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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - March 8, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Beni Catamount Bennington Banner t tuesday March 8, 196b�?5 English teachers hear lecture by Janet Gershaneck Cecelia Mcginnis professor of English education at the state University of new York at Albany addressed English teachers at an area language arts meeting on monday feb. 28, in Beni a a Home economics room. Tic a a pc of discussion was Quot la Flage arts for slow learners. Rof. Mcginnis who was born and raised in North Bennington presented material that could be used in grades 3 through 12. She discussed the various techniques now being used in the Field of linguistics. John Herlihy director of the Ford foundation project for curriculum development moderated the discussion. He Hopes to be Able to have other conferences such As this in March april and May. A the foundation office is delighted that it is Able to vide this Type of service. This is an attempt to explore in some depth new concepts of English education a or. Herlihy said. Beni Kitten by Ken Kramer As things Start to Roll after a Welcome vacation More news is forthcoming from the zealous students of Bennington Junior High school. Eighth Grade science classes taught by Francis Mach Are studying atomic physics. And biology is supposed to be hard seventh and eighth Grade Art classes temporarily being conducted by miss Beverly Petrelis Are busily at work producing murals showing people engaged in different activities. Although none have been chosen to decorate the Capitol the work is pretty Good for Junior High students. Eighth Grade Home economics classes supervised by mrs. Joyce Goyette Are working in designs for their own jumpers. Watch out to maims Luksus some of these girls Are after your Job. Both seventh and eighth Grade English classes taught by student teachers miss Sharon Early and miss Jill Misner respectively Are learning How to write letters. Done to get excited about your children a education parents i mean business and Friendly letters not their a a cos. Eighth Grade social studies classes taught by mrs. Marian Harlow Are making maps of the United states. As soon As these Are finished the students will Start a i concerning slavery. Seventh go classes taught by mrs. Harlow Are also making maps in connection with a study of Europe and Asia. If you see a group of seventh graders walking around Beni in tears you la know hat they have just left music class. Why under the guidance of mrs. Elisabeth Gilmore the classes Are singing the maybe they re not sad enough to make you cry but they surely Arentt As Gay As Christmas carols. Seventh Grade science classes taught by Hugh Perkins have just finished dissecting fish and Are now starting on frogs. The i me Jess series Hegins the ladies of the Bennington Church of Christ on South Street begin a bimonthly Bible class series tonight at 7 30 at the Home of mrs. Charles Chandler 520 South St. The theme of the series is based on a Book. A me and my House a which is Bible entered and should be of special interest to All wives and mothers. Mrs. Chandler will serve As the teacher in this discussion Type Bible study. The study series will be conducted in various Homes in the Community. Location of the study will be announced in the Banner prior to each meeting. Ladies from All churches Are invited to attend. Since 1859 you can count on Aap for Tahei students wonder How or. Perkins can continue to look at the insides of the creatures and smell the formaldehyde without getting sick. That a where experience counts right or. Perkins lets end on a Happy note although almost All of the Junior High students went skiing last week As far As this reporter knows there was not a single casualty. Deep Tho by Eric Pete Khon a High school student has Many chances every year to get awards math awards music awards science awards drama awards English awards Etc., Etc. But teachers done to have the same Opportunity. Why does no to Beni a a student Council set up a teacher of the year award. The entire student body should have a Chance to vote for their Choice for teacher of the year. The award could be Given at Beni a a annual award Assembly. This would help school spirit be interesting and stimulating for teachers and students alike. The Ned test was administered at Beni thursday and the auditorium was used As the testing area from first through fifth periods. Study Hall students were scattered throughout the building the Art room the Honor study Hall the chorus room. With the generally noisy chorus room quiet the sound of silence was music to the teachers ears. Many of Beni s history classes along with the journalism class now get copies of the new York times and Herald Tribune. The Load of papers left at Beni in the morning takes three Strong seniors to carry them in and fills much of the front Hall. Beni still has a Chance to come up with a championship basketball team. Coach Tom Butterfield a Junior High is All set to begin a successful defense of its title. We wish the Young hoop stars of the future the very Best of Luck. Coach Butterfield has some Fine prospects in David Finnegan Tommy Flynn and Phil Boodakian that should help the it. Anthony High school basketball team in coming years. Musical notes by Leslie Winn the last semester for Beni a a band is off to a Good Start. The Day after the Winter concert held Early in february the band members received new music in return for old. Already in the hands of the instrumentalists Are a Vista Carity bean a a a pique Dame a a a scene from Campanile a and a two pieces from a summer Day a More music will follow this onslaught everyone is sure. Another appearance of the band before the student body can be chalked up. At the National Honor society induction held feb. 18 at Beni the band played a fanfare and precessional which is just a dressed up name for a pomp and circumstances and a fanfare and Nancy Humphrey Linda mat Tison Susan Gilmore Kay Smith Ann Eddington Faye Hamilton Lloyd Killen Nick Santo Bruce Faller and David Carrier Are All getting on the move now. These to out of 14 from Ben i who auditioned will perform in either the band or the the orchestra of the Allstate music festival to be held May 5, 6 and 7, in Burlington. It was discovered by one of the All state members that one song to be played is the same As that recently played by the Beni band. A highlights from a my fair lady a is one selection that Beni All state members know Well. The Alley cats formerly known As the one armed Banc its has made its musical debut. This new musical group composed of band members John Goyette Faye Hamilton Lloyd Killen Ann Eddington Kay Smith Jeff Bergquist Bill Dupree and Bruce Faller performed at the recent band concert at Beni. Their next engagement is to be at the student Council state convention to be hosted by Bennington Catholic High school March 17. The travellers three Steve Mcgaughey John Mook and Nick Santo played feb. 26 at Haystack Mountain. This was on a trial basis for a permanent Job there. Good Luck to our travellers three everything considered the band is off to a swing in Start for its last half year at Beni. Its a Back to school at the College Bennington College will resume classes this week beginning its Spring term after a nine week off Campus Winter work period. Student residence houses will be opened tuesday and classes will begin at 8 30 . Thursday. The new term will bring More than 350 students Back to the Campus from jobs and study projects on three continents. Six students held jobs in England Scotland or Switzerland and one was employed in Israel. Most students however were employed in widely scattered communities in the United states four will return from Alaska and one from Hawaii. One each spent the term working in Canada and Mexico. Among the returning students will be three groups which provided their own jobs in dance music and drama. The dance and music students spent the Winter term on tour. The drama students performed during the season As members of the Boxwood. Theatre in Washington . The 1966 Bennington College dance tour group wholly managed by its to student members completed its schedule of More science fair winners named a Best of fair rating at the Bennington county science fair at Bennington High school Friday was won by Marshall Knapp Bennington High school student whose entry was a tropical fish first place winners and alternates have qualified for the Vermont science fair and Congress to be held april 2 at Norwich University. Thirty two pupils received participation certificates. First place winners Blue ribbon Catherine Flory Foucault pendulum Pamela Littlefield a life Cycle of volcanoes Darlene Aiken a Clay Model of glaciated Region Alan Woodard a stereo system Scott Wiskoski a Finger prints Savid Carrier a the record player and its principle Janet Flory a smoking Reynolds Barret a conchology Marshall Knapp a tropical fish diseases Dorothy Douglas a algae of the Batten kill River Russell Barber a Papain reactions upon life fissure Sheila Iskowitz a graphing the alphabet William Dupree a some aspects of cell Structure and Richard Corcoran a laser Light. Second place winners red ribbon Dale Wilson a ground water and Wells Barry Hickok evolution in Man Kimberly Cook a waterfalls Dianne rallis a Solis and erosion Mona Gates a Dan odours David Eddington a a dome Mountain Gail Godek a volcanoes Elizabeth Hogel a identification of rocks Robert j. Vallie a Seismograph Rick Thiemt stability of rockets Linda Gates a digestion system Russell Graves a the raising of a Chicken Mary Shea a circulatory system Paula Dowd a the theory of probability and Chance Roy Hurlburt a Ultra Violet Light Steve Gordon a study of a rectifier Teddy Betts a laser Light and Mike Betts a Hydra. Third place winners White rib Bon David Sauer a the working lung Bruce Knapp a behaviour of Par Amecia under certain conditions Francis Morrissey How pressure could make your blood boil Dorothy Hathaway the work of the heart Alan Krawczyk a radar scanner Virginia Kemmerer a history of a radio Brian Doxsee a solar cell Winston Lother a principles of the radio Rebecca Arrison a Topographic map Peggy Brunina a various Mountain farms Edward Lother a life Cycle of a River Jimmy Brown a maps Douglas Gavin Relief maps Scott Griffin a Clay Model map and Glenn com Are Geyser. Thrift shop on hand Are several Long Johns one pair of new dungarees left paperbacks i Large pair of menus rubbers a Good Flatiron a Coffee urn Percolator style two Nice mirrors a Lovely jewelry Chest a lady Buxton several Woolen skirts a to lamp several baskets suitable for easter ladies overshoes with grippers plenty of wide ties. Requests have come in for lamp shades Spring hats ladles rubbers sewing machine Hammer and saws chairs chafing dish and Waffle Iron. Recent workers were Amy Howard Lillian peat Mabel Tow Art and Phyllis Cross. Nice thought Huntsville Tex. Or a admiration is All 547 patriotic prisoners of the Texas Penitentiary Are going to get. They wanted out to fight in Viet Nam. Or. George Beto director of the Texas prison system said the prisoners asked for release so they could join the armed forces. Beto thanked the inmates for a thinking about bricks sweepstakes. A you May have won �?T2332�?� Cash a new list every week from now until March 31st. 429 first prizes. 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The $2332.00 happens to be its Price. i Tuu std a it to 0"c to spacial it 2-dr coup pre includes Federal tuna Tai and if Ltd Talar Dali try and handling Chart contest rules. Residents of Kansas. Missouri and Nebraska May. If they prefer Send in a postcard to r l. Polk and co., . Box 1347, Detroit Michigan 48231 and receive the weekly list of winning numbers by mail for comparison with their own vehicle identification number. An official entry form will be included. Sweepstakes limited to persons Over 21 living in the Continental . Not valid in Florida or states where prohibited by Law. .3$ bricks s1,000,000�?� sweepstakes. A there san authorized Buick dealer near you. See his y double checked used cars too. Than 35 performances last thursday night at East Brunswick . The group travelled through new England then Westward As far As Chicago and Stevens Point wis., and Back to the Eastern Seaboard where its schedule took it As far South As Wise va., and Greensboro . The dancers won general acclaim and an occasional criticism throughout their tour. The Brattleboro reformer for example reported the dancers received a a most enthusiastic reception there. A Hartford Conn times critic described their performance As a a stimulating evening of modern dance and wrote of the groups a fresh Unta Meled spirit and a a refreshing sense of humor that gave a particular lift to the a Detroit free press critic characterized the Detroit performance As a a exciting and wrote a the entire group was he also reported a a very successful performance at nearby Oakland College the previous Day. A Providence . Journal writer was More critical but conceded that a they Are a group of very Good dancers and noted Especial Merit in the More humorous and Light hearted program numbers. The touring music group was a string quartet comprised of Joan Harkness violin Viola and a cello Olivia Koppell violin and Viola Alice Webber Viola and Cornelia Crocker a cello and Bass. Members of the quartet booked their own engagements and made their own financial and travel arrangements. Their tour included 35 scheduled performances in seven states most of them at colleges and private schools. They performed in Vermont new Hamp it Shire Massachusetts Connecticut new York Pennsylvania diversionary tactic san Antonio Tex. Up a Willie Wilson thought he must be irresistible when a woman who pulled into his service station leaped from her car embraced him and kissed him. Later he found his Wallet was gone. _ Tia Bennington Bannen telephones business. 442-6300 newsroom. 442-2800 advertising. 442-2684 the Bennington Banner is published daily except sunday and lege holidays at 425 main St., Bennington a vt., 05201 by the Banner publishing corporation. Members of United press International which i entitled exclusively to use for republication of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a exp i news dispatches. Home delivery by Carrier and motor delivery Ioc per Day subscription rates by mail for 50-mile radius and All Vermont 3 months $6.30, 6 months $11.70, i year $22.50, elsewhere in the . 3 months $7.00, 6 months $13.00 i year $25.00. Second class postage paid at Bennington. It. 05201 and Virginia. A performance at Marlboro College was scheduled to Complete their tour. The quartet is to present a Public performance at Bennington College Early in the Spring term. Bennington students and alumnae a e been the mainstays of the Boxwood theatre group which has spent the Winter term in residence in Washington per forming at the Grace episcopal Church in Georgetown. The Church and its Rector the Rev. Stuart f. Gast jr., have especially befriended Little theater groups. Allan Stevens a former special student at Bennington and Katherine Garnett presently a student were co producers. Other students or former students in the group included Jane car ter Tommie Braun Anna c. Cronin and Peter Snider. Highly publicized in the Washington press the Boxwood group has presented a a him by . Cummings a a Phoenix too frequent a by Christopher Fry a a let a get a divorce a by Sar Dou and a the lesson a by Ionesco. It was scheduled to present its last performance last sunday night. Start it up and it turns into a Volkswagen. Twist the key of the Karmann Ghia and All kinds of wonderful things happen. For one thing the motor starts. Done to laugh a lot of other conventional engines might not. Especially on a miserably cold Winter morning. The reason the Ghia revs right up is because its got one of those air cooled Volkswagen engines in the Back. Drive a Ghia for a while and your Gas and Oil Bills will fall into that economical Volkswagen tradition. Tires will take you some 40,000 Miles Volkswagen style. You la get that remarkable Volkswagen traction. The easy availability of Volkswagen parts. The reasonably priced Volkswagen service. Ditto for everything else Volkswagen. 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