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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 8-Bennington Banner saturday july 20, 1963 Sweden faces huge task in reorganizing defense combined wire services a Stockholm Sweden a Sweden s armed forces have embarked on a crash program to close the defense Gap caused by the betrayal of military secrets to the soviet Union by air Force col. Stig Erik Wennerstrom. There is an atmosphere of almost wartime urgency at the defense ministry. Lights Burn far into the night As army Navy and air Force officers grapple with the task of repairing the probable loss of the nation s entire defense strategy to the russians. Security services Are working around the clock to Check on other possible leaks in the military establishment. Everyone the government opposition parties defense staffs and the newspapers agrees that Wennerstrom crippled Sweden. The tall suave airman Diplomat has confessed that he fed military secrets to the russians for 15 years. During that period he had Access to Sweden s entire defense strategy. Wennerstrom knew a lot about the North Atlantic treaty organizations defense plans and weapons. He visited nato military installations. He was in frequent Contact with danish and norwegian military men. He was Friendly with Many top Western diplomats Here. The armed forces face an immensely complicated and costly task. Fortification Headquarters and Battle stations hangars snip tunnels repair shops and storage depots have been built into Granite accommodations at top secret locations. Newspapers have reported there Are 500 of these. Two deep tunnels have been carved out of a Mountain to accommodate destroyers submarines and other naval units. Plans have called for the entire the swedish air Force of 1,000 All Jet first line planes must now consider whether a major redeployment to new bases underground and on the surface is needed to maintain its combat effectiveness. For its Oil supplies Sweden depends entirely on imports. Oil and gasoline Are stored in vast underground tanks in Rock Chambers and abandoned mines. Hidden pipelines link these to the ber5hing places of tankers and tank cars. It will take years and these. Military expenditures now take about one fifth of Sweden a National budget. According to some estimates this nation now must spend the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars More and in a hurry to repair the damage of the loss of defense secrets through Wennerstrom. Sweden which last went to War against Napoleon More than 150 years ago does no to take its defense lightly. It avoids alliances Speaks softly but carries a very big stick. Unlike its scandinavian neighbors Norway and Denmark Sweden does not belong to the North Atlantic treaty organization nato. Nor does it have a military pact with any other nation or bloc. Its status is a a done to say Neutral a cautioned an officer of the swedish supreme command a because Neutral implies we have no sympathies for another nation. Our cultural and Don t forget your film for the week end All sizes All types Noveck Shultz inc. 41 i main St. Dial 2-6926 Rio car Rit scr Vici i girls Sun suits 59< . Tray tables 88< ladies play shoes $1.00 draw drapes 84�?� Long $2.50 strength should be of interest to the West. Discounting Finland which has a Mutual defense pact with russian allowing the soviets to Send in troops at whim Sweden faces More than 1,000 Miles of the North South Iron curtain in Europe. That includes the entire swedish finnish Border and the Baltic coast. A this Little country has a longer Border to the East than All nato forces in Europe a a swedish office observed. With obvious concern about the possibility of soviet troops in Finland he added a we wont consider joining nato As Long As Russia stays out of Sweden a defense philosophy is built around the premise that it will not be involved in the opening round of any global War but might be later drawn in because of its strategic position. Therefore Sweden maintains an instant ready air Force Many naval units deployed and a ready but largely Reserve army subject to 24-hour mobilization. The swedes a total defense plans also provide for evacuation of nearly All civilians from cities of Over 10,000 population in Case of War threat and construction of shelters to protect the emergency personnel and War Industry workers who must remain. War drills involving military and civil government staffs Are constantly being held in secret underground Headquarters. The economic defense includes stockpiling of vast quantities of materials and fuel As a hedge against blockade. The psychological defense As it is called is a program of instilling a no surrender spirit into every swede. The official policy is this a Sweden wants to defend herself. Sweden can defend herself. Sweden will defend herself a since swedish military policy is purely defensive its air Force has no Long Range strategic bombers and there Are no nuclear weapons. But Sweden a Mach 2-plus More than twice the Speed of sound Draken Jet fighter interceptor is one of the worlds finest. Its Arm political feeling is very close to Ament systems including air to the air and air to ground missiles Sweden accepts no military Aid Are first rate. Lansen ground and the full Burden of maintaining attack jets and trunian fighters a modern Ever primed military Pius a few British manufactured posture Falls on the swedish tax Hawker Hunters round out swe payers alone. Relative to their Denis Jet air Force numbers about 7.5 Millionth the total number of jets is Clas swedes have the highest defense sifted but a supreme command costs in Western Europe. Staff member said that a guess a look at the map shows Why Between 800 and 1,200 would a not the status of Sweden a defensive be too far at any Given time most of the air Force planes Are inside underground hangars which were blasted out of Granite hundreds of feet below ground level. The planes Are not vulnerable to atomic attack in great numbers. They Are dispersed Over the 1,000-mile length of Sweden Only eight or nine at a single Airport. Many of the planes Are in tunnels flanking open highways which become primary military air strips in event of conflict. Planes based at conventional air Fields have alternate Highway bases. A you May have noticed As you drive along highways in Sweden that the Road suddenly becomes 30 to 40 Yards wide for some distance a said one officer. A there Are planes dispersed Over several Square Miles around these Highway nearly All its aircraft and armament Are of swedish design and manufacture. Now underdevelopment is a ghoulish looking fight or attack bomber known As a Mai plane 37�?� or a a Viggen a Viking god with a Bolt of lightning in his upraised fist. This versatile Jet with top speeds of More than 2,200 Miles per hour is scheduled for first delivery in 1964 and will be operational in considerable number by 1966. The swedish Navy has two cruisers More than a dozen conventional size destroyers and numerous frigates but recent policy has been to manufacture no More ships of those types. Instead Sweden is building a relatively Large and modern submarine Fleet and squadrons of fast heavily armed motor torpedo boats. There Are about 30 submarines in the present Fleet including a new attack Type sub which can stay submerged for months like the . Nuclear subs although its propulsion is non nuclear. The motor torpedo boats Are of the 150 to 200 ton class much larger than . World War ii it boats and Are armed with six torpedo tubes automatic guns and missiles. Like the air Force virtually All naval units have mooring places in Rock tunnels where they Are Safe from nuclear bombs. Many of these ship tunnels with repair facilities and Crew quarters have been quarried into the High Rock faces of islands in the archipelago East of Stockholm. Also under naval jurisdiction is the coast artillery a Marine Force which consists of artillerymen mine laying personnel Heli copter and boat borne commando raiders and attack divers frogman. The army is made up largely of conscripts undergoing Basic or refresher training. However every swedish male Between the age of 20 and 47 remains on Reserve status serving a 30 Day training hitch every six years and subject to 24-hour mobilization at any time. Bennington it. Nothing s so relaxing As Muney in the Bank. That a especially True if your savings Are earning daily dividends in the Vermont Bank and Trust co. I mum a it umm in i Lamo a mhmkt0r mums Falls a Cristie ladies tapered Capri Slacks i i i Many patterns amp colors. All with set in waistbands and Side zippers. Fits beautifully. Sizes 10-18. Ancient game being revived Down in Florida Orlando Fla. Apr Skittles one of the oldest games played by civilized Man is being revived in Florida. Official Headquarters has been set up at the youth Center Here. And at least one other Florida City Clearwater is reviving the old English game played by Row ing wooden discs at Phis. A i did no to even know Skittles sets were available in this country until a few weeks ago Quot said Garry Garretson director of Clearway Ter s recreation department who played the game at the offi cers club in Calcutta nearly 20 years ago. Garretson Learned that descend a ants of englishmen who settled in the Southern appalachian a mountains Are still carving the solid Walnut or Blond Wood Sec a a toned boxes with their carefully balanced spinners and Skittles was played in India and Persia centuries ago and was old when Rich Robed mandarins played for High stakes in the pleasure palaces of China i too year Sago. A during the past Century the term a Skittles Quot was applied to the simpler form of Bowling a a Ball or disc in English pubs hence the expression a Beer and Tariff discussion in West Germany Cristian a. Herter left president Kennedy s chief Trade negotiator talks with West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer at their meeting in Bonn thursday. Herter came to discuss Tariff cuts that would step up Trade Between Europe and the United states. Associated press photo a pledged elector movement in the South appears to be withering on the Vine Washington a an a pledged elector movement aimed at forcing the Choice of the next president by the House of representatives appears to be withering on the political Vine in Dixie. A Survey of la Southern states indicates that in Only three Mississippi Alabama and South Carolina a does there appear to be any significant possibility that major party nominees might be denied electoral votes. Even of the sum total of 25 electoral votes of the three states were withheld a which does no to seem Likely a the action would be effective Only of the next election provided the closest electoral vote outcome since the Wilson Hughes contest of 1961. Woodrow Wilson won the presidency by a margin of 23 electoral votes. Under the Constitution the House elects the president Only of none of the candidates receives a majority of the electoral votes. If the House renders the verdict each state delegation casts a single vote regardless of the states size. Despite the closeness of the popular vote results in 1960, president Kennedy still would have been elected of the 25 had been lopped off his 303 electoral vote total. Election in 1964 will require a minimum of 270 electoral votes. Goys. Ross Barnett of Mississippi and George Wallace of Alabama have been promoting the Independent elector scheme As a Means of defeating Kennedy s old for re election. But democratic politicians outside their states a and some within wallaces so Are wary of bolting. Republicans hopeful of collecting some Southern electoral votes for their party a nominee done to like the move. Here is How the situation shapes up on a state by state basis Mississippi the a pledged elector movement supported by Barnett appears Likely Tobe successful if the republicans choose a Liberal candidate. Editors note a in an attempt to Block president Kennedy a re election some Southern democrats Are promoting an a pledged elector movement. Their object is to have the House of representatives select the next president. The associated press surveyed the South to see How the movement is faring. The findings Are the subject of the following Story by Jack Bellap political writer. Ballot of a primary to be held after the National conventions nominate their presidential candidates. The delegation which lost would be dropped from the general election ballot. It could petition its Way onto that ballot but could not use the party Emblem. Mississippi gave its nine electoral votes to the states rights ticket headed by Strom Thurmond in 1948. Its eight a pledged electors voted for sen. Harry f. Byrdp-va., in 1960. Georgia gov. Carl e. Sanders a moderate on the racial Issue controls the state party machinery and the legislature. He has said he will have no part of any Independent elector or third party movement. Segregationists Are trying to promote an Independent elector ticket but democratic state chairman j. B. Fuqua says a i done to think it has a Georgia democrats have never bolted their party ticket. Arkansas a any successful Independent elector movement would have to have the support of gov. Orval e. Faubus who gave reluctant backing to Kennedy in 1960. Tom Harper democratic state chairman and William Spicer Republican chairman say nobody has expressed an interest in such a movement. Arkansas stayed with president Harry s. Truman against the Dixie rat movement in 1948. Louisiana a the state Senate killed a Bill passed by the House to provide for a pledged electors. Sen. Russell b. Long d-la., and rep. Gillis Long d-la., were outs Okenly against the measure. Under state Law party conventions could put both loyalist and Florida a an a pledged elec uninstructed delegations on the tors died in the 1963 state i a. Aims to Star talks on Polaris missile Fleet legislature. Leaders do not expect it to be revived. Texas a no indication anywhere in the state of any movement aimed at choosing a pledged electors. Alabama Wallace has urged Dixie democrats to join in a movement he says can keep either major party candidate from getting a majority of electoral votes. He said this would a create compounded confusions from which we can gain some meaningful concessions despite Wallace a stand Sens. John Sparkman and Lister Hill Are expected to support the National democratic ticket As Are several House members. Alabama gave its la electoral votes to the 1948 states rights ticket. It split its 1960 votes giving Kennedy five and sen. Harry f. Byrd d-va., six. South Carolina a e. P. Riley democratic state chairman thinks its too Early to predict whether there will be an a pledged elector movement in the state. J. Drake Edens Republican state chairman said history has proved that a pledged electors May a offer some attraction in theory but never work out. When Thurmond was governor and headed the states rights ticket in 1948, he got 39 electoral votes including South Carolinas eight. The state went to Kennedy in 1960. North Carolinas Bert Bennett democratic state chairman says the a pledged elector movement a is against North Carolinas Way of doing Robert Gavin who recently resigned As Republican state chairman observed it think the fight in 1964 is going to be Between the regular Republican and the regular democratic Virginia a a Bill for a pledged electors which died in the Virginia legislature in 1962 May be offered again next year. But state sen. Thomas h. Blanton democratic party chairman said a it won t amount to much a it never amounted to anything in the Walter r. Gambill vice chairman of the state Republican party commented a the next president of the United states will be elected by the democrats or by the Republican party. We can to afford to be playing games with any a pledged elector movement. Ifs a lot of waste Tennessee a having voted Republican in the last three elections Tennessee no longer is considered part of the once solid South. Any movement for a pledged electors would have to come at next Springs party convention but there Are no signs of any Campaign for it. 1958 Chevrolet v-8, Auto. Trans. Blackw top s1095. 1957 Volkswagen Karman Ghia Coupe 2 tone red 895. . Eddington inc. 239 main St., dial 442-5451 Bennington it. F i r e s t o n e full contour door to door Emblem car Mats a heavy duty. Folded rubber with non skid de in and reinforced Heel real a Universal fit for Moat Archean cart. A Choice of red Blue. Green or Black s p e c i a l Stop shop save Economy Auto stores inc. Dial 2-6536 Bennington Vermont saturdays until 5 30 Washington apr the United states is determined to Start talks soon with its allies on the technical and Legal problems of the proposed Polaris equipped surface Fleet for the Atlantic Alliance. The talks officials said will be held in Washington next month or in september. The aim is to Clear the Way for countries which want to participate to commit themselves before the North Atlantic treaty organizations ministerial Council meets in pails in december. Undersecretary of state George w. Ball had a Long conference thursday with the West German and italian charges do affaire. He called in the diplomats to arrange for talks on the multilateral Force. They will meet again next week. The sessions authoritative sources said should dispel reports that the multilateral Force idea would be shelved or abandoned. The United states till believes the officials said that of the european allies Are interested in having a greater share of the responsibility for their own nuclear defense a and every sign indicates they Are a president Ken Nedys multilateral Force proposal is the Best answer. As proposed by the United states the surface Fleet will have 25 vessels each carrying eight Polaris missiles. They would be manned by mixed Crews from the participating nato nations. Extra Bonus double world Green wednesday and saturday 736 main try t today and saturday sewing machine and knitting machine demonstration and clinic conducted by or. Seymour Saunders of brother International corporation precision engineered Economy sewing machine i furniture co. 525 main Street pm Fri. Tit 9 . Dial 2-5346 Bennington

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