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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 20, 1966, Bennington, Vermont National window precedent of Nuremberg cited in plight of . Prisoners by Lyle Wilson United press International our doves who so angrily denounce the strategy and tactics of the War in Southeast Asia should consider now whether their intemperate Choice of words is appropriate to the situation. For example what did a senator intend to convey when he applied the word a outlaw Rye to the air attacks on North Viet Nam Oil depots a preferred meaning in websters third International is the act of outlawing the process of putting a person outside the Protection of the Law. The senator of course did not mean that to apply to captured airmen now held in Hanoi and threatened with trial and punishment As War criminals. But his intemperate language might recommend itself to the North vietnamese in search of arguments however fragile in support of their threat to try the captured americans. On the Day the senator was denouncing a outlaw by a a soviet spokesman in Moscow was denouncing the raids As piracy. The North vietnamese have been parading captured american fliers through Hanoi streets manacled and an invitation to Public abuse. The incendiary language of sen. Ted Kennedy i res a two China policy Washington us a sen. Edward m. Kennedy dmass., today urged the United states to move toward a a two China United nations policy that would protect Formosa while opening the . Door to red China. Kennedy recommended revision of the . Charter so that nationalist China s present permanent Security Council seat could a rotate among developing ton of the a preservation of Quot finally we would be informing the United nations that we Are prepared to labor for the goal of the United nations being a Universal body with representation for All the people of the world a he said. The Massachusetts senator said he would strongly oppose giving red China the National world members a probably Start 1st seat on the Security courting with India. Cli Quot at this such an approach he said in a speech prepared for Senate delivery a will Mark a new beginning in our Asia policy and make it where most important a in the eyes of our asian friends and allies. A we must now move to meet the Challenge of China not on the battlefields of our asian friends but initially in the International forum created for Kennedy and sen. George s. Mcgovern d-s.d., suggested in a May 3 speech that Blue ribbon commission be created to study .-Chlna relations. He suggested then that the highest priority be Given the question of red China s membership in the United nations. In opposing communist China s admission in the past Kennedy said a we have expended precious diplomatic capital. �?�1 am no longer convinced that our Best interests continue to lie in this direction. I do not believe that an unyielding Nega Tulve approach to the China question serves the he St interests of the United states Formosa our asian friends or the United Nap tons in the world taking the initiative in drafting a two China Resolution he said would place the Burden of China s absence from the United nations a on the chinese themselves and on their supporters and shift the emphasis of the annual debate to the ques neither China should have that seat now he contended. This could be achieved by cutting the five permanent seats to four the United states Britain Russia and France or better by giving the fifth seat to a one of the dominant underdeveloped states of the Southern half of the world such As a India represents the great Experiment of our generation a struggle toward Freedom and democracy against All the negative forces generated by problems of population poverty underdeveloped resources and geography a he said. Kennedy paid tribute to president Johnson for his july 12 speech on China policy calling for a reconciliation Between nations that now Call themselves Dove complaints against the War in Southeast Asia is less a Factor than the question whether there would be any Legal precedent however slight for the trial of american airmen. A precedent is not a justification but precedent can Lead to argument and confusion and trouble. The Legal precedent if any lies in the trial conviction and execution of German and japanese War criminals after world War ii. The French British soviets and americans combined in 1945-46 to eff9ct a new chapter in International Law. This was in response to popular demand in the open societies and perhaps in the soviet Union As Well. The indictment of nazi leaders tried in Nuremberg charged conspiracy to wage aggressive War crimes against peace crimes violating the Laws of War and crimes against humanity. Twelve nazis were sentenced to hang seven to prison. Three were acquitted. Genocide was the principal crime against humanity More specifically the inhuman nazi Effort to exterminate european jews. Popular clamor for punishment of War criminals roared loud and Long in the United states. In the Pacific there had been the death March from Bataan. Americans had seen news pictures of japanese swordsmen executing kneeling prisoners. Some of the american military had doubts of the justification of punishment for soldiers who had executed orders from the top. There was much popular clamor but not much debate of the issues. The late sen. Robert a Taft thought the Nuremberg sentences were an outrage against Justice. Characteristically he said so publicly. The Nuremberg verdict was especially Welcome in new York where gov. Thomas e. Dewey denounced Taft. President Truman said the trial blazed a new Trail in International Justice. And now that Trail May Lead to a War prisoner pen in Hanoi. It is not Likely that there will be in Hanoi any Man to play the part Taft played in 1946 a to shout against the wind. It authorities protect accused Many a rights Chicago us a a killer flophouse Cook county author was at Large. A killer so Savage ties have Bent Over backward that eight girls had died at his in their attempts to conform Washington us a pursue his Tough line by muting hands in a few hours. And who with the High court ruling. Hopes for a diplomatic break the criticism of some of the was to say that he would not its essentials provide that a through on Viet Nam have hit More responsible critics of his strike again a----1 a a a a Bennington Banner wednesday july 20, 1966�?3 Johnson a hand strengthened by trial threats from Hanoi was this the time safeguarding his constitutional rights for assuring that once caught he would get a fair and suspect must not be let Errolat for de of he does not wish it that he must be represented by counsel. From the time he was impartial trial for moving brought to the Hospital until gingerly in the Wake of the today not a police officer or june ruling by the . Supreme court on the treatment of suspected criminals police supt. O. W. Wilson thought not. Wilson overriding objective catch the Man. Prosecutor s representative had attempted to question speck. He Lay in an infirmary receiving the Best medical Felt the attention. Was to on tuesday the sole survivor of the mass slaying was and so he flatly named brought quietly into speck s Richard Franklin speck As the Slayer of eight Chicago nurses. Slack s picture and the description of his Tattoo led to his identification and arrest. Wilson was asked tuesday room. The girl a filipino student nurse named Corazon Amurao did not speak to the Man on the bed. She was there simply to identify him. In a fourth floor chamber of about criticism about naming the Cook county courthouse speck As the killer even before he had been apprehended. Wilson flushed slightly then said a the is. He the first big crime to be tuesday afternoon judge Daniel Ryan commended authorities for safeguarding the rights of the defendant. Ryan listened quietly to the statement by or. William spotlighted by the supreme Norcross in charge of the jail the senator said a it is time seems now that Hanoi has it in to Besin a and the Start should its Power to invite against its be made when the . Meets whole population a devastating in september. War of vengeance. Court ruling May Well be the Case of Richard speck and the slaying of the nurses. Compounding the Legal problem was the fact that speck has been held in detention for three Days now without seeing a judge or being charged with anything. However police had no control Over that. Speck s wrists were slashed when he was found and doctors say he has been too weak to go to court. Since the apprehension of the 24-year-old drifter following a suicide attempt in a skid Row san Francisco nurses flan resignations san Francisco up a bargaining aimed at averting the mass resignations of 3,500 nurses who want better pay broke Down Early today. The California nurses association Cna called upon the nurses employed at 33 san Francisco Bay area hospitals to hand in their two week notices at once. About 1200 of the nurses had indicated they would do so. Spokesmen for both sides indicated that further negotiations would be held soon. The Cna was reported to be seeking a salary scale of $613-$782 a month while the hospitals were offering $500-$570. Infirmary that speck might be suffering a heart attack or might not but in any Case should not be exposed to the state excitement of a court appear permission Ranee or any interrogation. The judge agreed and postponed Legal proceedings pending further medical findings. Ryan named Gerald Getty Bottom Here with Russia s Blunt rejection of British and Indian efforts to get the Kremlin to join in sponsoring peace talks. These latest diplomatic rebuffs and Hanoi s threat to try captured . Airmen As a War criminals have intense fed Johnson administration determination to continue increasing military pressure. They also have strengthened president Johnson s hand for the time being at least to Douglas explains wish to visit communist Goose Prairie Wash. Up a supreme court Justice William o. Douglas had no comment on congressional criticism on his fourth marriage but he had plenty to say regarding his application to visit red China. Regarding his application to department for to go to China Douglas said he had wanted to visit there since his trip to the far East in 1950. A this has not been a popular thing a he said a but now More policy. Russia s refusal to help promote peace talks has been a More or less expected Here. The official View was that the russians have lost virtually All room for diplomatic Man Euver because of the daily necessity to defend themselves against red China s charges the Kremlin is a a conniving with the . however the bitterness of the anti american statements with which Premier Alexei Kosygin slapped Down the suggestions by prime ministers Harold Wilson and mrs. Indira Gandhi surprised some authorities. The general opinion Here is that soviet american relations Are at their lowest Point since the october 1962, cuban missile crisis. Officials assert however that they do not anticipate any russian moves in Europe or elsewhere to take advantage of american preoccupation with Asia. . Authorities make no secret of the fact that they feel Wilson and mrs. Gandhi both could have handled their missions to Moscow More skilfully. The View Here is that Wilson brought upon himself the unprecedented Public Rebuff which he suffered from the russians. The criticism Here of mrs. Gandhi rises from the fact that she permitted herself to be lured into signing a joint communique with Russia com Deming american policy in Asia on russian terms. Chicago s Public prosecutor to and More people Are beginning see us for the latest in pop records 89 at Noveck Shultz inc. 411 main St. Dial 2-6926 Bennington be speck s Legal representative. So far All the conditions Laid to realize that it is necessary. A if we go it will be symbolic Down by the supreme court of the kind of thing i think All ruling have been meticulously americans should be Able to j followed. Except perhaps for the action of the head of the he added that he thought Chicago police naming speck As chinese should be Able to visit the killer. The United states. A Koa jul Maicl leu ill summer clearance Sale now in Progress 0 0 0 0 0 cd summer Sale continues. As usual. We be got some goof bargains. Come see main Street Bennington it. To sep tag Street Williamstown mass. I France explodes a bom h Papeete Tahiti up a France s Independent nuclear deterrent a Cornerstone of president Charles de Gaulle s foreign policy is now operational. A Mirage in supersonic bomber dropped the operation a bomb which France exploded tuesday at its Pacific test site 800 Miles Southeast of Tahiti. It was France s first air dropped nuclear bomb and the first test of the first generation of its Independent deterrent Force. By next year 62 Mirage bombers Are due to be in Squadron service. Silos to hold medium Range missiles already Are being built in Southern France for the second generation and work is being advanced on Polaris Type nuclear submarines and missiles to constitute the third stage of the Force in the mid-1970s. Tuesday s test experts said proved the Security system of the bomb the arming system and the launch method. The bomb was about five times More powerful than that which the United states dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. 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