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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy rain tapering off to scattered showers saturday with Clearing saturday evening and cooler. Cool and Cloudy sunday. This month the planet Mars has moved from the Constellation Libra to Scorpius into Ophiuchus that is visible Low in the Southwest Early evening. Bennington Bennington Vermont saturday october 23, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,897 to cents Congress ends historic session Washington tip a the first session of the 89th Congress wound up its work Friday night. It had put most of president Johnson a great society plans onto the nation s la books. Weary members quit for the year after a final burst of activity in which they approved a pared Down $641 million pay raise for government workers Board okays auction Resolution Hoosick Falls the Board of education of the Hoosick Falls Central school got themselves out of a ticklish situation by agreeing Friday evening that Village taxpayers Here should have the final say in disposition of the abandoned Parsons Street school. At v special meeting of the Board it was voted Liat a special meeting should be held nov. 28 at which time taxpayers in the old Union free school District i should vote on a Resolution to place the school abandoned with construction of the Union school up for action at a Price not less than $1200. The boards action was based on the fact that two rival groups both engaged in shoe manufacturing were seeking acquisition of the building. Three Hoosick Falls men Charles Winegard John Leonard and Edward Niegoda had Sut it fitted a bid of $1050 for the school building and announced they were going to use it As a base for a shoe manufacturing business. The Nancy shoe company of Hoosick Falls wednesday then submitted a bid of $1200 for the building stating they wanted to use the facility for storage purposes. Leonard Winegard and Niegoda then upped their bid to $1200, and the Board caught in a dilemma of deciding Between two equal bids Vertex the Public meeting on the advice of its attorney John s. Davison. If taxpayers in the old Union District which composes the Village of Hoosick Falls approve the auction proposal another meeting will be called later at which time the building will be auctioned off. And passed a once controversial Bill slicing up world shares in the . Sugar Market. For a Congress that made history and broke new legislative ground on a number of fronts the last Day of the Long session was anti climactic. All the real issues had been settled. House democratic Leader Carl Albert okla. In a resume of the session prepared for the House said the Congress a has left a Mark upon the shores of time not to be erased easily or soon a in the Short space of to months we have legislated upon the problems of decades some new some accumulations of the past a he said. A with giant strides we have moved along the path of Progress toward those higher goals that always characterized and distinguished our free society peace National Security equal Justice and Opportunity health and Prosperity in the Pursuit of As a final order of business before quitting work until january the members went through the motions of asking president Johnson if he had any More work to be done. After almost to months in which they put most of president Johnson s great society proposals onto the la books they spent. Much of the Day talking and dispatching routine. The Senate got its last Roadblock cleared with confirmation of David g. Bress As . Attorney for the District of Columbia. The vote was 49 to 14, but it came Only after debate that ran from 9 . Until 2 30 . The problem was that Bress once was attorney for the vending firm Bobby Baker Rode to financial Success. With that out of the Way senators unanimously approved a scaled Down version of a House passed pay raise for government workers and sent it Back for final House endorsement to Send it along to the White House. The Senate vote was 67 to 0. The Bill would Cost $641 million a year instead of the $1.5 billion As proposed by the House and the House was set to accept the amendments. On sugar All was sweetness unlike some other years and House Senate conferees apparently had no trouble harmonizing differences. Doing it As Leaf fall reached its Peak this week in Bennington porches a 9 lawns sidewalks and streets slowly disappeared beneath carpets of i very one s colourful foliage. Some residents sighed and let the leaves accumulate but others set about to Clear them away. Among the industrious was sister Mary evangelist s.s.j., shown Here nursing a barely visible Leaf fire at Saint Joseph Convent. Sister Mary scoffed at the idea she was a a working and said she was merely enjoying herself. Hamilton klan death threat told Washington up a an sex member of the Kun flux klan Friday pointed to a klans Man in the audience at a congressional hearing and said he had threatened a to do away with the Klansman later used the fifth amendment when asked if he had made the statement. Ready for orbit astronauts Walter m. Shirra jr., left and Thomas Stafford discuss a successful test run As they descend from the gemini 6 capsule which is scheduled for orbit monday. Up astronauts Are ready weather Outlook worsens Cape Kennedy up a space pilots Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford Friday passed their last major medical exam before monday s planned gemini 6 Blastoff. The weather Outlook worsened but was also chief astronaut physician Charles e. Berry said Schirra and Stafford zipped through their five hour physical examinations a very very Berry said both astronauts were in a excellent physical conditions and ready for Ameri cars most difficult manned venture into space. The weather forecast for monday s launching doubleheader was not quite As optimistic although meteorologists said the conditions were expected to be the latest reports said mostly Cloudy skies with Cloud cover Only 2,000 get High were expected in the launch area monday a a deterioration from thursdays forecast which predicted partly Cloudy skies and Selling Over 5,000 feet. A space Agency spokesman said the 2,000-foot Selling was considered the minimum but he said a we can live with he said any weather decisions will be made on the spot at launch time. Forecasts for All of gemini 6�?Ts planned Landing areas a in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans a remained Good. Clear skies and moderate seas were expected at the main Landing zone South of Bermuda the Busy astronauts began see gemini Page 5, col. 2 Roy Woodle a Lexington m. C. Bricklayer and Lay preacher made the charge during testimony before the House committee on in american activities. He said Boyd Hamby grand night Hawk of the North Carolina klan made the threat during a Telephone Call to him As an Effort to Force Woodle out of the secret society. A few minutes later Hamby also from Lexington was called to testify and was asked by committee investigator Donald theologian Paul Tillich Dies at 79 Chicago up a protestant theologian Paul Tillich died Friday night. He was 79. Tillich died from the effect of a heart attack he suffered last week. Tillich a european who came to America several years ago was the John Nuveen professor of theology at Chicago University. Two years ago he completed his three volume a systematic theology a that was hailed As one of the major works on its subject in the 20th Century. Tillich claimed to have been a Lucky enough to be the first non jewish professor to be dismissed from a German University during hitlers reign. He came to the United states in 1940. Tillich who stood alongside Swiss theologians Karl Barth and Emil Brunner in world stature had come to the United states from Europe in 1933. Tillich a Book a courage to be a published in 1952, had a major Impact on protestant theology. on the inside columnist Roy Marsden notes that for accuracy a Hunter should Load his own ammo a Page 4. Pictures and Story Tell what s new in Shaftsbury Page 5. Jean Wassick tells about arithmetic she has known Page 3. Wilkins is acquitted of Liuzzo slaying Hayneville Ala. Up a an All White jury took less than two hours Friday to find Kun flux Klansman Collie Leroy Wilkins innocent of the Nightrider slaying of a White civil rights worker. The jury including four Selt avowed White supremacists received a resounding cheer in the Century old Lowndes county courthouse. Ignoring the prosecution warning that a blood will flow in the streets of Hayneville if Wilkins is acquitted the jury found him not guilty of the slaying of mrs. Viola Liuzzo of Detroit. I s. Liuzzo was slain As she drove Down a dark Highway near Here March 25, a few hours after the Selma to Mont Gomery a Freedom March ended. Wilkins was tried first for the murder in May. The jury deliberated for part of two Days then reported itself hopelessly Hung a 10-2 for conviction. This jury deliberated an hour and 47 minutes finishing in plenty of time for the High school football game Friday night. Defense attorney Arthur Hanes met the departing jurors on the ground level of the courthouse a big smile on his face. A thank you very much gentlemen a he said. State atty. Gen. Richmond Flowers who prosecuted the Case himself appeared unsurprised. He had fought unsuccessfully at the outset of the trial monday to have la members of the jury panel disqualified because they announced they Felt negroes and White civil rights workers were inferior persons. But the state supreme court ruled against him and four of the la were eventually placed on the jury. A of course we will keep trying a Flowers told reporters. Two other klans men Eugene Thomas and William o. Eaton have also been accused of murder in the slaying. There was no indication when the next trial in the Case would be. A we have Only to abide by Kashmir cease fire violation charged Appell if he had made the threat. He cited the fifth amendment in refusing to reply. Chairman Edwin e. Willis d-la., told Hamby that both he and Woodle were under oath. A one of you is subjected to a perjury charge a Willis said adding that he would not hesitate to ask the Justice department to prosecute the Case. Hamby then invoked the fifth amendment 19 times in response to Appellis questions including whether he was responsible for burning a Cross on Woodley a Lawn. After he was dismissed Hamby told a reporter he had no comment to make on Woodley a charge. Woodle was called to testify after Joseph g. Dubois dramatically announced his resignation from the North Carolina klan As he began his testimony. Woodle told the committee he quit the klan four or five weeks ago in the midst of unexplained charges levelled against him by leaders of the organization. He said during this period he received a Call from Hamby in which a the told me he had the authority to do away with United nations n.y., up a Pakistan Friday requested the Security Council hold an emergency meeting to take up charges of cease fire violations by India in the disputed area of Kashmir. This months president of the Security Council Uruguay ambassador or. Hector Paysse Reyes planned to meet with Secretary general u Thant to consider the pakistani request. Diplomatic sources speculated however that a Security Council meeting probably would not be called until next week with the most Likely Date monday. Since the cease fire was ordered last sept. 22 both India and Pakistan have lodged daily accusations against each other in official documents to Thant and the Security Council. The Pakistan Mission in a statement said a Rio separate instances of Indian military aggression along the cease fire line. Took place in the two Day period of oct. 16 and 17.�?� Pakistan also charged in another statement that a Indian aircraft have repeatedly intruded Over Pakistan air territory in an obvious Effort to increase tension Between the two countries. India on the other hand in letters to Thant accused Pakistan of repeated cease fire violations and decried the continued buildup of so called a a infiltrators in the disputed area. In a letter dated oct. 20 to Thant Indian ambassador to the United nations Gopalaswami Parthasarath outlined 29 separate incidents in which pakistani forces allegedly violated the cease fire. Both countries have filed dozens of official complaints. Directed by the Security Council Resolution Thant has built up the . Military of it server groups in Kashmir to supervise the cease fire and the a withdrawal of All armed these two Steps were to precede any political settlement of the future of the area a continuous source of hostilities Between the two asian Powers for the past two decades. The jury s decision a Flowers said. A we prosecuted the Best we As Hanes a former Birmingham mayor left the courtroom a local White Man walked up to him and emotionally told him that a you did Alabama a great Wilkins a Chubby unemployed Auto Mechanic said a i have no comment. I am Happy and that is All i have to Wilkins sat with his father and Mother while the jury was out. The prosecution in both trials based the weight of its Case on the testimony of Gary Thomas Rowe a paid informer for the Fri. Rowe testified he was with Wilkins Eaton and Thomas on the night of the slaying. He told in graphic detail of a Chase at 70 Miles an hour and More Down the Highway of How the car carrying the klansmen pulled alongside mrs. Liuzzo s car. He said just As mrs. Liuzzo looked out her window they opened fire. The defense intimated that mrs. Liuzzo a passenger a a lanky six foot five negro named Leroy Moton a or someone in a mysterious a Little red foreign car May have shot her. And in his Brief presentation Hanes produced two witnesses one of them a Surprise a who claimed they saw Wilkins at a veterans of foreign wars club in Bessemer about 125 Miles from the spot . 80 where mrs Liuzzo died Only about an hour after the killing. Adolph Nelson to claimed he worked at the club said Wilkins got there Between 8 45 . And 9 15 . The night of the killing a but he said he was guessing at the time. Robert l. Carroll another worker at the club said Wilkins got there at 9 05 . Professor says ohanians Are politically refined North Bennington a new York University professor Connor cruise of Brien emphasized the sophistication of ghanaian culture Friday night in a lecture on the West african Republic delivered in the commons theater of Bennington College. Observing that the Ashanti and other ghanaian tribes have Long dealt with Arab and european nations prof. Of Brien said the intricacies of political mane vering Are not new to the people of Ghana. Ohanians maintain an almost a a metropolitan attitude of refined cynicism toward politics of Brien said. The former Leader of the United nations Mission to the Congo recounted three Gold coast proverbs to illustrate his Point about native sophistication. A if the Mullen a moslem dignitary Falls in the water a the first proverb ran a do not ask him of his clothes got this proverb of Brien explained is a piece of discretionary advice. A ghanaian would not ask sen. Kennedy about his Success in sponsoring congressional appointments the professor said. The second proverb was offered As an example of the ghanaian Talent for avoiding compromising actions a if your Tongue is in somebody else a Mouth you would be ill advised to hit him on the the third proverb testified to native familiarity with unseen shifts in Power a if Crocodile comes from under the water and tells you Al Gator is dead you do not cast doubt on his tempering conventional criticism of the ghanaian state As a charismatic dictatorship prof. Of Brien paid tribute to Ghana a president Kwame Nkrumah for blood Lessly extending the will of his Central government Over a proud and conservative people and for capturing the loyalty of opposition leaders. Of Brien criticized Ghana a repressive measures toward political dissidents and he decried the a dreadful flattery of the National press where Nkrumah is concerned. He added however that police state measures were carried out with a unique Good humor and As for the newspapers a no one reads them negro demonstrators beaten in mass charge by angry Whites Lincolnton a. Up a a pickup truck roared into a line of negro demonstrators Friday signalling a mass charge by angry Whites. Demonstrators including Small children were beaten to the ground. Only five state troopers were on hand. They piled out of their cars to try to protect the marchers and Whites began slugging them. A husky youth slammed a negro girl apparently about 13 years old into a car and she fell to the ground screaming. Another White screaming a you Black Bitch a grabbed a Small girls head in his hand and smashed her in the face with his fist. A there apparently were no serious injuries. The Green pickup truck made two roaring charges through the demonstrators knocking them aside but none fell under its wheels. State troopers arrested at least one of the Whites. About 90 demonstrators were marching in columns of twos to the Lincoln county courthouse when they reached the main intersection of this Little town. They waited for the Light to turn Green then walked into the Street. A Green pickup truck at the intersection revved its engine and with a Roar hurtled under the red Light honked its Horn and accelerated about 20 feet into the line of marchers. The marchers screamed and scattered. One girl shrieked a ooh my god of my god a suddenly about 125 Whites most of them youths raced into the marchers shouting a get the niggers kill the niggers a the demonstrators scattered Whites chasing them around parked cars and along the sidewalks. Troopers leaped from the two cars in which they had been following the March and tried to head off the Whites. One trooper was struck in the face. The leaders of the March began trying to reorganize the group when the truck came roaring Back Down the Street brushing some of the screaming negroes to the pavement again. Then the demonstrators led by 22-Yearold Edward Bedford tried to reorganize again and the beleaguered troopers got the Whites pushed across the Street. They stood on the sidewalk and shouted a come on you Black bastards come on and the demonstrators appeared hesitant about continuing and a state trooper pleaded with them to turn around. After some milling about they marched Back to the Church from where they had come. The roaring of the trucks engines and its honking Horn appeared to be a signal for the Whites charge against the demonstrators. When it made its second pass through the intersection this time with a Green Light a trooper tried to Stop it. A let him go let him go a the Whites shouted. A the Light is the truck roared lust the trooper. Lincoln county sheriff w. A. Hammond who had been escorting the March a few minutes earlier was not present when the line reached the intersection

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