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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 14, 1963, Bennington, Vermont In detachable platform slide extra sturdy All 2va-Inch tubing throughout steel play gym with 4-seater swing and wide platform slide 21/4 Quot steel tubing for com a plete m How a gtd Lawn swing is 26&Quot wide and seats 4 per sons. With 9 Long slide sky ride 2 swings gym my rings trapeze amp Chin bars. A Schorge of a a no Money Down �?1.25 weekly . Rail merger study is approved Washington apr president Kennedy has approved a Federal study of the Impact of proposed Railroad mergers on the Economy of new England. Nine new England senators had requested the study in a letter to the president May 2. Replying for Kennedy presidential assistant Lawrence f. O Brien said a we share the concern you express in your letter about the serious financial and other problem s faced by the Northeast railroads and their effect upon the Economy of the Region. A we Are undertaking a study of the implications and effects of the mergers that have been pro posed which will form Theta Isis of the administration s position. A in addition we plan to use Money appropriated by Congress to assist in developing the coordinated and policy oriented research program which should be of assistance in finding solutions to the problems of the Northeast railroads and the regions they serve o Brien said the undersecretary of Commerce As suggested Bennington Banner tuesday May 14, 1963-3 Ole old Battle Walls never fall Maginot Siegfried lines still intact by the senators would provide the leadership. All new England senators except George d. Aiken r-vt., and Connecticut Sens. Thomas j. Dodd and Abraham Ribicoff Boti democrats signed the May f letter. Sen. Leverett Saltonstall r-mass., and sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., said in a joint statement yesterday after receipt of the White House reply a this action is a most significant step for new England Hope for constructive re from this study and we will await these efforts with great the Massachusetts senators said it is anticipated the study could be completed within six months and the findings made available to All branches of government concerned with the merger problems. In the letter to the president the new England senators had said a we do not think these merger proposals should be pre determined or rejected without a thorough study of the possibilities and problems Manchester school Board acts on policy matters Manchester a members of the Manchester elementary school Board meeting at the school monday night thumbed through a number of routine matters and made decisions in three areas of school policy. Supt. Robert b. Vail introduced the matter of the citizens Council which was created in october of 1962 to assist the Board members regarding education problems designated by the Board. Having come to agreement As to the function of this Public participation program Tho school authorities decided to name the new organization the a citizens education another matter of policy presented to the Board by supt. Vail and principal King Frazer was the problem of school liability in instances where students leave the school grounds on errands at the request of school officials. Their policy statement read a pupils May be asked by teachers and the principal to perform routine tasks or errands As a Normal part of their school experience. It is expected that Dis Mcconnell Wayside furniture state re. North Adams to 2-2931 Quality furniture at Quantity prices Sah Green Stamps free storage free delivery free Black top parking creation will be used in the Type of task the time involved and the age of the Pupil. No child is to be asked to run an errand that involves leaving the school property. The Board members tacked a without permission of parents Quot to the last sentence of this policy guide and gave it final approval. In discussing plans for the upcoming eighth Grade graduation boards men gave consideration to the state Board of education s memo requesting school authorities to a play Down the idea of eighth Grade graduation and present the june program As a promotion ceremony. Although the school Board would not agree to doing away with diplomas the did agree that students completing eighth Grade should be encouraged to see their eighth Grade graduation As a step toward further education and not a terrain Tion of their studies. The Board agreed to build a Small enclosure for trash barrels which presently must be stacked in full View on the ramp at the West Entrance. The step was taken let oth As a health measure and a Means of improving the school appearance. Officials attending the meeting were Howard Ambrose chairman Ralph Fleming or. Or. Clifford Harwood Vail and Frazer. Si5.3 billion budget for new weapons Washington apr the Senate approved unanimously monday a Compromise Bill authorizing expenditure of $15.3 billion by the military services for new weapons and for research and development. The measure agreed on by a Senate House Commerce committee last Friday reconciles differences in separate Bills previously passed by each Branch. It goes now to the House for final action. Included in the measure is $363.7 million not requested by the defense department for development of the supersonic Jet reconnaissance air plane known As the rs70. Last minute checkup astronaut Gordon Cooper gets a last minute medical checkup at Patrick air Force base in Cocoa Beach fla., prior to beginning yesterdays final checks for today s scheduled space night. Checking Cooper is or. Howard a Inners. A photo More it. Cows in improvement program As usual whenever there san increase in production level on Dhia herds there san increase in the Grain feeding level too. The average Dhia cow consumed 200 pounds Grain last year. The individual Dairyman has to proceed along this line if he expects to meet the Competition and stay in business Loamy said. Current Dhia enrolment reflects the interest of dairymen in Dhia record keeping programs he concluded. The records provide information that helps them feed each cow according to its production cull poor producers select Good Breeding Herd replacements and reduce costs of milk production. More Vermont Dairy cows were enrolled in the cooperative Dairy Herd improvement program last year than Ever before William p. Lea my Vermont Extension Dairyman reported. Dhia cows also reached a new Peak in milk production last year Leamy added. They averaged 10,-140 pounds per cow Over 2,000 pounds More than the average for non Chi a cows. The percentage of Vermont cows in the Dhia program Are Way ahead of the National figures. In Vermont 28 per cent of the milking cows Are being tested in the United states 16 per cent. In All 71,100 cows Are enrolled in the state and a total of 1,700 herds. This is the first year that the Vermont Chi association average has gone Over 10,000 pounds of milk or 400 pounds of butterfat. This is a big jump in production level for 1,000 herds to make in a years time it s rare that such an increase shows up on the state average Leamy commented. Frankfurt Germany apr British soldiers used to sing a we re going to hang our washing on the Siegfried line you can still hang out your laundry on the massive German defense installations of world War ii. Nine tenths of them remain More or less intact. It would Cost too much Money to remove them. Across the German French Border in France the Maginot line is still there too. It is even kept in shape. French and germans who built these fortification systems a Quarter of a Century ago now appear to be politically closer than at any time in the past 1,000 years. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and president Charles de Gaulle have signed an Amity pact. German soldiers train in France their French allies Are stationed in Germany. French military authorities say they see no future need for the Maginot line but it could be put Back into operating condition with Little Effort. They Are unwilling to let feb installations fall into ruin. Alter All the Maginot line Cost 500 million prewar dollars. World War ii left Maginot practically undamaged. German troops invaded France via Neutral Belgium and rolled up the Maginot line forts from behind meeting no resistance. After the War the location of the forts in Remote Forest land far from supplies labor and markets made them undesirable As factories a suggestion to use them for storage of nato supplies also came to nothing. The Maginot line remained As a ghostly chunk of military Bric a Brac. It includes 25 big forts and hundreds of lesser positions. The Siegfried line also largely untouched during the War a a earmarked for demolition by the allies. The sentence was too difficult to carry out. Ten thousand bunkers of steel and Concrete Miles of a dragon Teeth a tank barriers and hundreds of other installations had been built by the nazis from 1937 to 1940. The Job of razing most of them fell to the French who controlled the Border area after the War. Fear is key Factor in use of police dogs health drive Home baking Barre up a Many Vermont housewives still bake their own bread. This became known when a bread baking contest was held at the annual farm products show. The woman who won the Blue Rill Bon said she bakes eight or nine loaves at a time using a bread mixer. Sward non $ Washington apr police dogs have sprung into the news and into controversy. Last week Birmingham ala., police used them against negro demonstrators. A blood chilling picture of a snarling German Shepherd leaping a demonstrator was seen All Over the country. There were protests in Congress and from civil rights groups. Providence a i., authorities used dogs last weekend to Block an invasion of the downtown area by several Hundred youths Many of them College students on a Spring fever foray. London police used dogs too Over the weekend against ban the bomb demonstrators. The thinking behind use of dogs in crowd control is humans innate fear of them according to a spokesman for the International association of chiefs of police inc. The dogs Are intended primarily As psychological devices rather than for attacking he said. Each City adapts the dogs for its own use. They Are used for patrolling scenting out hiding criminals guarding prisoners and dispersing crowds. St. Louis has one dog Duke i trained As a narcotics sniffer to locate packets of narcotics on a person. Police dogs usually Are German Fairdale farms Herd fuds Ayrshire test Brandon a the Ayrshire breeders association has announced the completion of an official Herd lactation average for the Herd of Fairdale farms inc., Bennington. Fairdale s registered Ayrshire Herd completed its 16th year on official Ayrshire Herd test with 80 lactation records averaging 10,902 pounds of milk testing 4.1 per cent and having 446 pounds of butterfat. On a fat corrected milk basis the Herd averaged 11,051 pounds. The High individual cow in the Herd for milk was Fairdale regal miss with 14,798 pounds in 305 Days and on just twice a Day milking. The High cow for butterfat was Fairdale regal miss also with 551 pounds. In computing an Ayrshire average Only the first 305 Days production is included for such cow. Shepherds sometimes Doberman Pinchers two Brattie that can be highly trained for the work. Usually one dog becomes the partner of a specific officer and lives at his Home. The police chiefs association has no official policy on use of the dogs and keeps no list of cities which have them. An incomplete list includes Birmingham Chicago Miami Houston new Orleans Atlanta St. Louis Baltimore the District of Columbia Salt Lake City Richmond va., St. Paul Cincinnati and the Virginia and Delaware state police. Rail merger voted in West new York apr the Union Pacific Railroad co. And the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific Railroad co. Today agreed to merge. Part of the agreement Calls for the Rock Island to sell its lines South and Southwest of Kansas City mo., to the Southern Pacific co. At an unspecified Price. The proposal was made Public by management of the three carriers jointly after an eight month study. The announcement said that under the plan there would be an Exchange of .718 of an authorized but unissued common share of Union Pacific for each common share of Rock Island. The three roads declined to speculate on the time it will take to obtain the necessary appt Oval of the interstate Commerce commission the plan will be submitted to directors of the companies shortly and soon thereafter to stockholders. The announcement said the merger will be tax free. The Southern Pacific and Rock Island said they were conducting exploratory merger studies last june. Then in september the Union Pacific joined the studies. Salt Lake City up a the flail tuberculosis and health association is planning a Campaign to make the Public understand chronic coughs and shortness of breath May be signs of lung disease. The statewide Campaign is being financed by Christmas Seal funds. The association notes respiratory ailments Are the fourth leading cause of death. Extra Bonus double world Green Stamps wednesday and saturday 736 main Street Punty of fro parking co 210 North Bonnington Road Bennington Vermont wrong place Union to. Up a a Deer wandered into this northeastern Missouri Community and in its confusion jumped through a plate Glass window of a service station. The shattered Glass apparently failed to harm the Deer. But it took one look around the station and fled. The station serves As a state conservation commission Check station for Deer Hunters during the season. All you can eat for $1.00 French Fried potatoes a Cole Slaw tartar sauce a Rolls and butter wednesday night mile go. of u a. Switch to the Best rent nameless electric water Heater just phone our nearest office. Only 112-6.hi 6 per month Central Vermont Public service corporation total performance a ii Toro gala Xii Morl sports Hardtop if you knew what tiny Lund knows about Ford durability. You a be out enjoying a �?T63 Ford ask tiny Lund about Ford durability hell Tell you hem it helped him win Amene a s toughest Stock car c Competition the Daytona sax. Lund plated first in a Ford with tour other Fords right behind him Tor an unprecedented sweep of the first 11vt places. Only the Fords were Tough enough to stand the pare greater durability is the reason Ford is Able to offer a total car warranty. Only a True total performance a could Otter As Complete a warranty As this with no strings Attar bed or 60 i ars Imi Symbol of products Ford motor company warrants to its dealers and its dealers in turn warrant to owners As follows that Tor 24 months or Tor 24, xxx Miles Whir Bever comes first Tret replacement in to luding related labor will he made by dealers of any part with a defect in workmanship or materials. Tires Art not Tov ered by the warranty appropriate adjustments will be made by the tire companies. Owners will remain responsible for Normal maintenance services routine replacement of parts such As filters spark plugs ignition Points wiper Blades Brake or clutch linings and Normal deterioration of soft trim and motor company appearance items Manchester motors inc. Manchester Center it. You can t put a Long term warranty like ours on a Short term car. The m Fords have a better warranty because they re built better than any Fords in history. You set evidence of this extra toughness in Ford s outstanding c Ope Titiro wins this sear 63 Fords won the grueling Daytona Riverside and Atlanta 500 a and the demanding pure Oil performance trials. Only tars with total performance could Roll up so Many big wins. Before you buy any new a test drive the solid silent super torque Ford. It you Haven t driven one lately you can t really know what a new Ford is like remember of it s built by Ford it s built for performance. Total performance. Solid silent super torque Wilson Ford 748 main St. Bennington. It

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