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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives May 25 1966, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 25, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4 a Bennie inn manner wednesday May 25, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials watch dogging the Cia Senate supporters of the move to tighten congressional supervision of the Central intelligence Agency tactfully say they Are not criticizing the Way supervision has been handled in the past. But of course they Are a and rightly so. The committee that oversees the Cia has allowed the Agency to make some woeful blunders during the past decade ranging from the u-2 spy plane incident of 1960 through the Bay of pigs fiasco of 1961 to the More recent series of misjudgments of the Saigon governments intentions in South Viet Nam. Any change that promises to better that record deserves backing. The change suggested by sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy a Minnesota does offer such a Promise and without drastic surgery. Under the Mccarthy Resolution the present informal committee composed of seven members from the armed services and appropriations committees will be enlarged by three members from the foreign relations committee and in the original proposal at least would gain its own professional full time staff. The idea is to make the supervising committee an Independent fact gathering group that can exercise a real a a watchdog role rather than merely meet for briefings by Cia officers. Inasmuch As foreign policy making and intelligence gathering Are interrelated. Editor s soles members of the local Post of the veterans of foreign wars and its auxiliary will be Selling buddy poppies on the streets of Bennington this Friday and saturday the first Days of the annual memorial Day weekend. The receipts Are used to help veterans especially those who Are handicapped or Are in hospitals and convalescent Homes and to perpetuate the memory of those who have fallen in Battle. One cent from the Sale of each poppy goes to support the vow National Home for orphans of veterans at Eaton rapids mich., which since world War i has housed clothed and educated hundreds of children left behind by men who died on battlefields. This years Sale is especially important because americans Are fighting and dying again on foreign soil. The Sale of each poppy will help alleviate the suffering of Many of these fighting men and their families. Bennington ans should make a Point of buying a poppy this weekend. Comment a most observant month Springfield Union Thole is something us it it May besides Tho Awakening of Spring that sets it aside from Tho other i i months. It has an especially Large number of National this or that Days weeks and months. Some Are worthy observances others Little More than press agents brainstorms. According to Spinrad a Day and Date service the whole month is variously labelled for National Home improvement senior citizens National radio National tavern car care american Bike National salad and White bread sales. Perhaps special recognition should go to a new York is a great place to visit or live the idea also is to maintain the lines of communications Between the foreign relations committee and the Cia. Opposition to the proposal comes chiefly from chairman Richard b. Russell of the armed services committee who is also chairman of the Cia supervising group. Declaring that he does no to want any other committee a muscling in on his Domain sen. Russell warns that adding More members to the group will increase the danger of information a a leaks that hinder the Agency in its work and even endanger the lives of its operatives. But since the proposal entails merely a 10-member committee instead of the present seven member group the danger of a a leaks would not be radically increased. The True reason for senator russells opposition More Likely is reluctance to share his Power. In any event the overriding objective is sound foreign policy based upon dependable intelligence and this the Mccarthy proposal is designed to abet. Closer Contact Between the foreign relations committee and the Cia should make the committee a More effective partner to the president in the formulation of foreign policy. At the same time it should provide a tighter rein on the activities of an Agency that deals constantly with Security matters of vital importance to All citizens. On the record the Cia can use it. Though some folks object to educational to for one reason or another we still consider it the most effective instrument yet devised for broadening a school system s curriculum and faculty at an extremely Low Cost. Etc exposes students to outstanding teachers who Are far away and could not possibly appear in their classroom otherwise. It offers movies demonstrations current events and other material that cannot be made available by every school. To certainly be used exclusively in the classroom but it has a great Deal to offer. We were pleased therefore by the decision of the Bennington school District to gradually expand the use of Etc in Bennington area elementary schools. The Rev. Thaddeus s. Swertz has been acting principal at chs for most of this year so he is fully aware of the strains and stresses the Long hours and hard work that go along with the Job. We congratulate him on his recent appointment to the principalship. We re certain he will continue to find his duties rewarding and enjoyable As Well As strenuous. As for the a a week a category there Are the following National family Goodwill mental health National music american comedy senior comedians National Corn d posture be kind to animals National Cotton lets go fishing National salivation army and National transportation. A newer addition is Mailbox improvement week. The a a Days include humane sunday May Day Law Day National Mother in Law Day May Fellowship Day world comedy Day and National comedy Day and of course mothers Day. It probably makes sense to time ones fat it Observance with the warming fragrant atmosphere of May and there Are Many that Merit the kindest mood of people As Well As the weather. But nobody can decide which ones they Are. All Are entitled to recognition even National Mother in Law Day. Fischetti maypole today and Tom or iou unless we admit our Viet mistake we shall soon be fighting alone by Walter Lippmann Washington. The har dest question facing us at the moment is whether the disintegration of the Saigon government and army can be stopped and reversed. The official position is of course that it can be. But there is Little evidence to support the official will to believe and there is mounting evidence that Gen. By or anyone like him is in an irresistible conflict with the War weary people of Viet Nam. There is no Prospect now visible that the South vietnamese people and the South vietnamese army can be United and rallied for the prosecution of the War. Unless this condition changes radically we shall increasingly be fighting alone in a country which has an army that is breaking up and a government which has Little authority. A of we can already see on the horizon the possibility of an american army fighting on its own in a hostile environment. We must Hope that the president and his strategic planners Are prepared for such a development. For of the South vietnamese government and army continue to disintegrate As is now the Case our troops May find themselves without serious organized military support and forced to find their Way in a Seething unrest where Friend and foe Are indistinguishable. If the Saigon forces disintegrate it will no longer be possible to continue the War on the theory that the Mission of our troops is to smash the hard Core of the enemy while the Saigon troops occupy and pacify the Countryside. What then we shall be hearing from the Coldwater faction whose first article of military Faith is unlimited belief in air Power. They Are arguing that the Way to repair the breakdown in South Viet Nam is to bomb Haiphong and Hanoi in the North. The administration As we Are told by Secretary Mcnamara and or. Brown Secretary of the air Force knows the Folly and the futility of that course of action. A of is there any real alternative to a holding strategy sometimes called the enclave strategy pending the negotiation of a truce and an agreement for our phased withdrawal from the Aslan Mainland if the vietnamese War cannot be won by the air Force if it cannot be won by american troops fighting alone in South Viet Nam what other strategic option is there the Only other option would be to make no new decisions and pursue the present course and Hope that things Are not so bad As they seem and that something better will turn up. A of the president is bound to be strongly tempted to take this line. The alternatives open to him Are dangerous or inglorious and repulsive to his cautious but proud temperament. A great head of government would have seized the nettle some time ago As Long ago As 1964, and would have disengaged gradually our military forces. But that would have taken a High mindedness and moral courage which Are rare among the rulers of men. For rulers of men nearly always will do almost anything rather than admit that they have made a mistake. Yet the moment of truth comes inexorably when a Radical mistake has been made. The mistake in this Case has been to order american troops to fight an impossible War in an impossible environment. The american troops which May soon number 400,000 men Are committed to an unattainable objective a a free pro american South Viet Nam. They Are commanded to achieve this on a continent where they have no important allies and where their enemies have inexhaustible numbers. A of the situation not anyone a Pride or the nations prestige must be our Paramount concern. Syrup Salt amp vinegar the tyrant among by Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. A. What constitutes the bulwark of our own Liberty and Independence it is not our frowning battlements our bristling seacoast our army and our Navy. These Are not our Reliance against tyranny. All of those May be turned against us without making us weaker for the struggle. Our Reliance is in the love of Liberty which god has planted in us. Our defense is in the spirit which prize Liberty As the heritage of All men in All lands everywhere. Destroy this spirit and you have planted the seeds of despotism at your own doors. Familiarize yourselves with the chains of bondage and you prepare your own limbs to Wear them. Accustomed to trample on the rights of others you have lost the Genius of your own Independence and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises among a of these words of Abraham Lincoln Are not so Well known As Many of his More famous speeches but they perhaps have a special significance today and Are More appropriate than the words of the Gettysburg address that will Echo and re Echo As memorial Day approaches. There is a tyrant risen among us a tyrant of our own selfishness. Its an enemy within us far More dangerous to the America we profess to love than any tyrant from beyond our Borders. We look on Independence and Liberty As a personal Possession a our Liberty and our Independence a and let the other fellow worry about himself. In any form of extremism lies the seed of tyranny because the True extremist whether of the right or the left has closed his mind to any opinion but his own. The Man who disagrees with the Ultra conservative is automatically a dangerous Radical to the Ultra Liberal he is a reactionary whose opinions Are not even Worth considering. Some tyranny is obvious in our midst when a gov. Wallace Prates piously of defending the Constitution of the United states a and flies the Confederate Flag Over the Alabama statehouse when he professes to defend the Sovereign Constitution of his own state and then pulls off a cynical Power play to circumvent that Constitution. But tyranny exists outside of Alabama and it is just As dangerous in the hearts of men and in the state Legislatures of the North that refuse to enact fair housing Laws. Freedom and Independence and the Equality of men Are Lovely phrases a As Long As they done to threaten real estate values. __0�? there is a tyranny implicit in the actions of a generation that accepts the Blessing of Liberty and refuses to assume any responsibility for defending it. Today when Liberty must be fought for once again its much safer to protest against War than it is to fight the actual Battles. Anyone in his right mind protests against War a i protest against its necessity with every breath i breathe. Somehow i doubt that the men who Are crawling through the Jungles of Viet Nam Are doing it because they love War. I doubt that All those men whom we Honor on memorial Day gave a part of their lives and sometimes life itself because they had a great love of Battle. These Are the men who fought at Concord and Saratoga and Bennington in the beginning who fought to save the Union at Gettysburg who fought in Europe and the Pacific in two world wars that have never really ended. They did what had to be done when Freedom was threatened they perhaps questioned the causes of War just As much As we do today but they left the questions unresolved to beat Back the tyrant. If they Hadnot done so perhaps wed have no comfortable world today in which men Are still free to talk about Liberty. A of tyranny is on the Doorstep when men take Liberty for granted when that a Genius of Independence about which Lincoln spoke becomes dulled in Comfort and apathy. Its an Ever present danger when any Man who chooses to look on All men As his Brothers is automatically deemed a communist or when the Man who does not look on this As the Best of All possible new worlds is viewed As a Complete Fuddy Duddy. Peace among men is surely the right goal for All men anywhere but before we have peace we will need understanding. We can look Forward to a Day when All the world will be ruled by Liberty but we can never be sure that our own Liberty is Safe so Long As we let somebody else to save it. Fight these Days Rumania is hem of Quot Bridge builders a but is hardly a Champion of Freedom by John c h Emberlain new York. The rumanian for the moment Are the heroes among those who Hope to promote some kind of Freedom from Moscow for the satellite states of Eastern Europe. Nicolae Ceausescu the rumanian communist party Leader has been quoted As saying it is a a anachronistic to station foreign troops in Independent countries and is asking for a revision of the Warsaw pact which would give the satellites a veto Power Over the use of any atomic weapons stationed on their territory. This a rumanian de gaullist a will probably go As far As Moscow permits it to go for Rumania after All Borders on Russia must reckon that of the red army could suppress a revolution in Hungary it could certainly be used to a similar end in Rumania. A of the satellites in general Are watching the rumanian Defiance with a rather Hope letters to the editor of to few without Aht a Smuzer met it twee if shrivel Awat without a cutting Britain a decadence to the editor of the Banner on May 24 we shall be arriving in London to Lead a spiritual crusade that will last through july 2. The Public meetings will be held at the Earls court the largest indoor Arena in Britain and Wembley stadium one of the world s largest outdoor stadiums. Hundreds of subsidiary meetings will be held in universities factories Parks Street Corners nightclubs churches and Many other places. Church attendance in London is Down to less than 5 per cent and in some areas less than i per cent. Church leaders some newspaper editors and Many political leaders Are not Only concerned but alarmed at the rapidity of the Drift to total materialism and secularism in Britain today. On april 2 Anthony Lejeune wrote an article in the Dally Telegram entitled a the Marks of Britain a de his article began a an intelligent Young woman recently returning to Britain after working in America told me the other Day that seeing this country again with fresh eyes has profoundly shocked her. A i really think she said a that Britain has become the most decadent nation in the Western a we Are not sure How successful we will be but it will be the most massive and intensive Effort we have Ever attempted anywhere in the world. We Are hoping to Start a trend Back to the spiritual emphasis that helped make Britain great. At least the crusade can make religion a a talking Point and that is better than apathy. This summer in America we will also face a continuing moral and spiritual crisis. In some areas they Are preparing for More race riots an alarming increase in crime and More violent demonstrations on Viet Nam. There Are those who say that the ten commandments the Sermon on the mount the apostles Creed which i proclaim Are no longer relevant and have lost their Appeal. London will be a Good test Case and should prove of great interest even to the a god is dead theologians. Billy Graham. Minneapolis Minn. Spring to the editor of the Banner the big tree by my House is centuries old its trunk twisted and gnarled. Its branches Are knotted a like the knuckled hands of the aged a like mine. Yet it is arrayed in fresh Young Green leaves that flutter in the Breeze and Are mighty becoming shall i get me a new Green Alpine hat with a Feather Irving Shaftsbury. Fineman. Ful interest. But hungarians have mixed feelings about the new East european a a hero nation. They have a special Gripe about the Way the hungarian ethnic group in Transylvania now a province of Rumania has been treated Over the last decade. Just As the soviets Are trying to wipe out the cultural and religious identity of the jewish Community inside Russia so the rumanian communists have been doing their Best to a Cru Manizer 1.7 million hungarians who happen to live within the present Day Borders of Rumania. The rumanian a liquidation of the hungarian questions is pursued by a combination of economic and social Means. There has been a forcible Transfer of hungarian teachers civil servants and other professions into purely rumanian areas most of them outside Transylvania. Hungarian refugees who have been trying to persuade the . House foreign affairs committee to conduct hearings withe mistreatment of minorities in Eastern Europe claim to have More than too documented cases in which hungarian professionals have been moved against their will. Sometimes the Transfer is compelled by the simple Means of denying a housing License in a hungarian speaking District to a hungarian intellectual. A of the rumanian have also taken decisive measures to discourage the use of the hungarian language inside the country a Borders. Last autumn on a trip to Transylvania congressman Edward j. Patten said he heard hungarian spoken Only in whispers. In 1957 there were More than 1,100 hungarian grammar and High schools in Transylvania. These have been wholly abolished. Hungarian sections still exist in rumanian schools in the purely hungarian areas of Transylvania but the government has been slowly choking them by refusing to certify their graduates for acceptance in the universities. Central planning of the rumanian economic system is another tool being used against hungarians who wish to preserve their cultural identity. There was every economic reason for the rumanian to set up a chemical Industry near the natural Gas Wells in one of the hungarian provinces of Transylvania. But instead of doing this the planning Board sanctioned chemical plants some 200 Miles away in Moldavia piping the Gas across the Carpathian mountains. The Transylvania hungarians had to move out of their own communities to take jobs. A of what goes on in Distant Transylvania May not seem at first glance to be a fit subject for a . House of representatives investigation. But if the . Is to a build Bridges to Eastern Europe it should properly concern itself with what is to be found at the other end of a Bridge. The rumanian government now posing As the Champion of the East european satellites against the oppressive tactics of Moscow has not been following the Golden Rule when it comes to dealing with its own hungarian minority. Moreover it has been violating the charter of the United nations the 1948 declaration of human rights the 1947 Paris peace treaty with the Allied Powers which obtained Transylvania for Rumania and its own constitutional guarantee of free cultural and linguistic development of minorities. Some champions of Freedom the rumanian communists humor too much Impact a was a matter of fact a said the lawyer for the defendant trying to be sarcastic a you were scared half to death and done to know whether it was a motor car or something resembling a motor car that hit a it resembled one All right a the plaintiff made answer. A in fact i was forcibly struck by the a International teamster. Long haul a just think a the reluctant first grader complained a a in be got to stay in school until in a 16.�?� a a done to complain a his teacher replied. A a in be got to stay until in a 65.�?� family weekly

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