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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 20, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4�?b ii Banner wednesday july 20. 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials . Pilots in North Viet Nam North Viet Nam has apparently backed Down from its threat to execute captured american fliers even though president to Chi Minh is still hinting that the pilots will be tried As War criminals. The North vietnamese Leader has been under considerable pressure during the past few Days from world leaders such As u Thant and possibly from leaders in his own communist Camp to change his mind about holding the threatened trials. . Politicians including a number of a doves a have issued statements pointing out that the execution of american prisoners of War would Lead to severe retaliation. If to has in fact decided against executing the prisoners he made a Wise Choice for such an act would have reinforced the demands of the american a a Hawks that bombing be intensified and that North vietnamese cities be destroyed. It would have been another step up the ladder of what Walter Lipp Mann in his column today Calls the a escalation of the angry declarations evoked by How a threat give some indication of what the . Response would be. Several senators demanded the total destruction of North Viet Nam. Vice president Humphrey said that the emotions turned Loose in this country a would be hard to sen. Richard Russell of Georgia insisted that North Viet Nam should be reduced to a desert and oth a editors notes More than 70 residents of Hoosick Falls and surrounding communities crowded into the municipal building in our neighbouring new York Community monday evening to express their enthusiastic support for a new Community swimming Pool a project spark plugged by school supt. Philip Leonard. The Cost of the Pool was estimated at $53,183. A Pool is apparently a badly needed Community improvement in Hoosick Falls and we were pleased to see so much interest in raising Money for it and in completing the planning and other preparatory work for its construction. Nevertheless we were astounded at the difference in the size of the crowds at the swimming Pool meeting and at the annual meeting of the Hoosick Falls Central school District just a week ago. Only 21 voters showed up last tuesday to approve a school District budget of $1,368,106, an increase of $186,178 Over last year. Its perfectly natural for people to be More interested in swimming than education but what we can to understand is Why taxpayers Arentt More concerned about How so much of their Money is to be spent. The turnout at Public meetings one would expect should be in direct proportion to the amount of the proposed expenditure of Public funds. Settling a question in the courts can sometimes seem like an interminable process As town counsel Norton Barber and selectmen have found in their billboard Case. Although the state supreme court recently handed Down a ruling authorizing the removal of six giant billboards along . 7 in Bennington a new court order has now been issued forbidding removal of the signs pending Resolution of a a new it seems that the billboard firm ers voiced similar sentiments. It was Clear that the president would have had Little Choice but to extend the bombing and by doing so to enlarge the War. Reducing North Viet Nam to a desert however would have hardly been an acceptable solution. Area bombing would cause the death of millions of innocent people and give China and Russia Little Choice but to intervene. We can indeed be thankful if How a Retreat has reduced the chances that russells a desert threat will be carried out. Actually How a chief aim All along in calling for the trials has probably been to arouse opposition throughout the world to the american role in Viet Nam and to boost the morale of his own people. Show trials and the inevitable a a confessions would receive widespread publicity and could arouse sympathy for the plight of his nation. There have also been hints that the pilots would be a a sentenced to serve terms in strategic installations that to wants to preserve from american bombs. The prisoners then Are clearly Worth More to to alive than dead and we Hope he has the Good sense to keep them that Way. Nevertheless the american reaction to the incident is a Clear indication of the anger and frustration bubbling just under the surface in Washington. If some Means Isnit found soon to de escalate the War on both sides the next provocation May Lead to the carrying out of sen. Russells ugly threat. Maurice Callahan and sons has raised questions about the Validity of the towns zoning ordinance. The signs then will remain in place at least until july 27, when a hearing will be held on whether the injunction should be continued. This will give local residents a Chance to Benefit from the Public service message on one of the billboards. The message urges motorists to drive carefully or else risk punishment or an Accident. Republican gubernatorial candidate Richard Snelling got some formidable support in Bennington county this week. Snelling announced that the chairman of his local Snelling for governor committee will be John Williams and that the committees vice chairman will be Paul Bohne Iii. Williams and Bohne Are both Stalwart influential republicans and should be Able to persuade a Good Many cop voters to see things their Way. As far As we know Tom Hayes does no to have a local chairman yet but if he continues to attack the sales tax proposed by Snelling he May win More votes than All the committees in the world could get him. We be commented frequently in the past on the ways in which people make a mess out of the villages and Countryside of Vermont. Some folks however have done their part to make the area More attractive and they be overlooked. The Flowers along the railings of the Putnam hotel for instance Are colourful and decorative and add considerably to the a four we wish that the custom of hanging Flower boxes in the downtown area would spread. The posters advertising the upcoming St. Peters Church fair Are not Only Eye catching but an asset to the store windows they Are hanging in. The committee in charge of publicizing the fair has shown that signs and posters can be pleasant to look at. Syrup Salt amp vinegar machines wont replace women a a. A what i need is a recoilless Rifle. These Days corporations recruit College grads a business is for the Birds a says �?T66 by John Chamberlain new York. Is the american business corporation getting its come up Pance years ago before there was any a sheepskin psychosis Quot the business Community was not Daft on the idea of requiring a College degree when it came to hiring a Likely Man. It even welcomed High school dropouts if they could show Promise of curiosity and ambition on the Job. Since world War ii however Many corporations have come to insist on a Bachelor s degree As the Price of admission to no factory placement. And some corporations even ask for an advanced degree. A of the Young High school graduates looking for something better than old fashioned Blue Collar work have responded by flooding into the colleges. But funny things have been happening on the four year Jaunt to graduation Day. The boy who chose to go to College in order to get a Good business Opportunity learns from his professors and his new associations that corporation life is the last thing in the world that he wants. So the business recruiters interviewing the College seniors and finding them hostile Are caught in the web which their corporations have themselves been instrumental in spinning. And the presumption is raised that the business Community would have done better to catch the Young business aspirant right out of High school with an offer of technological and even human today and tomorrow Istle training coming As part of an on the Job apprenticeship package. The statistical evidence concerning the class of 1966 is not yet in but All the business publications that have been a interviewing the interviewed Quot on the College campuses report that most College students still feel that a business is for the apparently 1966 will be a repeat of 1965, when a questionnaire circulated among the 1,-000-Odd Young men in the graduating class of Harvard brought Forth the information that some 70 per cent planned to go on into graduate school and Only 16 per cent into jobs. Some 8 per cent chose to get their military service done with and the rest had no plans out of the 175 who were accepting jobs at least 40 were choosing social service work whether for the government or for private organizations. The Wall Street journal and Fortune Magazine conducting in depth surveys of their own have both said that the Harvard pattern would be repeated for most of the privately endowed colleges of the us. Some of the reluctance of the Young to take business jobs in preference to going on into graduate school May be connected with the draft. But the a business is for the Birds Quot attitude was there before the vietnamese War began to escalate so the yearning for advanced degrees can t be All a matter of sophisticated draft dodging. The anti business Blas is obviously something that is communicated on the Campus itself. And this is an irony too for the businessmen of America Are the ones who have endowed most of the colleges. Must they now feel they have been subsidizing a race of vipers for what it is Worth a recent Survey of High schools in Buncombe county n.c., discloses no particular anti business Bias among High school seniors before they enter College. The Asheville n.c., sales and marketing executive club asked 1,200 High school seniors some pertinent questions about Competition and government control and came up with answers that were extremely Friendly toward private Enterprise. Two thirds of the seniors said that Competition keeps prices fair and some 60 per cent said the customer had a greater effect on prices than the so called Price almost 70 per cent were against the Federal government setting a limit on business profits. The North Carolina Sample checked against High school surveys elsewhere was very close to the National average As revealed by a Sample of 9,500 seniors in 24 cities. So apparently it in t the High school that is prejudicing students against business. The colleges themselves Are doing the Job. Since the corporations themselves Are so internally degree Happy it All seems a trifle ungrateful to say the least. Either the corporation has got to change its own image or it is faced with changing the University world itself. By Elizabeth Dwyer North Bennington. I know a lady who is a great worrier. She worries about Viet Nam she is fearful of the bomb. She worries about the younger generation and about crime in the streets. She lies awake nights thinking about inflation. Recently she came up with a new worry Bone on which to gnaw. She happened on a Book that described the future of housing and Home appliances and now she is sure that before we know it houses will be built to run themselves and the need for a woman at the Helm will be eliminated. She read with horror about the Home laundry centers of the future a giant monsters that gobble 19 the soiled laundry sort the sheep of table Linen from the goats of dirty dungarees. All is then washed dried ironed and presumably folded and ejected from the machine in neat Little piles All untouched by human hands. My poor Friend might console herself with the thought that they la never make a machine that will crawl under Beds to extricate Odd socks that have been tossed there with Gay abandon and a machine might not be expected to extricate notes and other vital pieces of Communia from pockets of shirts or even pet toads from the pockets of pants before the washing process is started. This is the Type of sensitive sorting that Only women Are fully equipped to perform. Another item of future households that May not work As planned is the food Center envisioned a kind of combination Freezer and stove whereby a Button is pushed in the proper Slot and the desired item of food emerges from the Freezer into the stove and then onto the table ready to eat in a matter of minutes. This kind of Home automat is All very Well in the designing stage but would a machine know that a really Good Peanut butter Sandwich must be custom made would a machine like this be Able to Cope with the wants of three people who must have three different kinds of Mustard to say nothing of the Ketchup school on roast beef obviously a machine could feed a family but Only a woman could congressman s report spoil the members outrageously which is the whole Point in being a family. The cleaning gadgets of the future Are expected to work with electronic brains. All you have to do is whistle and a Creepy Gadget emerges from a closet and removes All dirt and debris from floors table tops window Sills without the necessity of pushing or pulling bending or stretching into Corners. In the midst of All this dedication to tidiness i suspect that no machine would be smart enough to know that not everyone had read yesterdays paper. Nor could you expect a Dull electronic brain to discriminate Between expendable debris and absolutely vital bits like the Washer that the head of the House had been planning for several weeks to affix to the Leaky faucet. No matter How unlikely the place a Man leaves an object nor How Long he leaves it there he never forgets where it was and expects to find it in that place when he thinks of it. This of course is the reason he married a woman in the first place rather than a machine. Despite All the efficiency of the appliances of the future i doubt that my Friend need worry too much about being displaced in the Home. With All the time saved by these gadgets Shell have More hours left for the really important functions in the household a More time to find the things that have been misplaced by men and machines More time to listen and More time to Supply the non manufactured element known As moral support. Despite rumours to the contrary a the woman a touch Quot is not confined entirely to asking for Money. However i do share with my worrying acquaintance Adeep mistrust of one item projected for the future. She reports that they Are already designing houses made entirely of plastic with a Model now on display at Disneyland. There i draw the line. You know what they say about people who live in Glass houses. From my experience with material i would advise that people who live in plastic houses should t Light matches therein. Major chances expected Iii military draft Law a escalation of fright ulness leads to suicidal War of extermination by Walter Lippmann Washington. Because the vietnamese War cannot be decided by military Means it has become increasingly a vicious spiral of fright ulness. Because it is both a civil War of vietnamese against vietnamese and at the same time a War of vietnamese against foreign White men it is As such wars usually Are increasingly ferocious and barbarous. Unable to subdue the other Side by conventional military actions each quote i done to see How politicians can talk about making the Vermont Countryside More Beautiful while at the same time they help to make it less attractive by cluttering it up with political posters. Richard Snelling Republican gubernatorial candidate. Side tries to overcome the enemy by destroying his will to fight. Fright ulness begets fright ulness and anger demands vengeance and All that remains is a fury which insofar As it reasons at All thinks that by Topping fright ulness with More fright ulness the enemy will be silenced and paralysed. The world is now confronted with this escalation of fright ulness. To the american threat to bomb closer and closer to the populated regions of North Viet Nam Hanoi is replying by increasing its mobilization by evacuating the civilian population from Hanoi and Haiphong and by threatening to try the captive american filers humiliate them and use them As hostages in the War of fright ulness and in the end perhaps even to execute them. There is no doubt that this treatment of the fliers would evoke dire reprisals. The warnings of Secretary general u Thant and the declaration of the senators who have dissented from the Johnson policy in the War Are accurate. They Are telling the truth in calling the attention of Hanoi to the fact that the punishment of the prisoners of War would make the War frightful As it is already still More frightful. For the ultimate weapons of fright ulness Are in the hands of the United states and no one who knows this country and the character of the president can be sure that they will not be used if the escalation of fright ulness continues. In this escalation we Are approaching the Point of no return the Point where the War becomes Inex liable where it becomes incapable of rational solution where it becomes a War of endless killing a suicidal War of extermination. The War is not yet at that Point. But the War will pass that Point of no return of the prisoners Are executed and the North vietnamese cities Are destroyed in retaliation. There is great Honor and glory to be had by anyone speaking for the civilized conscience of Mankind who interrupts and Breaks the vicious spiral. By Robert t. Stafford . Congressman from Vermont Washington. Only the most optimistic and i believe unrealistic observers now think the 89th Congress will adjourn much before oct. I. It is apparent that the president wants Congress in Washington As Long As possible due to the general uncertainties surrounding our foreign affairs but there is More to it than this. The administration has Large Majora ties in Congress and last year moved legislation with amazing and sometimes dangerous Speed. It is procrastinating this year on regular appropriation Bills which should have been approved by july i. States and local communities Are thus left up in the air in regard to education and Community improvement Grants plans for which have been made far in Advance. I am hopeful that now having returned from a 10-Day summer recess administration leaders in the Congress will move legislation which must be enacted. Funds should be immediately made available to implement the elementary and secondary education act for this fiscal year. Legislation amending the higher education act the economic Opportunity act the minimum wage Laws and unemployment compensation Laws should be Given final approval. Hearings held by the armed services committee of which i am a member have been inconclusive to Date but will continue. I have been Able to raise several questions and have arrived at some tentative conclusions which i shall pursue farther. I believe we need specific Federal guidelines a not regulations a which local draft boards May follow in order to treat potential draftees More equally across the country. We should consider two year voluntary enlistments and three year draft Calls in order to boost voluntary service. It May be desirable to Call younger eligible draftees first instead of the older ones As is now the Case. I have provided Gen. Hersehy director of selective service with 18 written specific questions dealing with such subjects As the use of More civilian help in administrative Type jobs the fairness of the existing student deferment program and the military necessity and economic feasibility of Universal military training. It is Likely that major changes will be made in the draft Law and i Hope to be Able to continue to take an Active role in these changes during the coming year. Prior to its july fourth recess the House did act on a number of Bills which had been pending for several months. It approved the food for Freedom Bill by 333 to 20, thus enlarging and extending our food Aid program to foreign countries. This legislation shifts the emphasis from providing surplus commodities to a planned farm production for Export purposes and greatly encourages foreign nations to increase their own food production. The International education act to promote International studies at colleges and universities in the United states was approved 194 to 90. Despite opposition from practically All government agencies and no support from the White House a Bill establishing greater Public Access to records of the Federal government was Given unanimous House approval. A measure raising the National debt ceiling to $330 billion was passed 199 to 165. I supported All the above measures except the debt increase. A Bill to revise postal rates on fourth class mail allowing larger packages to be handled by the Post office department received approval on a voice vote in the House. In one of the major actions taken this year the House strongly endorsed 374 to to a measure reported by the ways and Means committee to revise the Federal state unemployment compensation system. This action was an admitted defeat for the administration which has supported a Bill to federalize the 31-year-old cooperative system. House coverage to 3.5 million workers but strengthened the states position in administering the Laws. I strongly favored the committee approved Bill. Wio Ixia Yoo it uhf Boxum m Eccl Bental Mino t

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