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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 22, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and warm Cloudy and not so Cool tonight with a Little rain developing in Northern areas. Low in the 60s. Clearing Friday followed by fair warmer and More humid. Yesterdays High 77, Low 48, today at 7 . 49. Sunset 8 26, Sunrise 5 31. The Constellation Ophiuchus is in the Southern sky and stretches from scorpion to Hercules. Benning Bennington Vermont thursday july 22, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,818 to cents Viet War May delay Jwj strife rocks at lulls adjournment Dirksen interested citizen a mrs. Demetrius Betta of 117 Adams St. Talks with peace corps representative mrs. Kitty her Lott of Hampden mass., who was a Volunteer in Peru Only five weeks ago. Mrs. Herriott will be available to talk to groups and individuals until 9 . Today at a peace corps information Center at he Post office. She also will be there from 8 30 . To 9 . Friday. Hurlburt i a. Jets strike deep Iii North v Iet Saigon up a . Air Force jets stabbed deeper into North Viet Nam than Ever before today destroying a Bridge less than 42 Miles from the communist chinese Border. In South Viet Nam a . Spokesman said air and ground operations wednesday killed 49 communist guerrillas. Three f105 thunderchief fighter bombers flew today a deep Mission into the communist North. Pilots blasted the Highway Bridge 135 Miles Northwest of Hanoi then doubled Back and bombed the Railroad Yards at yen Bay 110 Miles Northwest of the communist capital. Lavor blames tax hike on slow sweeps Nashua . Up a the tax rate Here will jump $2.50 per $1,000 valuation next year and the mayor blames the Rise on the lag in sweepstakes ticket sales. Mayor Mario Vagge said the tax rate will increase from $69.50 to $72 in 1966. He said that of the sweepstakes ticket sales had been As High As expected and the resulting Revenue to the City a schools As High As expected an increase of Only $1 or $1.25 would have to it Een necessary. An american spokesman said the raid was i a Miles closer to the chinese Border than any previous attack. Eight american planes today bombed the North vietnamese army Barracks at Dong Cao Thon 60 Miles North of the 17th parallel Border with South Viet Nam destroying 20 buildings. In the South the spokesman said . Navy and air Force planes flew More than 280 strikes against communist guerrillas wednesday. Reconnaissance pilots reported 23 Viet Cong killed 254 buildings destroyed 145 others damaged and four samoans sunk. No american planes were lost on the strikes but a . Air Force Pilot was killed today when his Jet fighter crashed while trying to make an emergency Landing at the Chu Lai Airstrip near Danang. Capt. Thales a. Derrick of Salt Lake City Utah flew one of the raids against a guerrilla Encampment 150 Miles South of Saigon. A Over 50 per cent of the target was burning when we left a Derrick said. Aerial observers reported sighting 15 guerrilla bodies after the raid. On the ground vietnamese troops on a search and destroy Mission in Quang tin province 350 Miles Northeast of Saigon reported killing 26 Viet Cong and capturing 15 others. Government casualties were described As padded9 midwife in customs scrape Luton England up a an English midwife named Henrietta peace Mclachlan age 47, caused some conflict Here wednesday when she arrived at Luton Airport from a vacation in Switzerland. A customs officer noticed that miss Mclachlan a figure seemed a bit padded. Discreet questions were asked and miss Mclachlan produced a couple of half empty bottles of Brandy and whisky from Stair moves to Haiti Doivan travel tests Montpelier up a a new out of state travel policy adopted by the administration department is designed to keep expenditures Down. Under the new policy which was announced late wednesday each department of the state government will have set limits of expenditure for travel. In the past departments sent out of state travel authorization requests to the administration department for final approval. Under the new system All major departments have been assigned definite travel budgets which cannot be exceeded during the fiscal year. Under her skirt and a watch from her brassiere. The customs men were not satisfied. They asked miss Mclachlan to submit to a search by a woman official of course. Miss Mclachlan refused quite firmly. Customs insisted on the search also quite firmly and miss Mclachlan was hailed before the local magistrate. A i have ordered that you Are to be searched and if you resist you will be forcibly searched a the judge said. A right a snapped miss Mclachlan. A then i will enter two women customs officers. Exit All men. The sounds of a scuffle could be heard. Ten minutes later the two women searchers staggered out dishevelled Pale and obviously Defeated. The judge called Tor two policewomen. Enter miss Mclachlan a sister. She persuaded the battling midwife to give up the fight. The sister turned up another watch hidden in miss Mclachlan a Girdle. A i bought it for my boy Friend a miss Mclachlan said. The Purchase was costly. The judge fined miss Mclachlan $135 for evading customs duty contempt of court and assaulting the search party. Washington up a Senate gop Leader Everett m. Dirksen indicated today congressional adjournment plans might be complicated by the a terribly serious and dangerous situation in Viet the Illinois Republican said he did not know yet whether president Johnson would want Congress to act on a new Viet Nam Resolution to accompany his expected buildup of . Forces in Viet Nam. Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield mont., told newsmen he and Dirksen expected to meet with the president a tomorrow or saturday to discuss the adjournment Outlook. Dirksen was asked if he believed the Viet Nam situation might interfere with Hopes for adjournment of Congress in Early september. He replied a it is a terribly serious and dangerous situation in Viet Nam. It is deteriorating every Day. We Are confronted by a real Dirksen said that a whether Congress can adjourn in the face of this crisis is another Mansfield in a statement late wednesday reviewed what he called the a grim facts of the Viet Nam conflict. He warned that the War a May go on for four or five or even ten the Montana democrats remarks wednesday signalled a new round of congressional debate Over the deepening War in Southeast Asia. In his statement Mansfield said americans Are in for an a ordeal of indefinite duration and increasing sacrifice in Viet Nam. He called for a new Geneva conference to discuss the crisis. A it is better to face up to this problem than to ignore it in the belief that it will Wash away at the end of the monsoons. The time for Wishful thinking is past the time for accepting the reality is now. Indeed it has been time for quite a while a he said. A we Are in not for a summer of pain and difficulty but for an ordeal of indefinite duration and increasing sacrifice which will persist until the problem candidates screened for Council Jolt Montpelier up a the legislative Council meets today to interview candidates for the Job of director of the Council. Two names have been added to the list of candidates for the $15,000 a year Post. One is a University of Vermont professor and the other a new Hampshire publishing firm official. The governors office would not reveal the name of the Vermont professor wednesday. But the new Hampshire Man has been identified As George m. Blaesi managing editor of the equity publishing corp. Of Orford . The addition of these two men to the list of candidates brings the total amount of office hopefuls up to five. The others Are Lewis Springer of Hartland Emory Hebard of Glover and Paul Dunham of Burlington. According to sources in the governors office Springer is thought to be the leading contender for the Post. Can be solved at the conference the democratic Leader said either Britain and Russia who were co chairmen of the 1954 Geneva conference that ended the French Indochina War with the partition of Viet Nam would be a eminently justified in issuing the Call for a recon vening of the conference. A Mansfield also declared that president Johnson a has gone Down Many tracks in an Effort to enter into a unconditional discussions As a prelude to peace negotiations but has met with a silence or rebuffs at every Harriman talks show soviets firm Washington up a roving . Ambassador w. Aver Ell Harriman a stalks with soviet officials have produced no Hope that Russia might try to persuade North Viet Nam to the conference table in the foreseeable future administration sources said today. Instead it was understood that soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin took the same Tough line in private As he and other russian officials have in Public to the Viet Nam War that further . Involvement would result in increased communist reaction. Harriman was in Moscow on what was billed officially As a private trip. He met with Kosygin twice during his 10-Day stay in the russian capital. He also had talks with a number of lesser officials. Administration sources said the talks disclosed no Early prospects of thawing the chill that has marked .-russian relations As the Viet Nam War has widened. Harriman and Kosygin discussed major issues such As Viet Nam and Dos armament during a three hour session last thursday. A Shorter meeting wednesday was said to have been concerned principally with a bilateral matters a including the impending consular agreement the presently dormant civil aviation pact the question of increased Trade and some minor items. Despite the Lack of any Concrete developments the administration Felt that Harriman stalks with soviet leaders the first High level exchanges Between the two countries since the United states started bombing North Viet Nam in february a served a useful purpose in testing the climate of soviet american relations. Harriman found the climate Cool. on the inside drama workshop students prepare for a theater in the absurd tonight at Molly Stark school Page 3. Columnist Ron Raynolds praises Mobile Homes a because they create converts to zoning Page 4. Bennington parents join their youngsters in taking swimming lessons Page 5. Manchester listers take a property appraisal course Page 9. Government crisis deepens War thoughts president Johnson chats with defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara right and Secretary of state Dean Rusk at the White House wednesday after he called in top military and diplomatic leaders for a discussion of Mcnamara report on the Viet Nam War. Up president top leaders Ponder Viet Nam Puzzle Washington up a president Johnson today broadened his High level conferences on Viet Nam and indicated talks on bolstering american forces there would continue into the weekend. The president met shortly before noon Edt with defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara and the joint chiefs of staff. Henry Cabot Lodge newly named ambassador to Saigon who was with Mcnamara in Southeast Asia and sat in on wednesdays conferences at the White House was not present today. The White House said he was away from Washington. Mcnamara who returned at Dawn wednesday from a five Day fact finding trip to Viet Nam brought Back recommendations for a bigger u. S. Troop commitment to the War. This undoubtedly will require the farm Hill passage May null read Price Washington up a the House agriculture committee sent a Multi billion Dollar farm Bill to the House today with an apology for its Cost and an admission it May raise bread prices by As much As a Penny a loaf. In a majority report on the measure the committee said it had Cut prospective government outlays As much As it could without further aggravating the plight of the Farmer who now earns on the average less than the National minimum wage. As for proposed higher support prices on wheat the committee majority said this would lower government costs but add about seven tenths of a cent to the Cost of wheat in a one Pound loaf of bread. A if the increased Cost of wheat is not absorbed by the Industry and is passed on to the Consumers and making an allowance for customary markups the change in the retail Price of a one Pound loaf of bread should be less than one cent a the committee majority said. The committees la Republican members joined in a minority report which said the Bill would do Little to solve agricultural problems. Its main effect the minority said would be to extend programs that have proved ineffective. New v mend inputs i n \ i Lla a Charier Durn him i Mai rial Secretary of state Harry h. Cooley has officially informed Bennington Village officials that five charter amendments approved at Village meeting in March went into effect on june 30, the Day the legislature adjourned. The amendments empower Village trustees to enact building fire plumbing electrical and safety codes and to adopt ordinances regulating the use of bicycles and the disposal or accumulation of junk and garbage. Trustees Charles Bodyne and Ormal Pierce have been assigned the task of preparing building and fire regulations. Bodine indicated this week that they Are studying relevant materials and Sample codes and expect to get Down to work immediately. Call up of reserves and a larger draft of military manpower. Johnson Mcnamara Secretary of state Dean Rusk Henry Cabot Lodge u. S. Ambassador designate to Viet Nam Central intelligence Agency director William f. Radom or. And other top officials wednesday conducted what was described As a a thorough and penetrating review of All but the military aspects of the Viet Nam situation. White House press Secretary Bill d. Moyers said the review entered on such aspects of the War As the operation of the . Intelligence apparatus the role of the u. S. Information Agency Usi and economic problems linked with the pacification and reconstruction programs in Southview Nam. He indicated that any presidential decisions on the War May not be made known immediately. A i am sure he Johnson is going to spend a great Deal of time in the next few Days on this it was considered Likely that Johnson would Call in democratic and Republican congressional leaders to discuss any Reserve and National guard callup. The last such mobilization was ordered by the late president John f. Kennedy during the 1961 Berun crisis. There no Ware More than71,Ock u. S. Troops in South Viet Nam and the number is going up in the future. Some military sources have expressed belief that the total might reach 180,-000 by the end of the year. Mcnamara told newsmen wednesday that the anti communist position has a a deteriorated since his last visit to Viet Nam 15 months ago. He said the strength of the communist Viet Cong guerrillas a has increased dramatically Over the past 12 months but he added there also were signs of weakening in the red Miu tary Effort. Communists blamed in Street riots Athens up a the greek government put the armed services on an Alert standby today in fear of new and communist inspired riots. Eight hours of rioting ended Early today with at least one dead scores injured and nearly 300 in jail. Defense minister Stavros Kis Popolous summoned the various service commanders to an afternoon meeting and informed them he had received a information that the communists May Start new at the same time pubic order minister . John Toumbas said the communists who polled 14 per cent of the votes in the last election and ousted Premier George Papandreou were directly responsible for the new riots. There have been disturbances throughout Greece since 25-year old King Constantine fired 77-year-old Papandreou and replaced him with George Atha Nass Ladis Novas. The worst came wednesday night when 10,000 persons mostly students rampaged through the streets of Athens demanding Papandreou a return. Police quelled the rioting Early today with Batons firehouses tear Gas and armoured cars. Toumbas said a the trouble last night was due to a Well prepared communist plot. The tactics Are typically anarchist demonstrations. These Are the results of incendiary statements by Papandreou during the past few he said the Man killed during wednesday nights riots 25-year old Sotl los Petroulas is a known communist a with a file in the Athens Security he said Petroulas will be buried this evening of police receive assurances from his parents and from left Wing political parties that there will be no trouble. At the same time he denied reports two other persons were killed in the riots. The situation remained tense throughout the country today see Greece Page 16, col. 4 it. Astronaut and wife to split it Mots san Antonio Tex. Up a mrs. Duane e. Graveline 34, wife of one of the nations newly named scientist astronauts has filed for divorce. She accuses maj. Graveline of a ungovernable outburst of temper and she Sah she feared for her life. Graveline 34, a native of Newport vt., and the author of a number of technical treatises on prolonged weightlessness was not expected to contest the divorce. Mrs. Caroline Jane Graveline filed the suit tuesday in 45th District court in Houston. The court granted her a temporary restraining order which orders Graveline not to harm injure or molest mrs. Graveline or even to approach her residence in san Antonio. The grave lines have four daughters Jill 13, Joan and Jean 12-year-old twins and Jane to. Exiled Mississippi politician sees Quot new Day in native state a a. Of two wings and a prayer a b-47 Strat Jet makes its final approach for a a a wheels up Landing at Pease air Force base in new Hampshire wednesday. The Landing gear of the six engine Jet bomber jammed in the Bottom picture the plane skids along a foamed runway to a Safe Landing. The Crew was shaken up but unhurt. A helicopter follows the plane in As a safety precaution. Up Washington up a a former Mississippi politician driven from his Natchez Home by Kun flux klan harassment believes a a new Day is dawning in his native state when race will no longer be the Only political Issue. Fred Berger a 50-year-old attorney with Long experience in Mississippi politics predicts there will be a Only one More racist Campaign for governor. On 1967then the end of the Day when race is the Only political Issue there. The situation is not hopeless at Berger said wednesday that his exile from Mississippi began last summer shortly after he returned from the democratic National convention at at lactic City . He was one of Only three Mississippi delegates to the convention who refused to walk out and stayed through the sessions. But when he returned Home he said a i began to get threats against my life. Friends told me that there were people planning to kill me. I received threatening letters and Telephone Calls. I was fearful and hired guards for my Home. The mayors Home was bombed and in a convinced that mine would have been bombed if it weren to for the guards. A i thought about leaving for a Long time and finally decided to do it a he said. A primarily i left because of my family.�?�. Berger sold his Home and left the state last Spring. Last March he quietly went to work Here for the Justice department s criminal division. Later he was transferred to the departments civil rights division where his immediate Superior is Maceo Hubbard a negro. His salary is $15,150 a year considerably less than his earnings Back Home. He receives civil rights complaints directs investigations tries some cases assists Federal District attorneys and helps negotiate Public accommodations controversies. He is assigned to the divisions Eastern Section. His travels do not take him to Mississippi

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