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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 25, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy some r Ain variable cloudiness tonight with lows mostly in the 50s. Thursday variable cloudiness in the North but Cloudy with occasional rain in the South and not so warm. Yesterdays High 82 Low 55. Today at 7a.m., 56. Sunset 8 20 . Sunrise 5 17 . Benning Bennington Banner wednesday May 25, 1966 Aimer weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 no. 20,077 to cents a it verse stand selectmen Issue f 1 junkyard License by Bob h ask by Bennington selectmen a or at least one of them which was All that was needed a had a change of heart tuesday night and granted Lloyd Bevins of Branch Street Extension a License for the proposed automobile junkyard which he wants to operate on leased land off the Ore bed Road. The granting of the License however is a conditional one and carries the stipulation that Bevins clean up within two weeks another junkyard on Branch Street for which a License had also been denied him earlier this year. Town fathers at their meeting prison study j croup i ill a go to jail Montpelier up a the five member legislative Council prison study committee will go to jail pm june 8. The decision to make a personal visit of the Chittenden Franklin and grand Isle jails was made tuesday As a preliminary step in their study at conditions of county and town jails. John Woodhull institutions commissioner urged the committee to visit every jail in the state saying �?~1 feel this on the spot inspection is very important it was also suggested that sociology graduates at the University of Vermont might be used this summer to assist the committee in its study. The students if employed would interview sheriffs jail officials assistant judges and prisoners. Experts would then be hired to Analyse the results and make an evaluation. April 5 voted in secret ballot by two to one to reject the application. How each of the selectmen a Joseph Higgins chairman Richard Vansantvoord and Louin f. Sausville a had voted at that time did come out in the course of the discussion surrounding their new vote. At that first vote Higgins and Sausville had voted against granting the License while Vansantvoord had voted in favor of it. In their reconsideration of the matter a the request for which was made by Bevins counsel atty. George m. Fienberg a Higgins made the deciding change in his vote from a a not the boards chairman noted that he now agreed with the feeling of town counsel Norton Barber that a these junk cars have to be put somewhere a implying that the Bevins Ore bed Road site was a reasonably suitable place. This is located in a Gulley some distance from the Road which would not actually require any fencing to screen it from View. Higgins indicated that his previous vote to deny Bevins first Ore bed Road application had been a based prematurely on the possibility of a proposed new Section of it. 9 passing near the site. But Higgins appeared to agree now that the state has sufficient authority under which it could take action to have removed or screened from View any junkyards within visible Range of the new Road and particularly of they Are within 1,-000 feet of the Road. There was also a reference to the fact that Bevins had begun moving junk cars onto the Ore bed Road site before his earlier application had actually been acted upon. At the time of their first vote selectmen did indicate that this a jumping of the gun had been a Factor in see selectmen Page 12, col. 3 pro lbs candidate wins Oregon primary Buddhist monks and nuns scatter As tear Gas grenades thrown by South vietnamese police explode outside the la. American embassy in Saigon tuesday where the Bud disperse a deists were holding a peaceful demonstration. Up Duhamel seeks abolition t m planning commission a Rice Lane resident has called for the abolition of the Bere Kington regional planning commission and a termination of the services of the commissions consultant and has sought the placing of these propositions before town voters. Notley y. Duhamel tuesday night sought the inclusion of three articles relating to local municipal planning in the warning for a special town meeting that will be coming up in the near future to vote again on a proposal for the consolidation of local municipal governments. Duhamel a request was made to town selectmen who last week received petitions calling for a new town vote within 60 Days on a proposed new town charter under which the town and other Ive. Telephone strike settled workers return to their jobs Boston up a More than 10,000 striking Telephone workers returned to their jobs in five new England states today while 1,100 greater Boston workmen sat out a one Day suspension. A nine Day strike by the International brotherhood of Telephone workers against the new England Telephone co. Ended tuesday night following a Marathon 10-hour negotiation session. The Back to work agreement signed by company and Union representatives contained three provisions. A All members of the i Bow except members of greater Boston local 2, returned to work on their Normal shifts effective at 7 . Today. A the 1,100 members of local 2 will sit out a one Day suspension for a Wildcat strike May 13 and return to work at 7 . Thursday. A both sides will retain All rights to Institute claims or press claims or charges arising from the strike. John j. Sullivan Federal mediator said the stalemate which Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Back Dirksen surprised his legislative colleagues tuesday by returning to his on Job Washington office on crutches two weeks to the Day after surgery at Walter Reed army medical Center on a broken hip. Had been blocking any Progress was broken unexpectedly when both the company and Union agreed to accept the mediation panels recommendations. A the company agreed earlier in the Day to reduce suspension for members of local 2 to two Days but Felt unwilling to go company had been seeking a three Day suspension for workers who walked off their jobs May 13 to protest the suspension of seven co workers. A the Union showed some willingness to take a suspension for members of local 2 but would t agree to a full Day a Sullivan added. A the panel was Able to get representatives of both sides to Compromise on a one Day the strike which was marked by More than too acts of vandalism involving Telephone lines slowed the installation of new phones in every new England a Tate except Connecticut which is served by another Telephone company. Unfair labor practice charges filed by both sides with the National labor relations Board Are still outstanding. Also pending is a $1.25 million damage suit which the Telephone company filed in Superior court tuesday against the Union for a breach of contract damage to company property and other losses incurred by the company resulting from the on the inside North Bennington memorial Day Observance to be led by 93-year-old a Page 3, Manchester selectmen hear a listers Progress report a Page 3. Elizabeth Dwyer editorialized on what happens when men take Liberty for granted a Page 4. A vietnamese celebrity tells in an exclusive interview what he thinks of the United states a Page 7. Municipalities within its boundaries might unify. Selectmen indicated they would take Duhamel a request a under advisement and will obtain from town counsel Norton Barber advice As to the legalities of the articles sought by the Rice Lane resident. But at least one of the Board members indicated he would not favor an article on abolishing the regional planning commission. Duhamel indicated he would get out a petition for the articles inclusion if Necess by but in requesting selectmen to do so on their own authority he noted nobody wants to have to do that get out petitions a the first of Duhamel a proposed articles would ask the town to rescind its adoption of the statute under which the regional planning commission had been formed. Barber advised him that Only the legislature could revoke a statute but Duhamel seemed to think there was some local action that could be taken in this regard. The second article would Call for the abolishment of the Benning it i regional planning commission and the third would Call for the termination of the contract under which the Albany n.y., consulting firm of John Calbreath Burdis associates is providing services to the local commission on a two year comprehensive planning program. The program is expected to be completed later this year. Duhamel said the planning commission a is not planning for the betterment of the town of Bennington but he declined to elaborate when questioned further by a reporter for radio station Watn. He did however question action taken by the com Mission in connection with the recent relocation of the Bennington Post office. As to the inclusion of Duhamel a proposed articles with the article on unification selectmen indicated that the study committee which drafted the proposed new charter and the Bennington league of women voters with other residents had sponsored the petitions calling for the new vote both have Felt that the vote on this matter a should not be clouded by any Duhamel countered by noting that voters generally have a number of ballot articles to Register their feelings on at the annual town meetings and Felt that a a people done to get confused while firm advice from Barber will be coming later he indicated that probably the proposed articles on abolishment of the regional planning commission and the termination of the Burdis contract would not be Legal since action had gone Forward based on the previous approval of articles giving the godhead to the commission and its work. It was also noted that the formation of the Bennington regional commission had involved the affirmative votes by the town and each of its three villages to participate in the joint planning Effort. Thus presumably dissolution of the commission would involve rescinding votes by at least one and possibly All of these municipalities. Selectman Richard Vansantvoord said he would not want to go along with a vote on the commissions dissolution. A i feel the commission has been doing a Good Job a he said. A i Haven to gone along with All the decisions they have made but they have done a lot of United press International Oregon democrats gave president Johnson a vote of Confidence on Viet Nam policy in tuesdays primary voting while an Effort to exploit the racial Issue backfired against gov. Hayden Burns of Florida. The Viet Nam Issue in Oregon and the racial Issue in Florida a democratic run off primary commanded the most National attention in party nominating contests in four states. Kentucky and Oklahoma also held primaries. In Oregon rep. Robert b. Duncan who embraced president Johnson a course in Viet Nam won the democratic senatorial nomination from former Federal Power commissioner Howard Morgan a critic of administration policy. It was the years first classic contest Between the a a Hawks and the a a doves Over Viet Nam. Morgan was backed by sen. Wayne l. Morse the democratic party a own most angry critic of policy in Viet Nam and by rep. Edith Green. Duncan was endorsed by retiring democratic sen. Mau Rene Neuberger. Duncan still faces heavy going however in the nov. 8 election As the probable underdog against gov. Mark hat Field who easily won the Republican senatorial nomination. Hatfield also has challenged the administrations handling of the Viet Nam War. Morse who was elected to the Senate twice As a Republican before he was elected twice As a Democrat Hac announced that he would vote for Hatfield of Duncan were nominated. In Florida Burns was unseated by mayor Robert King High of Miami in a conservative is. Liberal contest with racial overtones. After polling a slight plurality Over High in Florida a first primary May 3, Burns called his rival a a Radical Liberal agent of sen. Robert f. Kennedy d-n.y., and tried to depict High As the candidate of bloc voting negroes. High who lost the governorship to Burns two years ago apparently did poll heavy majorities in negro areas although he contended that the Only Issue was integrity in government and charged Burns with a who open he will be favored to beat Claude Kirk the Republican nominee in november. Like Florida Oklahoma held run off primaries for candidates who failed to win majorities in earlier primary voting May 3. Preston Moore former National commander of the american legion won the democratic nomination for governor Over former gov. Ray Morel Gary. Dewey Bartlett Tulsa oilman Defeated John n. Happy Camp Waukomis banker for the gop nomination. Republican sen. John Sherman Cooper easily won renomination in Kentucky. State rep. John Young Brown a former congressman won the democratic nomination. Gov. Hoff discusses needed legislation court asked to dismiss indictments Troy n. Y. A after hearing lengthy arguments tuesday in Rensselaer county court judge John t. Casey reserved decision on a motion to dismiss indictments against Norman h. Briggs formerly a resident of Brunswick now living in Wyoming. Briggs was indicted for alleged insurance fraud and abandonment of his wife and children after he allegedly a a faked drowning in the Tom Hannock Reservoir in 1960. He was found alive in 1965 working on a ranch near Newcastle Wyo. Pierce h. Russell Briggs attorney moved for the dismissal of the indictments charging that the prosecution presented to the grand jury testimony a so shocking As to defy comprehension implying that Briggs May have known Carole Segretta the Troy school teacher murdered in 1960 in Westchester county shortly before the disappearance of Briggs. Russell also contended that the Foreman of the grand jury which handed Down the indictments against Briggs was a blood relative of the grandmother of the defendants former wife whom he is alleged to have abandoned. Briggs who is understood to be in Wyoming was not present when russells arguments and the rebuttals of District attorney Andres m. Dwyer were presented to the court. Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hurff said today that if he should Call another special session of the legislature this summer to reconsider his proposal to import Canadian Power he would also like the lawmakers to consider two either items. Hoff at his weekly news conference said that he has turned Over a list of 28 questions submitted to him by the legislative Council Power study committee tuesday to his top technical advisers. A however a the governor said a the committee never informed me that they expected answers by june that was the report Date suggested by the committee two weeks ago. The questions were drawn up by Sanford Reis and former Federal Power commission chairman Joseph sol Dler both retained by the committee As Power consultants. They specifically asked for answers on the status of negotiations with the Hydro electric commission of Montreal for the importation of 1.2 million kilowatts of Power How and where the Power would be sold and for How much it has been suggested that the Price would be in the Range of 4-Mllls per kilowatt hour at the Vermont Canadian Border details of the resale contracts and the exact nature of the proposed nonprofit tax exempt corporation to handle the Deal. A i think that such questions As How much the Power will Cost should not be disclosed to the Public at this Hoff said. A i feel that it might have some bearing on future negotiations with the governor said he hoped the committee would report Back to him on their feasibility study by july i. If the report is favourable Huff added he would then consider calling a special session of about one week. The governor emphasized that the other two Bills he is interested in is legislation for an Industrial Park plan and sen. George d. Aikens Federal water improvement Bills passed in Congress. The Industrial Parks Bill was introduced late in the 1966 special session late and Only Public hearings could be held before adjournment. A but a Hoff said a those hearings were favourable and i see no reason Why it be the water Bills Deal with sewage treatment plants and improved water systems for communities under and Over 5,500 population. Hoff said that there was no Federal appropriation tacked on to the Bills for assistance in planning such facilities. A the state could a he explained a provide some of the necessary $21.584,288 for head Start Washington up a the office of economic Opportunity Leo has approved $21,584,288 in Grants to finance 383 a head Start programs this summer. A total of 107,535 youngsters Are expected to be enrolled. The Oeor a announcement tuesday brought to $49,370,116 the total in Federal Grants allocated so far. Seeks gubernatorial nomination Hayes girds for gop primary Battle Montpelier up a a before i sign any agreement on Campaign issues with Richard Snelling i want him to sign an agreement on ethical conduct Thomas l. Hayes of fair Haven said tuesday. Hayes 39, announced at a news luncheon Here that he still is a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination despite the fact that Snelling a Shelburne industrialist walked off with a Strong endorsement at the gop convention last weekend. Snelling suggested that if Hayes should decide to remain in the race he would like to prepare a joint statement with Hayes a which will set Forth the Points on which we Snelling said this would provide Unity within the party. But Hayes feels differently. A i want to make sure that neither Dick nor i Start attacking each others personalities or personal lives in a pre primary Campaign a Hayes asserted. Hayes said he did t understand what Type of party Unity Snelling was calling for and added a there was Unity on the titanic but the ship still went the chief aide to . Son. Winston Prouty r-vt., also disclosed that he will officially resign from the senator s 3taff on May 30. Hayes explained to newsmen that his decision to return to Vermont meant a a loss of All Hospital benefits forfeiture of seniority and a delay until i m 62 in collecting retirement Hayes questioned Snellings attitude about the convention. A before the convention Hayes said a Snelling said he knew it was Only unofficial. Now he claims that the Strong support he got was a mandate for him to Start pulling the party Hayes added a and i think he also believes that anyone who disagrees with what he thinks is Best for the Republican party is a i done to think the decision of 400 delegates at the convention is the same decision As 400,000 people in Vermont a Hayes emphasized. Hayes also admitted that his supporters have been approached from the Snelling Camp in an Effort a to have him withdraw from the race and return to said Hayes a it is because of this pressure and also the Many people who have told me to stay in the race that in be decided to do just that. The question of financial stability is worrying Hayes. He said he had Only enough Money to a carry me through the first of he added that he did no to know what he would do from there on. A i May have to Start a a dollars for Hayes Campaign a a he joked. A second hurdle facing Hayes is who will compose his grass roots organization. Snelling has had a two year it. Congressmen hedge on support for Hayes Washington up a Vermont a Republican congressional delegation tuesday declined to say whether they will support Thomas l. Hayes of fair Haven in his old for the gop gubernatorial nomination. Hayes decided tuesday to a main in the running for the gubernatorial nomination even though he was out polled three to one last weekend for the unofficial endorsement by Shelburne industrialist Richard Snelling. Sen. George d. Aiken said he Felt Hayes entry was a Good sign and added that without Competition there would be Little Shanna it 13 Ani i Val 4 one Wynn Lair the states top office. He said he hoped both candidates would wage a Good Campaign. Sen. Winston Prouty said Hayes his administrative assistant since 1950, had made a a quite remarkable vote at the gop convention. Prouty said he had suggested that Hayes would be Lucky if he could Muster i per cent of the votes for each Day he had been on the Campaign Trail. Hayes had been in Vermont 12 Days before the convention and polled 26 per cent of the Delegate vote. Rep. Robert t. Stafford said he would rather not comment since he is a possible candidate for re election. Head Start Ever since he lost in his old for lieutenant governor in 1964. A i intend to seek the support of those who have left the Republican party a Hayes said a and also those whom the party has he said he was confident that the organization would build itself As he carried his Appeal to the a forgotten Many in Vermont. When asked of he would base his pre primary Campaign on attacks against Democrat Philip h. Hoff a administration Hayes replied a a in a not going to be concerned about Phil Hoff until after the september primary. He has Many things going for him namely that he is the beneficiary of the current Prosperity in Vermont. But i done to think he Sas popular As he was in 1964.�?� Hayes also noted that Snelling has apparently launched his Campaign a against Prouty and a i guess i will just have to Campaign against Snelling and Derick Webb a Hayes said. Webb is chairman of the state gop committee and strongly see Hayes Page 12, col. 8 t

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