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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 13, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner Friday september 13, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a Republican embarrassment senator Everett m. Dirksen a approval of the proposed test ban treaty with Russia appears to allay any remaining doubts that the Senate would endorse it. The Republican minority leaders position set out in a ringing speech on the Senate floor wednesday also prompted commentators to compare him with the late senator Arthur h. Vandenberg of Michigan one time Republican isolationist who forsook his old views to Lead his party into foreign affairs bipartisanship. There was a sense of history about senator Dirksen a fervent oratorical Effort. At the same time however the Republican leaders speech formalized the gaping abyss in his party. It officially separated the main body of republicans a the Rockefeller liberals and the Eisenhower moderates a from the Coldwater reactionaries. It underscored senator Coldwater a isolated stand on the far right fringes of the party. While the majority of republicans seem willing to go along with their leaders in supporting the test ban senator. Goodall Hutton a valuable citizen in the unexpected death of j. Goodall Hutton yesterday Bennington lost one whose spared time a and he often gave More than he had to spare was selflessly devoted to getting Community things done. But rarer than the doing was the fresh searching Youthful and unprejudiced Way he inquired into what was really needed to be done. Other Good men and True like to study a problem set a goal and commit their energies to achieving it. His commitment was Only to a Forward direction. Since his own habit of study was continuous he expected that new facts and insight would continually change and propel the objective before him. Prime on his list of civil things to a a do was education. Though he knew More about school bricks and mortar and costs and tax rates than anyone around with the possible exception of our school administrators his real interest was in new ways of teaching new ways of teaching kids imaginations so that they would profitably stay in school new ways to Send them Forth with the skills needed for jobs in a technically Complex world. With relish he saw these things happening bit by bit and to those who did no the was Apt to say a if you want to feel Good about what our youngsters can accomplish compared to us old timers just screw up your courage and try being a judge at the next science his own schooling stopped at 19. His education never did. He read hungrily comments Merica Fin diag its Simi again Harvey d. Butterfield episcopal Bishop of Vermont writing in the Springfield reporter of impressions after taking part in the Varch on w Ashington aug. 28. It is Pood for a Man find especially a Man who comes from a Small Rural area like Vermont to find himself swallowed up by a crowd to be just a Little speck floating on a Stream. This is especially Good when the crowd is something like the one which marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln memorial on August 28�?a crowd which proved to be better than the individuals who composed it. It was with a very deep feeling of Awe that i became a speck in that most remarkable or. Sam Ogden had written in the Bennington Banner two Days before that it would be a crowd a each one of whom will be drenched in self righteousness a and he had quoted someone who to him was an authority to the effect that a the a people thinking in these ways imagines its voice to be the voice of god believes that it is giving expression to sacred truths when it is merely priding itself on the sheer Power of its numbers and pooling the manifestation of its i wish or. Ogden and his authority had been present and had Felt the magnificence of the humility and restraint of 200,000 people four fifths of whom know what it is to have their dignity As human beings undermined every Day to be refused the right to eat a hamburger at a White Many a lunch counter use a w e Many a toilet or sleep n a v to i be from Ein it Coldwater continues to denounce the pact. The division in the party is absolute on a highly important Issue a probably the most important Issue the Senate will take up this year. Nonetheless senator Coldwater goes merrily along wowing the Republican businessmen and women a groups with his simplistic attacks on the test ban treaty the Kennedy a socialized state a the graduated income tax social Security Tva foreign Aid school desegregation and the like. From All grassroots accounts the a draft Coldwater drive is gathering such momentum that it soon will be difficult to halt. This poses a dilemma for republicans who believe with governor Rockefeller and general Eisenhower in bringing reason to Bear on current affairs. By failing to rally around their own kind of candidate they Are leaving the nomination route open to a Radical reactionary who is busily attaching the Republican Label to positions they cannot in the end conceivably endorse. And that is a formula for defeat. In Many Fields and in several languages that he mastered for himself. In addition he had the Knack of learning a Little of their Trade from everyone he talked with. What he Learned and observed he digested and remembered becoming a walking reference Library with a sense of humor and a Point of View. Many a town meeting reached informed conclusions by tapping the abundance of facts a always updated a that he carried about in his head. Indeed his marvelous memory alone will be a specific and special loss to this Community. In it was much that As the towns Only professional Surveyor he never bothered to put on paper. It will be As if half the towns land and Boundary records were destroyed at a blow. Goodall Hutton served his country in the muddies trenches of world War i was honoured by the Vermont education association with one of its first leadership awards Given to a Layman. School children of the Village knew him and he was As contemporary with them As with his own contemporaries. Teachers relied on him As both Friend and defender and respected him As practically a co professional. Yet unimpressed by his Veteran status on school boards he decided when Bennington Village voted against the Bond Issue for the Union school the the Union Board needed a representative perhaps More representative than he and he chose not to run again. It was a reluctant and characteristic decision a my contribution Here May not have been much a he said a but i hate to quit now because in a learning so Eouse is a 3 to ing i i in that i loud. In Heel in self right be found those Tak to Faith in the demo cratic process a people who wore nearly Tongue tied by the sense of the numinous which Hung Over that part of Washington for some six hours. He would have met a people who Felt deeply bonded together in an action which was so far beyond their understanding that it was frightening. He would have met a people in whom gentleness and Courtesy and Brothe Liness welled up to the surface As they Felt without hardly realizing it some of the deep meaning of what it is to be human. In fact if or. Ogden had been there i suspect that his words in retrospect would seem As silly to him As they do to those who were fortunate enough to have that experience. The March on Washington received the endorsement of the entire House of Bishops of the episcopal Church for which i am very grateful. One thousand delegates of the anglican Congress from All parts of the world meeting in Toronto Canada a week before the March declared in a message to the whole anglican communion of which the episcopal Church is apart a that segregation and other forms of discrimination fire the a a sin that i know is a sin is to me this whole racial problem is sin in its deepest meaning. It is the rending of the fabric of humanity the tearing apart of that which god has created. I am grateful for the stand taken by the anglican Congress and by the House of Bishops but i entered that demonstration As an individual whose conscience Hurt and who Felt that the negro must not be allowed to cry out for Justice alone but must be accompanied by his White Brothers. In some Small Way i wanted to feel that i was helping to restore some of the broken Ness the torn Ness which we White men have created and to help America find its soul again. And now As i look Back on it i have the feeling that i did nothing but receive. My lasting impression of that experience will be that i have seen a new dimension of what it Means to be human. Visiting editor its time for foes of integration to admit two and two make four by Ralph Mcgill Samuel Johnson who had a tart Tongue once said to an argumentative Friend a your giving a reason for it will not make it right. You May have a reason Why two and two should make five but they will still make in the Wake of the March in Washington participated in by coloured and White citizens representatives of the Christian and jewish faiths it is possible that at least some of those who have been giving reasons Why the nation cannot now move to establish uniform citizenship Are now ready to consider that the re sons Are not rights that two and two make four. A of the United states has become a nation of cities. There is hardly a City in this country that does not have a substantial population of those who have been denied equal citizenship. Mexicans Are involved in areas along the Border of the nation to the South of us. In some few cities it May be orientals. But in the main the great Power Magnet of industrialization has drawn negroes and a substantial number of White persons from the Southeastern Region to All the cities of the country where Industry has created jobs. A grievous number of these Are not Well educated and do not have skills. Since a substantial percentage of each american City has such a problem which will increase the Bleak familiar fact of two and two making four should by now to get come Plain. If our growing cities Are to Progress find stability of business and government and enjoy at least reasonable Tranquility of life they must face this problem. The uneducated and unskilled person White or negro must be Given Opportunity to be taught How to be a wage earner and a participating citizen. This is so because it is now bleakly Clear that the new age into which we presently Are entered is not one in which enlarging festering of slums and great groups of unemployed and unemployable will be tolerated. Denial of citizenship rights and Opportunity to use what skills one does have because of race or regional traditions does not make two and two add up to five. It still is four. Whether we like it or not events and change require us to regard the country a traditions from a new Angle and to look toward the future with what the present has shown us. A of so what shall we who live in cities a As does a vast majority of the nations people a do with our problem is it not Plain that of we deny and delay defy and disclaim then our cities will reap a Harvest that will be both harsh and unnecessary Lincoln plagued by internal problems caused by the need to see the country a traditions from a new Angle spoke of this in 1858 at the Republican party state convention at Springfield Illinois. A if we could first know where we Are and whither we Are tending we could far better judge what to do and How to do it. Agitation not Only has not ceased but has constantly augmented. In my opinion it will not cease until a crisis shall have been reached and passed. A House Divide against itself cannot Stano. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved. I do not expect the House to fall. But i do expect it will cease to be divided. A a of a surely by now we know where we Are and whither we Are tending. A crisis has been reached. It is passing but slower than needs be. The House is still in considerable measure divided. But it will not fall. The granting of uniform citizenship rights will make it less divided. The fears advanced As reasons Why two and two should make five Are familiar. The race will be Mongrel Zed a this is the most familiar. We have had Laws. Let us look about us the private sectors of ones life thew arid today Kennedy problems have accumulated for decade by James Marlow associated press sews analyst Washington apr the problems which have suddenly piled up on president Kennedy have been accumulating seeking solutions for the greater part of a decade. They just happened to land in his Lap All in a Bunch although they seemed invisible to him earlier in the year. There Are three the limited nuclear test ban treaty the civil rights Bill and Viet Nam. Just a Little Over to years ago the russians exploded their first Hydrogen bomb. Since then this country and Russia have set off Many atomic explosions talked of ways to end them did Stop them voluntarily for three years resumed and finally this summer decided to agree to Stop them except underground. At this moment despite All the talking the United states has done to the world about wanting a suspension of tests Kennedy cannot be absolutely positive the Senate will approve although it probably will. It was Only nine years ago that the supreme court St in motion a whole series of unpredictable events by declaring Public school segregation unconstitutional. It has taken nine years to break Down opposition to compliance with the court in every state even to Only a Token degree. Mississippi for instance has had one University desegregated but no grammar school. But it was that school decision which said in effect segregation by its very nature is unconstitutional that gave negroes heart and support in demanding an end to All forms of segregation. The result has been demonstrations riots and some Progress. Tuesdays feeble Effort at defying school desegregation in Alabama by gov. George c. Wallace until Kennedy federalized his National guard was just an annoyance. The real drama shifts now to Congress and a fight Over the civil rights Bill which Kennedy offered Only late in this session and a Hon on ii ofter he had been pushed into doing so by negroes militant demonstrations for civil rights. It is also nine years since the French learning nothing after keeping the vietnamese people in subjection for generations finally collapsed in their War against the indochinese communists and left half the country to them. To save the rest of Indochina now called South Viet Nam and the rest of Southeast Asia from communism the United states has had to help with men and supplies and Money supporting the government of president Ngo Dinh diem. He has run it As a dictatorship. The United states did no to get Tough but just played the role of willing Helper in the fight against the reds. Ill will against diem has been piling up in Viet Nam. H i s recent repressions against buddhists and students rocked his hold showed diminishing Public Confidence in the diem regime. But the United states still backs him still is afraid to get Tough. Kennedy said this week the United states must pursue a policy of patience in Viet Nam and avoid getting Tough because that might collapse the government and open All Viet Nam and Southeast Asia to communism j u Ole the theatrical profession is far More revered in Europe than it is in this country. Here one can play to packed houses both on Broadway and on the Road the audiences can be enthusiastic and appreciative but still that final reverence and i use the world deliberately is missing. A Atharine Cornell leading american actress. Horses do Good Here like at Saratoga. Good water and air. When a horse gets fit around Here you can take him almost any place and win with Hirr. A Frank Fitzgerald horse Trainer at Green Mountain Park Pownal. Sparks from the forge no sound of water Choice of friends or associates the guests one has All this will depend As now on the individual Choice and decision and not on Law. What we Are faced with is a fact a if americanism does not mean the same thing for each citizen a in his share of it then surely it will not endure As the property of a privileged group. A of we Are increasingly an Urban nation a a nation of cities. Those who govern our cities and serve in the Chambers of Commerce those who provide the cultural life the education and the economic base of our cities whatever their reasons not Toad cannot avoid the sum of two and two. Landgrove. I am fed to the Teeth with modern causes and dissents with marches and proposed flights to the Moon and besides these countless thousands of Petty obfuscation and self deceits. Do you remember the old fashioned Kaleidoscope into whose tube we peered when we were Young pointing it toward the Light the tiny bits of coloured Glass arranged themselves into never repeated designs continually changing yet Ever symmetrical and Ever Beautiful. Meaningless fragments were arranged As if by magic into satisfying patterns and order. Of there is now a newer device similar to the Kaleidoscope which is even More bewitching and More useful for the a Tele Ido scope arranges not the abstractions of captive bits of broken Glass into some semblance of order and symmetry but it makes use of the material objects of the external world As they lie scattered about us in meaningless disarray. Point this tube to the Corner of the room where the sunlight strikes a crumpled afghan lying across a red chair and there appears on the circular screen within the tube Lovely patterns symmetrical vertically and horizontally with exquisite colors mysteriously changing and blending As the Field is changed each new design More incredibly Beautiful than the last. What i Long for this morning is some sort of cosmic a a telex do scope into which i could peer to discover such patterns and beauties As might be inherent in the apparently meaningless fragmentation of the modern world. But alas there is no Hope in this direction for the results achieved by reflecting mirrors whether the mirrors be encased in a pasteboard tube or within the Skull of a or. Pan gloss they have no More reality than the cruellest Mirage of a desert. I have just finished Reading a the Odyssey a and i have been entranced. Other attempts have failed i think because of the translation. This a Penguin classic translated by . Rieu was just what i needed Here is life on a simple and yet heroic scale simple and Majestic and cruel. Could i take it in a afraid not i could not drive the glowing stake into Cyclops Eye nor could i gloat Over the spattered brains of the suitors As they made a mess on the Marble floor. No certainly i could not take it but i feel somehow that this ancient concept of Many Man As an integral part of nature whose Fate lies subject to the fancy of the gods a is a truer View of reality than that entertained in these Days where Man is god and nature is to be his eager servant. In the ancient greek scheme of things there was order and Unity As contrasted with our faustian world of disorder and fragmentation. We shun cruelty except in Nasty ways ways which Are demeaning to Man we shudder at the thought of pain yet contrive a Belsen and jeer and throw rocks so that when or. And mrs. Horace Baker pose for photographers at their Home in Folcroft pa., where they were the first negro residents the ensuing picture is so charged with anguish and bitterness that he who can Bear to look into these dark faces must be moved to tears. Somehow we have got so air off the track that we Are lost. Dante a divine comedy opens thus Midway this Way of life we re bound upon i woke to find myself in a dark Wood where the right Road was wholly lost and gone. We Are lost and we refuse to admit it. We have rejected the ancient Compass and have chosen to proceed directing our Way by Means of devices concocted out of a philosophy which puts Man at the Center of the universe employing the uses of science to deliver nature into his hands. With each misstep we close our eyes More tightly and require another Miracle from science for the correction. We accept the doctrine of human Equality and the More things and people become the same the better we believe they become we reject Quality in things and distinction in men. The a common Many is King. Hanna Arendt in her Book a the human conditions has said a Power corrupts indeed when the weak band together to ruin the Strong but not before. The will to Power. Far from being a characteristic of the Strong is like envy and greed among the vices of the weak and possibly even their most dangerous what Are the roots that clutch what branches grow out of this Stony rubbish9 son of Man you cannot say or guess for you know Only a Heap of broken images where the Sun beats and the dead tree gives no shelter the Cricket no Relief and the dry Stone no sound of water. . Elliott in a the waste land. Letter to the editor instant integration to the editor of the Banner Paul Warfield a letters a sept. 6 missed the Point of starting education and integration with Small negro and White children. The fresh air fund is Only one phase of this program but it is one of the Best. Education on lower Levels will not bring about the a instant integration that most of the Radical negro element is clamouring for today. But it will bring a solid unification in contrast to an unstable Short lived forced integration. Instant integration is forced integration. What if the people opposed to instant integration chose to March on Washington the same Day As the extremists did the liberals have a Bill in Congress that Many negro elements Are screaming for. This Bill hr7152, would have the attorney general a office go to Bat for everybody who cries discrimination. The plaintiff could get his Legal fees paid for by the government while the defendant would rely on his own pocketbook. It would establish a Community relations service which would simply be an extra police Force designed to help people who cry disc Orrl Ilion. The director would get $20,000 a year. This Bill is designed to allow the commissioner of education to avoid state authority because it provides that he could make direct Loans to school boards which Are involved in segregation issues and from which funds have been withheld. This Bill is an attempt to usurp the rights reserved to the several states. If they pass such ridiculous measures what will happen when the masses find out their of has been gored instant integration is Only effective while there is an element Strong enough to Force it on the people. How will that element be maintained certainly not from the majority which has refused to support it from the beginning nor will it come from the negro ghettos where people exist in a Drunken stupor brought on by that opium of socialism called Bradford Smith gets upset because when people think of the negro they done to think of Ralph Bunche or Marian Anderson. They reason that there Are too Many Sonny pistons and Paul Robeson. No Law will Ever make mrs. Murphy accept Sonny Liston. Sonny is going to have to change. Or. Warfield implies we should not read any but Good motives into the March on Washington yet i know and he does too that there Are Many champions of the March in this area who pretend to work for a a a better America yet who wont Salute the Flag when called to do so at social gatherings. Other people who when called before investigating committees refused to admit their activities on grounds that their testimony might Hurt their jobs. Others have refused military training and service simply because of their dislike for the Bayonnet. When we realize these people reject everything american but the Yankee Dollar and refuse to cooperate when the Security of the nation is in danger i can to help wonder what would have happened of the boys of the Gold Star mothers had refused to go to War to protect these parasites putting their jobs wives kids etc., before the Security of the nation. Maybe their individual interests weren tas important As our present it is disgusting to see people who should know better enthusiastically supporting this gang. Lawrence e. Harrington. mar sanctified a ministers new Secretary who had formerly worked in the Pentagon set about reorganizing the ministers filing system. She labelled one drawer a a sacred and the other a top of or a m. A Samuel r. Ogden

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