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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Chance of Snow variable cloudiness tonight with Chance of a Little Light Snow. No important temperature changes. Wednesday fair and colder. Yesterdays High 43 Low 33 today at 7 ., 35. Total precipitation .19. Sunset 4 21 . Sunrise 6 57 The planet Mars is still visible Low in the Western horizon below the planet Venus. Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday november 23, 1965 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,923 to cents a medium vote reported in special election rhodesian police act to prevent strikes Montpelier up a Early reports from scattered Vermont communities showed a Light voter turnout today in the historic court ordered general legislative election. It was snowing in the Northern portion of the state but fab and Milder weather was reported generally in the South. Balloting in Bennington was termed at noon a medium and better than expected by one election worker. The vote in the Bennington Woodford election District was considered heavier than in the primary election and at the Eagle Hose fire station polling place for subdistrict 2an election worker said the vote was a very at the elementary school polling place for sub District 3. The vote was termed a slow and at the Willow Road fire House polling place for subdistrict ithe vote was considered a better than a heavier vote was expected after 5 . In Manchester the vote was considered a Light but heavier than it might have been a by town clerk miss Clara May Hemenway. By la 115 voters had balloted out of a checklist of 1509. The vote according to miss Hemenway was slightly heavier than at the same time in balloting in primary elections last month. More than 170 years of tradition will be replaced with social Justice for Urban dwellers and the state legislature will Start representing people instead of places in today selections. But a sense of history and the obvious importance of today a court ordered legislative elections does not seem to have today. 102-year-old votes new Freeman a oath needed Poultney Upp. A George l. Stevenson is a Blind old Man with Many memories. He a 102. Abraham Lincoln was president when Stevenson was born in new York City sold Chelsea neighbourhood. The civil War was raging. Slavery was the Law of the land in the South. George Stevenson also is hard of hearing. But he still has a Century of memories. He remembers being a banker a director of the . Mint a husband and father of casting a vote for Grover Cleveland. And he remembers being a poet and putting words Down on paper. But one thing he does no to remember is if he Ever took his Freeman a oath. Now in Vermont you have to take the Freeman a oath if you want to vote. Today the state is going to elect representatives and senators to its re apportioned legislature. It is going to be an historic event. And George Stevenson who has lived through the most vicious conflicts the world has Ever known who has seen the nation go from horse and buggy to manned space flights wants to make sure he gets in on history. But because he prove he Ever took the Freeman a oath it appeared that he might not be Able to cast a ballot even though he had been on the town of Rupert a Check list for 40 years. Last week Daniel v. Debonis jr., a notary Public went to Happy acres nursing Home and George Stevenson took his Freeman a oath. Stevenson is a retired banker a financier a capitalist of the old school. So you would think head carry the colors of the grand old party. Not on your life. A a in be been a Democrat All my life a he says. A and my father was too. He ran for Congress on the democratic ticket. And lost. A too bad. He was a Good George Stevenson May make a Little history himself today. From All indications it appears As if he will be the oldest voter in the state. Johnsons plan family thanksgiving Johnson City Tex. Up a president and mrs. Johnson Are planning a traditional thanksgiving Celebration thursday with Turkey and All the trimmings. The guest list so far is a just family but with the Johnson a hospitality that is always an open end affair. Caught on in the Green Mountain state. Other than paid political advertisements in the news Media political dinners attended by the party faithful and an occasional sound truck blaring the Wisdom of voting the Hoff team Little was said about the election by the Man on the Street who casts the deciding vote. Campaigns by both parties have been marked by Lack of real issues. Democrats stressed the need for electing a legislature with which democratic gov. Philip h. Hoff can work and which will support his legislative programs. And yet when democratic candidates needed the support of the governor who is probably the most popular chief executive the state has had for years he was in the far East and Europe building his image for possible future use. The gop plugged away on the need for sending people to Montpelier who will not be rubber Stamps and who will save the state from socialism and fiscal irresponsibility. Voters seemed to pay Little attention to claims by either party and an air of general apathy the main characteristic of the electorate. Less than to per cent of the states 200,000 voters bothered to turn out for the primary election last month. Today a weather forecast of cold snowy or Rainy weather was practically guaranteed to not to help bring out a Large vote. And yet both parties urged the voters to turn out in droves. Today selections Are the result of a supreme court ruling in 1962 Baker v. Carr that one Many a vote shall equal another a. The Vermont House was a perfect example of How some people were More equal than others. The House by Vermont Law had 246 representatives one from each town and City. Stratton with a population of 38 had its representative. Burlington with a population of 35,000 had its representative. The House is charged with originating Money matters in the state. Thus under the old apportionment less than 12 per cent of the population controlled the House and by doing so controlled the Money. The Senate while More representative of the people was based on geography and not see election Page 12, col. 2 Coffee break selectmen a agent mrs. Alma Lang Lois and Village trustee Joseph Carroll take time out for a Coffee break while working As polling place workers in the special legislative elections today. Hamilton Bulawayo Rhodesia up a police opened fire today on Black nationalist demonstrators who stoned a bus killing one of them. Fifty four others were arrested in moves by the rebel rhodesian government to prevent strikes called by african political groups. The african slain this morning was Cut Down on the main Street of the a Lopoma Section on the outskirts of Bulawayo. This is the suburb where officers with dogs monday fired shots into the air to break up an anti government protest by thousands. The nationalist groups were mounting the most serious anti government demonstrations since Rhodesia declared Russia orbits new sputnik Moscow up a Russia which claims the Best rockets in the world used one of them today to launch its 56th satellite of the year into orbit. The new sputnik was a Cosmos 96�?�, the latest in a three year series of unmanned satellites that have been used to study Orbital conditions gather weather data and according to some american on officials american keep an Eye military moves. More missile Sites destroyed by . Planes in North Viet Saigon up �?. Planes and ships of the . 7th Fleet today bombarded a communist Force of 2,000 men which had inflicted heavy casualties on South vietnamese troops in attacks on five government coastal Strong Points near Tuy Hoa. In the air War a . Spokesman said . Air Force planes attacking with Zuni rockets swept in through a barrage of anti aircraft fire and destroyed two missile Sites in North Viet Nam monday and crippled a strategic Airport 50 Miles from Hanoi. No . Losses were reported. The communists began the fighting at Tuy Hoa 50 Miles below the big port of qui Nhon and 220 Miles Northeast of Saigon with an attack monday night against a government company defending a Bridge 15 Miles to the North. Most of the company was wiped out. The assault on Tuy Hoa was the second major communist attack in two Days against government coastal positions and represented at least a temporary shift in communist strategy away from . Troops who inflicted a series of stinging defeats in Highlands last week. The government rushed a a reaction Force of armoured vehicles North from Tuy Hoa to help the outnumbered defenders but the Viet Cong waited until the Middle of the Relief column was Well into an ambush and struck with machine guns mortars and recoilless Rifle fire. Its Independence from Britain 12 Days ago. Bulawayo is an Industrial City second largest in the nation about 250 Miles Southwest of the capital Salisbury. The africans were picked up by police who were worried that More strike Calls would be issued today. About half of the regions african workers stayed Home monday but by late ter noon Many had a change of heart and reported to their jobs. Thousands of africans mounted a protest monday night in the mop Ooma township on the outskirts of the City. Five riot control trucks and scores of helmeted police moved into the crowds with German Shepherd dogs and guns at the ready. When the demonstrators began pelting the vehicles with stones and rocks police started shooting into the air and the police dogs strained at the Leash. No tear Gas was used against the crowds which formed behind a barricade of overturned trash cans. The Popo a disturbance climaxed a Day of minor protests in the Bulawayo Region. A reporter and photographer from the Bulawayo chronicle were slightly injured when a Rock went through the Windshield of their automobile. A team of newsmen arranged a meeting with police officials today to discuss alleged harassment by authorities against reporters covering the Story Here. The government of rebel Premier Ian Smith issued a statement in Salisbury which said police in Bulawayo had dispersed a gangs of hooligans milk newspaper and Telegraph a delivery services were curtailed because of t h e protests but railroads were operating normally. The challenges were the largest yet by the african nationalist movement against the Smith government which rules a nation of 3.9 million africans and 220,000 Whites. Rebel agriculture minister lord Graham declared monday night it would Cost British manufacturers $39.2 million to replace rhodesian tobacco with american grown Leaf. Britain has Cut off Trade with the rebel regime and will look elsewhere for tobacco Rhodesia a primary Export. The 2 Newyork May compensate crime victims Albany . A atty. Gen. Louis j. Lefkowtz said monday that a proposal to compensate victims of crime in new York state will be presented to the state legislature at the coming session. He said the matter has been under serious study by his office since it was suggested last january by gov. Nelson Rockefeller. The attorney general said plans now in effect in new zealand England and California Are being studied As possible guides to new York legislation. Victims of serious crimes such As assaults and rapes and survivors of murdered persons have been mentioned As those who should be eligible for recompense from the state. The theory behind such legislation includes the argument that the state is responsible for protecting citizens from such crimes. The first Bill to be prettier in the Assembly this year provides for compensation similar to that in California but Lefko Witz noted the California Law is still basically in the a a experimental stage. He said he would try to have a recommendation ready for the governors annual message to the legislature but added a series of Public hearings must be held first. The attorney general concluded by saying that some proposal of this nature would certainly be made during the session. Vermont Federal court bound by defendants rights ruling on the inside Falls Board wholeheartedly approves new ordinance regulating drinking in Public Page 6. Bennington firm wins Manchester town office bid Page 6. Planning conscious Bennington county finds itself Lucky with two professional planners residing in Arlington a Page 7. Federal mediators heartened by Progress of strike talks Washington up a in the Way of settlement. Union and management Neotia the striking machinists had tors reached tentative agree complained that the Job Defini ment today on a key Issue in tons were too loosely drawn in the five Day old machinists the old contract keeping some strike against Mcdonnell air employees in a lower class Ifica Craft corp. Tion while they perform High neither Side commented As level jobs bargaining resumed with the the threat of a strike caused assistance of Federal mediators delay in the scheduled dec. 4 but it was Learned there was launch of the gemini 7 general Accord on the Issue of spaceship was lifted monday a Job specifications a regarded when the striking International As one of the toughest obstacles association of machinists Kennedy menu rial Massachusetts dignitaries attend a memorial service monday in the state House Hall of flags in Boston to Mark the second anniversary of the assassination of pres. John f. Kennedy. Listening As gov. John a. Volpe Speaks Are from right foreground Senate pres. Maurice Donahue it. Gov. Elliot Richardson Richard Cardinal Cushing atty. Gen Edward Brooke gov. Volpe and sgt. At arms John t. Cavanaugh. Greed to permit 200 of its members to go Back to their jobs at Cape Kennedy. Mcdonnell manufactures gemini capsules and the Navy a f4 phantom Jet fighters. In order to keep gemini 7 on target the Federal space Agency had been using 43 supervisory employees and technicians from Mcdonnell. But the need for More technicians would have been Felt later this week when preparations Start for a flight rehearsal. Willaim e. Simkin director of the Federal mediation and conciliation service said he and labor Secretary w. Willard Wirtz had requested Iam officials to approve the return to work at Cape Kennedy. He said space officials told him the return of the workers is expected to keep the gemini 7 launch on schedule. Gemini 7, with astronauts a rank Borman and James Lovell aboard is scheduled to orbit the Earth for a record shattering 14 Days. On the ninth Day it is to stage a near rendezvous with gemini 6, piloted by Walter m. Schurra or. And Thomas p. Stafford. Eugene Glover general vice president of the Iam and head of the unions negotiating team Here said the Union Felt the decision to permit the Cape Kennedy workers to return to their jobs a will serve the Best interest of the Public and Robert c. Krone Mcdonnell vice president and head of the company a negotiators said he appreciated the unions acceptance of the request. A it indicates the Union along with the company has the Best interest of the country at heart Quot he commented. New York a the United states court of appeals for the second circuit which includes new York Connecticut and Vermont ruled monday that a suspect does not have a constitutional right to be informed by the police in the initial stage of investigation of his right to remain silent or have a Law yer. In two similar decisions which will be binding on Federal courts in the three states the court ruled that a coerced confessions made during this period can be used at trials. The rulings were directly opposite to last months decision by the court of appeals for the third circuit embracing new Jersey Pennsylvania and Delaware. This court held that a suspect had to be told of his rights immediately upon arrest. The second circuit did agree however that a time must come during an investigation when a suspect must be told of his right to counsel and the right to remain silent. It did not specify when that moment arrives leaving the question to be answered by the supreme court. The question of confessions which has plagued courts throughout the country is expected to be clarified shortly by the . Supreme court. It has been besieged by cases charging violations of the fifth and sixth amendments which pertain to self incrimination and due process of Law and to traits and counsel. Because of the importance of the issues raised in confession cases the second circuit decided last May to review seven cases with All eight members sitting rather than the customary three. Of the seven cases the court ruled on two yesterday. Two were previously disposed of but they did not meet squarely the issues of police procedure. Three cases Are still undecided. Chief judge j. Edward Lum Bard who wrote opinions in both of yesterdays cases said the Constitution did not invariably require a that a suspect must be advised of his right to silence and the advice of counsel immediately upon his arrest and before he is questioned or makes any statement to the writing for the majority judge Lumbard said it was a highly undesirable to Lay Down a Rule which would deprive the police of the Opportunity to question suspects and to use such statements As Are found to have been Given voluntarily and to have been procured fairly a a in our country a he continued a a most valuable right of Law abiding citizens who make up the great majority of our people is the right to be protected against lawbreakers and Calm see Federal court Page 12, col. 2 Warren court the . Supreme court poses monday for its first picture since Abe Fortas standing right replaced Arthur Goldberg now . Ambassador to the United nations. In the front Row is chief Justice Earl Warren Center flanked by associate justices Tom c. Clark and Hugo l. Black left William o. Douglas and John m. Harlan right. Standing Are associate justices Byron r. White William j. Brennan jr., Potter Stewart and Fortas. Up High court to act on confessions Washington up a Ina move that will Bear on the Fate of thousands of accused and convicted felons the . Supreme court will set the conditions under which confessions made without an attorney present can be used in trials. The court announced monday after an unusual late afternoon conference it would hear four cases which raise Points in connection with the Issue. The justices will heal arguments on the cases later in this term. Controversy Over the subject of incriminating statements to police has raged in Legal circles since a june 22, 1964, supreme court ruling in the Case of Danny Escobedo whose conviction of his brother in Law in Chicago was overturned by the High court. A

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