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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 8, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 10-Bennington Banger tuesday june 8, 19fln some explosive rulings Mark almost tranquil court term by Charlotte g. Moulton Washington up a the supreme court has closed a relatively tranquil 1964-65 term marked chiefly by the upholding of that part of the new civil rights Law relating to Public accommodations. The justices exploded no Legal bombshells on matters such As school prayers or legislative reapportionment As have marked other recent terms. The civil rights ruling was a not unexpected Climax to that hotly debated congressional measure. In a More surprising decision the court found the new Law wiped out All a sit in convictions of the demonstrations occurred in establishments covered by the new Law. The term saw civil rights issues rack the bloc which usually votes for the individual As opposed to governmental Power. Justice Hugo l. Black 79, a soft spoken alabamian who has championed free speech and other individual liberties for years separated from his Brethren in two important cases. One was the sit in decision the other the reversal of the conviction of an Integrationist demonstrator in Baton Rouge la. The Louisiana Law invoked in the Case parallels a Federal statute prohibiting demonstrations near a courthouse with intent to influence what goes on inside. Justice Black stated a Justice cannot be rightly administered nor Are the lives and safety of prisoners secure where throngs of people clamor against the processes of Justice right outside the courthouse or Jailhouse doors. The streets Are not now and never have been the proper place to administer Justice those who often vote together in close civil liberties cases Are chief Justice Earl Warren and justices William o. Douglas William j. Brennan jr., Arthurj Goldberg Abd Black. Justices Tom c. Clark John Marshall Harlan Potter Stewart and Byron r. White Are Likely to be in the minority in such cases. The court s final session ended in constitutional disarray Over televised criminal trials and Connecticut s anti contraceptive Law. The Connecticut statute was struck Down As a violation of the first amendment and the swindling conviction of Texas financier Billie sol Estes was reversed because part of the trial was televised. But there were six opinions in each Case. The court had Only five other cases to decide but it took to to do the Job for a 22 opinions in seven Billie sol Estes up opinions total of cases. Black gently in again figured promo the Day s output. With considerable emotion he declared that i Connecticut birth control ruling was a no Ordinary a there is no provision in the Constitution which either expressly or impliedly vests Power in this court to sit As a supervisory Agency Over acts of a duly constituted legislative body and set aside their Laws because of the court s belief twin convicted in brother a murder Pasadena Calif. Up a Timothy Nicholson the a poor Quot Rich boy convicted of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of his twin brother Todd will be sentenced july 9. A jury of seven a fun and five women deliberated two Days and considered three weeks of testimony before convicting the 22-year-old defendant monday. Superior judge h. Burton Noble set the Date for sentencing and a probation hearing. He said he would consider at the same time a defense motion for a new trial. The defendant heard the verdict without betraying any emotion. He sat rigidly in the courtroom As the blvd week old trial ended. His Mother. Roberta however was visibly shaken As the verdict was read by jury Foreman Royal r. Higgason. Manslaughter is punishable by 1-10 years in prison. Todd was shot with a 22-Call-Ber Rifle last . 7 in the twins $400,000 apartment building in Temple City. The prosecution claimed the shooting was deliberate but Timothy maintained Todd was shot accidentally during an argument. Besides the apartment building the Brothers had business interests in Phoenix ariz., and South America. They shared a $1 million inheritance from their father in 1958. The twins were related distantly to the Pullman Railroad and Cudahy meat packing families. In his closing arguments defense attorney Max Fink said that despite the twins inheritance a i consider them to have been very poor. They grew up on a bed of Quicksand. In their Early life their father disappeared and they were shuffled from one location to another. Although they were emotionally deprived this attachment still grew Between them. That the legislative policies adopted Are unreasonable unwise arbitrary capricious or irrational Quot he said. In other actions this term the court a held that a draftee May qualify As a conscientious objector even if he does not assert a belief in the orthodox concept of god. A ruled that an employer May close his business entirely for whatever reason suits him but he May not close part of the business As a threat to the remainder of his workers. A upheld the Justice department s authority to sue a state in negro voting rights cases. A struck Down Florida s Law barring cohabitation Between persons of different races. A denied most of California s claims to the valuable offshore Oil land also claimed by the Federal government. Keeping word san Diego Calif. Up a Michael Leonard Beachley 20, promised a judge last november that he d return to College and make Good in return for being placed on probation on a narcotics charge. Wednesday Beachley was elected student body president at Mesa Junior College where he has been maintaining a a minus average. It takes All kinds to make a world. Accountants. Administrators. Agricultural economists. Agricultural educators. Agricultural engineers. Agricultural Extension lists. Agriculturalists. Agronomists. Air conditioning tech Nicias. Anaesthetists. Animal husbandry men. Anthropologists. Architects. Arts and crafts instructors. Audio visual technicians. Bacteriologist. Baseball instructors. Basketball instructors. Beekeepers. Biologists. Blacksmiths. Botanists. Boxing instructors. Bricklayers. Business administrators. Cabinetmakers. Carpenters. Cataloguers. Ceramic its. Chemists. Child care instructors. Citrus growers. City planners. Coaches. Commercial artists. Communications specialists. Community development teachers. Conservationists. Constructors. Cooperative planners. Credit Union administrators. Dairy Farmers. Dairy improvement planners. Dental hygienists. Dentists. Craftsmen. Dramatists. Driving instructors. Dryland Farmers. Dry Rice cultivators. Economists. Educational psychologists. Electricians. Electronics instructors. Elementary schoolteachers. Engineers. English teachers. Far Machin Ery operators and maintenance instructors. Farm managers. Fishermen. Food Market specialists. Forage croppers. Forestry men. French instructors. Fruit Farmers. General science instructors. 4-h leaders. History instructors. Home economists. Home industrialists. Horticulturists. Hospital corpsmen. Industrial arts instructors. Industrial design instructors. Irrigation lists. Jewelry makers. Journalists. Laboratory technicians. Latin instructors. Lawyers. Librarians. Literacy instructors. Livestock husbandry men. Mathematics instructors. Mechanics. Medical records librarians. Medical technicians. Mental health workers. Metallurgists. Metalworkers. Motor boat mechanics. Museum curators. Music instructors. Nurses. Nurses aides. Personnel administrators. Pharmacists. Photographers. Physical education instructors. Physical therapists. Physicians. Physics instructors. Plant pathologists. Plasterers. Plumbers. Political science instructors. Postal clerks. Poultry production instructors. Printers. Psychologists. Public works instructors. Radio engineers and technicians. Radio programmers. Radio repairmen. Radio to instructors. Recreation specialists. Remedial English teachers. Resettlement workers. Rock Drill operators. Rural Community action developers. Sanitation engineers. Savings and loan association planners. School lunch programmers. Scientists. Secondary education teachers. Secretaries. Sheep Farmers. Shoemakers. Small industries technicians. Social science instructors. Social workers. Sociologists. Soil conservationists. Speech therapists. Statisticians. Stenographers. Surveyors. Swimming . Teacher education instructors. Teachers for the . To radio producers. To repairmen. Track coaches. Truck Farmers. Typists. University instructors. Veterinarians. Vocational education instructors. Volleyball instructors. Welding instructors. Well drillers. Woodcutters. Woodworkers. Wrestling instructors. A Ray technicians. Youth workers. A by a workers. Zoologists. The peace corps takes All kinds. Write the peace corps Washington . 20525 a Blip had u a Public tar Tea in Coop tation with Tho advert eng Council. Weightless hazards now discounted space Center Houston up a the surprisingly Good condition of astronauts James Modl Vitt and Edward White after their four Day voyage in space has cleared the medical path for a seven Day flight this summer. Or. Charles Berry chief astronaut physician said at a news conference Here monday that the record breaking gemini-4 Mission is going to a Knock Down an awful lot of Straw men which have been erected about the horrible effects four Days of weightlessness might have on the pilots. A obviously we Haven t had it Quot Berry said Berry who flew to the recovery Carrier uss Wasp late monday said preliminary medical tests indicated that the gemini astronauts were in excellent physical condition. Reports from doctors aboard the Carrier monday night confirmed the astronauts health. Physicians said Modl Vitt and White had no signs of illness during their 97 hour 56-minute journey. A i think we have a four Day experience Here which is far better than any of us could have expected or hoped Quot Berry said. A with that being the Case i think we re certainly justified in going a doubling our experience a and so of you go this route you re in the seven to eight Day astronauts l. Gordon Cooper and Charles Pete Conrad Are scheduled to make the seven Day gemini-5 space trip during the second week of August. A 12-to-14-Day flight is scheduled for Early next year. Whiskey tax London up a Treasury Secretary John Diamond told the House of commons tuesday that the government will collect $350-Mlllion in excise taxes this year on scotch whiskey. Russia not to his taste yugoslav writer finds Belgrade Upp a russian diplomats and newsmen stationed in Yugoslavia Are very unhappy with prof. Mihajlo Mihajlov for what he has been writing about the soviet Union. The professor one of this country s chief translators of contemporary soviet literature and professor of literature at the High school at Zadar in Dalmatia has written two articles in the Magazine a Odelo Quot based on a two month visit he made to Russia last summer. Among the things he says is that Stalin not Hitler set up the first death Camp. He also observed that the russians Are not always As sympathetic to nonwhites As they would have the world believe. He found muscovites a crude Quot soviet newspapers Dull and said he thinks original Talent in the country is being stifled. Some of his observations death Camps a it is worthwhile to mention that the soviet press and writers. Avoid making comparisons Between nazi and soviet concentration Camps. It is understandable. A the first death Camp was not founded by the germans but by russians. In 1921 in the area of archangel the first death Camp a Homo Gore sent to death thousands of members of different revolutionary parties opposing the bolsheviks. A Stalin s genocide is much older than Hitler s. Olathe it of world War ii Small National groups on the Frontier Belt near Turkey and Iran were deported to Siberia where unused to Sharp frigid weather they died like flies. A russian youth nowadays find great fun singing the songs of the concentration Camps songs featuring the prisoners sitting around the fire in the Woods exhausted after a Days Long slave labor without food. Quot the professor said the russians sent eight to 12 million persons to concentration Camps. A Moscow a Moscow is nothing like one finds Reading the soviet and Western press. Moscow is a big City the fifth City of the world but relations Between people there Are very rude. A in the restaurants the waiters often address you very rudely. They say for example you must be Blind. Done to you see there is a vacant place at that table Why have you occupied the table that is fully vacant a it happened to me personally when i wanted to change my hotel for one More Central. I had a permit to change hotels and despite that the chief of the reception desk at the new hotel refused to discuss the possibility of getting a room. She said a i Tell you we have no vacant room so Why do you stand there Quot when i produced my yugoslav passport she said to sorry. I thought you were a russian she found a room for the soviet press a soviet newspapers Are still not interesting at All and lose every the professor said the lines of russians waiting to visit Lenin s Tomb in red Square a Are specially organized to produce a cer Tain race relations a relations with the coloured people usually students from Africa Are strained especially after the negro demonstrations on the red Square last Winter. My official guide very sympathetic Oleg Erk Urov told me of the coloured students a they sent us Only the Quot students a soviet students despite steady threats they will be sent to so called working colonies Are not frightened. They openly discuss everything freely. They a Altize without fear All the shortcomings in their country. The a tragedy Quot of Talent in the soviet Union a the tragedy of the existence of individual talents is that the talented ones even have to risk their physical lives in order to realize their original ideas. A one wonders what would happen to an individual russian who would attempt to present to the soviet Public a new idea of a different kind a philosophical political or social Quot after a protest from Russia to the Tito government writer Mihajlov was jailed. Scientists do Best to a bugs the bugs Fresno Calif. Up a Why do some Mosquito refuse to curl up and die when doused with lethal doses of insecticides after three years of research the scientists have came to the conclusion that certain strains of Mosquito Are Able to shrug off the effects of insecticides by disposing of an oxygen by product produced by the insecticide. The research was conducted by Donald Mengle Larry Lewallen Patricia Gillies and William Wilder of the California state department of Public health s insect control station in Fresno. Using radioactive substances the researchers investigated the effects of Parathion a phosphate insecticide widely used in Mosquito abatement work. They concluded that Parathion in itself probably does not kill the insect. A actually when a Mosquito ingests some of the Poison its body mechanism manufactures a substance called Para Oxon Quot Mengle said. A kills the the scientist said Para Oxon an oxygen by product is even More toxic than Parathion. But some Mosquito Are Able to dispose of it before its lethal effects begin. By Cabaries m. Schul. Peanuts Pear Mem Aud dad mow Are you by Johnny Marl a Euve in on a a All of our. Lives. My ? there before us lies a world of Conquest. Think of the by Stoery think of the thrill. How a Bour it ?. Alerts conquer new horizons. And leave All this Security ? by Onrie by Chic Young i hot i m trying to. Kill a Mosquito Yow the this insect j Spray i Well if i can t a j a in kill him v o Steve Canyon by Milton can Iff

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