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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday october 30, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a prize in pennies although the Nobel prize committees selections sometimes Are open to question Only confirmed . Haters Are Likely to criticize the award of the peace prize to the United nations children a fund this year. Unicof is an altogether admirable organization which richly rates Nobel prize recognition plus financial help when trick or treating youngsters Knock at the door saturday morning. Those who do give will have the satisfaction of knowing their pennies will be put to a Good use. It would be hard indeed to cite a better one. Since its founding at the close of world War ii Unicof has been wholly concerned with helping Young people. Originally geared to Supply the Basic needs of hungry and homeless children in the devastated european combat zones the Agency changed with the times to tackle longer term projects like disease control. Since 1946, Unicof has helped to vaccinate hundreds of millions of children against serious ailments. In the last year alone it took part in a Quot antimalarial Campaign that protected 54 million persons. During the coming year Topnotch teachers for slum schools president Johnson has served notice that he intends to fight next year for the legislative victories that were denied him in the 89th session of Congress and High on the list will be the National teacher corps. This is Welcome news. The proposal to organize 6,000 Public school teachers into teams to bring Topflight teaching into impoverished communities is one of the most imaginative ideas hatched by the present administration and one of the most promising. It would strongly supplement the new education measure while attacking one of the taproot of poverty. It would upgrade educational Quality in areas where skilled teaching is in Short Supply while forming a nucleus of teachers with special knowledge of the problems of deprived children. A coalition of Republican and Southern democrats deleted funds for the teacher corps in Congress waning hours or the apparent Assumption that teachers coming into local school districts a from the outside a would bring with Mem foreign doctrines and Lead to Federal control of the school systems. Comment a new species Homo drive in Dennis Yarmouth mass., Register ours is becoming a drive in culture. Automobiles can drive into restaurants Banks movies. The soft weak Fleshy creature has erected about himself a wheeled Shell of Chrome and Glass and society has undertaken to service the entire package. This raises a question. Should the automobile and its occupant be regarded As a single organism it is a primary question in any serious discussion of our culture. Consider the evidence. The drive in organism can participate in Commerce. It can satisfy its hungers be they physical cultural or spiritual. It seems to evolve As a Normal organism should in succeeding generations except for one Bug like variety which should probably by the subject of a separate study by geneticists. It will participate in 540 projects in 118 countries throughout the world. And requests for Ever More services Are coming in from the underdeveloped countries. Unicof does All this moreover on a comparatively Small budget that would be wholly inadequate to shoot men into space or carry out bombing raids but has a far More constructive effect. It is noteworthy that Unicof is one organization under . Auspices to which the soviet Union gives wholehearted moral and financial support. Since 1955, Russia has granted $675,000 every year for the Agency a operation. Thus Unicof not Only does much Good for the world s younger citizens it also serves As a kind of Pilot Plant for International cooperation. It transcends National and ideological boundaries to provide what the new York times has called a a tantalizing foretaste of what men could accomplish if they would Only cooperate in All Fields As they have done to help children through for this reason the peace prize is Well deserved. And our pennies Are Well spent. But such objections had been forseen and disposed of Long before the legislation reached its final form. The teams composed of teachers in training under the supervision of highly rated experienced instructors would be a corps of professionals screened and selected for their jobs. They would not be forced upon any Community for they would be hired Only upon request of the local school boards. Nor would they be Federal workers taking their orders from the Federal government As so Many legislators in the deep South seem to fear since the Bill specifically states that they would be hired and fired by the local boards. The Only thing Washington would do is recruit the teaching teams and recompense the communities for their salaries. Despite these safeguards there Are school districts in the country which will remain opposed to the whole idea of the National teacher corps just As there Are foes of the peace corps. They have the privilege of non participation if they so wish. But at the same time there Are parents in Appalachia and other depressed regions who Are pleading for help with their rundown inadequate school systems. They deserve help and we Trust that next year they will get it. It has primitive language. Its honking indicates annoyance or in certain seasons flirtatious Ness red Tail lights express the fact of stopping. Blinking of Tail lights Means turning. Headlights Are capable of uttering a please dim yours and in rare cases a there is a patrol car our knowledge of drive in Man is still incomplete. We Are not certain he can yet regenerate parts. The method of procreating the species is stills mystery. Yet the elaborate trails the gasoline spas and finally the driven in Church Are conclusive evidence that the evolution is far advanced. The Large land reptile was replaced by the sturdier swifter mammal. In the same Way the soft ten fingered ten toed species of mammal we Call Man will inevitably give Way to the higher order. Drive in Man is already Here a new species taking Over and reshaping the culture. Rod and gun Hows and whys of migration by Quot things Aren t s a 600d up Here either Quot Washington calling those sleek shiny cars by i a it til is Childs Washington. With every economic indicator at go go go the Auto Industry expects to come up with an other 8 million car year and it might go to 9 million which would be an unprecedented fifth Boom year in a Row. Only one slight Cloud Mars this glowing horizon As seen from Here. That is whether the new models Are in fact higher priced and whether these higher prices could be inflationary. When Chrysler leading 4fie pack committed the i delicacy of announcing that new models would Cost More the White House took alarm and sen. Phillip Hart of Michigan Rose on the Senate floor to View with concern. Harts anti monopoly subcommittee has been delving into concentration monopoly control and administered prices. A of then came general motors and Ford announcing that they were lowering prices and Washington cheered. The White House called the Bureau of labor statistics demanding to know where the truth Lay. But there is no Quick answer to that one and the Bureau is sending a team to Detroit to try to discover if new equipment on 1966 models is the reason for Price a a adjustments that can be rated As higher or lower than the prices for 1965 cars. The Wall Street journal in an analytical article called it sleight of hand arum awarded High Marks in Public relations to pm and Ford. All prices Are higher and it is Only a question of How skilfully the increases were masked according to the journal analyst. Whether the labor statistics team measuring safety devices and improved performance with their slide rules will support this is important since their findings will enter into the Cost of living Index and a lot turns on the Index including the wages of Auto workers. The Flap Over prices is a dramatic illustration of How the Auto Industry dominates the american Economy and How the motor car has come to dominate american life. In the bus Index Auto expenditures Are 13 per cent of All family costs an increase from lll/2 per cent in 1950. In the cities 73 per cent of All families list expenditures for the motor car in one form or another in Rural non farm areas it is 82 per cent. Of a free Enterprise Economy where a company raised the Price of their products in order to be Reuther argues that the big three with 90 per cent of the business could reduce prices particularly in the Light of swiftly rising profits a pm profits were up 12 per cent for the first half of this year a and thereby Benefit the whole Economy. This gets Down to concentration. Pm has had in recent years roughly half of total production. It seems to be widely agreed that pm could reduce prices and still make big profits. But this would be Likely to squeeze out american motors with 5 per cent of production and it could hit both Chrysler and Ford resulting therefore in greater concentration. In an earlier and simpler Day the antitrust Laws were considered a remedy. Not Long ago the antitrust division in the department of Justice had what was half jokingly called a pm Section. Today three pm cases a on buses which Are a Small part of Gmys business diesels and Earth moving equipment a Are in the courts. A of the present head of antitrust Donald f. Turner out of the Harvard Law school takes a Broad philosophic View of enforcement untainted by the populist View that the Law could be used to break up bigness and give Small business a Chance. He believes that the vast Empire of general motors for example is so intertwined in its operation that it would be impossible to break it up even if it were desirable As in the crusading Days of antitrust the Standard Oil Empire was dismembered. Contrary to the findings of a rapidly growing concentration of All assets in the too largest letter corporations As developed before the anti monopoly subcommittee Turner wrote last May that a no threat not even a mild one exists to Small business. He argues that the number of Small businesses has risen steadily and substantially. For the average american entranced by the sleek shiny new models the Price tag is beyond his Ken. The Industry is so big so Remote in its operations so Clever that if Price Competition has been All but removed he is hardly aware of it. What he wants to know is How much the monthly payments will be and if they fit into the budget with the Washer the dryer the television set ifs Okay. By Roy Marsden at this time of the year when there is a mass movement of song Birds Hawks migratory game Birds and other species from our clime to a warmer one did you Ever wonder just what prompts the world of Birds to undertake the Long journey and then retrace the same path in the Spring according to an article appearing in the Remington news letter for september there is no Good reason according to Remington a biologists but at least you have a Choice of theories. Some attribute it to the ice age believing that All Birds once lived in the North but were driven South by glacial build up. Then As the ice retreated Over the centuries of time the Birds attempted each Spring to return to their ancestral Homes. The approach of Winter forced them Back South but repeated efforts led to habit hence the Spring and Winter movement. According to other experts that explanation is 180 degrees wrong. They begin with the Assumption that All Birds once lived in the tropics. As crowding developed a need for Elbow room some moved North to nest. Then with the coming of Winter they returned Home to the Southland. And that became habit. As with Many beginnings shrouded in the past the Why of it All is hard to reconstruct. The How of it makes More sense and the underlying drive is if you la Pardon the expression sex. Light stimulates development and activity of the Breeding glands of Birds. As we move seasonally from Winter to Spring the hours of Daylight increase and with it the sex drive. Finally As Breeding conditions approach they strike out for nesting grounds in the North. The phenomenon can be produced by exposing captive Birds to increased hours of artificial Light. It helps explain Why some Birds Are so punctual in Spring migration since the hours of Daylight on any Given Date is the same from year to year. With the love life of different species triggered at different times some migrants press northward on receding Snow while others sop sunlight until late Spring before they Are ready. The result is that the big migratory push is spread Over several months to the Benefit of flyaway traffic. In terms Quot of accuracy of movement the hours of travel makes Little difference. They have the Sun by Day and the stars by night and recent studies pretty Well establish that these Are the Means of Bird navigation. It works Well. Some individual ducks have been known to return to the same precise spot in the same Marsh to nest in succeeding years and this after a round trip journey of possibly 4,000 Miles and a time lapse of eight or nine months. Some song Birds also Are so unerring in their year to year trips that they pause for handouts at the same feeding stations before nesting in the same tree of their Choice in a proceeding year. The Riddle of migration indeed it does seem like a lot of work just to raise a family. A humorous Titbit passed along to me this week tells of two Duck Hunters in a Blind on a cold morning one with a thermos of Coffee and the other a thermos of martinis. Sipping to keep warm they waited patiently for the whirr of wings. Suddenly one Lone Duck appeared overhead and the Coffee Drinker scored a Complete miss. The Martini Drinker casually raised his gun fired and brought Down the Duck. The Coffee Drinker was Quick to Praise his companion for the Fine shot. A you must be kidding replied his drunk Friend. A with a flock like that i should brought Down at least the return of Crisp weather should stimulate lovers of the out of doors to shoulder a scatter gun and seek out Small game for a for a mixed bag dinner. Cool Clear Days will find the denizens of the Fields and Woods out most of the Daylight hours affording a Good Opportunity for the Hunter to provide a Welcome change of menu from a store Boughten meat. I have always been a firm believer that no Hunter should bag any game that he does not intend to utilize to the fullest. If you done to happen to care for some particular species done to shoot it. If a neighbor will make Good use of the meat and will Welcome a gift of a Brace of Birds rabbits or Squirrel then bring it in and deliver it to his door Field dressed. Monday night the Bennington Rod and gun club will be meeting at the clubhouse in Shaftsbury and As usual the Welcome mat is out for All who Are interested in fur fish and game. These Days Lindsay a Campaign by John Chamberlain new York. The off year elections that Are just coming up Are hardly numerous enough to provide a Good line on future National trends. But the new York City municipal election will be eagerly scanned by republicans everywhere for clues to their own rather Cloudy futures. If the Republican Liberal candidate for mayor John Lindsay should come out on top by the end of the Days balloting it will provide a Field Day for the pundits. Party workers across the nation Are already talking of Lindsay As one of four Likely candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968, the others being Richard Nixon textbook distorts history the current sleight of hand is also an illustration of How much More sophisticated the Industry has become. The anti monopoly investigation into administered Auto prices developed in 1956 when Ford announced an average increase of 2.9 per cent for 1957 models. Two weeks later pm came along and announced Chevrolet prices were up 6.1 per cent. A sardonic witness at the hearings was Walter Reuther head of the United Auto workers Union who said a now Ford was supposed to have established their prices based on Cost figures. But what happened As soon As general motors announced higher prices Ford revised their prices upward in line with pm. This is the first time in the history to the editor of the Banner my fellow veterans of world War ii might be interested to know that according to a recently published High school textbook we did not serve in the american armed forces or even with the allies this textbook published by Prentice Hall inc., is a your nation from its creation a by Nathaniel Platt and Muriel Jean Drummond. In discussing the campaigns of the War the authors use such headings As. A the United nations suffer terrible losses in the Battle of the All references to american and British fighting men Are omitted in favor of the term a United nations this Book has the Blessing of the Federal office of education and is among the Many now being foisted off on local and state school boards under the terms of the new Federal Ald to education act. As one government official stated in a recent memo a we should conduct a systematic Effort to Contact All publishers and school boards to encourage the publication and adoption of text books conforming to established who establishes these standards and How successful is the drive Robert Boyd of the Detroit free press reported in his column a federally financed researchers have developed whole new courses of study a textbooks education films and teaching guides. Federal funds Are being used to spread these new curricula through the Public school system with surprising swiftness a the warning of rep. Robert Michel fv-ill., that a the department of education is sur re piously trying to strike Down local state control of education through regional education laboratories Model demonstration centers and Federal testing a takes on an ominous meaning when placed in context with the recent statement of a Federal educator that a education. Should serve the Best interests of the the question is what about the Best interests of the child and his parents not to mention historical integrity. Claude Brown Ripton. Of new York George Romney of Michigan and Ronald Reagan of California. Lindsay will do Well for himself in terms of creating visibility even of he should lose by a Small margin. The trouble with pundit Long on the basis of new York municipal returns however is that it must make allowances for All the peculiarly local circumstances. The most important consideration of All is that Lindsay has pitched his Campaign to garnering a big majority of the votes that come from a left of the he has consistently downgraded republicanism As such keeping mention of the party out of his speeches and literature. The Lindsay cracks about the conservative party candidate William Buckley As being the representative of a Goldwater ism a or the a Radical right a express a fundamental contempt for Many of the 800,000 new yorkers who stuck by Barry Coldwater a year ago. The Lindsay strategy has been to lure the Liberal democrats into his own Camp while at the same time provoking conservative Catholic democrats into voting for Catholic Buckley instead of for the democratic party a own Abe Beame. On balance this could leave Beame limping. If Lindsay is successful in pulling this off it wont matter too much if the hard Core Goldwa Terles do desert the Republican Banner. A Lindsay Victory achieved by such a machiavellian strategy however would require some most dishonest Pund iting in order to transform it into a Republican Success. For republicans nationally cannot Hope to win by being a left of the there is ballot Box Hope in a moderation a yes. But a a moderation does not consist in appealing to a a liberals alone and forcing Republican conservatives into third party channels. A of properly Analysed a Lindsay win or near win could help George Romney of Michigan More than anyone else. For Romney has some of Lindsay a Appeal without his drawbacks. While he is an Independent of sorts he is not wholly contemptuous of the Reb Pullman Label. His enemies like to paint him As a loner but he has the Luck to come from the wide Middle West which would take a Home grown loner far More quickly than it would take a Maverick from new York. Romney a attempt to persuade the Republican convention of 1964 to repudiate a a extremists was couched in mollify ing language which set it apart from the More per fervid declarations of Nelson Rockefeller and Scranton. And in economic matters Romney is a True a free enter Riser where Lindsay is definitely not. To the extent that a Good Lindsay performance in new York can influence the Republican party nationally a Ronald Reagan stands to lose even As a Romney stands to gain. But it is really stretching things to think that a new York City election can affect Reagan a chances to become governor of California in 1966. And if Ronald Reagan could win in California his influence in a Republican National convention would at least cancel Lindsay a out. A Vethe fourth Republican presidential Hope Richard Nixon has been endearing himself to Republican regulars by campaigning for local candidates in the Virginia and new Jersey state elections and for Joseph Elnhorn a Pertina Cious fellow who is trying to unseat Siv term democratic mayor Dick Lee in new Haven Conn. The Prospect of a Republican revival in new Haven was enough to scare the democrats into sending vice president Humphrey and sen. Bobby Kennedy into the place to balance Nixon which was surely a compliment both to Nixon and to Einhorn a chances. And of the Republican candidate for governor in new Jersey Wayne Dumont succeeds in winning Nixon will be in a position to Point to the effectiveness at his own slashing attacks on democratic gov. Hughes for supporting the a free speech of a Rutgers University professor who wants the reds to win in Viet Nam

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