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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Woman s world just poking around Bennington Banner saturday october 2$, 196 -3 acc tron looks like a watch unfortunately. We done to Call it a watch. All the parts that make a watch fast or slow have been left out. The balance wheel Springs staff and screws. Acc tron does not use these parts. Instead a tiny tuning Fork keeps time through vibrations that Are Battery powered. Acc tron time is so precise that we guarantee1 monthly accuracy within 60 seconds. Acc Mon astronaut a a a a $13 00 a Likus jewellers to silversmiths 409 main St., Bennington acc tron by Bulova. From $129 i in Trig monthly pc uric y in thin �?�0 Mondt an will Mut i Tim to Tho tourist a i my Miry coir atm it fir in fill stir a arithmetic i have known there Are situations in life with which both the old and the new math have failed to come to grips. Conversely the maths meet and conquer situations about which the Normal run of the Mill person a say a Mother a care less. If train a is travelling East at 40 Miles per hour and train b is travelling West on the same track at 50 Miles per hour at what Point will they meet and How far will each have travelled he who cares there a going to be one awful crash and the smartest thing this mathematician can do is to run like crazy so he wont get caught by a falling cow Catcher. A cd a More to the Point problems would go something like this if a Mother has two Candy bars and three children what method of disposing of said Candy bars would be most equitable a dividing each Candy bar into three pieces and giving each child two portions b waiting until one child has gone someplace and giving each two one bar cautioning them not to Tell the third c giving two of the children a Bandy bar and the third a Nickel to buy same answer a is just too expensive. To Divide two Candy bars into three equal pieces would require a Calibrator Down to at least a sixteenth of an Inch and that kind of equipment is costly. There Are those who say that the child a naked Eye makes finer distinctions than that you know the Hershey company probably thinks it has made it big on taste alone you and i know that ifs because their bars Are easy to Divide possibility b May look Good to those who have forgotten How big Are the Mouths of Little babes. About As big As their ears if one wants to be precise a of a of the kids won t Tell right away. probably wait until they re in bed a guess what Mommy gave us while you weren to a what a a a Candy a she did a she did a i done to care. I went someplace and you a i done to care. Id rather have a Candy a a you la get now any Mother who lets herself in for this at bedtime is just compounding an already impossible situation. Answer c Isnit too bad a by Jean Wassick on the face of it. If there Are three children old enough to fight Over a Candy bar one of them is probably old enough to go to the store. He buys one and All is Well. But a As soon As he gets the Nickel ill Lay Odds that he decides he does no to want any Candy after All. When the other two have eaten theirs hell pull out his Nickel a a in be got a Nickel and you a i Don t a a let a count our Money. Bet in be got More than a have a have one Brawl coming up. The Best answer to the problem is one that Wasny to listed. D Mother eat the Candy yourself. Home demonstration notes recipes provided for Green Tomato pickles miss Mary Wellington now of new York City and formerly of Bennington has written another poem. This one is about her favorite month of october and memories of fall foliage Here. Witchcraft air is like incense nights touched by Frost leaves Don their red Coats their Green ones now lost Days All grow Shorter skies Gentian Blue Woodlands Are tinged with Falls sparkling Hue. Mountains Send echoes a a we re waiting for you a follow our trails to a fabulous Meadows still kissed by Sweet scented Hay bask in the Sun of an october Day. Witches on brooms Fly across by Agnes Rockwood and was about 12 feet away when Hunter s Moon. Bewitching october too soon. You leave us by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent a few Days ago a visitor in my office was looking for some recipes for making Green Tomato Pickle. It was surprising that i could find so few choices for him and in today a mail came three almost identical ideas from our state nutritionist Anna Wilson. Perhaps some other readers have got some extra Green tomatoes to work into pickles so Here Are the three recipes miss Wilson sent out. A Good for cooking and Good for preserving Are the immature Green tomatoes she states. A these Are the ones that show no signs of turning color. Preserve or eat them soon after picking. If they Are kept too Long they Are Likely to Roth. Green tomatoes May be cooked like Ripe ones a stewed Fried broiled scalloped or baked. Only difference Cook Green tomatoes to to 15 minutes longer. For stewed or scalloped Green tomatoes use More sugar one Tablespoon for six medium sized tomatoes. If you a like to make Green tomatoes into Dill or Sweet pickles or mincemeat Here Are the recipes. Dill Green Tomato pickles 8 be 30 to 36 Small Green tomatoes 6 pieces celery 5 to 6 inches Long i Sweet Green Pepper Cut in strips 1 Sweet red Pepper Cut in strips 6 Small onions 2 quarts water i quart vinegar i cup Salt Dill to taste use Small firm tomatoes. Wash and pack into Glass topped sterilized jars. Add to each quart Jar one Small onion i piece each of celery Green Pepper and red Pepper. Make a brine of the water vinegar and Salt and boil with the Dill for 5 minutes. Pour the hot brine Over the pickles in the jars and Seal immediately. These will be ready to use in 4 to 6 weeks. Sliced Green Tomato Pickle Sweet 8 be i pm. Green tomatoes 6 Large onions 1 cup Salt 2 qts. Water 3 qts. Vinegar 1 la. Sugar 2 tbsp whole cloves 1 tsp. Pepper 2 tbsp Ginger 2 tbsp whole allspice 2 tbsp Mustard seed 2 tbsp cinnamon slice tomatoes and onions f. I Nichols i ecu uhf cd Thordia of off or it Arf Jet go Xgo it s Quot right Light Quot Pirn f for air Travi rugged and Roomy. Cath pud a Itai onid tray a lir in elusive Kuh proof Liatha grained Vinyl that Deans with a Damp cloth Mutt your instinct for Quality luxury and p oct cavity elegantly fim thid Ond fitted with Colar coordinated linings polished Chrome locks Ond full strop hinges Ond unique Airlift handles Choice of colors train cat $18 95 21&Quot Peasand $21 95 27&Quot Pullman $32 95 Lugg age a franc main St. Sprinkle with the Salt let stand overnight and Drain. Add the water i it. Of vinegar and boil 15 minutes and then Drain. Add the sugar the 2 qts. Of vinegar and the spices tied in a thin bag. Boil one hour or until syrup is thickened. Pack in clean hot jars and Seal. Green tomatoes mincemeat 8 be 4 quarts chopped Green tomatoes 2 quarts sliced tart apples v2 la. Raisins 4 tbsp minced Citron if desired 4 tsp. Cinnamon v4 tsp. Allspice a i tsp. Cloves 5 cups Brown sugar 2 cups vinegar 2 cups water Cook All these ingredients together slowly until the tomatoes Are tender and the mincemeat is thick. Stir occasionally to prevent burning. Pour into hot sterilized quart jars and Seal. One Jar holds enough for a Good sized pie. This recipe makes 3 quarts. The fur Collar trick is a neat one a anyone can work it says Kay Strassburg Extension clothing specialist at gym. Again this season tiny fur collars Are getting top Billing. They re a must for Cashmere sweaters and for Best Wear silk and Wool dresses. The care problem is a puzzler since fur and cloth require different types of cleaning. Mrs. Strassburg suggests this solution instead of sewing the Collar to the garment finish it and snap it in place. Use the Type of tape that has its own snap fasteners. It is easy to apply and you la find it at the notion counter in Many of the stores. Before buying a ready to Wear garment with a fur Collar examine it to make sure that the Collar can be detached and finished separately. The proper care of fur is extremely important in maintaining its Beauty and its serviceability. Some stores will fix your detachable Collar with the proper fasteners if you ask. Joseph t. Maclay of South Strafford formerly of Bennington who now works out of a Hartford conn., Federal office wanted to hear the Royal marines Tattoo concert last week in Burlington but when he arrived in the Queen City he found the House sold out at the University of Vermont Patrick gymnasium. So the scotsman according to the Burlington free press stood in front of the gym waving a $20 Bill and shouting a i want a he had been in Rutland on business earlier in the Day and had driven to Burlington just for the concert. The former Bennington an told the free press later a i was rapidly getting nowhere until this lady stepped out of the crowd of concert goers fished around in her purse and allowed How she had an extra she refused the $20 Bill but said there was one condition that went with the ticket. Maclay would find himself sitting next to her because it was a reserved seat. Maclay quickly accepted the gracious offer exchanged names with the South Burlington lady and said he a enjoyed every minute of the concert later he phoned the Burlington paper to say a my experience tonight has restored my Faith in human it seems that no matter where he travels Gerry Morrissey or. Is recognized. He and mrs. Morrissey and some of their family went to new York a weekend or so ago and it happened again a not once but three times. Visiting the worlds fair grounds he was hailed by a Man who turned out to be a former District Deputy of the knights of Columbus from the Northern part of the state. His name was Leo con Arron formerly of Essex Junction. As they visited the he realized the collector in the toll Booth had said a hello Gerald How Are you a Gerry has no idea who the Man was and traffic did no to permit his slowing his vehicle to take another look. All those present in the car had heard the greeting. Evidently the fellow knew him from somewhere either through his business the k of a Blair Academy or notre Dame classes or maybe it was a former Bennington an. Mrs. Norman Stratton of East Road whose doll museum attracts Many came across an 1884 postcard the oth a Day which advertised Clarks Cove Cuano co. Of new Bedford mass., whose representative in this area in those Days was Ira m. Jones special agent of West Randolph. On the Back of the card were two testimonials by area Farmers which caught her attention. Part of the printing is obliterated but one can make out the name Walbridge of North Bennington and Cole of Bennington. Or. Walbridge has this to say . 1884 on the 18th of May last i planted a Field of Corn suing the Bay state fertilizer in the Hill. On the 5th of june i found that one half of the Young Corn was killed by Cut Worms. Replanted it using no further dressing. Did not expect much of a crop from the part replanted but to my Surprise the fertilizer pushed it along so rapidly that on the 5th of september the Corn was Cut up fully Ripe. Best pieces of Corn i Ever had a All filled out and Ivan Massar of National geographic Magazine has been taking photos around the area again some of which will be seen in a future Issue of the publication. The photographer was spotted at the old first Church sunday. A Jared s will is the title of an interesting article by Howard c. Estes of Bennington which appears in the september Issue of Rural vermonter a bimonthly Magazine which is edited by Charlotte Mccartney a former reporter on the Banner. The a a Jared the author refers to was his maternal Grandfather Jared Howard. A of Ben Belitt Winner of the Shelley and National Institute of arts and letters awards in poetry and with the literature division of Bennington College faculty will be serving on the poetry Section of the award juries picking the winners of the National Book awards for 1965. The awards will be presented at philharmonic Hall in new York on March 15. Mason w. Gross Rutgers University president is supervising the program. The 15 literary authorities Vatican Chapel at the fair who fudging the winners of the five should be one of the priests of awards include two winners of Fering mass but none other than pulitzer prizes two winners of the Rev. Donald Whipple c.s.c., National Book awards and to of Bennington Catholic High College teachers who Are authors school faculty. Father Whipple or editors was being served by a brother prizes of $1000 accompany the from the holy Cross novitiate awards Witch Are for books Here. Selected As the most Dis driving Over the Treborough to anguished written by americans Bridge in heavy traffic the local and published in the United states contractor paid the toll hurriedly during the year. Area school lunches chs monday a goulash with meat and tomatoes peas italian bread and butter apricots milk. Tuesday a hot dog on Roll cabbage salad potato chips mixed fruit milk. Wednesday a meat loaf Catsup Chicken Flavoured Rice spinach Rolls and butter Apple milk. Thursday a Chili with meat tomatoes French Green Beans bread and butter Gingerbread and Apple sauce milk. Friday a grilled cheese Sandwich pickles stewed tomatoes plums milk. Pownal monday a Tomato soup with crackers Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches celery Sticks Molas ses cookies. Tuesday a meat loaf mashed potatoes peas baking powder biscuits fruit pineapple. Wednesday a Chicken with Gravy mashed potatoes spinach bread and butter peach Cobbler cake. North Bennington Road Bennington it. Green giant giblets Corn 12 of. Vacuum can thursday a baked Beans in Tomato sauce with hot dogs school made Boston Brown bread fruit. Friday a baked Haddock mashed potatoes stewed tomatoes bread and butter spice cupcakes. Milk is served with All meals. Arlington monday a vegetable soup crackers meat sandwiches spinach Jelly tarts milk. Tuesday a barbecued beef on Roll tossed salad chocolate pudding milk. Wednesday a beef Stew with vegetables cheese sandwiches Grapefruit sections and milk. Thursday a american chop suey Peanut butter sandwiches pears milk. Friday a tuna Rolls cheese wedges spinach White cake Cherry sauce milk. Red Brick school monday a bean soup Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches Cole Slaw Gingerbread with Sance and milk. Tuesday a Porcupine meat balls in Tomato sauce peas hot biscuits and butter butterscotch pudding and ilk. Wednesday a Tomato juice beef pot roast with Gravy mashed potatoes spinach bread and butter jello with Coconut Topping and milk. Thursday scrambled eggs Spanish Rice hot muffins and butter Apple sauce and cookie and milk. Friday a pineapple juice Macaroni and cheese casserole buttered beets bread and butter ice Cream and cake and milk. Molly Stark monday a hot dog on Bun relish potato salad pears cookies milk. Tuesday a baked hash spinach Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches Lemon pie with Topping milk. Wednesday a vegetable soup with meat crackers. Peaches and cottage cheese school made Sweet buns milk. Thursday a roast beef and Gravy mashed potatoes peas and carrots pineapple and apricots Rolls milk. Friday a Tomato juice toasted cheese sandwiches pickles Green Beans frosted Date squares milk. Brown bagging it by Faith prior dam family economist in the month or two preceding the opening of school every year the stores set up new displays of that Symbol of a starting school a the lunch Box. Lunch boxes used to be utilitarian Green or Brown with thermos to match. Now their color and design vary from butterflies and Flowers for Little girls to red roofed barns for Little boys. And every Mother of a six year old gives the display at least a passing look. But As the Mother of three teenagers in be come a Long Way from those Halcyon new lunch Box Days. No More broken thermos bottles to worry about no odor of ancient milk to try to scald away. They buy milk Cartons out of a cooler and what by the Way happened to four cents a Carton milk. They won t buy lunch in the cafeteria unless there a a family crisis like no bread in the House but Only under Post hypnotic suggestion would they deign to carry a lunch Box. They Are in he current jargon a Brown bagging teenagers claim that parents Are too set in their ways. Yet there Are such fixed limits within which the Brown bag lunch must operate that any deviation from the pattern brings Forth yelps of indignation. I Hope other people s kids Are just As nutty As mine then i won t feel that their aberrations Are entirely the result of family genes and Gestes. Anyway i jotted Down some of the rules. Be sure to plan ahead so that there Are regular Brown bags on hand. Small sized grocery bags have a different connotation which is a great Burden to the sensitive teen age soul. Also be sure to get the right kind of Sandwich bags As some do not keep contents from drying. They re right on this one i probing reasons for tardiness new York up a a better late than never but a e 11 e r never these words in the writings of . Spurgeon in 1885, seem timelier than Ever As the world operates on accelerated routine Only to have the habit of tardiness also grow. There is a saying that the Only living thing on time these Days is the snap bean a it pops up exactly eight Days after planting. True or not tardiness has become almost a ritual at the theater the cocktail party and with the a sep card. Why Are some people habitually late the answers open a whole Pandora s Box of psychological theory says a new treatise on promptness a and tardiness. The paper was put together by researchers for West lox to Mark the return oct. 31, of most of the nation to Standard time. Observers of human behaviour say the habitually tardy May feel it is a a fashionable to be late and Are determined to be fa.1 Honable. Tardiness May give drama to the person. By keeping everyone waiting at the party you set the stage for a dramatic Entrance and then you for a few minutes at least capture everyone s attention. Or. Ell Feldman clinic director for the Long Island consultation Center says that being late is one form of subconscious sulking a a Means of a getting even with another person or group. Feldman s theories Are included in the research of the timepiece manufacturer. Feldman feels that the chronically tardy still Long for the timeless omnipotence of their Early years. They have never fully accepted the responsibility and the reality of time in relation to other people. A it is excusable for a baby to be late for its feeding a Feldman says a but adults Are not babies. A done to forget that the Power play Between the sexes often is a reason also for tardiness. Many Young women keep their dates waiting As a matter of policy. Many Young men Are late too. By arriving late the Young Man hides How much he really cares for the girl and protects his vulnerability. All tardiness does not have to have deep psychological motivation say the researchers. On a simpler level there Are the differences Between people their schedules the demands of their environment. A generally speaking a say the researchers a the More formal the affair the More punctual people seem to informal events seem to give greater License for lateness. A Buffet instead of sit Down dinner for instance a and cocktail party time is the loosest of a wives tend to be Tardier than husbands a say the researchers. But about the Only reason they give us that women a lives tend to be More complicated than men s Point of argument to set off another marital squabble. There is just one foolproof defense against the tardy guest says John lord Lageman a a give your party on a boat and when sailing time comes take off. Latecomers who find on arrival that the party has departed will not be late next tried it foil Saran and the thin plastic film bags that tear off a Roll have their uses. Contents never include a banana. A banana in its no Geometric essence is Square. Embarrassing to eat in a Public place although they disappear fact enough in the privacy of the Home. One of mine reports a bananas make me feel like an two accept apples in the lunch red hard and preferably sour the third also feels ape like with an Apple. Grapes White not red or purple Are o.k., but they tend to get stepped on. I Haven t figured out Why cookies Are All right if they Are Crisp from a made preferred to store Bough although Fig newtons pass. Brownies and certain kinds of cake get clearance but not cupcakes because they remind them of children s parties chocolate bars Are a Welcome addition and to make them economically feasible i buy them in bags of ten at an attractive Price. The Only trouble with this system is that the Supply disappears at Home in after school snacks and Midnight requisitions. The current hiding place has been Good for nearly two weeks so it s just about due to be discovered. The oven worked pretty Well until somebody turned it on one night to Cook a Frozen pizza and activated a week s Supply of Choco late bars. For sandwiches they really prefer big fat Rolls with poppy seeds on top of which one child must tote three. Preferred filling Bologna one vote for Mayonnaise two for Mustard. My protein eater will Settle for any kind of meat and is positively entranced when a Goodie like shrimp or crab meat turns up which i hasten to add in t often. One does t want any butter on the sandwiches. Peanut butter and Raspberry Jam is always acceptable and the no butter kid loves marshmallow spread. Can you imagine opening your lunch and being thrilled to find marshmallow on White bread with no butter Carrot and celery Sticks tolerated by Only one. The result of All the preferences when it does t Cost any More in time trouble and Money they get what they want. Yesterday they All got bananas. Completely furnished Home in Bennington Village lots of love at Pine Crest cats boarded too heated kennels at Pine Crest boarding Kennel to Phon 447-7119 3 mile South of Bennington on u. S. 7 7 room Home in Village 4 bedrooms Kitchen panelled Den 14 x 20 panelled living room Oil heat electric hot water garage Village water Large 50�?T x 241 lot. Completely furnished. $10,000 Caracciola real estate Joe Caracciola broker Tel. 442-8440 Georgia a. Davis associate Call at our new office Sext to Joe s open .4tr

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