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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 13, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Clear Cool Clear and colder tonight with Low temperatures near or slightly below freezing. Saturday fair and somewhat warmer. Sunset 7 07 Sunrise 6 29. Bennington o Turfie my Anner Bennington Vermont Friday september 13, 1963established 1841. 60th year no. 19,281 Price 7 cents Capitol cops bar beatniks Washington apr a heavy police guard barred unkempt youths and recognized troublemakers from new hearings by the House committee on in Amel can activities today on illegal travel to Cuba. Capitol police chief Charles Sullivan said his men were denying Entrance to the hearing room to people they recognized As participants in two near roofs that erupted thursday. A half dozen policemen carried one struggling screaming youth downstairs from the third floor. He was one of about 50 Young people in beatnik clothes who milled around outside the room after being denied admission by police seeking to Avert a renewal of thursday s near riots. Others in the crowd stood silently and watched As police grabbed the noisy youth. He was identified As William Massey 28, tall Blond new yorker whose shouts inside the committee room late thursday helped touch off the second of two Small scale riots. It was Massey who after thursday s hearing recessed started shouting Quot Cuba is Freer than Louisiana Quot a the Home state of Edwin e. Willis the committee chairman. Police said today s struggle developed when Massey began asking them questions and haranguing the crowd outside the hearing room and refused to step Back. Then he was taken out shouting All the Way. When they turned aside one woman she shouted at officers Quot done to pick on me. You either arrest me or let me but the woman and a College age girl with her were escorted away from the hearing room. More than 30 of those denied admission to the hearing room most of them bearded remained in the Hall just outside the hearing. Police kept an Eye on them. Even two of the witnesses scheduled for today were turned Back at the door. They were Kathy Prensky of new York and Wendy Nakashima of Atlanta. Their lawyer Conrad Lynn had to intercede with the committee staff to gain them entry to the hearing room. Thursday s near riots got police into a pushing struggle with medical of Breaks Jam on school Aid Washington apr Congress has sent to the White House the first major administration Bill to be cleared this session a president Kennedy a medical education program. Democratic congressional Lead ers expressed Hope today that the strategy which won easy passage for the measure will work with other sections of Kennedy s school program. The Senate approved the $236.4 million medical Bill by an overwhelming 71-9 vote. The House passed it in april 288-122. It establishes the first Broad Federal Ald program in education since passage of the 1958 National defense education act. After years of frustration on school Bills the leadership strategy for 1962 has been to let the House act first with the Senate traditionally More Friendly to such legislation following behind. The theory is that the size of the Bills originating in the Senate has scared off the House in the past. The House this year chopped Down the 10-year medical education program submitted by Kennedy to a three year Bill. The Senate accepted this without change thursday. The Bill contains a $61.4 million student loan authorization and authorization for $175 million in Grants to help build new schools or rehabilitate old ones to train doctors dentists and Public health personnel. Lied leaven talk okinawan squawk Naha Okinawa apr since the voice of America increased its transmitting Power Early this year primitive villagers in the North have accused the . Agency of practising witchcraft. It seems that with the boost from 8,000 to 10,000 kilowatts the stronger radio beams especially after showers Are picked up by Metal objects. This has made radios out of such things As bedsprings and even caused Damp leaves to Issue a sound resembling an eerie human whisper. Demonstrator ousted a a Capitol policeman uses an Arm lock to drag a disorderly demonstrator from yesterday s hearing held by the House committee on in american activities. Session was on recent student a photo trip to c Uba. Bearded youths and shrieking girls. Chairs tumbled Over fists flew Mark shrill voice shouted Quot fascist no one was arrested nor anyone reported to be seriously Hurt. The third disturbance broke out when an unidentified Man tried to speak out at an evening meeting set up by the student committee for travel to Cuba and billed As a reply to House investigation. Quot i have a few words to say a he shouted As he leaped up on a Cuba is a full of russians and hungry says Escapee Cozumel Mexico apr the Leader of a band of refugees who escaped from Cuba last week in a hijacked Navy tender said today that the soviets now give the orders in his Homeland. Quot our Homeland is full of russians a said Rafael Rodriguez 48, a former merchant Marine Christine docketed h for perjury earn Quot London apr Christine Keeler was told today to appear oct. 2 for a hearing on charges of perjury and conspiracy to obstruct Justice. The hearing will determine whether the red haired Central figure in the government sex scandal and three co defendants must stand trial. The 21-year-old Christine whose affair with sex War minister John Profumo led to a still unresolved government scandal is accused with three other persons of seeking to subvert Justice in the Case of her sex Lover Lucky Gordon a jamaican. Ben Nin tonian smashes store five injured Winsted Conn. A a car driven by a Bennington woman this noon crashed into a store Here injuring at least five persons. The woman was identified As mrs. Olive m. Parker about 65, of Grandview Street Bennington. She had stopped for lunch in Winsted and the Accident took place after she had started up the car. She told Ted Vaill managing editor the Winsted citizen that Quot something stuck Quot in the car. It crashed through the front of a women a Good store and drove about 50 feet into the store Quot smashing everything in at least five persons were taken to Litchfield county Hospital but non was reported to be seriously injured. Mrs. Parker was not Hurt nor was an unidentified passenger with her. The Accident happened about 12 10 . Today. Snow in Laurentian Quebec apr easter que Bec got its first taste of Winter thursday a Snow and winds of 50 Miles an hour. Three to six inches of Snow fell in Laurentides Park to the North. Sailor who masterminded the flight of 89 cubans including 28 women and 22 children to the mexican Island of Cozumel. Quot the russians Are in a world apart without Contact with the cuban people a Rodriguez told a reporter. Quot but it is they who dictate. That we cannot Rodriguez who brought the refugees Here after a perilous five Day voyage said conditions were growing steadily worse in Cuba. Quot the people suffer increasingly from hunger and privation a he said. Quot most do not even have Quot invited foreigners who with a big show Are shown Castro scuba Are kept away from the cuban people. No Contact with them is permitted. Quot the visitors Are put up in the fancy hotels to which the people have no Access. When visiting groups Are taken anywhere the areas visited Are first cleared of Quot this was the Case with the group of american students which visited Cuba recently at Fidel Castro a Rodriguez estimate that 95 per cent of the cuban people Are no communists. Quot if they had the Opportunity All of them would do what we recalling the escape voyage Rodriguez said a cuban Navy torpedo boat trailed them for hours but finally veered off apparently deceived by a homemade american Flag flying from the Mast of the tender. Envoy named for the Swiss Washington apr president Kennedy has nominated William True Davis or. Of St. Joseph mo., a business executive to be ambassador to Switzerland. Davis 43, will succeed Robert m. Mckinney of Santa be n.m., who resigned some time ago. on the inside an editorial tribute to j. Goodall Hutton a Page 4. Equinox de for 36 Page 5. New Standee Honor years service a anti negro a Pep rallies staged by teen agers in Birmingham platform before a crowd of about 300 at a downtown meeting room. As members of the audience swarmed around police surged into the room and escorted the would be speaker and three cohorts Down the stairs with the four intruders shouting Quot the communist party is jewish. The american nazi party is the Only foe of Quot shut up you filthy nazi a a woman screamed Over and Over As the meeting turned into turmoil. Yells Call for Boycott of schools Birmingham. Ala. Apr a crowd of More than 200 teen agers started an anti integration rally today near a downtown High school in an Effort to gain support for a school Boycott. In a repeat of thursday s Pep rally Type performance the students mostly boys yelled for Phillips High boys and girls to join the protest. The demonstration began shortly before classes started. Some of the Phillips students joined the noisy group. Others went on to class. Quot come on out Nigger lovers Quot some of the demonstrators shouted Over and Over. Meanwhile a negro boy and girl quietly entered mobiles Murphy High scene of a demonstration thursday in which 54 White students were arrested. A group of 30 Murphy boys gathered after the negroes already had entered. They chanted the now familiar Quot two four six eight we done to want to they were dispersed by police. Students at Phillips and several other still segregated schools refused thursday to join in the chanting Yelling and Flag waving demonstrations staged by carloads of teen agers who roamed the City. Most of Alabama a 16,000-Man National guard went off Federal duty at Midnight thursday. President Kennedy federalized the National guard to prevent gov. George c. Wallace from using the soldiers to keep negroes out of White schools tuesday. The army said thursday night another 130 guardsmen would be released at Midnight tonight in the Mobile area. This will leave Birmingham Brouhaha a Young White wavers of the Confederate Flag demonstrate at Birmingham ala., which Hadnot yet been desecrated. Students from other schools came to to fun. Spoilsport City police made them All Stop. Only 545 on duty in Birmingham Tuskegee and Tuscaloosa. In the Wake of spreading student Boycotts in Mobile Tuskegee and Birmingham Wallace pledged thursday night in a Baltimore news conference to fight for desegregated schools in Alabama. During thursday s roving demonstrations three White men were arrested. One of them Jack Cash 56, was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit and having a concealed weapon. Detective capt. J. M. Mcdow see anti negro continued on Page to radar planes the Madame Start watch is challenged for missiles Pownal migrants again in a sub standards housing by Bob Hagerman Pownal a migrant workers at the Southern Vermont Orchards Are again being housed in buildings considered sub Standard by or. Roderick Humphreys Pownal town health officer. One of three buildings in the Pownal Section of the Orchard a barn is the same one he condemned last fall As unfit for human habitation or. Humphreys reported this morning. Besides the condemned barn migrant workers and their children Are being housed in the basement of another barn and in an old House or. Humphreys said. The health officer said he will be conferring today with states atty. R. Marshall Witten about Legal action to be taken in connection with the condemned building. He said he is taking Steps for the condemnation of the other buildings As Well. The health officer said he will be asking a local inspector of the state health department to Check the buildings condition against a health department checklist of requirements for migrant labor housing. The inspectors findings he anticipated would largely verify his own conclusions that the buildings Are not fit for human occupancy. Earlier this year the inspector Elmer a. Rice of Shaftsbury checked a Motel Type building constructed by Orchard owner Erwin w. Meyer last year. Meyer told the inspector that that was the Only building he expected to use this year. The new building Lias a 64-person capacity which is sufficient Meyer told the Banner for his employment needs for this years Harvest. The building is now filled to capacity. Meyer has been under fire for several years by local Church groups for what the groups have considered As inferior migrant labor housing at the Orchard. Last fall Meyer announced plans to put up a food processing Plant and additional employee housing. This summer however he announced postponement of the project. Washington apr the air Force disclosed today that an airborne radar screen is keeping a missile defense watch along the Eastern approaches to North America. It. Gen. Herbert b. Thatcher commander of the air defense command announced that four engine patrol planes operating out of Otis air Force base mass., maintain surveillance by Means of a new electronic defense known As airborne Long Range input known As Ali. Thatcher also disclosed that inauguration of the airtime system was a significant Factor in the air Force decision earlier this year to discontinue operation of the Texas Tower radar stations off the new England coast. He said the new system demonstrated that the Ocean based Texas towers could be shut Down without loss of adequate air defense radar surveillance. Thatcher said planes patrol hundreds of Miles out at sea to provide an improved air defense shield Over the horizon and far beyond the Range of Shore based radar and line of sight radio communications he said. Thatcher said the new system attained operational status this week following extensive operational tests. On buddhists Belgrade Yugoslavia apr a Cey Lonese Delegate today challenged mrs. Ngo Dinh Nhuy a version of the Buddhist crisis in South Viet Nam. He called their treatment by president Ngo Dinh diem a government a Quot serious violation of human rights and a threat to world Mait Hlipala Senanayake chief Cey Lonese Delegate to the 61-nation inter parliamentary Union was replying to mrs. Nhuy a denial that there was any persecution of buddhists in Viet Nam. Quot would Madame Nhuy govern ment permit an impartial inquiry through the medium of the United nations so that the truth might be known to the world Quot he asked. The dynamic first lady of South Viet unable to answer from the floor because of conference rules scheduled a news conference for saturday to answer. The Cey Lonese said the situation in South Viet could give Rise to religious strife throughout Asia. Quot Madame Nhu said a commented the Cey Lonese Quot that the people of Viet wanted to live As vietnamese. But All that the buddhists asked in Viet was to be allowed to live and worship As free buddhists. Quot can they enjoy that democracy she said was being setup a Brazil probes revolt cause gof governors huddle Denver 550 jabbed to right . Bennington area Scholastic football teams begin season play saturday a Page 6. Area citizens will advise gov. Hoff on manpower training needs a Page to. Defying superstition Roy Wayne Eggleston 13th son among 13 living children of or. And mrs. Archie e. Eggleston of Springfield mass., lights his Quot Friday the 13th&Quot birthday cake indoors under an open umbrella with a Hammer ready to break a Mirror to Clinch things. A Denver apr Republican governors of the nation including at least two possible candidates for the presidential nomination began moving into Denver today to perfect an organization to help unseat president Kennedy. Twelve of the 16 gop governors including Nelson Rockefeller of new York and William Scranton of Pennsylvania indicated they will be present. An informed get together will be held at the Colorado governor s mansion tonight. Gov. George Romney of Michigan frequently mentioned As a presidential possibility will not be present but will Send a representative. Gov. Paul Fannin of Arizona who supports sen. Barry Coldwater for the gop presidential nomination will be on hand. He told reporters he does not see How the Arizona senator now can avoid going after the gop nomination. The chairman of the informal governors group Robert of Idaho made it Clear that the governors As an organization a will refrain from taking any position on candidates for the nomination. But he said any governor is free to take any individual position he wishes. Brasilia Brazil apr government officials launched an investigation today to determine the responsibility of thursdays Brief revolt in this capital by noncommissioned brazilian officers demanding the right to run for office. The War ministry announced thursday night that 550 to600insurgents from the air Force marines and Navy were in custody. No army personnel were involved the ministry said. The predawn uprising was attributed to a ruling earlier this week by brazils supreme electoral tribunal. The ruling has been interpreted As barring military men from running for Public office. Normalcy returned to Brasilia although government troops in the capital and certain outlying cities remained in a state of Alert. Informants said an air Force first sergeant Antonio Prestes de Paula led the uprising. However a rebel sergeant said the movement described As subversive by the armed forces ministers had no specific Leader. Quot we Are All responsible Quot the sergeant told a newsman. Quot it Wasny to an armed movement otherwise we would have resisted longer. We did no to want to shoot brazilians. We Only wanted to Call attention to our Woodlawn High school in in the Woodlaw ners in their a photo xvii rights Pace of says president Washington apr president Kennedy says he thinks Quot we Are going at about the right Tempo Quot on racial integration and that he does not believe americans will make the Quot fatal mistake Quot of dividing politically along racial lines. He said the recent desegregation of schools in 150 Southern cities Quot is an impressive Story Quot reflecting great credit on southerners who put respect for the Law about emotion. The president gave these views thursday in a news conference during which he also put in another Strong plug for Senate ratification of the limited nuclear test ban treaty announced he would address the United nations next month and defined u. S. Policy in South Viet Nam. Asked about a Gallup poll in which 50 per cent of those replying thought he was Quot pushing integration too fast Quot Kennedy said he thought the figure was accurate. But he said he considered it Quot rather impressing Quot that another 40 per cent replied that the Pace was Quot More or less he said Quot change always disturbs and therefore i was surprised that there was t greater bringing up the school desegregation subject in an opening statement Kennedy had High Praise for Quot the vast majority Quot of southerners. He noted that five Federal judges who signed a school desegregation order in Alabama Quot were All from Alabama All grew up in Alabama and i am sure shared the views of the majority of alabamians who i think Are not for desegregation but nevertheless met their responsibilities under the demonstrators on civil rights conf roil t Dirksen Chicago apr civil rights demonstrators confronted sen. Everett m. Dirksen r-ill., at a hotel lobby meeting thursday night when he came to town to address some ladies of the gop. While some 700 sign carrying demonstrators waited across the Street to representatives met with the minority Leader and protested his opposition to the pending civil rights Bill. He has read a letter to him stating reasons for the protest and urging him to reverse his stand and come out for the Public accommodations Section of the pending legislation. Dirksen told the group Quot i cannot accept the legislation As it stands because i am opposed to the Public accommodations he said he Felt that part of the Bill would violate the right of businessmen to serve whomever

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