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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 19, 1963, Bennington, Vermont A Bennington Banner Friday july 19, 1963 some ways to a void danger from Home insecticides by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent enrolments for homemakers Camp should be in the hands of the chairman mrs. Walter Jones of Dorset or mrs. Mary Thayer of North Bennington by july 19. A Call to your county Extension office will also bring you a copy of the program and registration Blank. More homemakers violate the rules of spraying and use of in haute test Pool 42-4990 Bennington it today thru tues. Eve. 6 30 amp 9 02 Sun. Mat.-2 . The True Story of it. John f. Kennedy s incredible adventure in the South Pacific in the year s most talked about roil1 Trojack i Warner wok. Awn vow and Usu h mme Mson pm my i Lor Al a i s Kottl adm adults e be. Amp Sun. Mat 75 Childre n 25 Bennington drive in now playing one full week wed.,-tues. July 17-23 Bye Bye Birdie Janet Dick Bobby Leigh Vandyke Rydell fury of the pagans Edmond Purdon Rossana Podesta Ormut Elmma a he Bow burial picking up Drift Wood is one of our vacation pastimes. You can treat this for use in your Home decor or As Centrepieces. Rub with Fine steel Wool and then apply a thin coat of Wood sealer and rub Down or paste Wax. This will improve the texture and hold the color. Colonie Mai i int in i i mile North of Latham Circle Box office open 10a.m. To 10 . Phone 785-8559 now thru sunday Eddie Rich presents Van Johnson in the tremendous musical Ray Mil land 3 my hotline Smooch a credible purified world j plus the killer shrews Ken Curtis Damn von Cees w. Quot Eves. S 4 0 sat. 5 31 amp 9 15 Sun. 8 . Tickets at Box office 3y mail or phone 785-8559 child free with each paid ticket for sat 5 30 show next week Mandy Carson in Brigadoon Mon. July 22 Victor Borge in comedy a Kwi. I a in music one night Only i Fred Patti Cia Carmi Cha Elja Mes t h or b ers cartoons a fables thurs. Mann nirm july Fri. Imi Lim a a a til in sat. In Sun. But i Whf ill nth 20 4 i f ill Jujj 21 Dorset playhouse Dio i 867-5777 curtain 8.40 . Binoculars from 29.95 up by Swift g co. Noveck Shultz inc. 411 main St. Bennington it. double to Stamps wed. K of super. Up per i v Market county soil districts Public Field trip july 27 sect codes than those on commercial farms. The latter Are controlled by the Federal Law but no one controls nor inspects the Home or the Home Gardener on spraying practices. A few rules May help us in playing Safe with insecticides 1. Remember any household insecticide comes under the classification of a Poison. Don t Spray them on Nursery Walls playpens cribs or toys or places where infants creep. 2. Buy Only when necessary. Done to Overstock. 3. If you must store them keep them under lock and key never in a hot closet. Those pressurized cans have been known to leak when stored in a hot closet. 4. Read All the labels and even do some extra Labelling of your own. 5. Do not be Over generous with the Spray. Use As Little As is necessary. 6. Cover and remove All food remove All eating utensils cover counters and close cupboards before spraying. Start at one Side of the room Spray out of the door close it and do not go Back into the room for 15 minutes. Then ventilate thoroughly. 7. Use a liquid Brand to be brushed on not sprayed on where the More residual toxicant Are needed. Apply with a Brush Only on baseboards edges or floors lower portions of Walls. 8. Avoid breathing sprays or dusts do not spread near open flame and do not smoke while using the Spray. 9. Wash All exposed surfaces or body following spraying and of insecticides Are accidentally spilled on clothing remove it and launder before wearing again. Never use lindane vaporizers Poison bait insecticide impregnated shelf paper paints floor waxes Fly cords or any products labelled any lastly of in doubt done to use. The life you save May be your own. By Lawrence Pratt soil conservationist on saturday july 27 the supervisors of your Bennington county soil conservation District Are going to hold a tour. This tour will be aimed at showing All interested parties some of the various soil and water projects carried out in the area. Starting from the old depot in Manchester at to a.rn., the tour will head for Ball Mountain dam where the group will View a big project designed to hold water Only at certain times. Seeing the completed dam with its control Tower is Well Worth the trip. Here the group will also partake of the picnic lunch each person will bring. Milk will be furnished by the District. From Ball Mountain the tour will move toward Dorset hollow making one Short Stop in Manchester. At this Stop a Quick View of changing land use through obstruction removal work will be viewed. Dorset hollow will provide the remaining projects to be seen. On Robert Sheridan a property the group will View a newly constructed offset Type Pond. This particular Pond has a soils problem also a newly installed dry fire hydrant. Next Stop will be the Hubbard far in where originally poor drainage limited operations and Type of crop which could be grown. Diversions tile lines a Pond with fire hydrant and rearrangement of land will be seen. The last Stop will show fish Ponds with Trout of stimulating size. These Bonds Are on the property of . Burghard and make up part of a Nice wildlife development. All interested persons Are invited by the District supervisors to attend whether they Are District cooperators or not. All five supervisors Howard Wilcox of Manchester Robert Graf or Rupert Albert Horst of Bennington Merritt Hewitt or. Of Shaftsbury or James Edgerton of Arlington would be Happy to assist arranging transportation for those needing it. County agent reports around ., Vermont Means Maple solutions Are attempted for Navajo alcoholism Gallup . Up a the unique aspects of alcoholism among the Navajo Indian tribe Are bringing after a Century of delay some unique attempts at a solution. Social workers medical authorities and Law enforcement personnel agree that alcoholism among the navajos while serious probably is Little or no More widespread than among non indians. The Navajo has inherited an unsavoury reputation for heavy drinking because in most cases he must do it in Public on City streets in Parks and on highways leading into the reservation. It is illegal to sell liquor on the sprawling 25,000-Square mile reservation covering parts of new Mexico Utah and Arizona but bootlegging is widespread. Mrs. Annie Wauneka a member of the Navajo tribal Council says alcoholism now is the no. I health problem among her people. The problem is Peculiar because first a Navajo Seldom feels shame at being jailed for drunkenness and second because the hard Core of alcoholics among tribal members has proven virtually incurable for More than a Century. Several Pilot projects have been tried with the aim of separating the Navajo from his thirst for although All such projects Are hampered by a perpetual Lack of funds two in particular show Promise of making inroads on Indian alcoholism. Gallup City magistrate Lidio Rainaldi has inaugurated a Quot court Honor system aimed at rehabilitation of chronic drunks. Rather than a jail sentence Rainaldi gives hardened drunks the alternative of appearing at monday night lectures designed to show through lectures movies and group discussions the evils of drink. Rainaldi says 15 of the most consistent of fenders were Luton the program at the Start and in the first weeks Quot Only two were drunk. And they Are sober Dave Hayworth a Public health service social worker at Shiprock ., on the Edge of the reservation also has shown Progress with a program he has worked out. Hayworth screens Quot candidates at the Shiprock Hospital to determine the extent of their drinking problem their motivations and attitude toward Quot taking the he sends those found acceptable to Turquoise Lodge an alcoholic rehabilitation Center in Albuquerque operated by the new Mexico commission on alcoholism for a two week Quot drying out the big change in treatment however comes when the patient returns Home to the reservation. Hayworth and co workers continue to work with him interviewing him at least once a month either at the Hospital or at the Hogan mud hut on the reservation. Hayworth says the recovery percentage so far is 65 per cent. He adds that among the 5 million confirmed alcoholics in the United states the recovery percentage is Only 23 per cent. Alcoholics Anonymous groups also Are beginning to catch hold among the Indian population social workers report. A Large part of the problem lies in the fact mrs. Wauneka says that Quot the Navajo does no to know what drinking socially rather than sit in a quiet bar drinking a Martini a Navajo will buy a 60-cent pint of Sweet lady engineers new York up a Only 5,000 of 800,000 engineers in the United states Are women but this situation will change drastically within the next decade according to electronics world Magazine. The reason there san annual shortage of 40,000 engineering graduates on hundreds of top level Industry and government projects and the Only Way to recruit enough qualified personnel says the publication is to woo More women into the profession. Tokay wine go outside and Down it within minutes. Quot the Navajo people done to know How to drink a mrs. Wauneka says Quot and the Only Way to help is to educate them. I done to know of we Ever by John c. Page county agricultural agent about everywhere in the 15 states i visited last month on an agricultural tour folks were tourist conscious. Few of the areas however have really done As much on making tourists at Home As Vermont. Few of the states have As much to attract tourists As Vermont either. We did get some ideas on these lines that May be of use to some of our farm people. In Ohio they have a Quot farm vacation plan. Active Farmers sign up and take vacationing City Folk into their farm Homes. Tie fee is usually around $35 a week per person for room and Board. Booking agencies Are now Busy in some of these areas promoting farm vacations Tor a fee. In Ohio the Extension agents told us they had several vacation farms in their counties. They said the farm families had not spent a lot of Money getting ready for tourists and that the kind of people they were getting took things pretty much As they found them. Some even kept Farmers hours except that they walked in the Woods Etc. Before breakfast instead of doing the chores. In some areas we saw folks planing the development of Camp Sites roads water toilet facilities tables and a Good View. With this much you Are in business in some areas. You see More and More camping trailers All the time and some farm and Rural people can and will profit from this growing business a Here or somewhere. Magic of Vermont a vermonter never fails to Marvel at the reaction you get from people when you Tell them you Are from Vermont. The 12 of us on the trip were from la states Maine to Georgia. Ten of theses states were just states but when you say Quot Vermont folks raise their eyebrows and then they ask about Maple syrup. Ifs too bad we can to make Maple syrup in the summer time. Wed have to have More four Lane highways to get the people in and out of Here. Outlanders done to even know Vermont has a Dairy cow about 80 per cent of our agricultural income is from Dairying. Mention Vermont and you hear Maple a mention Maple and you hear Vermont. One lady in Virginia let me taste of some Virginia Maple syrup. She apologized for its Quality first but it was really pretty Good. Our people Maple and our Beautiful country and the magic of Vermont helps sell Vermont to the tourists. The Market is there. If we done to take advantage of the Market other folks will and they Are working on it. Japanese beetles the japanese Beetle who usually arrives for his summer lunch about july to seems to be a Little late this year a by about a week. I done to know Why but i Portugal fights to hold Empire in Mozambique and in Angola Lisbon up a Portugal a fight to hold together the last of the great european empires in Africa is developing into a race with the clock. Defying the demands of native nationalists to quit the continent the portuguese Are throwing All the resources they can Muster into their two great Southern african territories Angola and Mozambique. They do not underestimate the seriousness of the threat to their position but everywhere this correspondent went on a recent visit to portuguese Africa he heard the same refrain Quot give us the men and the Money to develop these lands and we will be Here As proof of their own Faith in the future the portuguese Are giving development schemes top priority and digging deep into state funds to Back them. Plugging their Multi racial no segregation policy hard they Are encouraging the to million africans in the two territories to cooperate with the 500,000 europeans and show not Only that Black and White can work together but profit from so doing. The portuguese Pride themselves above All else on knowing no color bar. The races mingle freely in schools and workshops cinemas churches and beaches. They claim however that the average african has still not reached the stage of development where he and his fellow natives can run a country alone. The portuguese refuse to share the views freely expressed in the United nations that change in Africa is inevitable and that they must sooner or later pull out. In Angola and Mozambique there Are doubters who will Tell you Quot if we Are still Here in five years time these will be great countries. But will we be a the optimists Are More numerous. It is rare to find any european in the portuguese territories who intends to give in without a fight. People Are not pulling out in the face of danger they Are moving in. In Angola in the first 11 months of last year 45,039 persons entered the territory while 29,000 left. Yet it was in Angola that the first anti portuguese rebellion began in 1961 and is still troubling the authorities in the North of the country. An estimate eight per cent of Angola is in rebellion. The portuguese Are confident they can contain the Challenge to their authority. They have moved news becomes news in West Germany reporting some 40,000 troops into Africa from Europe and outside the affected area life goes on normally. In Mozambique there has been no strife and Hopes Are High that it will be avoided. The May Summit meeting of african leaders in Addis Ababa made it Clear that the nationalist leaders on the continent Are going to wage a War of nerves if not a War of bullets on Portugal. Algeria has threatened to Send 15,000 volunteers to fight Portugal and other countries of the continent have joined in making threatening noises. The portuguese take this calmly. They believe the newly Independent african countries have too Many problems of their own to be Able to mount any sort of successful Campaign against Angola and Mozambique. They Point out the angolan elements directing the present Campaign against Portugal Are themselves deeply divided and almost at War with one another. The portuguese believe the new nations of Africa will gradually slip Back into chaos. They fear such a development will Only Aid the communists. Quot within 15 years the whole of Africa could be lost to the West if the present trend is not halted. We must build our Brand of multiracial Barrier to halt the landslide a one official told this reporter. Bonn up a the reporting of news has itself become news in West Germany. In recent incidents a a West German television producer came under a barrage of eggs thrown by two angry subjects of a recent program. A an East German communist radio news editor was arrested in West Germany for allegedly endangering the state. A another West German television reporter was almost lynched by refugees from Breslau who thought he reported too favourably on the communist polish administration of the City. The victim of the egg throwing already had lost a producers contract because of pressure from Chancellor Konrad Adenauer a Christian democratic Union. Despite All that there is no form of censorship in West Germany. Foreign correspondents find officials easier to reach Here than in most capitals and the German Dally press is competitive and controversial. The weekly press in addition delves deeper than that in most other Western countries. The eggs were aimed at Gerd von Kaczensky. Two croatian refugees drove Halfway across Germany from Bonn to Hamburg to make this form of protest against a Kaczensky report on the fist knife and bomb fights among yugoslav refugees and temporary workers in this country. The communist under arrest was Georg Grasnick chief editor of the deutschland sender radio Germany in East Berlin. Grasnick was arrested while in West Germany covering the trial of a fellow traveler convicted of slandering leading officers of the armed forces. Spokesmen for the office of the Federal prosecutor general say the arrest had no connection with the trial. Grasnick they said is suspected of endangering state Security because the radio station of which he is chief editor Aims its broadcasts at West Germany inciting the people Here to Quot class he is thus doing the things for which the communist party was banned in West Germany nine years ago said the spokesmen. He is liable to arrest and trial Here they added because the result of his criminal acts would be dangerous to West Germany. Sound Waves Paramus . Up a the inner deep is coming in for almost As much attention As outer space these Days. Underwater scientists Tor act a a electronics division Here have developed a device to measure the Speed of sound in water a Factor that varies with undersea Quot weather conditions of temperature pressure and saltiness. The device known As a veloce meter May be used to detect enemy submarines or to assist oceanographers in learning More about life under the sea. Sourdiffe nursing Home with special tic full skilled 24 hour nursing for diabetics. Aged retired convalescent suburban Bennington Tel 442-6070 have enough Faith in their ability to come through to predict that be around by the weekend. A few years ago the Garden clubs of Bennington distributed and used More than too pounds of Milky spore powder which gives a total disease to japanese beetles and other members of the Quot White grub family. It appears that the population of these pests in the Village of Bennington has been decreasing somewhat j in recent years. Does anyone disagree the last eclipse come saturday they Tell us there will be a 90 per cent of so eclipse of the Sun Here. When i was 6 or 7 years old in North. Pm Vermont we had an eclipse during the summer months a enough to make things pretty dark. Our neighbouring Farmers Werb French net Long out of Canada they could t yet read our papers and did no to yet have a radio. When it started to Darken there was a lot of hollering and activity Over there. They stopped haying put the cows in and were All set for night when the eclipse ended. See How far we be come with communications across i. Parry 5. Stupid person 8. Flat fish 11. The ten maker Quot 12. Unprepared 13. Enclose poet. 14. Mountain Peak 15. Shattered 17. Particular 18. Mischievous child 19. Form of Altazimuth 22 particle 26. Cribbage Marker 29 height 32. Huge animal 34. Stake 35. Bean 36. Flat Cap 38. Be sorry 41. Preuc foot 45. Barren lands 49 edible seaweed 50. Person 51. Emmet 52 hindu religious festival 53. Teamster s command 54 Deposit 55. Small body of land Down i. Fixed Points s c 0 f e t o ii x c e n a u r t p 5 i v r u ii a x 5 l e e a t a e. A l a t y e. T o 3 s 5 i r in n p o x is z do �1 to 0 jul 0 Rob i re a. Mje. Eli in is in l o act e ii us pc Tel a a a l us Jax fax e r solution of yesterday s Puzzle 2. Give Forth 3. Tide 4. Stage play 5. Segment of a Circle 6. Hindu garment 7. Propelled oneself in water 8. Palm fiber 9. Mimic i 2 j 4 77? 5 a 7 i 0 9 to it i it % is of is is 17 id % it it of a of a 19 to 21 % 21 23 24 25 26 27 26 29 to 31 32 33 is 35 % % 56 j7 it % % m % fese 39 40 we d get 41 41 43 44 45 46 47 41 49 so q St \ 31 5354 35 to. Flower plot 16. Gaiter 20. Exclamation 21. Armpit 23. Small cask 24. Pindari work 25. No y. Opera House abbr. 26. Fencing Dummy 27. Yale 28. Muffin 30. Explosive 31. City in Paraguay 33. Peel 37. City in Florida 39. Russ River 40. Vessel for heating liquids 42. Grows old 43 promenade 44 scottish Hillside 45. Faithful Friend 46. Compass Point 47 papal court 48 boil on the eyelid solution in the next Issue of the Banner television notes tonight 9 30 .�?wten a Alfred Hitchcock hour. Quot the lonely drama about a Young housewife who learns to fear the presence of a woman to whom she has rented a room. 10 00 .�?Wrgb�?Jack Paar. Bette Davis Jonathan Winters Gisele Mackenzie and Fred Demara. Freay july 19 ski 13 3 19 5 30 5 43 625 6 30 6 >45 return of the terror Quot 6 Bree time stories 6 Rocky to Quot the fabulous Terne Quot 5 Rocky 17 Friendly giant 6 pm 17 youth forum 6 06 5 dateline Boston 6 Earle Pult they 3 weather is news sports 2-3-6 news sports 5 Seth unt 13 dragnet 2-4 Huuey Brinkley 3 Walter Cronkite 17 social Security 7 pm 2 Wagon train 3 trails wast 5 lbs news 6 fire pincers is m squad 17 what s new 7n to news 7 15 5 news sports to Walter Cronkite 7 30 3-6-10 Rawhide is Cheyenne 17 the Gardener s almanac 6 00 2 leave r to Beaver 6 Hie barn 17 Sciance reporter 8 30 2-4 sine aloof 3-6-10 Rte. 66 17 Tun Zwaaf is funds tools 9 00 13 77 Sunset strip 9 30 2 Story of an actress 3-6-10 Hitchcock 6 Price is ref it 10 00 2-6 Jack Paar 17 evicting the universe 10 30 34-10 eyewitness-13 Keyhole 17 dialogue with Brian Odoherty 11 00 2-34-6-10-13 news sports 11 15 to features race at Green it. Park 3 Quot i wonder who a kiss inc bar now Quot 1120 to Quot Battle hell Quot 1120 13 sports 1125 13 Quot confessions of a Nail spy Quot 11 30 244 tonight Kim 5 news Wbtn-1370 a fur try july 20 6 30 5 Joe Kelly 7mo 5 Calico 7 30 2 Chi gunship 7 55 to farm report a to 1 15 Imo 8 45 9 to 2 British Calendar 3 our miss Brooks 5 set. Preston 6 game room to cartoons is cartoon Corner 2 social is curly 2 in Flash or. 12 3 Alvin 5 capt. Kangaroo 13 broken Arrow 6 satellite 6 2 across Valley 3-10 capt. Kangaroo 13 Abbott costello 9 30 244 Ruff a Reddy is hops Long Cassidy 24 Shari Lewis 3 Deputy Dawn 5-10 Alvin la Brave stallion 24 King Leonardo 34-10 mighty mouse 13 big Mac 24 fury 34-10 run tin tin 13 cartoons 11 30 24 make room for daddy 34-10 Roy Rogers is Matty s funnies 12 to i or. Waard 5 Bowling a Loo Ranger 3-10 sky King 13 bugs Bunny 12 30 3-10 lbs news a 26 Man 13 i Omo 10 30 11 00 6 30 6 35 6 45 7 to -7 07 -7 30 -7 45 -7 55 ski 6 30 -1 45 -9 00 -9 30 -9 35 -9 50 9 55 10 15 wed. 10 35 i Kim -12m1 -12 15 12 30 -12 45 -12 50 -1 00 1 05 a 1 15 a 4 30 a 5 00 a 5 30 a 5 35 a 6 00 a 6 13 a 3 30 3 30 sign on a news morning almanac Cly. Ext. Service . A Page wed. A it. Ext. Set. Thur a qty. Club agent Fri a farm news social Security news weather morning almanac news sports news weather radio clubhouse a morn. Almanac news morning meditation headlines news personality quiz time for Beauty Man wed Fri woman a world Watn bulletin Board Home woman s world headlines music for midday Watn bulletin Board news sports news music for midday head Lee St of Kirn a set egg report Mon. Here a to vets t. A National guard w. A serenade in Blue t. A civil defense f. A Navy swings s. A Marines afternoon of music news headlines news moods in music headlines Watn bulletin Board Watn news final sports final sign off Watn will carry All daytime red sos baseball games. Eljer. Fine plumbing fixture the Complete line of Fine bathroom fixtures for your new Home or for Home remodelling. H. Greenberg amp son inc. 321 main St. Bennington it. Dial 2-6324 or 2-6325 closed saturday at i . Hie Hermitage a country inn Coldbrook Road Watt Dover Vermont gourmet dining in Beautiful surroundings we ire fully licensed with a Choice of Fine wines and liquors lunch 12 002 00 dinner 5 30-9 30 sunday dinner 12 00-8 00 route 9 to Wilmington it. Turn North at Light and follow route too for 2 Miles then turn left on Coldbrook Road and follow the Hermitage signs for 3 Miles Tai. H04-3721 reservations appreciated closed tuesday

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