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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner saturday october 23, 1965 Rod and gun the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials open season on Viet Cong a letter in thursdays new York times complains that news reports from Viet Nam list Viet Cong casualties As though they were a a human Clay pigeons shot Down in a shooting match or animals bagged during a recent Hunting season. This is quite True. The newspaper accounts invariably end by commenting that 289 or so Viet Cong bodies were found after the Battle in such and such a place and 93 were counted in some other place. The stories read exactly like the fish and game department reports that list the Deer kill according to counties. A few Days after an american military unit arrives in Viet Nam we read that such and such a regiment reported its first the whole expedition sounds like a Hunting trip to Alaska. Likewise after trouble in Africa the reports inform us with All the warmth and humanity of statistical tables from the stockyards that so and so Many natives have been slaughtered. A single White Many a death by comparison grabs the headlines and evokes horrified cries of a uncivilized a editors building and decorating a new Branch of the first National Bank of North Bennington is similar to building a medieval Cathedral the artisans come from Miles around and each works at his separate skill until the Structure is finished. Some of the great cathedrals of Europe were started 700 or 800 years ago and descendants of the original artisans were still carving gargoyles and altar screens several centuries later. Fortunately the Bank a new Branch in Manchester went up much faster even though to maims Luksus Bennington fabric designer was still at work this week touching up his mural that extends across the South facade. The building will Tell future generations a great Deal about the Type of work vermonters were doing in 1965 and about their taste. David Gil of the Bennington potters who also had a hand in redecorating the Bank a Headquarters in North Bennington was consultant for material furniture and color Luksus handled exterior and Interior decoration Simon Watts of Putney made individual customers desks and Ellwood Allen of Bennington is looking after the landscaping. The decision of Yale University officials to ban three Connecticut College girls from leading cheers at Yale football games is completely inconsistent with the age of equal Opportunity in which we live. The girls whose picture appeared in fridays Banner should have the same Chance to Lead cheers comment the Maples new York times without the Naples the Eastern half of the United states would be a land lacking a dimension. The Oaks the ashes the poplars the promiscuous Willows and the eternal conifers would give it character and color but a Richness a vigorous strength that can be Sweet As syrup Sharp As Tannin vivid As Gold and rubies would be missing. The Only Way we can be sure that we Are fighting human beings in Viet Nam and not just game animals with disagreeable political beliefs is to note that we treat the Viet Cong much worse than we treat animals. Whereas we shoot Deer and game Birds Only during certain seasons there is always an open season on Viet Cong. We go to great lengths to avoid shooting a female Deer but drop bombs on vietnamese villages in which women and children As Well As the enemy reside. And though we make inhuman efforts to preserve the nesting places of pheasants we Burn Down the huts of the peasants. War is never an exercise in humanitarianism but it seems that we should at least acknowledge that a Viet Cong our enemy while alive is in death a dead human being. Could enemy casualties not be described As heavy moderate or Light just As our own Are at the end of each week the total number of dead on both sides could be released for Public edification. As their Yale counterparts. And anyway a Little femininity might Pep up some of those autumn afternoons in the Yale bowl which according to what we read on the sports Page Are pretty dreary this season. Speaking of equal opportunities we notice that local anti poverty forces Are moving ahead rapidly in their efforts to provide medical and dental care and assistance with school work for children from Low income families in Bennington county. The Bennington county economic Opportunity Council at its monday meeting gave its approval to an application for funds for a Community nursing program in Dorset discussed the establishment of a dental service in schools and heard a report from mrs. Gloria Gil on a proposal to offer remedial Reading classes to children from poverty stricken families. The Progress made by the local Council has been impressive especially considering the time consuming tasks of getting organized and coping with the usual government red tape. Now that John p. Riddle a longtime Myca employee and school director has been appointed county coordinator for the Council the anti poverty programs should really begin to gain momentum. Arlington a school system like most others in the area is beginning to feel the pressure of growing enrolments. A study committee is considering the addition of extra classrooms to the Fisher elementary school a necessary if expensive move. In Spring Maples Are full of tiny Bloom and hungry bees and flowing with Sweet sap. All summer they Are full of Birds and tireless leaves transmuting sunlight into sugar. Now the miraculous 4?h mistry of autumn color has turned their special sweetness into color. Hillsides glow and valleys Are afire with them the lowlands and the mountains Are glorified by them. You can to measure this special dimension nor can you adequately describe it. But without the Maples it would be missing. Fischetti Quot he a he must Home burned hts rent card by mistake Washington calling weary men and world turmoil by m Marquis Childs Washington. Not Only is president Johnson tired after his operation but his is a tired administration suffering from prolonged Battle fatigue. As one of his Field commanders put it a a think the whole High command should be the president will recuperate at his ranch spending virtually the rest of the year there which is Well and Good. And there is nothing wrong with his principal ministers that a three or four week vacation from All official duties would not remedy. But under the pressure of a perpetual crisis psychology they feel they Are chained to their desks and imprisoned in endless Squirrel Cage conferences. 0-�? for the state and defense departments and the arms control and disarmament Agency the unsolved Riddle of Germany and the authority Over nuclear weapons within the Atlantic alliances hangs in the air like a halloween spook that will not go away. The administration is deeply divided Over How to solve this Puzzle with the Dis armers who insist that a nuclear proliferation treaty should take precedence while the German watchers insist that a Way must be found first to bring Germany within the framework of nuclear defense. Compounding the division in Washington is the crack in the facade in West Germany. With the political pressures growing in Germany for big Power status in nuclear weaponry Chancellor Ludwig Erhard has been unable despite his election Vic tory to form a government. The Long delay was partly due to increasing suspicion that Washington intends to a sell Germany out for a Deal with Moscow. A of therefore when family and kind friends suggest to overworked policy makers that three or four weeks on a Beach would be a Good idea they answer yes but what about Germany and Europe and a we can t get away. We have to have an agreed policy before Chancellor Erhard comes Here Early in december and that is oily four or five weeks in the administration there is some inclination to wait and see what Erhard himself brings Over. Let him so this goes Tell us what he can get by with Short of the multilateral Force. For despite rather feeble official protests to the contrary it is now evident that this quaint and entirely unworkable gimmick is As extinct As the Dodo. Equally obvious is the disarray in the Alliance Over the German nuclear Issue. With one or two exceptions a in degree rather than in actual contradiction a the Atlantic allies give a treaty with the soviet Union to try to Check the spread of nuclear weapons priority Over a German say so in the use of nuclear weapons. This reflects the feeling of a last Chance to head off a nuclear arms race that will see eight or nine or ten nations with nuclear weapons in a few years. Outwardly Loyal to the official line this is the conviction deeply shared by americans Dis armers. A of a further complication is president Charles de Gaulle a More and More outspoken an tag for accuracy Load your own monism toward Germany. With his former partner Konrad Adenauer out of Power de Gaulle in private talks makes no secret of his contempt for Erhard As an apostle of european integration and the common Market. The Franco German treaty which was to Cement the Europe of the two and in actual fact the Europe of the one looks More and More like a Monument to the buried past just Aff stage still yearning for Power Adenauer breathes venom at Erhard and cultivates suspicion of the Johnson administration. These Are hard Tough Irre Fragalle issues and Small wonder that the men wrestling with them for so Long Are weary. But this raises the question whether tired minds under the pressure of a deadline can come up with a new response. And a corollary question is whether a waiting period May not be essential to determine just How far the germans mean to push their nuclear demand. A of the policy vacuum is almost As conspicuous in Asia in the Wake of the India Fak Stan War. The pre War strategy a positioning India against China and Pakistan against the soviet Union a is no longer valid. Urgent messages from both new Delhi and Rawalpindi ask what american policy is. Both Pakistan president Ayub Khan and Indian prime minister Lai Bahadur shastra have hinted they would like to talk with the president and an impending visit before Congress returns would mean still another deadline. Economic Ald military Ald Kashmir a these Are pieces of the tangle that must somehow be sorted out. By Roy Marsden Many in the area have watched with interest the program on Wrob to featuring gadabout Gaddis a the flying in Case you Haven to located him this season his program will appear on saturdays following or proceeding Mcaa games depending on game time. A of the Remington news letter which crosses my desk periodically has a Sheet headed a things you May not quoting from that Sheet ill pass on a few interesting jottings. The Black Bear has the Peculiar habit of treading in the same pal which becomes in time an easily recognizable Trail often leading the Bear to his destruction. The Fisher is the fastest tree travelling animal. It can overtake a red Squirrel or a Marten and can even outrun a Snowshoe Hare on the ground. The weasel possesses a healthy appetite. It will eat about one third of ifs weight in meat every 24 hours. And lastly Antelope fawns develop much faster than Deer fawns. When Only a Day or two old they can run at speeds up to 25 Miles per hour for Short distances. If you Are a hand loader recharging your own Rifle shells now is the time to be Busy at the Bench getting the a just rights Load for the coming of the big game season. If you Are an old hand at this Hobby you have developed your pet Load that will out shoot any other combination of powder and Bullet. If you Are comparatively new at the game you might be interested to know that in the 30-06 Caliper i have worked out a Load of 45 grains of no. 3031 Imp powder pushing a 165 Grain Hornaday spire Point that will far Excel for accuracy any other combination i have put together. Each specific make and Caliper of gun has a certain powder charge and Bullet that will out shoot any other and it often Means hours of interesting work to produce it. Starting with a Light Load and working up in grains or half grains of powder you will finally come up with just the right mixture. All Good books on this subject cover it much More adequately than i can and if you do not have such a Book buy one and Start testing the recommended loads and work from there. Incidentally if you done to hand Load and would like to get into the game Christmas is not too far Distant and it might pay off to begin dropping hints where they can be heard right now. That a the lighter Side How i got started and can truthfully say it was a present that has paid dividends Ever since. A tip of the old Hunting hat this week goes to Young Earl Rafus i of Wilmington for bringing in that mighty Fine Buck with his Bow and Arrow. To have the patience to wait until such a Deer is within five Yards takes More patience than i would Ever have. This is the Mark of a Good Hunter and if More of us would wait for a closer and better shot during the regular Deer season there would be More Venison on the table. I Hope the Rafus Deer being a state record for Bow Hunters can be mounted head that is so it can adorn the Rafus living room for years to come. Duck Hunters had it pretty Good on opening Day weather Wise and according to Paul Caron a Long time avid Hunter there was plenty of sport on Lake Champlain. Paul lived up to the reputation of All Good Hunters by Burking plenty of powder and he brought Home enough ducks to satisfy his wife i m sure. I have yet to come in Contact with any pheasant Hunters who have bagged any of the banded Birds that were released in the county late in the summer. In fact i Haven to found one who has brought in any pheasants. Partridge Are being taken in most spots where conditions Are conducive to propagation of this Bird. With the Ever diminishing amount of leaves still on the Trees the shooting should improve Day to Day with a resulting increase in the numbers taken. Rabbit Hunters will have their Day when the first Snow covers the higher ground and though it is warm Indian sum Mer weather As this is written most any Day now we will look to the Mountain tops and the Snow will be there. If you want to build up your Library of books on the out of doors recommended As an addition this week is Hunting the White Tail Deer by Russell Tinsley. Published by outdoor life Harper amp Row new York n.y., at $1.50, this Well illustrated volume gives comprehensive coverage to All aspects of Hunting White tails from a natural history of the animal to a Choice of equipment and the Best methods under a variety of conditions and in the animals Many habitats. New inventions indicate Patent offices influence by West Washington up a the . Patent office currently is observing its 175th anniversary. In that Span of time More than 3,200,000 better Mousetrap builders and other inventors have beaten a path to its door. It is generally agreed that Patent Protection has been a Strong stimulant for technical and scientific discovery in America. As Abraham Lincoln once said a the Patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of unfortunately however a lot of those 3,200,000 inventions Quot a Skinny Bennington freshman actress and critic prove they have flair % it s not Ohlf mum ifs him too Blom m Gams that counts by Milton r. Bass i have always known i was a gifted Man with sensitivities and insights far beyond the aspirations of Ordinary men. But even i was astounded to discover i had the Power to foretell the future that i had been blessed or cursed with the gift of second sight. A few weeks ago on one of those Ordinary Days when i did Little More than write an unusually Brilliant column save a Young woman on a runaway horse and make a killing on the Stock Market i received a strange Call from new York City. It was from a Young woman named Betty Aberlin who said i had reviewed her in a Williams College production of John Osborne a musical a the world of Paul Slicker a five years before. I told her i did no to recall reviewing the show and it must have been somebody else. A no a she said a you reviewed the show and i have the clipping right Here with your name on Well of you say so i told her it must be True. And it was very of you to and remind me of it. A wait a minute a she said. A a that a not Why i called. You said in your review that someday i would end up playing the a upstairs at the downstairs a and that a what in a doing and i would like you to come see Call Well that jogged the old memory a bit and i suddenly remembered reviewing that horrible show and that the Only bit of real Talent in it was a Skinny 17-year-old freshman from Bennington College. The digging out of the review turned up the paragraph that said a outstanding among the players is Betty Aberlin a Young lady with a multitude of talents who could end up someday a downstairs at the upstairs or upstairs at the has flair a she Well you can to afford to turn Down a girl who has flair so we journeyed to new York to see miss Betty Aberlin perform at the upstairs at the downstairs. Miss Aberlin is a Beautiful 22-year-old actress. And you can Tell from me that she is no longer a a a Skinny old thing but a 5-/oot-4 morsel with proportions of 36-22-36. She not Only has All this with her original flair but she also has Talent. She does two Solo numbers in the upstairs revue and both Are outstanding. Outstanding enough for her to be Given some meatier material in the new production at the upstairs at the end of the month. A of conversation with miss Aberlin after the show revealed that she was a ringer when she played Williams College. She started in show business at the age of la in a Phoenix theater production and after Bennington College she toured in a West Side Story a understudied Julie Newmar in a Stop the world i want to get off and had a substantial role in a cafe Clown which closed As a substantial Flop Between acting engagements Betty has read manuscripts for random House designed woodcuts and greeting cards and written innumerable Short stories and screenplays. She still works at her writing when she finishes her chores at the upstairs which Means that her working Day ends at 6 . A of we chatted about Williams College and Bennington and All the things that have happened in the past five years until finally she leaned Over and looked into my eyes intently. A you predicted my future five years ago a she said a and i wanted you to come Down Here and see me now. Tell me. What will i be doing five years from now a i closed my eyes and looked into the future. It was misty out there but it finally came through and i saw exactly what Betty Aberlin would be doing in five years. It is a frightening thing to have this Power. And one Musnit squander it on frivolities therefore i will not use the information As a gimmick to hype up this column. We swamis Are very particular about protecting our dignity and integrity. Or. Bass writes a regular column called a the Lively arts Quot for the Berkshire Eagle. Did no to pan out too Well. Lincoln a among them. In 1849, while serving As a congressman from Illinois he obtained a Patent for a a device for buying vessels Over in this Case apparently the fire of Genius was More or less nameless. At any rate Lincoln decided to stick to politics. But despite such setbacks there has been no shortage of the fuel of interest. While attending an anniversary ceremony at the Patent office i picked up the latest edition of its a official Gazette a which lists the new inventions patented each week. In the seven Day period covered by that Issue americans vast population of Patent hol Ders increased by 1,327. Robert j. Burton of Niagara Falls n.y., invented a a self rising if you drop this Straw in a soft drink bottle it automatically rises to a a beverage sipping i guess it could be described As a labor saving device. Patent no. 3,211,155 covers an a elastic Girdle with a stretchable i done to understand exactly How it works but it theoretically produces a a flattening effect on a part of the that could be a big technical advancement depending on which part it flattens. Albert m. Jongeneel of Rio Vista calif., invented a a Bathtub rest and Arthur e. New Mann Winnetka 111., invented a Bath Brush that blows bubbles when you scrub with it. Edwin p. Bounous Morganton n.c., invented a new Type of Church Pew with a cushioned seat. David Hersh Washington d.c., invented a a device for housebreaking a four legged Domestic according to the illustration in the Gazette Hershy a invention consists of a a training garment a strategically fitted. Of Hersh does no to mind i think ill keep on walking my dog

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