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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 13, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4�?ljennington Banner tuesday september 13, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials step Forward in Viet Nam it is easy to picture yesterdays elections in South Viet Nam As a a smashing Victory for the anti communist Saigon government and some foreign affairs analysts already Are doing so. The fact that about three quarters of the eligible voters went to the polls despite Viet Cong threats and harassment is described As a repudiation of the rebels and their backers in North Viet Nam. Since the Saigon government of air vice marshal by is sustained by the United states the heavy turnout can be considered As a sort of Triumph for this country too. But it should be recognized at the outset that this was not a fully representative vote nor was it in any sense a contest Between the government and the Viet Cong. The fact is that the rebels and their sympathizers living in areas controlled by the guerrillas were not free to vote. At least one third of the 7.5 million ii Giles fall within that category. The High percentage of voters is not based upon the whole vietnamese voting population but Only on the 5.3 i ii \ Igat ing town s Rea it Paisal problems a few More meetings Between the founders of a new taxpayers protective association and Bennington listers might Settle Many of the disagreements Over the fairness of recent property reappraisal and give the Public a far clearer understanding of the difficult times the Community is now passing through. At a meeting saturday the disgruntled taxpayers confronted listers with questions about the factors that had entered into decisions on recent reappraisal and How these factors had been applied to specific properties. The listers in turn explained How they had gone about their duties. By the end of the meeting the taxpayers group had come around to the listers Way of thinking in some cases and listers had admitted some mistakes. There was still however abroad area of disagreement. But most important More solid information about the taxpayers specific grievances and about listing procedures came out at the meeting than have been produced by any other discussion of the towns reappraisal problems to Date. It would be helpful to Bennington ans who have been somewhat mystified by the charges brought against the listers and by the recent court action invalidating the grand list if More meetings were held and a report of findings were issued at the end of them. Much of the disagreement Between listers and aggrieved taxpayers has revolved around the role played by. The listers a a judgment in some of the property appraisals. While it is unavoidable that a final decision in some cases must be left up to the listers Best judgment and that some subjective factors Are bound to enter into the decision the Lister must still stay within certain Bounds and follow certain guidelines when applying his judgment. To reduce a property valuation because a they Felt sorry for the owner is certainly stepping out of Bounds though whether this actually happened during the recent reappraisal Here will certainly be open to debate. In any Case for its own and the pub million registered in government con trolled regions. Where the elections significance lies is not in the turnout but in the implications for the future. The voting could be the first step toward establishment of a truly popular government and thereby the end of revolutionary upheaval. The 117 persons chosen yesterday will have the Job of drawing up a Constitution and establishing the machinery by which a democratic Republic May be founded. Within a year a National legislature May be elected. When this happens it is possible that both the military Junta now ruling in Saigon and the Viet Cong apparatus will be out of business. Should the popular will prevail the two essentially military forces May Well be relegated to subsidiary roles under control of civilian rulers. Thus the real Hope arising from yesterdays elections is that the vietnamese people eventually will get a Chance to run their own country. Lies enlightenment the taxpayers group might explore with listers this whole area of judgment and the role it plays in property appraisals. Since the still unborn taxpayers protective association is the Only group that seems at All inclined to investigate the town s appraisal problems and to contribute to Public understanding of them it should Issue a report at the conclusion of its meetings with listers explaining the associations questions complaints and disagreements and the listers comments. The final Section of the report should include recommendations that in the opinion of the association and the listers would make the appraisals More equitable improve listing procedures and facilitate communications Between listers and Public. The hassle Over the grand list is costing the taxpayers a great Deal in Money confusion and delays in construction of necessary Community improvements. The Public deserves a full explanation of the reasons for dissatisfaction with the listers work of the problems that led to the court action and a list of recommendations for avoiding such problems in the future. Comment Japan Railroad Pioneer St. Louis Post dispatch Japan National railways has announced that its new Tomaido line the worlds fastest Railroad has carried More than 50 million passengers since service began 20va months ago. Use of the 12-car streamlines has risen rapidly since last november when the railway convinced the Early operating problems had been solved Cut the running time for its super express on the Tokyo Osaka run 320 Miles from four hours to three hours and to minutes. The line has been so successful it will be extended too Miles beyond Osaka. Increased service has Cut deeply into airline business along the route. This is a piece of transport pioneering by the japanese maybe a Little Western imitation would be in order. Many times a husbands Long drawn out Story gets Cut Short on the Home stretch. A new Canaan Conn advertiser. Fischetti Mountain chatter a Day at the fair by Carlo Wolter Searsburg. Labor Day is past. Most tourists Are gone. Traffic in front of our door has lessened considerably. Skylarks Kitchen smells of pickling and spice and Blackberry Jelly bubbling in a Kettle on the stove. There a a special feeling in the air a change of temperature Nippy nights and brisk dawns with Jack Frost preparing for his arrival. The Moon has that Golden glow stars Glimmer brighter and bigger in a velvety sky and so dense that it makes one want to reach up and stir them. A scant colouring is noticeable on the mountainsides heralding the Blaze that a soon to come. The song of the thrushes is silent. Many Birds Are moving southward. But the fiddling of crickets in the Fields is loud and Clear. It is the first sign of september an interlude Between summer and fall when the air tastes of Frost and every warm Day is a special gift. To organizations. The hand Craft Booth of the ladies Aid society the Lucky wheel of the Wilmington Volunteer fire department the snack bars of the american legion and the Baptist Church manned by members tend to make one eat an extra hot dog or buy another apron or spend an extra Dollar for Luck. Each year Farmers vie with each other for the biggest head of cabbage the fattest ear of Corn the largest Squash the Best in Quality of anything. The displays of 4-h groups boy scouts schools and individual youngsters the livestock exhibits and horse drawing contest a All lend a Homey touch. It is easy to see that a county fairs throbbing heart is its people. And it shows in the expressions on their faces. He maj get it. Washington calling sen. Douglas Between Black and White in Illinois Senate re election Campaign by Marquis Childs Moline in. Like a benign sea lion he paddles Back and Forth in the Motel Pool for 15 minutes in the Early morning Light. This is sen. Paul h. Douglas keeping fit for another strenuous Day that frequently goes far into the night in his Campaign for re election to a fourth term. It is a Day filled with a press conference Street Corner speeches a luncheon address shaking several Hundred hands at two Plant Gates then just before the free Chili supper and the big rally in the belgian american Hall another swim. At 74, Douglas paces himself through the incredible grind of a statewide Campaign in the third largest state in the Union. Second perhaps Only to the governorship race in California the contest for the Senate catches up the elements of turmoil in a time of troubles. Douglas has All his life been the apostle of Progress through social Reform civil rights equal Justice for All elements in the Economy the new Deal the fair Deal. He has been a member of the National association for the advancement of coloured people since 1920. But today As he Well knows he May be caught in the Middle Between the shouted demands of Black Power and White Power. How loud will be the Echo of the insensate rage of Cicero and the other White suburbs in the Cal Garo area in the Campaign no one can judge. Nor can anyone say with certainty despite the report that around mid october most of the civil rights leaders will declare for Douglas How the negro intends to vote. Douglas opponent Charles h. Percy gives an extra dimension of interest to the contest. For if the Republican party has a new look it is in the moderate republicanism of this 47-year-old industrialist who was a student in one of Douglas economics classes at the University of Chicago. Accentuating the difference in their Ages Percy Bills himself As Young and dynamic. It is not alone in the Black Power White Power confrontation that Douglas at times feels he is caught Between two worlds two generations. In his nearly 18 years in the Senate he has sponsored and helped to push toward passage much of the advanced legislation in social Security medical care Aid to education minimum wages. But in the swelling Prosperity of recent years the younger generation takes this for granted and the a a what be you done for me lately is prevalent. Prosperity is unmistakable. As Douglas handshakes outside far mall works of International Harvester one of his United Auto workers backers apologizes because the crowd out of the shift ending at 3 80 Isnit bigger. The reason he explains is overtime keeping a sizable part of the shift on for extra hours at overtime pay. From 500 to 600 Young people have just quit to go Back to High school or College. If you can breathe hire you the word is. Unemployment in Illinois is Down to 2.2 per cent which Means that just about everybody who wants a Job Short of the Semi literate and the completely unskilled can get work. This Prosperity is the Central theme of Douglas Campaign. In every speech he puts it in the Blu test terms Haven to you a better car than you had in 1960, a better television set a new coat of paint on your House More food in the Market Basket sure prices have gone up 8 per cent since that time but wages have gone up 25 per cent. And of you look at nothing but the Price increase ifs like looking at the Hole in the doughnut. By lectures the proponents of High interest rates and tight Money As a Brake on the Economy. He is the social reformer who preaches equal Justice out of his Quaker background. All things being equal and Given the weight of Senate seniority he should be re elected. But that is the Point there is no warranty today that the Equality of the past still prevails. Fall is also fair time. Swabs of White Fleecy Clouds Hung from an azure sky As Charlie and i drove Down Searsburg Mountain saturday morning on our Way to the Wilmington fair. It was warm and sunny a perfect Day. The annual Deerfield Valley Farmers Day is not a big affair. But size Isnit everything. Its the flavor that counts. Only a few Vermont towns Are still fortunate enough to have an annual fair. And the Wilmington fair is perhaps the most Rural of them All. It has none of the super conveyances taking kids into space or on a make believe trip to the Moon. Only an old fashioned Carousel a Ferris wheel and some Small kiddie rides. Some grownups seem to get As much fun out of them As the youngsters. A big carnival May have More pomp but it lacks personality. Displays at a country fair of needlework handcrafts Art work canned food baked goods carpentry Flowers and Garden vegetables Are not just things to look at they bring the makers into focus As friends and neighbors. A of the taste of commercialism is absent too. Most Booths Are fund raising projects of various the new miss America was not the Only one who shed tears of happiness saturday night. Arlyn Brown daughter of or. And mrs. William Brown buried her face in the mane of her horse Ben to conceal her emotion when she won two first prize trophies in the fairs neighbourhood Junior horse show. There were Many winners and their eyes shone with Pride when their names were called. Maybe a fair is just a fair. And maybe its exhibits done to change much from year to year. But the pleasure of meeting friends and neighbors one does no to see too often is always new. It is one of the main reasons area people go to the fair. Charlie and i met Many old friends. Among them were George and Coris Briggs of Jacksonville. George was our town clerk in Searsburg for 50 years. Their daughter Beatrice Morse was also there handling a children a Pony ride Concession with her own animals. It was Nice too to see Margaret Rafus an old Searsburg resident. And there were Many others. A of the hum of conversation and laughter mingled with the Happy tunes of the Kurn Hattin band which played better than Ever. The uniformed Wilmington police gave assistance where needed and the Little leagues were an added attraction in the baseball Field. And so it went. Another fair another Day another year. These Days bolsheviks still try to infiltrate russian Convent on mount of olives the professor in politics can hit the gut issues As though head had his lessons in infancy on Chicago a West Side. And he projects hard on the future issues he Means to push if he is reelected. Foremost Are the drives against water and air pollution. We must clean up the Rock River he says and the father of Waters is polluted. With this goes the erudition of a campaigner who quotes Edgar Lee masters in the spoon River country and John Stuart Mill to workers outside a factory Gate and who stops to put Flowers on the grave of Jane Addams whom he Calls a Saint at Cedarville. Douglas believes a and the grass roots party workers support him a that the Viet Nam War will not be an important Issue in the Campaign. He supports administration policy declares Tor a return to the terms of the Geneva conference to end the War opposes negotiation on the communist demand for prior withdrawal of american troops. He quotes Secretary general u Thant of the United nations in flavor of negotiation while a a Mutual de escalation goes Forward. This campaigner is Many men. There is still an underlay of the fighting Marine who lost the partial use of one Arm at Pelella and Okinawa. He is the scholarly economist who Stern quotes Mehim is so Mcku ? my a Al amp ukr 800, / scum we Are using giant sledgehammers to kill hornets. In terms of last year s total expenditure for the War each enemy Soldier killed last year Cost us Well Over a million dollars. A Erie Sevareid lbs commentator. In be been drinking Beer for the last to years. But with a family i can Only drink on sundays. One sunday lunchtime i knocked Back 14 pints. A mrs. Benny Smith 28, 196 pounds after winning a Beer drinking contest in an English pub. By John Chamberlain old Jerusalem Jordan. The Dutiful Pilgrim to Jerusalem follows a Maze of alleys flanked by shops to the site of the holy sepulchre and the crucifixion. The approach is dismaying by commercial and the holy places themselves Are Over arched with what must literally be tons of masonry to which More is being added As the stonecutters in the nearby workshops Chip leisurely away at great blocks. The sound of Hammer and chisel must have been the characteristic noise of the Middle Ages and if one can forget the Arab sales pitches the scene is properly thrilling to the Western Pilgrim in search of his spiritual beginning. It is however scarcely journalism to describe what has been described Many times before. A of a so a journalist on a Stopover turns to look at modern christianity at work. He finds it High on the nearby mount of olives where a Convent a Church a Chapel and a High Bell Tower All belonging to the russian orthodox Church dominate the horizon. The View from the Bell Tower where the fierce hot winds sweep through is magnificent. Over in the Haze there is a faint Silver ribbon that looks like the Jordan. Down below is the Chapel of St. John built Over the spot where the severed head of j Ohn the Baptist was discovered after his body had been burled in Distant Samaria and next to the Chapel is the Church that had to be reconstructed after an earthquake. The ground which provides just enough nourishment for the Silver Grey Olive Trees and the Dusty cypresses is historic but it is what happens inside the Convent that is truly moving. The abbess a Wise and delightful woman of 76, is seated next to a priest. Facing them Are two solemn big eyed and thoroughly frightened Arab girls who have sat motionless in the Convent for hours. The children a grandmother is pleading for them. It seems that their father has turned moslem and their Mother has gone insane and there is no one to take care of them. This poses a difficult decision for the abbess. The girls Are too Young to become part of everyday Convent life. Eventually a Way is found out of the dilemma a temporary place outside the Convent will be found for the girls for three years and then they will be taken in to work and study but not to become nuns unless they wish it. A of deciding the Fate of waifs is one supposes All in the Days work for the abbess. Though she is a round faced woman who has won through to a great serenity her countenance can still take on a look of command. She is direct witty and fluent in both russian and English. She oversees the work of too nuns. The room she used for an office is an interesting study in contrasts. On one Wall there Are the icons. Facing them Are the portraits of past Abbesses and along the Side Wall the picture space is taken up by pictures of the Royal House of Imperial Russia including some famous ones of the family of the last Czar Nicholas. The fourth Wall is hidden by rubber Trees a Caoutchouc Trees the abbess Calls them. Ones attention goes to the Romanoff portraits on the Side Wall. Yes this is a russian orthodox Convent but it is not directed from Moscow. Priests from Russia Are not allowed by the bolsheviks to take part in ceremonies in Jerusalem and it would be a drag on the overseas russian orthodox Church Tobe under Moscow control. To a the abbess tells a Story. The secular authorities in Moscow Are uns Leeping and every so often they try to infiltrate the russian Church abroad. Though the Moscow government is officially atheist it is not above using ecclesiastics to gain its own ends. Dubious persons have tried to become part of the life of the Church on the mount of olives and they have had to be screened out. The bolsheviks have never gotten a foothold on the mount of olives. And the King of Jordan has always protected the mount of olives Church. The Abbesses name in the Church is Tamara. But she was not always that. Long ago she was Tatiana Constantin Ovna. She knew the life of the great families of old Russia and the watering places of the russian aristocracy in Western Europe. Before she took the veil in Middle age she was a married woman the Mother of two children. Her father was Constantine con St Antinovich a famous translator of Shakespeare so shame or of Shakespeare so a Hamlet into russian and a Cousin of the Czar. The abbess was born a Romanoff. She is probably the Only Romanoff who in a tangle with the bolsheviks Ever had the last word. Letter to the editor talk on Cambodia to the editor of the Banner i have carefully read the article in last tuesdays Banner concerning the talk recently Given by Russell Johnson and note that it was termed As Johnson went to Cambodia in an attempt to prove the United states All wrong. Is there anyone foolish enough to believe that Cambodia would show him where the Viet Cong use that country or sections of it for their various and numerous attacks across the River into South Viet Nam he was shown Only what Cambodia or the Viet Cong wish him to see. I have lived in Bennington Many years. I constantly tour Many of the streets. Hardly a week goes past but what we have Auto accidents. Yet As a matter of fact i have never seen even one Here. I surely would not go to some other state and say that we never have accidents Here. Yet that is just what Johnson would have us believe concerning Cambodia. I have a son in Viet Nam and so do thousands of other american parents. People like Johnson Are doing All they can to encourage the enemies of our country thus prolonging the War and causing the death of Many on both sides. A it Sidney Edson. 203 Grandview St. Bennington. Humor Driver classification the biggest problems for traffic officers Are Urban suburban and Bourbon Drivers. A Swift county Minn news. \

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