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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 6, 1966, Bennington, Vermont The famous Teague j Charm at work. Or. Hardy Teague Calls on it Only on the rarest of occasions a a . It is always effective i to Paradise miss Jones. Her. Co de message asks foe a pickup in haiphon6 Harbor while he a verts the reps to another 7 f oppress think we \ were just in j to ate sending -4 col. Canyon into Hanoi to Brino mrs. A1uldoon meanwhile in Hanoi. While Plav no Judas Ano Well Goat to his a i a mint int smile As if a be love p7 w streets to escape Jiffy mul a it of the microphones Poon tells the 0 a est Kov v Irver i _ . Of we in Pownal entries ,linillllinilllllltow>wllliailw>iiiimdi11 it it uni Nylon Banner Friday May. 6. 19f i-9 horse to beat a Kauai King picked by Many As the horse to beat in the Kentucky Derby saturday works a mile on the Churchill Downs track Between races. The horse is owned by Michael Ford trained by Henry Forrest. In this workout Kauai King went the mile in 1 39. Up Padgetts Blue Skyer raises Derby Field to 16 Louisville by. Up a Kentucky Derby fever finally caught up today with Trainer Jim Padgett who tasted the Field for saturdays 92nd running of the turf classic to 16 thursday by entering Blue Skyer at the last minute. A i guess you could Call it Derby fever a said the Youthful horseman who handles Blue Skyer for his father Marvin partner Hugh Grant who named the gelding for the first of the triple Crown classics Only moments before the entry Box closed. A it really was a lot of Little things that changed my mind. For i really meant it when i said earlier in the week that Blue Skyer would not Start. Why i even released Ray Broussard to let him ride Pollux in the Withers stakes a Aqueduct saturday i had to try to get him released from Pollux to come Back Here to ride a Young Padgett said. Blue dryer races against abets Hope Kauai King stupendous tra Gniew adv Cator Williamston kid sky Cuy Fleet shoe exhibitionist rehabilitate Quinta Beau sub Dominar Sean e Indian of that Colt recovers from a bruised leg in time. A with Graustark out of of there is no real standout Anc that had something to do wit it a said Padgett a native o Louisville who saw his first Kentucky Derby in 1942 As a boy Only missed the year count turf won in 1951 because he was in the Hospital. A but i went to the Secretary a office to enter Blue Skyer in an allowance race on saturdays program. The race did not fill they threw it out because Only two horses were entered. Then just before the Box closed i decided to run Padgetts reaction was so different than most of the trainers with horses entered in the a mile race Worth $164,000 if All 16 horses Start. Once Graustark turned up with a broken Bone in a foot they decided to enter their horses. Padgetts reaction was just a Little slower. Saratoga entries think about your favorite graduate now Lay a one of our Fine watches Aikins. Gould jewellers first a Trot-1 Mil -j60j 1. Midway coast Kalll 2. Ach Alden Hui 3. Bonnie Lee 4. Lionel Hull 5. magic Heeney 6. Gypsy Zephyr Ham it on 7. Scotch Creek Mcquigge 8. Post kill pants Watson second Pace-1 my a 600 1. Peter up Langtry 2. Promo tax Hamilton 3. General Byrds Olin 4. Willow fancy Goodsell 5. Miss Janie Scott Lourlee 6. Sharp time Dev Lezzlo 7. Scotts Irish Tingley 8. Harvey s Bonnier Allen a Prince discovery third Trot i Mue-600 1. Synd s Volt Masse 2. Voltaic Hanover Parker 3. Neve Leland Spencer or. 4. Bernley a Lucky boy Garnsey 5. Onward Diamond Motsiff 6. Impulse Arthurs 7. Rodney pick Butcher 8. Moon shooter Peckham fourth�?Pace-1 mile-$600 1. Colonie girls Jevons 2. chances Coppola 3. Brittany Langtry 4. Hazel mite Goodsell 5. Bet u cookies Herrington 6. Speed merchant Weaver 7. Glib Wick Desantis 8. Fabers Cathy Aitken a Lynn Flash fifth�?Trot-1 Mlo-$1500 1. Potomac Beauty Langtry 2. Sue Eden Lamb 3. Alotta Arthurs 4. Worthy Promise Larouech Mother 5. Phillips Pride White 6. Colonie Prince Jevons 7. Drum Geraghty 8. Cla Haven Triton Mcquigge a Lusty counsel sixth�?Pace-1 mile-700 1. Calua mite Langtry 2. Charlies Morse 3. Little Guy put Heeney 4. Kingston Gale Masse 5. Fashion dares Ovule 6. Princess loud Baumann 7. True storm Mahone 8. Wild blues Smith a Sara Blaze seventh Pace i mile-700 1. Flashy Demon Baumann 2. Fabric Chase 3. Lord buds Ambo 4. Irish tar Staker 5. Gold bar Mcdonald 6. Paula prospectus Weaver 7. Connors Hanover Heeney 8. Rebel land amyl Desantis eighth Trot a i mile -s2000 1. Parkers boy Hui 2. Pindar 3. Balitas Allen 4. Swamp Root Arthurs 5. Christopher 6. Julians away Bromley 7. Eva s son 8. Tick tags Garnsey ninth Pace i mile $900 1. Golden future Heeney 2. Yankee Glenn Tallman 3. Dazzling Kate Mcquigge 4. Far Way Chase 5. Modest boy Lamb 6. Post kill a Onnley Watson 7. We March Leduc 8. A plea buds Langtry a Billy Delight tenth Pace i mile 600 1. Cla Haven Delight Peckham 2. Jose Dale Kathln Kay Coppola 3. Pulaski Mac Ambo 4. 5. Cash Scott Garnsey 6. Prince majesty 7. Due Fetter Olin 8. Max flyer Dev Lezzlo a rhythm lad Saratoga results Friday May 6, 1966 first�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Go Boom 2. De Gage s Jet Pasquarello 3. Monica baby 4. Volar vestiges Marshman 5. Sound wish Donahue 6. Shannon s Hope 7. Triple Baltzer 8. Of Sadie to la atty 8. Of Sadie Molarity 9. Foolish regents Gino 10. Gay spangled Meehan s e Condo is oooo Mue 1. Merry Madcap Smith 2. Chop Turkey Handley 3. Blue scout Handley 4. Weather play Pruden 5. Shifty Sadie Suva 6. Bar butter Smith 7. Lone miss Ledezma 8. Sickle s change Handley 9. Fish Hawk 10. White arrows Kelly third�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Bras lean Fairbanks 2. Jim Sim Donahue 3. Makalu a Fairbanks 4. Captain vie 3. Iron jaw Handley 5. Isle of acres 7. Suwyn Street 8. Tuscany s Joy Corona fourth�?1000�?5 furlongs 1. Wullems Jet Handley 2. Naskak�?6anta Maria 3. Harvest bang Donahue 4. Ramses 2nd�?morlartty 5. Sir Turco i. Headline i. Tax less Silva 8. Tip s boy fifth�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Miss Cross Patch Thorndike 2. Punched out Smith 3. Jet Falcon Erdos 4. Royal merchant Diaz 5. Papa Joe 6. Our Gedl llah 7. Jeans Aiu 8. I Falla Erdos sixth�?$1100�?7 furlongs 1. Real sport 2. Frey miss 3. Distinct Pasquarello 4. Our Princess Fairbanks 3. Aidala 6. Deep thinkers Pruden 7. Sgt. Jonzy Handley seventh�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Amber atom 2. Mount senior Moriarty 3. Late boots Angara 4. Virgo a Pasquarello 5. Gay Willow Donahue 6. Kicks 7. Swinging Sam 8. Tudor Anne eighth�?$1000�?5 furlongs 1. Howard 2. Peace Valley Handley 3. Hot coffees Wail 4. Superior Man 5. Arty j. 6. Hot to Trot Kessler 7. Sassy Bull Pruden 8. Mischief boy Kelly ninth�?1000�?5 furlongs 1. Home permanent Santa Marla 2. Sweet accords Donahue 3. Winning Romeo Pruden 4. Quick switch Ledezma 5. Roman Hills Donahue 6. Partakers Silva 7. A Rahana Meehan tenth�?shoo�?5 furlongs 1. Jim 2. Gem ruler Kessler 3. Sun Trio Mph 4. Peggie s pet Pruden 5. Or. Seconda 6. Whirl Back 7. Bank a bit Lannotti 8. Magic evening 9. King punchy Smith classifieds legals crossword television radio variety store Timex hatches clocks portable radios Candy Small appliances cards amp wrapping too Junction rates. 7 amp 67a open 7 Days a week 6 . Toll . Complete line of fishing equipment too Street play thursday May 5, 1966 first�?trot�?mile�?$600 8 smart same Bell 4.40 4.00 2 Algiers Only Peckman 5.40 5 Al Rancho Vanl Destine time 2 10.2 second�?pace�?mile�?$600 4 sols rangers Collette 18.00 8.40 3 Seaway captains Heeney 5.20 6 nifty Mike Hamilton time 2 11.4 Dally double 8-4 paid 45.40 third pace�?mile�?$600 i plenty Quick a Tingle 7.40 5.20 7 Long worthy Bauman 7.80 3 Shettl cd Hull time 2 10.1 fourth�?trot�?mile�?$900 1 old timer Butcher 6.00 3.80 6 Pride Rainbow Bain 6.00 2 dancer done Arthurs time 2 08.2 if th�?pace�?mile�?$600 1 Gold a plenty a Garnsey 3.20 2.80 2 Volcano Hanover Masse 5.60 3 was Doc Chase time 2 06.1 sixth�?pace�?mile�?$650 8 Faber Ngy Arthurs 10.80 5.20 3 Weldon Creed Hamilton 3.60 2 Runnymede june Coons time 2 09.1 5 e v e it he Pace a lie�?$800 8 Jolly Host Bromley 6.60 3.60 2 Jessie Mckay of Geraghty 4.40 i Marlon e. Volos Poyer time 2 07.4 eighth�?trot�?mile�?$900 dash away Kelly 4.60 3.60 5 Cool Yankees Arthurs 9.00 1 Little Victory Larouech time 2 07.2 ninth�?pace�?mile�?$800 4 lord might Heeney 4.40 3.60 2 mischief Kyle Arthurs 7.00 5 or. Mac deep Bromley time 2 07. Tenth�?pace�?mile�?$700 1 chert Eden Chase 8.60 3.80 4 tar Dale Tallman 4.00 2 May dolls Goodsell time 3 07.? attendance z,0b., handle $133,742 spends for health personals Washington up a a . Department of health education welfare study confirms what everyone knows americans spend a lot of Money on health. It found out that of the $24.8 billion paid out for health services by the Public in 1964 a the Mast recent year for figures a $7.6 billion went for Hospital care $6.8 billion for physician services the balance went for dentistry drugs appliances other health care needs. Special four weeks 4 visits per week $20. Stay trim studio 442-4771. I automobiles for Sale la i automobiles for Sale for a 1 7tzz or to pm Legal notices state of Vermont District of Westminster is. The honorable probate court for the District aforesaid. To All persons interested herein greeting be it remembered that at a session of said court held at below a Falls in said District on the 19th Day of april . 1966, Phyllis Bell Greene of Rockingham in said District personally appeared executed acknowledged filed a declaration agreeably in words terms to the Laws of Vermont whereby it is declared that she the said Phyllis Bell Greene will hereafter be known called Phyllis Kent Bell i it is hereby ordered that the same be approved ordered to be recorded that notice thereof be Given by publication Hereof in the Bennington Banner a newspaper polished in Bennington in the county of Bennington state of Vermont for three weeks successively. Given under my hand this 19th Day of april . 1966. Mildred f. Huson Register apr 21-28-May 5 it wedding invitations announcements cake decorations imprinted napkins matches Guestbooks. Bennington bookshop 416 main St., phone 2-5136. Berkshire sports cars inc. Your area Bic Mercedes Benz dealers. New used cars. 207 state Road North Adams Call 664-6388. Bennington lanes. Open monday thru Friday 6 ., saturday sunday i . Until further notice. Moonlight Bowling 9 30 . Strayed lost found lost Brown a White Collie Vicinity of North Pownal Call 823-5646. Found Golden retriever Vicinity of Woodford Mountain. Also Small female Beagle Collar Shaftsbury. Call humane society shelter 375-2898. Automotive agencies test drive the 4-wheel drive Toyota at spikes. Call 442-9884. Automobiles for Sale in memorial in Loving memory of our father Grandfather Michael Kes ick who passed away May 5, 1964._ monuments cemetery lots 5 Rock of Ages Granite Barre Guild Seal. D. E. Carver. Call 2-4808. Display at 126 Washington Avenue. By appointment appreciated. 157 jeep 18,000 Miles. $785. Telephone 686-9016. Monument motors a authorized Volkswagen sales service 1961 vow Sun roof Quot finished in Black Quot $895 dial 447-7561 route 7, South of Bennington Bennington Vermont for select used cars see Williams amp Bugbee inc., 442-5320, e. Main St., Bennington. Cuseo cars fair dealing Fine service autere Ford 748 main St. Bennington 442-6373 what a new with lemans the a a overhead c am 6�?� test drive one today at. Walter l. Barber inc. Pontiac Buic k authorized sales amp service 114 North Bennington Rood open evenings till 9 . 1963 Blue Falcon convertible automatic. Must sell financing arranged in Good condition. $800. Or Best offer. 447-7222. Bul Jiaqi Crl Chevrolet Cadillac inc 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne 4 door 8 Standard $1495 1962 Chevrolet c6303, Ca 12�?T rack j g95 1965 Chevrolet i Polo Statton a Gijon $ Eyl. Pow arrive $2895 a after we sell we server 23 9 main St., Bennington 442-54 5 i trucks for Sale 1954 Chevrolet pickup. 1956 Chevrolet 9,200 dump truck 900 tires air brakes 6 Yard body $800. Donald Ennis Arlington. Vermont. Repairing for May state inspection. See Hurley Bros. 155 North Street. Business services offered 18 done to store it. Sell it notice having sold the rear portion of our land to the shopping Center we Wilt continue to operate w Ith a Large inventory of late wrecks parts at another location. Our office will be at Leb Anc Cor amp truck Hunt St. Across from Johnson Oil for parts Tel. 442-2308 Leblanc s Auto wrecking Hunt St. 442-2308 electro Lux vacuum cleaners repairs parts service free pickup delivery Call 442-9321. Cesspool amp septic tank cleaning. Reasonable rates. Leonard Wells 442-6919. Aluminium windows doors siding amp awnings. Milton Mack by. No. Benn. 442-5355. Piano tuning voicing action regulation demoting Complete service. Burt Rockwood Plano technician. Telephone 442-6587._ sports equipment advisor anthems Tomasi wheelers sporting goods Call 442-6217. By Charles m. Schulz peanuts Hev Charlie 0rou Nive 60t Vouk Mound All fixed do. Coe. Is Laiu hat Vit looks do Voo think ? i great 60 ahead try it of course it needs a Little patting d0l n by Johnny Hart 2.60 3.oc 6.00 3.00 3.20 3.6c 4.60 2.80 2.40 3.40 2.80 2.40 3.80 2.80 3.60 2.60 7.60 3.40 4.00 4.40 2.60 3.60 2.60 3.00 4.00 7.20 2.60 3.80 5.6c Pownal results thursday May 5, 1966 first�?7 fur�?$1000 2 Black squad la Gino 17.00 6.40 3, 5 Bob Lynne sue Kessler 3.40 2, 6 dlr Tom Fairbanks 2, time 1 29.3 second�?5 fur�?$1000 1 pop gun 2nd�?Thorndike 6.80 3.60 3 2 Patty cake Mccracken 3.80 3 3 refreshed Erdos 12 time 1 01.3 Dally double 2-1 paid $87.40 third�?5 fur�?$1000 7 Happy face Thorndike 5.403.20 2 2 sure shot Steve Mccracken 6.60 3 5 Laurel music Ledezma 2 time 1 01.2 fourth�?7 fur�?$1000 i raw umber Mccracken 4.20 2.60 2, 3 Coral barriers Ianotti 2.80 2, 7 peaceful Mike Thorndike 2 time 1 28.3 fifth�?5 fur�?$1000 i qui Penser Wall 32.40 7.40 3 7 shameless Gale Kessler 3.60 2 3 talk oort Kislewski 4 time 1 01.3 sixth�?5 fur�?$1000 1 wooden Bridges Donahue 18.40 8.60 5 3 nautical Fleet a Mccracken 5.20 3 2 Eye Jay a re Ledezma 3 time 1 00.4 seventh�?5 fur�?$1000 4 Romney Handley 3,60 3.00 2 2 cop nov Many Donahue 5.00 3 3 Feudal chief Wall 3, time 1 01.1 eighth�?5 fur�?$1200 3 shorts Pruden 5.60 3.60 2 4 Mink sappers Ledezma 4.60 2 6 sweep easy Phillips 2 time 1 00 twin double i-1-4-3 paid $1,264. Ninth�?7 fur�?$100 7 adduces so Thorndike 3.20 2.80 2 i Bay ionian Kelly 16.00 6 4 Gay artist Handley 3 time 1 28.4 Perfecta 7-1 paid 54.20 attendance 2,062 handle $124,200 60 cd 40 20 .40 .20 .40 .20 .80 .40 .60 .40 to 20 40 20 of pfc Hilbert vew ppr or Nln ote ���4 Blondie by lie Young Steve Lanyon by Milton Caniff n i Hap Hope pay but it looks they Coli up As if their exit i War out visas will be using the Irish c0verin6 fire passports they heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake you re new to this modelling kick miss , i remembered the name. Modelling takes a Linn breaking in. Change to your

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