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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 20, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Fair and cooler fair tonight with Low temperatures in the upper 40s or Low 50s. Fair thursday with Little temperature change. Yesterdays High 78, Low 54, this morning at 7 . 55. Total precipitation 1.15 inches. Sunset today at 8 28 . Tomorrow s Sunrise 5 29 . Bennington i i Bennington Banner wednesday july 20, 1966 Anner petition presented special meeting sought Over grand list hikes by Bob Hagerman Adverse reaction to the reappraisal Cai local properties being put into effect this year by town listers broke into Public View tuesday night with the presentation to Bennington selectmen of a petition calling for a special town meeting a was soon As possible to discuss the whole real estate appraisal matter and a to take. Action deemed necessary when selectmen will take the petition under advisement to Check its Validity and legality and will report Back a in a Day or two to or. Richard a. Sleeman of 325 school St., a chief spokesman for the petitioners and one of a group of seven citizens who appeared at the selectmen a meeting. Selectmen afterwards expressed the feeling that the petition did not Call for sufficiently specific action to warrant a special Motel owners protest appraisals local Motel owners reached a consensus tuesday night that As a general result of property reappraisal in Bennington a unfair and excessive values have been placed on the areas tourist facilities. Reporting the consensus which was reached at a meeting of the tourist Bureau of the greater Bennington association was Robert Gilroy owner of the bulrushes motor court and head of the Bureau. Gilroy said local Motel owners foresaw two alternatives facing them As a result of the tax situation. Either prices would have to be raised a driving tourists out of Bennington a a or Motel properties would have to be put up for Sale a in the Hope of finding people foolish enough to buy in View of the tax Gilroy said eight Motel owners have decided to Appeal their appraisals and he said the tourist Bureau was addressed by atty. William Sennett who reviewed property owners rights and the procedures they must follow in exercising them. Twenty two persons attended the meeting. Town meeting a a Point discussed with the citizens group a and thought that a simple Public meeting would serve the same purpose without the necessity of following the Legal formalities of a special town meeting. The citizens group had agreed that of As a result of the discussion at the first town meeting there appeared to be some specific Steps which would require a formal town vote to put into effect then a second special session properly warned could be called. The complaints of the group of seven were that listers had either grossly Over appraised particular properties or had inequitable appraised others when these were compared to other similar properties. It was also claimed that listers had never Given the Public any indication of the criteria they were using in re appraising the properties on their fair Market value. A this is what has upset so Many people a said one Man a myself Edward Keough another of the seven referred at one Point to a Many inadequacies in the Job done by listers. A you can to do much with just a few adjustments to pacify a few a he said a you have to throw the whole thing at a later Point he noted he had no complaint about the various tax rates set by voters a a it a the assessments that i have a Gripe against a he said. In response to the various complaints about particular appraisals selectmen on several occasions noted this was something the listers were responsible for and As such was not something Over which the selectmen had any say. They urged the various parties to take their grievances through the available Appeal Chan Nels beginning with listers themselves and then if satisfaction were not obtained to the town Board of civil authority and finally to a special Bennington county Appeal Board. The citizens group however was hardly satisfied with this. Said Var Alnio n. Max Perrotta of 106 Merson St a a it a a sad thing when so Many people have to hire a lawyer to take their Appeal because these boys the listers did no to do a Good Job. And i have facts to show that they selectmen however Felt that a property owner did no to need a lawyer to present his Case for a lowered appraisal. On the same tack Sleeman said at one Point a Why should a property owner have to come in and give reasons Why his assessment should be lower when its the listers who should be the ones to explain Why they increased the selectmen after the Exchange with the citizens group noted that they had heard from a number of property owners that they were not dissatisfied with their new assessment which they Felt now represented accurately the property a fair Market value. There was also some discussion with the group that any increase in the 1966 tax Bills is due at least in part to increased Revenue needs of the various local taxing districts both school and municipal. Selectmen a agent mrs. Alma Langlois told the group that where a tax Bill had increased up to 30 per cent of last years the increase was something that would have been encountered anyway without any reappraisal because of the increased budget needs. See special meeting Page 12, col. 7 weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,123 to cents new austerity for Britain no Cash but carry the owner of this store in Cleveland Ohio after seeing damage done by rioters tuesday reportedly shouted in disgust a take everything you Here in Plain View of police a negro left boldly carries off a fan As others at right get some clothes. Up National guard on duty in riot torn Cleveland Cleveland up a mayor Ralph s. Locher asked for More National guard troops today to restore peace in the riot torn East Side where shootings fires and widespread looting marked two nights of racial turmoil. The request was complied with immediately and 400 guardsmen were ordered into the City to join the 1,600 sent in tuesday night after gov. James a. Rhodes declared a Vermont cows present problem in International diplomacy Washington up a the ease with which people can Cross the 3,500 Miles of unguarded Border Between Canada and the u noted states is praised around the world. Cows done to have it so Lucky. Sen. George d. Aiken r-vt., told tuesday How cows belonging to to Vermont Farmers got caught for six months in a web of red tape spun by a zealous . Customs inspector. It is not uncommon along the celebrated .-Canadian Border for residents of either country to own property on both sides of the line. In Derby line there Are Homes with the Kitchen in Canada and the living room in the . In the Case of the Vermont Farmers their pasture land stretched into Canada while violent storms hit new England and neighbouring new York areas Boston up a new England got violent and destructive thunderstorms tuesday instead of the dreaded tornadoes it had been warned to prepare for. The storms touched off Flash floods disrupted electrical Power and communications and contributed to an Auto Accident that claimed four lives. In new York state a Tornado or severe windstorm struck near Albany destroying a hangar and four Light planes at the East Greenbush Airport in Rensselaer county. The roof of a methodist Church within a half mile of the Airport was severely damaged. At nearby Nassau Lake the winds flipped Over a 50-foot trailer carried a 30-foot boat ashore and sent Trees crashing atop several Camps and parked cars. A Large tree and Power line fell across a main intersection in the Village of Nassau. A series of thunderstorms dumped a total of 2.2 inches of rain at Albany Airport and turned City of Albany streets into rampaging Rivers. Tons of water cascading Down Sheridan Avenue formed a Lake at the Chapel Street intersection where at least four cars in a parking lot floated free tossing on the Crest iiiiiiiiiii1iihiiii1iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiii on the inside columnist Elizabeth Dwyer says machines will never replace women a Page 4. Rep. David j. Allen announces bid for re election Page 5. Drama critic Paul Hurlburt Isnit too enthusiastic about the latest offering at the Williamstown theatre a Page 6. Of the flood Waters before sinking with Only their rooftops above the surface. The Rains and lightning developed out of the same Basic cause that led the . Weather Bureau to fear tornadoes a cold air mass that descended from Canada and clashed with warm air settled Over new England and new York. The weather Bureau issued a Tornado Alert for sections of Southern new England at 2 . And called it off at 6 30 . The Only Trace of Tornado like activity was funnel Clouds that were sighted Over Dudley mass. Hartford conn., and Concord . The funnels had no apparent effects on the ground. But did no to it rain. The weather station at Chester mass., recorded 4.5 inches of rain in 90 minutes and wind gusting up to 60 Miles per hour. Nashua ., got 2 inches Boston .9 Worcester 1.12 Pittsfield 2 Montpelier vt., .2, and Lebanon ., .32. Flooding hit Holyoke mass., and Brattleboro it. Power failures plagued sections of Pittsfield Hollis Merrimac and Pelham in Massachusetts As Well As Brattleboro and other communities. In Weymouth mass., the police department reported its teletype and burglar alarms were knocked out by lightning. Policemen roved the streets in cruisers using loudspeakers to advise citizens to report emergencies to the fire department. Death came to four persons in Georgetown mass., when a station Wagon shot across a median strip on interstate route 95 during a thunderstorm and hit an oncoming car in the opposite Lane. Lightning touched off a $20,000 fire at the Klean Kwik bleach distributors Plant in Quincy. Fumes from exploding bottles of chlorine overcame one fireman who was taken to Quincy City Hospital. The storms were concentrated in a Broad path from Burlington vt., to Southern Massachusetts and Connecticut. Their farm buildings were in the . For generations the Farmers have milked their cows in the ., then driven them out to pasture in Canada. But last feb. 7, apparently As a result of a newly appointed inspector the customs Bureau at St. Albans notified Farmers they could no longer drive their cows Over the Border to pasture even though the pasture was part of their farm. The inspector invoked a regulation of the animal health division of the agriculture department requiring that All cattle crossing the Border into the . Be physically inspected each time they entered this country. It took a state senator Aiken the Secretary and under Secretary of agriculture and two High ranking Canadian diplomats to straighten it out. Aiken contacted agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman who granted a temporary stay for the inspectors order. State of emergency existed in this City of nearly one million residents. Locher acted after coming under criticism because he did not ask Rhodes earlier for the National guard troops. An uneasy Calm prevailed in the four Square mile Hough pronounced Huff District of the East Side where two persons were shot to death and four wounded by gunfire and scores injured by bricks and bottles. Scores of business establishments were looted and More than 60 fires were set during the two nights of rioting. At least to buildings were razed by the flames and some fires still shouldered at a. In. Edt today. Negro City councilmen and property owners in the Hough District complained they had pressed the mayor All Day tuesday to request National guard troops but he did not act until about 5 . The first troops did not enter the City until about la . In tuesday nights rioting a negro Man was shot to death by a sniper and two other negroes were wounded. Negro gangs roamed the streets tossing fire bombs and police and snipers exchanged gunfire. Continued looting also was reported but a policeman said a there Isnit much left there to More than 83 persons were arrested tuesday night bringing the two Day total to More than 125. London up a prime minister Harold Wilson froze wages for six months and prices for one year today in a desperate Effort to prevent devaluation of the Pound from its current nominal Worth of $2.80. His now or never crash pro Gram ordered a slashing cutback on Domestic spending and a massive crackdown on Domestic credit buying to Siphon $1.4 billion from Britain a overheated Economy. The program hit the British taxpayer hard at Home on the gasoline he uses to drive to work or Leisure and on the holidays he might plan abroad. The drastic measures were effective at Midnight tonight. It was believed the first time Britain had taken such measures in its history. He delivered his economic blockbuster in the House of commons and then took his seat amidst cries from the conservative opposition party to a resign resign a effective at Midnight the Down payment on cars motorcycles and House trailers will be raised from 25 per cent of the Cost to 40 per cent and the maximum repayment time Cut Down to two years. He also raised the Down payment on most other forms of credit buying. He estimated the new regulations would Cut credit buying by $448 million. Wilson put a surcharge of to per cent on duties of Beer wines and spirits hydrocarbon oils and gasoline substitutes. Wilson said $56 million will be taken out of the Economy by changes in postal and telecommunications tariffs a and increase in postal and Telephone charges. He announced a one year to per cent surcharge on some forms of direct taxation a super tax. He estimated the yield on this would be $72.8 million. He said the government would Cut Down on non essential building and reduced the Cost limit above which a project May be controlled from $280,000 to $140,000. Other measures he announced a nationalized industries such As Coal electricity Gas and the railroads will Cut Back on the Purchase of new equipment by $226 million in 1967-68. A government expenditures both military and civil cutback $280 million. A a six month wage freeze to be followed by a further six months of severe restrictions new wage demands will not be see austerity Page 12, col. 8 meeting called to review Vermont a billboard Laws Montpelier us a a meeting to discuss whether anti billboard Laws should be changed for Vermont a primary roads is scheduled Here aug. 4. The meeting will be attended by representatives from the Secretary of states office the development department the attorney general a office the Highway department and the Vermont hotel and Motel association. Officials from both the development department and Secretary of states office said tuesday it is becoming evident the states outdoor advertising regulations Are a regressive to the Well being of Many of the established Vermont their argument is aimed primarily at amendments to a Law passed by the 1966 legislature requiring billboards within 750 feet of interstate or primary roads to be removed by 1970. The Bill also prohibits the erection of billboards within this limit Between now and 1970, but permits a on premises signs in front of motels gift shops restaurants and other businesses. The recent legislation follows guidelines established under the Federal Highway beautification act of 1965. If the requirements Are not met by the states a substantial Block of Federal Highway construction Aid could be withdrawn. Development commissioner Elbert g. Moulton and Joseph Moore head of the outdoor advertising division of the Secretary of states office called the meeting. The Secretary of states office handles billboard licensing and the Highway department enforces the Laws. Both Moulton and Moore say they Aren t necessarily a pro billboard a but add that Vermont businessmen should have the right to Tell the Public where they plan to locate outdoor advertising. Moulton said his office a gets a lot of heat from businessmen who Arentt Able to secure permits under present regulations. A the Only recourse a he said a is for the state to develop some system of information centers or allow Small direction signs pointing out where businesses Are Moore has prepared a report which concludes that Vermont a present billboard Laws Are a unfair and his report says businessmen on secondary roads Are permitted signs but those on primary roads Arentt that a businessman who opens a new Motel cannot have a sign on a primary Road but his competitors can until 1970 and plans Are being made to establish information centers and sign plazas along interstate highways but see billboard Page 12, col. 5 Collins to use Jet gun another space walk scheduled for tonight As sen. Aiken pointed see cows Page 12, col. 4 out lightning Blacks out North Shire towns a Bolt of lightning that hit the East Arlington substation brought darkness on Arlington Manchester Dorset and Stratton during last nights thunderstorm but cups Crews were Able to a a feed Shaftsbury while they were working on the lines so that residents there found the lights Back on considerably sooner. The lightning blew out a piece of equipment at the East Arlington site a cups spokesman explained today and the mishap affected the whole High line from Bennington to Manchester. The line had to be patrolled and the trouble located before work could begin he added which accounted for a flights out from 7 to 8 30. In Manchester the Board of selectmen found itself meeting for the first time in dim Light produced by a new auxiliary Power system installed at the town office. The Generator is up Gas operated and turns on automatically whee the lights go out. Indications were that the system worked satisfactorily at least the town fathers did no to have to sign orders by Candle. Another auxiliary Power Generator at the town garage operates the town radio dispatch system. Several Manchester organizations had planned movies for their program. The rotary club gave up on theirs but a capacity audience showed up a and waited patiently a at the Southern Vermont Art Center where miss Alouise Boker of Dorset was scheduled to show coloured slides of Central acid South african animals with taped commentary. Mrs. Emily Johnson publicity director said today the show was delayed until about 8 50 when 250 persons were rewarded for their patience and Svac reportedly gained $800 from the Benefit for its Bartlett and Louise Arkell endowment fund. The Only difficulty she added was the heavy beating of rain on the roof during the last 15 minutes of the armchair safari requiring a major boost in volume. Space Center Houston up a John Young and Mike Collins another of their Pesky Little problems solved swept on today toward another american space walk and possible Render Vous with a leftover satellite. If All went Well Collins was to climb out of gemini to at around 6 56 . Edt and a Azo to himself around at the end of a 50-foot tether using a hand held Jet gun. Hopefully this would occur while the spacecraft was flying formation with Agena 8, with which astronauts Nell Armstrong and David Scott docked on March 16. The astronauts were breath helping hands help themselves new York up a not All new yorkers remain oblivious to the plight of a fellow citizen in distress. When Vail Colorni 41, slipped on a banana Peel at a subway station tuesday it was Only a matter of minutes before two men rushed to his Aid. As he was lying on the ground in a Daze the first Man grabbed motor Nln a Wristwatch and fled. The second Man attempted to steal his Wallet but was frightened away by passersby. Finally help did arrive and Colorni was hospitalized for treatment of injuries received in the fall. Long Nice clean air again after a bout with a space smog a a chemical which somehow leaked out of their a a atmosphere system. But there still was a question As to whether sufficient steering fuel remained aboard gemini to to carry out both the space walk and the rendezvous. Just prior to the walk Young and Collins were to separate from their own Agena whose Brawny thruster has served them with steering Power to round out the lopsided orbit in which they set the world manned Altitude Mark Early tuesday. Aside from an hour out for breakfast their flight plan called for a Day of Orbital adjustments to swing them onto a rendezvous course with Agena 8. Gemini to entered its 24th orbit at 8 18 Edt As it flashed Over the arabian Peninsula and shortly before the pilots finished up their sleep period. If things go by the Book this flight that started from Cape Kennedy monday afternoon will terminate with a splashdown in the Atlantic thursday afternoon. On the ground Pat Collins was invited Over to Barbara Youngs House to follow reports on her husbands stroll in space. It will be americans third such walk and will increase the . Lead in pedestrian hours in space. Wife Waits mrs. Barbara Young wife of astronaut Young talks with the Rev. James c. Buckner after attending a special communion service tuesday at St. Christopher episcopal Church in league City Texas while her husband circles the Earth in gemini to. Up a Little things continued to plague . Spaceflight tuesday when pungent fumes in the breathing system irritated the eyes of Young and Collins and forced them to Cut Short an open Hatch space stand that exposed them to the vacuum of space. But the dangerous stench cleared out and they sailed on toward the end of their three Day Mission due to end thursday afternoon. Veteran space Pilot Young said he will put the gemini capsule a Down the pork barrel for a splashdown in the Atlantic

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