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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 14, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4 a Bennington Banner wednesday september 14, 19hb the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials Snelling nomination Richard Snellings nomination in yesterdays Republican primary assures a hard fought gubernatorial Campaign this fall. Both Snelling and incumbent gov., Hoff Are vigorous campaigners and they will not mince their words As they tour the state soliciting support during the next two months. During the Long hot summer leading up to the primary the Gopas Choice to try and unseat the incumbent has raised some real issues including his controversial proposals for tax Reform and has unveiled a program for keeping Vermont growing economically while preserving the states traditional Snelling has promised to concentrate on these issues during his bid for the governorship and the incumbent charming and popular As he is will hardly be Able to avoid doing likewise. Anti Highway v Ole did t materialize the Republican gubernatorial nominees claim that there is widespread popular opposition in Bennington county to the construction of a four Lane . 7 has been largely disproved by the results of tuesdays primary. During his primary Campaign Richard Snelling argued that the people of southwestern Vermont do not want a four Lane Highway. He insisted that a modern two Lane Road would be adequate for Many years to come. On one occasion he is reported to have told a group of his supporters that the Banner and Rutland Herald editorials have provided most of the support for a four Lane Highway. His speeches could have led one to expect a mass of county residents to Rise up in their Wrath right out of the grass roots and vote for him to express their displeasure with the Highway departments construction plans. As it turned out Thomas Hayes Snellings opponent carried every town a As Well As the county As a whole a through which . 7 passes except Arlington and Sunderland. Hayes won his largest pluralities in Manchester and Dorset where the Highway Issue was especially hot. Snelling scored heavily in Stamford a editors notes no matter who is elected governor this november Vermont will be governed by a furrier for the next two years. Phil Hoff originally hails from Turners Falls mass., while Dick Snelling is a native of Allentown a. Vermonters always get annoyed when outsiders Tell them How to run their affairs but in the past few years at least they have turned Down All the local boys who have expressed an interest in the state s top Job. The serious injuries suffered by William Dunican last week while fighting a fire on North Bennington Road Are a reminder of the substantial risks that go along with being a Volunteer fireman. Though the firefighters Are Seldom injured in line of duty we Are always saddened when an Accident occurs for they Are serving on their own time and without pay and the hardships on themselves and their families Are considerable. We can Only Hope that Dunican makes a Quick and Complete recovery and express our thanks for his service to the Community. Only a few of the hardiest hikers can claim that they have walked the entire length of the Long Trail. Bart Howe and Dale Wilson two Bennington boys can include themselves in that number however. A Story by Paul Hurlburt in saturdays Banner describes How Bart and Dale braved lightning and fought porcupines As they covered those 260 rugged Miles Between Massachusetts and the Canadian line. For the Sake of physical fitness and a greater appreciation of Vermont its Beauty and its natural resources we should All be required to do that every couple of years. Fischetti hmm. A Quot a Snellings candidacy could be a real Challenge to Hoff and will certainly be greater than the one offered by the republicans two years ago. Hoff will not be Able to count on a National democratic landslide this year to help him along. The governor will have to Sharpen both his wits and his pencils. The resulting debate should for a change be enlightening to the electorate. Thomas Hayes who finished second to Snelling never could overcome the obstacles created by his Long absence from the state and by Snellings commanding Lead Over him at the Start. But he gave the voters a Chance to make a real Choice an Opportunity that is All too rare these Days and he gave the eventual Winner a Good run for his Money. We Hope he continues to apply his Energy and knowledge to the problems and needs of Vermont. And Readsboro which Are a Long Way from . 7, and which were certainly indifferent to the whole argument. Although it would be a mistake to draw any absolute conclusions from election returns it is obvious that a Large spontaneous anti Highway vote did not materialize either Here or in Rutland county. Some voters who picked Hayes it is True did so because they opposed a sales tax because they liked his stand on lower tuition rates at Ulm or because they considered themselves a forgotten but it is Likely that a Good Many turned out to support his position in favor of the accelerated Highway construction program. This is not to say that the arguments for and against a four Lane . 7 should not be aired during the coming Campaign and we have no doubt that they will be. The outspoken opponents of the four Lane Highway have raised some important questions about the need for the Road its location and its effect on the Economy and the landscape. The governor will have to give forthright answers to these based on the latest information at his disposal. But after the primary vote it will be absurd to argue any longer that the Highway is being forced on Bennington county against the will of the people by an evil dictator in Montpelier. Is i �?Tw>7 a a Ajcuc Vio How the Cross of Lorr Aime Quot these Days Thailand s democratic Royal family helps keep nation a land of the free by John Chamberlain Bangkok Thailand. You have been in Bangkok a Day and you suddenly Wake up to the fact that you Haven to seen a single siamese cat. They seem even rarer than White elephants. Asking for an explanation you Are told there Are More siamese cats in America than in Thailand. The thai people have All along been assimilationist they have been absorbing chinese into their family mercantile and government structures for a Long time. And to judge from the Western or Alley Type of cat that you see Here in plenty there must be a policy of cat assimilation too. Or maybe it is an Exchange proposition the a East a As typified by the siamese cat goes to America and the a a West exports its own fashions to the East. The cultural diffusion is found on the very highest level. What strikes the visitor in asking questions about the government of Thailand is eliciting the information that the kingship Here has far More than merely ceremonious meaning. His majesty King hum Biol takes an Active part in affairs of state which is a old european rather than anything that might be called american. But the Story of the thai Royal family As it has unfolded during the past two generations is something that is very american in its flavor and it should Appeal to american readers. Lets Start Back in the 1920s when the present Kings father Prince Mah idol was studying at Harvard. Prince Mah idol had his own ideas. The lighter Side bored with the official life that had been projected for him he insisted on going to America to study for a career in Public health. In Boston he met a thai girl a commoner who was studying to be a nurse. He married her. The american or democratic flavor to the marriage is that it provoked no particular reaction in Thailand. Edward Chi of England could not marry a commoner and get away with it but a thai Prince could. The Story goes that Prince Mah idol refused to go to work in a state Hospital because he knew that if he did he would be accorded special favors. He preferred a private Hospital in the provinces far to the North of Bangkok in the Frontier town of Chang Mal. Again the american note is struck the Prince in insisting that he do things on his own was acting like Winthrop Rockefeller who preferred getting his business training As a roustabout in the Oil Fields rather than taking a top Post with Standard Oil in new York. Unfortunately the democratic Prince died before he could get on with his Public health career. He lived just Long enough to interest the Rockefeller foundation in thai Medicine and thus he gave the nation its first medical school. He is known today As the father of modern Medicine in Thailand. The Princess son now King hum Biol Adulya Dej is in the american tradition All the Way. He was born in Cambridge mass. In 1927. He grew up in Switzerland where in the intervals when constructive ads for destructive toys by Dick West Washington up a rep. Bernard f. Grabowski made a speech recently in which he urged toy manufacturers not to advertise toys of violence and death. Quotes the Mzid of ooze there is a difference Between a rebel and revolutionary. The rebel strikes out against things he sees that Are wrong. The revolutionary has one purpose in mind and keeps at it a to destroy. Philip m. Luce asked at a congressional committee hear ing Why he had left the progressive labor movement. One of televisions great contributions is that it brought murder Back into the Home when it belongs. Seeing a murder on television can be Good therapy. It can help work off ones antagonisms. And of you Haven to any antagonisms the commercials will give you some. Alfred Hitchcock director of suspense movies. A who is to say that toys which promote violence and death do not psychologically and adversely affect our children a the Connecticut Democrat asked. I can to answer that question but i am prepared to testify that such toys psychologically and adversely affect parents. That however is another Story. Back to Grabowski. A would it not be better to advertise a toy As one of constructive Ben Flence rather than one of destructive pow ers a he reasoned. I rather doubt that his Appeal will be heeded but let us spend a Little time musing Over what the results might be of it were. Here we have the violence amp death toy co. The big buying season is approaching and it has a warehouse full of toy pistols rifles machine guns bayonets swords hand Gre Nades bazookas flame throwers tear Gas pellets Gatling guns mortars howitzers missile launchers Etc. The problem is to advertise these toys in such a Way As to give them an Aura of constructive Beneficence. A Chi there boys and girls. Know what this is looks like an Arsenal does no to it but appearances can be deceiving kiddies. This is our new daddy a Little Helper cookout kit. A Eye Soiree boys and girls. With a Box of these gadgets you can have a realistic backyard Barbecue just like daddy. A see this thing that looks like a flame thrower ifs a charcoal lighter kiddies. Shoots a Stream of Sparks 18 inches. Almost Burns the Carport Down just like daddy. A and what have we Here no not a sword ifs a skewer for Shishka Bob. You stick hunks of meat on the end and occasionally Jab yourself in the hand just like daddy. A your kit includes a Box of pellets that explode when you drop them. They May smell like tear Gas but they re really insect this commercial does no to cover All the weapons but Ary toy company that can to figure out a Way to use a Bazooka at a cookout deserves to go bankrupt. Syrup Salt amp vinegar neglected statistics by Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. The kind of statistics that Are made available to the Public Are probably useful but usually very Dull. Its the statistics that they done to keep about a situation that really give the True picture. A of in the near future administrative officials of the various and sundry schools in our area will have a fairly accurate count of the total school population know How Many teachers there Are and How Many Young Fry inhabit any Given classroom. School principals will know How Many teachers there Are in each building what they wont have filed away is the information on How much aspirin said teachers consume per Day. They wont even know How Many classroom teachers discover from necessity a new Talent for swallowing aspirin without water. Also unavailable for easy reference will be the number of teachers who each Day at least once and probably twice decide that there Are less harrowing ways to make a living a like breaking wild horses or playing professional football. At least half of the several thousand schoolchildren in our area will doubtless Start for school clutching a lunch in a paper bag and id be willing to predict that 75 per cent of said lunch bags will contain at least one Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich. Out of every too of these lunches it is also a Safe bet that at lunchtime at least four brightened Young ones will claim that a somebody swiped my a Little judicious questioning will probably reveal that of the four missing lunches one is sitting by the Roadside Back at the bus Stop two Are on the floor of the bus and one was absentmindedly placed in somebody else a locker or else is lurking behind a tree on the playground. Date. They simply done to keep a statistical count of the really important things about school life. Teachers and administrators will know exactly How Many books Are doled out in each group of students. What they will be unable to Tell the researcher is How Many of said books May soon appear bearing cellophane covers emblazoned with the highly important legends warning that a studying causes cancer a a a clunkers live longer a and a going to school is he was not studying Lalif cages he indulged a passion for american jazz. He Learned to play the saxophone which he still enjoys doing As an occasional member of his own Royal band. After he had succeeded his brother Ananda on the nine tiered umbrella throne at the tender age of 18, King hum Biol continued to work at composing music one of his Many songs was taken by Mike Todd in the Early 1950s for a Broadway production. The King married his second Cousin a Beauty named sir kit who was the daughter of a thai ambassador of Royal sir kit turned out to be just As Tuffy As her husband. She has been known to Knock about the North in Thailand in Slacks and sneakers with the King who likes to walk in the Hills to distribute Medicine and clothes and drives his own sturdy jeep. It is not important that americans should love the King of Thailand because of the democratic flavor of his background. But sympathy for the Kings symbolic relationship to the West can be a plus if it helps americans to sustain their own part in the struggle to keep the red chinese from dominating the Asiatic world. Of perhaps even greater importance is the fact that the King along with others in his government is not in the least provincial. They know from observation that american Power if sincerely applied is sufficient to help them keep Thailand what its name literally implies the a land of the transportation officials will know How Many children ride on each school bus and How Many Miles it travels. But i bet they wont know How Many times each bus Driver hears the same elephant joke or whatever form of Riddle that this years crop of schoolchildren considers hysterically funny. I Hope the bus Drivers wont be called on to reveal the information they acquire As to which teachers Are absolute stinkers and which ones Are judged a real Cool probably their superiors also wont ask the Drivers which girls have a crush on which football players nor who has asked whom for a movie is at Ion Al window in the area of physical education and sports the schools know How Many appear for football practice How Many girls Are wielding hockey Sticks even How area children measure up to National norms in physical development. Equally interesting but usually not recorded is the contents of the lost and found departments in each school. Before the first report cards Are on the Way Home it would be an almost sure bet that each l and f receptacle will contain not less than nine left sneakers eleven right sneakers no two of said lefts and rights Matching As to size an even dozen practically Brand new tee shirts and 19 assorted socks. In this time at least five class rings will have been left in the locker rooms and similar number of watches and wallets abandoned at least temporarily. By this time parents will also have Learned that it is Wise to search gym bags from time to time in order to Rescue from same wadded up articles of clothing before they succumb to either mildew or rigor mortis. A of the figures Are not recorded for posterity but there Are Many immutable facts about school life that Are As predictable As the fact that first Grade comes after kindergarten. Before the school year is out a certain number of students will try to convince the guidance departments that they need a course in advanced Basket weaving far More than French Iii in the Early grades at least once a week custodians will come running with a mop to the classroom where somebody suddenly a Felt funny in the Stu Mick a closely followed by a couple of sympathetic friends. Librarians will Chase a certain number of lost books that the losers claim they never had the referees and umpires will All be crooked when the school loses a game a and very efficient when it wins. In other words statistics and figures change but people done to. Conservatives say a nuts to cop s moderate Wing by Lyle Wilson United press International the soft boiled republicans continue in their teary protests that the party a conservative elements refuse to stay dead. The most convulsive soft boiled sobs lament that the conserva Tives Are developing an a gentlemanly zest for another presidential ticket with a conservative Republican at the top. This is not playing the game As the soft rolled party men understand gamesmanship. Their approach is to speak softly and carry no stick at All in their Friendly Little pancakes with the democrats. The soft rolled argument is that the conservatives just missed wrecking the Republican party in 1964 and therefore that any Challenge to the credit card great society should be up to them. Them being the part time Republican new dealers fair dealers and new frontiersmen who bolted the conservative Republican ticket in 1964 or who sat motionless through the Campaign saying and doing nothing. The answer of the conserva Tives to such As these is substantially nuts in More elegant language the answer is that if conservatives wrecked the Republican party in 1964, More than 26 million republicans were in the wrecking Crew. Further they would have it known that those 26 million citizens intend to be around for some time to vote for conservative presidential nominees. These conservatives Are All set also to focus the blast of their displeasure on any soft rolled part time new dealer who manages by hocus pocus to filch the Republican presidential nomination. The undistinguished leadership of soft boiled republicans led the party to political disaster in the presidential campaigns of 1940, 1944, and 1948. The Republican party won Congress in off year 1946 under leadership of congressional republicans among whom the dominant figure was the late sen. Robert a. Taft. Soft boiled republicans watched that off year Campaign from the Side lines. On the record As it stands the soft rolled elements have not much on which to support their Bumpious clamor for control of the party machinery. Barry m. Coldwater had dropped the Boom on two idols of the soft boiled Host. They Are gov. George Romney of Michigan and mayor John v. Lindsay of new York City. Neither would be acceptable to Coldwater on the 1968 presidential ticket which Means that neither is Likely to be on it. Coldwater wasted a perfectly Good Boom on mayor Lindsay. Lindsay belongs to the Ivy league Charm school of politics a natural ally of new York left wingers. The mayor has not much More claim to a Republican tag than had Gen. Robert e. Leeds horse. Lindsay would look Good and draw Well in second place on the 1968 democratic presidential ticket with Lyndon b. Johnson if lbs should decide that Hubert h. Humphreys drooping political prestige finally had collapsed altogether. Romney is one of the uncommonly Able men in Public life. But he bolted Coldwater in 1964 and he is not Likely to be forgiven. Gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York and gov. William w. Scranton of Pennsylvania both More coddled than soft boiled have taken themselves out of Competition for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination. This no doubt is just As Well because Republican conserve Tives would not Swallow either of them. The Republican party should be in the Market for fussy leadership and management. No less will enable the Multi millions of conservative citizens now or Ever to vote Santa Claus out of Congress and out of the White House

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