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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives May 6 1966, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 6, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4 a Benning on Banner Friday May 6, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials needed alternative bypass the state Highway department s proposed route for a Bennington bypass seems to have offended just about everybody. On wednesday the Board of the Bennington school District which next year will operate elementary schools in the present Bennington Village and Rural districts decided officially to protest the Section of the bypass that would Cut across the Bennington Flats Section of . 7 just South of Molly Stark school. The school directors Felt that the four Lane Highway would make it difficult for youngsters to walk to school and noted that the noise of traffic would be disturbing to classroom activities. The Board s concern is certainly justified but the problem of finding a satisfactory alternative route that would relieve traffic congestion on the Flats Section of . 7 and provide Access to the Flats commercial area remains. Although the school directors offered no alternative they would apparently prefer to have the new Road located a setback and a Victory civil rights leaders and a racial moderates a in the South were disappointed and with Good reason by the landslide Victory of mrs. Lurleen Wallace one of to democratic gubernatorial candidates in the states primary election. Mrs. Wallace who has promised that her staunchly segregationist husband the incumbent governor who is not permitted by the state Constitution to succeed himself will run the state if she is elected in november received 52 per cent of the votes. Her opponents some of whom have taken a a moderate a positions on the racial question did no to have a Chance. Her Victory has left the negro leadership in something of a quandary. They now have to choose Between mrs. Wallace and her Republican opponent James editor s notes Bennington Village trustees made a Brave attempt the other night to Deal with some of the villages numerous traffic problems. In addition to deciding definitely to proceed with several measures to relieve congestion Speed up traffic movement and make intersections safer the Board agreed to take definite action on a proposal to ban parking on the West Side of South Street from Elm Street to the top of the Hill. At the same time the Board would do Well to consider a parking ban on South Street Between Union Street and Putnam Square. Congestion there is often serious and visibility for motorists turning to the East and North of the school. This route however also has disadvantages. It would probably Cut across a part of the town farm property which we Hope will one Day be developed into a Public recreation area. A Road connecting the new Highway with the Flats could be just As disturbing to the school and As hazardous to youngsters As the interchange that the Highway department plans to build near the present Junction of . 7 and Willow Road. And if an alternative route to the East and North of he school does not relieve congestion on the Flats then existing . 7 will have to be widened. This in the Long run would be As dangerous disturbing and destructive As the state s route. There May be an alternative bypass route that can do the Job the bypass is supposed to do and still leave existing Public facilities intact. If so we Hope it will be presented with supporting arguments to the Public and the Highway department As soon As possible. D. Martin who is every bit As determined to resist desegregation As mrs. Wallace. The Large negro vote in Alabama estimated at 150,000, also did not eradicate White government in predominantly negro counties As had been expected and As Many southerners had feared. Many negroes voted for White incumbents and As a result Only a few negro candidates were elected. The results of the first election in the South with Large scale negro participation were clearly disappointing to Many and the astounding Victory of mrs. Wallace was certainly a defeat for those who had hoped for a More enlightened state administration. But at least Alabama negroes were Able to exercise their rights As american citizens and although there have been allegations of irregularities at polling places they did so without interference. This in itself was a Victory for the cause of civil rights. Onto South from Union is bad. We also feel that trustees at Long last should Complete their study of the notoriously dangerous intersection of main and Valentine and take at least one step a namely the installation of a traffic Light that is visible a to make it less hazardous. Norman fair of Winhall appointed by gov. Hoff to replace rep. Daulton Mann As one of two representatives from District 25, will have the dubious Honor of being a legislator for the rest of the summer. He will have to run again and win in november if he wants to retain his seat during next years legislative session. You have poor traction instar Lity of curves no rear visibility High Center of Gravity anti it you eat too Sparks from the forge who a to biome for Viet mess them the Rains came today and tomorrow lbs s failure to curb Boom confirms Bankers distrust of managed Economy by h alter Lippmann Washington. Conservatives who oppose the idea of a managed Economy have always based their Case ultimately on the frailty of human nature. As against liberals who generally take a rather More optimistic View of Mankind conservatives have argued that the keynesian managers could not be trusted to manage when unpopular measures were required. P a the conservatives have insisted that the Economy will be mismanaged if it is placed in the hands of politicians who depend on popular elections rather than subjected to the impersonal Gold Standard guarded by Central Bankers who Are taught from childhood to expect to be unpopular. The politicians would expand the Economy because that is the popular thing to do until the Boom burst in a Sharp depression. It is the conservatives argue against the nature of politicians and of the mass of their constituents to restrain a Boom even though it has become inflationary. Turn up to save it from asking Congress for higher taxes before the election in november. We Are now witnessing a practical test of the conservative argument. The country is still enjoying the longest period of sustained Prosperity in its history but there Are now unmistakable signs of an inflation a the demand for goods is pressing against the available Supply. The inflation is still regarded As a a mild in that the Rise of consumer prices has not yet reached 3 per cent per annul. But As Gardner Ackley chairman of the Council of economic advisers said this week a if consumer prices a and Industrial profits a should continue to Rise at the recent rate we would have to expect larger wage increases in 1967, and the dreary Price wage spiral could begin to turn. Walter Heller the architect of the Kennedy Johnson Prosperity has just told us that while this year the Gross National product May be expected to grow by $14 to $16 billion each Quarter the Economy cannot produce More than $10 to $11 billions More without an inflation of prices. Figures like these have convinced most of the leading economists such As or. Heller and prof. Samuelson that measures should be prepared immediately to reduce the excess demand for goods and services. Their advice is being resisted by the administration which is hoping that something will this resistance of the politicians to the advice of the experts is precisely what conservative critics of the new economics have always said would happen. The administration has to be sure promised to ask for restraining taxes if Clear signs of inflation appear. But the proof that their eyes Are on the elections rather than on the health of the Economy is that they Are not preparing the new taxes which take a Long time under our legislative process to prepare. Thus unless the administration acts soon just when those taxes May be most needed perhaps by summer they will not be ready. A of the administration has been mistaken before in these matters. It was mistaken As recently As january when it offered the country a budget which seemed to Promise to give us both guns to fight a successful War in Viet Nam and butter to carry on the great society without a Rise in taxes and without an inflationary deficit. The administration argument in january has already proved to be based on a miscalculation. It promised an administrative budget deficit of Only $1.8 billions. At the end of last week the budget Bureau is reported to have advised the president that Congress has insisted on additional civilian expenditures which add at least another $3 billion to the deficit. Furthermore the guns and but Ter Promise of january assumed that the major part of the vietnamese buildup would be Over by summer of this year. Secretary Mcnamara has just told us that the buildup must be bigger and must continue longer than was originally estimated and he has refused to set a limit on numbers or in time. Thus the inflationary forces Are gaining strength. This accounts for the great Effort made by the administration to persuade workers not to ask for higher wages businessmen to Cut investment and restrain profits and Consumers to refrain from making purchases. They Are asked not to act As the inflationary situation demands or makes possible. A of the attempt to do by propaganda what should be done by monetary and fiscal measures is unfair and it will not work. In the recent past when there was As yet no excess demand the use of voluntary measures was Well justified especially when there were involved Semi monopolistic industries and very big unions which have much control of prices and wages. But today when the inflationary condition exists and prices Are rising it is unreasonable to ask individuals not to defend their Standard of living or not to take in the profits that inflation opens up to them to act by the exhortations of the president rather than by their own estimates of their own economic interests. When these exhortations work at All they May. Well penalize the More Public spirited and conscientious people ii the nation. They Are a poor substitute for Laws which apply to everybody. What is More they con ii in the pessimism of the conservatives that political democracy cannot be trusted with the management of Public affairs. By Samuel r. Ogden Landgrove. Over Marquis Childs column Washington calling which appears on this Page regularly one read recently the heading a a who a to blame for the Viet Nam involvement a the answers to the question will vary As do the politics the ideologies and the emotional attitudes of those who try to figure it All out. But beneath these several superficial layers there must lie the Bedrock of truth though few will be willing to make the Effort to dig this deeply either for fear of what they might find or More probably because they simply do not have the equipment to do the Job. If this is a statement of arrogance so be it modesty and diffidence will not serve the seeker after truth in this terribly serious business while on the other hand arrogance May serve to Jolt the smug ones out of some of their complacency. A of the persons to blame for the present Viet Nam involvement Are those very ones who Are now screaming most loudly to get out those who Are sponsoring and conducting the a teach ins a the a read ins a the a sit ins a those who carry the banners who equate our National policy in Asia with the equal rights movement in his country those who join All the various utopian associations designed to eliminate War to do Awa a with dictatorships to promote communism in other words those who caused the assassination of Ngo Dinh diem. At the time diem was murdered with the official Connivance of the United states on aug. 24, 1963 according to a your Viet Nam Nightmare by Marguerite Higgins a Cable was dispatched to Saigon by the . State department the substance of which was that a the . Embassy was to make an Effort to persuade diem to fire his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu release the Buddhist rebels end press censorship and restore other democratic liberties suspended under martial Law. And if As the Cable anticipated diem would not do these things then the embassy was to Contact the vietnamese generals and Tell them that the United states would no longer stand in the Way of a revolt. The Leash would no longer hamper the revolver soothe War against the Viet Cong was going Well. While his death was plotted diem said a if they overthrow me whoever conies after will have to be far More of a dictator than and he was right for Accord ing to Marguerite Higgins martial Law was invoked a More often in the two years following diem a death than in the entire nine years of his but More pertinent to the question raised by Marquis Childs than the incidence of martial Law Are the figures in dollars and manpower and casualties that now represent the physical involvement of the United states. When diem was murdered there was no direct participation in combat by . Troops such military personnel As were in Viet Nam and their number was few the exact figure is not available at the moment but As i recall it was something like 5,000 were there in advisory and training capacities. From the moment of diem a murder on the disintegration of the military situation in South Viet Nam became Complete and it was Only by deeper and deeper commitment by the United states that a debacle was prevented. Right now our operations in Viet Nam Are on the scale of full War involving Over 250,000 american military personnel. This distressing situation is directly the result of the overthrow of diem of which the consummation rests with those who Are now insisting that we must pull out stinking with the odor of defeat and with our National Honor a marched. How bad their timing they ought to have shouted a get out As soon As diem was murdered. But they were not that Clever. Resulting events which should have been obvious did not concern them their sole objective was to impose their inflexible attitudes on an ancient and harassed people. Those who counselled our government on the chances of the Juntas survival at the time november 1963 put it thus a american insistence on the trappings of democracies is out of step with vietnamese realities in time of War. Diem did what he did not because he liked having a secret police or press censorship but because of the geographic racial economic and historical nature of the this judgment on the part of Gen. Krulack and John Mccone naturally infuriated the pro coup people who now refuse to accept any responsibility for what has happened. But what is even More strange such is our irrational National attitude that those who Are now left with the unwelcome mess on their hands attach to them the pro coup people no responsibility for what has transpired. Letters to the editor quotes ugliness is not a simple matter of something unpleasant that assaults our eyeballs. It comes in Many packages of varying shapes and sizes and also i might add costs. It assaults our nostrils our lungs our tear ducts and our very bloodstream. The Cost of enduring it is beyond any Cost of cleaning it up. A Stewart l. Udall . Secretary of the Interior. Some people have never been out of the hollow where they live. They Are so isolated so fearful. Television is All they have. Its their salvation a and their ruination because they look at it All Day. A John d. To Rockefeller a the democratic candidate for the hrs Virginia legislature speaking of the ii est virginian Hill people. Corkscrew by lass to the editor of the Banner Frank Cummings letter in tuesdays Banner certainly shows that confusion has been spread by the state Highway department in its pitch for the a a corkscrews bypass. Let us discuss some of the issues and facts 1. We were told at the Public hearing last week that the Best location for the bypass was the West end of town but so Many people objected that they decided to abandon it. Just How Many people complained in order to get this a a bests route re located from the tone of the people at the hearing in a sure it was no majority. 2. Our town selectmen have vigorously opposed this proposal and requested a relocation farther East. The present location will impose hardship on the Middle and Low income class will increase property taxes and will further increase the real estate inflation. 3. The a a corkscrews will eliminate the Only a poor Many so recreation in this area. New recreation facilities will have to be built at a further increase in taxes. 4. I might be a a sidewalk super a but i would not hesitate hiring Daniel Cadiz or . Morse to Engineer design and build me a Highway. Evidently our Highway department must feel the same Way because they have hired these men Many times in the past. 5. When Cummings takes his next trip to Maine i suggest that he travel on the bypass around not Zigzag through Keene and Concord . On his return he should take the bypass around not Zigzag through Burlington. 6. I resent the almost open threat by a bureaucrat implying that we do things his Way or else the Way to fight this destructive proposal is to present United and continuous Effort to the governor and local representatives. . Danisch. Robinson Avenue Bennington. A protest to the editor of the Banner this is a protest and As such i apologize for it. However my Energy is no longer what it used to be so i will spare you any kind of demonstration. This is a plea for something More fundamental than the permission to use dirty four letter Anglo Saxon words on the Campus. These communist led sophomores after obtaining their degrees will learn to appreciate the More elegant greek and German words that now adorn our language. Well to come to the Point tuesday evening i turned on my favorite Clown at 8 30 on lbs to. I have done this systematically now for two or three years. It has been my most important Contact with reality and has enabled me to maintain my sanity. But he did not appear instead i was confronted with a powerful brainwashing persuader the Billy Graham organization. He himself referred to it As a a a production that Cost a huge sum of Money. I believe he mentioned $1 million. Unlike my Friend red Skelton he mixed his Evan i gel ism with a Strong plea for i Money listened for some time j but became disgruntled by the i loud confident threats that i was i headed for hell. The idea of Liv ing forever in or out of hell 1 has never appealed to me. I feel it to be a spiritually crushing Conception better avoided in the interest of mental Hygiene. I believe that the president of the United states has the right to preempt my to program if he wants to Tell me something rather urgently that is vital to my interest. I believe that those members of Congress who disagree with him have a similar right. I cannot concede however that a revivalist has any such presidential prerogative. The program was advertised in the Banner and the new York times As belonging to red Skelton. It seems to me that to allow or. Graham to expropriate it without warning or advertisement is a reversal of the democratic process. This outrage of course was not an isolated example. On monday the same thing Hai it opened to another favorite program of mine. Or. Graham on that occasion seemed to be insisting that death was the All important fact for aging people like myself to focus on. I would have preferred or. Linkletter. Nor do i like to be forced to listen All Day and night to lbs or any other Salon broadcasting the everlasting and repetitious details of the adventures of our astronauts. I like to get the essential facts of our Competition with Russia but then i like to be Able to turn lbs off and listen to something else. This is often impossible if you Only have two stations As i have. Abc is doing the same thing. Lewis d. Stevenson . Arlington. Newspaper Reading to the editor of the Banner i am a girl of 13 and i go to the Pownal elementary school. In our English class we Learned How to read the newspaper. Our teacher asked us to bring in a newspaper. The Banner was among these. In class the teacher explained the paper and she praised it. She said a for a Small paper it is very As a seventh grader i believe in Reading the newspaper. My main reason is that we Are in the midst of a War in Viet Nam. This is history in the making something we will be asked about when we have children. Maybe some Day your Little boy will say a dad in this Book they said something about a War. Will you Tell me about it a a Well son its like then you go on and on and hell say a How do you know so much about it you were Only 13 or 14?�?� you can say proudly that in your town they had a paper called the Banner. Judy Labonte. Pownal. Till mar lost count a lot of women would their age if they could Only member what it was. Craig Alo. I i act re

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