000 of these men have been brought Back so far reducing the . Army in Europe to around 250,000 men. Bennington Banner wednesday september 25, 1963�?3 Trade wars clutter atmosphere of International relations by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York apr Trade wars can happen in spite of All the official expressions of distaste for them. Today the International Trade picture is cluttered up with wheat chaff and Chicken feathers. The air Over the United states also is filled with complaints about foreign dumping of steel products various textiles and electronic gadgets. On the sidelines is that perennial imponderable the soviet Union. It can and sometimes does stir up trouble by its own form of Market raiding pinpointing localities to flood with cheap Oil. Today it is busily building an Oil pipeline to put its products in easy distance of Industrial Western Europe. Russia holds a Large Hoard of Gold which it could dump on the Market or withhold from the Market at will if it wished to Embarrass the United states in its present fight to protect its Gold reserves and the Price of the Metal. The Chicken War with the european common Market May look like a Small matter. It May be subject to Compromise Between the United states and the six nations. But with each Side budging very Little today it could Lead to a More important Trade War with a lot of others besides american Chicken Farmers Hurt. The common Market has raised the Tariff on american poultry 180 per cent to 13.43 cents a Pound. Tuesday it offered to Cut this Back by 1.3 cents if the United states would abandon further negotiations on the Issue. The United states says the Cut is too Small and that the Tariff hike has damaged some $46 million a year of its poultry Trade. 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