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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Fair and warmer some cloudiness in Northern sections otherwise fair and warmer. Mars and Venus visible in Early evening Jupiter and Saturn visible later and Ikeya Seki Comet in Eastern sky about hour before Dawn Low on Southeastern horizon. Sun rises 6 30 ., sets 4 42 . Sunday. Bennington o a1 Bennington Vermont saturday october 30, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,903 to cents Katzenbach in underground test settlement reached a a a wildcats walkout at the Eagle Square mfg. Co. In Shaftsbury ended late Friday afternoon when striking Union members voted acceptance of a company proposal giving greater recognition to seniority As a Factor in the filling of Job vacancies. Pictured Here is local 645 of the upholsterers International Union uil1 during its meeting Friday afternoon at the Shaftsbury fire House when it worked out a demand which it then presented to the company. At left is Edward c. Rice president of the local and at his right Clarence b. Ewins Usu business representative for Southern Vermont and new Hampshire. Hagerman Eagle Square strike Over seniority rights defined Shaftsbury production at the Eagle Square mfg. Co. Began moving Back to Normal Friday night following settlement of a dispute that had led the Large majority of the workers Union membership to go out Ona a Wildcat Quot strike thursday morning. The ice was broken about 6 . When the Union membership overwhelmingly voted to accept a proposal made by the company giving key recognition to seniority in the filling of production Job vacancies. It was the Issue of seniority which had touched off the strike. Management a proposition was in the words of one Union official �?o99 per cent Quot of what the striking workers had sought and in the View of another was actually somewhat better than the proposal which the Union membership at a meeting during the afternoon had directed its negotiating committee to seek. Originally the company had said it considered the strike to be in violation of the contract which it has with the Union local 645 of the upholsterers International Union us and that for this reason it would not discuss the seniority Issue until the Idle workers went Back to their jobs. The striking group which represented about 85 per cent of the Union membership and company production workforce in response had said it wanted to talk before it went Back to work. The company thus appeared to have Given ground when it agreed late Friday afternoon to meet with the Union s negotiating committee and discuss the new contract provision which the Union membership had indicated it wanted to obtain. The company a counteroffer which differed from the Union s primarily in its greater spelling out of the procedure to be followed in the filling of Job vacancies was promptly accepted by the striking Union membership Union officials then reported that some workers on the regular night shift were expected to be Back at work Friday night and a number More on the Day shift to return to their jobs today. Under the personnel policy spelled out by the company just prior to the strike where two or More applicants for a particular vacancy were considered by the company to have essentially equal qualifications for the Job then the Man with the longer company service would be Given the Job. Under the company a new proposal accepted by the Union seniority will now be Given greater recognition and the Union itself will be More directly involved in the selection of applicants for Job vacancies. Basically the new procedure to be used is the following the company will make the initial selection of an applicant for an open Job a notice of which vacancy will have been previously posted. If this Man is of Junior seniority rank compared to the other applicants manage ment will then meet with a previously established special Union committee and will explain the reasons for selecting the Junior Man. If the Union has no grievance then the selected Man will simply be notified that he has the new Job. If however the Union committee disagrees on the com see strike Page 2, col. 6 sends More examiners Washington up a atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach Friday dispatched Federal voting examiners to help Register negroes in 12 counties in Mississippi Alabama South Carolina and Louisiana. They were expected to Start listing voters Early next week. In his stiffest action under the new voting rights act Katzenbach also demanded a speedup in registration to get new voters qualified before state elections next Spring and summer. Friday s action listed counties in South Carolina for the first time. And altogether it was the largest number of counties designated by Katzenbach at one time since the act was signed into Law by president Johnson. He named six counties in Mississippi Jefferson Neshoba Hinds de Soto Holmes and Walthall. The Alabama counties re a Tauga Elmore and Greene. The two counties in South Carolina a Clarendon and Dorchester a were the first to be designated in that state. The attorney general also named West Feliciana Paris county in Louisiana. Fridays action followed widespread criticism of Katzenbach by civil rights groups who said he was not moving fast enough to implement the voting rights act passed last summer. He previously designated 20 counties �?9 in Mississippi 7 in Alabama and 4 in Louisiana a for assignment of Federal examiners. The Justice department said Katzenbach took Friday s action because local registrars in each of the 12 additional counties either were still using unlawful literacy tests As a voter qualification or were causing unreasonable delay in processing applicants. 80-Kiloton bomb exploded by . Amchitka Island Alaska up a the United states exploded an 80-Kiloton Hydrogen bomb planted 2,300 feet deep in this Little Aleutian Island Friday in an Experiment expected to produce important data in the monitoring of future bans against nuclear testing. The Experiment called project Long shot required two years of preparation at a Cost of $10 million and 211 stations throughout the world were geared to record the blasts Shock Waves. The readings were expected to enable scientists to distinguish Between Man made explosions and natural seismic disturbances occurring underground. Members of the atomic support Agency of the defense department stationed four Miles from ground Zero the spot directly above the explosion reported they Felt a one second Shock about two seconds dual Blastoff being readied . Governors win at Golf Courtesy of japanese hosts Unzen Japan up a ten visiting american state governors assisted by Liberal hand Luci seeks fathers consent for marriage Johnson City Tex. Up a close friends of Luci Baines Johnson said Friday night the presidents younger daughter was on her Way Home to try to gain her fathers consent to wed her Waukegan 111., Boyfriend Pat Nugent. A longtime Austin Tex., Friend of the Johnson family said Luci 18, and Nugent were on their Way from Washington together and hoped to announce marriage plans wednesday. The family Friend said the president and his wife lady Bird knew of their daughters wishes to be married and that mrs. Johnson consent. Had Given her the Texas White House said a plane bearing Luci was on its Way to the lbs ranch but would not confirm where it would land. In Waukegan Nugentq a parents expressed Surprise at the news. A i know nothing about it Quot Nugentq a father said. A i Haven to heard a thing about the elder Nugent an investment broker said his son was in Washington and that he had not told his parents of any engagement plans. Council action opens Way for single Christian Bible Vatican City up a the ecumenical Council gave near unanimous final approval Friday to a major decree which opens a new role for scripture in the Catholic Church and paves the Way for christians at Long last to unite behind a common Bible. The key vote on the Issue which first split the Assembly into conservative and Liberal Camps at the opening session in 1962, was 2,081 in favor to Only 27 against. The document dealing with the sources of revelation was the sixth to be completed at this session. It treats one of the most sensitive issues in christianity a the question of How the truth of divine revelation reaches the Church. . Council a peritus Quot expert father Barnabus Ahearn a passion St father from Louisville ky., and an editor of a the Bible today Quot said the final Forward looking version of the decree Laid a a Basic common meeting ground Quot for catholics and protestants and to discuss their divergences. It is of vital importance to the promotion of scripture study in the Catholic Church father Ahearn said and a gives an open sesame to what is Best in modern scriptural scholarship whether it originated inside or outside the the welding together of a consensus Between conservative and Liberal Bishops on the decree marked a highwater Point in Pope Paul i s efforts to overcome deeply embedded oppositions at the Council. Liberals attacked the original version of the decree in 1962 As a professorial Quot and a a juridical Quot and As constituting a threat to the outcome of the historic Assembly on All other matters. The late Pope John Xxiii withdrew it from debate and demanded a Compromise be drafted. As Ermen Egildo Cardinal Florit told the Assembly Friday in his final report on the decree the Compromise formula affirms a that scripture and tradition Are to be accepted and venerated with equal love and this represented an enormous Advance Over the first version which reaffirmed a defensive Catholic View a a product of the counter reformation a that Catholic tradition held Fuller truths than scripture. Protestants divided from the Church in the 16th Century on this Issue rejecting much of Catholic tradition and turning to the Bible As a the True the decree also touches on one of the most profound problems in the Church How it May change while preserving the a Deposit of truth Quot intact. Cardinal Florit noted a the Progress which must be admitted in tradition is the internal Progress proper to every living reality and which while not changing substance of the thing in Progress nevertheless perfects Caps and traditional Eastern politeness carried off All the honors Friday in a nine Hole Golf match with their japanese counterparts. The governors Are on a one week tour of Japan s southernmost Island of Kyushu As part of a two week Goodwill visit to Japan. Gov. George Romney of Michigan won the first prize trophy with a net score of 36 after taking a six stroke Handicap for the nine holes. Gov. Tim Babcock of Montana whose nine Hole Handicap was 14, took second with a net 37. Then came gov. Carl e. Sanders of Georgia with a net 39 on a Handicap of two. He had the lowest Gross. Gov. Philip h. Hoff of Vermont was fourth with 41. Gov. Henry Bell Mon of Oklahoma who said he had a played at Quot Golf once since becoming governor and perhaps half a dozen times in All shot a net of 41 for fifth. Bell Mon gov. Harold e. Hughes of Iowa and gov. John h. Chafee of Rhode Island All had pleaded for 50 stroke handicaps but were limited to two strokes a Hole along with gov. John h. Reed of Maine and gov. Clifford p. Hansen of Wyoming. Bellmon a Southpaw hit All his drives with a number 4 Iron because no left handed Drivers were available. A i m not complaining Quot Bellmon said a i m doing better with this than i Ever did with a gov. Hughes who said he had never played before was a surprising a mostly his sixth with a net 43. One one Hole Hughes hit four balls into the Pine Trees that line the course and saw a Bird Fly off with a fifth drive. He on the inside Carlo Wolfer writes of Christmas in october a Page 3. Ancient history is a struggle for Jean Wassick a Page 3. Goblins and witches Large and Small Are ready for halloween a Page 5. Morse and Butler move into new offices a Page 7. Took 17 for the Hole. Scores for the other governors including gov. John a. Burns of Hawaii were not disclosed. The four japanese governors who played actually had a lower average total score than the americans and probably should have taken a few trophies. But japanese politeness prevailed. A notice on the scoreboard said simply a first second and third awards will be for the . Cape Kennedy up keyed up Roc Emmen assembled the gemini 7 space machine Friday to kick off an All out Effort to have four american astronauts rendezvous in space before Christmas. The powerful Titan 2 rocket that will head the twin launch space spectacular began to take shape before Daybreak. By midday it was ready to receive the capsule designed to keep gemini 7 astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell aloft for 14 Days. The gemini 6 Pursuit ship that will be piloted by astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford was resting in a bonded storage a several Miles from the launch pad awaiting its Cue in the fantastic plot to give the United states another Victory in space. Project officials were wasting no time in preparing for the dual Blastoff. Within hours after plans for the formation flight of two manned gemini capsules were formulated technicians were Busy at work on the launch pad. Working around the clock rocket and spacecraft Crews dismantled the gemini 6 ship that was stranded by mondays Agena rendezvous rocket failure torte Down its two stage Booster and went to work on the gemini 7 rocket. The first stage was raised during the night and its second stage was mated Early Friday. By noon the Way had been cleared for the heavily loaded gemini 7 spacecraft. If the ambitious plan is successful Borman and Lovell will be launched first on a 14-Day, 209-orbit endurance flight. The White House said thursday the launch could come in december or january. Informed sources said the target Date is dec. 8. Once gemini 7 is up and in the proper orbit the gemini 6 Booster and spaceship will hurriedly be mounted Back on the launch pad. Engineers will work on 24 a hour a Day schedules putting the system through final tests in an Effort to launch Schirra and Stafford before Borman and Lovell come Down. If All goes without a hitch gemini 6 will be launched within to Days of the gemini 7 Blastoff. Then the gemini 6 pilots will guide their capsule through an intricate series of Orbital Maneu vers and hopefully catch up with the gemini 7 Craft about five hours and 35 minutes after launch. The daring plan Calls for the two spaceships to come within several feet of each other As they zip around the Globe at 17,500 Miles per hour. Although they will not touch the feat would be a key step in americans plan to land men on the Moon in 1969. Spring ahead fall Back tonight we regain the hour lost last Spring when clocks were set ahead an hour to Start Daylight saving time for the summer months. At 2 Tomorrow morning clocks Are turned Back to i ., but to be sure of not arriving at the Church ahead of time sunday they had better be set Back at bedtime. After detonation. They reported ground motion was limited to about one Inch. Radiation instruments in the immediate area showed no change in readings after the blast indicating no leakage from the blast to the surface. At Adak about 200 Miles East of Here no Jolt was Felt. The University of California Seismograph at Berkeley recorded the blast with a magnitude of 5.5 on the Richter scale less than eight minutes after detonation at 5 . Edt. Or. Cinna Lumnitz of the University a seismology Laboratory said a it was pretty much like an earthquake Quot but he would not comment on the similarity Between the blasts Shock Waves and those of an earthquake. The Seismograph at the University of Washington in Seattle about 2,000 Miles from the explosion did not get a Reading because Stormy weather masked the seismic effect. Of Long shot. The Long shot device packed four times the Wallop of either of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to end world War ii. Lbs slowly regaining strength Johnson City Tex. Up president Johnson is a slowly regaining his strength a after Gall bladder surgery press Secretary Bill Moyers said Friday. He said the president is following doctors orders by exercising and relaxing. A the is taking care of the necessary decisions and functions of the office and is i think coming along As the doctors want him to Quot Moyers told newsmen. The chief executive has been recuperating at the lbs ranch and has been taking it easy. He spent the morning at his desk after wakening at 6 A when i saw him last night he was looking Good in my opinion Quot Moyers said. Wearing casual ranch clothes the president has been taking Early morning walks along the dirt roads circling the ranch. He also has been driving around the Countryside occasionally. Harvest Home in the words of James Whitcomb Riley a the Frost is on the Punkin and its time for Harvest Home the old festival denoting the end of the growing season and the Start of Winter when Man like some of the animals has stashed away provender for the cold weather ahead. Emil Grimm

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