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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 10, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy. Cloudy with showers and scattered thunderstorms tonight. Turning cooler in the North portion. Low temperatures will be in the Low 50s in the North portion to the Middle 60s in the South portion. Yesterdays High 76 Low 62. Today at 7 ., 66. Total precipitation .41 Inch. Sunset 7 12 . Sunrise 6 26 This is the night of the Harvest Moon. Full Moon will occur at 7 36 tonight. Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday september to 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,860 to cents Betsy lashes new Orleans democrats Gleeful on Baton Bouge damage heavy huh new Orleans up a killer Hurricane Betsy crashed through new Orleans Baton Rouge and the Lush sugar Cane country today devastating wide areas with winds up to 125 Miles an hour Rains and floods before it began to die on a punishing course Inland. Emerging from a Nightmare night of Power blackouts Waist deep floods and blocked streets officials reported one woman died of a heart attack in a new Orleans shelter and injuries were too numerous to be counted. The 250-mile-wide storm killed seven persons in a sweep across Southern Florida before curving across the Gulf of Mexico to spin up a Hurricane Slot Quot through Louisiana and Send wild winds and water shooting far East up the Low lying Gulf coast toward Florida. A Quarter of a million people fled before it to shelter. At 7 Cost Betsy was losing punch As it roiled to a Point about 50 Miles Southeast of Alexandria in the heart of Louisiana. Forward Speed that carried it 22 Miles an hour through the Low country fell gradually and winds clocked As High As 150 Miles an hour along the coast diminished to Bare Hurricane strength a 75 Miles an hour. Isolated cases of looting were reported in new Orleans. Five persons were arrested As police appealed to merchants to Man their shattered stores to keep looters out. Streets looked like battlefields with bricks Stone Wood Glass twisted steel and Trees blocking them. Ships were slammed into wharves and jetties in the Harbor. The 100,000 people who fled their Homes near new orleans1 Lake Pontchartrain were joined in flight by another 50,000 in Baton Rouge who had to run to escape the fury. Winds clocked by police at 125 Miles an hour in new Orleans dropped to 110 Miles an ifs it m Uriah i Ilion sri tool has a name now ifs official. The new Union High school to be built in Bennington will be called the it. Anthony Union High school. The Union school Board thursday approved the name for the school after first toying with the idea of delaying the decision once again. Or. Arthur farts of Shaftsbury cast the Lone dissenting vote. A decision on the name was reached after principal half s. Kates indicated that a sign for the school office had to be built and that class rings and Emblem had to designed that reports were going around that the school was going to be called the a Green Mountain just what the Junior High school building for seventh and eighth graders who will occupy the present Beni building will be called remains up in the air although one Board member jokingly suggested it might be called a the it into into Carillon hotel in Miami Fla., n Hui Hui stands thursday with about half its windows shattered by Hurricane Betsy. Pill in ions hour in Baton Rouge 80 Miles North. Hurricane warnings remained displayed from the Louisiana coast All the Way to Pensacola Fla. The storm first spotted As a tropical blow off South America on aug. 26 by astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad during their eight Day gemini 5 flight Cut into Louisiana thursday night at 9 . Edt. Repeal my or bust says sea. Mansfield Washington up a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said today the Senate would push ahead with presi Jent Johnson s Bill to nullify state a right to work Quot Laws despite the threat of a paralysing filibuster. Asked whether the measures supporters could Muster the strength needed to muzzle the a extended debate Quot the Montana lawmaker said Only a Well Cross our Bridges As we come to Mansfield s opposite number Republican Leader Everett m. Durksen made the filibuster threat official thursday after a meeting of the Senate House on the inside Woodford dog breeder achieves a first a Page 6. An editorial urges help for Flats families a Page 4. The chairman of the racing commission is optimistic about the track s future a Page 5. Gop leadership. He told newsmen at least 25 senators from both parties would organize a talk Campaign to a keep this thing from coming to a a if the president insists on Senate consideration of the repeal of Section 14-b of the Taft Hartley act this year the present session of Congress will end not with a bang in the fall but with a whimper when the Snow Falls Quot said Dirksen. Then in a comment aimed straight at the White House the Illinois Republican said there Are dangers in the indiscriminate use of presidential Power to compel action from a reluctant Congress a particularly when the president showed Little interest in the legislation until relatively late in the session. Section 14-b permits states to enact Laws Banning so called a Union shop Quot agreements. At present 19 states have such Laws. The provision Lias Long been a particular target of organized labor which this year mounted a massive lobbying Effort to have it repealed. A no less strenuous Effort was made on its behalf by right to work forces. Burlington up a vice president Hubert h. Humphrey is being counted on to give the Vermont democratic party a huge boost in its bid to win for the first time control of the state legislature. State chairman Daniel of Brien said today Humphrey s appearances in Vermont oct. Oct. 18-19 a will highlight the tremendous strides made by the democratic party in Vermont and will set the Pace for this fails special Humphrey will address a party fund raising dinner in Rutland oct. 18. A cocktail party will be held before the dinner for members of the democratic too club. The rest of Humphrey s two Day stay in the Green mountains has not yet been definitely set. Senate controversy on poverty Washington up a Antipoverty officials and Senate investigators were embroiled today in a controversy Over whether Federal funds were used for High priced a rentals Quot of such items As toilets and garbage cans at two Mississippi project head Start centers. The charges were aired Turs Day in a report by staff members of the Senate appropriations committee on an inquiry suggested by sen. John c. Stenos a miss. Stennis has charged the centers were used As a a staging area Quot for civil rights demonstrators. Nathan Cutler chief auditor for the office of economic Opportunity Leo issued a statement denying the charges. Leo director r. Sargent Shriver called a news conference for late this afternoon and was expected to discuss the matter according to the committed report the Leo paid such rates As $100 for rental of a toilet $42 for a water Fountain $120 for a refrigerator $92 for a carpet and $10 for a garbage can during the eight week duration of the head Start classes at Rural Church buildings. In addition to the a rental Quot fees the committee report also charged that on two occasions persons connected with the project had chartered planes once to attend a a graduation Quot at one head Start Center and another time to attend a Board of directors meeting. Cutler branded the charges As a false Quot in his statement. Pakistan in breakthrough pushes Indian invaders Back red China says . Is siding with India marines Advance marines Advance through a Rice Paddy near Quinton South Viet Nam thursday. Smoke Billows from an airstrike on the Hill above them. Up v.s., Saigon troops 4take�?T ret stronghold Saigon up a . And Viet namese special forces today occupied the Hamlet of Phu Ong a Tay 325 Miles Northeast of Saigon Only hours after b52 bombers from Guam dumped hundreds of tons of bombs there. But the area Long considered an impenetrable communist stronghold was deserted. The Village had been described As a major Viet Cong communications Center garrisoned by 200 men but a Force of 260 men flown in by helicopter found Only of cart trails which showed up on photographs As sandbagged trenches. A up dispatch from the scene said what had appeared to be radio antennas turned out to be Bamboo spikes and that the costly operation had gone for nothing although the b52s did deliver their bombs on tar get with devastating efficiency % the Village is in Quang tin province on the Northern Edge of the Viet Cong s do a base which protects the to Chi Minh infiltration Trail from North Viet Nam. Up correspondent Ray f. Herndon flew into the Village today with eight vietnamese and american special forces men aboard a helicopter accompanying 41 other helicopters Laden with Allied troops. He reported the troops were scouring the area for Viet Cong. An air Force spokesman in Saigon had declined earlier to speculate on whether there would be a follow up attack by infantrymen such As followed Many other b52 raids on Viet Cong targets. This was the big b52s 21st Mission of the War. Father divine a a god Quot of cult Dies of heart attack at too Philadelphia a. Up a father divine Pudgy son of a former slave who became the spiritual Leader of an International cult died today. A spokesman said the cult Leader estimated to be 100-years-old, died of a heart attack at 2 20 At his Plush mansion Wood Mont in suburban glad Wyne. His blonde a spotless Virgin Bride Quot was at his bedside along with his 18 the Man who thousands of a Angels Quot throughout the world regarded As a god Quot had been ill for about a year. His Public appearances were few in the Oast. Cult members spoke of the negro As their heavenly Leader a on land on sea and in the air Quot As a throwing off the material Side of his a How can the father be dead Quot one of the Angels of his Central a heaven Quot Here said. A who Ever heard of god almighty passing away. He a god the attorney spokesman said divine s Canadian born wife the former Edna Ritchings will probably continue to operate the cult. The colourful self styled Prophet waged running Battles with the City of new York which ousted him and the new Jersey Turnpike authority because one of his motorcade was stopped for speeding. With Harlem As the main Spring of his cult divine attained new stature in 1933 among his followers when a judge who sentenced him to a year in jail for maintaining a Public nuisance in new York died four Days later. Both parties end i p Short of candidates this tins negro children in Roxbury mass., thursday get instructions on what bus to take when the youngsters were taken to a Good schools in Boston during a operation i or hire see Story on Page two up Montpelier up a neither party made Good its prediction of luring out one candidate for each of the 150 seats in the re apportioned House. But the special legislative elections this fall appear to be hot items anyway. Vermont democrats report they have candidates for 132 of the 150 seats in the re apportioned House and aspirants for 26 of the 30 Senate seats. Republicans on the other hand claim exactly 150 House candidates but with several contests slated a handful of districts will not have gop candidates. In the Senate republicans have hopefuls for 27 of the 30 seats. Democrats Are trying for the first time in history to wrest control of both Chambers of the legislature from the republicans. The 1965 session marked the greatest inroads democrats have Ever made on the Gopas traditional domination. But the House ratio was still better than two to one for the gop and 17 of the 30 senators were republicans. Much of the attention for the oct. 19 primary will Center on Burlington and grand Isle counties which will share six seats in the reorganized Senate. Eleven of the 12 candidates Are democrats the Lone Republican being state gop chairman Derick v. Webb of Shelburne. Six former democratic senators head the slate of democratic hopefuls. United press International Pakistan broke through Indian lines today at the Punjab City of Feroz pore and said it had turned the tide of War on that front. Indian defense minister . Chavan admitted Indian troops had been thrown Back in that sector. A pakistani military spokesman in the capital of Rawalpindi said the army was pressing a a relentless drive Quot against Indian troops who had invaded West Pakistan in three areas. Heavy fighting was reported in Kashmir in the Sialkot area North of Jahore in indians Punjab state East of Jahore and in the sind desert 500 Miles to the South. Pakistan claimed victories Here too. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Musa pakistani commander in chief ordered a second Call up of All forces below the rank of major to strengthen the army in its undeclared War. A similar Call up had been issued monday. United nations Secretary general Thant in Rawalpindi on a peace Mission to India and Pakistan scheduled new talks today with president Mohammed Ayub Khan of Pakistan. But informed sources said pakistanis demands for a plebiscite were hampering his action. Communist China attacked Thant s mediation efforts and accused the United nations of siding with India. Radio peking said the . A did not appear on the scene until Pakistan counterattacked India in self Indian air Force bombers attacked Karachi the main pakistani seaport thursday night for the seventh time in the past three Days. Noise of exploding bombs echoed from the waterfront. Well informed sources in new Delhi said pakistani Jet bombers tried to attack a vital military base outside Ghazi Abad East of the capital today but were driven off by heavy antiaircraft fire. One pakistani plane was she Down informed sources said. Pakistani planes were said to have attempted a paratroop drop but apparently were forced away by the intensity of the flak. Pakistan launched a three pronged offensive into Punjab state thursday apparently to relieve some of the pressure from an earlier Indian drive against the pakistani City of Lahore. Both sides issued conflicting reports on the Battles but it appeared the fighting was fierce. The main thrust of the pakistani onslaught appeared directed at Amritsar an Indian City 30 Miles East of Lahore and 15 Miles inside the International Border. It was Here Pakistan claimed Indian forces were routed under a relentless India admitted pakistani counterattacks and a very heavy fighting Quot but reported its forces a making steady Progress Quot on three fronts including Lahore. It also claimed a total of 114 pakistani tanks destroyed since open warfare flared. India has charged that Pakistan is using Many Patton and Sherman tanks supplied under military Aid agreements with the United states. The claims and counterclaims were issued As Secretary general Thant of the United nations pressed his urgent peace Mission on the subcontinent. Thant conferred with president Mohammad Ayub Khan of Pakistan thursday and is scheduled to Fly to new Delhi for talks with Indian leaders at a later Date. The other two prongs of the pakistani offensive were directed at Feroz pore an important Indian rail Junction 30 Miles South of Amritsar and Jassar 50 Miles North of the Lahore area. Plebiscite for Kashmir peace talk stickler Rawalpindi Pakistan up a Pakistan s firm demands for a plebiscite in disputed Kashmir today hampered United nations Secretary general Thant in his efforts to Stop the Border fighting with India. Thant met for More than an hour thursday with pakistani president Mohammad Ayub Khan and More talks were planned today. The Secretary general is on the first leg of an urgent peace Mission to the capitals of India and Pakistan. Informed pakistani sources said Ayub told Thant that any approach towards peace cannot be isolated from the Issue of new void1 for i a pay ers contemplated Burlington up a the state tax department will submit legislation in the special session allowing groups of citizens to Appeal alleged inequities in property tax appraisals. Tax commissioner Gerald Witherspoon speaking Here thursday night said there is no provision in Vermont Law for Complete assessment reappraisal by an entire Community or group of citizens. Individual property owners can Appeal to a county Board if disturbed by property tax evaluations but groups of citizens or an entire Community cannot. Witherspoon also sounded the possibility of regional property appraising in the future a Elf towns cannot improve the Quality of tax Witherspoon said his department will be willing to collect a surtax on the Vermont income tax for communities needing More Revenue which wish to Levy such a surtax. Burlington for one is a City in Vermont thinking in terms of a possible surtax to boost City revenues. Self determination by the people of Kashmir. Ayub was said to have told Thant that a simple cease fire would help perpetuate injustice by leaving kashmiris to the mercy of India. Thant declined to report details of his talks with Ayub. He said he would have no statement until he meets with Indian officials in new Delhi and returns to new York for a report to the . Security Council. Thant said Only that he has a certain suggestions Quot to make to both Pakistan and India. He is armed with a unanimous Security Council Resolution calling for an end to the hostilities and a withdrawal to the 400-mlle cease fire line in Kashmir established 16 years ago. Doff advises elderly on medicare Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Roff today urged elderly vermonters to make sure they take the necessary Steps to qualify for coverage under the recently passed medicare plan. Hoff said it is imperative that residents Over 65 act immediately to insure coverage under the medicare act. Hoff said All persons Over 65 under social Security will be covered automatically by the new Hospital insurance program. But he reminded that application must be made for medical insurance covering doctors Bills and related services at a Cost of $3 a month. Hoff said the persons under social Security will simply have the fee deducted from their monthly Benefit checks but coverage cannot be assured unless persons Register by returning an application card to be mailed to them soon

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