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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 15, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cooler rain changing to showers and turning cooler today. Partly Cloudy a few showers and cooler tonight. Low temperatures in the 50s. Friday partly Cloudy and Cool. Yesterdays High 63 Low 59. Today at 7 ., 59. Precipitation .19 inches. Sunset 7 03 . Sunrise 6 32 Benning Bennington Vermont thursday september 15, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,171 to cents Globe Union contract signed by Bob Hagarman management at the Bennington Plant of Globe Union inc. And local 1371 of the United Auto workers representing production and other employees at the Plant this morning signed a first contract bringing to an end months of on and off negotiations. Plant manager James d. Williams and Merlin Bishop Law sub regional director and one of the Union s chief negotiators in a joint statement termed the agreement Quot a Good and honorable contract which will Lay the foundation for a stable workforce and thereby strengthen the local members of the local at a meeting wednesday night by a show of hands gave approval to the tentative agreement reached by their representatives. No precise count of the vote was available but the approval was by a Large majority of the approximately 40 members present with Only four members voting against ratification. James Spofford chairman of the locals negotiating committee said the membership did have some doubts on certain of the agreements provisions but indicated the membership was willing to go along with the contract Quot to see How it works he indicated the Hope that some changes May be made at future bargaining sessions. The contract takes effect to police probe shooting a Bennington Man awaiting trial on burglary charges was still in Quot critical condition at Albany medical Center late this morning with a gunshot wound in his left shoulder suffered wednesday evening in Woodford. Victim of the gunshot incident was Douglas h. Britch 33, of 114 Rollin st., who had been free on $3,000 bail from Bennington municipal court on three counts of burglary and who had reappeared in court this week on a charge of driving to endanger. The incident which took place apparently sometime after 6 . At the residence of Wayne Morse in Woodford was being intensively investigated by state police. At press time states atty. R. Marshall Witten had issued no warrants in connection with the Case. State police Bureau of criminal investigation detective Peter Barton said thursday morning that further details were being withheld pending developments in the investigation and any Legal action that might be initiated by the states attorney. He did say however that state police were called into the Case As the result of a procedural Telephone Call placed to local police from Putnam memorial Hospital after Britch was received As a patient there. Britch was later transferred to Albany a. Patently about 9 15 . The time of the incident was not specified other than As having occurred Quot relatively Early in the evening. Day and runs for approximately to months until july 17, 1967. At the time of the signing Bishop said he will be recommending to Union attorneys that the Union withdraw its charges of unfair labor practices which formed the basis of a complaint issued against the company by the National labor relations Board. A hearing had been heard on the charges and a decision is now pending by the Norb trial examiner. Bishop said he will be making the recommendation Quot in the interests of establishing a Good working relationship with the among the Contr act a provisions according to Bishop and Williams Are the following a the company agreed to terminology relating to seniority which the Union had been seeking. This language the Union had considered a particularly critical element. A the company also agreed to give the Union redress on grievances relating to the company a incentive wage system. But rather than agree that such grievances could be submitted to arbitration which the Union had been seeking the company did agree that the Union had the right to strike Over this particular matter. A grievance procedures open to employees were broadened to cover any matter related to wages hours or working conditions. Agreement Over the language relating to grievances had been another major stumbling Block during negotiations. A the company guaranteed that there would be no reduction in benefits specified in its health insurance and pension plans for the life of the contract. This inclusion by reference had been sought by the Union and according to Union officials is the first among Globe unions 14 organized plants where such a provision exists. A no wage increase is called for in the 10-months contract but earlier this year the company had granted a 3 per cent general wage increase plus increased vacation payments a boost which the Union had agreed to at that time. Approximately too employees see Globe Union Page 14, col. 2 sets new records a no hands re entry ends gemini flight observes explosion French president Charles de Gaulle right Clad in an ant radiation suit and French scientists observe an atomic explosion from aboard the French Cruiser a de grasses As it rides off the muru Roa Island testing ground. Up new assault launched to halt red infiltration Saigon up a a Force of 1,200 to 1,500 . Marines today launched an amphibious and helicopter assault just South of the Border with North Viet Nam. The leathernecks hoped to Cut off part of a communist division infiltrating through the so called demilitarized zone Doz. Troops of the 1st battalion 26th marines hit the Beach at Dawn on desolate shores a few Miles South of the Border. Other leathernecks were dropped a few Miles Inland by helicopter. Up correspondent Robert Naylor with the Landing Force reported the sweep began operation dec House in and was aimed at the North vietnamese 324b division. This is the same communist outfit which the marines fought in bloody Battles near the demilitarized zone in operation Hastings last july. The United states meanwhile reached another grim Milestone in Viet Nam when . Military spokesmen in Saigon announced that the number of americans killed in the War had officially passed 5,000. The weekly casualty report for the period ending sept. To showed 71 . Servicemen killed in action 450 wounded and eight missing in action. Total . Combat deaths in Viet Nam now Are 5,064. South vietnamese losses for the week were 68. Spokesmen listed communist casualties at 1,166 killed and 218 captured in military terms a Quot kill ratio of 4.7 to i for the allies. In the Field of action . Air Force Jet pilots spotted to communist mig17 Jet fighters wednesday while attacking a vital Bridge North of Hanoi. Two of the migs made a pass at . F105 thunderchief fighter bombers but fled when another american Jet dived into their midst. No planes on either Side were reported damaged. But two other . Planes were downed elsewhere in the North and Only philippine president addresses joint session of . Congress Washington up a philippine president Ferdinand e. Marcos said today the . Presence in South Viet Nam had meant encouragement and support for those who blocked a communist takeover in Indonesia. In an address to a joint session of Congress Marcos said it was certain . Air Power in Southeast Asia and the 7th Fleet in the South China sea Quot rendered inoperative the so called peking Jakarta Axis which indonesian communists had sought to establish. The philippine Leader said the assurances of president Johnson that american troops would stay in Viet Nam were Quot an indispensable Factor in maintaining the stability of Southeast the United states must remain the dominant military Power in Asia Marcos said until communist China accepts Quot the obligation to co exist peacefully with its Quot it is Only american military Power that is acceptable in Asia and great enough to deter communist China a aggressive tendencies a he said. Marcos warned against this country continuing As Quot a reluctant participant in the affairs of Asia a saying Quot we note a hesitance some fru Stra Hoff urges surplus be used to expand vocational training by Tyler Resch Woodstock a Vermont a $4 million surplus May be channelled into expanding vocational educational programs to help meet the state labor shortage gov. Philip h. Hoff told a manpower conference of the associated industries of Vermont air this morning at the Woodstock inn. Burlington Man Dies from Burns Albany . Up a Henry Morgan 43, of Burlington vt., has died at the Albany medical Center of Burns suffered in an explosion and fire in a truck he was loading at the port of Rensselaer Here tuesday. Morgan was working on a truck owned by the Champlain Oil company. Cause of the explosion and fire was under investigation. Hoff participating in a panel on Quot Industry a manpower needs said no final decision has been made but he Hopes the bulk of the surplus could be put into expanding the Vermont technical Institute at Randolph or in developing a similar institution elsewhere in the state which would emphasize this kind of training. He also said he would Hope some funds could be used to Quot beef up High school vocational educational programs. Another part of the surplus the governor added should be put into Vermont a regional airports so any business could land a twin engine plane in any area of the state. Addressing a panel of industrialists who had just complained of a great shortage of skilled workers Hoff said he had been Quot tremendously excited about the increasing cooperation Between government and business. Hoff said he Isnit discouraged because the labor shortage prevails All Over the nation but he noted that despite All that has been done vocational education is still inadequate in Vermont. Introducing the conference James mereness executive vice president of air pointed out that four per cent of All jobs in the United states Are vacant today and that employers want increased vocational training. Gov. Hoff also replied to a question about where Sill the people would live of Vermont could fill the current labor shortage. He observed that the tight Money situation would prevent solving this problem right now. He said the state has already purchased $500,000 in mortgages using state retirement funds but of the situation became extreme the state could set up a temporary authority to Purchase More mortgages. Quot its a pretty drastic step and nobody wants to do it a Hoff 1 said. Quot the thing that bothers me a Hoff added is that Vermont is being painted with the same Brush As California but our situations Are so Tion and doubts in America he called on the United states to reaffirm its world leadership and its intentions to stand firm in Asia. He said his country was Quot proud to be counted among a in e r i c a a friends and Quot i personally know for a fact that the american presence in Viet Nam provided a though quite unintentionally a encouragement and support to those who successfully resisted the attempted communist takeover in Indonesia a he said. The address was part of two Days of formal talks with the . Government that opened wednesday with president Johnson. Viet Nam was a key topic. Johnson terming Marcos Quot a new voice in Asia a said at a White House dinner for him wednesday night that talks with Marcos that Quot afternoon were Good delightful and productive for both our countries. Quot we look honestly and thoroughly at the problems that face us a Johnson said. Quot we both understand that of free nations that Are Small Are to be. The guardians of their own destiny they must be willing and Abler to discourage earlier wednesday Johnson had expressed his thanks for the dispatch of 2,000 philippine army engineers to South Viet Nam and had acknowledged the difficulties Marcos had to face. The philippine Leader had to weather considerable criticism from the philippine Congress when he ordered the troops sent. Johnson said he knew Quot it is never easy to Send men to Battle. A major part of Marcos trip is to improve relations Between the onetime . Colony and the United states relations which in recent years have not always been cordial. One of the two airmen involved was rescued. The Aerial encounter took place Over the Dap eau Bridge used by both rail and Highway traffic some 18 Miles Northeast of the North vietnamese capital. In All 145 missions were flown Over the North wednesday. A massive helicopter assault by thousands of . 1st air cavalry division troops in the Central Highlands in search of a communist division reported in the Region apparently fizzled. The mixed North vietnamese let Cong Quot yellow Star division slipped away in the Jungles 280 Miles North of Saigon. Space Center Houston up a gemini la astronauts Charles Pete Conrad and Richard f. Gordon splashed triumphantly into the Atlantic today in one of the closest landings of the american manned space program to end one of its most successful flights. Conrad and Gordon landed at 9 59 . Edt 702 Miles East of Cape Kennedy and about two and one half Miles from the Carrier Guam after a new Quot no hands re entry. Their inboard computer and their own guidance systems guided the spacecraft automatically through the atmosphere to wind up the next to last gemini flight one which was a Success in almost every respect. A helicopter plucked the two 36-year-old Navy officers from the sea and deposited them bearded healthy looking and grinning on the deck wearing Jaunty Gold braided deck Caps. The band blared Quot anchors Quot this old world looks Good from the deck of this Carrier a Gordon told Navy officials. Quot but Pii Tell you it really lodes great from 750 Conrad referred to the space Altitude record of 850 statute Miles �?750 nautical Miles a that gemini la spacecraft hit Early wednesday. Quot we had a very Good flight Conrad said. Quot with a Good nights sleep Well be ready to go again. Conrad and Gordon boosted America s Lead Over Russia in Man timed logged in space. America now has 1,733 hours and 16 minutes compared to Russia s 507 hours and 16 minutes. It also extended the . Lead Over the soviets in several thrilled West Arlington a mrs. Albert Mast of this Community was thrilled this morning to hear the voice of her Nephew Donald Blair announcing the splashdown of gemini la in the South Atlantic. Blair a to announcer was aboard the Guam. This is the third gemini splashdown he has announced to the world. Other categories including manned space Altitude and space walking. And it gave America a Long Lead in the technique of rendezvous a or catching up with another orbiting object a a feat the russians have apparently not yet tried. The Landing rivalled the Bullseye splashdown of gemini 9 astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan who landed 3,000 Yards from their aiming Point in june. The big difference today was that gemini la was guided automatically for the first time. Conrad and Gordon fired their Retro rockets 176 Miles Over the Pacific at 9 24 Edt and shot across the United states in a blazing reentry to the splashdown at 9 59 Edt. A helicopter picked them up 22 minutes later from their spacecraft Bobbing in 2-foot Ocean swells and deposited them on the sunlit deck of the helicopter Carrier Guam at 10 23 The flight began at 10 42 See gemini la Page 14, col. 6 chinese red guard ordered not to interfere with Harvest Tokyo up a communist China today suspended its sweeping nationwide purge and staged a mass rally in peking to Send red guard youths Back Home under new orders not to interfere with the fall Harvest. News reports from peking reaching Here indicated that China a autumn Harvest is Vermont gof swings into fall Campaign Montpelier up a the Vermont Republican party general election Campaign was in full swing today. Party faithful held a Kickoff luncheon at the Pavilion hotel Here wednesday for All Republican candidates for state office. James Oakes of Brattleboro who won the nomination for attorney general said that Thomas Hayes who lost to Richard Snelling in the gubernatorial race should be commended for a Quot Strong Campaign against tremendous he said Hayes is a Quot Bright new Start on the political horizon and should be consulted for advice. When Snelling introduced Hayes he said he used his influence to get Hayes appointed to the gop platform committee. The committee is chaired by Vermont House speaker Richard Mallary of Fairlee. The platform convention will be held sept. 24 in Montpelier High school. Gop state chairman Derick Webb said he expected to announce the names of the 15-20 committee members today. Webb said it is traditional that the Republican congressional delegation and state office candidate serve in an ack visor capacity. All of the candidates Dweller on the Unity theme saying Quot if we can stick together we can Hayes said the Quot invincible Man meaning gov. Philip h. Hoff is now Snelling said the Republican party must come up with a meaningful platform based on what republicans want for Vermont. He said he feels the people want a responsible sensible constructive and creative government. Snelling said Quot we have got to find a body of beliefs and opinions on which we can agree. Not Bland statements. Our platform must be vital and dynamic. Failing and the country a 700 million people May face severe food shortages this Winter. Other reports from Hong Kong wednesday said strict rationing of Rice Oil firewood and charcoal has already been imposed in the major South China City of Canton similar to those imposed after the food disasters of the 1957-1959 Quot great leap the army was ordered into the Field last week to help bring in the Harvest according to radio peking and the Hong Kong reports said there was a shortage of doctors in Canton because even physicians have been ordered to Aid the harvesting. A .-Chlna expert predicted a crop failure this year could result in one of history a greatest famines. China a Quot cultural revolution was ordered suspended this morning so that Farmers could get the fall crop harvested without interference from politicians or Young red guard zealots. The rally at the Quot Gate of heavenly peace Square in Central peking was apparently intended to underscore the new orders. Japanese news reports from peking said posters announcing the rally said that an estimated 300,000 Rural teen agers who came to the chinese capital to take part in the red guard movement were to be sent Home. . State police accused of wiretapping for Rocky new York a the state police were accused wednesday of using illegal wiretaps Quot for political advantage of gov. Nelson Rockefeller. The charges were made by John h. Donohue a state trooper dismissed two years ago for insubordination who said an investigator in the office of superintendent Arthur Cornelius had told him the state police had 126 illegal wiretaps in operation. The accusations came at a press conference Here called by Ellenville democratic congressman Joseph y. Resnick who said Quot i have information that the state mrs. Carol Conant of Newhall calif., owner of a rubbish Dis too much pm Sal firm gets word from two Highway patrolmen to clean up the 2,500 pounds of garbage she ordered dumped at a state weigh garbage ing station. Mrs. Conant is in the midst of a feud with the state about overloaded trucks that must pass through the station. Up police of new York have indeed been engaged in the illegal tapping of phones a and added Quot Lam Given to understand that even the wires of state legislators have been the congressmen announced he planned to ask for Federal Laws making All wire tapping illegal throughout the United states. Quot that Way a he said Quot the state police or anyone else for that matter will not be tempted to undertake illicit activities under the Guise of Legal Donohue declined to elaborate on his charges or to name the investigator. He said he would do so Only in the congressional probe called for by Resnick. In Albany superintendent Cornelius characterized the statements As Quot slander and charged that the Ellenville congressman Quot is More interested in publicity than the a spokesman for the governors office said that Cornelius had answered the wiretap charges More than a month ago by claiming the statements were false and that any further comments should come from him. The superintendent said in his rebuttal Quot congressman Resnick has again charged the new York state police with the commission of a felony. In so doing he has slandered not Only myself but the nearly 2,800 members of the division who Are dedicated to the enforcement of the on the inside an editorial discusses the proposed water expansion project Page 4. Hoosick Falls to take final action on Walter Wood school sept. 27 a Page 6. An interview with mrs. Arthur Guiterman recalls the life of Arlington a noted poet a Page 7. It

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