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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 20, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Benninpton manner Friday May 20, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials government service for All in a speech thursday in Montreal Secretary of defense Mcnamara made a Concrete proposal for ending the inequities in the present system for selecting the Young men who have to give up two years of their life to the armed forces. Although Mcnamara a proposal was not entirely new his endorsement Means that it will be Given serious National consideration which it indeed deserves. Mcnamara suggested that All Young people be asked to spend two years in government service if not in the armed forces then in the peace corps or some other developmental organization either in the United states or abroad. His proposal reflects increasing dissatisfaction with the draft which affects Only a Small minority of Able bodied Young americans and comes at a time when support is growing in Congress and elsewhere for Universal military training or some other system that would require every Young Man to fulfil the same Basic obligation. Mcnamara a proposal was made in a Long speech the general theme of which was that military hardware alone is not the key to Security nor the Only solution to the problem of War and peace. He pointed out that there is a direct relationship Between violence and poverty insurgencies revolutions and unrest he said Are most common in nations with a Low economic status. As the population of these nations increases without corresponding increases in wealth he suggested the incidence of violence will Rise notes a King Reid a has decided not to run much to the distress of those who Felt that with his ability and experience he would have made a first rate governor or lieutenant governor. There Are others who regret that his talents As a storyteller will not be used to add humor and fun to a Campaign that May otherwise turn out to be a dreary Competition to determine who can Promise to do the most for the a forgotten nevertheless Reid will certainly run again for his seat in the legislature so that chances Are he will continue to be a Well known figure on the Montpelier scene and Bennington count ians will continue to enjoy his Light hearted approach to life and politics. The veterans memorial committee has made considerable Progress in building a veterans memorial Park Between the county courthouse and the Goa building on South Street and we were pleased to read in wednesdays Banner that the Park will be ready for this years memorial Day observances. Over the years local veterans groups have erected memorials in a number of cemeteries. They Are now working on a memorial Book in which the names of All veterans since the revolutionary War will be recorded to replace the old Honor Roll in fr6nt of the town building. It has been a Long Job but a worthwhile one. Women s organizations have certainly been dominating the local news this week. The local chapter of the Paauw celebrated its 40th anniversary monday his Point was that the Security of the world and the United states demands not Only military hardware but Large scale economic development of the so called underdeveloped nations. The Mcnamara plan then would have a two fold purpose it would assure that every Young Man and not Only those few who Are unlucky enough to be drafted would perform the same required amount of government service and it would tap a Large Supply of manpower and Talent that could work actively to further that sort of development that Mcnamara feels is necessary if we Are to have any real Security either for the world or for the United states. A it would make meaningful a he declared a the Central concept of Security a world of decency and development where every Man can feel that his personal horizon is rimmed with obligatory government service does not ordinarily Appeal to most americans yet in time of War we have accepted it As a necessity and through our approval of the peace corps and similar organizations we have in fact accepted it As essential if our Hopes for future peace Are to be realized. As the richest and most powerful nation in the world our Choice May be Between the sort of shaky Security provided by a Large standing army or a commitment to help build the economies of the less fortunate nations. In either Case obligatory government service is probably Here to stay and the peaceful and constructive use of it is far preferable to the military. Evening the league of women voters held its state Council meeting in Bennington on wednesday and District 3 of the state nurses association had its annual get together Here wednesday evening. The local girls it seems like to meet even More than the menfolk do. Elementary school Art gets More sophisticated All the time. Back in the Good old Days kids used to draw Messy Crayon outlines of houses horses Trees and mountains. Now As pictures in thursdays Banner of the Molly Stark school Art show indicate kids do scratched India Ink drawings and Crayon etchings of Heads cats roosters and the like. A picture of a House with a lopsided roof tilted windows and a Chimney that is about to Tumble to the ground was nowhere to be seen. Jean Lacouture the French journalist who has written and spoken widely about Viet Nam said in a talk at Bennington College wednesday evening that he was impressed by the Freedom of speech and dissent enjoyed by american intellectuals who oppose the course of american policy in Viet Nam. We agree with him that the Freedom to dissent has never been More important than at the present and the fact that it is possible even during a shooting War in which american lives Are being lost is an indication of the strength and Good health of our democratic system. We also join with him in hoping that the determined and articulate opposition to the War by Many people both in and out of government May bring about some changes in . Policy in Southeast de escalation today and tomorrow although w a costs expected to Rise lbs fails to curb resulting inflation by Walter Lippmann Washington. It is not easy to know what to think about the economic issues which Are now before the country. Thus the presidents closest official economic advisers have been surprised by the Boom since they published their estimates in january. One of the members of the Council of economic advisers Arthur Okun explained in a speech last week Why the advisers find if difficult to forecast the course of the Economy a the most important message bearing on economic policy is that the uncertainties in the defense area Nave not yet been the Central uncertainty is How big a military buildup there is to be in Viet Nam in the calculable future. Because of this uncertainty the current discussion about inflation How serious it is and How bad it May become and what to do about it is carried on in the dark. A of the fact of the matter is the buildup which is now taking place and is unofficially estimated to reach 400,000 men by december is not reflected in the budget of 1967, the budget which the government will operate for a year from this july. We know that the budget places a figure of $4.6 billion on a special Viet Nam costs for the year ending this june 30, and $10.3 billion or the year which begins july i. But these figures Are misleading. For until recently the buildup has been carried on chiefly by drawing upon the accumulated stocks of material and trained manpower. This Way of conducting the War which has been done so ably by Secretary Mcnamara is ceasing to be possible because the stocks have been drawn Down As far As is prudent. Now to draw upon stocks which have already been paid for does not require expenditures which show up in the appropriations for the budget. But to replenish the stocks does require new appropriations for expenditure. Therefore in the period which we have now entered the military buildup will become More visible in a Steep Rise of expenditures. A of the Only available estimate of what this is Likely to mean is to be found in a Cost accounting made by unofficial economists which is published in Fortune Magazine for april. This article has All the earmarks of expert Ness and conservatism and it comes to the conclusion that the War at its present level is actually costing $13 billion and that at the level of 400,000 men the War will Cost at an annual rate of $21 billion. Since the 400,000 level will not be reached until december the Cost of the War for fiscal 1967 is reckoned by Fortune magazines at $19.3 billion. This steeply rising rate of expenditure will through what the new economists Call the a multipliers a result in a great increase of the demand for goods and services. This will mean inflation unless demand is reduced by taxation. The people did save and did buy Bonds. It was Only when the War was Over when the patriotic emotion was no longer controlling that the pent up inflation burst upon us. The administration May prefer to repeat the policy of the second world War. There will however be one ingredient of that policy which will be lacking the great popular patriotic sentiment which responded to the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and to hitlers Conquest of Western Europe. The american intervention in South Viet Nam is the most unpopular War within the memory of living americans and it will not be easy therefore to suppress by patriotic exhortations the visible effects of the underlying inflation. Sparks from the forge persecuted conservatives by Samiel r. Ogden Landgrove. The statement that i made Here last week to the effect that to publicly espouse the conservative cause is to become marked for All sorts of persecution at the hands of the a a liberals needs further amplification. I stated the Case of a the Doorbell rang a a Best Selling mystery by Rex Stout in which j. Edgar Hoover is referred to on Page six As a a megalomaniac a and on Page 22 the following conversation takes place a you know what the . a but certainly or. a a that a what he thinks. On behalf of a client we re going to push his nose in. A a but he he a a great Man. Yes a a sure. But i suppose you be seen pictures of him a a what do you think of his nose a a not Good. A a then it should be these remarks concern one who before he made some Des parading remarks concerning the Rev. Martin Luther King one of the most highly respected men in american Public life the epitome of the upright and selfless Public servant. Now even the undergraduates at Wesleyan University feel called upon to Public accuse him of intimidation. A a of a has tins change taken place As the result of some sudden metamorphosis in the character of or. Hoover if not had he then previously been Hood winking the Public neither of these explanations make any sense at All. Or. Hoover has been deliberately and systematically persecuted and Cut Down because the establishment has now placed his name on the list of their own a ten most badly on this list which of course includes the name of Barry Coldwater or. Hoover finds himself in the company of great and Good men. Among them Are the late or. Albert Schweitzer and the late t. S. Eliot. But the present rash of libel suits brought by the leftists against publications is even More significant. Here is a one Way track. The Liberal press can print the most outrageous remarks about honest and decent citizens without fear of reprisals but apparently the reverse is not True. Furthermore it is probably a sound inference that in Many instances the prosecutions of these suits is carried on by subsidized groups and attorneys at no Cost to the plaintiff while the defendant is subjected to heavy expenses. A of in the Spring Issue of modern age there appears a letter to an american a written by Kenneth Paul Shorey in which he gives a documentation of the defamation of Barry Goldwater a character by the Liberal press citing in each instance Book chapter and verse. Of the three dozen examples Given the most virulent is a quotation from the pen of Newton Tolman which was printed in the Berkshire Eagle of Jan. 24, 1964. It reads in part As follows a this seemingly incredible ignoramus is actually a miserable racist hangover from the most degenerate of the Mccarthy Ite mob with All the finer instincts of a Hyena and the principles of a Small town Hitler and whose ferret mind is just Crafty enough to Appeal to every voter with a neurosis. In Short an egomaniac who would crawl under a snakes belly in an open sewer to Salvage one misbegotten vote. A . There Are people who feel that Way no doubt but of such Boorish and ill tempered diatribes were to be published against sen. Fulbright for example one can imagine the juror which would ensue. Now to the Case of or. Linus Pauling the atomic scientist of whom the . Senate internal Security subcommittee made the following report a Cdr. Pauling in the course of his career has been connected with various pro communist or communist front political activities and with a significant number of persons whose affiliations with the communist party .a. Are matters of on aug. 23, 1962, or. Pauling brought suit against the National review for $1 million As a result of two editorials published in that Magazine. The libellous remarks in the first editorial which appeared july 17, 1962, were As follows a take second professor Linus Pauling. Once More acting As a megaphone for soviet policy by touting the world peace conference that the communists have called for this summer in Moscow just As year after year since time immemorial he has Given his name Energy voice and pen to one after another soviet serving the second editorial said no More than a a they May have been too pusillanimous to fight Back against what some will View As Brazen attempts at intimidation of the free press by one of the nations leading fellow the Case has finally been thrown out of court but it will be appealed and in the meanwhile it has Cost the National review an estimated $110,000. The whole Story can be read in the May 17, 1966 Issue of that Magazine. On the question of what to do about the developing inflation the administration has thus far refused to heed the advice of its own economists of men like or. Heller who Are the architects of the Kennedy Johnson Prosperity. Though these economists Are urging the president to ask for the standby legislative authority to Levy higher taxes which would yield an additional $5 billion of Revenue the administration is refusing to say no and is refusing to say yes to the economists hoping that somehow something will happen to make it unnecessary to increase taxes in an election year. In its resistance to a tax increase the political judgment of the administration has popular support. Recent polls show that while there is widespread popular discontent with the inflation which is already underway Only about one in five of the people is in favor of raising taxes. A of a As the War increases the inflationary demand if the government will not curb the demand by direct taxes there is left As in All our other wars the attempt to freeze prices and wages by exhortation guidelines and administrative controls. These Are an Effort not to let the excessive demand operate against the inadequate Supply of goods. It worked pretty Well during the second world War there were no great Black markets these Days sen. Rih Scolf the a environmentalist fights for safety health and Beauty i_.7 j quotes w vim my in at Home in Bobby Klemor he re in m Bern / pm barely 4�ta to in to amp my censorship reflects a society Slack of Confidence in itself. The Constitution protects coarse expression As Well As refined and vulgarity no less than elegance. A Book worthless to me May convey something of value to my neighbor. In the free society to which our Constitution has committed us it is for each to choose for himself. A . Supreme court Justice Potter Stewart. That High heels hater legs More than Low ones seems to me an old wives tale. I just know that Low ones work Best with the Short skirts. A Eugenia Sheppard fashion editor new York Tribune. Some people May say that the Cost of a gallon of pure Maple syrup is too High but it is still less than a bottle of High proof whiskey. A sen. George d. Aiken in urging Vermont producers to increase output. If an Engineer is obsolete of he goes five years without retraining How about a pastor whose task is definitely More Complex and whose work deals with a More rapidly changing Field of Phenomena a or. J. Edward Carothers new York methodist minister urging extensive retraining of clergy and laity. By John Chamberlain new York. Every politician must make some bet on the future. The Kennedy Bob and Ted Are wagering that a period of International accommodation is coming up in which agreements can be in Side with communist countries that will not continually break Down As new a struggles for liberation erupt. Senators like Tom Dodd and Karl Mundt on the other hand continue to bet that while the cold War May ebb from time to time the nature of marxism is such that it must eternally renew its drive for world domination. Meanwhile a third Type of bet is being offered. For example democratic sen. Abraham rib coff of Connecticut is wagering his whole political capital that americans local environmental problems Are bound to magnify to a Point that will in the not too Distant future make foreign policy matters seem a secondary consideration. Rob coff sees us becoming choked with our own poisons and killed by our own snowballing carelessness about controlling the world that lies at our very Home doorsteps. It was t so Long ago that Ribicoff was endorsing the late Rachel Carson s crusade against the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Since Connecticut is not a great agricultural state the pesticide Issue is not vital to Ribicoff a hold on his senatorial seat. But the Man is quixotic when it comes to supporting the claims made in miss Carsons famous Book a silent fish dying in the Mississippi Basin bother him just As much As a few dead Birds in Connecticut a suburban hedgerows. When be was governor of Connecticut Ribicoff vowed to reduce the carnage on his state s automobile highways. The result was a tightening of the Speed Laws. Ironically the Ribicoff concern for Highway fatalities has resulted in some continuing disfigurement of the through ways which bore the Driver with their Coy billboard homilies to a try to relax but not to be lax a or a the who has one for the Road gets trooper for the signs Are All right the first time around but when one has to read them every Day for years on end one Longs for the wit of the old Burma shave billboard ads that our a a environmentalists have practically succeeded in banishing. It May be Picayune to complain about safety billboards for one always has to pay something for Progress. And Abe Ribicoff is bound that we Are going to do better about making our Home environments both pure and Safe. He continues to be the moving spirit in the drive to compel safer automobiles and he seems to be willing to take on Detroit single handed. A of Ribo coff so a environmentalism is up against the silent pressure of multiplying people whose standards of Comfort and convenience seem eternally at War with standards of safety health and Beauty. Moreover every drive for safety or purity has its own hidden tolls. The Campaign to get smog out of our Urban air will probably end by forcing our electric Light and Power companies to substitute atomic plants for those that Burn Coal or Oil. Atomic Power plants Are cleaner than any other kind. But looking Down the Long years one has a vision of a Small planet that has suddenly come up against the problem of what to do with All those atomic wastes that must be safely stored somewhere. They must be put in Carbon steel tanks resting in steel saucers and the tanks and Sau c. Cers must be enclosed in reinforced Concrete containers which in turn must be burled in the ground. And around every a a farm for the disposal of radio Active wastes there must be Wells sunk to ground water level. The Wells Are for monitoring any radiation leakage. As Long As we have Only a few atomic plants the problem of waste disposal will not seem very great. But things have a Way of sneaking up on us. When Henry Ford started making the Model the did not foresee the smog problem that now defies the City of los Angeles. The life of radioactive wastes must be reckoned in thousands of years the life of even the safest disposal tank can Only be measured in decades. Somewhere in the future we shall encounter the problem of transferring the wastes. And there will be More and More wastes to Transfer. There Are at least two atomic Power plants scheduled for completion in sen. Abe Ribicoff a Connecticut. Maybe our chief a a environmentalists has another Issue to engage his energies. Humor father and son the time had come for the Young Man to Start feeling his Oats. He approached his father and said a dad in a leaving Home. In a going to find Fame adventure Fortune Beautiful women. Done to try to Stop me dad my minds made the old Man jumped from his chair. A a who a trying to Stop you a he exclaimed. A a in a going with you a a International be Ani Ter. T t t

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