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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 19, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Hot and humid fair and warm tonight lows in the 60s. Saturday partly Cloudy warm and humid with scattered afternoon thundershowers. Thursdays High 91 Low 60 today at 7 a.m., 65. Total precipitation past 24 hours .14 inches. The Moon tomorrow will be 233,500 Miles from the Earth and its Shadow on the Earth 53 Miles in diameter. Bennington o As Bennington Vermont Friday july 19, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,234 Price 7 cents slug fest two National guardsmen try to subdue an unidentified White Man during a free for All in front of the armory Here last night. The rhubarb erupted from an altercation following a minor traffic Accident with six White men in one car attempted to take on some 25 guardsmen and state police. News photographers also were prime targets in the Melee which lasted More than five minutes. Ranal Roundup Reuther asks stiffer civil rights program Washington apr Walter p. Reuther urged Congress today to strengthen president Kennedy a civil rights program. Among other things he suggested direct payment of damages to persons discriminated against in Public facilities. Quot not Only the Patron but the Public spirited proprietor will Benefit from an enforceable Public accommodations measure a Reuther told a House judiciary subcommittee. Reuther president of the Al Cio United Auto workers said the presidents proposals provided Quot a Strong first step towards guaranteeing Quot All americans Equality in Law and Equality in he told the congressmen in his prepared statement Quot your committee cannot do less than he has asked we urge it to do among other proposals which Reuther said the group should add to the presidents seven Point civil rights package were 1. A Federal fair employment practices commission 2. Federal voting registrars Quot who will make the right to vote an american reality 3. Broad authorization for the attorney general to Quot protect All constitutional rights of negroes and 4. An immediate Start in All school districts on desegregation. The judiciary subcommittee hearings which began shortly after Kennedy submitted his program june 19, marked the Only congressional action on the civil rights front today. The Senate Commerce and judiciary committees Are in recess until next week. In his vigorous backing of the Public accommodations proposal which would outlaw discrimination in privately owned businesses serving the Public Reuther stressed the need for Quot a Strong Bill that will let those who open their facilities to everyone do so with Confidence that others will have to do likewise. Quot toward this end we would urge that the committee consider in addition to the sanctions now in the Bill providing that anyone who has been wrongfully excluded from a Public facility be entitled to recover a Flat sum in Quot discrimination in Public facilities has been a National disgrace for far too Long a Reuther said. Quot by ending it now by protecting every human being from Maine to California against the colossal indignity of a refusal of service the 88th Congress will Only be catching up at Long last with the 44th that Congress passed a similar Law in 1875, but it was declared unconstitutional by the . Supreme court in 1883 a is 111 Brief Ottawa apr Canada one of the biggest foreign markets for . Investors fears its economic Belt will be tightened by president Kennedy s save the Dollar proposals. Kennedy asked Congress yesterday to approve a 15 per cent tax on the Purchase Price of common stocks issued by firms outside the United states and a tax ranging from 2v2 per cent to 15 per cent on foreign Bonds. Washington apr a special six member fact finding committee delivered to president Kenne Day today its report on the facts and issues in the railway work rules dispute. The report is to be sent to Congress monday along with Kennedy a proposals for legislation to Block a nationwide rail strike. _ Buenos Aires map a or. Arturo Illia High Man in the july 7 elections appears certain of enough electoral College votes to elect him president of Argentina. Saigon Viet Nam apr Buddhist leaders in blockaded pagodas rejected any immediate truce today with the South vietnamese government and charged that lesser officials have sabotaged president Ngo Dinh diem a conciliation efforts. The chief monks said they would Quot prefer to die rather than let our belief in government Good Faith be destroyed by reality once Khrushchev optimistic on test ban okays Western inspections in .s.r. New protests threat Cambridge my. Apr the threat of renewed demonstrations Hung Over this City today As a state proposed mediating committee delayed stepping into the racial dispute. Negroes called off further demonstrations thursday when state atty. Gen. Thomas b. Finan said the racial relations committee of the Maryland bar association would try to find a common ground for agreement. Finan said the lawyers group would come to Cambridge by saturday at the latest. However William Mcwilliams chairman of the committee said he had not been contacted by either Finan or the governors Attice about the committees role before he read about it in the newspaper thursday morning. Mcwilliams an Anne Arundel county lawyer and former judge said his group would meet wednesday in Baltimore to decide whether or not it would enter the Cambridge picture. Finan bemoaned the misunderstanding saying see racial Roundup continued on Page to Moscow apr Premier Khrushchev expressed optimism today about the chances for a big three agreement in current negotiations on a limited nuclear test ban and said he would like to see outlawing of All such tests including those underground. The soviet Leader reiterated in a Kremlin speech that he wanted an East West no aggression pact. He did not insist that it be tied to the treaty being negotiated Here to forbid nuclear test blasts in the air outer space and under water. This would seem to indicate that Khrushchev might be receptive to a counter suggestion made by president Kennedy through his special envoy w. Averell Harriman that the Issue be handled through non aggression declarations. At the same time Khrushchev again announced he was ready to permit Western inspection of vital military installations inside the soviet Union As safeguard against concentrations for a Surprise attack. This was offered As a device for helping to ease world tensions and was not directly connected with the test ban treaty. Speaking of the ., British and russian test ban talks in Moscow Khrushchev said Quot we Are under the impression that there is Hope now of achieving agreement on the Banning of nuclear tests in the atmosphere cosmic space and under water if of course there Are no special changes in the positions of the american and British representatives. Quot we would like to achieve such an agreement that would include the Banning of All tests including underground tests As Well. Quot it has been demonstrated by science and technique that the Banning of All tests including underground ones can be controlled with the help of National technical Means of detection which Are at the disposal of nations now. But the representatives of the United states and England still insist on the necessity of International inspection. They do not want to give up their aspirations which in reality have nothing to do with the cessation of nuclear tests. Quot Why and what for is this being done in order to have the Chance to carry out intelligence Quot the picture is quite Clear apparently we will not reach agreement on the ban of underground nuclear tests at the present time. Nevertheless the soviet government considers that if an agreement is achieved on a ban for nuclear tests in the atmosphere cosmic space and under water there will be an important and useful step bidding for easing of East West tensions at a time when the soviet Union remains heavily involved in a communist family dispute with red China Khrushchev spoke at a Friendship rally for visiting hungarian communist Leader Janos Kadar. In Quick succession he revived a russian offer of 1958 to permit foreign inspectors to take up station at soviet airfields Railroad stations highways and ports to prevent secret concentrations of troops for Surprise attacks. Proposed an Exchange of inspection teams Between Western troops in West Germany and soviet troops in East Germany adding that the russians were ready to negotiate a reciprocal 1 eduction in the number of those troops on both sides. Insisted again on the signing of a peace treaty with Germany that would Settle the status of West Berlin but set no deadline. Declared a new world War is not necessary to build communism or Speed up revolution. Challenging peking a hard line views he said a nuclear War could destroy Mankind and even those who survive might Quot envy the All the Peoples of the world will break with capitalism sooner or later Khrushchev declared but Quot the Victory of socialism communism in every Given country is decided by the people of that country. This question cannot be solved by unleashing a world thermonuclear Khrushchev said the limited nuclear test ban agreement being Iii Iii on the inside a Little bit of Texas becomes part of old Mexico again a Page 2. Our editorial writer has a touch of Midsummer madness. He a for Macbride for Page 4. The red Cross will draw blood next wednesday in Arlington Page 5. Syria executes to involved in revolt Beirut Lebanon apr maj. Gen. Amin Hafez the syrian Strong Man announced today to persons implicated in an uprising thursday against syrians baathist socialist government have been tried and executed. Radio Damascus broadcast Hafezy a statement after a new curfew was clamped on the entire country and syrians were warned to stay inside or be shot. The revolt had seemed to live pro Nasser overtones. A colonel identified As Hisham Shabib five noncommissioned of Pownal turns thumbs Down on tax Relief for track Pownal a Reen Mountain Park had Little difficulty obtaining tax Relief from the state but it ran into a Granite Wall when it tried the same tactic on its Home town of Pownal. Martin Dematteo vice president and treasurer of the racing group As Well As head of the Quincy mass., Road building firm which built the Plant successively Fried persuasion coercion and then browbeating according to Norman Strobridge chairman of Pownal a Board of selectmen. Dematteo tried to get the town to Cut the $200 daily Premium to which Pownal is entitled under the provision of the legislation which set up parimutuel racing in the state. The selectmen had a single word in when the track remiss in these payments since the second week of the current meeting assumed an Quot or else Quot attitude the selectmen came up with their own version of this Quot pay up or Well close you Down a Strobridge said. The selectmen scored a round this week when the track sent in a Check for $4,200, augmenting the original payment of $1,000. Another contribution of $3,500 is expected monday. The track is now paid up through june 24 and some further husky payments Are scheduled to Square the a i ginning strikes twit e in Manchester Manchester a lightning struck twice Here thursday during a heavy downpour. Fire did considerable damage to the woodworking shop of Arnold Abramson of Manchester depot but the rain doused another Blaze in Woods before it could spread. Lightning at 6 50 . Apparently struck near a rear window in the shop where Abramson makes items for the Manchester molding co., and damaged machinery and the shop Interior. The Manchester fire department brought the Blaze under control quickly. See lightning continued on Page to count. Pownal officials Are not attempting to Bear Down on the track and have shown willingness to play Ball with a Quot slow pay account. Therefore they have not been too severe on insisting on keeping the account up to Date. They merely want it understood that no forgiveness is involved and the track is accountable for the full $200 a Day of racing As prescribed by legislation. Strobridge was Loath to comment on the situation until in see tax Relief continued on Page to flyers and four civilians were tried by a court martial formed by the National revolutionary Council and quickly executed the radio said. All the soldiers were from the signal corps. Hafez who is Deputy military governor Interior minister Deputy Premier defense minister and chief of staff warned that disturber of the peace must be punished. He said the court was still in session. Shortly after the curfew was lifted for Daylight hours Early this morning it was reimposed. Hafez reminded syrians of the ban against demonstrations or the carrying of . International Telephone lines were Cut again. Syrians Borders remained closed. In the absence of direct news from the sealed off country the warning indicated that Street disturbances May have erupted when the curfew was relaxed. The syrian National revolutionary command which has run the country since the baathist coup last March 8, accused Quot groups and individuals. Both inside and outside the country of plotting thursdays attempt to overthrow the government. It did not pin the blame specifically on supporters of president Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic. But a Damascus radio commentary mentioned Nasser a former top aide in Syria Abdel Hamid Serra extradition for Parisi hinges on site of arrest a decision on whether or not to attempt to extradite Mario Parisi has been held up until the former Molly Stark schoolteacher is apprehended states atty. R. Marshal Witten declared this morning. Following a conference yesterday with representatives of the state police and of the state attorney general Witten said that . Extradition treaties with european countries vary so much that its Best to wait and see where Parisi is nabbed. European police Are currently Hunting Parisi known Here As Mario Paris. He sailed to France june 19 after collecting some $12,000 a according to state police estimates a from local and out of town residents to take them on a tour of Europe starting july 17. A warrant charging felony fraud was issued june 30 by then acting states atty. John h. Williams n after Parisi Wasny to heard from Here. Parisi has sent a number of letters postmarked be Havre Marseilles and Amsterdam to members of the defunct tour promising to refund their payments which ranged As High As the full $625 per person Price for the tour. But he gave no Date or Means of repayment. Original estimates of Parisius take ranged As High As $18,000. But investigation by local and state authorities has pinpointed the figure As roughly $12,-000, As Many of the 29 members of the tour had not paid Parisi the full $625 when he absconded. In Montpeller atty. Gen. Charles e. Gibson said today his office is studying the extradition treaties the . Has with european countries so it will be prepared if Parisi is located. Gibson said the treaties vary with the different countries and this could make it difficult or easy to have Parisi sent Back to Vermont see Parisi continued on Page to i Rummo incl spy Case i is to jury today new York apr the Case of Navy Yeoman Nelson c. Drummond accused of espionage goes to the jury today. Drummond could receive the death sentence. This is Drummonds second trial. The first ended May 23 in a Hung jury. Several jurors told newsmen the Only holdout for acquittal was a negro. The negro juror told newsmen he believed the Fri framed Drummond. The second jury to men and two women also has one negro member. Drummond testified that soviet agents paid him up to $24,000 for documents that he said had been declassified and were not valuable. He also said the russians threatened him. Hammered out by Harriman lord Hailsham of Britain and soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko will put an end to the radio Active contamination of the atmosphere. Quot this Means it would prevent the dangerous consequences which the continuation of nuclear tests might have on the health of present and future generations Quot he said. The conference which Khrushchev opened monday with a warm Welcome for the Western envoys came to the end of its first week today with diplomats still reporting Progress toward agreement on a test ban treaty. The task of treaty drafting has been largely turned Over to a subcommittee. Linking of the two issues in the Moscow test ban conference indicated that soviet Premier Khrushchev is still interested in a package Deal. As the conference began its fifth Day today Western diplomats reported steady Progress toward drafting terms of a treaty Banning nuclear weapon explosions in the atmosphere outer space and under water. . Undersecretary of state w. Averell Harriman and British science minister lord Hailsham have instructions to negotiate Only on the test ban. However they came to Moscow prepared to talk about other matters and each Days conference communique has reported that other matters were discussed. It was Learned that a no aggression agreement for Europe has been talked about daily presumably on soviet initiative. So far As can be Learned foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko has not presented the soviet proposal for an East West no aggression treaty As a Price for a ban on testing. The soviet position apparently is flexible. Harriman countering the treaty proposal is understood to have suggested the Khrushchev president Kennedy and prime minister Macmillan make a declaration renouncing the use of threats of see Khrushchev continued on Page to nuclear War survivors might envy the dead9 Moscow apr Premier Khrushchev bluntly replied to his chinese critics today by declaring that a nuclear War might ruin Mankind. He said survivors of such a War might Quot envy the Khrushchev spoke at a Friendship rally in the Kremlin in Honor of the visiting hungarian communist party chief Janos Kadar. As Khrushchev spoke his subordinates were up in Moscow a Lenin Hills arguing ideological questions with the top level chinese delegation that arrived Here two weeks ago today. The chinese argue that on the ruins left by nuclear War the survivors a presumably chinese a would build a much higher civilization than has previously existed. The russians say there might be no one left to build this new civilization. Quot generally speaking Why do we need War Quot he asserted that those who favor War As an instrument of policy Lack Faith in the idea that growing communist economic Power can instill fear among the ii rent rain robbery the talks which began july 5, have been chalked off As a failure and All that reportedly remains is issuance of a communique ending the conference. The two sides were reported still sharply divided on wording of the communique. The soviets were said to be insisting on a statement blaming the chinese for the discord in the communist Camp. The chinese reportedly were urging a non com in ital statement leaving the door open for further talks. The meeting was held today after a one Day recess. For the first time the chinese were accompanied by their ambassador to Moscow pan Tsuli. From peking the chinese foreign ministry accused the soviets of erring in pursuing communist goals. It said communist rebels in South Viet Nam Quot by their own deeds have shown the whole world that the Correct Way to win National liberation is not to affect peaceful coexistence with the aggressors and oppressors but to use a a Olu tonary armed Force to def i oneself and fight the new lock on barn door Washington apr the . Government has put a new lock on the barn door since 24 million bushels of american Grain vanished in the sleight of hand of european Trade. The huge amounts of feed Grain were destined for Austria but were last seen officially at West German ports. Apparently the Grain a purchased at a discount of 7.5 to 9 per cent a was diverted by the austrian importing firms to More favourable markets in countries not eligible for the shipments a violation of the contracts the importers had with the agriculture department. Since discovery of the Deal the department has tightened its regulations requiring the buyers to prove the commodities reached their proper destination. The buyers must provide Bonds to assure compliance. Also american officials in Vienna said thursday that Austria has been dropped from the barter program involving Industrial materials and surplus . Farm products pending clarifies see Grain robbery continued on Page to flight of Desper at Ion clutching two children in her a barefooted vietnamese Mother flees from her burning Home monday As South vietnamese rangers attacked a Village near Tay Ninh about 60 Miles from Saigon. Soldier in combat gear is nearby. Village had been used As a Supply depot by a unit of some too Well armed red Viet Cong guerrillas. Only women children and old men were present however when South vietnamese troops reached the Village. Houses and Rice sacks were burned by the troops to destroy one of the rebels Supply sources. Photo by a staff photographer Horst Faas. Today three . Servicemen were slain in a communist ambush North of Saigon

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