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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 6, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Fair and cooler fair and cooler tonight. Low in the upper 208 to upper 30s. Saturday fair and cooler. Yesterdays High 64 Low 47. Today at 7 ., 49. Total precipitation .08 Inch. Sunset 8 00 . Sunrise 5 36 Bennington Bennington Banner Friday May 6, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,061 to Lents group seeks no vote on merger until fall a petition for an immediate special town meeting to the contrary there apparently will be no new vote on local governmental unification at least until next fall. That was the Gist of a recommendation which the Bennington unification study committee will make to town selectmen and one of the selectmen. Joseph Higgins a member of the committee indicated at the committee s meeting thursday night that such a recommendation was committee hires Power consultants Montpelier up a the legislative Council Power study subcommittee which is studying gov. Philip h. Hoff s Canadian Power Bill voted unanimously today to retain a new York City firm As special Power consultants. Sen. Edward Janeway of Windham chairman of the subcommittee said the firm of Reis and Chandler would be paid $6,000 for 11 s services until july i the deadline Hoff has set for a Council report. The subcommittee meeting in executive session this morning also disclosed that former Federal Power commission chairman Joseph Swidler now practising Law in Washington will work with Reis and Chandler. Sanford Reis who Heads the new York firm was involved in the convex merger of utilities in Western Massachusetts several years ago. In Accord with the discussion which selectmen themselves have had on the matter. In a special town vote a week ago tuesday a proposed new town charter under which the governments of the town its three villages and one fire District might have consolidated was turned Down by the narrow margin of three votes 935-938. The vote was the culmination of More than a year s work by the unification committee which drafted the charter and after its approval in the form of an enabling act by the state legislature had held a number of Public information meetings on the proposal. After an hour and a half s analysis of the vote and discussion of next moves of any the 12 members of the 25-Man committee present at the meeting adopted without dissent the following motion made by atty. Norton Barber Quot that the committee recommend to selectmen that there be no further vote at this time and that selectmen reconvene the committee As they think Best towards the end of the summer for the purpose of recommending an advisable Date for a new rejected or dropped along the Way were suggestions that the committee actually disband at this time or if it did t disband at least leave the Call for any new town vote entirely up to the appearance of petitions filed for that purpose. That there might Well be a petition calling for an immediate new vote on the matter was suggested by mrs. Francis Shoemaker one of Bennington Village s representatives on the committee. Mrs. Shoemaker thought that no petitions had appeared at this time simply because persons strongly in favor of unification had been awaiting the outcome of the study committee s meeting and its recommendation. With the committee s feeling that any a new vote be put off at least until fall she thought there was a Good Chance that a petition would be brought calling for an earlier revote on the question. She said that she herself however would neither promote or attempt to Block the filing of such a petition. At least two other Village representatives on the committee mrs. Carmel Babcock and vice chairman Joseph a. Pello jr., also were inclined to want a vote sooner than next fall strongly contending that the Quot Village wants a Basic alternatives As far As Pello was concerned were either the proposed unification of see unification Page 12, col. 8 prepare Jor offensive a did testifies Young dope addict wears Hood As he testifies thursday in Philadelphia at the opening of a probe on the use of narcotics on College campuses triggered by recent incidents at Temple and Penn state universities. Up protestant leaders agree on eight Church merger governor urges approval of Dickey Lincoln project Washington up a gov. Philip h. Hoff in a prepared statement to the Senate appropriations committee has urged approval of $1.2 million allocation for planning new England a federally financed Public Power projects. Hoff said thursday the proposed Dickey Lincoln school project on the St. John River in Maine would Quot not displace any of the proposed private generation the governors statement was read before the committee by sen. Frederick Fayette a chit Tenden grand Isle. Fayette serves As Hoff s Power consultant. The Hoff stand on the Maine Public Power project put him squarely at Odds with Albert a. Cree chairman of the Central Vermont Public service corp. Of Rutland. Cree earlier this week testified before the Senate committee in opposition to the project. He is chairman of the electric coordinating Council of n e w England. Cree contends that the project is a waste of taxpayer s Money. Hoff also said that the Maine project would fit in with his plans to import some 1.2 million kilowatts annually of Canadian Power. He noted that the Dickey Lin Coln project would provide Low Cost Quot peaking Quot Power whereas the Canadian Power would provide Low Cost Quot base Load Quot Energy the Maine project which Cost about $227 million would generate 794,000 kilowatts. Dallas up a millions of protestants in All parts of a Myrlca will be enlisted during the coming year in the task of planning a new Church. The new Church which thus far has no name is scheduled to come into being sometime during the 1970s. It will be a Union of eight existing denominations and will be by far the largest protestant body in the world. Leaders of the eight Denomin-1 nations meeting in a body known As the consultation of Church Union Cocu a reached agreement in Dallas this week on some of the Basic principles to be followed in establishing the United Church. They found themselves in Accord on doctrine sacraments worship practices and the ministry. But they were not Able to agree on How the United Church should be organized and governed a specifically How much Power should be vested in the Bishops and How much reserved for representative councils like presbyteries and local congregations. Denominations involved Are the methodist Church the episcopal Church United presbyterian Church United Church of Christ disciples of Christ african methodist episcopal Church Southern presbyterian Church and evangelical United Brethren. At their final session thursday Cocu delegates voted to Send four documents to their denominations to be passed along to local churches Quot for study and comment Quot by the 24 million people who would be affected by the Union. The documents thus submitted to an informal grass roots referendum Are 1. A 15,000-word outline of Quot principles of Church unions Quot which registers the amazingly Broad consensus reached since the merger talks began in 1962 on Many hitherto controversial subjects such As the authority of the Bible infant baptism and open communion. 2. A preliminary paper on Quot the Structure of the Church Quot which was referred to the denominations with the comment that Many problems in this area remain unsolved and Quot More work needs to be 3. A tentative timetable for establishing the new Church. It indicates it will take four years at Best and 13 years at most to consummate the Union. One Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff has urged More than too teachers attend in the teachers advisory conference not to Hes late in making recommendations on the strength and weakness of the Vermont education system. Hoff told the group thursday they must Call a Quot Spade a red buildup seen As peace rejection Washington up a the communists Are building up their forces in South Viet Nam in a huge Effort which shows that Hanoi has no intention of accepting offers of peace negotiations officials said today. Girding for Rainy season offensive by the bolstered red forces the United states has deployed 40,000 men to South Viet Nam in the past two months and now has a total strength thereof 255,000. The explosion is expected at any time As the monsoons arrive ending a Lull in ground fighting during which the Viet Cong and North vietnamese expanded their forces despite slashing air attacks. Their total manpower in the South is estimated at 250,000. Evidence now at hand from . Military officials on the scene indicates that defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara was conservative in his estimates of enemy ability to infiltrate troops into the South. On March 3, Mcnamara told centers within the country which have been under heavy air attack. The main Force of North vietnamese regulars and hard Core Viet Cong in the South is reported to number 90,000, with an additional 160,000 in Small guerrilla bands administrative political and Supply units. There Are 120 combat battalions with a probability of 19 More available to the communists. The enemy has maintained an expanded Force in the face of losses estimated at 12,000 to 15,000 men a month by death capture and desertions. South Viet Nam meanwhile has somewhat enlarged its forces. The regular armed forces total 316,000 and the regional militia and irregular defense units bring the total to about 700,000. There Are 145 to 155 battalions on Call for the South vietnamese. The latest count on . Forces in South Viet Nam shows this breakdown 156,500 army 13,500 Navy and coast guard 51,000 marines and 34,000 air Force. Ground forces have close to six combat divisions. Allied forces from other countries 26,500 men. Los. Files suit in Alabama race Selma Ala. Up a the Federal government entered a bitterly disputed race for Congress it was estimated that sheriff Alabama a Black District judge Daniel h. Thomas of Mobile the Justice department said the boxes contained 1,412 votes for Baker interesting feature of the timetable is that it postpones the writing of a Constitution for the United Church until the denominations have lived together in a Loose federation for several years. It is presumed that this experience will build up Mutual Trust and make it possible to resolve some specific issues such As ordination of women ministers which at this Point would cause tremendous controversy. 4. Quot open letter Quot from Cocu to local churches and their members asserting that Christian reunion is not merely desirable but imperative out of simple obedience to gods will. Quot the Church is one made so by the act of god in Christ Quot the letter declares. Quot because of this Given Unity the disunity of the visible companies of Christian people is a Challenge to the North Viet Nam Quot Las the soil Belt thursday asking in and Only 92 for Clark. This would have Given Baker a majority it the 17,168 votes cast and eliminated the necessity of a Runoff. Two other candidates both former Clark deputies got around 1,000 votes. Without the disputed votes Baker has a slight plurality of 7,537 to 7,445 but would have to capability to generate and infiltrate up to 4,500 combat troops he said the Viet Cong could Quot press into service an additional 3,500 South vietnamese monthly. A Federal court suit that Wilson Baker be declared the Winner Over segregationist sheriff Jim Clark. The suit was filed by the Justice department after six boxes of predominantly negro information from Saigon Lodi votes that would have Given Cates that More than 20,000 men were moved southward in the first four months of 1966. The rate of troop movement from North Viet Nam toward South Viet Nam was 5,500 a month for part of this time and May have reached 7,000 in april. Some of these troops May still be in Assembly areas just beyond South Viet Nam s Borders away from the main Baker a Clear Victory were tossed out by the Dallas county democratic executive commit meet Clark in a May 31 Runoff. Tee. Clark complained that three of the boxes were unguarded prior to the vote counting in tuesdays democratic primary. He lost to Clark in a Runoff for sheriff four years ago after leading in the primary. Clark had been a target of negroes because of his firm the executive committee said and sometimes violent Han negro officials in charge of the boxes had left their posts to get something to eat. In the suit before . Hoff asks teachers for recommendations . Governor seeks new Public employee strike Law merged school Board personnel policies reviewed letter from teachers cites problems by Bob Hagerman action has been instituted in the new Bennington merged school District to develop an improved personnel policy and its better administration through a dialogue Between the new District s governing Board and administration and the teachers and other personnel to which the policy would apply. That was the Gist of announcement thursday by Stewart e. Allen chairman of the present joint Board of directors of the new elementary District being formed from the merger of the greater Bennington Rural and Bennington graded Village school districts. Allen said that action has been taken in response to a letter from the Bennington teachers association citing a number of problems the association feels to be serious affecting its Security and professional rights. He said he had contacted the association s president mrs. Mary Whiteway expressing the merged Board s interest in working with the association in the development of Quot a personnel policy satisfactory to both the Board and the in response he said mrs. Whiteway indicated the association will name two representatives. These Allen said will meet with supt. Howard f. Kelley to initiate discussions. Later the association representatives and Kelley will meet with the Board s personnel committee and ultimately a new policy will go to the full Board for adoption. At the same time he indicated the association representatives presumably will likewise be meeting with others of the organization s membership in reviewing the proposed policy. The teachers association letter is a direct outgrowth of a situation which came to a head in Early april As a result of the merged Board s decision on the hiring of a school nurse for the 1966-67 school year the first year of the merged District s operation. The merged Board had decided that it would hire one full time nurse for the District and had then considered applications for the Job from both mrs. Fran Ces Albney the present Village District nurse and from mrs. Rachel Kinney the Rural District nurse. Mrs. Albney had been serving the Village District for some la years far longer than mrs. Kinney had been working for the Rural District and thus on the basis of seniority alone had seemed to Many to have been the Board s logical Choice. But the Board selected mrs. Kinney and it was this that led to a storm of criticism against the Board not just for its Choice but for the manner in which it handled the whole selection pro Cess. In explaining its decision the Board said Only that there had been Quot some critical material Quot in the personnel file of mrs. Gib . On the advice of its counsel atty. Eugene v. Clark it declined to disclose in any further detail the nature of the critical material on grounds that to do so could do irreparable damage to other persons. The Board however did hold a hearing on the matter april 6 at which time it stated its position on the selection of mrs. Kinney. It was also at this session that the storm of criticism both by teachers and other concerned citizens was levelled at the Board. The criticism consisted of two main Points that mrs. Albney had apparently not been confronted either at the time of the merged Board s decision or at any time in the past by the Village school Board with the apparent accusations made against her a Basic consideration to which she was entitled and that by not disclosing the grounds for mrs. Gibney s Quot dismissal Quot the Board was giving credence to All kinds of defamatory stories circulating about mrs. Albney and that such action was seriously undermining the morale of others on the local schools staffs. The teachers association in its letter which was released by Allen indicated that mrs. Gibney s Case Quot was and still is a matter of grave concern to us Quot and said that the Quot demoralizing action such As that brought against our colleague mrs. Albney is a major problem in the deterioration of teacher morale an attribute so vitally necessary in achieving Good school the letter then dwells on a number of matters relating to tile school system s staff about which the association Felt itself Quot obliged Quot to comment. The letter then lists the following six Points Quot a. A professional employee should be free to disagree with superiors and colleagues secure in the knowledge that dissent is possible b. Effective and fearless com see personnel Page 12, col. 7 Spade Quot and added Quot you May ruffle a few feathers but i suggest we Are Here to have our feathers and the teachers responded. They came up with a list of recommendations following an afternoon of discussion groups. Most of the recommendations dealt with what is expected it teachers More High school and elementary courses closer communication with the education department meeting the needs of Rural communities and recognized a need Tor school redistricting. Or. Richard Gibboney Vermont education commissioner called the teachers conference. He told them Quot you Are going to talk to us today and we Are going to Gibboney emphasized that it is easy to Tell what administrators and school Board members think Quot but teachers Are rarely heard from. Their voices Are the commissioner held a similar meeting in january. It was called the students advisory conference and students from High schools throughout the state also offered recommendations on what they Felt should and could be done to better the system in Vermont. Hoff also said he is convinced Quality education is the most important thing in the world today. Quot education itself Quot he said Quot must change drastically in order to meet the Challenge of our on the inside Sunderland Arlington officials stick by their guns on four Lane . 7 route a Page 3. An editorial says another bypass route for Bennington should be devised a Page 4. Columnist Sam Ogden asks who is responsible for the mess in Viet Nam a Page 4. Albany . A gov. Nelson Rockefeller sent to the legislature thursday a Bill designed to replace the Seldom enforced Condon Wadlyn Law barring strikes by Public employees. The new measure drawn from recommendations made last month by a Blue ribbon panel of labor relation experts was expected to run into Strong opposition from democrats and cause a legislative deadlock Between the Republican controlled Senate and Democrat dominated Assembly. There is general agreement for repealing the Condon wad Len act but organized labor strongly opposes a variety of mandatory penalties against unions that might violate the new no strike measure As proposed by the governor. The Rockefeller Bill would set up a system of collective bargaining procedures much de sired by labor but would require employee unions to give a no strike pledge As a condition of recognition. If the pledge were violated recognition of the Union would have to be withdrawn and it would lose All privileges such As dues Check offs a payroll deduction of dues. Further the government employer would be required to seek an injunction to Stop such a strike. Union officers who persisted could be held in criminal contempt and the Bill would remove the present limit of $250 a Day on fines levied against those judged in contempt. Since the democrats already have pronounced As unacceptable certain of the Bill s proposals passage of the Bill in its present form by the Assembly is viewed As highly unlikely and on the other hand major surgery on the act is sure to mean its defeat in the Senate. Doing of civil rights demonstrators during the racial unrest at Selma Early last year. Baker who was Selma a safety director at the time earned a reputation for fairness with negroes. The suit was one of two filed in Federal court thursday challenging results in the primary in which negroes voted in increased strength because of the Federal voting rights act. School doors padlocked by pranksters Williamstown mass. A the doors at All entrances to it. Greylock regional High school were barred with chains and padlocks thursday morning but they were opened in time for classes when the building superintendent used a Bolt Cutter to sever the chains. Williamstown police who Are investigating the incident reported that 24 doors in All were held shut by the hardware and that a sign on one of the doors read Quot do not open until doing the Hula Queen Mother Elizabeth of great Britain dances the Hula with Duke Kahanamoku olympic Star of the 1920s, while enjoying a Stopover this week in Honolulu on her return trip from Australia to London. # up

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