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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 21, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Bar and mild Clear and not quite so Cool tonight with temperatures in upper 40s to mid-50s. Mostly sunny thursday and warmer. Yesterdays High 73, Low 45, today at 7 . 51. Sunset 8 27, Sunrise 5 30. The Moon is at last Quarter and is 237,-000 Miles from Earth. Bennington Bennington Vermont wednesday july 21, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903 no. 19,817 to cents town rejoin suit to oust billboards new litigation has been started to get rid of a number of Large billboards along . 7 in Bennington. The town will play a major role in the new suites outcome according to action taken at a meeting of selectmen tuesday night. Town counsel Norton Barber reported to town fathers that the Secretary of states office had issued an order Tor the removal of certain Large signs erected along us. 7 by Maurice Callahan and sons an outdoor advertising firm from Pittsfield mass. The Callahan firm Barber said has brought action in Washington county court seeking to enjoin the state from carrying out the order. Barber noted that while the suit brought by Callahan has a direct bearing on Bennington a billboard ordinance which the signs in question allegedly violate the state is the Only defend in fallow named motor \ Ellilee commissioner Montpelier up a a Man who started his work with the state motor vehicle department 30 years ago As a uniformed patrolman will return to Montpelier next month to take Over As motor vehicle commissioner. James e. Malloy was appointed to the $12,000 a year Post tuesday by gov. Philip h. Boff following the resignation of Robert c. Schwartz. Schwartz will return to the state Highway department where he was previously employed for la years in the planning division. Dant in the suit at this Point. At Barbera a recommendation selectmen directed him to petition the court to have the town named As a co defendant. Barber reported that a representative at the attorney general a office had agreed that a it was Best that the town get into this the somewhat complicated Case relates to billboards erected last year by Callahan in two places along . 7, just South of the Shaftsbury town line and a Short Way South of the Bennington Village line. In january 1964, selectmen a agent mrs. Alma Langlois then acting billboard administrator had approved the Pittsfield firms original applications for permits for the new signs. She said she had issued these on the verbal Assurance of a company representative that the signs would meet applicable regulations. But As things turned out the signs proved to be much larger than the maximum 40 Square feet allowed by the local ordinance. Selectmen subsequently voted to revoke the permits and both the state and Callahan were notified to this effect. The town then sought to have the state take necessary enforcement action to have the signs removed when the Pittsfield firm itself did not do the Job. Such removal orders were finally issued by the state according to Barbera a report. Barber said the Callahan firm was contending among other things that the Bennington billboard ordinance was unconstitutional and that because the firm had originally received the permits from the town it was see billboards Page 16, col. 2 appointed and appointee president Johnson listens to Arthur j. Goldberg As he talks to newsmen tuesday after the president had appointed him ambassador to the United nations to replace the late Adlai e. Stevenson. Up action Surprise and on Goldberg appointment Senate House agree on medicare plan Washington up a House and Senate negotiators today formally approved a Compromise Bill to provide a multimillion Extension of social Security and welfare benefits including president Johnson a medicare program. The Compromise version even went beyond the presidents recommendations. The big welfare package was expected to be approved by the House and Senate and signed into Law by the end of the month. The health insurance plan for the elderly affecting an estimated 19 million americans 65 and Over was Only part of the Hugh Compromise Bill. It also contained the biggest Extension of government welfare benefits since the depression years. All Safe in Bombe rash land Pease air Force base . Up a a b47 Strat Jet with a jammed Landing gear skidded to a Safe belly Landing today on a foamed runway at this strategic air command Sac base. The four crewmen aboard were not Hurt. A we were too Busy to be scared a said the Pilot capt. Yale r. Davis jr., 31, of Salina Kan. However he acknowledged the Crew was a a Little the big $2 million six engine plane refuelled four times in the air while tile Crew frantically tried to lower the main Landing gear. A we tried All emergency procedures but none of them worked a Davis told newsmen. Davis said a i went into the Craw Way to try to move the wheels Down and could not do he said the Landing gear was stuck three quarters of the Way Down a and Budge either a we agreed to Ball out Only As a last resort a he said. But in Case this was necessary he said the plane was to be piloted Over the Atlantic Ocean a to get away from the population finally on orders from the ground the plane kept circling the area to Burn off fuel for the Landing watched by thousands of tense airmen and civilians. The plane skidded 200 Yards to a Stop in a Shower of friction caused smoke and Sparks with two drag chutes billowing behind to Cut Down the Speed. There was no explosion or fire. The conference committee was charged with compromising differences Between the $6 Billon Bill the House approved in april and the $7.5 billion package passed by the Senate earlier this month. Sources said that after five closed sessions the negotiators reached tentative agreement tuesday. The Compromise was expected to win Swift approval from the House and Senate and probably be signed into Law by president Johnson by the end of the month. The final version of the big welfare package included a a Hospital insurance program for persons 65 and Over administered by the social Security system. A an optional insurance plan for the elderly to help pay doctor Bills and other medical costs. A a 7 per cent increase in All social Security payments retroactive to last Jan. I. A a general liberalization of social Security benefits for retired persons and for widows children the disabled and others. The program would be financed mainly be increasing social Security payroll taxes paid by workers and their employers. This would be supplemented by government funds and contributions from the beneficiaries. Washington up a president Johnson s nomination of supreme court Justice Arthur j. Goldberg to be . Ambassador to the United nations today was assured of speedy approval by the Senate. The chief executive s announcement tuesday that Goldberg would succeed the late Adlai e. Stevenson in the critical . Post was greeted with Surprise and satisfaction by senators of both parties. Senate Republican Leader Everett a Dirksen 111., whom Johnson had consulted about the appointment said Goldberg a is a very Able citizen. He should acquit himself with real distinction. He has a Brilliant mind is a student and a real Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield mont., said Goldberg would a carry on in the Stevenson he called the 56-year-old former labor Secretary a fair minded tolerant understanding and Able to see All state i ids Compart cars repair prone Montpelier up a the Green Mountain state has stopped buying compact cars because of huge repair Bills according to purchasing director Richard Raymond. Raymond said tuesday that although the initial purchasing Price of compacts is lower the repair Bills and general Upkeep costs Are much higher. Raymond said that when the 45 compacts now used by the state Are traded in they will be traded for Standard size cars. Chairman j. Bright d-ark., William Ful whose Senate foreign relations committee will make a recommendation to the Senate on the nomination praised Goldberg As a a very talented and intelligent and a discriminating citizen with great experience and Goldberg confessed to a certain reluctance to leave the High court. A in All Candor a he told newsmen tuesday a i would rather the president had not asked me to undertake this duty. But it appears perhaps i can at this stage of our National life make a contribution a i for High Ouri Hope a in this area of foreign the onetime Chicago labor lawyer was named to the supreme court three years ago by the late president John f. Kennedy after serving successfully As Kennedy a first Secretary of labor. His move to the United nations permits Johnson to make his own first appointment to the court. There was no indication when this would come or who the recipient might be. Legal gossip in the past has mentioned Abe Fortas a Washington attorney and a close personal Friend of Johnson As one leading candidate for the Job. Fortas or Marshall nominations minted Bra begins task tonight of subdividing District the Bennington Board of civil authority will meet at 7 30 tonight to begin the Job of sub dividing the new Bennington Woodford legislative District known As District no. 3. Under the new system of apportionment for the Vermont House the local District has six representatives. And under the plan this had to be divided into smaller districts so that no one of them has More than two representatives. Thus there could be As few As three districts with two representatives each or As Many As six with one representative each. The districts have to be such that approximately equal numbers of Legal voters Are represented in each Case. The Board dwelt briefly on the Job ahead at a meeting tuesday night after receiving local property appeals. The boards chairman John p. Proud and one of its members Frederick h. Welling indicated that the first and most Tim consuming Job to be done is to pinpoint the number the towns Legal voters and where each lives. They suggested that the town its three villages and Woodford be divided into a number of easily defined areas for which Legal voters residing in each would be listed. They then indicated the various areas could be grouped into the larger districts for the one or two representatives to be chosen from each. Welling noted that the numbers of voters represented in each District could vary by no More than 15 per cent either Way from the mathematical average number of voters to be represented under the criterion for reapportionment set by the legislature. He noted that a the closer we can come to equal representation the More satisfied will be the state reapportionment Board that has responsibility for sub dividing the 14 districts in the state which have three or More representatives. Washington up a the name of Washington lawyer Abe Fortas a longtime Friend of president Johnson led the list today in speculation on a successor to Arthur j. Goldberg on the supreme court. Fortas a member of the White House inner Circle has been close to Johnson since the president came to Washington from Texas in the Early 1930s. The 55-year-old Legal scholar with wide experience in government Fortas has held a variety of jobs including four years 1942-1946 As undersecretary of the Interior. His Law firm Arnold Fortas amp Porter is easily one of the most prominent in the capital. There was also some talk of Thurgood Marshall the negro Federal appeals court judge recently named . Solicitor general for the High court appointment. But Marshall who led the Legal fight which resulted in the courts famed school desegregation decision of 1954, still has not been confirmed by the Senate for the solicitor general Post. White House press Secretary Bill d. Moyers said tuesday there was no indication when Johnson might fill the court vacancy. The court is in recess until october giving the president ample time to weigh stale to Mark official cars Montpelier up a All state cars will be required to be clearly decal labelled pursuant to a new order from the administration. The sign will clearly indicate that the Auto is owned by the state and that the person operating it is on official business. Previously Only some state officials carried identification decals. His first appointment to the High court. Among others mentioned in speculation were former government Trust Buster Thurman Arnold a partner in Fortas Law firm sen. Richard b. Russell d-ga., a longtime Johnson Friend Clark Clifford another Johnson intimate and once atop aide to president Harry s. Truman Sens. John Sheridan Coop or r-ky., and Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., both former judges and Harvard Law professor Paul Freund a leading constitutional scholar. Goldberg who was the late John f. Kennedy a first cout appointee took his supreme court seat on oct. I 1962. Tax depart to review lairs on inheritance Montpelier up a state tax commissioner Gerald Witherspoon said today that his states inheritance and Transfer department will review the tax Laws. Although he said that the review is for a a administrative purposes he would not Rule out a possible revision of the statutes. The Agency is believed to be making an attempt to loosen the inheritance tax Laws in order to get retired persons to Settle in the Green Mountain state. Witherspoon said that Many people look at the so called a death taxes before they decide to spend their retirement in a Given state. Under Vermont Law if a deceased person leaves Money to anyone not a direct blood relative the heir has to pay a Flat 12 per cent. A for some people this is quite a chunk of taxes a Witherspoon said tuesday. Sac bombers blast Viet Cong zone d Moo no aids rehearsing a scene from a fishes a a play written Quot in the absurd by miss Eupha Bonham Beni English teacher these Quot Moon aids use the Molly Stark school Lawn As their platform in outer space. On ladder at left is Barbara Garrison who is adjusting the costume of hate Bell. At right is Abby Shapiro. Stretched at the foot of the ladder is Kathy Farnham who is a Mermaid denoted by the fish on her dress. In the play miss Farnham is draped on a purple mushroom. The play is part of workshop Papua said by the Ford foundation summer school in the area participants Are All members of drama class taught by mrs. Patricia Sherman of Bennington College. Showtime is thursday evening at 8. Saigon up a Twenty five to 30 b52 Jet bombers from Guam attacked suspected Viet Cong troop concentrations in the notorious zone d area 30 Miles North of Saigon tonight. The massive new strike fifth Harriman meets again w till Kosygin Moscow up a presidential envoy w. Averell Harriman met with soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin for an hour and 45 minutes today in their second talk on Viet Nam and other International issues. Harriman in a formal statement called today s meeting a a follow up on the first talk but refused to comment on the nature of the conversation As he and u. S. Ambassador Foy d. Kohler returned to the u. S. Embassy from the Kremlin meeting. Harriman earlier held Long distance consultations with president Johnson. Harriman who came Here july 12, said he would leave thursday to continue his a a vacation in Western Europe. The first meeting with Kosygin was understood to have produced a a a Stern lecture on the Viet Nam crisis and was followed by a Public warning from Kosygin on a counter action in Viet Nam. It was apparent the first High level soviet american conversations in Many months produced no meeting of the minds on vie Nam or other issues. But Harriman nevertheless said he had cabled a significant information to Johnson and was in Contact with him. The american embassy said Kosygin approved the second meeting after he returned from a trip to the soviet Baltic states. The two officials held a three hour session last week to review International developments particularly the vie to namese War. Informed sources said the two had agreed to meet again presumably after both had time to Confer with their governments Over the results of the first meeting. Of the War and the second in five Days came As the . Military command reported 28 americans killed in action the past week another too wounded and 7 missing or captured. There was no immediate report on Success of the night time Mission by the planes which dropped 500 tons of bombs on the target area after the 2,600 mile flight from Guam. It was the third strike by the strategic air command against the communist stronghold where american and australian troops recently carried out a a massive guerrilla sweep that killed an estimated 15c Viet Cong. A . Military spokesman said . Navy and air Force and vietnamese pilots killed an estimated 85 Viet Cong in 272 sorties in South Viet Nam today. The pilots reported they Sank eight samoans destroyed a gun emplacement 45 Miles Southeast of can Tho and knocked out Bridges and tunnels. The . Spokesman said the b52 raid was directed against a portion of the area hit during the first Sac bombing of june 18. The spokesman said As far As he knew the giant bombers had All arrived in Viet Nam safely after their Mission. He said no assessment of damage was available since the bombing began at 6 45 . And ended at 7 30 . 5 30 . Edt As darkness was falling Over the Jungle area. The casualty report was the first since new censorship policies were imposed for Security reasons. Daily Battle losses among american and South vietnamese troops Are no longer issued. The 28 new combat deaths raised the number of americans killed in action since january 1961, to 517, according to unofficial figures. Today s report listed five american ground operations of battalion size or larger during the week ending last saturday a a record. All were in the Northern part of South Viet Nam where american marines Are stationed. Vietnamese losses for the week included 240 killed and 340 wounded. A total of 155 government soldiers were listed As missing or captured. The report said 419 guerrillas were killed and 28 captured. In ground fighting communist snipers and mortar men harassed american infantrymen at the Bien Hoa air base 15 Miles Northeast of Saigon throughout the night. . Casualties were described As a very a moderate to heavy casualties were reported tuesday night when a River Craft manned by a vietnamese Crew and three american military advisers hit a Viet Cong mine 22 Miles Southwest of Saigon. The spokesman said there were casualties among the three americans but details were withheld under new Security policies. The vessel was supporting vietnamese troops on a ground operation in the Jungles and swamps of the Mekong River Delta. At Bien Hoa the guerrillas see Viet Nam Page 16, col. 5 Viet War May i Ltd i a v Reserve Iliad merger Washington up a de sense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara a plan to incorporate the army reserves into the National guard May be postponed indefinitely because of a the existing International that is the belief of sen. John c. Stennis acting chairman of the Senate armed forces and defense appropriations commutes the two panels most concerned with such an action. Stennis said tuesday a the existing International situation is so tense As to make a merger inadvisable at this and the Mississippi senator said it did not appear there would be time during the present session for Congress to consider the plan. But rep. F. Edward Hebert d-la., who Heads a House armed services subcommittee looking into the Mcnamara proposal did not agree. His subcommittee is scheduled tentatively to begin hearings monday on legislation to implement the plan

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