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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner wednesday june 23, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation a 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a last ditch stand the hassle that has developed in the general Assembly in its closing Days Over the question of special elections this fall is a sad Climax to the earlier and successful Battle Over reapportionment. Resistance among some lawmakers to elect new representatives to the re apportioned general Assembly in special autumn elections is evidence that members of our Mal apportioned legislature want to hang on in office for As Long As they can. There is no legitimate reason Why the full effects of reapportionment should be delayed until next year and it would appear highly doubtful if the courts will give the legislature an extra lease on life when it has already held that its current makeup enters the realm of illegality on july i. Under these circumstances what possible reason is there to delay in electing representatives to the re apportioned legislature. Some of the resistance to special fall elections is bound to come from larger Urban areas such As Burlington and Winooski. This area will have to elect 15 representatives to the new legislature but will have to set up at least seven special election districts of equal population in line with the reapportionment acts provision that special two editor s our hats Are off vigorously to Elias Elwell who at 91, still walks six or eight Miles a Day and was Able to keep on his feet to see the new York worlds fair from one end to the other. He is living or should it be walking testimony to the advice of Paul Dudley White who has helped make walking fashionable again in this age of the internal combustion engine. Elwell also proves the adage about a Early and the Barre physician dry Tarvis who won Fame some years ago with his Book on the uses of Honey and cider Venegar As health foods will be Happy to know that Elwell has Honey on his Cereal every morning. Apparently there a still some Hope the general Assembly will pass a Resolution calling for a constitutional convention next year to modernize some areas of governmental operations through constitutional amendments. The House judiciary committee rejected the comment Moscow s Mon versus oot Christian science Monitor we understand that the James Bond books and movies have been annoying the russians. The complaint seems to be that secret agent 007 is far too shrewd and successful in his encounters with his soviet opposites. There was even the suggestion that some russian author be encouraged to create a swashbuckling hair raising soviet counterpart who Moscow apparently hoped could become As much of a worldwide figure As has 007. While waiting for his figure to appear from the mists of Moscow soviet officials have decided to substitute approximate fact for fancy and reveal some of russians wartime espionage secrets. Since soviet espionage activities Are usually a mystery wrapped in a mystery Only the wish not to appear too far behind either London or Washington could we feel have prompted these disclosures. We doubt however if they will equal the adventures of 007 in Reading Appeal. Consider this statement from soviet secret police chief Vladimir sem Schastny a we member or single member districts must be set up for districts entitled to three or More representatives. Bennington republicans have already started to work out a distracting plan for the Bennington election District which will Send six representatives to the new legislature and the reapportionment act itself stipulates establishment of these special districts must be completed by aug. 15. It will be difficult for the larger towns and cities to Divide up their areas into special districts but it is not so difficult to necessitate any delay in holding elections this fall. Arguments that have been advanced by those resisting fall elections Are seemingly based on their feeling there is no need for elections this year. But this is a Flimsy argument indeed when gov. Hoff has already said he plans to Call a special session of the legislature next year to Deal with Highway problems. We think the legislature should carry its work on reapportionment to a logical conclusion by approving legislation to provide for special elections this fall. If they done to they will have ended up making a mockery of their earlier Good work in establishing a re apportioned legislature. Resolution in a close 8 to 7 vote but the House appropriations committee gave it a ringing la to 0 endorsement yesterday. The picture yesterday of the Young bicyclists around town who participated in the Moose club bicycle safety clinic was a reminder of the civic work being done by the number of fraternal orders in this area. The Moose club has been sponsoring this clinic for seven years with the cooperation of local Law enforcement officials. Its too bad somebody Hasni to thought up some Type of clinic for the motorcyclists that invaded new Hampshire last weekend some of them apparently need a Little clinical help. Tax differential proposals being worked out by the town unification study committee that would set tax rates for people in the outside town on the basis of actual services received seems to be a Good move in the right direction. It will help make unification More palatable to outside town residents. Dim View a syrup Salt amp vinegar spectacular spectacles Economy Ltd a a Seldom is heard a Wiscour Afung word today and tomorrow the sharpening predicament know that the period of the stalinist cult of the personality was linked with serious perversions and mistakes in the work of the organs of Security. But we also know that these mistakes did not alter the socialist nature of soviet intelligence and counterintelligence and did not separate it from the people and the this breathless prose continued with the chiefs ringing statement that the Security organs present duties include a inexorably heightening political vigilance the timely uncovering of the perfidious plans of the imperialists and blocking the subversive activities of enemy intelligence. A we can see such exciting paragraphs bringing rousing cheers from a class of advanced marxist theoreticians but we doubt if Ivan the ironworker or Slavka the stenographer will find that these compare with James Bonds encounters with Gold Finger and or. No. In a Way however there is something humanizing in Moscow s wish to say a see we can spy successfully too As though anyone particularly in the United states was Ever in doubt on the matter. When Russia is willing to put publicity before secrecy even old secrecy this is a turn for the better. By Walter Lippmann Washington. In his press conference last thursday the president quoted some secret reports he had received from a foreigner who had made Contact with a High official in Hanoi. The president meant to convince our people that he had tried and failed to a get them the North vietnamese to talk to the first secret report was on feb. 15, very shortly after our bombing offensive had begun. The second report was pm june 7, when the bombing policy had been in operation for four months. The substance of both reports was the same. Neither the threat of the bombing nor the results of the bombing had induced Hanoi to take an interest in negotiating peace with the United states. A of there is no doubt that the president is correctly informed. Hanoi will not negotiate with Washington because it is convinced that Saigon has lost the War and that we cannot reverse the results. In Paris a few weeks ago i talked with a number of specialists on Southeast Asia both French and vietnamese. I asked them what would happen if the president ordered the bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong and invaded with a very Large army. It would Only make More certain they said the ultimate domination of Viet Nam by China. For the result of All our bombing in the North and of All our fighting in the South would be to wreck and ruin the whole of Viet Nam to a Point where the vietnamese themselves would be quite unable to reconstruct their Economy. They would have to turn to China. For the United states would find no government which it could support and amidst the devastation Only an Oriental dictatorship would be Able to Deal with the chaos and the misery. A of i have Learned Over the years to have great respect for the judgment of these men with whom i talked. They have the advantage not Only of the Long French experience in indo China but also of their contacts through the Large vietnamese Colony in Paris with Hanoi and even with the Viet Cong. They Are prophesying now that while United states military Power can destroy the political and economic Structure of Viet Nam it cannot transform the Defeated Saig onese into victors. The More the devastation the More certainly will China be the ultimate Winner. Does this mean that the time has passed owing to the irreparable losses in South Viet Nam when the president can Hope to induce Hanoi to negotiate with him if he Means with him i am afraid there is no doubt it Means just that. It is no less True i think that he is now unable even if he were willing to negotiate with the Viet Cong. At this grim juncture the pres ident is threatened at Home by a Republican Man Euver which he cannot easily dismiss. Messes. Laird and Ford told him last week that if his objective is no thing better than a negotiated peace he is committing Many too Many american troops. This is an exceedingly shrewd political Man Uever. For if the president continues his present policy which is to commit an increasingly Large ground army in order to produce a stalemate he will be accused of wasting american lives for no real purpose. Messes. Laird and Ford on the other hand will go to the country saying that if the president had Only dared to bomb Hanoi and Haiphong the United states would have had a Victory without casualties on the ground. It would not be True because All experience goes to show that wars cannot be won by bombing alone. But it would be effective demagogy. A of the president is in a squeeze because his limited pol icy has failed and an unlimited policy would incur greater risks of great War than he has a right to take. The moment of truth is drawing near a moment when he will have to ask himself whether since he cannot negotiate with Hanoi someone else can. In the months to come he will have to consider whether the Only course still open to him is to encourage the vietnamese Hanoi Saigon Viet Congo to negotiate with each other. If they could work out a Deal among themselves it would no doubt mean that our influence in Viet Nam had sunk to a very Low Point except As we recovered some of it in assisting the reconstruct of the country. But there May be some Consolation in True fact that a vietnamese solution made by the vietnamese might Lay the foundations of an Independent Viet Nam Independent of the United states to be sure and in some measure Independent also of China. By Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. Sometimes its a great Comfort to be poor. During any Given Day i can be depended on to lose mislay or otherwise Render unavailable my glasses a a fact that causes dismay disgust and general annoyance to those around me who Are pressed into service to help look for them when needed. But at least i done to have to hire a private detective to guard them throughout the Day and night. Our highly touted affluence is obviously being carried to the Point of Absurdity. The newest Gadget among those who lie awake nights thinking up ways to squander their Money and impress their friends is to have eyeglass frames studded with real jewels. They started with diamonds which soon became As common As Mink and have now progressed to rubles emeralds Etc. Set close together a at least close enough together to run the Price up into the $10,000 Range. The wearers of Ruby encrusted glasses perhaps justify the Cost on the grounds that these would make them easily discernible if they happened to be lost in a dense fog. The jewels once worn in conventional places like necks and arms and ears Are now being seen around the eyes. Apparently the Only places left for the Rich to display their gems May be a ring in the nose or a jewel embedded in the forehead a thus proving right those who believe that our vaunted civilization is headed rapidly backward toward a primitive savagery. A of for most of us the wearing of glasses is a bore and an unavoidable nuisance a not place to display evidence of our wealth. I need glasses to read anything smaller than the lettering on a billboard but of i Wear the glasses to read the lettering i can to see the billboard from any distance. I done to particularly care about seeing the billboard but there Are times when one likes to look at whatever scenery remains in View behind the wooden Barrier. My need for Reading glasses combined with an incurable Case of absent mindedness results in what is known in our House As a the my glasses fortunately with in bejewelled frames of cheap plastic come to Light in strange places. Some Gremlin hides them under sofa cushions Between the pages of a Book under my bed on top of the refrigerator Etc. The Story that they were once found in the refrigerator is a Complete canard my deepest sympathy goes to violinist Nathan Milstein who recently came out on stage in Vienna to give a concert and discovered his glasses missing. No doubt he put them on in a taxi to read the meter and left them on he seat. His problem was solved by soliciting eyeglasses from among the audience until he found a pair that fit a and the show went on. Most of us Aren t that Lucky. A of in be tried wearing glasses pm a Chain with the frames and lenses dangling on my bosom but this Only Means that they catch crumbs dust and other unidentified flying objects a and Are thus rendered somewhat useless when needed for Reading. The obvious answer to the problem a and the one pro pounded by husbands Eye Doc tors and similar unfeeling creatures a is bifocals. The latter invention is generally attributed to Ben Franklin but i prefer to blame them on the Devil. No Mere human could have thought up anything so horrible. Bifocals make me sick at my stomach they tilt the ironing Board so that i am constantly ironing downhill they give me a stiff neck when i have to raise my head upward to peer at any Reading material larger than a paperback. I have been told repeatedly and firmly usually by people with uncorrected 20-20 vision that the wearing of bifocals successfully is a just a matter of getting used to a some five years innumerable headaches and several assorted Falls downstairs later in a still not used to them a so the search for the glasses that Are always mysteriously moved from where i Lay them goes on. But whether the Lens itself is bifocal Trifocal or just Plain magnifying Glass it seems a bit ostentatiously extravagant to have ones glasses surrounded by a Kings Ransom in jewels. The Ransom might better be used to finance research so that some future generation might not need the Pesky glasses at All. Dorothy Parker once wrote a famous Couplet to the effect that a men never make passes at girls who Wear honest men May ignore girls whose eyes hide behind Ordinary frames but thieves May pay considerable attention to those whose eyes peek out from a Fortune in rubies and emeralds. Letter heavy traffic in the legislature quote there is nothing in the Laws of nature or the nature of Man to require that a state which is big and vital and productive must also be mundane and dirty and ugly. Gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York to the editor of the Banner the past two weeks in our legislature have seemed rather like Putnam Square Over the weekend of the fourth of july. The traffic is so heavy it is hard to keep up with All the details. But i will try to summarize briefly some Bills of real importance. Reapportionment Bills for House and Senate have been completed signed by the governor and sent to judge sterry r. Waterman of the Federal court. This is a remarkable achievement. Many other states have failed altogether to work out a plan. Maryland new Jersey and new York Are All in trouble according to reports Given to me at a meeting i attended in Philadelphia june 19-20. Our recommendations Are not perfect but they were made conscientiously and carefully and were completed on schedule. We have passed also h-258 providing for periodic reapportionment. The chief Justice will appoint a chairman who is to be called the master a technical Legal title. Two members will be appointed by the governor and two More by the chairmen of the predominant political parties. The governors nominees must also be of different parties. The Secretary of state will act As Secretary of the commission but will have no vote. We have prepared very carefully a Bill to cover All details on procedures for state elections. With new districts for senators and representatives town and county clerks will in some cases have new duties and our House committee has gone Over the election Laws with a very Fine toothed comb even to the color of paper ballots. We called in expert technical Aid and several members of our committee with Long experience As town clerks proved to be of extraordinary assistance notably rep. Harriet r. Stone of Sunderland. This Bill will be up for final approval by the House on monday and i Hope we will succeed in rejecting a last minute attempt to hitch on to it some proposals to shorten from 90 Days to 30 Days the residence requirement for voters in regular elections and in town meeting. Such matters have nothing to do with the proper purpose of the Bill. Another Bill of great importance went through our House with ease. It provides for a selection Board made up equally of members of the bar and of laymen to prepare a list of Well qualified candidates when vacancies Are to be filled in the Superior court. This is adapted from the so called Missouri plan. Again i Learned at the above mentioned meeting in Philadelphia that Vermont is leading the Way in this important improvement. My informant a former judge in Maryland has been chairman of the american bar association special committee on this subject and was delighted to hear of our action. Of great interest to Bennington and All our Union High school districts was the Victory of the Bill for vocational education. It provides for using nearly $1.5 million of the current state surplus to finance the proposed vocational centers to be located in Bennington Brattleboro Rutland Springfield Middlebury Etc. Matching funds for this purpose come from the Federal government. These vocational centers will be attached to their respective High schools. But the courses they offer will be available to others beside the regularly enrolled pupils of the Union District. Thus adults will be eligible or a boy or girl from outside whose town will presumably arrange for his or her attendance. This Bill seemed to me of extraordinary value and to get it through at this time is most Gratifying to All of us in our new Union District for we can now count upon having our school Plant and equipment Complete and the hard working members of our local committees Are to see their Hopes and dreams fully realized. Courage and persistence in a Good cause have triumphed. The remaining $1 million of the surplus from the biennium goes into state Ald for school building programs Long fixed at 30 per cent of the Cost. Some of us had introduced a Bill proposing that this formula be raised to 40 percent. After the approval of the vocational education fund we were not surprised at the rejection of the 40 per cent. Thus Bennington will be eligible for 30 per cent of state Ald on the school proper. The vocational Wing will get 50 per cent Federal and 50 per cent from the state if the Senate approves it. The real reason justifying state Aid to the towns is that educational costs Are the largest item in All town budgets. Income tax both Federal and state skims off from the towns so much Money that they have Little left for Revenue except taxes on real estate already discouraging by burdensome. Another Bill of very unusual workmanship beautifully written and clearly Laid out sets up a special Board to administer All College scholarships supported by state funds and to provide Loans for College students who must borrow extra funds to help with their freshmen year. This Bill was explained impressively by mrs. Christine Ladeau of Plainfield mrs. Marjorie Doyle of Arlington and others. It will run into trouble in the Senate for it would end the Long established system of allowing each senator to award to scholarships of $200 each. Incidentally there is a plan to increase these to $300 of they survive and it would end special Grants of state funds to support scholarships at Middlebury College and at Norwich University. Instead All state Money appropriated for scholarships would go into one fund. Grants would be in accordance with the need and resources of the student. They would be fixed at $200, $400 or $600. His Choice of College would not be limited. The loan fund is based solidly on Long and successful experience at Many colleges. The advantages of centralizing both scholarships and Loans in one office with participation by College personnel trained in administering student Aid seems obvious. It will be easier for a High school senior to get full information on what financial help is available and for his principal to Aid him effectively in getting it. I wish you might All have heard the presentation and discussion of this Bill. It was a great performance with Fine team play. A line or two Only must serve for other things a and Many must go unmentioned the District court proposal came to us much watered Down. It now gives full time judges to the courts with the heaviest loads a Chittenden Rutland Washington and Windsor. It is a step in the right direction. Access roads to ski areas have been asked for in several regions including Bolton Jay Peak Randolph and Wilmington. It seems obvious that some general policy should be fixed upon for dealing with this problem. A useful plan is embodied in one Bill h 309 covering general policy to be followed in the merging of municipalities. It will be helpful to those working on possible consolidation in Bennington. Two others Are of local interest h-295 on the Council of the arts just passed and s 64 on the Vermont soldiers Home soon to be acted on. They would enable the Council or solider so Home to accept gifts or Grants from private or Federal sources. I have no space or time to discuss the Senate a proposal to increase our budget planning to spend another million or so beyond what our House committee suggested. I Trust rep. Richard Mallary of Fairlee the House chairman of appropriations a Young Man with a Good head on his shoulders. He and two others now Confer with the senators. We have eight More working Days and will be ready for a change of scene after june 30. George Vansantvoord Bennington town representative. Montpelier. Humor multipurpose prescription some years ago a doctor wrote a prescription so illegible that the recipient used the slip of paper As a pass to the local theater for months and months. His son borrowed it to get free passage on a train and an air plane. His wife used it to get into an exclusive fashion show. And his daughter finally played it on her violin and won a scholarship at Jull lard. 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