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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 6, 1966, Bennington, Vermont A Bennington Tanner Friday May to. In Eastern european seek bigger voice in red decisions London up a East european members of the Warsaw pact the communist counterpart to nato want a bigger voice on questions of policy and strategy in the soviet led Alliance according to a new study. Soothers Day is Jet Efth i or a l a ear riving cosmetics or. Barricini chocolates i rom frosts pharmacy the demands of these nations appear similar to desires of West european nations for changes in the american led Atlantic Alliance. The study published in a the world today Quot the monthly Magazine of the Royal Institute for International affairs said Warsaw pact members seem to be pressing for a share of military and economic burdens within the Alliance As Well As for More influence in foreign policy and military strategy. The Warsaw pact includes Seward a Vermont cheese 74 pie n Pac = store no. 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The study said the soviet relations with the other members have not grown notably smoother since the departure of Nikita Khrushchev from Kremlin leadership. Moscow has said on a number of occasions recently the pact would be strengthened or reorganized. Moscow made these statements especially on context with its warnings to the West against giving West Germany a say in Allied nuclear strategy. The Institute s study made by soviet expert Thomas w. Wolfe suggested there Are two main trends at work within the pact one pulling toward closer military integration and interdependence the other pulling toward assertion of separate National interests and a new balance of decision making Power Amone the members. A though it would be unrealistic to expect the soviet Union to surrender her dominant role in pact affairs Quot the study said a the evidence suggests that the Warsaw pact May be evolving into a More conventional sort of Alliance where decisions will be subject in a greater degree than hitherto to the interplay of coalition the armed forces of the pact amount to about i million men organized in 60 divisions which were largely equipped by Russia. A russian commander Heads the defense alignment. Two years ago Russia started supplying potential nuclear delivery systems to the East european countries in the form of tactical missiles with ranges of up to 150 Miles. But the nuclear warheads for these weapons presumably remain under soviet control. I Sia helps american publishers Washington up a the . Information Agency Usia is quietly spending $65,000 this year As an a incentive Quot for private unlabelled publication of books on the american Way of life. Some have viewed this system As a government subsidy of books the United states wants to ship overseas without putting its own name on them. Usia maintains the practice is perfectly proper and Lias been permitted for a decade by Congress and the general accounting office which oversees Federal spending. The latest example of How the system works was confirmed today by a Usia spokesman. He said the Agency has contracted to pay $24,000 to a Washington publishing House to buy 4,300 copies each of six books being published by the firm. Usia sends the books overseas to be used by teachers and students. The books Are also for Sale in this country through regular commercial bookstores. They contain no notation of any arrangement with Usia. The Agency said in a statement a Zusia does not in any Way attempt to propagandize the american people. What the Agency has done for Over a decade is to encourage through our Book development program the publication of books which will Tell the american Story most effectively. A in effect what the Agency does is to make incentive purchases of books in which it is interested. The authors of these books Are experts in their Fields and they write with Freedom and Complete integrity. There never has been any Effort by the Usia to insert falsehoods or dishonest prop Kanda in the for mom. May we eco Muj ams Mon i talk or re j a Unni Acton a Lovely table lamp prices on some of the Hefter lamps tart at $8. 95 Bellemare amp sons North Bennington Road Tel. 2-6009 gof labels loan Bill k Gigantic crap games submarines launched two research submarines Star Iii and Star ii Are lifted by cranes this week prior to launching in new London conn., by the builder electric boat division of general dynamics. The larger Star Iii is 24.5 feet Long has a mechanical Arm and can dive to 2,000 feet. The Star ii is 17.1 feet Long. Up emotions play Strong role in Panama treaty negotiations by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst since last september the United states and Panama quietly have been negotiating terms of a new Panama canal treaty. At the same time the United states has been examining Sites for a new sea level canal. Unfortunately emotions and the volatile nature of panamanian politics Are playing almost As important a role As sober reasoning. For the panamanian living along fourth of july Avenue dividing the .-Contr oiled zone from Panama City proper the trim Laws and the manicured shrubbery of the zone provide Sharp contrast to his own frequently Dingy surroundings and a constant reminder of a North american urged on by leftist agitators he and others like him reacted violently in december 1964, to enforce demands that the panamanian Flag Fly beside the american inside the zone. Those four frightening Days hastened the Day of negotiations to replace the old treaty signed in 1903, but did nothing to ease them. The american controlled canal is the overriding Issue of Panama a political life the favorite Scapegoat of politicians who use it to turn attention away from social and economic ills having nothing to do with the canal itself. Arrayed in bitter opposition Are Panama s president Marco Aurelio Robles who governs with a six party coalition and a Man who earlier served twice As president Arnulfo Arias. Arias charges that Robles won office by fraud. Arias has said he would accept a Robles negotiated trea Eaty if it were a very very very Good and if they gave us a Little piece of new York along with the for suspicious and nationalistic panamanians it is a Good position to take. Panama a terms for a new agreement already Are stiff. The United states currently pays Panama an annuity of $1.9 million for the canal zone. Panama also is estimated to Benefit by As much As $100 million in wages and purchases. For the future Panama is demanding both an increase in canal toll rates and participation in the profits. She also would a abolish the canal zone and take full sovereignty to herself Over the 50-mile strip which flanks the canal for five Miles on both sides. A eliminate a . Police Force school and Hospital system and with it the privileged zonal society. A limit the use of . Military bases exclusively to defense of the canal. This would eliminate two schools for latin american military personnel and extensive Jungle Harriman asks red Cross help in prisoner Exchange Geneva up presidential envoy w. Averell Harriman met with International red Cross officials today to ask for help in securing an Exchange of american prisoners of War in Viet Nam. Harriman began talks this morning with Samuel a. Gonard president of the private All Swiss committee on the possibility of using the International Aid organization As a go Between if the communists agree. Gonard greeted the Veteran american official with a smile and a handshake outside red Cross Headquarters and then took Harriman to his office. So far the Viet Cong and communist North vietnamese have rebuffed attempts by both the United states and the red Cross to ensure that american and South vietnamese prisoners be treated according to the 1949 Geneva War conventions. These conventions allow for each Side to Supply prisoner lists permit red Cross inspection of pow Camps and permit the Exchange of mail Between prisoners and their families. Although the United states and South Viet Nam have complied with these regulations North Viet Nam which adopted the conventions in 1957, has refused to abide by them. The Viet Cong also have rejected the Geneva agreements. American officials specifically Are talking about an Exchange involving the . Prisoners. The United states lists 33 military personnel known to be detained by the communists in South or North Viet Nam. But there Are another 149 servicemen listed As missing Many of whom Are believed to be communist pos. Training facilities important in the readying of . Forces for Viet Nam. Most sensitive Point in the negotiations is the location of the new sea level canal. Panamanians regard any discussion of Sites in Colombia or Nicaragua simply As a smokescreen to improve the . Bargaining position. In the end they expect the present canal to be dredged out and its obsolete system of locks eliminated. To locate a new canal anywhere else they say not Only would be costly to the United states but also would wreck the Economy of Panama City. Safety hazards disclosed Washington up a critics of the nations Auto Industry were to get some new ammunition today with disclosure of safety Hazard warnings affecting millions of cars produced since 1960. Sen. Abraham a. Ribicoff d-conn., planned to make Public the list of Hazard warnings compiled at his request by Detroit so big four Quot a general motors Ford Chrysler and american motors. Volkswagen Volvo and other foreign car manufacturers with . Markets also have been asked to submit defect lists but it was not known whether they would comply. Some of the effects listed already have been widely publicized. Detroit made the disclosures earlier this year As a result of the charges levelled at its products by Auto critic Ralph Nader Ribicoff sen. Walter f. Mondale d-minn., and others. The disclosures were expected to win new congressional support for Mondale a Bill to require automakers to notify the government and car owners immediately once safety hazards have been uncovered. Even the Auto Industry admits that its methods of warning car owners of safety defects has been something less than effective in the past. Generally automakers have notified their dealers and urged that repairs or modifications be made. Washington up a president Johnson a plan to shift some government Loans and mortgages to private investors passed the Senate thursday despite Republican charges it was a a Gigantic crap the controversial measure approved by a 39 to 22 vote would pay some of the governments housing an farm Loans from a Pool in which shares Are sold to the Public. It now goes to the House where approval would uphold on paper at least Johnson a original budget deficit estimate of $1.8 billion for the fiscal year starting july i. Without congressional approval the deficit could reach $4.1 billion. The pools effect would be to decrease the amount of Money the administration must Rind Over matter Palermo Sicily up a sicilian Francisco Cangemi rushed into the police station with tears in his eyes and cried out a i shot and killed my wife. I fired three shots. She was five months pregnant and our four children now Are police went to his Home and found mrs. Cangemi unharmed. She told police her husband had drunk too much wine. All he did she said was Point his Finger at her and shout a bang bang he apparently convinced himself gof House control seen without actual majority ask for its fiscal 1967 programs. Other congressional news pollution sen. Gordon Allott r-colo., urged a Senate subcommittee to provide tax credits for industries fighting water pollution. Atomic arms the Senate foreign relations committee passed by voice vote a Resolution to support president Johnson a efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons. Thoth i a Day houseboats >2.66 select from a variety of colors and patterns. Svi l or free door prizes during our 16th anniversary drawing suture Yotts a night Market Corner Safford and Gage its. To Mondt sad fax i remember you get double triple a a so Blue Stamps every wednesday at grand Union Empire no minimum Purchase necessary Washington up a House Republican whip Leslie c. Arends said today the gop Are you missing total television sign up for the Cable now dial 2-9395 better to inc. Of Bennington 317 m Ain Street Javery memorials 517 South Street Bennington Vermont Call mrs. Ernest la. Javery mrs. Alan h. Page full service banking a Man needs full service banking when he has the responsibility of a Home car and family. Get full service at the Vermont Bank and Trust company Bellows fall Chester Brattleboro Rutland Bennington Manchester member Federal Deposit insurance corporation could win virtual control of the House legislative program next year even without winning an actual majority in the november elections. The Illinois lawmakers said control of the legislative program could be won of the gop picked up 60 seats nov. 8. He said that even lesser gains would enable the Republican minority to make trouble for president Johnson and his great society programs. Arends conceded that the 77-seat gain needed to put the House under absolute gop control was improbable but he said it was still a possibility. He made the comments in a speech prepared for the second session of the three Day 14th annual Republican women a conference. The conference which has attracted 3,000 gop women from throughout the country opened thursday with speeches by the party a 1964 presidential nominee Barry m. 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