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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Saratoga results Bennington Banner tuesday november 23, 1965-9 bus All stars a Dennis Edson Center left and Craig Fedor Center right Burr and Burton footballers receive congratulations from their coaches Cliff Weymouth right and Carl Rice after their selection on the Marble Valley league All Star team. Fedor a senior fullback was the bulldogs leading ground gainer and Edson a Junior guard was a standout on offence and defense. Bus Junior Vince Clark and senior Sidney Cook placed on the Mil second team and Jim Fleming received honorable mention. Bus Mal zone bounced by botox a few Good seasons left by Dick Dek up sports writer Boston up a the Boston red sox figure Frank Malzone is a Over the they said so last week by placing him on waivers for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release. But Malzone who will be 36 years old feb. 28, has other ideas. He believes he a got two or three seasons left in his Quick Glove and steady Bat. And he has a record of durability that says he could be quite right. Two questions remain to be answered. They Are whether Malzone can catch on with another major league club and if not whether hell take the proposed but unspecified Job a in our operations that was offered by the red sox. Malzone a removal from the Boston roster announced by general manager Dick of Connell and confirmed by Field Boss Billy Herman lopped one of the biggest salaries off the red sox payroll. Malzone a contract was estimated at $35,000, a figure reached while he was playing third base for 150 or More games a year Over eight successive years a until he dipped to 105 games last season. The red sox admitted trying and failing to make a Deal for the right handed hitting infielder. The chances Are that the size of his contract was a bit too much for most clubs a even though Many Are in the Market for a steady third baseman. Malzone is waiting and hoping for a Call from another club before going into the Boston Job offer. Malzone was admittedly a bit disturbed about his release. A if i played the whole year and hit .210 i know i would have had it. But after the All Star break i hit about .350 but i was in and out of the Malzone wound up with a.239 average with three homers and 34 runs batted in. Those Marks reduced but not badly his Hinsdale raceway entries tuesday november 23rd first Trot $400 1. Souled milk a Litchfield 2. Edgewood Glens a Mccarthy 3. Joey boy a Allen 4. Golden Echo a height 5. Shady Dale flutter a Houle 6. Tyson Al a Richardson 7. A cos nibble a Reynolds 5. Swartley Hanover a Sheehy a Van mite a Plante rhapsody is a Collins second Pace $400 1. Steven Mckloy a Landry 2. Nan Jean a Kane 3. Mugs Pride a Carlisle 4. Etta graph Cassidy 3. Lulls Glens a it Faucher 6. Georgl Volo a Collins 7. Jimmy cry a silk or. $. Volo a Haight guts known of values your family Christmas Center 27 shopping Days left till Christmas a traffic manager a Mccarthy f rank Symbol a Landry third Pace $400 1. Natalie Dunlo a Wolf 2. Edna Leo a Tremblay 3. Miss Choice time a Price 4. Mar tree miss a Faucher 5. Be Van spirits a marshal 6. Lucy a four a Accardy 7. Frisky Dillon a Lochenour 8. Yellow Brook Queen a Marzlano fourth Trot $400 1. Tara a Litchfield 2. Red glory a Constantine 3. Arch Andy a Mccarthy 4. Tuition a Collins 5. Country style a silk 6. Scott a rambler a Lour in 7. Miss Nat a Stone 8. Henry a Pride a Palladino fifth Pace $400 1. Julia the great a Mccarthy 2. Noble k a Faucher 3. Homestretch Beth a Marshall 4. Miss True Lee a Carlisle 5. Add worthy a Carlucci 6. Miss Divot a Clough 7. Yellow Brook Champ a Marzlano 8. Dandy Light a Haight a june Elkington a Carlucci sixth Pace $400 1. Mighty Mack a Mccarthy 2. Cardinal Choice a Clough 3. Suzanna Rodney a Landry 4. Ceder Crest Ace a Faucher 5. Prince Pence a Long 6. Gay Maundy a Lour in 7. Duffy a scotch a Faucher 8. Frisco Whit a Harp seventh Trot $500 1. Coin collector a Price 2. Recoup a Stewart 3. Ladd Hanover a Letendre 4. Or. Scotch a Brown 5. Frosty dares a Smith 6. Ballola a Allen 7. Blite Hardy eighth Pace $500 1. Timmy k a Reynolds 2. Justuce Hanover a Faucher 3. Frisky freight a Kane 4. Fire Bird a Haight 5. Peter g Scott a silk 6. Spices Bud 7. Latue Knight Mare ninth Pace $400 1. Red Rice a Harp 2. Wills Bloom a Harp 3. Lucky highness a Reynolds 4. Hal Wayne a Allen 5. Dyna yellow Brooks Marzlano 6. Chipper m 7. Jobo a Smith 8. Groton boy a Faucher american league career Marks of a .278 lifetime batting average with homers in the teens and runs batted in ranging Between 71 and 105 Over the eight season Span the most important Story is told in the games played column however. In his eight full seasons Malzone played in 153, 155, 154, 152, 151, 156, 151 and 148 games. That Isnit a record for third basemen but it Isnit far from it. Who is going to play third base for the red sox Dalton Jones split the Job with Frank last season but he a not expected to make it. The red sox Are instead banking on 22-year old Joe Foy the International leagues most valuable player last season while playing a Good third base and batting .302 for Bostons Toronto farm. That business of putting a a a can to miss tag on Foy is a dangerous business at Best. And its the most puzzling aspect so far As Malzone is concerned. A a in a like to play for another club not just catch on. I think i can a Good Job. If i found i nobody would have to release me. I want to play if i the Fin a Poe in $481 4 tog Day Mckenna 3.40 2.80 2.40 4 gentle girl Mcquigge 3.00 2.20 i rebel land abbe Watson 2.40 also a Cleo racier Princess. A. E., Buddie c Jersey lightning. Scratched a Pearly z. Time 2 11.2 second Pace mile $488 4 erics Prince Tingley 37.40 1040 5.00 5 Milsoe Poyer $ 20 4.43 Hillsdale results monday Nev. 22, ins first Trot mile $400 5 whisper advice Carlisle 9.00 3.20 2 40 4 Van mite panic 240 2.20 7 Harley s Choice Dewolf 3 00 also a follow Mcellen Tyson d., Brown King song watchword. Time 2 18.3 second Pace mile $40$ i William Dell Smith 5.40 3.40 2.80 4 High Sierra Marshall 5.40 3.00 5 fair Side snippy Ottison 7.00 Alco a Damon Gratton Lucky sign Short fuse scotch War Success Clyde. Time 2 20 2 doily double 5-1 paid $2114 third Trot mile $4007 Hardy boy Stewart 5 of 2 80 4 20 s Cindy Peck Talbot. Harp 3 80 3 20 3 Mountain Grattan Mattoon 4 of also a Airo nor Toby Jimmy Reody sort sym void scratched a yellow Brook Gem. Fourth Poce Mil $400 1 watch key Reynolds 520 4.00 3 80 7 Gerald Mir Landry 4.00 3.20 4 mighty Judy Church. 500 also a fair Tomeio Rondy sugar babe s Tony Diamond spirit. Time 2 20 fifth Trot mile $408 7 shod Dole flutter Houle 1.80 3 40 2 80 5 shining Knight Reynolds 3.00 2 20 3 Able pick Mccarthy 3.60 also a David a., Scott a rambler Bobble Joe Volo. Scratched a Success Andy. Time 2 21.3 sixth Pace mile Moo 5 Prim Adios Mccarthy 4 20 2 60 2.20 8 Juio Rose Abbot Allen 2 80 220 2 n. Mas Bill Reynolds 2 60 a Iso a Dionne Lind Verna Duke Lolo Star Luzy scratched a Sonny land. Time 2 17.3 seventh Pace mile Moo 4 Golden Mist Houle 8 60 4 20 5.20 6 charming Wilson Landry 31.20 10 20 3 dust pm Smith 8 10 also Ash m Don Duke Flanagan att on Vernon Vicry to Amish chief. Time 2 19 i eighth Pace. . Moo 2 Wil John Harp 4 40 3 80 3.20 5 Laura Adios Wykowski 3 80 3.00 3 Afton Doce Ber by Ivoyne 3.60 also a Tommy s Tweed Don rap. W e. Abut Mill Hells Woy scratched Princess Choice time 2 17.3 ninth Pace mile Moo 7 Cicer the Way Ink 9 40 4 60 2 6c 3 Breezy Doon Church 3 80 2 60 i Tossye a waybill. Stewart 3 00 also a direct Over sensation Oneco chert Tim 2 21.1 attendance 627 handle $31,514 Aba Eastern division w. L. Pct. Boston Cincinnati Philadelphia be v York Lull to 6 .688 .688 .625 la .358 Western division w. L. Pct. Los Angeles san Francisco St. Louis Baltimore Detroit 12 7 to 9 6 8 8 13 4 14 .632 .526 .429 .381 .222 monday s results san Francisco 112 St. Louis 108 Only game scheduled tuesdays games Cincinnati is. Detroit at new York san Francisco at new York Only games scheduled for Iii i or com in acts of Mooers Cook in. 4 Burner electric Range 149 95 furniture co. 519-529 main Street Bennington Vermont phone 2-5346 -�?�8 k great gift a a for any Man Ujj who knows where or he a going i Edn cooking with a nameless electric Range Sei Thi new models Central Stoe in today Vermont Public service Corr. 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Block Harp Nancy s Melody. Time 2 17.4 fifth puce mile $488 2 Elvin Rose Croft Goodsell 4.20 3.00 2.20 4 Donald g. Byrd Heeney 5.80 3.40 4 lumber lad Olin 2 80 also a buddy Comet Avon boy go East torrid direct. Scratched a k. Chatt Dale Bobo. Time 2 17.8 sixth Poce mile $408 1 Runnymede june Franklin 4.20 7 80 2 80 2 Colonie boy Jevons 2.80 2.80 4 Stoney Koz Moier 3.40 also a miss Kalona Murry Diamond Mickey Macpherson promo to. Scratched a poor. Time 2 15.8 seventh Poce mile $40$ 1 lady Mcgill Heeney 9.00 3.40 3.00 2 Patsy Dillon Tingley 2.80 2 60 7 Ben Becker Fox 5.00 also a Little Guy put frn Dongo Estrellita Mary Byrd. Scratched a miss Moville direct. Time 2 17.2 eighth Trot mile $909 5 sugar loot Manzul 12.80 4 60 3 20 7 Paula special Mckenna 480 $.40 6 Hawes pick Davis 5.00 also general Sampson Diller Dell Ginger sort Nywood Rodney Guy. Time 2 16.4 ninth Pace mile $800 i Canadian rhythm Lon try 5 20 3.80 too 3 cold Spring Bill Mckenna 4.40 3.20 5 fleets Pride Wells 3-40 also a Bomer Pat now John Runnymede Puzzle Topaz Comanche. Scho Lmont. Time 2 14 tenth Poce mile $488 3 e h j. Coville h to 7.80 $.80 7 Victor escort Coppola 4 80 4.80 i Seaway Captain to bore 3 00 also a miss Knox Hills cold Waters. Colome girl Harvey girl shod Dole Sparky time 2 19 4 attendance 1.137 handle $124,886. Saratoga raceway entries tuesday november 23, 1985 Ferst-Ttot-1 Mue-1800 1. Dippy Comet a Annese 2. Frisky Jimmy a Dunn 3. Collyer a Pride a Goodsey 4. Damon h. A Heeney 5. Pain c. A Randall or. 6. Rexford Hanover a Horvath 7. Bar Harbor a Coppola 8. Mcguire Hanover second-Pace-1 Mue-$800 1. Glory Wyn a Watson 2. Meadow Phil a Hamilton 3. Gracias Pride a Coppola 4. Diamond Hayes 5. Shady Marvel a Derizzo 6. Chaps boy a Arthurs 7. Chuckery Corners a Butcher 8. Summer storm a Olin third-Trot-1 mlle-$800 1. Success pert a Davis 2. Shady Dale biscuit a folder 3. Discretion a Mcgee 4. Ells dares a Langtry 5. Old Torney a Dev Lezzlo 6. Onward Diamond a Motsiff 7. magic a Heeney 8. Moon shooter a Peck Harn f of rth-Pace-1 Mue-$600 1. Trusty Prince a Dev Lezzlo 2. Evelyn mite a Desantis 3. Sportsman boy a Arthurs 4. Algiers Only a Peck Ham 5. Follow tag a Poyer 6. Darn handsome a Cramer 7. Sharon Nevin 8. Houston express fifth-Pace-1 mlle-$e00 1. Meadow Fanny a Garnsey 2. Symbol Brooke a Desantis 3. Rhythm kid a Watson 4. Weldon Creed a Hamilton 5. Ensign Wyn a Fox 6. Lady mum mum a Poyer 7. Raymond water a Hughes 8. Bet u cookie a Herrington sixth-Pace-1 Mue-$600 1. Senator Scott a Labarge 2. Kennedy express a Mcquigge 3. Jarrettown Cliff a Arthurs 4. Hurricane Nellie a Spencer 5. Bomb h. A o Connor 6. Shady Dale Luster a Davis 7. Big tree Joe a Bennett 8. Sure Mill a Heeney seventh-Ttot-1 mlle-$1200 1. Spring Ginger Coppola 2. Cash freight a Langtry 3. Terra flight a Heeney 4. Old timer a Butcher 5. Cla Haven Triton a Franklin 6. Demon Meg a slyer 7. Alotta a Arthurs 8. Colonie Prince a Jevons a ingenious eighth-Pace-1 Mue-$700 1. Sharp threat a Hamilton 2. Linda a first a Serge 3. Flashy Demon a Arthurs 4. Sara Blaze a Coppola 5. Ii Bradley a Spencer or. 8. Jester chief a Bogardus 7. Imperial Star a Lamb 8. Moonshine a Heeney ninth-Pace-1 mlle-$900 1. Irish tar a Garnsey 2. Ambro Ensign a Hughes 3. Post kill Johnnie a Watson 4. Marion e. Volo a Poyer 5. Victory Wreath a Heeney 6. Red rustler a Franklin 7. Sunny Malone a Bogardus tenth-Pace-1 mile-$600 1. Danger signal a Arthurs 2. Charming Chic a Tingley 3. A. direct a Olin 4. Princess Mollie g. A Oakes 5. Crackdown a Davis 6. Suzanne a Jet a Silver 7. Shady Dale Ida Rea 8. Cla Haven Delight a Peck Ham automated . Bigger buying Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. She serving thanksgiving dinners 1-4 . Turkey and roast beef reservations appreciated closed tuesdays j St of of. 31 j i Arr a c .17 Cut 64�?T Firestone opening Economy Auto stores inc. 530 mum St open in night All Day sat Bennington it v i it

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