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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Showers and cooler partly Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms and temperatures in the 80s today. Showers ending tonight and becoming somewhat cooler and Cloudy sunday. Eclipse of the Sun occurs today at 5 41 ., lasting about 98 seconds. Bennington u to Bennington Vermont saturday july 20, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,235 Price 7 cents red premieres new proposals suggest Summit conference Hill stick together or. And mrs. Charles Tinkham pose in front of their Large comfortable Home in North Hoosick. N y., with their nine adopted and Foster children. Since moving there from Bennington last summer they have Learned that a new York Law requires that they limit the number of children in their care to six. Rather than do this they have decided to move Back to Vermont. But some difficulties face them in carrying out the decision. From left seated Are Ricky Tinkham and Billy Kane kneeling Are Marcia Tinkham Roberta Peare Ronnie Lethbridge and George knights standing Are Linda Tinkham or. Tinkham. Barbara Tinkham mrs. Tinkham and Jerry Rathburn. New York Law threatens see Rit former Bennington couple May return Here to keep nine adoptive children in family by Bob Hagerman North Hoosick . A or. And mrs. Charles Tinkham will move Back to Vermont rather than lose three of the nine children now under their care and Devotion. They Don t like the idea one bit having acquired a comfortable spacious Home Here less than a year ago. But a new York state Law limits to six the number of children 16 or younger who May reside in a Home certified for Foster care. Among the tin Khamsy nine wards All under 16four Are their adopted children four were assigned by the Vermont department of social welfare and one is with them under a private arrangement. The Tinkham have dedicated their 31 years of married life to the care of needy children always in Large numbers a and they done to want to Cut Back the size of their a a family now if they can possibly help it. But they have no Means with which to obtain property Back in the Green Mountain state. What funds they might have had Are tied up in their present Home and a Home on Washington Avenue in Bennington which they left because of its restricted size and other shortcomings. Mortgage arrangements require that they find a buyer for the Bennington Home or get financial Aid to Purchase new property until the House is sold. How did the tin Khamsy impasse come about last summer when they had 12 children in the Washington Avenue Home they discovered the North Hoosick property. Besides the Large House there were to acres of land a real a Elbow room compared to the Small Bennington Yard. A Large Garden ample play area and an extra two car garage which could be converted to an activities room Senate group president reviewing slashes More i. I j in. From Aid Bill fact finders report Washington apr the Senate foreign relations committee voted Friday to Cut another $240 million off president Kennedy a $4,525,352,000 foreign Aid Bill. The Cut together with a $32 million slash voted thursday brought reductions so far to $272 million with others possible when the committee meets again monday to continue work on the measure. In a Surprise action the committee adopted an amendment by chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., making research funds in the Bill available to countries for work on birth control measures in overpopulated countries. The amendment approved by voice vote will make funds available a to conduct research into problems of controlling population growth and to provide technical and other assistance to cooperating countries in carrying out programs of population in Money actions the committee voted to reduce president Kennedy a request for military assistance to Friendly countries by $105 million from $1,405,-000,000 to $1.3 billion. It Cut his request for a $300-million contingency fund to meet unforeseeable emergencies by another $100 million from $300 million to $200 million. the inside Manchester Garden club receives $100 award for its work in landscaping Dorset school a Page 2. Weekend theater and concert music programs Are reported on Page 5. A pitch is being made to Covert Bennington women into billiards players Page 7. Bennington Pioneer in teaching children the Art of fencing is author of instructor Guidebook Page to. Washington apr president Kennedy received the report of his Railroad act finders Friday and the lengthy work rules dispute once again approached a a what happens now countdown in a shift of plans the White House decided to make the 15-Page report Public saturday. However that document is described As offering no solution but Only a summary of issues on which the carriers and their five on train unions have remained widely split for four years. Kennedy will reveal his pro pals to Congress on monday along with the fact finders report. The president is taking there 2 Exira s of rocket n kick sets space Mark Edwards air Force base Calif. Apr Ace space Pilot Joseph m. Walker shot to an unexpectedly High x15 Altitude Mark of nearly 67 Miles Friday presumably towing a Small balloon a then landed with these picturesque comments a i thought my altimeter had gone Wacky. A a it sure is dark up there. Like a Black velvet photographers curtain. A a a it Sall in a Days Walker who flies for the National space Agency was supposed to soar to but 315,000 feet about 60 mile barely surpassing the old x15 record of 314,750 set a year ago by air Force maj. Joseph m. White. Instead the Edge of space research rocket plane soared 35,-000 feet higher to 350,000 feet or nearly 67 Miles. Why Walker attributed it to the fact the engine burned 85 seconds instead of the programmed 83, giving it a harder kick As it zoomed skyward. Plunging Back from the nearly airless realm of near space into the thicker Earth a atmosphere Walker hit a top Speed of 3,886 Miles an hour no threat to his x15 Speed Mark of 4,104 . Port with him to Hyannis port mass., where he is expected to study it and come to a decision Over the weekend. The six Man panel of representatives of management labor and government a headed by Secretary of labor w. Willard Wirtz called on Kennedy to give him the fruits of their efforts of the past week. Both sides in the dispute reportedly regard the report As accurate. Pierre Salinger presidential press Secretary told reporters the report will be released saturday at Hyannis port and Washington. Earlier the announced plan was to make it Public monday along with Kennedy a message to Congress. Salinger was asked whether legislation to Deal with the Railroad Union deadlock was discussed at fridays White House conference but he declined to elaborate on his statement that the president a had a discussion with the Kennedy has been expressing Hope that the two sides would arbitrate their differences and make any further government action unnecessary but there have been no talks along this line reported since the presidential panel was appointed. Unless Kennedy a report prompts the two sides to come to agreement or Congress can whip through some strike halting legislation in one week the two sides will be free to act As they choose on july 29. Under the july to agreement the railroads said they would hold off until then on imposing new work rules to eliminate what they Call a Feather bedding a or outmoded jobs. The unions representing firemen engine men switchman conductors and Brake men agree this would delay any necessity for a strike. But the unions say they will strike whenever the carriers impose the rules. They contend most of the More than 60,000 jobs that would be wiped out Are necessary for safety and efficiency. For the children were additional features. The Tinkham were assured by the Vermont social welfare department they could still accommodate the children placed with them by the department. They also found there would be no problem about the youngsters attending the new York Public schools. With these questions settled they went ahead with the Purchase of the new York Home and moved into it last August. It was Only after they were comfortably settled that the new York restriction came to Light. A thorough Check revealed noway in which a special exception might be granted or the Law otherwise legally circumvented. New York authorities however did allow the Tinkham to retain All the children until the end of the school year a a deadline now passed. If the Tinkham do not move they will probably have to give up the three oldest of the five boys in their care. They fear however that a rupture of the Security the boys have come to depend on after the difficult circumstances from which they All came would be a serious setback to them one from which they might never fully recover. This was the main reason the Tinkham decided to return to Vermont if at All possible. But they had some important support on the decision. The two oldest girls adopted daughters Linda 15, and Barbara 14, were con see former residents continued on Page 2 Moscow apr soviet Premier Khrushchev leaped into the East West negotiations Here Friday with a proposal to Back up a nuclear test ban with a no aggression pact and a system of Airfield and Railroad inspections to prevent Surprise attack. While the negotiators meeting in a nearby Palace sorted out details of a partial test ban the soviet Leader walked to the podium in the Kremlin and made a series of proposals that seemed to head straight for a Summit conference. He agreed the United states Britain and the soviet Union Are approaching agreement on a nuclear test ban covering everything except underground explosions. With the test ban he wanted a no aggression pact just As he said july 2 in Berlin but he clearly opened a new Way to negotiations on that. A we think that the question of the form of the no aggression pact can be solved without any great difficulties to the Mutual satisfaction of both sides. Most important thing is not the form but the Content a he said. A the most important thing is for each Side to display willingness to ease tensions and to liquidate the state of cold the proposals immediately were studied anew by the British and american delegations Here even though there was some indication that he had outlined them in their first talk last monday when he opened the negotiations in the Kremlin. Khrushchev spoke at a meeting of 6,000 in Honor of Hungary a visiting Premier and communist party Leader Janos Kadar. Mcnamara doubts weapons secrets leaked to reds Washington apr Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara Friday disclaimed knowledge of any leaks of up to Date . War plans or weapon secrets. He said he is a not Only satisfied but very pleased with actions by military intelligence to safeguard such information. Mcnamara spoke of . Security when asked at a news conference about reports of leaks to the soviets through British or Sweden spies. A i know of no leaks of thai kind the defense chief said. A i know of no Compromise of any current . Military plans. I know of no compromising of our current weapons the emphasis was on the word Mcnamara acknowledged it is possible swedish col. Stig Wen Nerstrom recently unmasked As a paid soviet spy received certain data on design of . Weapons while Sweden a military attache in Washington. A but i am told that none of our weapons systems today have been compromised by whatever information he May have received at this Maine Choice eclipse viewing area show portends a big headache bar Harbor Maine apr a nagging question occupies the minds of hundreds of thousands who have assembled in Maine a enormous open air theater for today a eclipse of the Sun will the weather Wash out the show the latest u. S. Weather Bureau forecast offered a 50 per cent probability of visibility in most of the Northwest to Southeast path of totality. In the Northwest Corner of the Central Maine area the Chance is Only 40 per cent the Bureau said. To keep a close watch on the weather a often capricious behaviour the United states tiros i satellite has been employed the last couple of Days to gather data on Cloud cover and other weather factors. Maine and Alaska fell Fortune to being the Only states where natures biggest and briefest extravaganza can be seen in totality during the rare show the first since 1932. The department of economic development expects the state to exploit a tidy $10 million in revenues from eclipse watchers turning a handsome profit on an investment of Only $3,500 for promotion. The department estimates 200,-000 visitors will be in Maine this weekend half of a these attracted by the celestial phenomenon. The Brief show is schedule to begin shortly after 5 41 Edt at Jackman and end three minutes later in bar Harbor. At any one Point it will last Only a maximum of one minute and two seconds. State officials estimate that nearly 200,000 persons including hundreds of scientists and Amateur astronomers have crowded into this front Row strip. To state police and other Law enforcement personnel the awesome show amounts to an awesome headache. State police chief Robert Marx says Maine will experience a the greatest mass movement of motor vehicles in its history just prior to and immediately following the eclipse which May create a some King sized traffic in cooperation with state police the Maine association of broadcasters plans to Issue traffic bulletins to keep the motoring Public informed on traffic conditions in and out of the zone of totality. Opinions on the dangers of Safe Hay to View eclipse of Ewing eclipse of Sun today without proper Protection could damage your eyes. One Safe method indirect viewing shown Here will show the Moon moving across the suns face. The image of the Sun is projected through a Hole in a piece of cardboard onto a piece of White cardboard. Viewers Back is kept to the Sun. Looking directly at the eclipse without Protection May result in burning Retina of the Eye by suns heat rays. Watching the eclipse have been conflicting but most authorities agree that to be on the Safe Side it should not be viewed by the naked Eye. They recommend either indirect viewing or the use of two pieces of exposed and developed photographic or a Ray film. The most intent viewing of course will be done by More than 1,000 scientists and Amateur astronomers. The greatest concentration of scientists and astronomers is at Pownal selectman refutes news Story Home and glad of it sgt. Reid d. Fleming of Manchester a member of the Vermont National guard relaxes in front of the state armory after returning Friday afternoon from two weeks of summer training with two local guard companies at Camp drum . Staff photo a Goodkind Pownal selectman Norman Strobridge Friday night flatly refuted quotations attributed to him in fridays Banner stating that Green Mountain Park officials had tried to a a browbeat town fathers into granting the track Relief froma$200-a-Day fee payment to Pownal. Strobridge denied he had Ever made such comments to a Banner reporter and said discussions with track officials Over the fee payments during the past several weeks have been the Banner news Story Friday said that despite a Stormy sessions a the selectmen had remained firm and refused to Grant any concessions with regard to payment of the daily racing fee to the town. Strobridge a statement in full a i was greatly perturbed to read in fridays Bennington Banner statements attributed to me that Are completely untrue. A the Pownal Board of select divided leadership hinders racial peace Annapolis my. Apr gov. J. Millard Tawes said Friday night a leadership of the integration movement in Cambridge is fragmented a hindering negotiations for an end to racial strife. At the same time he said a to some extent the people of Cambridge have reacted to this crisis in commendable fashion. The demands for Equality that were presented to the City officials have been met to a very Large degree. A both sides Are closer to agreement than their emotions allow them to admit. Only in a Calm atmosphere can settlement be Tawes twice has ordered the National guard into Cambridge. Men and myself As an individual have met on several occasions with Martin e. Dematteo Lou Smith and Vincent j. Bartimo regarding the town tax fee of $2 of a Day but there never has been any real disagreement or unpleasantness associated with these talks. A your association As a Board of selectmen with the Pownal race track officials has always been amiable and we fully expect that this condition will always continue to exist. A the Bennington paper refers to statements that or. Dematteo tried successively a persuasion coercion and then browbeating a and attributes these statements to me. I never made such statements because these things never happened. A i would also like to add that the Pownal Board of selectmen never said a pay up or Well close you Down a As the Bennington paper stated. A it disturbs me As an individual the Board of selectmen and the town officials to see the Bennington Banner attempt through distortion and untruths to create a breach Between the race track and the town. A was town officials we never quoted Lou Smith As saying that the a track had plenty of obviously the Banner is reaching for something that is not there and never was to reflect adversely on the track and its officials. But i want to make it Clear to the people of Pownal and the Bennington area that we Are not and never have been part of this plan. A we Are proud to have the race track in Pownal and we see nothing but harmonious Accord with it in the Days ahead. Snorman r. Strobridge selectman of Pownal. The University of Maine in Orono where 900 have gathered. Of these 400 Are members of the astronomical league which is holding its annual meeting in conjunction with the solar event. A Large number of other scientific groups have put up their equipment on 1,500-foot High Cadillac Mountain in the Acadia National Park just outside this resort town. Its the most popular see eclipse continued on Page 2buddhists reject truce bid by diem if Saigon Viet Nam apr blockaded in their pagodas Buddhist leaders Friday turned Down a broadcast plea by president Ngo Dinh diem to Call off their struggle against his government. They charged subordinate government officials were sabotaging the presidents conciliation efforts and said in a statement that a we would prefer to die rather than let our belief in government Good Faith be destroyed by reality once the yellow Robed High priests said they would negotiate Only if diem met certain conditions these included the Public identification of secret police who have been attacking Buddhist demonstrations release of several Hundred prisoners and permission for Saigon newspapers to print missing notices to try to track Down buddhists who have disappeared. The priests vowed to continue demonstrations until these demands were met. The City was under heavy police guard. The demonstrations which have provoked Street clashes protest against what the buddhists say is religious discrimination by the diem government whose leaders Are roman Catholic. Diem had urged the Buddhist leaders to a take note of the gov Ermento a utmost desire for he yielded to one demand that All Buddhist sects have equal rights to Fly religious flags. The Buddhist leaders replied that diem had made previous conciliatory gestures but there had been a so Many unfortunate incidents happening to our Buddhist religion that they no longer Trust his officials

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