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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner tuesday november 23, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a revolutionary Council As the last session of the Vatican Council draws to an end it strikes a solid round note of moderation. In this it reflects the style of Pope Paul i who has generally been careful to avoid extremes. The Popes tendency to a Middle course was particularly exemplified last week when he announced the first Steps toward ultimate canonization of his two immediate predecessors Pius Xii and John Xxiii. Pope John of course symbolizes the progressive movement in the most striking Way while Pope Pius has come to be the Symbol of conservatism for those who fear the Council has moved too fast. The present Pope does not go along with either View but he has affirmed in the strongest terms the personal Sanctity of both men. The moderation of the councils closing should not be allowed to obscure its Overall effects. When the last session began there was apprehension among progressives that the Council could wind up i conclusively and that conservatives might gain Back All the ground they had lost earlier. However this has not happened. Whatever ones Point of View he must acknowledge that a editors motes today a the Day. In just a few hours we will know whether Bennington ans have decided to keep Vermont moving ahead by voting democratic or to save Vermont by voting Republican. Jim Wallace Republican candidate from subdistrict 3 for the state legislature who is running for Public office for the first time acted like a seasoned campaigner saturday night when he arrived at democratic Headquarters in the midst of a rally. We re sure hell always treasure the picture of it. Gov. John j. Daley and Max Perrotta one of his opponents reaching out to grasp his hand. Wallace proved that he not Only has a Fine sense of Public relations but a sense of humor to Boot which should stand him in Good Stead if he is sent to Montpelier. The various subcontractors who worked on the new Bennington Post office have every right to be disgruntled if they have not As they claim been paid. What a equally disturbing is town treasurer Michael j. Hogans report that the Hutchinson realty Trust owner of the Post office building has not paid its 1965 property taxes. This is All rather ironic for when the announcement of the construction of the new building was first made Post office department officials pointed out that one of the advantages of a privately owned Post office is that its owners would pay property taxes just As any other property owner does. The old Post office on South Street the officials reminded us is government prop the thrust of this Council has been revolutionary. And it has produced More results than almost anyone would have thought Likely when its plan was first announced by Pope John in 1959. Consider a partial list of these results As summarized by the new York times religious editor John Cogley an ecumenical spirit toward those of other faiths a Clear affirmation of religious Liberty for All men whatever their Faith an enlarged role for the laity the use of the vernacular in the Liturgy an endorsement of a responsible parenthood a a that is the idea that couples themselves should decide conscientiously How Many children to have while yet observing the churches teaching on contraceptive Means and a promised Reform of the roman curia and restructuring of the holy office the much criticized watchdog of Catholic doctrine. The French Catholic poet Peguy described a revolution As an Appeal from a less perfect tradition to a More perfect one. If the liberating spirit of the progressives is As they believe the True spirit of christianity then the second Vatican Council is in this sense a full fledged revolution. Erty and therefore produces no tax Revenue for the town. Hmm. Imagine what downtown Bennington would be like if it were reserved entirely for pedestrians. No drag racing on main Street. No problem going from a store on one Side of the Street to a store on the other Side. No More hard feelings about parallel is. Diagonal parking. Benches Trees and Flowers where the Center of the Street now is. This has All been suggested by planning consultant John c. Burdis and it might work if traffic can be successfully routed around this a pedestrian mall a a and if plenty of parking spaces Are provided around the fringes for shoppers. We and the planners Are anxious to hear what the Public reaction to this rather dramatic proposal is. A Driver education Bill the enactment of which the state motor vehicle department May seek during the 1966 special legislative session would probably require Driver training As a required part of the curriculum in schools throughout the state. It would apparently be designed to get Young Drivers off to a Good Start and halt the disastrous increase in the states traffic fatality rate. Before passing final judgment on the proposal we would be interested in seeing statistics showing that graduates of Driver training courses Are better and safer Drivers than those who learn on a Back country Road. With every member of the family Reading a different James Bond Book there is the danger of picking up the wrong one and finishing a Story you never started. A Mew Haven Register. K5 v $4 of von want it that to wac was these Days Kennedy Brothers work both sides of the Street thanks to it at it. W Ashington calling democrats fearful of setbacks in key state election Battles by Marquis Childs Washington. Looking Over the prospects for 1966 and the congressional elections a year from now democratic strategists Are increasingly fearful of a major setback. Without the magnetic pull of Lyndon Baines Johnson at the head of the ticket they see the big administration majorities from the 1964 landslide badly mauled. These forebodings come out of careful study of the scattered election returns this Yeti but even More important from a growing awareness of the swampy ground ahead for the party in Power. Two quagmires that Promise difficult and dangerous going a the deepening War in Viet Nam and the conflict and confusion in the poverty program a Are especially worrisome. A 0�?o the political consequences of a ground War in Asia involving several Hundred thousand american troops with a More and More vociferous of it position demanding a Quick Victory by expanded bombing Are unpredictable. But the spin off from the tug of War Between the big City Bosses and the poverty managers with notions about How the show must be run is already evident. The reverberations Are loud in the big City states where democratic organizations Are fractured and weary with the ancient pattern of payoff showing through. Four states new York Pennsylvania Ohio and California a Are being put on the democrats intensive care list. Illinois May also come in for special treatment As Chicago a mayor Richard Daley breathes Defiance at the poverty specialists and the civil rights leaders who demand an end of de Facto segregation in the Public schools. These Are the key states in a nationwide election and what happens in these great fiefdoms in 66 is therefore of the utmost importance for 1968. Of the five California the richest and the most populous is letter thanks for 11 a a to the editor of the Banner the wife and family of nor Mand Gauvin the truck Driver who was seriously injured in an Accident on Vermont 9 in Woodford last thursday would like to express their appreciation to the Many people who came to his assistance. We especially want to thank Richard Slade and or. And mrs. Brett of Cassanova n.y., who stayed with and encouraged Gauvin until help arrived or. Roderick Humphreys of Bennington the physician who eased his pain at the scene and particularly the Bennington Rescue squad. Without the squad s prompt and expert performance in extricating him from the wreckage the result could have been tragic. Mrs. Normand Gauvin. Or. And mrs. . May. Pittsfield mass. Considered to be in the most critical condition. For there the menacing threat is a right Wing takeover under the persuasion of an actor now having a Public relations reconditioning from Goldwater ism to a plausible moderation. A of Ronald Reagan seems at the. Int almost certain to win the Republican nomination for governor. He has a powerful organization behind him with unlimited Money and he is already far ahead of a scattered Field of comparatively unknown contenders. The question then is whether gov. Edmund g. Pat Brown running for a third term can defeat Reagan. California democrats Are engaged in fratricidal warfare. The party if indeed it can be called a party is made up of warring tribes determined to do each other in. The California democratic clubs on the left have just frustrated Browne a Effort to purge their Leader. And the governor s old rival Jesse Unruh from his Power position in the state legislature is breathing doubt and distrust. In los Angeles mayor Sam Yorty threatens to get into the democratic primary which would damage Brown even if he should win. Little or nothing has been done to transform the ugly situation left in the aftermath of the Watts riot. With the negroes reported sullen and resentful the White population is fearful of a repeat. A of adding u p this political arithmetic the answer for the democrats would seem to be a Goose egg. They take Hope from the fact that the republicans Are also split a half dozen ways. And they add that in the Clinch Good old Pat always comes through no matter How bumbling and Uncertain he May look right up to the last two weeks of the election Campaign. In the showdown the voters will decide not for Brown but against Reagan. And despite the care of the Reagan handlers he Breaks away now and then As he did recently in calling for More bombing in North Viet Nam to reduce the country to a parking lot and let the boys come Home by Christmas. As for new York the second state democratic strategists along with most observers dismiss John v. Lindsay a Victory in the new York City mayoralty race As a personal Triumph having next to nothing to do with party. While it May be whistling past the graveyard they say that Frank o Connor who ran 199,-000 votes ahead of Lindsay for president of the City Council and swamped Lindsay a candidate can defeat gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Despite nudging from party leaders Rockefeller seems Bent on running for a third term although his popularity is at an All time Low. In Pennsylvania the democratic organization is in the hands of Bosses with an old fashioned tired look. The liberals led by sen. Joseph Clark Are in opposition. But the net effect has been to Divide the party into hostile fractions. The title of the drama of 66 could be will Success spoil the democratic party it has spoiled other parties in the past and the Lindsay portent suggests there is an alternative. By John Chamberlain san Juan puerto Rico. Its going to be hard to beat the Kennedy in the Lon term fight to control the democratic party. The main reason is that they have two entries in the Power sweepstakes. If sen. Bobby Kennedy of new York can to make it sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is always there As the Backstop. What makes them so formidable for the Long term is that they Are admirably fitted by temperament to work different sides of the Street. As a family they can make up on the Candy what they lose on the peanuts. A of this was evident Here when sen. Ted dropped in from Southeast Asia to address a meeting of the National conference of state legislative leaders held at the puerto Rico Sheraton hotel. Speaking to some 300 important local politicos from All Over the United states sen. Ted took what might be termed the pro Lyndon Johnson line on our commitment in South Viet Nam. He was softness and gentleness personified in dealing with our foreign policy in Asia. The contrast Between sen. Teds utterances and the sort of thing that brother Bobby has been telling students in Chile and other latin american countries was not lost on some of the More perceptive democratic party state legislative office holders who were cupping their ears to catch nuances that Are important in considering their own futures. True enough sen. Ted did not condemn the american peace Niks who have been protesting against a a Mcnamara a like Bobby he defended the right of students to demonstrate As being wholly in Accord with the first amendment to the Constitution. Free discussion of government policy he said is in a the highest tradition of the United states. But when he turned to what he had seen on his recent tour of Southeast Asia sen. Ted said nary a word that could be construed As critical either of president Johnson or Secretary of defense Mcnamara. A of a the presidents policy a he declared a is to achieve a peaceful solution in Viet and while he admitted it was a difficult to say a who was winning the War at the moment he brought a message of Hope from Saigon to the state legislators. During the past five months he said the struggle had turned in favor of the . Sen. Ted spoke to the Point gesturing with his hands in a Way that evoked memories of his brother John f. Kennedy. His speech so the state legislators told each other was that of a a non a bras Ives character. Meanwhile almost to the Day of sen. Teds talk in puerto Rico sen. Bobby was being abrasive in Santiago Chile. Talking to some 5,000 University age youths Bobby was openly critical of Lyndon Johnson a for eign policy As it has been applied to latin America. He said our action in the dominican Republic was a mistake. And he was critical of the Bay of pigs fiasco in Cuba admit Ting that it was a a dark Day a for which his brother a administration had been responsible. The tone of his criticism could have to it. Construed As indicating that president John f. Kennedy had taken bad advice from War Hawks some of whom Are policy making. So there you have it. Sen. Bobby goes about the world addressing himself to Young people who Are to put it mildly not enamoured of taking the hard anti communist line. Sen. Ted though he is younger than Bobby does not speak to the Youthful dissidents. He impresses his listeners As being More a a Man of the if Bobby a opinions and tech. Nuques Are in Accord with the future the fact that he told the chilean students that the . Would not intervene to keep a legally elected latin american communist president from taking office will not be held against him. But if Bobby is wrong in deferring to the left then sen Ted can take Over. Presumably with Bobby As his manager. It is not necessary to believe that the Kennedy have a planned it that the situation seems to have been created quite naturally As something that is flowering from the mysteries of human personality. Patriots or red pawns veterans doves and Viet Nam by Bill Mauldin Chicago. Now that we baggy eyed liver spotted sex warriors have reached the stage in life where we can whoop up the glories of much embroidered Battles without remembering How the draft Board had to drag most of us whimpering out of the Bushes now that we can pontificate on How to win the next War without having to consider the possibility that some Supply sergeant might Call our Bluff and Issue us Back our in fitting suits of lust Erless drab and our idiot Sticks or whatever they eau rifles these Days i think it behoves us to think charitably of those members of the younger set who do not share our enthusiasm for Man s most ancient and robust sport. Recently Barry Goldwater made a statement about the defense departments refusal to let him go to Viet Nam. A they let Ted Kennedy go a he said bitterly a and he does no to even know which end of a Rifle the Bullet comes out what did Barry have in mind for himself was he planning to go As a weapons instructor or maybe to bag a trophy when a Man starts making this sort of Gung to talk you know he a too old even for the vol Sturm. Some chair Bone War Hawks actually cast aspersions on the personal courage or the very manliness of kids who question our Viet Nam policy. In a sure that in Many cases the Young peace agitators Are being exploited by sinister types and there is a Chance that demonstrations could prolong the War somewhat by giving Hanoi and peking propaganda material which portrays us As seriously split. After All it was civil dissension As much As a military Licking that got France out of Viet Nam. But even though i done to agree with the doves i feel an empathy with them in this matter. Not unwashed doves with stringy hair hanging in their guitars. There is a limit to empathy. I mean serious ones who Are genuinely troubled not just doing the a lost generation bit. A o i think the re Ason i feel for them is that i remember the greek civil War in the mid-1940 a when most of today a draft age types wore three cornered pants. Greece had been occupied for several years by the germans and the bulgarians among others. A great Many guerrillas in Greece were communist oriented. To most americans who had been warring with the germans in other parts of Southern Europe those greek guerrillas were heroes. Personally i have cared less about their political inclinations. If the patriots who had fought and suffered in the Hills wanted to take Over their corrupt demoralized government that was All right with me. In late 1944, the guerrillas and the British army drove the germans out of Greece. Not Long afterwards to almost everybody a horrified amazement the British soldiers were ordered by London to put Down by Force the guerrillas who were trying to take Over their own country. To Many of us it seemed the ultimate in cold blooded cynicism and raw imperialism. I remember i had some friends in the British eighth army in Italy and they were As ashamed As i was angry. A of after the War i came Home became a civilian and noted in the papers that the British continued their military repression in Greece. Churchill came to american to make his a Iron curtain speech in Fulton mo., and i loudly booed the old tyrant As he passed through new York where i was living. He was t Able to hear me since i lived in a tenth floor apartment and get the window open but it made me feel better. Suddenly the British said they could no longer Bear the Burden of Greece. They said it was up to us. We moved into the situation there very much As we later moved into Viet Nam after the French got out. We went through the now familiar business of first sending military a advisers a then logistical support for the government troops they getting More and More deeply involved and committed a and All against a Bunch of poor rag tag Home brewed guerrillas who wanted to run the nation they had fought to save. We were told that they were tools at the russians who under Stalin were busily spreading Over Eastern Europe but we weren to offered much proof. We seemed to be interfering in a private civil War. A of it i had had a draft card i doubt that i d have burned it. But my loyalty to my country a policies were Beverly stained and if there had been any demonstrations or picket lines Handy i know id have painted myself a sign and hit tile Street. Clearly we were acting the International brute. And anyway what cahoots with Russia How could they possibly be a threat to us after a while it was Over. A rather wobbly greek government had prevailed. With our help and we withdrew. Now that history has had a Chance to shake Down the whole affair it is established that the guerrillas were indeed russian pawns Many of them knowingly. What the British started and we helped finish in Greece turns out to have been a vital Factor in halting soviet expansionism in Europe. If they had kept rolling we would a1-most certainly have had to take them on eventually in a major War. Before Long russian policy switched toward building up their own country instead of knocking Over others. If we Are not exactly at peace with them today at least we re on terms of Mutual respect. A of obviously i think there is a corollary Between Greece then and Viet Nam now. Here a where arguments on present policy bog Down. It depends upon one s premises. Time has proven that Russia was indeed militant expansionist that Greece was part of her grand strategy and that she needed to be stopped. If one chooses to believe that China today is not militant or expansionist that she does not have designs on Southeast Asia is not a direct or potential threat to her Neil to Bors or the rest of the world if he thinks that the strife in South Viet Nam is indeed a Homespun private affair then to him of course our presence is highly debatable. To me it is not. I suppose id rather risk being a prisoner of experience than not learning from it. The youngsters who see our actions in Asia As wicked and immoral have not been through this situation before and should not be harshly judged. Finally what about the propriety of our assuming the role of International cop i remember worrying along with Many others about this for a while even after the greek situation became clearer to us. At last i came to the conclusion that the Best answer of All came from the Little dutch boy who said after standing there All night with his Finger in the Dike a there did no to seem to be anyone else around at the a a of i nt1l the United nations is fully Able to Cope with aggressions of All sizes and shapes somebody has got to play cop since we re biggest we to be stuck with it. Seem of the truly effective anti nazi i of the greek guerrillas were in Bill appear Banner. Mauldin regularly cartoons the in f

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