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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Jun 26 1965, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 26, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-hi�?~nnington Banner saturday june 26, 1985 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials declaring War by default to Oay that the United states is not engaged in a a a War in Viet Nam is to quibble Over a definition. With . Bombers dropping tons of explosives and napalm on the vietnamese Countryside with 54,000 american troops already there and six More combat battalions on the Way of course the United states is waging a War. . Marines and paratroopers guarding bases already have come into conflict with the Viet Cong. And though american ground troops have not yet been used in a full scale Battle they Are actively supplying a a aids to vietnamese troops in the Field. Calling this Mere support is a Nice Nelly ism that apparently suits the administration s purposes. It fits in with the thesis repeated tirelessly by presidential adviser Mcgeorge Bundy that the United states must Honor its commitment to defend South Viet Nam against communist infiltration or yield All influence in Southeast Asia. It also fits in with the uncomfortable fact that article i of the . Constitution gives Congress the sole right to declare War and so far Congress has not done so. Calling the vietnamese struggle a military engagement rather than a War skirts around that constitutional Point and makes the shooting seem More orthodox than it otherwise would be. It takes both Congress and the president off the Hope in the sense that the Public does not hold them responsible for the solemn step of declaring War. But this is surface legalism. The underlying reality is that the country is involved in a hot War that threatens to become much hotter and there appears to be Little that Ordinary american Citi a editors notes Zens can do about it. The people who will Supply the manpower and the Money to carry this War to its conclusion find themselves committed to a course of action from which there seems to be no Retreat. Partly this is attributable to the nature of the struggle which began on a Small scale As a holding action against the communist rebels after the final defeat of the French colonists la years ago and expanded gradually into the present War. Partly it is attributable to the docility of Congress which on two occasions has endorsed the administrations policy in Viet Nam with few questions asked. But if Congress no longer insists upon its constitutional right to declare War it still has a responsibility to appraise the administrations War policies and suggest alternatives a and even this it fails to do. With a few honorable exceptions notable among which is Vermont a senior senator George Aiken the members of Congress Are a Bunch of yes men on the subject of Viet Nam. That is not right. It was not anticipated by the framers of the Constitution and it does not agree with modern views of Congress Pivotal function. Grave matters of National policy should not be determined without congressional concurrence. Outside of Washington there is considerable scepticism and some outright opposition to the United states Viet Nam policy As witness the a teach inst and numerous individual acts of protest. If Congress does not reflect this Public division at least to the extent of a full scale debate on Viet Nam it is abdicating its most important responsibility. Invalidation of the vote thursday when greater Bennington school District voters gave overwhelming approval to merger of the District with the Village graded school District has set Back plans for unification of the two districts. Despite the fact that a second vote will have to be taken the approval by voters of the merger this week indicates that Many area residents see the value of consolidating town and Village school systems. Its been a Topsy Turvy week for legislators in Montpelier and a confusing one for the voters who Are finding it difficult to keep up with the antics of the representatives. On thursday the House defying the Federal court killed legislation setting up the machinery for special elections to the re apportioned general Assembly this fall. This was a disgraceful move but the House was Able to save face on Friday when it reversed itself and okayed the Bill. This off again on again atmosphere in the state House keeps everyone guessing what the legislators will do next but they probably done to know themselves. Carleton g. Howe of Dorset president of the Vermont Council on the arts and Southern Vermont artists inc., had a Good report this week on proceedings at the recent White House meeting on the arts in America. We Hope his briefcase full of ideas on the ways Vermont can promote and encourage the arts will Lead to a Strong program by state and private organizations to enrich the lives of ver Monters. Four and Twenty Are the most desirable Ages at four you know All the questions at Twenty you know All the answers. A the Chewelah Wash Independent i fear that our status is Way below Par the reason is simple to note. We not Only have no second car we re not even buying a boat. The Craig Colo Empire courier character to have the same ailment the other person is describing and not mention it. The Weiser Idaho american what have. We heard from Hubert it Rod and gun Optimist Washington calling sen. Robert Kennedy Teddy poo play a waiting game for presidency by Marquis Childs Washington. A Battery of phones rings constantly. The yellow slips of Calls to be returned rain Down like leaves in the fall. Secretaries and assistants Are crowded together and the Buzz of their activity carries out into the Small waiting room almost always filled with hopeful petitioners. This is operational Headquarters in the new Senate office building of sen. Robert f. Kennedy of new York. Anyone interested in historical parallels can remember Back to 1957 or 58 when the office of the then sen. John f. Kennedy of Massachusetts was a similar command Post with furious unceasing Effort built around the Kennedy goal of the White House. A of the driving ambition that activates this entire family is one of the remarkable Phenomena of our time. Tragedy and disaster can slow them Down. But any interruption Means merely a temporary change of Pace. It tends to become magnified into myth which helps to explain Why a lot of the comment about the Junior senator from new York casts him in the role of super builder of a political Empire. There has even been the suggestion that the timetable is being moved up to try for the presidency in 1968 instead of 1972. As Kennedy said to a Friend recently that does t give me credit for any brains at All. Lyndon Johnson will presumably be running for a second full term in 68 and any Challenge from within his own party should not Only be deeply divisive but certain to fall Given the political Power of the presidency. With the new York mayoralty race exploding in a dozen different directions Kennedy is faced with a More immediate problem. If the City and the state Are to be his principal Power base a Kilkenny fight a Mong rival democrats for City Hall May be disastrous. On the other hand a primary in september that did not spill too much blood could As Kennedy sees it be a healthy thing. A of he has a warm memory of what the presidential primaries and the intensive campaigns leading up to the primary contests did for his brother. It car. Even be said that without those forays in state after state Jack Kennedy could not have dramatized his Appeal his youth and attraction. But sen. Kennedy a realist As All Kennedy Are sees in new York City a Shadow that Falls across 1966, extending beyond the confines of his own adopted state. If rep. John Lindsay a Republican with the clearcut Appeal of the late president Kennedy should win the mayoralty race it would be a grievous blow for the democratic party and not alone in new York. This would dramatize the weakening hold of the party Long in Power in the big City states. California is a question Mark next year and particularly of sen. Thomas Kuchel a moderate Republican with a wide following in both parties should decide to run for governor. In Pennsylvania the democrats have been Hurt by a rough intr party fight. In Short to put the gloomiest possible look on it from the democratic viewpoint of the three biggest states come under Republican control the Outlook for 1968 will be dimmed. The Kennedy As no one can forget have a second entry in the presidential futurity. The Stock of sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts who made such an amazing recovery from the air plane crash of a year ago has been rising. Because of his More relaxed temperament and his personal warmth some bookmakers rate him higher than his brother. A of but for Teddy too Mere is the problem of the stability of his political base. The erosion of Massachusetts ancient the lighter Side the new wild West bears no resemblance to the old by Dick West Washington up a people who live in the Eastern part of the .a. And watch a lot of television May not realize just How much the american West has changed since the Days when Gene Autry Rode the Range. It is primarily for their Benefit that i am bringing you today a modern Western Story. To it s a Saga of redskins and paleface of White men speaking with forked tongues of a Lone sentry heading pm off at the pass. That part May sound familiar. But Here the pattern shifts. The sentry in this instance was armed with a picket sign instead of a Shotgun. And you need the National labor relations Board to help you Tell the Good Guys from the bad Guys. It All began when the Blackfoot tribe signed a contract with a construction company to build a Low rent housing project on its reservation near Browning Mont. That s right. A Low rent housing project. What did you expect Tepee according to the Norb report or the Case one of the subcontractors ran a non Union shop. After orally agreeing to recognize the Union in event trouble developed he failed to do so. So the Union sent a Man out to the reservation to picket the project. Enter now the indians. Two policemen and a judge came to the project site and ordered the picket to leave the reservation. Two policemen and a judge i told you this was a modern quote a few years ago the ratio of College students was 60 per cent in private institutions and 40 per cent in Public universities. Today the reverse ratio is True. In another decade or so the ratio will be 75 per cent in Public institutions and 25 per cent in private schools. We cannot afford to stay with one system. The private sector and american higher education need to remain Strong and vital to achieve what we want for what is Best for the nation and society. Through scholarship programs deserving students must be Given the Choice of where they will obtain their education. Very Rev. Michael p. Walsh president Boston fishing by Roy Marsden Plum Island mass. Salt air fishing and general relaxation Are the three things that will be most important to us this week during our annual vacation at Plum Island. My wife and i checked in june 19 at Kenmore cottages in mid afternoon and within a half hour we were on the Beach in the usual Beach attire smelling the Salt air thinking about fishing and feeling the cares of the world slipping out of our minds rapidly. To saturday evening after a Quick meal of fish and chips i was Back on the Beach fishing in the surf with sea Worms for anything that might be feeding. As it turned out those famous bait robbers crabs were just beyond the surf and nothing could be done. Sunday morning along with another vermonter John Stan Nard of Dorset who is also spending the week Here with his family i went out after Mackerel on the party boat to hum ii out of Newburyport. It was a Fine Day and the a a Macks responded Well for so Early in the season. We boated about too fish John and i bringing Back enough for a couple of Good fish dinners. Trout May be Fine eating but Mackerel fresh from the Ocean Are mighty hard to beat. Fisherman Stannard has been talking about us taking an All corruption is beginning to Tell. And in atty. Gen. Edward w. Brooke the negro holding the highest elective office in the country and a phenomenal vote getter in a state with Only a Small minority of negroes the republicans have an asset which of they have the sense to use it could make a big difference. As for the senator from new York he will try to keep out publicly at least of the shattering primary fight. He knows from his experience of last fall that new York politics is a Jungle with every Man for himself and the Devil take the hindmost. With an almost Wistful backward glance he recalls Carmine de Sapio who patrolled the Jungle and kept Down the feuds until he was dethroned. Robert Kennedy will soon be 40 years old his brother Teddy is 33. Both Kennedy have therefore a Long Lead time looking to 1972 or later and in characteristic Kennedy fashion they Are taking advantage of every moment of it. Western Story what happened after that May have set a new record for Remote control picketing. The Lone sentry retreated to a new position on the Edge of the reservation 25 Miles from the construction site. But no smoke signals were necessary. Some of the other workmen got the message and refused to Cross the picket line. At this Point the matter resolved itself in an unfair labor practice complaint. An Norb trial examiner bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the . Cavalry rushed in and averted an uprising. Well that s the new West and maybe it s better than Way. But i can t help wishing that they had at least smoked a peace pipe. Montpelier. There has t really been much in the Way of inter chamber disputation so far this session but All that May be just the Lull before the scholarship storm. One of the truly treasured possessions of the senators is their sole political patronage Plum the senatorial scholarship. The House wants to end forever the dubious practice of such scholarships and the upper chamber is just As Adamant that senators not Only will keep their traditional privilege but will be allowed to expand it. The result of the head to head confrontation May be some burned fingers because neither Side appears willing to Back Down from its avowed position. The senatorial scholarship fight is part of the committee of conference on the giant biennial appropriations Bill. Indications Are it will be a dogfight Over the scholarship Money right to the bewitching hour of Midnight next wednesday when the lawmakers turn into pumpkins by Federal court order. Under present Law each senator May Dole out to scholarships of $200 to Quot qualified worthy and needy the upper chamber voted Over the bitter dissent of some of its members to expand the individual stipends to $300 and to approve funds of $400,000 Over the biennium to finance Grants and personal scholarships to College students. The House on its part decided to set up an Independent scholarship Board to administer some $460,000 in stipends Over the biennium. The Board was recommended by a committee which launched an exhaustive probe into the Vermont higher education loan program last year and turned up some interesting findings. To quote the report Quot the study clearly demonstrates that these scholarships Are not going where they were intended to needy students. More than to per cent of them Are going to students from families with income in excess of $10,000. Almost one third of them Are going to students whose family income exceeds $8,000.�?� there even were to students who received senatorial scholarships in 1963 whose family income was in the $20,000 to $40,-000 bracket. No one will argue there Are some students attending College today on senatorial scholarships who might not be there if it weren t for the generosity of a senator. But neither can anyone seriously argue that when 67 of 322 scholarships traced Are Given to students whose family income is in excess of $10,000 annually there has been a Good Deal of bad judgment showed by some so ions. Day trip Ai the Knickerbocker out of Newburyport so sunday about 4 30 . My wife and i went Down to the Dock to see How Well this boat fares on trips 25 Miles out after halibut Haddock and cod. The biggest fish they brought in to port was 39 i pounds and it looks As though this trip will be made some time this week. A of the plans for our try Al striped Bass fishing fell into place easily. Another vacationer from come Picut had the misfortune to spilt his boat while out in the Bay but managed to make Shore and save his motor so John rented a 16-foot Skiff Ai monday morning and with the motor and its owner we took off at 6 30 . At this season of the year schools of stripers work the Merrimack River from Newburyport to the Ocean chasing Sand eels. The accepted method of fishing for them is to run up the River and Drift Back with the outgoing tide. We did this for six hours stopping now and then at the Mouth of the River to fish for flounder. It was a new experience for me and not especially fruitful. We boated one Nice solider one too Short to keep and one flounder of fair size. The next trip planned is an All Day trip far into the Ocean for halibut and cod. It is time to catch the boat a so Well see you later. Capitol jotting last gasp hassle by Ronald e. Cohen one senator thinks the scholarship tradition Quot impairs the dignity of the Senate and believes the upper chamber could save itself bushels of embarrassment by doing away with the entire system. He is Harold Raynolds Windsor county Democrat who Calls the scholarships merely Quot rewards for getting the chief spokesman for the expansion of the Senate scholarship program is Democrat John o Brien of Chittenden county. O Brien has been conducting a virtual one Man crusade for his favorite Bill this term and he is hard headed enough to refuse to sign a committee of conference report on the appropriations Bill if the scholarship clause is bargained away. Richard Mallary Republican from Fairlee who Heads the appropriations committee in the House says his chamber is set to Quot stand firm behind Quot some Type of Board to select or confirm the recipient of the scholarships. With feet entrenched on both sides of the question it appears a Compromise on the Issue will be the last and most difficult question of the session to answer. The Best bet at present is that the Senate scholarships will be continued for another two years but nominations will be confirmed by the nonpartisan Independent Board. The House has the Senate in a ticklish position. If bom Bills Are killed the matter would revert to the present scholarship Law and while the Senate has put enough Money in the budget to cover the program the House has refused to earmark funds for continuation of the status quo. It will take a lot of ranting and twisting by o Brien to change the minds of the House conferees. If there is a Compromise that takes the first step Down the Long Road to senatorial scholarship abolition it will be a Good thing. The scholarships if they Haven t already can easily degenerate into the ensling out of Money in Exchange for a vote. Before this happens and before solons get themselves into a situation from which they cannot Hope to gracefully extricate themselves the entire system should be scrapped. Scholarships with tuition fees skyrocketing each year Are More important than Ever to outstanding but needy students. The Money that can mean the difference Between a Job after High school and a College degree to a worthy student should not be in the hands of men and women whose political futures depend on the votes of their constituents. There is simply too much at stake in this Day of competitive education to make the senatorial scholarship a barter for a vote

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