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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 14, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Fair and Cool fair and cooler tonight lows in mid-40s. Wednesday fair with temperatures about the same As today. Monday s High 70 Low 48 today at 7 ., 50. The Constellation the Hunting dogs is visible just Over the handle of the big dipper. Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday May 14, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no 18,179 Price 7 cents $27,900 budget carries standing vote approves school planning fund radar trouble forces postponement of a Popery a 22-orbit space flight in a Dev is Ion of the House voters of it. Anthony Union school District last night approved 256-47 a $27,000 budget for 1963-64 which provides for additional planning for a new school. Approval of the budget proposed by directors followed a period of noisy disorder stirred by voice votes on two questions of parliamentary procedure relating to the budget Mutton. Directors in calling for the additional planning funds a about $19,000 of the $27,000 a stated that the Region a has severe educational problems that have grown worse in the year since the Union District was formed and that a no plan More efficient and economical than the Union plan has yet been on the Assumption that the original mandate Given by voters in organizing the District still holds True directors recommended inclusion of a a reasonable sum Morroff cites to mental Montpelier apr gov. Philip h. Hoff said today establishment of a separate mental health department is not a by itself the answer to our problems of providing a More adequate mental health a a we be got to look ahead a he told a news conference. A we have no idea what it will Cost Hoff has opposed the creation of the department since he took office. An interdepartmental mental health Council headed by Republican it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote recommended the new Agency. A Bill has been introduced in the Senate to authorize its establishment. Hoff said the proposal a provides an excellent example As to Why we have failed time and again by improper planning to meet the needs of state he said there is an apparent tendency to assume that by rearranging a problem into a different pattern a this then is an indication that we Are making he repeated his Call for More study of the proposal including the spending that would be required for the new department Over the next to years. The governor noted he Lias approved an application for a $50,-000 Federal study of Vermont Sto Wnm Erer of services held vital Montpelier apr gov. Philip h. Hoff has told the Vermont town amp City clerks and treasurers association that consolidation of some services is the Only Way to guarantee survival of the towns. A unless something is done every phase of activity that goes on in the Way of governmental service will be done by the state a Hoff told the group yesterday at its 27th annual meeting. He recommended consolidation of services on District Levels of primary schools highways and welfare. The chief executive is expected to make specific proposals along this line at next years special session. Hoff said that while he believes in local government a unless we do approach these things on a District level local government could Well virtually it. Gov. Ralph a. Foote speaking later in the Day said a we should neither decry our present system of town government nor should we take it for granted no changes Are Foote added he does t approve of proposals to Combine the offices of town clerk and tax collector. A the biggest thing i feel a he said a is that it should be kept in mind that it is impossible to take Small town offices in Vermont and fit them into a blueprint plan which has worked some place the problems faced by Small Vermont towns Are often unique Foote said. In the associations election Henry f. Clapp of Craftsbury was elected pres ident succeeding state sen. Walter h. Wheatley of Brookfield. Others elected were Vic presidents mrs. Mildred s. Wright of Weybridge and Robert a. Willey of Greensboro and miss Kathleen Wolfe of Springfield Secretary. Such review revision and redesign As the Board May feel is needed after it has had time to evaluate Public attitudes in the recent the budgeted funds need not be spent at All directors said a yet making them available will give maximum flexibility for fresh decision by those who will serve on the Union Board after july the present boards proposal for a $2.3 million High school was twice turned Down by Union District voters. The directors proposal however brought immediate reaction from objectors and touched off the Brief Stormy period. Referring to the Defeated Bond referendums George Allardjr. Of 315 county st., asked a How Many times do the voters have to say a not before their vote Means anything a another citizen Paul Warfield of Shaftsbury found a Over objection unit mental health needs. While three department Heads have endorsed the proposal for the new department Hoff contended they do not have As he does the Overall responsibility for running the government. At a Public hearing last week the new department was backed by or. Robert b. Aiken health commissioner John j. Wacker Man social welfare commissioner and John v. Woodhull institutions . Asks for Power to retaliate Washington apr the White House said today president Kennedy will ask Congress for authority to retaliate if the Brit ish government seizes . Planes in a dispute Over fares on North Atlantic air routes. Pierre Salinger White House press Secretary said the Bill would be sent to Congress later today. He declined comment when asked if democratic congressional leaders were asked to seek Quick passage of the legislation when they met with the president for breakfast this morning. Salinger would Only say that they were informed of the Bill. The British and several other foreign countries Are trying to Force pan american world airways and trans world airlines to charge increased fares Over the North Atlantic routes despite objections by the United states. No i Ermon lers qualified for Job Montpelier apr chairman Fred p. Davis of the state racing commission said yesterday the search for a state Steward to serve at Green Mountain Park has extended out of state. Davis said the commission has been unable to find a qualified candidate for the Job within the state. The new track at Pownal opens May 24. Objectionable the $15,000 proposed by directors in the budget for additional services from the architects collaborative of Cambridge mass., the firm engaged by the present Board. Two motions a one to halt debate the other to vote by ballot on the budget motion a were both ruled As not carrying by Moderator Waldo c. Holden. The division of the House was then ordered. In other action during the i hour and 45 minute meeting voters a approved As required by Law an assessment of $59,000 to cover debts incurred by the Dis Trio in 1962-63. This figure plus to 92? ,000 for next year will be charged the Union s member districts on the basis of their proportion of grades 9-12 enrolment. A elected mrs. Donald Johnson As clerk re elected Holden As Moderator and Michael j. Hogan or. As treasurer and elected Frederick Welling auditor for three years Herbert h. Leonard auditor for two years and Donald Colby auditor for one year. In future years auditors will All be elected to three year terms. A approved a Board proposal for staggering of directors terms of office As the preliminary to future three year terms for the Board positions also. A voted the same compensation for officers next year As prevailed in Hie current year. A set the second monday in May As the Date for the 1964 annual meeting. In the printed report distributed at the meeting directors included a questionnaire seeking information on the defeat of its school building program. Voters were asked to cite their objections and make suggestions for revisions. Copies of the report May be obtained by writing or calling supt. Allan j. Heath. Congress set Washington up a preparations Are in High gear for the world food Congress which will be held Here june 4-18. The Congress sponsored by the food and agriculture organization of the United nations Fasois expected to attract representatives from too nations. Cancelled 12 minutes from launching Cape canaveral Fla. Apr a the scheduled 22-orbit space flight of astronaut l. Gordon Cooperjr. Was postponed today because of trouble with a tracking radar at Bermuda. There was no indication when the launching would be rescheduled. The Effort was called off for the Day at 9 57 As Cooper 36-year-old air Force major waited out the countdown while sealed in his tiny Faith 7 spacecraft atop the fully fuelled Atlas Booster. The countdown had progressed to within 12 minutes of launching. The postponement came As an anticlimax after earlier troubles try tomorrow Cape canaveral Flap astronaut l. Gordon Cooperjr s big try for 22 orbits around the Earth postponed after a radar failure in Bermuda has been scheduled for wednesday. Soon after today s flight was called off Only 12 min utes before Blastoff space officials were setting a new time. At 6 p m., est. Today the radar system will be checked again. Of All is going Well Cooper will repeat his routine with the take off scheduled for somewhere Between 8 and 10 30 ., wednesday. Had held up the scheduled launching for two hours and nine minutes. That trouble was caused by a diesel engine designed to move the giant service Tower away from the launching pad. It was necessary to replace a fuel pump and purge foreign matter from the fuel line before the engine could operate. Indications of the radar trouble came Only about 15 minutes before the launching was called off. The tracking station at Bermuda said it was experiencing intermit new note from a . Cancels tests Washington apr the United states has abruptly cancelled three explosions at its Nevada nuclear testing site. The action followed word that president Kennedy is studying a new note from soviet Premier Khrushchev on test ban negotiations. A White House spokesman denied there was any relationship Between the two developments. Without explanation the atomic Energy commission announced monday that it and the defense department were calling off a three Small sub Kiloton detonations which had been scheduled for this month. Two were to involve nuclear devices the third a chemical High explosive. Radio Moscow had complained that the . Tests were aimed at producing new types of nuclear weapons and added in a veiled threat a one thing is Clear the user is not going to stand by idly watching the . Perfect its nuclear . Sources said the Khrushchev letter made no change in the soviet position on a nuclear test Bank a it moves neither Forward or the letter also addressed to British prime minister Harold Macmillan made no mention of a threat Khrushchev had made to withdraw his offer to permit two or three inspections on soviet soil to police a ban agreement. The letter was in response to a message last month from Kennedy and Macmillan urging Khrushchev to help get the Geneva test ban talks off dead Center. Princess gets the Royal Bounce a school graduate really gets up in the world in Sweden. White graduate s Cap firmly fixed on her head 19-year-old Princess Christina of Sweden gets the traditional Aerial bouncing from friends and relatives in Stockholm monday after she graduated from the French school in the capital the Princess is the first of the swedish Royal family to attend an Ordinary school. A photo tent difficulty but Mercury control officials decided to continue the countdown in Case the radar could be repaired. But technicians at Bermuda reported minutes later that it would be impossible to replace the equipment today and the shot was called Aff. The radar is a 12-foot diameter dish designed to Send radio signals to the spacecraft As it rises Over Bermuda about five minutes after launching. The signals trigger a device called a radio transponder in the spacecraft. By measuring the time it takes a signal to travel from the Bermuda station to the spacecraft and then Back to Bermuda computers can determine precise velocity and the Altitude of the astronauts vehicle. This information would be essential for determining whether Cooper had achieved the proper Orbital course. If the desired pitch is not achieved Bermuda then sends a signal to bring Cooper out of orbit immediately. Cooper had been sitting in his cramped capsule for four hours and 21 minutes. He had entered the capsule after breakfast and a final physical examination. The astronaut was to be taken Down from his Faith 7 capsule and returned to his special ready room quarters in hangars about three Miles from the launching pad. It was expected to take the launch Crew about an hour to Roll the service Tower Back around the Atlas and then remove the capsule Hatch to release Cooper. There was no immediate comment from the astronaut on the postponement. He was reported in Good spirits and anxious to go As the countdown moved on Only to stumble Over the technical Roadblock. Astronauts Virgil i. Grissom and John h. Glenn jr., experienced similar frustrations in having their launching called off at one time after they were on the couches of their space capsules. Alan b. Shepard jr., Malcolm Scott Carpenter and Walter Schirra jr., also went through postponements but All occurred before they entered the capsule. The postponement today was the fourth in four months for Coopers Mission. It originally was scheduled for february but a shortage of funds resulted in cutback of overtime and the february Date slipped until april 2. A subsequent need to alter electrical wiring in the Atlas autopilot pushed the Date to May 7. Another weeks delay occurred when trouble developed with gyroscopes in the Atlas guidance system. Today a postponement disappointed project Mercury officials More than 700 newsmen gathered at Cape canaveral to cover the shot and millions watching television and listening to radio around the , police clash in Nashville Nashville Tenn. Apr negro students demanding desegregation of All Public accommodations clashed with police and Rock throwing Whites in a noisy 2-hour demonstration in downtown Nashville monday night. A few hours later police were sent to the Home of a negro Leader who said a Shotgun blast fired from a car smashed through the window of his Home and narrowly missed his wife. Mayor Beverly Briley continued his efforts to reach a biracial Accord and a preserve the negro leaders scheduled another meeting for late today to press their demands i. Desegregation of All Public accommodations such As hotels motels restaurants and lunch counters. Some eating places All downtown Heaters the baseball Park and the civic auditorium Are inter grated. 2. Better employment opportunities for qualified negroes 3. Dropping of All charges now pending against students arrested while demonstrating against segregation dating Back to the Start of the sit in movement in 1960. The Shotgun blast ripped through the front window at the Home of h. E. Braden executive vice president of the Nashville Christian leadership Council. No one was injured. Looking do into space a astronaut Gordon Cooper scheduled for a 22-orbit ride through space today Points out his launch path from Cape canaveral Fla. With him on the Saturn Gantry Are the members of his family. They Are from left daughters Cam 14, and Jan 13, and his wife Trudy. Missile launching pads at Cape canaveral Are in the background. This photograph w As released today by the National aeronautics and space administration. A photo Alabama governor May seek court order barring . Troops Birmingham Ala. Apr uncertainty and apprehension continued to grip this racially troubled City today As 3,000 combat ready troops stood within striking distance in the event of new outbreaks of major violence. Scattered violence was reported during the night. Two persons were Hurt. Automobile windshields were smashed and windows were broken in about a dozen buildings. A White youth was slashed on his right Elbow with a knife. He said he was attacked by a group of negroes. A negro Man was hospitalized after he was struck in the face by a Large steel Ball fired from a Slingshot apparently wielded by a White youth. President Kennedy ordered the troops into the state but gov. George c. Wallace says the action is illegal and hinted that he May seek a Federal injunction to keep Federal forces out of the City. Kennedy wired Wallace that he acted under a Section of the . Code giving the president the Power to determine whether Federal troops Are needed in cases of Domestic violence and whether state authorities Are providing adequate Protection to citizens. Wallace and Kennedy May meet saturday at muscle Shoals Ala. The president is scheduled to attend an Observance by the Tennessee Valley authority. In other developments concerning the tense racial situation Here a Jackie Robinson and Floyd Patterson spoke to negroes at a mass meeting monday night and said negroes Here Are fighting to end segregation everywhere. A a negro Reserve police Captain said that state troopers prevented him from using 62 uniformed negro reserves to help quell the rioting which followed saturday nights bombings. A police said no arrests have been made in their investigation of the bombings. The Fri is work Thresher aftermath inquiry Board clears officer Portsmouth . Apr the Navy has cleared a Young officer of being a possible a a Scapegoat in the sinking of the nuclear submarine Thresher with 129 persons aboard. The action came late yesterday when a naval court of inquiry investigating the april to sinking some 220 Miles East of Boston withdrew the name of it. Cmdr. Stanley w. Hecker As a party to the inquiry. Hecker 36, of Brooklyn n.y., was skipper of the Skylark the threshers surface escort vessel and the ship which received the ill fated submarines death throes radio messages from the Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Hecker was censured by the court april 16. The court said then his conduct As commanding officer of the Skylark a appears to be subject to but the court though critical in Navy jargon making Hecker a a party to the inquiry a also emphasized that Hecker so apparent failure to inform higher authorities immediately of the threshers final messages a cannot conceivably have contributed in any Way to the loss of the $45 million submarine. Atty. Louis p. Gray Iii of new London conn., Heckers counsel told the court yesterday subsequent testimony had shown that Hecker carried out his responsibilities fully. Gray said that while Hecker a does no to for one minute hold that the court has branded him As Scapegoat a a a substantial Sega ment of the Public does hold that opinion. A this career is in your hands a he said. Following 41 minutes of closed session deliberations on Gray a motion vice . Bernard l. Austin president of the inquiry court and commanding officer of Portsmouth Navy Yard where the Thresher was built said the court a agrees that it no longer appears that it. Cmdr. Hecker is involved in a material degree in the matter under investigation. A Alt. Cmdr. Heckers designation As a party is accordingly withdrawn As pursuant to his being made a party to the inquiry had Given Hecker the right to Cross examine witnesses since april 16. Rear . Lawson p. Ramage Deputy commander of the Atlantic Fleet submarine Force had testified last month he was unaware for 60 hours of the fact that threshers last Clear radio message was one indicating trouble. Hecker testified yesterday he gave this information to the officer who followed him As commanding officer in charge of the search for the Thresher. The last Clear message from Thresher to Skylark was a experiencing minor difficulty. Have positive up Angle. Attempting to blow surface a ing on the Case too but has made no report. A integration Leader or. Martin Luther King or. Went through the City a negro Community and in Pool Halls and on Street Corners urging his listeners to discard their knives and clubs. A if the streets of Birmingham Are going to flow with the blood let it be our blood and not the blood of our White Brothers a he pleaded. A two army generals and top Justice department officials set up a headquarter in Birmingham. The police patrol at one time was estimated at 1,200 men. It was reported that Only a few Hundred were on duty. A you can say that police chief Jamie Moore and Alabama safety director Al Lingo share joint responsibility for the command a said Birmingham pome commissioner Eugene Bell Connor. Maj. Walter Allen of the Highway patrol said a there is no Chain of command if you refer to things like who gets in and out of a car first. It is a joint debate on funds Bill Montpelier apr the Vermont House begins considering today the general appropriations Bill which provides the Money to finance the state government for the next two fiscal years. The $73.4 million general fund called for in the Bill is some $2.8 million higher than the total recommended by gov. Philip h. Hoff when the University of Vermont appropriation is included. The Ulm appropriation As proposed by the House appropriations committee is some $2.2 million higher than the figure recommended by Hoff. Thus excluding the Ulm figure the omnibus Bill is some $600, xxx More than Hoff wanted. The Ulm appropriation is being dealt with in a separate Bill which comes up for action in the House later this week. There were no indications that House democrats will fight the omnibus Bill even though Hoff has called it a a Concrete example of haphazard Willy Nelly Type of government of which i have been so rep. Richard w. Mallary of air Lee chairman of the appropriations committee said his group was ready to defend the Bill

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