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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 13, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy increasing cloudiness and warmer tonight. Low temperatures in the 50s. Wednesday mostly Cloudy with Chance of scattered showers and a Little warmer. Yesterdays High 73 Low 48. Today at 7a.m., 57. Sunset 7 07 . Sunrise 6 30 . Benning Bennington Vermont tuesday september 13, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,169 to cents Board to seek vote on water Extension plan by Warren Buckler in a decisive move that climaxes More than two years of intensive preliminary work and nearly a decade of planning and discussion Bennington Village water commissioners agreed monday to recommend a Bond Issue vote on an Extension of the water system. Total Cost of the project is estimated at $453,000. Water Board members will appear before town selectmen a week from tonight to recommend that a the project be brought to a vote As soon As High court orders Milne disbarment Montpelier us a the Vermont supreme court today ordered the disbarment of state rep. Donald g. Milne a Washington a convicted embezzler. Milne 32, a Barre lawyer was found guilty last May of forgery fraud and embezzlement in the conversion of More than $13,000 in clients funds to his own use. He is serving a four to six year sentence in Windsor state prison. A special three Man fact finding committee submitted a report to the supreme court stating that Milne was guilty As convicted. The High court had been scheduled to hear Oral arguments on the report monday but Milne a attorney Robert grossing of Brattleboro telephoned chief Justice James Holden and informed him he had no objections to the report. Deputy atty. Gen. Louis Peck also announced he would not argue the report. Milne who escaped from the state prison farm aug. 28 and surrendered in Albany ., the next Day also faces an escape charge in Windsor municipal court. The project planned by the Board Calls for construction of a diversion dam just below the Junction of Bolles Brook and Bickford hollow Brook in Woodford a settling Basin a Short distance downstream and a 3v2-mile pipeline from the settling Basin to the Reservoir on Burgess Road. Engineering studies indicate that this water source when added to present sources will provide a regional Supply for Bennington Village and wide areas of the a outside town for Many years to come. Village atty. John h. Williams ii who has been doing All the Legal work connected with the project said that legally there is no reason not to hold a Bond vote As soon As possible. Although he Felt there Are certain reasons Why a vote now would not be advantageous he pointed out that because of certain deadlines and other time pressures and because there is no reason to believe that any future time will be More favourable for a vote that any extensive delay would be a mistake. In a review of the Legal aspects of the project Williams and his partner r. Marshall Witten reported that options on All property required for construction purposes had been obtained and that easements had been acquired at 30 cents a foot for the pipeline which must Cross private property along Long Trail Road in Woodford and Vermont 9. The two lawyers said they had run into Only one property owner who is reluctant to Grant an easement. The matter was discussed in executive session because in it involved a contract negotiation but Witten indicated that the matter will be straightened out and that a there is no serious Williams also commented on the status of the Federal government Grant which the town applied for to pay one half the construction costs of the $453,000 project. The government he explained has a a reserved $188,000 for the Bennington project but final approval is being withheld pending a examination of engineering data and other administrative ufos seen b Many was weather balloon unidentified flying objects to the contrary that Bright object which area residents May have seen Low on the horizon directly Over the setting Sun monday was in All likelihood a huge research balloon released from Canada earlier this week. That was the word from Paul w. Bohne of Harwood Hill local . Weather observer and advanced Amateur astronomer. The Bright object was quite striking when it first made its appearance about 6 45 but gradually faded to a dim Pink spot of Light As the Sun dropped further below the horizon. Bohne did not know the details of the balloons sponsor but he understood that it was a meteorological balloon on a research Mission being carried out by some Canadian College. He reported that it had been released in Toronto and moving on a Southeast course had been due Over this area monday. One other observer of the Bright object who first called it to the attention of the Banner was Herbert e. Post or. Of Middle Pownal Road. He reported that it had suddenly appeared and then after lining it up with two nails on a Board noted that it was moving almost imperceptibly. Bohne accounted for the sudden appearance by the fact that a Cloud Bank had probably shifted allowing the suns rays to suddenly strike it directly. The slow movement he noted was due to the fact that a High pressure area currently was stationed Over the area and that it was a extremely Calm not Only on the ground but in the skies above. Bohne understood that the balloon was a a big one perhaps too on the inside a $27,000 contract is awarded for North Bennington water Supply project a Page 6. West Arlington Ian comes Home from the Arctic a Page 7. And an Indian visits in Dorset a Page 7. Feet in diameter and might be he believed it had a highly reflective aluminized surface. He also said it had been reported to be 90 Miles up when initially released but estimated at the time of its spotting Here that it might be 50 Miles High. He did not know precisely what the balloon s Mission was. Matters. He indicated however that there is no reason to believe that this final approval will not be granted. While the government Aid remains in this slightly Uncertain state according to Williams the town can hold its Bond Vot but it cannot enter into any construction contract until a Grant agreement Between town and government has been executed. Williams also pointed out other factors that water commissioners and selectmen should take into consideration when deciding on the advisability and timing of a Bond vote a a watershed agreement granting water rights to a 17-Square-mile area in Woodford and Glastonbury will run out in another year if the project has not been started. A one property option will expire in March if not executed or renegotiated. A the a agonizing property reappraisal situation raises doubts As to whether voters will respond favourably to a request for Money. A the still unsettled Law suit dealing with the Putnam memorial hospitals financial responsibility for caring for indigent patients at Putnam memorial Hospital might make the Hospital reluctant to agree to the use of water revenues to help pay off the debt for construction of the water system expansion. According to the Putnam deed of gift the water department s net profits must go to the Hospital after All operating expenses have been paid. Williams has worked out a plan however whereby the Village would use these revenues to buy water from the town which would own the proposed Extension to the system. The town would then use this Money to help pay off its debt. Williams noted that he would prefer to have the Hospital agree to this arrangement and he added that he was sure there would be no objections if a court ruling does not prevent the Hospital from receiving Public Aid. In any Case he said the Purchase of water can be considered a legitimate operating expense and revenues can be used for this purpose whether the Hospital agrees or not. A construction costs Are rising and if the project is put off too Long current estimates of the total Cost will be dated and too Low. Interest rates Are at an All time High which will increase the Cost of borrowing. A the time is coming a Williams concluded a when we have to move along. It s hard to keep the project together if we wait too Long. The project is of vital importance to the Community l. M. Pittendreigh of the bos see Board Page 12, col. 8 walk in space ail in half new York mayor John Lindsay surveys one of the first copies of up Al Cpd the world journal Tribune published monday which was formed from the merger of the Herald Tribune world Telegram amp Sun and by strike journal american but which was kept from appearing for 141 Days by a strike that saw the morning paper the Herald Tribune die before publication. Up segregationists beat negro school children Hall monday night. That if negro children were not several hours earlier City protected today a they re going manager John Mceachin had to see More marching than booming resigned because of the racial they Ever heard Fri agents were investigate Grenada miss. Up a negro children under the Protection of 150 state troopers return today to an integrated High school where angry Whites beat students and newsmen monday. The Northern Mississippi farm town was described As in a an ugly a you get the Highway patrol out of Here and in 24 hours attacked negro children As they strongly protested the beating of to situation violence Rundle High school monday morning. A crowd of 200 Whites surrounded the which flared into at the opening of ing to determine whether any Federal Laws or court orders had been violated. H. Roger tatar an vice school and president and editor of up there won t be a Nigger left a one Man shouted to City councilman l. D. Boone at a meeting of Soo Whites at City Vermont Man Bat i or burned in Albany n. Y. Albany Up a a Burlington it. Man was burned critically Early today when an explosion and fire destroyed a fuel tank truck at the port of Rensselaer. Henry Morgan 43, of 56 Cayuga St., was taken to Albany medical Center Hospital with third degree Burns Over most of his body. Police said Morgan was loading the truck at the Cit go Oil co. Dock when the blast ripped a Hole in the Side of the vehicle. Cause of the explosion and ensuing fire is under investigation. The flames destroyed the truck owned by Champlain Oil co. Of Burlington. Jackson Bureau. Tried to enter the building for 0f Gordon a native the first time. Negro leaders Mccomb miss., assigned said at least 33 persons were up s beaten. A 12-year-old boy s leg was broken and up reporter Robert Gordon was severely beaten. Two news photographers also were attacked. Police stood by and watched while Gordon was kicked and beaten by a White mob. A you re Damn Lucky you did t get killed a one officer later Moscow up a the rusted Gordon. Sians said today a former r2�rvere ,hed 51 t0 roman Catholic priest would escort the negro children from pub Cly explain on Moscow space Center Houston up a astronaut Richard f. Gordon Cut his planned 115-minute working walk in half today because he got a so hot and sweaty he could t see. Command Pilot Charles Pete Conrad ordered Gordon in Early from America s fourth walk in space which was designed to test How Well men can work in the void. A i just brought Dick Back in a Conrad reported. A the got so hot and sweaty he could t it was the third straight spacewalk that failed to accomplish All planned experiments. Gemini to astronaut Michael Collins was forced to Cut Short his spacewalk in july because of irritating fumes in his breathing system. Gemini 9 space Walker Eugene Cernan was forced to eliminate some tests because his helmet visor fogged up. But Gordon did manage to get Over to the Agena rocket to which the gemini la spacecraft was docked and a Riding it like a Cowboy a attach a tether Between it and the gemini Craft. It will be used later for a unique station keeping Experiment with the two satellites linked by the 100-foot line. Gordon climbed out of the spacecraft a few minutes after the Hatch was opened at 10 44 . Edt. His Laboured breathing across the radio Channel to Earth he made his Way to the Agena. A i m Riding it like a Cowboy a he told Conrad. After the Early end to the spacewalk ground communicator John w. Young a Pilot on the last spacewalk to be Cut Short a radioed up to Gordon from the manned spacecraft Center at Houston a i know How it is a when you get to where you can t see you be got to close the Gordon carried with him a Power tool with which he planned to turn some experimental bolts on the gemini and he also had planned to see if he could clean off the gemini s smudged windows. It was the second time a Power tool had been carried aloft in a gemini spacecraft and not used. The first Power tool Experiment was scheduled for gemini 8, but that Mission was halted by an out of control thruster a the same thruster which went out earlier today in the gemini la Mission. But the thruster was Only a minor problem today. With Conrad holding his legs Gordon stood up in the open Hatch before the spacewalk to retrieve an experimental package. Then he floated off into space and straddled the Agena a i m Riding it like a Cowboy a he told Conrad. His heavy breathing echoing Over the radio to Earth Gordon made his Way with difficulty across to the Agena with Conrad offering encouragement. A How Are you doing a Conrad asked him. A tired a puffed Gordon. A you re Way ahead of the game a Conrad said. A just then he told ground controllers a the s resting up on the front # Conrad said Gordon decided to skip erection of a Mirror on the outside of the spacecraft. But Gordon apparently did install a motion picture camera outside the Craft As planned. The spacewalk came off on schedule despite the failure of a mane vering rocket. Former american priest asks political Asylum in Russia television Why he defected from the school. The Southern Christian Lead the United sates or shop conference or. Martin Luther King s organization which had conducted a militant civil rights Campaign in Grenada began sending top staff members Back to the town. King is scheduled to return to Grenada next week. Aroused negro leaders called a mass meeting monday night to protest the violence but state police officials persuaded them not to stage a planned March through the town because of the a ugly mood of Whites. A we did t want to get anyone killed so we agreed to Call off the March a said j. T. Jackson one of the leaders. Jackson warned however the soviet news Agency Tass announced an interview with the former priest Harold m Koch of Chicago would be screened at 7 15 . Today. American embassy officials Here said before the interview was shown they would Welcome ail Opportunity to make sure Koch 34, had defected of his own free will. They said they had not yet asked to interview him personally. A we Aren t even sure he is in Moscow yet a an official said noting the television interview could have been filmed elsewhere. Tass said monday Koch had Harold f. Koch political Asylum in Russia. Koch who celebrated his first requested and had been granted mass eight years and five months ago today was alleged to have defected As a a protest against criminal United states aggression in Viet in what the soviet foreign ministry said were photostatic copies of Koch s request for Asylum the former priest condemned the War in Viet Nam and asked soviet authorities for the Chance to propagandize against it. Koch who was ordained in Chicago on May 12, 1958 and offered his first solemn mass the next Day left the Priesthood in August 1963 after he had been advised by his superiors to seek psychiatric treatment. Koch reportedly had secured a teaching Job with the Institute of modern languages in Washington and was to have worked in Jidida saudi Arabia. He left the United states in Augusten route to saudi Arabia. Primary voting Light republicans select candidates As democrats look to november hitting the books Mike Derosia of depot Street one of some 120 freshmen who registered at St. Joseph College today eases away from the colleges Bookstore this morning with a stack of texts he will be devoting himself to in the coming months of the new school year. Hagerman Montpelier us a republicans faced a party split in the Vermont primary today in their bid to wrest control from gov. Philip h. Hoff the state s first democratic governor in 110 years. Light to extremely Light voting was reported in All sections of the state. In Barre 70 of 2,700 eligible voters turned out during the first two hours the polls were opened. About 50,000 voters less than one fourth of the 210,000 registered voters were expected to ballot. Under Vermont Law neither democrats nor republicans Register by party and each can vote for the other s candidates. Fair skies clouding up As the Day progressed were forecast. Temperatures were to Range to the upper 70s. Hoff and the other democratic incumbents except atty. Gen. John p. Co Nam Are unopposed. Connarn is opposed by Middlebury attorney Gerard Trudeau who is running As both a Damn rat Anri Ren Nohr Fin the governors twentieth Century Green Mountain boys put their primary worries behind them today and set their sights polls in Bennington will be open until 6 . At the following locations for subdistrict i North at the North Bennington firehouse for All North Village voters and at the Putnam House company firehouse on River Street for All other voters of this subdistrict for subdistrict 2 East Bennington voters of this subdistrict will go to the Eagle Hose firehouse on East main Street while Woodford voters of this subdistrict will go to the Woodford hollow school Between to . And 7 . For subdistrict 3 South All voters to go to the Bennington elementary school. On november with the Hope that a repeat performance at the polls will give them another two years at the state House. Hoff has come a Long Way in the popularity department since he edged Republican incumbent f. Ray Keyser jr., by 1,348 votes in 1962. Several observers feel that no matter who Hoff faces this fall he May outdo his 1964 performance at the ballot boxes this time around. In that year he whipped gop hopeful Ralph Foote by 49,035 votes. Republican leaders when talking off the record admit they Lack the issues to derail the governors third term bid. Some Are even upset that the party has failed to come up with an attractive candidate to carry the gop Banner this fall. In Short they feel that Only if a major catastrophe besets the Hoff administration in the next few weeks they will be Able to recapture the office they held for 109 consecutive years. Shelburne industrialist Richard Snelling appears to have the inside track in today s balloting. The Contention is that his opponent Thomas l. Hayes has been out of the state toe Long and is generally unfamiliar with the voters and the issues. Hayes was away from Vermont for 15 years serving As administrative assistant to sen. Winston Prouty a it. Assuming the voters act As the professionals believe they will and Snelling wins heavily today he faces a Long Uphill fight in the fall Campaign. It is generally Felt Snelling will have Little going for him this november and a great Deal in the negative. Some republicans have indicated they May try to avoid any association with Snelling in the Campaign because they feel he will run far behind Hoff and May drag the rest of the ticket Down with him. Lined up against Snelling Are a right to work and sales tax issues and the governors personal Charm. Snelling conservative in political thought has favored right to work legislation an unpopular matter with vermonters. It is Felt he lost several thousand see primary Page 12, col. 4

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