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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Hinsdale results first�?tr#1, Mil. »5� i # moxie. Horvath 4 20 2�0 jew a Penney Conny Quot a s 00 2,1 4 Goy boy. Smriti ai�-8obb a Bro Cousin pea. Chef 8005, Timmy Don won thy. Tin j it. A Condo Poco. Mil Iso i guh.0 Hom a. % 3 7 non Ninny do on 10 00 s 40 4 Prien Hill vow Lersky a v up b1 land aft a Lokaj mar in no a so Ictor. Dory Light. Diamond Spiel ? in doily double ii to a 17 9 third�?pot1, Mil s 00 a a Moi to a Quot ill 20 it Quot 72 i in Loo. Mou 7 00 3 4 not our our Dot to a. So donor co it fare Floo by w Brett Congress Bor. Period Tim j i fourth pot Mil Tsoy g or so pros 6 2# it 4 21 i Cho my Raj alar. Brown 46 20 i Lotero re Moo 7 a a al#0 Bonoro v St Doi l. Pew Lon. J of. Coneen a did not finish a Jolly future. Tim 2 12 2 fifth Trot mile. In 3 Ynne Mot of Hof it eve a i Loo ref but s so 4 40 5 worthy Burma Ruthc non Ltd also Todd Honor r. Edge Wood girl Jock Eden Honey i Choice no duo. Tim 2 to j sixth Poe Milt Tsao o a mom de i. Smith 6 00 in <00 g Yonkee birr Tracy Soo 2 00 7 Star s Knight Caro. Kent 4 of also Amber Bell veal ticket Home to re just Stephen Mikiyo Hobo time 2.�?Tj seventh once Milt 500 0 f yen no Cost Plante i 60 3 60 2 of a y j Lomond Smith 2 00 2 60 7 Goy Maundy. Burgoyne <20 a Iso-1 of Ann Sonny land Mike Volo Vire Trio l Oilmont Burro time 2 0 eighth pee mile. Of 4 b Oling Billy r. Per .1 60 3 60 2 60 1 Irish Hunter Gardner 16 40 too 6 marry dares Mattoon 3 of also Lucky april Winier rhythm to Mike special Brewer Cem Mondot Moroko Tim 5 w j ninth Pace Mil 508 i Valinda Moroko porker 560 300 j 60 4 mss Dix land Moroun Joo 3 20 3 Cap am sword Coli is 4 00 a so dirty Don Topor Seguin add worthy comm i a Tweed. Charming Wil ton t a 2 i 2 attn 1,462. Hondle 71.248 Lan do Rove tourney Charles More left 14, of Windham congratulates Hugh Huidekoper 13, of Milton mass., on winning a Silver bowl for finals of annual Junior Tennis tournament. Or. And mrs. Warren Fuller of Weston were winners Over or. And mrs. Cary Grayson of Washington d.c., Landgrove vacationers in senior tournament labor Day weekend. Dibble look Here expert Well drilling and visit Fishmann a Yax 3301 3ept. 5,000 yes. Asst. Otton la emn ants Chin Refl Annel Plain Bro Aik loth i to to cd. Lengths 34 cd. Blasting modern equipment phone 362-1477 Outset Vermont Stavens amp Frost fish Fry and thick shake Paul a Lone us survivor in menus singles Saratoga entries by Steve Snider up sports writer Forest Hills n. A. Up a it s ladles Day at Forest Hills but who la be looking while All last eight gals in . Tennis championship Are running through their Quarter finals big show belongs to lanky 22-year-old Arthur Ashe of Richmond va., who la be fighting to stay alive As Lone american Hope in men s singles. All he has to do to grab a berth in semifinals is to beat Wimbledon and . Title Holder Roy Emerson of Australia. If he Falls As Dennis Ralston and Chuck Pasarell did in their semifinal bids thursday t h e championship eventually will be forfeited to some foreign player for 10th straight year. The Ashe Emerson Winner then plays today s survivor of a match Between Manuel Santana of Spain and Antonio Palafox of Mexico. South africans Cliff Drysdale and Rafael Osuna of Mexico fought their Way into other semifinal by Downing Ralston and Pasarell respectively. A i feel of i play my Best i can beat Emerson Quot said Ashe Star of . Davis cup Victory Over Mexico but passed Over As a participant in cup debacle against Spain. Quot i know he a a great player but i believe i can do american forces dwindled to one thursday when eighth seeded Drysdale fought off a match Point after blowing three of his own and went on to defeat Ralston 2-6, 3-6, 7-5, 6-3, 8-6. Local youth Star in Alaska softball airman John Pello son of or. And mrs. Joseph a. Pello or. Of Bennington has become a local softball hero in Kodiak Alaska. Pello Catcher on and nine at Kodiak airbase blast Hinsdale entries first Trot Sci 1 Oikemus j wipers 2 or v s Irene i Kerf 3 ready Sono. F coir inc l 4 pc la of Block talk g 5 Parker Hawk c m Cor thy or. 6 billiard key. O a Don 7 a hip Odist. W col As 8 Silver Jet no Driver a kind s Prophet a c. Smith a impulse a grass second Pace. 500 j Derb Silver refs. Of Cross 2 Luke Sima no Driver 3 m is Faye Brooks. O Sheldon 4 i title Knight Mare h Dearolf j 5 Haply modesty p i enough de a two run Homer to win rubber game in base tourney with coast guard and capturing league championship and captains cup. On strength of his performance at plate Pello and his bad try mate John Hardin were selected for All service softball team to play this month in California. Baseball frs a Trot Mil. 508 1 Stock hoi p r. I tile 2 Bell Way Burgess or 3 Prince Fedor. F. Devn to 4 acs magic. K Heeney 5 Phoebe Victor to p Russo 6 Conyer s Pride h. Goodsell 7 Chestnut song f. Livingston a Stor Cody. J. Mulcihy a Danio Dee econ a Poce mile 540. 1 to escort c. Porr 2 Imperial rebel no Driver 3 Princess a e., r Ellis 4 Hoppy Neil Dean. M Butcher 5 lightning Creed no or ver 6 Sharp threat r Hamilton ,7 Cherry Jean. Vav Tomb i May Down h Shoter a actress s cod third Boce. Mile 500. I King Cole g Hinds �?T2 Chuckery Corners w current 3 t Bulter j Watson 4 Jim Biol m Cummings 5 summer storm h be due 6 Parson Tass d. Chads 7 Fedor s fury a Smith 8 Peter up. W. Longly a aces a Chris fourth Poce. Mile 508. 1 Kaka Adios g Koi Moler 2 oar Light dream h goons 3 Lynn Flash w Spencer or. 4 Angier Only c Peckham j p eos ont Echo no Driver to som Chuck t. To Destine 7 Kerry mite p Russo 8 Send Odaie bailed a. Smit a miss Gideon of Fth Pace mile 506 1 Dom handsome r to 2 b be Stoner t. Von Destin 3 nip abbe p. Davis 4 5 6 Avon boy no Driver 7 Belvedere pick w Arthur 8 Luh put j Covell a Laura s Adios sixth Poe Mil 600 1 con Odion rhythm w Langtry 2 topic Block Flome h. Goodsoil 3 Lena pro l Funk 4 True Adios . Lamb 5 True Kitty Flore. J Richard 6 Evelyns Prince d Bromley 7 plenty Quick f Tinniey 8 Chick pick j. Dunamon or. Seventh Trot Mil 1,700 1 worthy Promise f. Larouech 2 pretty speedy h porker 3 Guy Spangier p Davis 4 Gerard Mir no Driver 5 Duke liner r Hamilton 6 julians away. D Bromley eighth Poce mite. Moo t Roan flyer n. Olm 2 doctor Vernon no Driver 3 Covey Rise. H Goodsoil 4 Lucky Ambar p. Rassa 5 or Mac Dee d Bromley 6 Kappa Kay d Corneau 7 Sassy return r Ellis lumber lad s. Basson att fun Castle w. Spencer or. 6 san hol Iru y. O Aarsheim 7 Meadow Gen w Collins 8 an of i i a silk or a di0> of i and. C Mott son of i of o Ai a o n to won that Rdv Pace lion i Adin b Iii a Doo i 2 growl mar in a a or liar to 3 Loh rim nod in no or r a 4 Naoy or t p i eur och 5 of no a a Leon. I r Smith 6 Scott r g n Allen 7 n t v up urn of Winter a p pro of m Beckwith fourth a Quot 100 i Lily c Hon i 7 0 r it e my a Trinel 3 Duffy Fol v Toto e Dickie 4 Cosoff a oppy c writ e 5 purr j v b Minifay i adv. N alien 7 cold so n 5 or it k Fritz a o or no Driver fifth Pace Moo a so of in War. S pc mate 2 champs Victory f Cor Tecl 3 pm Adios j Kane 4 dimples Fogo l Perkins 5 m a hey or yes j alien 6 Damon Grattan r Plant i sensation a div r 8 red Rice no Driver sixth Poce 5500 1 Rocky Earl e Gilman 2 Frances Tam no Driver 3 stardust Nancy j. Morrill 4 be qty s Broom p Lynough 5 Dudley s Dandy j. Winter 6 Harvey Bonny j. Allen 7 Homestretch Beth d Marshol 8 miss Jam Scott o. Burgoyne seventh Pace 600. 1 to Mesic pot lot j. Ngon 2 birr he rest Pink d Marshol 3 Donnie mite f. Porker 4 Golden pick m Beckwi a 5 Coil Way pot r Logon 6 Boxboro Moroko f porker i indico Shonna j Marni 8 rhythm kid. Al Watson eighth Trot is too 1 fringe e to 2 per of d to Shait 3 Honor Quot no Ive 4 cd on Hanover h a Wolf or j Homestretch of a p Reynolds 6 spec by Bill c Boyd 1 Bania. J. A ten ninth Poe 500 t l r i by be get j Hor # 2 cons Lom a j o Conroe 3 John w. Nom d Moi Snail 4 Marie ,., j Morrill j in i great c Mccorthy or. 6 Gray Chuck f. Parker j Larky pick g Phelps 8 Livre Bench. No Orive Corner depot and main St., Bennington it. Apple Harvest help wanted men and women for picking and other work Billie rates Ever paid and largest drop of biggest apples. Apply thurs., fri., sat. And Sun. Mad Tom Orchards East Dorset in person to Nan t. Smith Tel. Manchester ,362-2373 sports briefs la icks twins a giants Philadelphia up a a Honeywell 1400 digital computer at Franklin Institute thursday picked Minnesota twins As a a sure bet Quot to win american league Pennant and san Francisco giants As a slight favorite in National league. Braves get Blan Hanl Kansas City to. Up a Johnny Blanchard was to join Milwaukee braves today in new York having been sold to National league Pennant contender by Kansas City athletics. National league w. L. Pct. Go san fran. 79 59 .572 los Angeles 80 61 .567 /2 Cincinnati 80 61 .567 v2 Milwaukee 77 62 .554 2v2 Pittsburgh 77 66 .538 4v2 Philadelphia 71 68 .511 8�/2 St. Louis 70 71 .496 iov2 Chicago 65 77 .458 16 Houston 60 81 .426 20/2 new York 45 98 .315 36v2 thursday s results san Francisco 4 Houston 0 Cincinnati 3 new York 2, night los Angeles i Chicago 0, night Phila at Milwaukee Ppd rain Only games scheduled Friday s probable pitchers Milwaukee at new York night a Blasingame 16-9 is. Fisher 8-19. St. Louis at Philadelphia Bush Iii leaders National league g. A r. H. Avg. Clonte pitl33 524 81 178 .34u Aaron Mil 132 503 too 165 .328 Mays of 134 479 99 153 .319 Rose can 141 589 105 186 .316 , of 119 450 64 140 .311 Clad in pit 143 548 79 169 .308 Wilms Chi 144 574 99 176 .307 Allen Phil 139 529 83 162 .306 flood St 136 535 75 161 .301 Rojas Phil 130 482 74 145 .301 american league Yamski bos 115 429 68 139 .324 Oliva min 138 540 102 170 .315 re non baltl22 473 69 144 .304 we told Clello 386 41 116 .301 Hall min 133 472 74 139 .294 Kaline det 113 367 68 108 .294 Delilo Cle 126 457 58 134 .293 Clavton Cle 140 513 82 150 .292 Wgner clel27 462 82 135 .292 Hward wasl30 453 48 129 .285 Home runs National league a Mays giants 45 Mccovey giants 33 Mathews braves 30 Williams cubs 29 Aaron braves 29. American league a Horton tigers 27 Conigliaro red sox 27 Wagner indians 26 co Vito indians 25 Cash tigers 23 Tresh yanks 23. Runs batted in National league a Johnson reds 118 Mays giants 98 Stargell pirates 95 Banks cubs 94 Williams cubs 93. American league a colavito indians 97 Horton tigers 93 Oliva twins 92 Mantilla red sox 88 Hall twins 77. Pitching National league a Nuxhall reds 10-3 Koufax dodgers 22-7 Maloney reds 17-7 Ellis reds 19-8 Cloninger braves 20-9. American league a Grant twins 18-5 Terry indians 11-4 Mclain tigers 12-5 Fisher White sox 14-6 Seebert indians 14-6. Standings night a Gibson 17-10 is. Short 16-9. C i n c i n n a t i at Pittsburgh night a Jay 9-6 is. Sisk 6-2. Houston at los Angeles night a Roberts 4-1 is. Drysdale 18-12. Chicago at san Francisco night a Faul 5-3 is. Herbel 9-7. Saturday s games Milwaukee at new York Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Chicago at san Francisco St. Louis at Philadelphia night Houston at los Angeles night american league w. L. Pct. Go Minnesota 89 54 .622 Chicago 82 61 .573 7 Baltimore 80 60 .571 71/2 Cleveland 77 63 .550 10v2 Detroit 78 64 .549 iov2 new York 69 75 .479 20v2 California 66 77 .462 23 Washington 62 80 .437 26>/2 Boston 56 87 .392 33 Kansas City 51 89 .364 36v2 thursday s results Minnesota to Chicago 4 California 7 Kansas City 2 fridays probable pitchers Detroit at Cleveland night a Lolich 11-8 is. Seebert 14-6. New York at Chicago night a Stottlemyre 16-8 is. Peters 9-11. California at Washington night a Lopez 14-12 is. Richert 12-10. Minnesota at Boston night a Perry 9-6 is. Morehead 9-15. Kansas City at Baltimore 2, twi night a Talbot 10-9 and Hunter 5-5 is. Pappas 12-7 and j. Miller 6-3. Saturdays games Detroit at Cleveland California at Washington Minnesota at Boston new York at Chicago night Kansas City at Baltimore night a Jester chief c. Boor do ninth poet Mil 1,20� d. Earl Guertin memorial 1 Lusty Lawrence k. Heeney 2 Meadow Storey g Chretien 3 Susie s Jewett l von Strond 4 Wayne up. Dovi 5 mighty Little one l. Dovi 6 Volo oui b Bogor us 7 Johnny Frost h porker tenth Pace Mil 7a 1 lady wander k Heeney 2 nifty Mike r. Hoghton 3 sportsman boy w Arthur 4 Mabel Haven h. Goodsoil 5 Cher Eden m blood Good 6 goil put p. Davis 7 Bon Dole s. Boston a vie Flanagan p. Russo Bolding Friendship league Monument roofing�?3 Globe Union i High single a. Doxsee�?231 High triple a. Doxsee�?605 flnast�?4 whitman�?Ts�?0 High singles. Goodhue�?199 High triples. Goodhue�?563 Beech St. Firehouse�?4 super duper�?0 High single of. Palmer�?197 High triple of. Palmer�?508 teams w l finast 4 0 Beech St. Firehouse 4 0 Monument roofing 3 i Globe Union i 3 Whitman s 0 4 super duper 0 4 girls Green Mountain league p. V. 5 a 2 fireflies a 2 High single a. Roberts�?187 High triples. Chenaille �?496 ally-oops�?4 . Leftovers�?0 High single a. Bevls�?164 High triple a. Bevls�?439 . By Post i Sim senettes�?3 High single a. Hynlck�?223 High triple a. Hynlck�?559 guttersnipes�?4 dreamers�?0 High single a. Ogllvie�?186 High triple a. Muckle�?489 . Llvewlres�?3 mixers i High single of. Macaulley�?170 High triple a. Kelley�?459 teams w l Gutte Snipes 4 0 ally oops 4 0 Sam Senette 3 i . Love wires 3 i , 5 2 2 fireflies 2 2 mixers i 3 . Typos i 3 . Leftovers 0 4 dreamers 0 4 garage league Globe union�?2 Monument cycles�?2 High single a. Harris�?203 High triple a. Harris�?568 Purdy inc. A i Liggett dodge�?3 High single�?liggett�?223 High triple�?liggett�?556 madkour�?Ts�?2 Phil s electric�?2 High single a. Mattison�?225 High triple a. Mullins�?591 same a gulf�?4 Blue benn�?0 High single a. Mullins�?224 High triple a. Mullins�?630 vallotte�?Ts�?0 Mon. Roof�?4 High single a. Jones�?202 High triple a. Jones�?531 Heald plastic i Williams-bugljee�?3 High single�?heald�?218 High triple�?bentley�?548 teams w l same a Gulf 4 0 Mon. Roof 4 0 Willlams Bugbee 3 i Liggett Dodge 3 i philos electric 2 2 Madkour a 2 2 Globe Union 2 2 Monument cycles 2 2 Heald plastic i 3 Purdy inc i 3 a allotted a 0 4 Blue Benn 0 4 Bennington Banner Friday september to 1965�?9 Saratoga results first Roc mile saw i Imperiosi str Lamb la 40 Sjo 4 00 i Cleo Rode Coville 4 10 3 40 7 Mitsue Long Fry Soo also Vigil Verne Frankie boy photo time silvers style flying Cit Ole. Tim 2 11 4 5 see on do Poe mile Sam 1 e h j. Coville 7 00 4 00 4 40 3 miss Knox Hills Jevons 6 of 5 40 s glory Wyn Watson 11 to also cordon of Buster Jarrettown Cliff Jerry Volley Cboin Idanie Bobo this Idu Dean a Tim 2 12 2 j third Poe Mil 50# 2 Shody Doi Ida Rea Aitken 13 Iso so 4 40 5 charming Chic Tingey 3 so 3 00 6 dark print Richords 4 40 also Harvey s girl Lody mom mum Success Sid Chocko Yott papa oily Stem. Tim i 12. Fourth Poe Mil so 1 Jock Candler Watson 960 4 0 4 20 4 Bright girl Langtry 5 40 3 00 5 Morry Diamond Coville 4 40 also rebel Joule chops boy wed Tomey Runnymede Ellen countrymen Tim 2 la 4 5, fifth Poe. Mite Sam 2 general Jim Goodsoil Ign 5 20 ? so 6 miss Bonnie Jock Olin b so of 4 Bomer Pat Bogor us 2 60 also Axle Hon. Sharon Nevin Vigil Queen Penny Lind Hoppy is time 2.10 3 s. Sixth Trot Mil 701 6 Dee voted Uff so 4 70 sob 2 Colonie Prince Jevons 4 so 3 70 1 Potomac Beauty Langtry 3 80 a so cosh freight Hoy judge Diller Den Coll Yonkee Goy Duke. Time 2 09 3 5 seventh Poe Mil Sam 2 Success Tom Coppola 6 so 3 40 3 to i Potsy Dillon Tingley 3 20 3 of 3 icon Dudley Somerville 4 40 also Jack d Bonny Success motor Spud Cambon solid Adios Congress George. Time 2 09 3 5 eighth Trot Mil St 6 Rodney Laird chose 8 60 Iso 3 60 i Terra flight Heeney 3 00 3 00 s Alodia Arthurs so also Golden Pride Ginger Spring Wood skipper key Homestretch dude Vicky Rodney time 2 la 4 $ ninth Poe Mil 700 i Perry c Bromley 3 40 2 80 2 20 5 Ferguson 4so 3 20 4 Comino mite Hanstord 2 80 also lib to Guy put. Monon e Volo Volo dares scotch Xenou Little Fox. Time 2 it. Tenth Poe Mil s00 4 a c s direct olm i 40 5 00 1 40 6 Conger signal Arthurs 3 60 3 20 i trusty Prince demo 4 60 also Runnymede june Tamoro Ann Josh for cosh shooed of Carson bet u Cook Tim ? la Alin. 2 i. Houma ,77. Compute line of Dupont grass seeds 107. And Lawn fertilizer off 0 end of season Sale h. Greenberg amp son inc. 321 main St. Bennington it. Dial 26324 Chuck roast 49< i fresh Chicken breasts or legs walkers la. 53< food Market full service banking ,4 Man needs full service banking when he has responsibility of a Home car and full service at. The Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows Falls Chester Brattleboro Rutland Bennington Manchester member Federal Deposit insurance c a operation Deerfield Valley Farmers Day exhibition Wilmington Vermont saturday september la 1965 a exhibits who use show a horse drawing a rides a Rand concert �?�2 Ball games �4-h exhibit admission j5c children under 12 Sony luxury 8 transistor super sensitive radio tr-830�? this luxury 8 transistor super sensitive radio features a push Button on off switch and a tuning meter. The High How tone control switch allows a full Range of sound. All controls Are located for easy one hand operation s29� Bennington garage corp. 32a main Street dial 2-5496 Maloney Kin stars with la Jia Inions Young Nephew of a Bennington couple will be among celebrities at a gala Celebration sunday in Windsor locks conn., when Community honors its championship Little league baseball team. The Windsor locks All Star team became 1965 Little league world champions on aug. 28 in Williamsport penn., site of annual Small Fry a 19th world series tournament. On teams roster is Edward Holmes Nephew of sheriff and mrs. John h. Maloney of 207 South St. The boys Mother is mrs. Marie Maloney Holmes sheriffs sister. The Windsor locks Victory represented second successive win for an Eastern Region tc9 in. Tis final Vij or defeat of one remaining other challenger Stoney Creek team from Canada. Young Holmes a right fielder scored one of teams runs in final game. After hitting a single himself he scored on another single hit by one of his teammates. A More critical play by Holmes came in one of earlier games when Windsor locks Defeated a team from Venezuela 5-3. A punch hit double of his which drove in two runs was credited by sportswriters with winning game. On tap for team s Homecoming Celebration will be a Parade and banquet. Connecticut a gov. John n. Dempsey will Lead list of distinguished guests a t in \ t a a a it f Zon Olite Glass fiber insulation keeps heat right where you want it. Outside in summer. Inside in Winter consider these Zon Olite Glass fiber advantages 0 economical cuts heating and Cooling costs As much As 40r/ a year hound Comfort keeps your Home cooler in summer warmer in Winter a featherlight Only one to two ounces per running foot a extra wide ample Square Cut. Fits snugly against studs and joists for greater efficiency. Easy to handle easy to fit. Easy to Cut easy to install. A aluminium it or harrier aluminium foil facing adds insulation serves As it or harrier a easily installed a one Man Job wedges firmly into place until stapled or nailed cuts and Staples readily a superfine featherlight fibres Are key to Superior insulation heat Transfer is blocked but fitters will not store heat a ease of handling non irritating pleasant to touch compression Pac Kedz haul a House full in your car trunk installing Zon Olite Glass fiber is simple. No trouble at All just follow three easy Steps to install another heat beating Zon Olite product. New Zono Seal Glass fiber Home insulation. A an efficient insulator. Meets insulation Industry a a re value requirements. A compression packed. Takes up a minimum of space. Easy to store and transport. Micro Fine Glass fiber with Kraft facing a offer a in a wide Choice of thicknesses and framing widths. Cut insulation to desire length from Roll. Allow enough operate to Nail to underside of top plate or till for tight seal.-. Maple tabs As Shewn. So As to provide sufficient air space. Convent ent a a a Tab serve a gauge in stapling Assur my Good vapor Barrier 113 depot St., dial 2-63s3 Cervine Bennington area for nearly a entry patronize your local contractor

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