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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Woman a world just poking around Bennington Banner saturday october 30, 1965-3 struggling with ancient history by Agnes Rockwood John f. Sullivan of 154 deep Woods drive Longmeadow mass., certified Public accountant and partner with Lybrand Ross Bros and Montgomery of Springfield mass., who is Well Dary school who consequently would ordinarily be denied act Mission. The new Cookbook a the Vermont year round Cookbook written by Louise Andrews Kent of Calais whose mrs. Apple High on the hog in some Days it just. Does no to pay to crawl out of the sack. To wit the following conversation which occurred in our household at something before eight in the morning eight year old a what was life like when you were a kid a aged Mother a what do you mean when i was a kid a a when you were eight years old a ooh Well it Wasny to so much different from a mom it must have been. That was More than Twenty years ago you know. We must have made some Progress since a of As sure As in a sitting Over this old Royal portable that san exact transcription. Now in a not at my Best during that morning rat race known As getting rid of everybody that you can so that you can forget it Ever happened have a cup of Coffee and Start All Over again. Or something to that effect. But after that Exchange i was ready to turn my furry slippers around Swap in my motherhood badge and beat a Hasty Retreat. The Only reason i did t is that i done to have any furry slippers to Retreat in the dog has claimed them As her own personal property. She attacks them and sleeps on them and drags them around to leave them where i can fail Over them anyway i regrouped As Well As i was Able in a pre Coffee fog and tried to think of a serious reply which As Best As i can recall was something like a Well for one thing we did no to have a yes i know that. We be been studying about Long ago in by Jean Wassick up is Tough enough without having to look Back and take All the bumps in the Road Over again. As for the Progress in be a Hunch that he a convinced we be come All the Way from the wheel and the lever since i was eight years old. Home demonstration notes known Here is one of four new Yar i books have intrigued Many corp orators elected at the 44th went on Sale this week in Book annual meeting of the governing stores and shops in the state Board of Western new England and throughout the country. The College. Volume is Vermont life Maga or. Sullivan earned a . Zines newest Book and contains in accounting in the class of 256 pages with 16 Page sized 1951 at northeastern University color photographs by Hanson car Springfield division. He is Prest Roll Joyce Wilson and Grant Manchester homemakers hostess fall meeting boy that kid just does no to know when to quit. And he forgets that ancient mama sees his Homework and he a been studying about the indians. There Are people who can remember every Day an act of their Chlu Hood. I m not one of them though. About All i can dredge up As third Grade memories Are the time the boy across the aisle and i played Footsie and got caught the never ending drive to sell savings Stamps and be the one that got out of school to it or the deposits and a Bette Drelic that Fyhad to Wear to dancing class a or was that fourth Grade that would hardly qualify for a rash of fond memories would it by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent nearly too women from homemaker Extension clubs attended the annual fall homemakers Council meeting held in Manchester wednesday. The women were greeted and served Coffee by it. Equinox and Maple Leaf homemaker clubs. Registration was taken care of by the Winhall homemaker group members and a miscellaneous Sale was arranged by members of the Peru homemaker Extension club members. Mrs. Helen Pearson served As hostess chairman. Mrs. Betty Kamber of Manchester president of the county homemakers Extension Council opened the formal meeting with the Flag Salute. Mrs. Mildred Hayes of Bennington Council Secretary read the report of the Spring meeting and miss Lucina Hulet of Arlington gave the treasurers report. The Council furnished favors for the state Council meeting and paid expenses of two delegates to the state meeting mrs. Kamber and mrs. Hayes. The Council also sent mrs. Arthur Pierce of North Bennington As Delegate to the National meeting in August at Purdue University. They say that you remember Only the Good things. Which is the Way it should be. Growing actress wed new York up a actress Susan Strasberg married actor Chris Jones sept. 25 in Las vegas miss Strasberg a agent announced tuesday. Shoe totes in Tweed county project leaders of Council activities outlined plans and ideas for club participation in county activities. Mrs. Helgi mets of Peru International relationship chairman reported on the Foster child project. This year the clubs sponsor two Foster children a a filipino girl of 15 and an american Indian boy from the Choctaw tribe in Mississippi. It was suggested that in addition jjffk"t6 make a to the usual activities the clubs Brown Chub study the Philippines and Choctaw tribe so As to better understand our Foster children. Mrs. F. M. Simmons of North Bennington chairman of activities in family relationships and 4-h cooperation suggested that groups continue to study preschool child problems and the grades school child and that club members use their influence in urging mothers As Well As fathers to take advantage of area meetings on these subjects. In 4-h cooperation she suggested in addition to the usual contributions to 4-h Camp on Dawa and i Fye International farm youth Exchange that homemakers help 4-h club leaders and urge them to attend training schools relating to Home economic topics. 5 mrs. Robert Jones of West Arlington safety chairman urged clubs to sponsor Rifle safety instruction for teen age boys bicycle safety and safety rules for pedestrians. She reported briefly on a West Arlington project in which More than 40 boys have received instruction in Safe gun handling. This program is being carried out cooperatively with the Arlington fish amp game and the Prana $2 $3 $5 gift dept. Main St. Entrance tonal Rifle association Hunter safety course. Mrs. William Damour of Bennington citizenship chairman suggested that clubs cooperate with Community anti poverty programs study what it Means to be a citizen of Vermont work on getting people out to vote. Mrs. Alice Harrington of Bennington presented the report to the group. Tour chairman mrs. Evelyn Jones of Dorset reported on the two county bus Tours one in july to Cathedral of the Pines and the fall foliage tour to Plymouth and St. Johnsbury held oct. 5. Creative activities chairman mrs. Walthrude Pierce of North Bennington reported on the Fine program conducted at Day Camp last june. Sixty five women attended. Next years Day Camp will be held june 13. Mrs. Helen Pearson of Manchester county health chairman reported that thru diabetic tests conducted last year we were Able to assist the Putnam memorial Hospital in obtaining new equipment. She urged the women to continue to work with health clinics and especially this year to continue studying medicare. She reminded the women of the mental health program to be held nov. 8 in North Bennington and nov. 9 in Manchester a a dealing with tensions in a modern world a and urged their attendance. An International luncheon in Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the United nations was conducted by the hostess groups under the leadership of mrs. Helgi mets International relationships chairman. George Heaslip of Manchester first speaker on the afternoon program talked on a reapportionment of the legislature and answered questions. He was introduced byc mrs. Malcolm Clough of Dorset vice president of the Council. Mrs. Arthur Pierce then gave her report on the National meeting at Purdue which dealt with the a a homemakers role in Community in her report. Mrs. Pierce emphasized a i. The importance of the Community and the family As an important social unit of modern living 2. Direction of Community life has been changed and is not contained within the same boundaries 3. Transportation and communications have broadened the Home and Community 4. Growth of state and Federal services influences Community and Home life 5. Families have wider contacts outside their Homes which affect family living patterns. Dent of the civitan club of Springfield served for six years As treasurer of the Springfield country club is chairman of the breakfast club of the joint civic agencies past treasurer of the Springfield chamber of Commerce and past advisor to the High school of Commerce. During world War ii As a first lieutenant he served As a navigator with the 8th air Force completing 31 combat missions. He was awarded the air medal with clusters and the distinguished flying Cross. President Beaumont a. Herman reported to the corp orators that in june he had completed to years of service to the College and his annual report was in the form of a 10-year summary. He traced the College growth from a Small evening College in the Myca in 1955 to a Complex organization with its own Campus and six buildings. A of Nestor a Nicholas son of or. And mrs. Michael Nicholas of colonial Village Williamstown mass., has passed his state bar examinations the Massachusetts Board of Par examiners has announced. The Nicholas family is formerly of Bennington the senior Nicholas having operated a restaurant in the business Section and now operates the to conic Park restaurant in Williamstown. Young Nicholas received his Law degree from Cornell University Law school in june 1964. He was graduated from Brown University in 1961 and attended Williamstown High school and Williston Academy before entering Brown. In College he was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity and served As its treasurer. He also was a member of the classics club and yacht club and manager for Liber yearbook of his class. A new French musical in English a la Grosse Valise a the big trunk will arrive in Boston sunday for a three week engagement beginning nov. To at the Shubert theatre. Following its Stop in Boston the musical will continue to new York for a planned run at the fifty fourth Street theatre beginning dec. 6. The town players of Pittsfield mass. For its production of a a far country received one of the honorable mention citations at the 14th annual convention of the new England theatre conference in Boston last weekend. Accepting the award for the group was John Hughes of Dedham mass. A colleges and specialized schools a Porter Sargent a new guide to higher education published last december reveals that Williams College a leading new England College with highly rigorous academic standards recently began its a Rio per cent admission plan. The purpose of the program is to discover youths whose High potential was hidden during secon Hellman. A of an Art Talent contest for High school seniors will again. Be sponsored by the Vermont federation of women a clubs with the state Winner competing for one of three National scholarships offered by hallmark cards mrs. Max Barrows of Montpelier state Art chairman of the general federation of women a clubs has announced. Mrs. Barrows pointed out that students throughout the state Are eligible to enter. Only senior High Academy and private school students who will graduate in 1966 Are eligible to enter. Students interested should enter the contest through an affiliated club in their Hometown or school districts by contacting a High school Art teacher or the Art chairman of a local Federated women a club. If this is impossible entries will be accepted by state officials. Entry Blanks and other information May be obtained by writing to mrs. Barrows at 16 Mountain View Montpelier. A jury of Art teachers museum directors and Art critics will select a winning painting for the state to submit to the National Competition. First second and third place winners in the National contest will receive $1,000, $750 and $600 scholarships from hallmark cards. Four alternate winners will also be selected. In the event any of the top three winners can a not take advantage of their scholarships the alternates in turn become eligible. The scholarships Are for tuition and fees at an accredited Art school or University selected by the winning student. The contest has been sponsored by the federation and hallmark has awarded the scholarships since 1953. The association of secondary school principals has placed the Competition on its approved list for 1965-66. On a trip Cologne makes a Good emergency spot remover says an american Oil women a representative. A be sure its Cologne though not perfume a she says. A perfume has Oil in it that can make a stain worse. Apply the Cologne As you would spot remover let it dry Ana finish the Job later with the real things or a Quick Stop at a do it yourself dry cleaning by Faith prior Ulm family economist Isnit it Nice to be Able to buy a roast loin of pork without mortgaging the children one lady called a while Back to see of i do something about the astronomical Price of Bacon. I could to when i complained at the Price of breakfast Bacon the Man behind the meat counter had suggested that i Experiment with the canned variety. We found that we like not Only the flavor but Al so the fact that it did no to sizzle away to nothing in the cooking. But canned hams can be a pig of a different color. A recent conversation with some Young mothers managing their families on financial resources geared to the Bare minimum reveals that a great favorite on their shopping lists is canned hams a because there is no just a couple of months ago consumer bulletin the publication of consumer a research reported on the amount of waste encountered. One Ham As weighing labelled As juices. Tested was marked to pounds and was a packed with natural Gelatin added. A Christmas in october by Carlo Wolter if it weren to for the Calendar we know which comes first halloween thanksgiving or Christmas. Artificial Christmas Trees glittering ornaments and thanksgiving decorations Are already displayed in some stores even though we Haven to had halloween yet. While horribly distorted face masks stare at you from one counter fat red Santa clauses and White Angels smile at you from another. A us carrying Home a Gaudy tinsel Christmas tree in mid october is like climbing a Mountain on skiis in july. Not so Long ago merchants tackled the holidays As they came a one at the time a without distracting one from another. Witches on brooms Hump backed Black cats rattling skeletons grotesque scarecrows grinning goblins yellow pumpkins and bundled Corr husks were the chief characters of halloween. People enjoyed apples and cider and masquerade parties and Little ghosts played harmless pranks on their friends. Not until the last halloween Gadget was packed away did thanksgiving articles appear on store counters to draw the customers full attention. After All How much time does it take to shop for thanksgiving decorations even the customary Turkey can be acquired nowadays in record time. So Why distract ones mind from the Joys of halloween to Center on the cooking chores of thanksgiving four weeks away mixing the special attractions of three different events in one display of distracting commercial goulash does no to seem at All Sale inspiring. On the contrary. Looking at Christmas tinsel from october to mid december will make one want to leave last years Box of tree trimmings hidden under the eaves rather than digging it out to see what has to be replaced. A few years ago stores brought out their tinsel and glitter and fancy boxed doodads after thanksgiving. In the old Days i my Booklet suggests a do it yourself gifts Burlington a Are you a Christmas rip Van Winkle or would you rather get ready ahead of time then now a your Chance to Send for the new Booklet a gifts you can make a fresh area school lunches la. Lamb legs Boneless Choice homemade sausage walkers 73 79 69 food Market chs monday a no school. Tuesday a meat loaf Catsup italian bread and butter cabbage salad Rice with Chicken Broth Apple sauce milk. Wednesday a Spanish Rice with meat and tomatoes peas Roll and butter mixed fruit milk. Thursday a baked Beans with Ham pickles spinach bread and butter peach cookie milk. Friday a tuna salad on Roll piece cheese buttered carrots cake with Cherry sauce milk. Pownal monday a Sloppy Joes on buns Orange juice chocolate cake with icing. Tuesday a Chicken Noodle soup with crackers egg salad Sandwich Carrot Sticks Pine Apple slices. Wednesday a Spaghetti with meat sauce baking powder biscuits with butter Strawberry jello. Thursday a baked Beans with hot dogs Ketchup Boston Brown bread with butter Wax Beans Apricot halves. Friday a baked Macaroni and cheese school made wheat Rolls with butter mixed vegetables fruit cup. Milk is served with All meals. Molly Stark monday a Ravioli with Hamburg Corn Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches pears milk. Tuesday a oven Fried Chicken Sweet potatoes peas jello with Topping Rolls milk. Wednesday a baked Beans cabbage salad mixed fruits school made whole wheat Rolls milk. Thursday a american goulash diced carrots applesauce Vienna bread milk. Friday a baked fish portions mashed potatoes Harvard beets brownies Rolls milk. Arlington Mondau a Spanish and Jam Rice Peanut butter and Jam sandwiches Green Beans apricots milk. Tuesday a hot dog on Roll Mustard and relish Carrot Sticks spinach Cherry tapioca milk. Wednesday a hot Turkey Sandwich cabbage salad peaches milk. Thursday a Spaghetti and meat sauce cheese wedges French bread and butter Apple Crisp milk. Friday a Clam chowder crackers tuna and celery sandwiches peas Grapefruit Orange milk. North Bennington monday a hot dog and Rolls buttered Green Beans chocolate pudding with Topping milk. Tuesday a Spaghetti with meat sauce italian bread and butter Corn Pear half milk. Wednesday a roast beef mashed potatoes and Gravy peas Rolls and butter fruit jello with Topping milk. Thursday a baked Beans Corn bread and butter stewed tomatoes Apple sauce and Brownie milk. Friday a oven toasted cheese Sandwich vegetable soup and crackers shredded lettuce with dressing Rice and Raisin pudding milk. Red Brick monday a Tomato soup Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches cube of cheese Carrot and celery Sticks Cherry Cobbler. Milk. Tuesday a Tomato juice meat loaf mashed potatoes carrots bread and fritter pears milk. Wednesday Chicken with Gravy on biscuits buttered peas bread and butter Grapefruit sections milk. Thursday a scrambled eggs baked potatoes stewed to motors hot muffins butter plums milk. Friday a Rice cheese casserole tossed salad bread and butter chocolate pudding milk. $50,000 needed for recreation Montpelier up a atty. Gen. J olm p. Connarn has ruled that part of Vermont a outdoor recreation Money can be used for administration and planning. The ruling has aided the Fis and game department which says it needs $50,000 to get its Bureau of outdoor recreation programs off the ground. The inter Agency committee on natural resources has a $500,000 Bond Issue for outdoor recreation programs and the ruling allows part of the Money to be used for administration and planning. Off the presses at the University of Vermont Extension service. In this 32-Page illustrated Booklet you will find All kinds of ideas for Christmas. Some will take a Good bit of time to make but others can be done quickly. Many would make Good family projects especially the Holiday decorations. There Are five sections gifts for children useful gifts quickie gifts decorations and from your Kitchen. The latter includes More than 20 recipes. Homemade gifts which Are often less expensive can have far More meaning and give greater pleasure. Did you Ever think of making a counting or Story Board with Felt or fabric stick on for example or a floor game cloth every Vermont Couch could use a Glamor throw one and a half Yards of synthetic fur fabric lined with China silk. Decoration ideas Range from Corn Husk Angels to tissue paper wreaths. Complete directions Are Given. If you would like a copy Send 25 cents to publications mor Ril Hall University of Vermont Burlington and ask for the a a gift Booklet dr-100. Good living Folsom Calif. Up a the state prison newspaper this week queried convicts on what they would do when released and it received this reply from one prisoner a a in a like to fro Back to the old Way of life. Get healthy and fat raise a Bunch of kids owe everybody and pay Sadk r a a How you save during our 48th anniversary Sale. Furniture co. Open Friday evenings 519-525-529 main St. Phone 442-5340 Bennington Christmas had enough Appeal commercial and otherwise without brainwashing in october. There is plenty of time after thanksgiving to do All the necessary Christmas shopping from stores pleasantly arranged and filled with timely Christmas music. Many people buy Christmas presents All the year a round whenever they come across an item which seems just right for a loved one. But premature displays of Christmas wares done to necessarily entice increased sales and overlapping with other events certainly spoils the individual meaning of each. Handling each Holiday separately serves shoppers to get into the spirit of each festivity. A concentrated attention on one thing at the time seems always More satisfactory than a number of unrelated distractions. So May the goblins roam this halloween without interference from Miles Standish and Pricilla turkeys Christmas Angels Santa Claus and Beelzebub. The Gross weight of the contents of the can was certainly to pounds As promised. But the contents included a thick plastic film bag and juice in Gelatin weighing in at 9.3 ounces. The edible Ham itself weighed a bit under nine pounds a or a shortage of about to per cent below what the consumer would expect he was buying. In another instance fat and Gelatin accounted for a waste of i Pound 9 ounces on a 9-Pound Ham a equivalent to a loss of $1.20 at the per Pound Cost of the contents As indicated on the Label. Does no to the Label provide the necessary information strangely enough it does not. The government s meat inspection division permits the Packer to show the total weight of contents without distinguishing the weight of the meat from that of other substances of lower value juices Gelatin Salt sugar Etc the reason cited is that it would be impracticable to a accurately state the weight of the cooked Ham exclusive of the juices in the to the mind of most people it would be no More impracticable to require a reasonably approximate statement of the usable weight of meat than to require a statement of the a net drained weight of certain other foods. Brine packed mussels for example of you re in the mood for a alive alive a hams studied by consumer a research showed effective net Price per Pound of usable meat to be increased by As much As 43 per cent due to the presence of Gelatin and fat. They speeding vip new Brunswick . Up a state police for the sixth time since april monday ordered a Diplomat off the new Jersey Turnpike for speeding. Troopers escorted had Amer Ebrahimi a commercial councilor for the iranian embassy off the superhighway after they caught him travelling 73 Miles an hour in a 60-mlle-an hour zone. Suggest that regular users of canned hams Check net weight. If it is very much off from the weight shown on the Label a report should be made to the meat inspection division department of agriculture 7th and d streets Gas building Southwest Washington d.c., 20250. Let the state division of weights and measures know too. And done to forget that canned hams Over two pounds in weight should be stored under refrigeration. Nag your Friendly neighbourhood meat manager if he forgets. Salem s Marke Market 831 main St sanity of mexican swivel Rocker full banking service a Man needs full service banking when he has the responsibility of a Home car and family. Get full service at the Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows Falls Chester Brattleboro Rutland Bennington Manchester member Federal Deposit insurance cooperation routes 2 and 7 Williamstown mass. Good cheer Good food visit the longhorn room Steak or roast beef with salad potato garlic bread $2.95_ a you la never have it a St Boody for a so Little open 7 Days a week now receiving Holiday party reservations

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