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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 14, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday september 14, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials what about a Salt substitute the discovery that salting of streets to break up ice is responsible for gradually killing Roadside sugar Maples should Spur efforts to find better ways of keeping our highways Clear in the wintertime. A researchers finding that sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride spread on the highways seep into the Earth a and Poison bordering Shade Trees and evergreens constitutes a grave drawback to this widespread practice. If there Are alternative methods of doing the same Job they might Well be considered now. For this plainly is no minor matter involving a few Trees Here and there. When you consider that there Are something Over 704 Miles of Roadway in Bennington county alone most of them graced with elms Maples and other ornamental Trees you see that the casualties could be immense in the hundreds of thousands no doubt for the state As a make matters worse the poisoning effect is not confined to Trees adjacent to the highways. Trees along drainage systems leading off from the highways also Are affected some of Vermont s Peculiar View of bears he was Only a Little Bear thin and hungry. It was fun being fed by a family up in West Brookfield just North of Randolph and learning to do simple tricks for the Reward of a piece of bread. The last Day he sat up for a morsel and got a Bullet instead1 came As a crushing Climax to a Short a Saga of human kindness. But the Bullet had been ordered by a Warden of the state department of fish and game and a Bullet was the answer to the begging of the Little Bear. The Little Bear broke a state Law by being in a family a confinement. The same state makes Laws which allow Hunters to Start shooting bears september i take As Many As you wish or can. Last year when each Hunter was allowed but one Bear the Ursine population was diminished by 200. No one knows How much it will shrink this year. To us this seems like a policy of extermination of an animal which comment the Cirl w to didst want to be an image time Magazine in 1961, Charlayne Hunter became the first negro girl Ever to enter the University of Georgia. Last june she became the first negro girl to graduate. Yet Charlayne always insisted that she should not be considered a Symbol of the civil rights struggle or even a National representative of her race. A a in a not representing anybody a she once said. A a in a not an Ideal girl or the perfect though she was sometimes called upon to speak before civil rights groups she Felt a like a hypocrite. All that a we shall 0 overcome a business. I believe in it sure. But there Are some things i believe in that i just done to believe in talking about. And i have to break away from that image business sooner or later. I can to spend my life being an but Charlayne remained a Symbol despite her wishes. And it was that fact that gave special significance to the announcement last week of her marriage to a White fellow student at the University of Georgia. The Hus bid is Walter Stovall 25, son of a Well to do South Georgia Chicken feed them a Good distance from the Salt treated surfaces. Effective drainage simply spreads the Poison. There seems no easy Way to control it. As their remedy the agricultural scientists who pinpointed Road Salt As the villain Are studying the use of a neutralizing agent. Emphasizing that human safety on the roads is More important than the Well being of some Trees they Are not suggesting that the use of Salt be abandoned. Instead they Are looking for some substance that can protect the Trees from the Salt. Maybe that is the right approach to the problem. But we wonder. It will be recalled that Highway Salt has other harmful effects speeding the erosion of Road surfaces and causing millions of dollars of damage to automobile bodies every Winter. Instead of makeshift remedies to Hal protect Trees and autos from the stuff it would seem More logical to use a harmless Salt substitute on the highways a if such can be found. Of not would it be wholly impracticable to go Back to the old system of constant blowing and an abundance of Plain Sand this year seems to be staging a comeback in Central new England. Bears have been reported in increasing numbers in neighbouring states As Well As in Vermont and their appearance on the scene has been cause for consternation. Western states Are so pleased with bears that they manage to work them into their travel brochures. Bears add much to the scenery. True they like berries Honey and even an occasional Small pig but Are not generally known for their depredations save to outlying garbage cans. Vermont is steering its ship into the Heady wind of tourism and what would enhance it More than a Bear or two glimpsed in its colourful scenery. With this in mind it seems the Little cub could have been transplanted to some lonely spot and at a weight of 20 pounds could have survived at this season of the year. Paraphrasing Gerlett Burgess a a purple cow in be never even seen a Bear i never Hope to see one hut under Vermont Law id rather see than be one. Manufacturer. Stovall like Charlayne a journalism major befriended her soon after she entered the University. By Early this year it was common Campus knowledge that they were dating. In fact they said last week they were married in March. After Charlayne a graduation they moved to new York took a Greenwich Village apartment. Charlayne an editorial assistant for the new yorker Magazine is expecting a baby in december. After the announcement of the marriage Walter Stovall a father mourned that a this is the end of the Charlayne smother said a they did no to Tusk for my approval. Charlayne is 21 years old and i can Only advise her-1 can to Tell her what to said Walter Stovall a we Are two Young people who found ourselves in love and did what we feel is required of people when they Are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. We got and what of Charlayne the girl who wanted to Escaje from a that image business asked if she had considered the possible Impact of on the negro cause she replied a this is a very personal thing and my personal life should not have anything to do with that which affects the masses of people. And so i can to be too terribly concerned about that because i have my own life to Fischetti Rod and gun tre reims of �om6rkjmgkit Washington idling Viet Nam May repeat the pattern of winning the War and losing the peace a ukr Churchill sum. Meil ficht in the ferrets by Marquis Chilos Washington. To win the War and lose the peace a that is the pattern in Viet Nam threatening to repeat the unhappy precedent of other a a victories achieved by american military and economic strength. The events of recent Days seem simply incredible in the Light of the great expenditure of american manpower and Money in support of the government of president Ngo Dinh diem. Not the least fantastic is the intervention of president Charles de Gaulle. For if this does nothing else it recalls some of the most painful history of the tragedy of Indochina. The French made almost every mistake possible. The end was a partition of Viet Nam that narrowly averted catastrophe and a blood Bath overwhelming the thousands of French planters and businessmen for whom the Colony had Long been a source of profits and jobs. A of in March 1946, the French engineered a Deal with the wily communist Leader to Chi Minh. After months in Paris to went Back to Saigon expecting that he would preside Over a United and neutralise Viet Nam. But opposition French elements in the Viet namese capital succeeded in killing that Deal and to retired to the North to organize the communist guerrillas. For eight years the Flower of the French officer corps fought with courage and desperate futility in the ugly Jungle War. As head of a so called Independent government the French were backing a puppet emperor Bao dal. While he had personal bravery Charm and a sense of humor Bao Dai lacked the one absolute essential a support of the Viet namese people. He took Long holidays in a luxury Villa on the French Riviera where he currently lives in grand style. During the last two to three years of the French War the United states was pouring in support at the rate of $800 million annually. Since it went through the French Treasury in Paris it had one Beneficent effect it shored up the franc and offset the threat of inflation. This reporter has a vivid memory of one of the phonies of the Many big four conferences. In Bermuda in late 1953, the Heads of government met with their foreign ministers to consider among other things the course of the War in Viet Nam. The French Premier was a Large indolent gentleman named Joseph Laniel who spent most of his time in bed with a diplomatic illness while Georges Bidault As foreign minister gave Tho three allies a Rosy picture of the War in far off Viet Nam. Victory was in sight and with French courage and american dollars the War would soon be won. But the French were losing All vestiges of popular support. By May of the following Yeai the Indochina conference in Geneva was frantically seeking a layout after the Folly of the siege of Dlen Bien Phu had shown once fid for 4 a. 4 for a r a r l a i h n be won militarily. A partition rather like that in Korea with the agricultural South separated from the Industrial North was the end result. President de Gaulle is credited with sincere motives in trying to resolve an impossible situation. The French have kept a line to How a regime in Hanoi maintaining a Trade Mission in the communist capital. It is not Clear whether they Are encouraging a Union of the two let name under a Neutral government or far More important How such a regime could be formed. Laos is a bad precedent. The american record after 1954 is no reason for cheering. We seem to have Learned Little or nothing from the French experience. Granted that the French installed diem in the first instance nevertheless each Day s headlines reflect a growing loss of support and antagonism toward the United states. The jailing of Large and influential groups in Saigon what such a Victory Means will be the unanswered question. In Korea the United states had a Victory a or a partial Victory a at far greater Cost. It has meant a quarrelling dictatorship supported by Large inflation of american Ald and the presence of american troops. That too is an unhappy precedent. Confidential reports from High american authority in Saigon say that the Way can be won in nine months. They say that the Border with North Viet Nam has been 95 per cent closed and the task of sealing the Border with Cambodia is proceeding. The Vietcong guerrillas Are being starved out. Whether these reports Are any More authentic than the optimistic forecasts of past years the outsider cannot judge. With More than 14,000 americans directly involved it is to be devoutly hoped they Are Correct. But even if the War can be won despite the growing discord and hoi Boyle s notebook Pownal. Water which mice covered the Earth and provided a Highway for Noah a sail into posterity is becoming scarcer and scarcer a not so bad As last year when i can recall hauling the stuff for eight arid months in 40-quart milk jugs but bad enough to keep Dusty memories of that arid year. Reports from most everywhere report not Only sporadic shortages but a definite lowering of the water table. Specific instances Are Williamstown mass., Chicago los Angeles and Pownal. To because two of these localities Are within our immediate Ken Ireland a Law has been willing but Barkis Hasni to by Hal Boyll new York apr things a columnist might never know of he did no to open his mail Ireland plans to raise its minimum age for marriage a now 12 for girls 14 for boys a to 16 for both sexes. Actually however the Irish have one of the worlds highest average marriage age rates 31 for men 26 for women. In America ifs 20 for girls 22-plus for men. Put Charles Dickens in a bed facing either East or West and he spent a miserable night. He shared a delusion held by Many people Over the centuries that Good sleep is possible Only in a bed parallel to the Earth a North South Axis. Big news the elephant is reported to be the Only quadruped that is unable to take All four feet off the ground at the same time a except when lying Down of course. Did you know that Raymond burrs real name is not Perry Mason but Raymond Willis Stacy our quotable notables a woman is a tyrant until she a reduced to bondage and a rebel till she a Wen a George beware thou mighty Moose by Roy Marsden sometime today or. John Irons jr., local dentist in company with Bill Gambee Bart Jacob and vie Brewer will arrive at port a Basque Newfoundland for five Days of Caribou and Moose Hunting. Before he left last wednesday evening Doc told me his party would Board a fishing Schooner on Newfoundland a South Shore today spend sunday fishing skin diving and scouting for game and be ready to Hunt monday when the season opens officially for big game. Bill Gambee is a former Bennington resident now living in Valley Falls . Bart Jacob lives in Wilmington. Vie Brewer s Home town is unknown to me at this time but i understand these three Fellows Are former University of Vermont classmates. The party was scheduled to drive to North Sidney Nova Scotia and Board a ferry boat which would take them to port a Basque where the fishing Schooner is scheduled to be awaiting their arrival today. This trip is a bit unusual in that the Schooner will be their base Camp. Plans Call for scouting the coast and Hunting where conditions look favourable. Nights will be spent in Comfort aboard the boat. Newfoundland weather at this season of the year is Nasty at Best fog drizzle and rain being the order of the Day. Rain gear including rubber boots is considered essential. Walking is none too Good bogs rolling knolls potholes and the like All add up to rugged going. I have been told by other Hunters who have been on similar Hunting trips there that frequently you can spot a Moose by binoculars walk some three or More Miles to get within shooting Range and then find that the animal has moved on and out of sight. There is nothing to do then but walk Back to your starting Point and Start All Over again. Some eight years ago George Hadwen was a member of a party who hunted Newfoundland but docs party is doing it in a different style. When George landed at port a Basque he stayed overnight with his guide then on the borderline walked la Miles into the Interior to a base Camp and hunted from there. No matter How you do it there is bound to be plenty of exercise. In a willing to Wager that there Are plenty of sportsmen including yours truly who would like to be in docs shoes or boots right now with Rifle in hand patiently waiting for the season to open monday morning. Doc has promised to keep notes on his trip and when he gets Back ill pass them along. During this past week a group of local merchants and businessmen have been Trout fishing in Canada. Lucien Loomis Seymour Shultz Herb Horst Jim Maclay Bob Hayes and Alfred Yott made their annual pilgrimage to upper Quebec after Square tall Trout. In the past these Fellows have had Luck ranging from poor to Good. Here a hoping this year was one of the Best. If you Are interested in Salt water fishing the Martha a Vineyard Island striped Bass Derby opens today and runs to oct. 15. This Derby is known As the Blue ribbon fishing contest of the East coast and this season Marks the 18th year it has been held. There Are prizes galore some on a daily basis some weekly and of course the grand prizes. If you like to fish for stripers bluefish and the like and enjoy a Good fish bake to satisfy the inner Man then you should plan to be at Oak Bluffs wharf oct. 12 at i . When just such a dinner will be served with All the trimmings. At the annual meeting of Bennington Rod and gun club last monday night the following were elected officers Myron Earley president Clark Harwood vice president Eugene Kosche Secretary Royal Bostwick treasurer. Members will be looking for you to buy your 1964 membership and i can think of no better investment for three Bucks. Those under 21 years of age can sign up for a Singleton a likewise a Good investment. Only 16 More Days until the Small game Hunting season opens. Are you ready for it Pownal a chronic water crisis by Sumner Kean americans now eat 1.3 billion meals a year outdoors and spend $100 million on backyard cooking equipment. The Kitchen is losing caste. Old Story revived returning from a trip abroad Mark Twain told a customs agent his Luggage contained nothing but clothing. The suspicious official rummaged through one bag pulled out a bottle of Bourbon and demanded a you Call this clothing a a. A yes a replied Twain calmly. A a that a my geographical quiz can you quickly name eight countries that begin with the letter a a in Wall How about Iceland Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy and India big hearted we Are regarded As Dollar mad by europeans but american individuals and corporations gave a record $9.3 billion to Public philanthropic causes last year up $600 million from 1961. Here s a statistical reason Why insurance is so High for Young motorists in 1962, teen agers held Only 7.1 per cent of the nation s driving licenses a but they were involved in 14.7 per a Accident and More nearly comparable they offer excellent if widely differing illustration. Principally the Bay state town is taking the hard Road in developing new sources of water. Pownal on the other hand is following the path made familiar by the Ages and doing nothing. This in spite of the fact that it is in for an annual Bonanza of nearly $75,000, Money from race track real estate taxes and a $200-a-Day Premium for every Day of racing. This amount assured for so Long As the parimutuel track operates could carry quite a Chuck of bonded indebtedness plenty to finance a water system for All the Pownal. But As Faxon Bowen former mayor of North Adams and a Pownal resident for 14 years comments a a it la take an awful lot of water to Wash the Moss out of the hair of most voters hereabouts before a system is voted. Bowen in his 88th year looks Back at his own municipal administration loaded with chopped gordian knots and Points to the advantages to Pownal of it had Only the courage to create its own water system not Only As a convenience and a health Protection but fire Protection As Well with a resulting slash in insurance rates. A of Williamstown and Pownal Are a study in contrasts. One is a wealthy fast growing town seat of Williams College. The other until the Advent of Green Mountain Park was a sleepy Little Community of three population concentrations Pownal Center South Pownal and North Pownal. Also but More Strung out is East Pownal. Water Wise it has made do for generations through drought and freshet with the same systems it now uses. In addition to private Wells the Supply of All three consists of North Pownal a tiny Reservoir and the Pownal Tannery co. Driven Well. South Pownal private water system owned by Murray Lewis. Pownal Center two Springs owned by Walter Lampman augmented last year by a driven Well. The Pownal have a total population of 1,548 and their total property has a Market value of $7.5 million but an assessed Val of Only nip of Iirth of Williamstown on the other hand has a population of 7,322 and 1,714 dwellings which have a full and fair valuation of almost $40 million. Williams College biggest taxpayer pays taxes on property Worth $2.1 million and pays no taxes on its educational Plant valued at $12 million. Until 1958 Williamstown yet to feel the population expansion attendant upon the College and housing Sprague electric co. Executive personnel made do with its pair of ancient reservoirs Rattlesnake in Pownal and Sherman Springs on the North Adams Border. Five years ago when More water was needed a Survey showed that expansion of either or both would not increase Supply sufficient to warrant the expenditure. A gravel packed Well was constructed off Cole Avenue which is now providing a half million Gallons a Day. It Cost $30,000. This year As demand increased the town put Down another Well near the first. When the a a finest had been sucked out this provided a great subterranean Reservoir est mated to produce a million Gallons a Day. It Cost $55,000. A of Bowen the Sage of Pownal and a frequent Railer at government shortsightedness holds that such a Well located in Pownal Center would Supply All three areas by Gravity flow. There is however a husky joker. An eight Inch main smallest practical size to provide both dwellers and fire Protection costs in the ground about $12 a foot. And a lot of feet separate the Pownal. Just How Many just How much the Cost of Well or Reservoir plus Mains is not known. This is the basis for Bowens complaint. He cites the fact that there is an Independent Federal Agency the Community facilities administration which assumes the greater part of the Cost of surveying and planning water systems. Recently in the news appeared an item about nine children in upper new York state sickened by seepage from a cesspool. Private water supplied in concentrated population spots Are prone to this Type of pollution another item that Pownal town fathers should consider among the pros Ann rur it a of a water system

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