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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 10-Bennington Banner tuesday november 26, 1963 formal to programming will resume today on Way to arraignment Jack Ruby Dallas nightclub owner is led through the Dallas City jail sunday on his Way to be arraigned on murder charge. Ruby is accused of firing a fatal Bullet into Lee Oswald the Man charged with assassinating president Kennedy Oswald was mortally wounded As he was being transferred from Dallas City jail to Dallas county jail a Phot Quot Nixon candidacy now seen a real possibility Washington apr the possibility that republicans May give former vice president Richard m. Nixon a second crack at the presidency appeared to be growing today. The assassination of John f. Kennedy and the ascension of Lyndon b. Johnson to the office has forced a Radical reassessment by cop strategists of the 1964 Campaign. Where once they conceded privately they had Only an Uphill Chance of defeating Kennedy s bid for a second term they now feel the Odds Are nearly even they May be Able to deny Johnson a first elective term. For a race with Kennedy Many wanted to Gamble of the theory that a conservative like Barry Coldwater r-ariz., could defeat a democratic Liberal. Now the Republican candidate is Likely to face a Democrat identified in the Public mind As a Southern conservative. For this is How Johnson is viewed by Many despite the support he has Given As vice president to the Kennedy legislative program and his efforts to shed the stage of sectional ism. Nevertheless the republicans perceive a Broad Avenue leading toward the nomination of a Man who can try to out Johnson Johnson in being for positive action on civil rights and for prudent social welfare programs without having to Bear the party umbrage of being a Quot me too Quot candidate. The Republican who ordinarily would fit this description is gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York. But to get his party s nomination Rockefeller will have to overcome the political liability of divorcing his wife of 35 years and marrying a divorced Mother of four children. By Cynthia Lowry a Tete vision radio writer new York apr television s Fine coverage of a National tragedy continued through the final chapter monday bringing to mourning americans an intimate picture of the funeral services for their dead Leader. It was a Day of solemn Beauty and grandeur with a measured formality that somehow was soothing and comforting after the hectic Days that preceded it. Television cameras were in front rows during All the ceremonies at the Capitol the Church and at Arlington National cemetery so that millions of Distant americans were Able to see More than the people actually on the scene. Later we even were privileged to look into president Johnson s reception for the for big four leaders have changed three times this fall by the associated press the leadership of three of the big four Western nations has changed hands this fall. The chronology oct. 15 a Konrad Adenauer stepped Down As Chancellor of West Germany succeeded by Ludwig Erhard economics minister. Oct. 18 a Harold Macmillan resigned As prime minister of great Britain succeeded by foreign Secretary lord Home now known As sir Alec Douglas Home. Nov. 22 a John f. Kennedy killed by an Assassin succeeded As president of the United states by vice president Lyndon b. Johnson. The fourth Leader president Charles de Gaulle of France was in Washington monday for the funeral of president Kennedy. Ice in Mimi Wail Nashville term. Apr trumpeter Louis Armstrong visiting children at a Hospital in Nashville had this word for Young musicians Quot the lord loves the poor but not the poor and Lazy so get in there and eign Heads of states and other visiting dignitaries. The three networks spent the Early evening bowing edited versions of the Day s ceremonies. Lbs stayed with recapitulation of the news All evening. But Abc and Abc As of to underline the fact that John f. Kennedy now belongs to history turned their attention to president Lyndon b. Johnson. Both showed biographical programs hastily patched together but interesting just the same. Regular programming was resumed this morning but there will be a number of switches and postponements of scheduled shows in the next few Days. While news staffs of the three major networks worked around the clock on the Kennedy Story executives and staff members concerned with network entertainment programs were carefully inspecting scheduled programs for themes plot lines or even casual references which in the Light of recent tragedy would appear in poor taste. Recommended tonight Quot and Williams show a Abc 10-11 est a guests include Lawrence Welk Phil Harris and the Osmund Brothers. French youth picks Buddhist Way of fiery suicide Nimes France apr an 18-year-old youth killed himself thursday by pouring gasoline on his clothes and then lighting a match. Police said the youth apparently selected this method after Reading about the gasoline death suicides of Viet Nam buddhists protesting the diem regime. Concussion confession Denver apr a 12-year-old boy testifying in a Case involving a damage suit Over an Auto Accident said he received a concussion. Dist. Judge Mitchel b. Johns asked if he knew what a concussion is. Quot Well it s when you Tell what you know a the boy said. Quot you say to the priest you Appalachia american land of have no tsp Clairfield. Tenn. Up a Junior Hall 26, was a Coal Miner with a wife and four children before he wound up in a Hospital bed. Doctors say it will be years before he is Able to work again. Several weeks ago the first Frost of the season came to Tennessee and temperatures in the appalachian mountains dipped to below freezing. The Hall family lives in a two room rotted Shack on the top of a they had run out of fuel for their ancient rusted stove. 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Green Briar station Wagon 9 pas., 4 Speed tran1595 their Charity clothes barely covered them. Hall went out one night to a truck mine to steal some Coal for their fire when a ton of slag a Roc like Coal mine waste a crashed Down on him. Although his cries for help were heard he Lay helpless for several hours with a shattered Pelvis and a crushed Chest. Hall is a Quot yellow dog a a member of the Southern labor Union the rival of the United mine workers in the Tennessee Coal country. Quot i did no to care if he was a Yelle dog or a Black Man Quot said Amy Marlow a grizzled and toothless woman in her 60s. Quot he said he was stealing Coal to keep his family warm and i helped him. Amy said a group of men who heard Hall Call for help refused to Aid him because he is a besides what he can make from bootlegging Mountain whisky Carl Miller sometimes earns $15 a week cutting the wooden beams that Are used for 1960 Chevrolet Corvair 4 or. Sod., stand. Trans. 1095 . Eddington inc. 239 main St. Bennington it. Switch to the Best rent nameless electric water Heater just phone our nearest office. Only i 6 per month Central Vermont Public service corporation support in the truck mines. His family a wife and seven children live atop a High Mountain in a broken Down shanty. Recently he was fined $9 plus court costs for refusing to Send four of his children to school Down dangerous winding make shift Road covered with Quot red dog Quot a slag from the mines. Quot my kids did t have any shoes Quot he said. Quot would you walk Down that Road without any shoes on Quot Miller s son Henry 13, is a frail boy with the physique of a nine year old. He Lay feverish with a torn baseball Cap on his head. The room in the clapboard Shack was cold. His sickbed was fashioned out of wooden crates. His Mother was nursing a five week old baby in the next room. Henry was seriously ill. Besides a fever he had a pain in his Chest and complained that he had difficulty breathing. There would be no doctor. There Wasny to even an aspirin. Junior Hall Carl Miller and Young Henry Are a few of the 4,000 inhabitants of Clear Fork Valley an almost forgotten strip of land comprising the once abundant towns of Fonde Pruden Valley Creek Clairfield Eagan Anthras and Morley lying on Tennessee Highway 90 just South of the Kentucky state line. Fifteen years ago before the great labor Battles in the Tennessee Coal Fields the Valley prospered in the Post War Industrial Boom. About 3,000 men worked some of the richest Coal mines in the Southeast. The Coal is still in abundance today but the Valley is decayed and dying. Just ten years ago a tobacco chewing old timer testified an unwed Mother and her child would have been run out of the Valley on the next Southern railways train passing through Clairfield. Today promiscuity is quietly condoned and sometimes encouraged to bring checks that will buy food. The state of Tennessee pays $50 for the first child and up to $99 for subsequent production in monthly welfare checks a As Long As the unwed Mother cannot or does not identify the father. Quot we done to have much in this Valley in the Way of Money Quot said baiter Davis a big Man with huge hands and feet who mines in the Valley when their is work. Quot we got plenty of love though and we All try to help everybody Davi Viand his wife Frankie have 13 children. When he is Able to work he usually makes $4 a Day. His family survives the Winter huddling around a Coal stove on an almost solid diet of bread and Beans plus what their to school age children can bring Home from their free lunches. Trying to exist from Day to Day amidst sickness and disease is a fact of life in Clear Fork Valley. Recently at least 50 persons were stricken with deadly hepatitis in the Valley. A few died and Many will never be fully cured. Its source has not been found. Social diseases Are rampant As Are other forms of human sickness and suffering. The people of this Valley feel orphaned by their county their state and their county. Quot the Only time we get to see one of those county politicians Quot said one Man Quot is around election very few of the Valley people have heard of a none remember Ever seeing a their congressman rep. James Jimmie h. Quillen. A Tenn. Most of the land in the Valley is owned by the British held or Nan american land ltd., which leases to residents and to Small Coal entrepreneurs. The inhabitants of the Valley lease the land for about $20 a year and build their shacks from the surrounding Woodlands. During the times of steady paychecks there were four churches in the Valley and their poor boxes were full. There was Little need for Charity clothes and welfare checks to buy food. But then when the great labor troubles came the valleys Economy soared in a downward spiral. Now there is very Little work in the Valley. Company after company comes in and digs out the coalfields with their own men. Miners Are without jobs and families Are without food. And recently the minister of the local Baptist Church said he was leaving the Valley. There is a padlock on the churches door. When you want the Best buy y a Tny Yit the ? candies Carrolls drug Viet Cong makes attacks Saigon Viet Nam apr More than 1,000 Mountain tribesmen Are missing from two of the South vietnamese government s strategic hamlets following a wave of Large scale communist attacks military sources reported \ monday. Eighty two government Wear tons were captured in massive enemy attacks that wiped out the hamlets of Dak Rode and Peel Kobay 250 Miles North of Saigon in mountains near where the South vietnamese cambodian and laotian frontiers meet. The coordinated attacks reportedly began a few hours before Dawn sunday. Details were scant but 550 tribesmen with 57 weapons were missing from Dak Rode and 522 tribesmen with 25 weapons were missing from nearby plei Kobay. It was the worst government setback in the Central Highlands since last january when the Viet Cong overran several major posts. Man makes buttons has no buyers Pittsburgh apr Button Button who paid for the buttons Quot i paid for the buttons a said a. G. Trimble last week referring to Lapel buttons supporting gov. William w. Scranton for president. Trimble 83, president of the a. G. Trimble co. That made the buttons added Quot i made them on speculation. No one ordered them. I sent them to Harrisburg to see if anyone wanted to buy them. So far no one protect lovers Kuala Bumpur Malaysia apr malaysians gleaming new parliament building has become a deluxe lovers Lane Complete with police Protection. The $5.5-million Structure and its softly lighted gardens Are drawing hundreds of couples who formerly courted along lonely roads where there have been repeated cases of banditry. Little ironies filled scene at Kennedy funeral service by Hugh Mulligan associated press staff writer Washington apr president Kennedy s final journey through the nation s capital to the waiting grave at Arlington was everywhere attended by Little ironies and coincidences. Like the Mournful echoes of the muffled Drums reverberating Down the Canyon of Gray government buildings a echoes of his Short but Brilliant career resounded on the stricken hearts of the spectators along the funeral route. On a brisk Bright monday in november John Kennedy was being taken to his final resting place at Arlington. Only two weeks ago to the Day he had visited the National cemetery to Lay a Wreath on the Tomb of the unknown Soldier and his Little son John had charmingly fractured protocol by running out in front of the Honor guard. Now Here was Little John observing his third birthday by clutching his Mother s hand and walking behind his father s Flag draped casket in As moving a moment of personal history As the nation has known. Earlier on the Steps of St. Matthew s Cathedral there waited Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston his gaunt features chiselled with compassion and grief. A Long time family Friend the Cardinal had officiated at Kennedy s marriage Given the invocation at his inauguration baptized his two living children end presided last july at the funeral mass for his infant son Patrick Bouvier. As the Cardinal intoned the opening prayers of the requiem mass Boston Tenor Luigi Vena Sang Shubert a Quot ave Dublin Ireland apr Brendan Behan the Dib Ulous Irish playwright had something to celebrate today a a six Pound daughter born sunday. She is the first child born to Behan and his wife Beatrice. Ten years ago at the gala wedding of John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport r.i., he had rendered the same selection. Vena had hardly finished when a police escort Riding through the City at 60 Miles an hour delivered Mary Ann Ryan a Distant Cousin from Ireland at the doors of the Church. Quot you must come visit us at the White House you have the Kennedy look a the president had told her when he visited his ancestral Home in county Wexford last june. Now Here she was arriving at his funeral after a hectic transoceanic flight taken at the invitation of mrs. Kennedy. Her classic face paled by tragedy but her body erect with courage and dignity mrs. Kennedy was easily the most imposing figure among the August assemblage of world leaders and past presidents of supreme court justices diplomats and congressmen. The shocking death in the family of nations had brought Forth an unprecedented procession of ruling Royalty and Heads of state. From 91 countries and five continents they had come a King and an emperor a Queen and a number of Crown princes two chancellors four premiers and an apostolic Delegate. In All 16 presidents or Heads of state 38 foreign ministers and six defense ministers and military chiefs. Some like president Charles de Gaulle of France and Deputy Premier Anastas Mikoyan of the soviet Union had been a More than occasional Thorn in the Side of the departed president. Others like emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia had recently enjoyed his hospitality at the White House. 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